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E1 U8 Sazon (Will Amari y Tim Ingram)

E1 U8 Will y Tim

Waiter: William
Customer#1: Timo
Customer#2: Mike

Waiter: ¿Hola como estas usded.?
Customer#1: ¡Muy bien!
Customer#2: ¿Muy bien y tú?
Waiter: Estoy muy bien gracias. ¿Qué le gustaria pedir?
Customer#1: Me gustaría pollo frito y un vaso de limonada.
Waiter: ¿Bueno qué le traigo?
Customer#2: Sloppy Jose y un vaso de parchita por favor.
Waiter: ¡Bueno!

Customer#1: Me gusta la musica. ¿Y a ti?
Customer#2: Sí me gusta la musica.
Customer#1: ¿Es nuevo es restaurante?
Customer#2: ¿No, y tú?
Customer#1: Sí la comida es muy bien.
Customer#2: Me gusta parchita esta bueno y frío.
Customer#1: ¡Si y yo tambien limonada!

Waiter: Aquí tiene
Customer#1: ¡Oh no. Está terrible!
Customer#2: ¡Esta frio!
Waiter: No hay problema. ¡No se preocupe!

Customer#1: Mesero es horrible.
Customer#2: Y muy estúpido.
Waiter: Perdóneme lo siento. Aquí tiene.

Customer#1: Gracias.
Customer#2: ¡La cuenta, por favor!
Waiter: Aquí
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International Domestic Animal Abuse

The You and the World project has to do with individuals researching to find current issues and ways to express interest in the topic to the outside world through blogging. The current events and issues that have happened could be local, international, national, or any other type of things that need change. With this project, the researcher is really passionate about their topic and has the freedom to express so through the blog. While researching their topic, the individuals find more and more information, enough to pass it around to all those around who might also want to know more about other current events, issues, and problems. After learning so much about the topics of issues and current events, all individuals look for a change that they could help make.

The issue that I am looking at is an international issue. Although different countries have different cultural values of animals, I am more focused on worldwide domestic animal abuse. There are so many issues with every single house pet man could think of and how they are rejected and neglected by thousands. I find this topic very interesting because of how there are so many cases of abuse in not only America, but all across the globe. For example, adoption centers for cats and dogs are so full these days because they were saved from terrible experiences back at what they had to call home. This issue with the abuse of not only cats and dogs, but other pets too, keeps me passionate about it because the abuse is completely senseless.  Every ten seconds, an animal is abused. They are helpless under their owners, whom are supposed to treat their pets as an addition to their families, as a newborn baby. Animals do not know right from wrong unless taught, and hurting them and treating them unfairly is never the right way to teach right from wrong. 

So far in this project, I've found out loads. For example, stats from the Aspca website reports that although many pets are owned, there is a huge amount of those in shelters, specifically dogs and cats. There are literally thousands of community animal shelters in the US alone, and over five million domestic animals come into shelters yearly. These animals are either given up by their previous owners, or captured by animal control. The saddest part of this story is that over half of the millions of animals moved to animal shelters are euthanized while there. For those who do not know, euthanasia is the "intentional ending of a life in order to relieve pain and suffering" (from Wikipedia). This means that dogs, cats, and other pets are "put to [eternal] sleep" when it seems like nothing else but death would be good for them. There are countless amounts of stray animals in the US, especially the almost one hundred million in America alone, buy why? Because they were put out of the house by their careless owners? Did they run out, and their owners were not responsible enough to get them to come back? Or did owners move from one house to another and left behind a "small" thing that they would not need? All of these could be factors. But all of these should not happen for pets that do not know how to cope with these situations. That's why they need owners.

When pets are abused, they could be for money, for fighting, for behavior, anything, really. Some pets are even abused out of pure love. What I mean by that is that there are animal hoarders that keep hundreds of pets cramped up in one house. These animals are usually cats. They go from two cats to ten and then fifty before a month is finished. Owners care too much and love all their animals. But this just might be a form of too much love. Yes, the cats are found on the streets and multiply in the house they live in, but conditions become so hostile that the cats usually become sick and sometimes die. With dogs, the same can happen. But, a more reoccurring problem with the abuse of dogs is the advancement of puppy mills. In those, puppies, instead of having a "childhood," are bred before mature, so that they could go to pet stores. The offspring of these puppies usually have medical problems. In puppy mills, dogs are bred at a young age, raised in harsh conditions and in cages, and are bred with siblings often. That is why all pet owners should, instead of buying pets from stores like Monster Pets or off the Internet, get them from actual local breeders in the area.

Finally, the most current story I found in animal abuse is that the al-Quaeda terrorist group has developed more plans to plant bombs in US airlines. One by the name of Ibrahim al-Asiri has found multiple ways to pass bomb holders through metal detectors at airports, including surgically implanting bombs in helpless pets. Not only is the pet victimized, but the hundreds of people on a flight will die from a stunt such as this! No animal deserves to die in that way. From here, I want to know what triggers owners specifically to abuse their pets, what type of abuse happens to animals in labs instead of homes, and how people can prevent this from happening besides donating.

Thanks for reading, click here for further links and a bibliography.

hoarded pet rats (above); source

abused puppy in intense care (below); source


Blog about Breast cancer

Hi my name is Estefan Carrillo and my blog is about Breast cancer, I chose to blog about this topic because I want women to not have to through such a thing like that and my my had breast cancer when I was 7 years old.

What is breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant (cancer) tumor that starts in the cells of the breast. It is found mostly in women, but men can get breast cancer, too. Here we will only talk about breast cancer in women

Some facts about breast cancer in 2012   

  • About 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women
  • About 63,000 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be found (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer).
  • About 39,510 deaths from breast cancer (women)

Why i'm passionate about breast cancer

At the age of 35 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. which meant that she would have her breast removed and she would have to go through intensive chemotherapy. when my mom had her chemotherapy she was weak and i had to do a lot of stuff for her so now i treat her as nicely as possible because it could come back.
​The photo you see above is of a women laying in bed after she had chemotherapy. When you get chemotherapy you lose all your hair and your imune system is not as strong. 

