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Eleazar, Sheryl. "Respect For Others Is Nearing Extinction ." n. page. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. <>.
- This source talks about how disrespect for our elders/adults can lead young people to violence, as well as crime. It talks about the roots of the problem in our society. It also defines what respect actually is. It is basically a big overview of the reasons that people can lack respect for adults and in general.

Qabazard, Natalie. "Teenagers’ lack of respect for adults." (2010): n. page. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. <>.
- This source is actually an 2fer-like essay by a 15 year old high school senior named Natalie. In her essay, she talks about teens in America and how they disrespect adults. She talks about the reasons behind this disrespect, and why they matter. She also includes some sources in her essay that can be helpful during our presentation.

Schwalb, David, and Barbara Schwalb. "Research and Theory on Respect and Disrespect: Catching Up with the Public and Practitioners." n. page. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. <>.
- This source is a document. It is a research article about the whole theory of respect, and disrespect. It specifically talks about disrespect in the public and how it can affect the people around you.

"Why Do Teens Act the Way They Do?."Barry County. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. <>.
- This source does not only talk about respect and disrespect, but the way that teens act the way the do in a lot of different things. It is mostly meant for parents, but the information is helpful for our project because it talks about some of the sources of the problems are and how to solve the problems.

Scott, Jill. Email interview. 14 Feb. 2013.
- In the interview, I asked about when in a person’s life does the problem usually start, and why it happens. We also talked about if media plays a role in it and how the problem affects society.
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Current status of Philadelphia Economy

"Philadelphia: Economy - Major Industries and Commercial Activity." Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, crime, house prices, cost of living, races, home value estimator, recent sales, income, photos, schools, maps, weather, neighborhoods, and more. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. <>.

Annotations: This source is very useful in providing informations about the history of Philadelphia economy and the statistics to the following summary of data regarding the Philadelphia city/county area labor force, 2004 annual averages. This information is also regarding to taxes, finances, jobs, employment, unemployment, programs, and the major changes in the industry.

"Fast Facts | Philadelphia Works Inc.."Philadelphia Works Inc. | Building a Skilled and Thriving Workforce. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. <>.

Annotation: This website provide the recent employment and unemployment rates of 2012 in Philadelphia. It also requires the statistics of every jobs increasing or decreasing in every different job fields and positions.

"Philadelphia's HealthCare Fact Sheet ."healthcare-now. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. <>.

Annotation: This is a PDF article  is based on Philadelphia’s Health Care Plans providing the information on the cost of a single-person paying for their healthcare plans, adults that does not have a health insurance, and ways that the HR 676 can help the families who are in need of the health insurance. Health Care insurance is an issue that struck upon many Philadelphia residents, more commonly by racial backgrounds, but the the main purpose why is it hard for most Philadelphia residents to get Health care plans is that it is not affordable.

"Gas Prices Jump 11 Cents Over Holiday Weekend - Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29." FOX 29 News Philadelphia - Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29. N.p., 13 Feb. 2013. Web. 22 Feb. 2013. <>.

Annotations: The gas prices in Philadelphia has always been one of the biggest issues and is still currently is in Philadelphia’s economy. The gas prices has been rising and decreasing over the past few years, but the gas prices today seems to hit many of Philadelphia residents drastically from the increasing of 46 cents per gallon in the last two months of 2013 -- leaving the highest gas price in the four-dollars range. Other than that, the problem in Washington has focused on the supply. According to the Fox Philly news article, “There were more protests over the weekend in front of the White House over building the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada. Environmentalists are concerned about possible spills.” Because of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada, the environmentalists are concerned about the cause in the increasing gas prices and this may come from the oil spills.

Rivas, Judy. Interview by Vannary Kom. The Current Status in Philadelphia. 13 February 2013. 

Interviewed an Economist in Philadelphia named Judy Rivas. I interviewed her over the phone and asked her few questions about the current economy issues in Philadelphia. Judy stated that the economy in Philadelphia and everywhere else in the country is not financially sustainable. Money is the largest impact that has corrupted and turned the economy for its worst. Jobs, (unemployment/employment), healthcare plans, close down businesses, the cost of gases and tolls, school budgets and fundings, social programs has depended on money for its enrichments in the economy.

