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My Home Network

        My home network is set up with several laptops and a computer (mostly my dad's, as his job is immersed in technology), which connect to our wireless provider (wireless-ly). That has a cable going to our modem, which goes right to the cloud via our Comcast service. Our home phone, cellphones and tablets connect via AT&T straight to the cloud.
        I learned from this that there are many connections required just to give an internet signal to a computer, which is something I never really thought about before. I also learned that the <...> symbol represents.
        I would advise other people who are new to the internet to always remember: whatever you do on the internet has a permanent record. Whether it's browser history or something stupid you posted on Facebook, it will always be there and it is forever to stay.
Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 10.35.14 PM
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Struggles in Life

Life, yes life, everyone at some point or even everyday goes through some obstacle that blocks their path. I had to go through several everyday.

You ask for my name? It's Hector, always Hector. Not some fancy name like Hector D. Johnson, it's just Hector. I constantly remind myself of who I am, my name, my birthday, and why I continue to not give up.

I have been through so many places and probably another is going to add itself to that list. I have been through 7 hospitals, 3 RTFs, Residential Treatment Faculties for those who do not know, 4 foster homes and it just keeps growing. I have only myself to rely on and nobody else. It's really been hard for me to trust anyone because either I never see that person again or they betray me. I just can't TRUST anyone. When I went to a new RTF, I immediately got into a fight and the “staff” who were “supposed” to break it up, did not. They just stood there and laughed and smiled like it was a comedy show. How could I trust adults, when I'm just entertainment for them?

They just put all these boys together and what did they expect? That it was going to be a Happy ever after? Hell no, it was just Chaos, there was fighting wherever you looked. I said that there are only boys and I never saw a girl in a RTF. I wonder where they kept them? I hope it was better than THIS.

When I was first thrown into a hospital, I thought, “Is this where I spend half my life in this room with bars on windows?” It felt like prison. It WAS prison. You couldn't even have shoe laces, belts or anything that can be used to kill yourself. I wasn't gonna do that.

The foster homes weren't much better. They were prisons too: house rules. The owners said, “You can't do this and You can't do that!”. There were classic rules like, “You need to eat your veggies first.” and “You need to eat everything on your plate before you can have more.”

You're probably wondering why I keep track of where I have been. It's the only way that I can trace my life back to my parent. Yes I left my parent at a very young age. That parent was my mother and I will never see her again because I cannot contact her. My mother has blonde hair and a wonderful smile and I will never see her smile again. My father told me, I'll see you again in three weeks and I never saw him again. I pushed him out of my mind because he betrayed me. All I can do is to continue to live and get through these difficulties and break through. I hope that one day I will see my mother again, healthy and happy. But I know one thing, that I won't see her anytime soon because I am moving again to another place.

*Residential Treatment Faculties


Media Fluency

I have words of things that describe me completely. I also have pictures of somethings too. I have a picture of my 2 favorite artists, Nicki Minaj and Jhene Aiko. They are the people I look up to the most and listen to their music the most. There is a speaker representing how "loud" I was and a Sapphire stone representing that I am a Virgo.Then I have Big Sister, and "Singing" because I love to sing. I also used a lot of colors for my words. Wild, crazy, Loud, Hyper and Reliable are the words that pop up in my mind about myself. I also tried different fonts and sizes. 
ME - tech.
Isabella Blackwell
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Monologue- " The Pain I hide inside"

Here he comes again. He is drunk and I’m scared. This happens every other night he will have a bad day at work come home and lose his mind in the bottle. Why did Mom have to leave us, ever since then the brown bottle is his best friend.

Mom left cause she found a new family, I guess I wasn’t good enough for her. She birthed me, she told me she loved me every night so why didn’t she stay. Her and Daddy never had problems; they  seemed in love. Now I’m stuck with a man that doesn’t understand what love is anymore. You broke him, you destroyed all his feelings. Did you every think that leaving us would have such an effect 

“ Come over here” My dad says in his drunk voice. “ What?” I say calmly.

I know what he wants, he wants me to do something for him. Probably wants me to make him something to eat, and if I say no he is going to beat me, if I don’t make his food right he is going to beat me. 

