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Your Highness?

We had finished the book called "Macbeth." I have tracked the character named Lady Macbeth. On this journey, you will learn how she had changed from being strong to weak. The quotes will help you guide the way of the path to Lady's Macbeth's depression. Now lets get started!

The artwork is based on Lady Macbeth. The sculpting is symbolizing Lady Macbeth’s important key in the book. The first sculpting is about power because at the beginning of the book, she became really obnoxious with the power. She wanted to take over the control and guided her husband, Macbeth to be the king. The next following sculpting is a knife. It shows that Lady Macbeth encourage Macbeth to kill King Duncan so both of them can get the power. There are quotes when she had talked about the dagger. The third sculpting is a crown. Lady Macbeth had the wish to take the crown as a queen to rule the power with her husband. This shows that the power had symbolized lunatic because she was scared that nobles would find out later. The power was too much for her where she had committed suicide. She didn’t really care about living than suffer in pain of killing. So the sculpting shows a memorial grave for Lady Macbeth’s death. 

            I had created my arts and craft a castle because the theme sets off to royals and highness. It shows that the time period is creating a non-fiction for people to see. The houses are for the background are black and white because the colors shows devastating period of time when there was a problem. The flags are showing who is ruling the kingdom for Lady Macbeth and Macbeth ruling. 

aaron 2
Aaron 3
aaron 4
aaron 6
aaron 7
aaron 8
aaron 9
aaron 10
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Malaysia vs. Slovakia - 5 point framework

Link to Prezi for comparison of collapsibility.

For my quarter 3 Globalization Benchmark we had to use Jared Diamond "Collapse" 5 point frame work in order to asses the collapsibility of 2 countries; one that we focused on for an election project and one other that we chose. I compared Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia and Slovakia, located in Europe.
My process was all over the place for this project. I had a lot of different ideas when approaching what I wanted to do. I started out with the website, where I posted all of my information for Malaysia. By doing that, it made the process towards comparing them easier since half of the project was pretty much finished. I ended up making anorexic since I was much more familiar with that than iWeb. Also, I didn't want to have to depend on Dropbox. Creating the prezi was fairly easy. Trying to be as creative as possible was hard. I didn't just want to lay out my information, I wanted to make it a bit more interactive like with pictures and links that will take people to websites full of additional information.
My overall presentation for my project went well. I liked the way I was able to compare the similarities and differences of each of the countries. I was a little hesitant about using prezi, however I am proud of the way I could tell the audience what was happening and definitely have them understand what's going on.
Trying to find all the information I needed was SO hard. Most of the time I did not find anything. Working around that was really difficult just because I was kind stuck between a rock and a hard place tryin to find more information on my coutries. Something else I didn't know go as planned were the urls for my extended sources. I did not know how to embed them into my prezi do when looking at my information, there are these long urls that aren't so appealing.
I guess I would change the way I approached the project. I went in thinking "oh, I'll just google their hostile neighbors and all the information should pop up." But that did not happen, so getting around that made things harder. Next time, I would definitely keep an open mind when it comes to research and look for more outside sources in order to find the information I need to create an informative project.
The five point frame work for both of my countries was prett okay to put together. I did not encounter that many problem except trying to find the information that I wanted. However, I was able to get pass that and pull together all the resources I found. Overall, both countries rated high on the collapsibility scale, meaning they are less likely to collapse. They are solid countries, with similar values, ideas and methods towards success.
I feel like we should go through a test run on how to find the information we need or choose countries where the information is actually accessible and useful.
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Hammond - Macbeth BM

​In English class, after reading and analyzing the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, students made projects analyzing the main characters, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth as the quarter 3 benchmark. I looked at Lady Macbeth's character's change throughout the course of the play. The piece of artwork that I made represented Lady Macbeth's downfall from the beginning of the play to the end. Besides the spiral metaphor, there is a quote rope on the right side of the art, which also shows her change. The rope goes from more tight and well-rounded to a frayed Lady Macbeth, and eventually, at the end of the play and at the end of the rope, it is very frayed and by that time has broken off. The colors in the downwards spiral each represent a mood or feeling or description of Lady Macbeth as the play progresses on. In the beginning, for example, there is red because Lady Macbeth was bloodthirsty and violent because of her saying that she would do anything for more power, as the quote on the right says. After going through being envious, greedy, guilty, miserable, and crazy, Lady Macbeth's spiral ends when she kills herself, and as always, black represents the color or death.
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"Lich" King:Macbeth