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1)  Hurdle,Jon “Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools” Deember, 30 2012

   This source is about Philadelphia closing dozens of schools and the affect that it’ll have. The different details I got from this article was that they’ll be closing 37 campuses by June. Also that with the schools closed, they’ll be combining with other schools that have space. This source talks about how, schools that have room for thousands more students will be combined with other students. Which will be a result of an over populated school.This source is reliable because it states, how this will affect the school district, how this all happened and the amount of money the school districts borrowed.  

2) Wong, Kenneth “Funding Public Schools:Public and Policies” November 12 1999
  This source, the book “Funding Public Schools” described the role of funding the public schools. It also gives information about the cost efficientcy. The different details I got from this book is that”wrong defines how politics has sustained lots of types of rules the affect the resources of the local level etc. I don’t think that this source will be too relicable, because I don’t have the book, and I don’t know much about the book to really analyze and gain information that will further help with this assignment.

3) December 12 2012, “Closings: Do no harm”
 This article is about the district and closing dozens of schools by next fall, and different information that states the reasons.The different details about this is that most schools that are falling apart and need work on are sent to  schools that are concentrated in the poorest neighborhoods.A Another detail is how The District has not adequately explained how the closings will save money. Other districts have found that expected savings are eaten by transition costs. I believe that this source is reliable, because it states, helpful information about the budget cuts and closing down the schools.

4) Masterson, Teresa “Philadelphia School District Plans 3,820 Job Cuts” Friday, June, 2011
  This website is about the funding of the school district and how it’s affecting the descions and the closings of schools. Different facts from this website is that with the current funding cuts the district would have to eliminate 1,260 teaching jobs. It also states that a full day kinndergarten would have to be eliminated. I believe that this site is reliable because it states facts about hwo the the district funding will affect teachers and what the funding will affects.
 This source is Mr.Lehman from Science Leadership Academy, this talks about is outtake on the budget cuts, during his role as a Principal. Information that he talks about is that the main influences are Policy makers and politicians. Biggest cut came from the state government CIty council and Federal level- Change in stimulus funding. Also the biggest problem is  The lack of positions over the several of years, lost several support staff, lost a spanish teach,lost a half a million dollars worth of cuts. I believe that this source is reliable because these questions are answered by someone who has gone through this, which makes it a great source.

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Annotations MRoth

City of Philadelphia. Housing. Web. <>
Because it is a government website, the source is not likely to have a large bias or much misinformation. The source can be used to find resources regarding housing in Philadelphia.

Purtle, Jonathan. "How abandoned buildings could make you sick." Philly. N.p., 13 Jul 2012. Web. 19 Feb 2013. <>
This source talks about some of the negatives of abandoned buildings in Philadelphia, and references reliable data.

"Philadelphia Home Prices and Heat Map." Trulia. N.p., 13 Feb 2013. Web. <>
This resource shows pricing of houses in Philadelphia. I think that it is reliable, but I’m not completely sure.

Colman, David.
A friend of my family, David Colman, works in real estate. I contacted him to ask him some questions about the topic.

There will be a fifth annotation, but currently I need to plan a time to contact another person.
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1) Herold, Benjamin. "City Council to hold school-closing hearings." The Notebook. N.p., 11 Feb 2013. Web. 15 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is from a website that reports any news having to do with the Philadelphia School District and their budget cuts. This article written by Benjamin Herold is stating that since there are such major budget cuts, the school district is planning on closing many schools, 37 to be exact. This website can be trusted because everything stated is backed up with fact as well as it being a website that many people look to for information.

2)  DeNardo, Mike. "Larger-Than-Expected Budget Deficit For Philadelphia School District." CBS Philly. N.p., 6 Jul 2012. Web. 19 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is from one of Philadelphia’s local news stations. It was written before the 2012-2013 school year, talking about how major the budget cuts for that year were expected to be. There was a 27 million dollar budget cut from the years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. This is accurate since this website is visited by most Philadelphians and they would make sure to post reliable information.