Maybe I should just run away and leave this place. I’m not loved here I’m not wanted. I'm just his servant. I'm his pillow he comes to me when he is too far down in the brown bottle and has anger he needs to get out. The anger about how his job gives him too many hours and not enough pay. How he will never find anyone that will love him as much as Mom did when they first got together. By why take your anger out on me, what did I ever do. You say that Mom and you never had problems till I was born. Maybe but I never wanted to bring problems, I wanted my parents to stay together forever. That is what their vows said. Mom promised to stay together with us forever. She said that we were the perfect family. I guess she lied she didn’t love me enough. I wasn’t enough to keep her happy.

Sometimes I just want to fall asleep and never wake up. Maybe then I will be able to escape this place that I call home.


Media Fluency

On my slide of myself I made it with a black background and red which is the color that pops out the most to the human eye. I was attempting to be as creative as possible when assembling the slide but still maintaing an attractive and large slide the would grab a person’s attention. The contrast of black and red is something that always catches my eye, for example other companies use red and black as colors that stand out like Verizon, Comcast, Obey, The Atlanta Falcons, and the Chicago Bulls , just to name a few. I knew that those colors to me are somewhat synonymous with black and red, so I figured why not use those colors for my slide. I included a picture also wearing red so it would fit with the colors of the slide. 
Tech Media
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Ughh I can’t believe this. I am in a hole!! just waiting for the night to pass. Huh, why did the world have to end on a Tuesday? I mean come on, they could have ended it on a thursday AFTER my promotion at bank of America! At least I’m lucky to be alive. After that ridiculously crazy attack. They destroyed everything. I don’t even know how many people survived. I know I did. But how many people do I know are still alive?

The weirdest part, they seemed to have wiped out all technology. My phone doesn’t seem to be working- AHH its out of power Damn it! (throws the phone away) Okay okay just calm down get a grip now. Everything’s going to be okay. Now how am I going to survive? I know I can get wood from the trees and get a few axes and swords. all I have to do is build a strong house and I’m safe. Of course there is the issue of farming. I can build extensions. Hey! I can build whatever I want! I can build the biggest most luxurious buildings ever created! All I need to do is survive. This new world, with zombies crawling everywhere deserves a good name. But what? It has to me positive. Making things is positive and I know I’m going to be doing a lot of digging. Something like Makedig or Minecreate, Crafttunnel. Hmm, Minecraft? Yes, yes thats it! Minecraft. and I shall continue to survive. Well well what do you know? The sun is back and the zombies are burning up. Time to get out there and punch some wood. (starts to go outside) AHH CREEPER!! (runs back to the house) Well that settles it. I’m building my house UNDERground.


All about me

Intro: In technology we learned we learned how to make good slides., but i thought i was doing a good job at it. However when i was reading the website i learned that i was doing it the wrong way and the readers would get either bored or not pay attention to me because  i had everything that i was going to say on my slides


Script: Before we did this project I kind of taught my self how to make power point presentation.  but now that i did a little research on it, now I know  that i don't need to use  full sentences on my slides.  Now I know that most of those words are not necessary and I just need a few of them to let the reader know some of the information but also my attention.  I also learned that that I need to leave the background of the slide a very light color to add contrast to it.  Those are the things that I learned from this project. I also learned more about myself because i had to look for things that i liked.

Intro: In technology we learned we learned how to make good slides., but i thought i was doing a good job at it. However when i was reading the website i learned that i was doing it the wrong way and the readers would get either bored or not pay attention to me because  i had everything that i was going to say on my slides


Script: Before we did this project I kind of taught my self how to make power point presentation.  but now that i did a little research on it, now I know  that i don't need to use  full sentences on my slides.  Now I know that most of those words are not necessary and I just need a few of them to let the reader know some of the information but also my attention.  I also learned that that I need to leave the background of the slide a very light color to add contrast to it.  Those are the things that I learned from this project. I also learned more about myself because i had to look for things that i liked.

Script for the new slide:
At technology class after the presentation we learned how to make slides that they were simple and easier to understand and without saying a lot things also it would look more professional  also the new one would grab the attention of everyone that is reading it or think that it is interesting also the slide would need to be of a few colors about two colors.

Alejandro 2
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My Power point Slide

Before we did this project I sort of taught my self how to make power point slides.  But now that we did our research I know a few things that i didn't know before.  One is that I used to always put full sentences on my slides.  Now I know that most of those words are unnecessary and I just need a few of them to get my point out.  I also found out that I should leave the background of the slide a very light color to add some contrast.  Those are the things that I learned from this project.
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All About Me

Hey orange stream.