Macbeth has been on a journey. A journey full of lies/deceit, blood, and greed. In the picture that I drew I wanted to show Macbeth’s path in one 2-face picture. Macbeth has gone from a noble man to a tyrant. I wanted to portray that in the drawing.  I’m going to start with the right side (or left, from your view). This is Macbeth’s human face, I made him bald because that’s how he looked like in the movie and I thought it was better than what I was going to draw. This side of the face shows his valor, bravery, and honesty. It shows a soldier worthy to fight for his country and will stop at nothing for justice. The skull side has the crown because he turned evil and something so dead after he became king. The blood in his mouth is to show how bloodthirsty he was in order to protect his golden power. The eye socket shows how hollow and lifeless he has gotten and the cracks represent him wearing down to his final fall, the blue paper represents Macbeth’s lost soul hidden away and gone forever.


Bibliography for drawing the skull:,r:2,s:0



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Macbeth Creative Piece

For a third quarter benchmark our class had to write an essay explaining quotes from Macbeth and also make an original, creative additional project. Shakespeares Macbeth is all about character journey and inner turmoil, and I hope my project captures that.  
The white outer casing represents Macbeth, while the internal organs represents his state of mind in their respective acts. The small brown object is the ‘seed’ of ambition that the witches planted in Macbeth and in each scene that seed grows rapidly until it consumes him. Only by lifting the outer shell can the corruption be seen in the sculpture. This shows that only by removing personal bias can someone what it is they are really causing. 
Photo on 3-21-12 at 9.54 AM
Photo on 3-21-12 at 9.53 AM
Photo on 3-17-12 at 11.04 AM #2
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5 point framework-Sudan & Armenia Collapse project

armenia vs.Sudan%20flagmap

Click here to view my project

This semester we’ve been learning about collapsibility, and what leads up to collapsibility. We’ve been reading a book called Collapse by Jared Diamond, we’ve been using his 5 point framework to measure the how good of a chance we think that a country will or won’t collapse.

My two countries were Sudan and Armenia. I chose Sudan because I had already looked up some information on Armenia and realized that they shared some similar problems. I wanted to make my project interesting and interactive, so I decided to create a website that looked at collapsibility as a whole and specifically for those two countries. I researched all of my information for Armenia first so that I would have a better idea of what to look for when I researched Sudan. However, it took me much longer to find information about Sudan than it did about Armenia. As I started to look for the same subjects that I had found for Armenia, each subject had at least two layers of information.

 For example, South Sudan is now independent so I had to look up information for both South Sudan and North Sudan. I then took that information and split it up into smaller portions of that information to explain my overall topic/message to the viewer.

Again I wanted to make my scale interesting to look at so I used a Prezi to set up the scale for both countries with a brief explanation of why I gave this portion of the five point framework that rating. I used the 5 point framework multiple times because I though that it would be the least confusing for the format I chose. I was originally going to separate each portion of the framework into different pages but that might have been overwhelming for a lot of people, including myself so I decided against it.

I think that the five point framework is pretty easy for me to grasp after reading the book because its repeated very often so I knew what I was looking for when I had to apply it to other countries, like the two I chose. The harder part was justifying my rating, I had to weigh out consequences more than I had been so it felt like a little bit of a stretch at first because I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the right number or not.

If there was one thing that I could change it would be to work harder on this, time wise. I usually manage my time very well, because I like planning and I have steps for almost everything when it comes to schoolwork. But this time, because I had my capstone in 3 days with constant problems occurring I had to run back and fourth between the two and that left me less time to actually work on the project especially with multiple technical difficulties, I didn’t leave myself enough time. Therefore, I think I basically through myself off schedule, which resulted in a late benchmark.

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France V.s Columbia


The 5-point framework was somewhat straightforward, however the stuff that was harder to find was the friendly trade partners or friendly neighbors.   For example when I was trying to find friendly neighbors for France that was not straightforward. I had to keep searching for different for websites. What helped me answer this was Wikipedia and I found out that there were unfriendly trade partners in the 1900’s however after this time period France did work out their issues with them. As of now there are France is friendly with a lot of trade partners.  The process that I took to do this benchmark was that I sometimes I used Wikipedia to gain the understanding to history and used other sites that branched off that site. Also what I did was that I had to read the heading of each website to see what was going to be useful.  In order to complete this benchmark the countries that I used was comparing France and Columbia. France is my election country and Columbia was used for a previous project to I just decided to use that information that was gathered.  I should have spent more time on this and made things more creative then I did.