3) Graham, Kristen. "Budget cuts hit district athletics ."Philly. N.p., 15 Sept 2011. Web. 19 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is from a major news company. They are reporting that because of the budget cuts to the school district, the middle schools are being hit hard. They are getting their right to host sports and clubs taking away because there is no way for them to receive enough money to keep sports and clubs actively running with little money.

4) Davis, Beandrea. "With budgets tightening, arts education is further squeezed." The Notebook. N.p.. Web. 19 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is from a website that reports any news having to do with the Philadelphia School District and their budget cuts. Beandrea Davos reports that the school district is cutting budgets to the point where the art education is being cut. This is a crucial part of a student’s education though because it gives them downtime from stressful work, which is exactly why it is being cut. It is a belief that art education isn’t important and since the school district is giving little money, it is being cut.

5) Stults, Tim. E-mail Interview. 19 Feb 2013.
This was an interview with the Principal of University City Promise Academy, which is one of tbe 37 Philadelphia public schools scheduled for closing at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. He shared what his point of view on the matter is, as well as what his school is going through with the situation. He is not originally a Philadelphia teach so he did not have much to say about the progression of this problem.  
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"Home." PACDC. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This site is the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations. This site has up everything about renewing Philadelphia's destroyed homes, they go in depth with the land bank bill and how you can be a part of it.

"Plan for a Philadelphia City Land Bank Is Taking Steps Forward." N.p., 04 Dec. 2012. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This is a website that explains how the government plans to renew philadelphia, it goes in depth with the land bank and other ideas that the city has come up with to make it better.

"Our Vision | Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land." Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website contains how to take back the vacant land. The problem is that the vacant land is there and nothing is being done with it. This corporation is trying to change that, they have spots on there where people can put up locations of vacant and abandoned lots/homes and they will try to find a use for it.

"Hidden City Philadelphia | Tag Archive for Abandoned Buildings." Hidden City Philadelphia RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website informs its viewers of the many tarnished places in the city. It has lists of many places in Philadelphia that could look better, and be used as homes for people. It also has information on new places that have been renovated into something inspirational.

Interview with Councilman Mark Squilla. By Helen C. E. Kilmartin. Philadelphia. 14 Feb. 2013. Performance.

I had the opportunity to interview the representative of Philadelphia's oldest district, the first district. He explained how he views the vacant homes and lots were created. Then he explains how Philadelphia's government is planning to fix the situation.

"Abandoned Philadelphia." Abandoned Philadelphia. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website just talks about abandoned homes, and wants to get information on where they are so they can record it. They don't want to see anymore homes just left on the street with no purpose, so they will take the information from neighbors of abandoned homes and turn it over to homeowners looking for somewhere to go.

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Sung, Kyu-Taik, and Bum Jung Kim. Respect for the Elderly: Implications for Human Service Providers. University Press of America , 2009. Print.

This book extensively talks about the respect for the elderly. With great detail, the topic of respect is broken down and investigated, while sub-topics are created. The book is split up into several parts with each part covering a different perspective. For example, these chapters include people as ends, college students, and then Asian elders as well as other perspectives, but they won’t be useful to the project. It also has a couple definitions of what respect is and how to be respectful.

Rickard, Barbara. "What Is Normal, What Is Acceptable, and Why Do Teenagers Act This Way?." n. page. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. <>.

This source is very useful as to answering who/what are the main influences to the problem. On the website, there are 7 other reasons for teens’ disrespectful behavior. For each reason, there are full explanations about what they mean, and they also imply a solution for each cause. This source will expand the view on why teens are disrespectful. With that in mind, the future of the teen with each cause is evident. Also, since most of the causes link to their parents, it can help support the thesis that parents and family relationships are the main influence causing it.

Macrae, Fiona, and Paul Sims. "The Spoilt Generation: Parents who fail to exert authority breeding youngsters with no respect for anyone Read more:
This source is about teens and younger who have a lack of respect towards authority such as parents, teachers, and police. It shows past the disrespectfulness and into the violent stage. It’s main source is from a psychologist, Dr. Aric Sigman, whose quotes are used to back up the thesis. This is like an indicator that violence is already the current status of the problem. Just like other sources, he claims that parents are the issue that cause this because they’re too lenient and don’t teach them authority. Although, he also blames television for the influence of this behavior.