La Banda Sonora _ "En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas" - Por Arianny Y Teodoro


Mi Descripción de La Película

La película se trata de las tres hermanas Mirabales que ayudaron la revolución en La República Dominicana que estaban en contra del Presidente Trujillo. Sin embargo, la historía es más sobre Minerva Mirabal y su pasion por cambiar su país. Los eventos en la película son sobre la relación con el Presidente Trujillo y su relación con La República Dominicana. La película era interesante, pero, no me gustó la película en general. Pienso que la película era más sobre amor y no sobre la revolución. Yo no aprendí mucho sobre lo que pasó con los Haitianos. Solo sé que el Presidente Trujillo era un pervertido, y le gustó a Minerva Mirabal. Yo no entendí porqué la película decidido a mostrar el amor de Minerva y sus hermanas pero la rebelíon no. Eso es ridiculo! Yo también pensé que la carácter de Minerva no actua asi en su vida real. Ella era muy perfecta, y no hacia malas decisiones. No entendi por qué la película decidido hacerla tan perfecta. También, no sé por qué ella estaba en prisión, y yo estaba confundido porqué Trujillo no mato las hermanas en prisión.

  • Arms Like Boulders - The War on Drugs
Yo creo que la cancíon es similar a la historía de Minerva Mirabal porque las lirícas y la actitud de la musica es similar a Minerva. Primero, el título es "Arms Like Boulders." Minerva Mirabal tuvo brazos que no eran grande, pero símbólicamente tuvo una voluntad muy fuerte. La canción describe una persona que es muy disidente y yo creo que Minerva era una persona quién decidido a peliar con el mundo pero adémas se defendio ella misma. Entonces, yo pienso que la canción era perfecta con la escena porque yo lo veo como si fuera que las armas son las hermanas de la casa de Minerva. Por lo tanto, yo elegí esta canción por la escena.

Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead
 Me gusta la cancíon porque yo creo que la cancíon es una combinación perfecta con la escena de la torturacíon. Las letras de la canción dísen que todo está en su lugar correcto, pero, Minerva no está en su lugar correcto, ella está en prisión! La musica es muy extraña. La escena me hico hacer la vista gorda con Minerva, porque ella denuncio todo sobre la revolución.Adémas, la escena fue muy profunda, y tambien se enfrento con muchos problemas en la revolución. La tortura de Minerva pudiera haber sido prevenida si todas las personas estuvieran en sus lugares correcto!

Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

 Yo creo que la canción es similar a la vida de Minerva porque la canción describe una persona que es muy despacio y que se está cansando de su vida, y Minerva no puede hacer cualquier cosa sobre esto. Para mí, yo creo que al fínal de la película Minerva estaba cansada de todo y estaba muy triste porque su esposo estaba en la prisión. En las letras de la canción, Dylan dise: "People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall,You thought they were all kiddin' you." Aunque Minerva hico cosas importantes, ella tuvo muchos problemas en su vida. Además, ella tuvo una mala relación con los niños porque casi nunca estaba presente en sus vidas.. Ellos ni sabián quíen era su madre. En el final de la película tuve el deseo de escuchar esta canción.

Yellowed By The Sun - The Low Anthem

 A mí me gusta esta canción porque yo creo que la canción es sobre una persona que está en contra de la vida, y trabaja a luchar en contra de conformidad. En las letras de la canción, una persona es descrita como alguien que a sufrido. “The color of your bones, it was yellowed by the sun / Ain’t no reason why the drummer keeps on drumming on his drum / On his drum, we are only for a while.” Esta lírica necesita estar en el comienzo de la película porque la canción es muy profunda  y poderosa. Yo creo que la canción refleja la clase obrera en este mundo. El cantante quiere que todo el mundo este en forma de una manifestación, por ejemplo alrededor y que todos tengamos igualdad y escojí esta cancíon porque así mismo era Minerva en la película.

Orpheo Looks Back - Andrew Bird

 Me gusta esta canción porque la canción es muy felíz, pero seria también. Minerva Mirabal es muy similar a la canción. Ella era una persona feliz, pero ella necesitaba hacer cosas serias. Yo pienso que la canción describe comó nosotros necesitamos hacer cosas que a veces ni queremos hacer. “There are places we must go to.” La canción sería perfecta porque la escena donde Minerva quiera ír en este momento es con su esposo a tomar armas.

Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
 Yo pienso que esta canción es una buena opción por que la película da el mensaje que se trata de amor, y una relación entre dos personas. La canción es muy feliz, y el coro que el cantor canta es, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Yo entiendo que la película es muy seria, pero también es sobre el amor y la relaciones entre las tres hermanas. Ellas dieron sus vidas por sus esposos porque las hermanas necesitaban verlos a ellos. Y por eso escojí esta cancíon.

      • ARIANNY:

        Yo No Me Doy Por Vensido - Luis Fonsi

     Esta cancion es como una esena en la película por qué un día Minerva Mirabal quéria estudiar leyes en la unversidad. En este tiempo, esto no era posible, esto no fué posible por la dictadura de Trujillo. Pero, ella nunca se dío por vensida y después iso un appuesto con Trujillo. Cuando gano este appuesto al fín pudo ser sus sueños realidad. Por eso ella nunca se dío por vensida.

      • Next 2 You - Justin Bieber Y Chris Brown

     Next 2 You me arecuerda de esta película por qué es como una reunion qué siempre se forma cuanda las hermanas Mirabales estan en situaciones muy polemicas. El comportamiento de las hermanas era muy emociónal cuando había problemas dificiles, por ejemplo, cuando Minerva se quería ir para comensar su profesion su hermana especialmente Patricia no quéria qué se fuera. Por esto, escojí este cancion. Ademas, las hermanas siempre estan lado por lado o “side by side” y Next 2 You es la canción perfécta para describír esta escena.

      • I am your angel - Marc Anthony

    And when all hope is gone, I'm here
    No matter how far you are, I'm near
    It makes no difference who you are
    I am your angel
    I'm your angel

     Para mí, pienso que cuando las hermanas se murieron esta cancíon enseña mucho simbolismo a sus muertes. Por ejemplo, antes del maltrato, las chicas resarón. Esta parte de la cancíon enseña que su dios es como un angel que siempre va a estar hay. Y va a estar hay por las buenas o las malas. Claro, las hermanas son diferentes por qué son especiales y son muy dedicadas a lo que hacen pero es obvio que no eran como todas las otras mujeres en esta era de la República Dominicana.

      • Pocket Full Of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

     Esta canción me arecuerda de una esena de la película, y esta esena paso cuando Minerva Mirabal se fue del Cibao para la Capital. Cuando ella se fue en el tren estas líricas de la cancion se relacionaba mucho con la pélicula. Esas lyrícas son,

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 1.08.15 PM

Cuando ella se fue en el tren comenso a llorar, ella se quiso ír de su barrío y cuando se fue supo que no hubo nada malo sobre esto pero tenía que motivarse ella misma. Tenia que hacer esto porque ella no estaba al lado de su hermanas ni de su familia pero ahora ella es mas independiente. Por otro lado, estas líricas “ The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride” describe esta parte de la pelicula. Agregandole a esto, en ves de expressarse solo con sus lagrimas solo tenia qué appoyarse y sonreir cuandos los tiempos mas solitarios, esta lírica lo dise todo “I smile up to the sky, I know I’ll be alright”. Finalmente, esta es mí explicación sobre la conexión entre la cancion y la película.