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Macbeth BM- Stay Slayin


 I kill for my crown dawg I kill for my crown... Stay slaying, people tryna get on to me, I kill for my crown


Uh, I'll kill for my crown

Dippin and slippn like Vick on 4th down

He’s down for whatever

His time is now

To kill king Duncan

It’s about to go down

Like keysha Cole,  mac was heavan sent

“Naught had all spent here our desire without consent”

They overcame obstacles climbed em just like a fence

They were invincible, superman clark kent

 He thought he was schooling these Boys, Macbeth Master Dean.

Now he lives like “A coward in thine with own esteem”

He was chilling with the jacksons “living the dream”

But quickly realized that reality wasn’t what it seemed

He tries to tell his wife but she Don’t understand

Saying that he should “go get some water and wash this witness from your hands”

Hours on end, macbeth was a little creeped

With Voices Vocalizing “Macbeth has murdered sleep”

Lady mac wanted the “Life” By Any MEANS.

But She accused him of hating the crown that he’s redeemed

Lady had the scoop like grave yard shovel.

Saying “Tis the eye of childhood that feared a painted devil”

But she was a Snake that kept Hissing when talking.

Until one night she was caught slipping, Sleepwalking.

I think the moral of the story is “For one to understand”

“All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this hand”

It was too late she did what she did

She was overwhelmed with the guilt that she hid

She couldn’t hide it anymore

No matter how hard she tried

Her innocence slowly drifted away

Like a 5’Oclock Ocean Tide.

Her ambtion was flawless

 And done with such pride

Maybe that’s reason why she commited suicide.








Macbeth BM 2
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​The Masquerade of Macbeth

For my creative piece, a mask was created to represent the life of Macbeth. It is half red and half Black. The red represents the assassin side of Macbeth while the black represents the mind set person that he is and his evil side. The quotes are displayed (curled) on the mask to show the steps, which he went through, and the most important events in the play.


Photo on 3-22-12 at 1.54 PM
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Chris Tran Creative English BM (Poem + Video)

This my creative project for the book Macbeth. We have been reading this book and learn how Shakespeare write his play. This creative piece has two parts to it. One is a poem follow by a video that you can watch while reading the poem. This project has help me to learn many things. One is that you can be creative in many ways and also how you should love your work more than everything.
New Project 4

MacBeth’s Journey:


This is Macbeth’s journey…

A journey to his destiny…

A destiny where he could be King….

He believed that when he heard,

He heard the weird sisters predictions,

Surprise he said, “supernatural soliciting cannot be ill.

Cannot be good…”

As he said that his luck change

Yes change,

He became a noble guy to becoming a killer…

A killer who is greedy for power and

After that reflecting stating, “To know my deed

‘twere best not know myself”.

He was safely King,

Oh how coward of him to kill a guy

A guy who is a great king, to take his position from him.

Who is his next victim?

Who is it?

Well the next victim is Banquo

How could he kill his partner?

He had a suspicion that Banquo is a danger to him and states,

“To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus..”

Then this time he summon murder to do his dirty work

What a coward Macbeth has become from brave man.

Then after that murder of Banquo,

Macbeth has planned to kill Macduff because of his betrayal

He stated, The castle of MacDuff I will surprise…

Has Macbeth gone too far…

Even his own people yes his citizens have turned against him.

Even his own enemy said, “ Some say he’s mad : Others lesser hate him.

This proves that Macbeth has

Gone through a journey of his prophecy.

So he could just die at the end, his future was a total blowout.

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Russia vs. Vietnam Collapsibility Benchmark

I chose Russia and Vietnam. Vietnam is a country that is up coming but just can't take the next step into some amount of international amount of power. Russia on the other hand, is a country that had massive power in the 1990s and is trying to reestablish itself as a superpower. 

I had general thoughts, but as I began to make my presentation, I found the sources that perfectly proved my point. It was straightforward, it wasn't impossibly hard but it was more difficult than I expected. I wish I could have put videos into my presentation, however Google Docs doesn't have that feature. I want videos because it would make it more dynamic and interesting.