. "Respect and Disrespect in the Classroom ." Point Loma Nazarene University. N.p.. Web. 18 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is a very detailed article on the respect and disrespect in classrooms. It only focuses on classroom students and the teacher’s behavior, which makes it really effective when adding this to the project because it points out what are respectful and disrespectful behaviors towards the students, which could lead them to despise the teacher and lose any or all respect for them. The author does recognize that the best way for students to respect the teacher is for the teacher to respect them first. It’s a good source because just like other sources talk about teens’ development into an adult, this can justify that it’s effective for their development.

Berman, Adam. Telephone Interview. 14 02 2013.

The telephone interview with Dr. Berman extensively talked about the causes of disrespectful teens and how they develop over time. As other sources talk about the other causes, this interview focuses on one, the family relationship. Dr. Berman firmly believes that something in the family is causing the teen to be disrespectful, but also points out that there are many different definitions of respect. Also, he mentions that it’s not too late to fix this problem, and that the solution is communication.

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Brown, Officer. Personal Interview. 14 02 2013.

For my human stakeholder I chose to interview a police officer. Officer Brown works with the 6th district. The interview is influential because I thought she was going to be more opinionated. She just agreed with the curfew and Mayor Nutter’s vision. She also said that the parents need to be held accountable because their children affects the community. This turned our project in a different direction. We asked ourselves “What happens to the teenagers without parents”. This source is reliable because it is an interview with a person who is directly involved.

"Curfews may do little to stop flash mobs." TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

I found this article shortly after reading the article about Mayor Nutter’s speech I wanted to know how the people of Philadelphia felt about this. I was searching the web and found this article. This source is influential for one specific quote. “Not just teens, but others, didn’t follow Nutter’s reasoning at Mount Carmel Baptist Church when he said mob violence by black teens reflects badly on all African Americans” is a quote from the article. I then found myself wondering if a leader is leading others, how can they be a leader if people don’t follow? Why is that? This source is reliable because it is from a news article from a respectable publication.

"Flash mob situation 'still shaky,' says top cop Ramsey." The Inquirer, n. d. Web. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

I did interview a cop but I wanted to get the opinion of Charles Ramsey because he is the Police Commissioner. When listening to this interview he was basically saying that same things that the police officer said. He thinks that this is all for the safety of teenagers in philadelphia and that parents should learn to control their kids. This source is reliable because it is a recording of him talking and speaking his opinions and the opinions of the police department.

Newall, Mike, Allison Steele, and Hill Miriam . "Teen mob attacks Seeking loot and attention."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This source explains the details of the July 29, 2011 flash mob that influenced the curfew in philadelphia. Leslie Gomez, an officer said “"Typically, when doing juvenile crime you can see a reason for an attack. There's an aggression, there's a slight, something that sets someone off. These were completely vicious and random attacks on strangers, one after the other after the other." This source is interesting because you can see how some teenagers just do crazy things. The reason for the curfew came about because the leaders in the city thought that this would help the violence. This source is reliable because it is from a news article and has quotes from a police officer.

Simmon, Daraan. "Mayor blasts violent flash mobs."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

When reading this article I was shocked. Mayor Nutter speaks his mind but he is using no filter. Some of the things he was saying were a bit offensive to the parent. “You need to get hold of your kids before we have to” was one of those offensive things. It sounds as though he is saying that it starts in the home, which is true but that isn’t the only reason kids act this way. He also said some things about teenagers being a “human atm”. He made this speech in his local church. There was so much religious opinion in this speech. I feel that that was also wrong to bring religion into it. I feel that his opinions and views on how this city should work is different from the majority of this city and the future of this city; the young adults and teenagers. Once again this source is reliable because it is from a respectable website and has quotes from the person involved, Mayor Nutter.