Creo, que esta película es muy rara. Pienso que es extraña porque todos los actores son hispanos y hablan español en la vida real pero en la película solo hablan ingles. Por un lado, pienso que como actuaron esta película no fue tan excellente. “En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas” es todo sobre amor y menos sobre la importancia de la historia de la República Dominicana. Por otro lado, pienso que el significado histórico no fue demonstrado tanto. Este typo de película tenia que estar en el genero de romanza. Aunque, me di cuenta de que en casi todas las escenas eran sobre los enamorados de Minerva y claro Trujillo emarandose de ella al final también. Pero, me gusto más o menos la película porque aprendí muchas cosas que nunca supe de la República Dominica claro cosas buenas y malas. Aprend´ˆ de esta unidad que la injusticia no solo existe en los Estados Unidos pero en el mundo entero. Algo nuevo que me sorprendio fue la dictadura de Trujillo y lo horrible que se comportio en su propia patria. Por lo tanto, no hay mucha igualdad alla y cuando hay igualdad en estos paízes haveces discriminan personas y me di cuenta que las que fueron victimas de esto fueron las tres hermanas, concluyendo que en esta unidad aprendi todo esto y sí valio la pena.
Screen Shot 2012-05-13 at 12.41.06 AM
Adémas, hay una foto del estuche. Simplemente, un sketch para el cuvridor/cover del CD. El estuche es simple porque queria que la audiencia viera el mensaje que quiero demonstrar y esto para mí es la frase mas importante en la pélicula, "Long Live the Butterflies" "Vivan Las Mariposas".  Creo que esto sí es verdad y aunque ellas estan muertas menos Dede sus pasos en como cambiaron la Republica Dominica todavia VIVE.  Le aggrege otros detalles y también 3's mariposas para representar Las Hermanas Mirabales.  Espero que disfrutaron del proyecto de nosotros. 

You in the world: Homelessness



     The you and the world project is important. My project tells about homelessness in Philadelphia. Homelessness affects many people, because it can happen to anyone. Homelessness is a big problem, and many don’t recover from it. The ways people recover from being homeless is getting help from shelters. Homelessness is defined as not having a fixed residence to sleep at in the nighttime. In Philadelphia, experts estimate that at many 4,000 people are homeless.

     The homeless population in Philadelphia has risen in the last two years. The population of homeless people is rising, and people are becoming homeless everyday. It is estimated that 4,000 are homeless and living on the streets. The homeless people would be getting food if it weren’t for mayor Nuttter. His ban stops all public feeding of the homeless.             

     People in parks and food corners downtown gave homeless people food. After the ban by Mayor Nutter people will not be able to feed homeless people. Homeless people were being feed, but now they won’t be. Mayor Nutter is currently trying to change feeding in city parks. He is trying to make them go to shelters to get food, but really he is trying to make them leave. Making the homeless people leave is degrading to them, and is going to make them leave.

     My issue is a big problem, and can be contained easily. The only problem is the effort that people want to put in. When the city works together, we can make a big difference. If the citizens of Philadelphia work together we can give lots of people home, and cut a big gap out of homelessness. When people work together they can do great things, so why don’t the citizens of Philadelphia help the homeless. If we work together we can make a big difference for the Philadelphia homeless.

     Click here for my bibliography.



My name is Lisa Kang and I’m a student at Science Leadership Academy. In English we are currently working on a project called You and the World. The mission of this project is to find an issue that we are passionate about and research more about it. We are using the research to educate other people about our issues by blogging about it. Another thing that we will do is having debates on our topics so that other people will have a better understanding of them. There are three essential questions in this project. The first one is, “Why is this world issue important to me?” The second one is, “How can I be a global citizen?” Finally, the last one is, “How can change occur?”

The issue that I’m researching for this project is bullying. When we first started to research different issues, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. A few weeks later, we went to go see a movie called, “Bully.” The movie wasn’t the best but it was the fact that it wasn’t that made me want to research more. I was aware that bullying was happening but I didn’t expect think that younger kids would bully each other. When I saw the movie, it showed kids threatening people and I was shocked because when I was younger, all we talked about were games. During the movie, I saw some things that I thought didn’t make much sense. In the movie, many people were aware of bullying happening but they were not trying to help. For example, one of the parents of the victims of bullying knew that her child was being abused and all she did was ask him what happened and she only tried to make a difference when it became something normal for her son. Seeing these events made me want to inform more people and so I decided that bullying would be my topic.

Bullying is when one person or a group of people are being aggressive towards another person of group. There are many types of bullying but they all have the same impact on people. They are verbal, social, physical, and cyber. Verbal is saying or writing mean things and it involves name-calling and threatening. Social is hurting someone’s relationship or reputation and it involves spreading rumors or embarrassing someone else in public. Physical is hurting someone’s body and it involves kicking, punching and many more.

Bullying affects everyone who is around it. It does not just affect the person being bullied but it also has an impact on the bully and even bystanders. The impact that it can have on the person being bullied is that most likely they will be going through depression and it might change the way the act in school or just in general. The impact that it has on the bully is that they are most likely to get into fights and become very abusive in their future. The effect that it has on the bystanders are that it may make them not want them to come to school because they do not want to be in the same position as the victims.

At this point, I’m trying to find different ways to make more people become aware of bullying. I think that it is wrong and if more kids are educated on the different effects it can have on other people then maybe they will not bully other people. Also parent should make sure that they know how their children are being treated at school. I hoped you learned something new and that you would want to help prevent bullying.

Click Here for my bibliography for more information.
These are pictures from the movie, Bully.
This is just really harsh. Kids are becoming so violent.
Here is a picture trying to get people to stop bullying.

Nursing Home & Hospital Abuse

In my 9th grade English class, we were given a project on World issue for our “You and the World” project. I will be displaying 3 blogs, this will be the first blog. For my Q4 benchmark I will be discussing the issue about nursing home and hospital abuse. This will be dealing with both elders and children patients.

The issue is that, around the world many patients have been abused by hospital staff and nursing staff for years. Not only have they been physically abused but also mentally and emotionally.From what I know about this issue is that most of the patients have been mistreated in all types of ways such as being unfed and not being bathed. Most stories have been told but others have not.