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Kashif Ahmad- Vietnam & Guinea Bissau 5 point framework

Link to Prezi

For the 3rd quarter benchmark, the two countries that I did five point frame work was Vietnam and Guinea Bissau. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia while Guinea Bissau is located in West Africa. Finding information on Vietnam was a piece of cake because of the major role it plays in the world. Major role such as importing goods to well developed countries such as United States, China and Japan. On the other hand I had to struggle a little to find information on Guinea Bissau. Since Guinea Bissau is a "low class" country, where the citizens have to struggle everyday to find living for them and their families, it's hard to find information because not a lot of people knows about it so therefore there isn't enough resources on countries like Guinea Bissau. In my opinion, the five point framework is straightforward and easy. It makes it easy to research on whatever country you're doing your research on. If I could change one thing I would provide more visuals such as picture to make it more interesting for the audience. 
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Macbeth's Castles And His Tragedy

  I had read one of the masterpieces from Shakespeare. Macbeth is about a once royal thane named Macbeth but later he killed King Duncan and become the king. Macbeth change a lot during the play and it is worthy to track his changes throughout the play in order to conclude the significance behind this character. There are a written piece and a creative piece to this investigation of the changes in Macbeth's behavior. At the bottom are several pictures of my creative piece on Macbeth. One is the video that have the original quotes from the book and the quote analysis. 

Tthe craft have the modern translation of the quotes that shows Macbeth's transformation in each Act.

    The craft shows Macbeth's transformations in the play to obtain kingship. Therefore, the "White Castle" that represent Macbeth's good side. In the front of the "White Castle', there is a silver bridge with the Macbeth dolls. Each doll have a quote that describe him in Act 1 and Act 2. The "Tyrant's Bloody Castle" shows the downfall of Macbeth and, the blood that stains he's heart. In the front of the "Tyrant's Bloody Castle" there is a red bridge that have Macbeth dolls on it. Each doll have a quote that describe him in Act 3, 4 and 5. The silver bridge is the starting point of Macbeth's journey toward kingship and the red bridge is the end point or the path to his own death. 

    The bridge never crosses into the castles because Macbeth didn't have the qualities to be the king and he died fighting something that he could only obtain by name. The glitters represent Macbeth's dark desires. 

Photo on 3-21-12 at 10.15 AM
Photo on 3-20-12 at 9.14 PM
Photo on 3-21-12 at 10.15 AM #2
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Davis: Palestine/Congo

The countries evaluated in this resource is comparison between the self-proclaimed arab state of Palestine and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Palestine was my assigned election country, which is combination of Jeruselum, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. This area of the middle east is a self proclaimed state that for decades, since the establishment of the modern day Israel, has been fighting politically for land and independence. The Congo, politically recognized as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a sub-saharan African nation who for over the past 15 + years have delt with civil war and political un-organization. Though the government in the DRC has formed, the country still deals with a war on illegal mining of natural resources and mass poverty throughout the nation. In this presentation, I was able to directly connect Diamond's 5 Point Framework (Environmental Damage; Climate Change; Hostile Neighbors; Friendly Trade Neighbors; Society's Response to Environmental Issues) to the problems that these nations face. In the process, I took a more in depth analysis of how the influence of terrorism and  propaganda taint the mission of Palestine, and can lead to their collapse before they're even established. I also drew connections between the deforestation of sub saharan Africa to outside nation's ability to trade freely through the region. I believe that this catalog can pose as a valuable resource for those wanting to know the severity of these issues within these nations. Although there aren't many connections between Palestine and The Congo, there are significant similarities  between the current economic and environmental situations in these  nations.
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Ian McClendon - 5 Point Frame Work Ecuador + Brazil

Between the two countries of Ecuador and Brazil I happen to see more similarities than differences in my analysis of the 5-Point Frame Work. Both countries or bordered to each other and contain some of the same agriculture, societies, and environmental issues. Upon analysis for example; say that Ecuador has major problems with pollution and dangerous predicted climate change Brazil has issues with their natural wildlife and deforestation leading to more pollution and climate problems. Since they both boarder each other they seem to have similar problems but in certain sections Brazil is worse than Ecuador for Environmental Damage while Ecuador is at a increased risk for dangerous climate elements such as, volcanos and earthquakes. The one thing I would want to change in my project would be how I interpret the 5-Point Frame Work between the two countries. I felt that I was only limited to analyzing what a semi-higher up 3rd world country would be like. I'd especially remove Society's Response to Environmental Damage because its all being wrecked and only 1st world countries are willing to save it. Honestly this project got me thinking about other countries and how similar they are to Easter Island but bigger.
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S.Kabangai- Italy & Russia