Later in Ms.Hulls class we are going to present our one slide show that’s supposed to represent us. Like the Ms.Hull said she’s setting us up to fail. She really wants to see what we learned in class and really see if we were paying attention. Another point of the slide is to show our creativity., to let all creativity shine bright.  Now I know what you’re thinking. Great Sydne’s gonna go on and on about her little slide. But I know we all gotta go so we can get on with our lives so I’m trying not ramble on and get straight to the point.

My original slide was a complete mess. And it was really boring it seemed like I had too much space. Not like that space that seems so perfect that you’ll leave it blank. So I went home and changed my slide a couple of ways until I found the perfect lay out to me. With the words I tried to keep it under 10 words but that didn’t work out so I ended up using 20 exactly. My background I liked how the colors morphed into one so it went from purple to yellow.  Which to me gave it a soft but rough texture. With my pictures I chose my main focuses which is family and friends then added the wordle picture that really describes me. They are all different sizes  based off of importance. The main one is bigger. The fonts I chose are like girly and because my handwriting sucks I love the one’s I picked. Even with the color of the text I choose those because I wanted to make sure everyone saw what I had to say. “Sydne with a E not a Y”. What I took away from this whole presentation is a slide with a lot of word will not catch the reader's attention. That’s why mines has 4 pictures instead of 2-3.

I tried to have some repetition in my slide which was the purple and blue text color and font. The words were completely different but the same at the same time. With the picture of my friends there was some bleeding I ended up taking out some the tree and the arm of my someone who wasn’t fully in the picture. With the rest of my slide there really wasn’t a lot of thinking involved. Except the quote I really wanted something to inspire me and my classmates. To finish my slide I simply looked around pages for some cool features to put in my slide to make it me. I know if I over think things it makes my life harder. So I just go with the flow.

At the end of the presentation my class will grade how good my slide is. And if I want to / need to I can change my slide the way I would like it to be. And I would have to type a tiny paragraph saying why I changed my slide, and what did I learn after my presentation.

One Page Slide

This second project was a little hard for me, because I did not get the constructive criticism from my stream. So I did a little research on what makes a good slide. Well I google imaged slide ideas. So I kept some old concepts from my old slide. Like the pictures and the way the pictures looked. I talked to the two major people who got constructive criticism and asked them for help. Andrew was good at the background color. He told me to find a color that doesn’t clash with my pictures. I changed my background to a light blue and a white blue background ,the colors are still morphed into each other. Then he said my side seemed a cramped so I made the pictures smaller, and changed the picture frame to a little border. That still gave it texture. I talked to Anna who is the font queen. She found a font online and helped me find a font that was still somewhat girly to me but I was professional enough to use on the slide. The picture sizes  follow a patterns smaller big smaller, They have the same shape too, square, rectangle square. The simple sentence at the bottom tells a story of how it annoys me with a passion when someone spells my name sydny or sydney. They always assume that’s how you spell it. I made the words blue because theres blue in both square pictures and then the E and Y pink because it follows the pink in the middle picture and my name, pink is my best friend ;)

I think I’m a lot more proud of this slide then the first. I mean to me the first slide was pretty good. It followed the slide rules that you should let the pictures tell you the story. You can’t have too many words because it takes the focus off of the speaker, because everyone will be reading the slide. I also was going to use the alpha feature but it didn’t look like right. So I kept things simple.  I did learn  some cool new features making my new slide. I hope next time my slide will be better than the last.
New About me slide
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All About Me

    This powerpoint is all about me, Sattera Mark. The assignment was given to by my technology teacher, Ms. Hall. The goal for the assignment is to properly design a power point presentation. The power point only has to be about me. This may seem like a easy project, but it’s more complex than you think. After the power point is presented I will redo the project. When I redo the project I will have greater knowledge on designing a powerpoint and it will be much better. Be in tuned to see the next powerpoint.

I chose the black background to make the purple stand out. I also choose the pictures because they are things that I care about and love

After getting my slide critiqued by a few classmates, I decided to completely redo it. In my first slide some of the pictures involved my goals. That’ why in my new slide my theme was “Reach for the Stars.” I decided to do a starry background that had different tones to compliment my words. I also choose to match some of the tones of the background to the colors of words. I didn’t want to overcrowd my slide with pictures so I decided not to put any in my slide.