        The thing that made me interested in this topic is from a book that I read called “A child called it”. It was a true story about a young boy being abused by his mother. The only difference is that it didn’t take place in a hospital or a nursing home, though it still inspired me to do more abuse cases and to learn more. Another thing that made me interested is the fact that this isn’t a very popular topic and this is one that most people don’t take into much consideration. I want everyone to see just how these hospitals cared for their patients and how the survivors dealt with the torturing they had to face each day they were in there. I want to do more research to see if it is still taking place as strongly as it was before and to look more deeply into the lives of victims that had to go through these acts.

For more info, here's one of my bibliographies.

The World As I See It: Technology

This project exists to publicize an issue of my choosing and also allow me to spread my opinion. 
I happily confess my belief that without machines life would be quite dismal. And with that sentiment floating in the back of my head, I have very mixed feelings about the advancement of those machines. Especially the ones that are being created to take the place of humans, because honestly, how can a person compete with something that performs perfectly, calculates perfectly, and never initiates a dispute?

The answer is, you can't. 

The phone apps, computer apps, and the internet serve their purpose by making stuff easier for their users - encouraging the mindset of 'why remember if I can look it up again'. Instead of daily sweeping there is the Roomba. For some, a plastic dog is more fun than a real one. The issue with all of this technology is that it is changing the way we think, in a big way: People are relying on these machines to do things they can't, won't, or don't know how to do. This is important to me because I don't want to live this way, and the future is likely to be even more intense.

In Japan there is a robot called SAYA who used to 'work' as a receptionist. Recently, "she" acted as a teacher for a group of middle schoolers. Her producers assure the public that she won't be bumping any teachers off of their jobs, but then the question is now why was she made? To digress a bit, robotics is advancing along two paths: artificial intelligence and physical movement and appearance. A lot of research goes into making machines that look and move like humans. For the most part, these eerie metal homunculi can only move with a remote control. 

This is Ecci, a robot with highly advanced mobility. However, the real wonder is the program that allows it to make rudimentary connections.  
The progression of artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is incredibly complicated. We humans are striving to give intelligence to our machines, constantly make them more efficient, and possibly more like us. That is why ethical questions must be answered - otherwise we won't be able to coexist with our creations.

How far will are we willing to take it? Does the ability to make decisions constitute person-hood? What about personality?

 But when each person has their own interpretation it is almost like out species is going backwards. 
Organic brain and computer circuitry: a controversial marriage.
Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 11.07.23 AM
Alaina Silverman, Science Leadership Academy student
My sources can be found HERE for further reading. 
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Closing of Schools

   Hello reader, my name is Jules James. I am from Science Leadership Academy. I’m here to talk about my You and the World project. This project is referring to the benchmark about the critical problems in the society.  Now I know you’re wondering, what is a You and the World project? Well, You and the World is a project where I’m talking about a current event that is interesting to me and hopefully to you too. I am here to inform you about my current event and how I feel about it. I will also share with you the research I gathered or gathering and tell you what our people opinion on my topic. But today I’ll just tell you the research I have so far and I my opinion.

   My current event is the closing of schools in Philadelphia. This caught my attention because I was very interest in why they are closing the schools and is it a pro or con to other people and the district.

   The details I found on this website was:

  • ·      The Philadelphia School District is planning on closing 40 schools and 6 schools per year until 2017 because of the huge debts they’re in
  • ·      25% of students in the Philadelphia School District goes to charter school

   On this website, it tells us that:

  • ·      The School District want to divide up into 8 different corporations with 30 school per corporation
  • ·      The employees would go from 650 to 200
  • ·      Some principles like what’s going to happen but some of them think it would mess up the School District
  • ·      Someone think that Philadelphia will take the same path that New York has took and the academic skill might not increase

   As I read and took notes about closing of schools I was filled with a lot of questions and comments. So some of my questions were:

  • ·      Instead of closing the school, why don’t they close small or poor businesses to save money?
  • ·      Where is the school district going to send the kids that are in the schools that are closing?
  • ·      Why are they acting on paying their debts now?
  • ·      If Philadelphia keep closing schools, is there going to be enough school left for us, children or when the future comes (our kids)?
  • ·      What’s going to happen to the public schools?

These are question that I wondered about when I was reading these articles. I feel that the articles give information but not as much as I wanted.


   Some comments I have about this current event is to be honest, I think it’s idiotic. They’re too busy thinking about the debt they’re in, they are not even paying attention to the children. What if one of the schools they’re closing is a child’s only chance of graduating because that child has a learning disorder, what are they going to do about that? Just because you send them to a school that you think would be good for them doesn’t mean they’re going to catch on quickly. But other than that issue, I have other opinions. Another opinion I have is I don’t think other people are seeing this as an issue like I do cause if they did I believe some one would had protested or tried to do anything they could to prevent this from happening.

   As the years go on everything is going to get worse. People might not see it now but they’ll see.


Years ­increasing = Academic skills decreasing


Click here for all my links. 

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Animal Abuse

  Animal cruelty happens all around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded cases just in the U.S (that’s not including the global animal cruelty or the cases not recorded). We take what we need to survive from them. We take over their land and there homes. We take away their families. When will we ever stop taking and start treating them right? In my opinion animal cruelty and abuse is just disgusting.

  I am interested in animal cruelty because I am an animal lover, just like millions of people around the world. The animals need a voice to stop this abuse. There are many types of animal cruelty that people aren’t even aware about. People fail to recognize and report animal cruelty. The only reason this happens is because people are not aware of the laws. The thing is, laws differ from state to state. This makes no since there should be no animal cruelty period!   

  Once I saw videos of abused pigs, killed whales, and dog fighting I had to contain the tears. Dog fighting is a local case in Philadelphia where dogs are put into an arena to have vicious fights. This most of the time ends with serious injury or in some serious cases death. The dogs that are mostly used are pit-bull and Rottweiler, which are very power majestic animals.

    Pig farming abuse is highly known in the state of Iowa where there was an undercover video footage of abuse to the pigs. The company that was doing this crime was the Hormel Food Company. In this horrible caseworkers were videoed jabbing piglets and throwing them around. They beat and hit Pigs until they were not capable of walking or protecting their selves. They also were held in living conditions that were just not suitable for any life. The investigators were from the PETA and that witnessed one worker kicked the pig in his face and genitals to make the pig move. It was recorded that the worker said, “You got to beat on the bitch. Make her cry."

     The Denmark whale slaughter is a dragged on tradition by the local citizenship. The whales come close to the shore because they are friendly creatures that feel comfortable with interacting with humans. The young men of the town to prove that they are men kill them.

      Whale, dog, and pig cruelty are just a taste of the animals around the world that have been tormented.

Click here for Bibliography.