Hello, My name is Samuel Kabangai, I attended Science Leadership Academy (SLA). For our quarter Globalization project, had to compare the 5 point frame work to the countries that we were assigned and the one that we selected. The two countries that I had were Russia and Italy. During the course of this project, I saw that both Russia and Italy are more alike than different. I based this thesis on the 5 point frame work ( environmental damage, climate change, hostile neighbors, friendly trade partners and Society's Response to its Environmental Problems). One brief compression of both of the countries is that they both have the same environmental damage hazards (volcanoes, erosions, floods etc.) It was also interesting to know that both countries handled the problems differently. Italy took long to solve their problems but eventually handled it while Russia just left the problems to solve themselves. 

The 5 point frame work was fairly easy for me. It was easy for me to research the information that I needed. I had setbacks and hard time finding some of the information that needed, but it wasn't at an extreme point where in I couldn't find none of the information that I needed.  

If I could change anything, I will give more time for the project to be done. Even though the information is easy to find, it also takes a long time to do all the research and put it into a finished product. I am just happy that I learned some new information that i found interesting. And I am happy that Im finished!

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DJackson Southern Europe v. Bahamas

For this project I had to compare and contrast the Bahamas with Southern Europe. The Bahamas was the country I was assigned to look at the election system and Southern Europe was assigned to me for the project where we talked about the environment and economy. During the project I noticed that they had some of the same problems when it came to the environment and damages. My process for this project was just to go through all the different point systems and make sure I had enough information to summarize it, put it together and present it. I tried to present it in a way that it seemed like a comparison of each other.
The 5 point frame work was the bases for the project and it sort of helped me with putting this together. It gave me a background of what I needed to have and a check list. It was a little difficult finding all of the information for each one but once I had it everything came together. But if I could change it I think i would have a little more information and maybe a better ending to it. I tried to pull everything together at the end but I think it could have been better.
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Semaj Smith Five Point Framework Benchmark

The countries that I selected for this project were Kazakhstan and Algeria because those are the two countries that I have been working closely with all semester. My process for this benchmark was a little all over the place. I took a little bit of design from every example given to us and from those examples I made my own presentation. I used links and photos to try to relay my points and messages in the best way and I just pieced together information as I found it. 

I think that the five point framework was very easy and straight forward for the most part. The only perplexing point that I came across was "Society's response to it's environment" because there aren't many people in these countries that get the opportunity to speak up so finding their actual opinions and reactions is very difficult. I felt like I needed to research the environment and the people and piece together the reactions of the people. 

If I were to change something about my project it would be the design and some of the depth in my points. Some of my points I think could have been a little stronger and I feel like my design aspect of this benchmark didn't meet my usual designs. I think that had I thought harder and tried to be more creative my design would have been way better. Although this benchmark was tedious I enjoyed putting it all together. 
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5 Point Framework Q3 Benchmark

  • For this project, I researched the Democratic Republic of Congo and Palestine. Palestine is located in the Middle-East and the DRC is located in South Africa. I was surprised to see how these countries had so much in common when applying them to the 5 point framework. These countries had a lot of problems with climate change which affected the amount of fresh water they had access to. Not only that, but these countries have participated in multiple wars that ruin their lands and resources. 

    At first it was hard finding the right information for these countries. When applying the 5 pint framework, you have to look for specific events and statistics. The 5 point framework is pretty straightforward itself but finding the correct information for each country was the hardest part for me. 

    After putting all my information and links in a google doc that I found, I was able to start creating my presentation on Pages. Before I scored each country, I wrote how each one fit into each category then went back and decided how stable they were on each topic. 

    If I were to change anything about the project, I would make it more interactive and probably add hyperlinks. The reason I didn't do that was because I struggled with finding information so the websites I used weren't that reliable and I didn't want to send other people there and it not give the correct info. 

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