Click on my old slide to see my new slide.
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All About Me Slide

About Me KN
For tech class we had to create a slide about us. However, this was an exercise to successfully design a slide, not to tell others about me. We were given challenges: not to make the slide crowded, not clustered, easy-to-read, interesting and maybe even give a message and make it memorable. This is how I accomplished the above image:

I chose to use elements of Walt Disney World in my slide because it is one of the most joyful memories I have. I chose the castle of WDW because it is a main icon of the parks. I also chose one of Walt Disney’s quotes that reflect me as a person. I included my name faded into the background. I chose the castle to bleed off of the bottom of the page because you know it’s there, I just didn’t have to show it. I made the text big and a sans-serif face - both easy for the eyes and to read. The text is matching in color scheme to the image. I have the main image and main text contrasting the background also. I placed the castle strategically on the bottom so you would look at it and my faded name, then following the castle’s tower look up at the quote, looking at the larger text first and then the slightly smaller text and the smallest text. 

I learned that it is hard to choose and design a slide with what you do have to work with following simple rules of media to make it flow. I had to add, delete, add, move and change my name a lot because I couldn’t find a simple, easy place for it. It's difficult to accomplish the challenge our teacher gave us, but that's the point. We will do a reflection upon a presentation and then change our slide to show what we learned. 
About Me Slide 2
After learning what to do to change our slides to make them better, we had to make a new one. I changed the background to a color that matched the castle, but still made the text and castle pop. I made the text a little smaller so it wouldn’t hug the edge of the slide. Because my slide wasn’t critiqued, I didn’t know if there was anything that needed to be changed.

My Slide About Me!

Tech SlideQ2
In technology we were asked to create a slide that represents who we are although we will not be presenting about why we put the different things on our slides but why we made the little choices such as color and alignment. We will then be graded by our fellow peers and then have a chance to reflect upon our slides and change anything that we or our peers think we should change.This is the slide that I created and why I created it this way.

There are many reasons I made this slide about me this way. The first thing I did on this slide was the back ground. I decided to use contrasting hot and cold colors between the back ground and the words. As I went along, I decided that I didn’t just want a solid back ground so I made it seem like a checkerboard with a really pale blue color. Then I figured out what to do with my name. I contrasted the cool pale blue with a hot orange color that really dominates the rest of the slide. My name is also a lot bigger than everything else so attention is drawn to it first while the rest of the words are smaller and not as hot colors so they do not get the attention first. I put the values in order of importance, darker and bigger for the more important and smaller and lighter for less important. I also left some empty space so the slide did not seem as cluttered and to help balance out the slide in order to provide  a clearer message and more elegant slide. There is also a font with no serif in order to make the slide seem younger and a bit more fun and captivating to the eye. Everything in this slide is even and straight which adds a sense of organization.  A lot of things like colors and things that I value influenced the way I made this slide such as my favorite colors. 

That was the slide I made and why I chose each and every little detail down to even the serifs. While I was making this slide, I learned a lot like what serif is and how to not have my slides too cluttered but with enough information to be eye-catching. I will get the feedback for my slide soon and you should expect to see a new and improved slide soon!

Tech SlideQ2-#2
​This is my new slide based off of the critiques of a few of my classmates.
I only made a few changes to my slide based on some of the comment that a few of my fellow peers made. One thing I did was make my name bigger and more centered. I also changed the brightness of the blue so it is more noticeable. and allows everything else pop a little bit more. I moved the words too into different spaces and varied the sizes more so you differentiate more in to scale of importance. These are the main changes I made in my slide. 
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Me Silde

My presentation is about me. 


I chose to do my slide this way because it reflects how I am and what I enjoy to do. I love to play Ice Hockey, go skiing, go boating, listen to music, and collect sneakers. The balance of black and white keeps it simple, the pictures make it POP to the eye. The color of the pictures draw attention, but to over power that; I put the Text right below the pictures so you don't loose your self in the images. There is a good repetition with pattern’s in the area of text and it keeps it looking good and balanced out. The shape of the pictures naturally draw attention. It may be crowded, but the excitement of the pictures make up for that. Thank You for looking at my PDF.

Second Picture is a pdf and shows how I changed my slides from what I corrected.
Serge Me Slide
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