Intimidator Difficulty

Hey you, don’t scroll down and ignore this blog! Let start off with who I am. My name is Aaron Tang and I am from Science Leadership Academy. For this project students are researching about an issues around the world, community, or countries. Many people don’t know what is going on from the other side of the country and so we are introducing the topic. The main ambition for this project is the importance of the situation, how do people interact with the environment, and what changes can the community do. It will give people to start changing the opinion, and you can help by adjusting where you live. Now let’s launch into the point.

The topic I am researching is how young people can stop bullying when it can hurt people’s feeling. I am trying to prevent people from bullying because the ones who get bullied will do tremendously wrong things when they have low esteem. Parents want their children to be in a safe environment at school and getting home safely without getting discomfort from students in school. Many parents can’t stop the negative passion of bullying when their children are the bully. Bullying occurs everywhere in the community, and the society needs to end the harassments. Humans tend to tease other people no matter what. Some kids pick on other kids who are weaker than them, so they feel pride in themselves.

There are forms of bullying; harassment, verbal, cyberbully,physical, and many more. Physical bullying also known as harassment is when there  someone is hurting people such as fighting, kicking, etc. Verbal words comes out from people’s mouth when they say inappropriate things because they don’t know words can hurt feelings. Sometimes when you joke around with your friends, it can be offensive.

Cyber-bully occurs on social media when texting, pictures, sending threats will affect their behavior. Indirect bullying is when there are rumors spreading around places that might be false when they can’t stop the stories. Cyber-bully happens 24/7 when parents can’t track  anonymous posts. When text messages, posting pictures are sent to the person it will be extremely hard to erase because other people can read what they write to them especially on social media. Technology had been evolving constantly when the generations of children knows better than their parents, which makes parents hard to figure out. You should watch the movie Cyberbully that occurs to most teenagers.

All the types of bullying can affect the way you can act and who you are. For example, people tease others by the way they look, religion, gender, race, and how they act. These can prevent people who had been bullied can commit suicide, deep depression, or physical abuse to themselves. Rumors will start in a matter of time when someone says something negative to them. Children will skip school, fail in classes, health problems, take bad medications on their body. Adults are trying to figure out how to end the bullying at school when things get very intense. Many lives are gone when children are hurting each other. Words can always hurt someone’s feeling when they are in deep depression. One of the reasons schools make kids wear uniforms is because other students will not judge each other when they wear the same clothes. If students have privilege to wear anything, things will be out of hand when they will comment their outfit. Students can lose friendship by getting bullied and struggle with school. The bullies think they are better than others, but its wrong to hurt other people when they are foolish.

Here are just some facts about bullying and you should be aware of. About 160,000 children miss school each day because they have the fear of getting hurt from other classmates. 56% of the students have witness bullying occurring in school.  Did you know that 1 out of 7 students from k-12 are the bullied or the the victim of being bullied? 1 out of 20 students seen guns at school. 90% from 4th to 8th grade told of being the victims. All of these had been crucial for our generation. Children aren’t safe when school don’t do anything about ending the pressure are towards the victims. It's astonishing for most people when they found dramatic numbers are increasing of children that had been the victim of being bully.

They don’t know what to do with the situation, and their mind sets off to breakdown and gave up hope. If you take the time to realize how deeply it affects people, you might think twice.

Stop bullying. Make a change, and become the role model.

Here’s the links to my bibliography.
This picture is a glimpse of how bullying occurs in school. 
This picture shows how bullying can affect someone mentally and physically. 
This image conveys how helpless children can be if they are being bullied. 

STDs in the Teen World

     My name is Jeremiah Cunningham and I am doing a blog about STDs in the teen world. In the world today, Teens have many struggles. From school, home, relationship problems, and responsibility issues. One topic of teenage life that tops all of these is Sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Out of the 12 million cases of STDs, 3 million of those cases are teen cases. That is 25 percent. And when it comes to STDs, America really doesn’t do a good job stressing out the factors, consequences, and how-nots of STDs. This is a main factor as to why teens catch these diseases.

    STDs can affect anyone who is sexually active. The true definition of a STD is a disease or infection that is spread from person to person by sexual intercourse. Anyone can get it no matter gender, race, or income; no one is immune to the disease. Unfortunately, teens are more at risk to catch the disease. Some kids weren’t taught about the risks of sexual intercourse and how to protect themselves.

This disease is more than just risky. It is also an embarrassment, and a deadly disease. It is a serious health issue. If you don’t get checked out or don’t find out you have one, you can do some serious damage to your body and even lead to death. The younger you are, the greater your chances are to getting an STD.  It is very easy to get one too. First off all, you don’t know what the person you get intimate has. 9 times out of 10 the person doesn’t know they have one as well. You can also develop a STD if you involve in intercourse with numerous people. Sexual isn’t is the only way you can get one. You can also get one by touching a cut of someone that has one.

What made me interested in this topic is because lots of people today are infected with this disease. Everyday someone either gets the infection, or they die from it. I sometimes think what i would do if i were to be infected with this disease. It makes me sad to even think of the young men and women who have to go through this everyday. You can’t have sex, or have a kid. It’s crazy how even having sex with one person can get you infected.


Animal Cruelty Blog Post #1

I would introduce this project by saying that animal cruelty is just wrong. It is wrong because you are hurting innocent animals and they could possibly be hurt themselves. These animals need to be treated with care and with love not with torture. People have to think animals are like people because people and animals might live the same lives like homeless people and harmed, sickly animals. This is what my focus is on in this project because I will like to help these animals stay alive and not dead. I am interested in this because I will want to make a change in these animals lives. The research will follow on how these animals were treated.

     My research that I’ve found was that 32% of kids around the  world have murdered their pets. People who are hurting their pets are most likely hurting the people around them. Because of neglect, these animals die. Houses or the ASPCA are some of the shelters these animals can stay and live at to survive. We should provide a change and help them.

     There should be more public awareness for these types of crimes. There are passive and active acts of abusing them. Passive acts are letting them suffer and active acts are non-accidental injuries. This is one of the high major factors around the world. Doing harm like this could really endanger the environment.

  These animals need urgent medical care. The people who are under animal cruelty, have broken the Laws of Endangerment. These animals are treated somewhat like humans. We go through poverty and they could easily be homeless like we do. Thousands of reports have gone unreported. $46 billion have been spent to save these animals. Giving vaccines and medicines to the animals has helped them a lot. I wonder if I can help them one day.

  What I am wondering about is if these animals will be helped. These animals did nothing wrong. Just look at them. They were being tortured by their owners and never even got a chance to breathe or eat because of them. I question that why don’t other people who love these animals help them sooner and faster. As I go more deeper into this project, I hope to learn and find out that all these that animals will be helped. JUST LOOK AT THEIR FACES!!! IT TELLS IT ALL!!! I support these opinions to do what is right in our environment.


​Click Here to see my Bibliography.

Sexual Assault in Africa

Hello, my name is Sophie De Oliveira. I go to the wonderful school of Science Leadership Academy. I am a creative, effectual,15 year old. Today i am going to tell you about most intriguing, interesting, and familiar topic I have come across. Not only have I learned more about it in my research recently, but I have been taught varieties of things on this topic ever since i was in middle school. Mostly in my social studies class, and now in my African American History class.

My issue/Topic:

I am going to research on the issue of Rape. Not just any random rape,  Rape in Africa. Specifically on a certain case. I will broaden my research to other tragic sexual harassment cases. It may be known on the news, or a local newspaper as the headline “He raped as a teenager and now works to stop sexual violence in South Africa”. His name is Dumisani Rebombo. He is a advocate for women’s rights. Wait, there’s a catch. He’s a rapist himself.

This project:

  My mission is to find a certain type of current event occurring right now, somewhere in the world and research it and find as much information about as I can. Im going to find out the following:
~What it does, and how it effects me?
~How can I do something to stop this tragedy?
~How it is effecting others?
~Why is it important to me?
I will blog about all of my findings and record every single piece of data I find, just because it might be important in the future. I want to educate, and teach others about my topic, so they can benefit also.

More Information

He was peer pressured into raping his victim as a teenager. At the time, he states,he wasn’t thinking much of the victim, but himself. He wondered if his parents were going to find out, or if it was going make him officially “cool”. This apparently was going to prove his “manly hood”.Rebombo was 15 when he raped.He got drunk, and he smoked before he did it.The boys thought it was funny and recorded the whole rape. As they did it, she pleaded with them to stop. They offered her 25 cents for her silence. He was somewhat nervous because he had never had sex before. The video lasted for 10 minutes and 33 seconds. The girl Rebombo raped never reported what happened and, Rebombo was never charged. “She never even spoke about it with anyone…She was too scared of the consequences,” Rebombo says. As the video  got popular, it got spread very widly, and rapidly and soon fell into the hands of a local newspaper and it was handed over to the police.The group of rapist were soon arrested and taken to court.Many decades later, he sought out to his victim and confronted her and apologized. She broke out in tears, while telling him that not only had it change her life mentally, but physically also.After the incident with Rebombo,She was raped two other times.The mental images still haunt her till this day.

Why I took and interest into this topic:

  I have taken up an interest in this topic because it is so recurring to me. It is always brought up everywhere I go, even when I’m home. When my mother finds out things such as this, she’ll come and tell me about it. I’ve learned about it in my social studies classes, even when I moved on to highschool the percentage of rape has gone up tremendously.I know something needs to be done inorder for stories like this to stop popping up on the news.My mother came rushing into my room one day and said “Did you hear the story of how a 40-year old man raped an 11 month old baby? Now that people have to live in tents there, many men are raping women and children.”
I know that this should be solved in some way, but for now all i can do for myself is get more information



You and the World: Is the generation falling apart?

You and the world is an interesting project for the ninth graders of Science Leadership Academy. Students have a special opportunity to choose a problem going on in the world and research about their topic of interest. Each coming week students will post a new blog with interesting pictures, videos, and surveys. This project will allow students not just to learn in the class, but outside the classroom walls.

Is the generation of the 21st century falling apart? This is the question we ask ourselves every day. Today in the streets, we see teens with tattoos on their faces, girls walking around with barely any clothes on, and almost 50% of students in high school smoke cigarettes illegally. The high school drop out percentage is through the roof, and the embarrassing thing is my own race has the highest percentage of dropping out. What will these adolescents become? Will we have enough doctors, lawyers, and teachers in 10 years? It is safe to say students of today do not value education, as they should.

As a young Latina, I agree that there is stereo typing still goes on in America. There are stereotypes made about me every single day. I refuse to become part of category or percentage where I do not belong. With the behavior going on not only in schools, we are proving every stereotype made against us. Fallacious actions made by are affecting teenagers as a whole.

The other day, me and one other friend were walking down Chestnut Street enjoying the weather. We decided to walk into Liberty Place; embarrassed we walked back out because of a new rule. If you are under 18 years old, you may not be in Liberty Place without an adult. This is because recently a group of teenage flash mobs  had recently been tormenting shoppers.

Majority of teens are involved in situations that are inept. These deeds are putting a bad name on all of us. To the point where we cannot even walk into places because everyone thinks we are delinquents. It is not only unfair but also embarrassing. Most of them are just living in the moment and not thinking ahead, the world has changed a lot. Living in an urban society, I wonder what the youth will become of themselves in the future.

Click on the link to view Bibliography.
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Testing on animals, post 1

In my freshman class, we were told to do research on a world topic that we cared about. We are to create 3 separate blog posts about it, and the purpose is to further inform other people and ourselves about this topic. If we are all forced to learn more about events that are happening in other people’s lives, it will open our minds up to bigger things that are happening, rather than just the events that occur in our day-to-day life. 

The topic I chose is testing on animals. This subject is very rarely talked about because it makes people uncomfortable. Just because it makes people uncomfortable, doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. Millions upon millions of animals are experimented on throughout the United States.

Below is a video with more information.

Well, isn’t it only lab mice and rats that are used for testing? 

No, mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, frogs, birds, hamsters, fish, monkeys, and pigs are all used for experimentation. The majority of the experimentation is to test cosmetics that we use today. They apply makeup, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other things that you use on a daily basis directly onto these animals. They irritate the animal’s skin and cause blindness. Make-up is not made to be put on fur, so why test it on furry animals?


Is the testing just for beauty products? 

No, Monkeys and dogs are forced to smoke cigarettes 24/7 until they die of poisoning. Once they die, they are cut open and dissected to see the damage that is done. They spread tar directly onto rat’s and monkey’s skin to see how fast tumors grow. Sometimes, the tumors grow as large as the mouse itself. You wouldn’t want your loved ones to smoke something that will kill them, so why make innocent animals smoke it?


Kittens and monkeys have screws drilled into their brains to measure brain activity. They cut off their ears and restrain them just to see the effects it has on their brain waves. The experiment conductors cut off the blood flow to the kittens brain to cause them to have a stroke, and they measure the brain waves while it is having the stroke. To test eyesight in certain conditions, they either sew one cat’s eye shut, or remove both eyes without anesthetic. Their spines are crushed to force them to become paralyzed for other tests. 


They use medicine to ease the pain for these animals, right?

Nope, not always. Thousands of animals are burned, cut open, suffocated, blinded, and die slowly without the use of pain relievers. Pigs are cut open and dissected while still being alive and conscience. 


Where do they get animals to run tests on?

There are many animal mills that breed and sell animals just for laboratory use. In many states, workers from the research facility will go to local pounds / animal shelters and demand for animals. They get as many animals from the shelters as they can.

For more information, click here 

For my bibliography, click here


Infants in Sub-Sahara Africa Affected by Hydrocephalus (Blog #1)

You and the World? More like me and my world. There are many issues that affect this world we all live in horrific ways and many in spectacular that shape us all. I am blessed with many fantastic things in my life and when I get the chance to give to people who are a lot more less fortunate than I am, I am all in. When my English teacher, Ms. Dunn, gave me the chance the shine a light on something I wanted to change in the world, I couldn’t pick one. Hunger? Poverty? War? Politics? Most of these are already in the spotlight and have many corporations and organizations fighting to stop these problems. But then I remembered a documentary  I had watched recently that spoke of a major drawback in sub-Saharan Africa, around Uganda, that affected 75% of the infants and newborns in that area. Hydrocephalus.
  ​(Above) A 1 year old baby who has had Hydrocephalus for the past 3 months. 

Pediatric Hydrocephalus is the build up of Cerebral Spinal Fluid that surrounds the brain that puts an increased amount of pressure on the head. This can be a very dangerous condition if not treated properly. Hydrocephalus causes the baby to grow a head unnaturally large in comparison to the body. So large, that the baby or infant can’t hold their head up by themselves.

The one and only hospital that supports the babies and infants with Hydrocephalus in Uganda and the surrounding areas. This hospital was founded by the CURE foundation.

            In the United States, 1 in every 500 baby delivered is diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Fortunately, there are more than 3,500 neurologists in the United States to help cure the patient affected. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there are about 100,000-375,000 NEW cases of Pediatric Hydrocephalus every year and more than 4,000 every month. In addition there are only four doctors that have the ability to help with this disease. Additionally, there is only one hospital in that entire area that patients can go to. The hospital isn’t close to most villages. Families affected must  save up all of their farming money for 6-7 months just to get transportation to the hospital. So by the time families come back home, they are usually always bankrupt. 

The scary reality and truth to this entire issue is that even 90% of the infants and babies affected by Hydrocephalus die...sometimes even with treatment. The mortality statistic is horrid. The infants affected die for a few reasons. One, because there aren't enough doctors, there aren't doctors to follow up on the procedure on the baby incase something goes wrong. Second, lack of money cause a lack of transportation to hospitals to get the proper help necessary. Third, there are some families who are tricked into believing that hydrocephalus is not a disease. They have elders in their neighborhood who trick them into paying them more than hospital costs to them "to take the devil out" of the child. 

What these people need is support from people like us in America who have so much to give. We need people oversees helping out. Doctors to help on the medical standpoint. Volunteers for the short distance transportation. Most importantly, teachers and educators to really educate people of the affected areas in Africa that this is a killer disease that happens all around the world and not in their local village. They need a helping hand and through this project I am determined to do so.

For more information or to contact me:
Read Blog 2 & Blog 3 as well!
Bibliography if needed. 

#3 - Goal & Conversation

Learn about the music they listen to. Find out how similarities/differences.

Pre-Conversation (Questions):
• Hola, ¿Puede usted hablar conmigo?
• ¿Tengo un proyecto para la clase de español. Tengo que hablar con un desconocido en español. Puede usted hablar conmigo? 
• ¿Que musica escuchas?

Conversation #2:
• Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person? 
I spoke to Jorge Luis Flores Garcia, a 23 year old man, from Costa Rica. I chose to speak to him because his native language was Spanish and he is practicing English.

• What did you learn about them? 
I learned that he was from Costa Rica. I also learned that he likes bachata. Bachata is a form of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. He also likes salsa merengue. When I asked him what American artists/bands he listens to, he told me that he listens to Aventura, an American bachata music group.

 How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal? 
I found out that there was a big difference in the styles of music we listen to. I listen to modern indie pop/indie folk and Jorge listens to Spanish music. Although Aventura is an American band, I don't know who they are.

• What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? 
I think I handled this conversation very well. I did not rush into it and asked him what kind of music he listened to at first, I waited until it wasn't awkward and I got to know he more.

• What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again) 
I feel like I ended the conversation too quickly with this one. So on my next conversation, I will keep the conversation going longer.
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Pet Ownership

  In America 62% of households have a pet cat or dog, that’s about 4 out of every ten homes. About 26,874,879 pets were bought in 2009, and about 2-3 million are adopted. There are 5-7 million cats and dogs put into shelters a year, 70% cats and 60% dogs. Yet there are still people going out and buying pure-breads. When you can go give a pet a home and spend a lot less. Why is this?


  A lot of these animals are lost and less than 2% are not returned to there owners and put in shelters. 25% of the dogs in shelters are pure-breads, which is what most people want. Even though that the science shows that mix-breads are healthier.


  There are protest a most pet stores trying to stop people from going in the stores and buying pets. The biggest concern is about people buying dogs from stores, because of the U.S puppy mills. Puppy Mills are a place were people bread female dogs so they can sell them to pet stores then the pet stores sell them to people. They keep the dogs in cages stacked on top of another, and they don’t clean them. The worse part about all of this is when the female dog can’t have puppies any more they just neglect her until she dies.)

Take the pledge to stop puppy mills here   


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Cyberbullying Blog Post 1: Reginald Simmons


The issue I chose for my “You and The World” project is bullying. Specifically, cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is any type of bullying that involves using internet or other interactive technologies, to repeatedly harm a person. It’s just like regular in-person bullying, but instead of being in front of the victim, the offender uses a social website, mostly, to deliver what they have to say. Most cyber bullying takes place on social networking and blogging sites, and is mostly done by users who are anonymous. Though cyber bullying may not seem to be as effective as in-person bullying, it is just as serious and dangerous.

Why Do People Cyberbully?

There are many different reasons that people cyber bully others. Some of the most common and frequent reasons are pique, revenge or vexation. Sometimes, people do it simply because they can, or because they’re bored, etc. Also, in many cases, people will do it because others are doing it. People will also bully for their own entertainment. People who like to be on top of everyone else may do it as a reminder that the victim is less than them, which is a moral of a corrupt dictator. Though there are very many reasons people cyberbully, whatever reason it is, is wrong.

How Do People Cyberbully?

Just as there are many reasons why people cyberbully, there are also many ways for them to do it. Someone could make an anonymous post on someone’s blog making an offensive statement. Someone could make a page dedicated to put another person down, and invite many people into it. A group of friends could gang up on one person, and bombard them with horrible comments. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, certainly doesn’t apply to everyone; many people can be more hurt by words than they can be by physical pain.

**click here for a link to a website dedicated to cyberbullying awareness.


Human Trafficking Blog Post #1

Human Trafficking and the stories behind it.


Human Trafficking is a horrible thing and it’s happens to poor people who have dreams of going to another country. So they talk to some person who owns this “transporting business” and then the poor person gets taken to another place where they work and get paid below the minimum wage. Simply to put it, they are trapped there for most of their life because the owners destroy their Passport and Id. Then they are put to work past the limit of human capabilities and they are fed food that probably doesn’t taste good.

The continuation of Human Trafficking is terrible and it’s all done for profit. All this does is destroy the migrants from other countries and towns who just what to support their families and instead they get captured and worked to the edge of death. Children and especially women are sold into prostitution and are tortured by their Slave Masters; I think the weight of this subject is a lot to handle but even harder to talk about. Can we stop this or will it continue to go on for many more years? Can you stop it? 

Victims of Human Trafficking are being shown the dark parts of the world; children, women and other victims are being terrified and the growing fear of never seeing your family again. The Numerous Words of Human Trafficking are hard to look at but they all say the same thing, Human Trafficking has to stop!

Victims of Human Trafficking are looking for Help but the locations of these enslavement places are hidden from the outside world and lets hope that this modern day Slavery stops and be ended before any more family are disconnected from each other.

The Shackles that hold these victims captive are locked with a key, a key of despair. They take away the victims belongings, demand money, work them half to Death and worst of all, they keep the victims separated from their families. Lives are at stake here and I don’t see the rates going down. People are becoming Victims because they are lied to about having a new life in another country. Victims are dying because of this; the Slave Traders do this all for profit and do not even care about the victims, all they care about is the profit and themselves.


Will This Ever Stop Happening?





Interesting Quotes and Facts

A senior U.N. official says that as many as 2.4 million people may be victims of human trafficking worldwide at any given time.


Click Here to See My Bibliography


Media's Idea of 'Perfect'


You know when you wait at the checkout line at a supermarket? Sometimes the line is long, but so are all the others. While the person in front of you is handling their groceries, you go ahead and pick up one of the many magazines at the checkout. You usually pick up the one that has the most interesting cover, or a magazine brand you’re familiar with. As you flip through mindlessly, you see ads and articles about being skinny and losing weight. There are also ads that have models with seemingly flawless skin and no imperfections to count for. They’re tall, ageless, and always thin.

Mass media’s perception of perfect has changed over the years. About forty years ago, it was all about being thick and having curves. Now it’s about having a slim waist and being skinny. Young girls have always looked at magazines of television and compared themselves to the models. Am I too fat? Am I too skinny? Those are the questions running through heads constantly. Once females see the media’s perception of ‘beauty’ or ‘perfection’, they go out and try to become what they’ve just seen.

Usually, there is no problem with this. Yes, it’s fine if girls desire to be a healthy weight. But currently, media has made this view of beauty deadly. Many models are now digitally altered and ‘airbrushed’. This means that they are photographed with their original proportions and skin flaws. But then the photograph gets to the magazine editors; they send it over to the people who have exceptional skills in Photoshop and other photo editing applications. There, they manipulate the thickness of the model, like slimming their thighs and elongating their legs. They airbrush their skin to get rid of age flaws and to destroy blemishes. Their arms are thinned also. After all that, the photograph goes back to the magazine and is published.

0720-faith-hill-photoshop-11photoshop, before and after, red

See the difference ? This is what happens to ordinary people

Most girls see these types of images and think that their body is horrible, repulsive, and imperfect. As young as nine, girls start to diet to try to live up to the image on the television screen. They begin to develop eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Some even go as far as to starve themselves to death.

All just to be perfect.

My question is: Why? Why would young girls do this to themselves just to try to live up to media’s version of ‘perfect’? What happened to the time where being thick and healthy was the way to be?  What kind of transition did the media take to end up like this? 



You and the world

I am doing this project in English class about you and the world. It’s about problems around the world. So I have to find issues that happen in the world. My issue is bullying. Bullying is one of the things that happen a lot in the world and I want to tell you all about it. Then I would like to see if we can find a solution. If you asking yourself how is bullying an issue? Or what is bullying well today is your lucky day I’m going to tell you.

According to www.stopbullying.govBullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.”  To me bullying is when you are not repeating someone.

There is different type of bullying. There is bullying by saying something example are:

·      Teasing

·      Name-calling

·      Threatening to cause harm

After that there is Physical bullying:

·      Hitting/kicking/pinching

·      Spitting

·      Taking or breaking someone’s thing

Last but not less that there is social bullying:

·      Telling other children not to be friends with someone

·      Spreading rumors about someone

·      Embarrassing someone in public

These are just the beginning with bullying. Bullying can be even harmful.

Bullying happen at school, online, and even where you live (in that neighborhood). A lot of parents don’t even know that it happen in their neighborhoods.  Some bullying can happen at home. But most of it is happening online no because of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more. Your phone can even be one of the things that can help others bully you. Example by text message or e-mail, and more. There is way to find out if you that bully or not maybe you can take a test. If you a teacher you can make thing a class game.

This is what i want to happen Stop Bulling !!!!

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Food Problems

Hello out there everyone. Today I am writing about the impending, possibly even hidden problems in the United States’ food culture. Let’s face it, America has some problems with the way it eats. Otherwise 33.9% or more of us would not be either overweight or obese. The facts are startling; not to mention the way they are treating the animals in the meat packing industry, and even more problems that I have not even found out about yet.

Why am I writing about this? A wise person once said “you are what you eat” and I care about what I eat. My English teacher gave us an assignment to chronicle an issue that is important to us, and I chose food. Though what got me thinking about the problems with American food? It all started with a documentary film called: Food Inc. It brought the issues out to the world in an emotional and devastatingly realistic way. It brought up issues that I had never even heard of and I thought never happened. I was intrigued and disgusted and I wanted to know more about the food culture in America.

I found on a 2010 government report, which you can see here that 33.9% of adults over 19 years old, were obese. And 18.1% of teenagers were obese as well. What is going on? Most of the problem lies in how and what Americans eat. A lot of people consume McDonalds or high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked as a cause of weight gain according to Princeton University. Cholesterol and heart problems are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health issues caused by bad food.

In the course of these blog posts I would like to get to know this problem in a more in depth manner and try to really think of practical solutions that will help get Americans healthier.


Bibliography here.

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