Steele, Allison, and Sean Carlin. "Two teens shot inside train along SEPTA’s Broad Street Line."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This article talks about teen shootings. Teen shootings is just another way that people are unsafe. People get into arguments and things of that nature. Although this shooting took place earlier in the day, most instances occur late at night. This shooting just goes to show how young people act. It was actually mentioned on a the same website under a category titles “more stories”.  This also is interesting because this shooting happened in north Philly but mayor nutter made the curfew more stick around university city, center city, and south street. This source is reliable because it comes from a respectable newspaper company.

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Phoenix's Annotations

Phoenix's 5 Annotations:

- Dale, Maryclaire. "Amid Cuts, Philadelphia to Close 37 Public Schools." 6 ABC Local News. ABC, 14 Dec. 2012. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

- This article speaks about how these schools are being closed because of the low test scores from the students of the public schools aren’t benefitting the School District. Therefore, they want to close down the schools.

Herold, Benjamin. "Philadelphia School District Wants to Close 37 Schools, Relocate or Reconfigure Dozens More." NewsWorks. WHYY, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This article speaks about how the School District cannot supply any money towards these schools because of the multiple cuts on the budget. This causes a problem for schools because with the closing, students, whose families don’t have enough income, will not be able to enroll and get an education.

“Public education is severely underfunded”
“They’re cutting a budget that’s already been cut.”
“We’re not taking education seriously enough”
“Military is funded more than education.”
~Principal DeLuca of Samuel Gompers Elementary
- This is the opinion of the principal of a school closing soon.

Hurdle, Jon. "Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools." New York Times. New York Times, n.d. Web. <>.

This article talks about how the School District looks more to supplying Charter Schools. With this supplying towards Charter Schools, and the closing of schools will not benefit for the students previously enrolled in the Public Schools because the parents won’t be able to supply the cost of Charter Schools.

Zhao, Emmeline. "Philadelphia School Closures: 37 Targeted, Dozens More To Relocate Or Reconfigure." The Huffington Post., 13 Dec. 2012. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. <>.

- This is an overview of what the people think of the 37 schools closing. This is important because this shows what most of the interviewed people think of what the School District is doing.
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Philly Love Note - Winston

Winston Wright
Favorite Spot: North Philly (in general), Center City
About Me: 17 year old senior high school student
Current Home: Northwest
Years in Philly: 3

 Dear Philly,
I've been to a few places in my brief lifetime. I was born into a pacific northwest chill where the "inner city" never really existed. On the way home from school I could look out the window and see Mt.Saint Helens to my left and the Space Needle to my right. I knew Seattle as my home for eight years and for awhile I always thought that who I was as a kid had a lot to do with where I was from. Later on in life my family found ourselves in Nashville, Tennessee, the Athens of the South. It was a lot different being in the bible belt where football and god were king. It was difficult but soon enough I found that cows to my left and fields of hay to my right were just as enjoyable as the Space Needle and Mt.Saint Helens. I came back to you to finish out high school while staying in the city with my dad. Although since I've been here I have missed the peaceful ease of the south and the chill breeze of the west, there is a balance that makes me feel right at home. In a city like you, reality is everywhere. No matter what "good" block, or section of the city I find myself in, I realize the concrete jungle is a real place. Before I came to this city I really only knew the east coast as a harsh place where people took trains to get everywhere. Taking the broad street line home everyday has been therapeutic for me. I have a chance to just reflect on life and all of things I've seen in a day. I wouldn't trade my time in Philly for anything else. Despite the absence of ocean views or southern lights, I'm happy to call the concrete jungle my home.
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Annotations:Dalena Bui

Annotation #1

"Teen Births Hit Record Low, CDC Reports." [Philadelphia] 13 Fed 2013, March 2013 Pediatrics n. pag. Print. <>.
-The article talks about how the pregnancy rate is fallen from 2012 because more teens are being educated about the hardships of teen pregnancy. It also talks about if there is an incident where a teen does become pregnant, there is contraceptives that help you if you’re not ready to be a mom. It also tells teen how to take control of their own bodies and lives.

Annotation #2

Teen pregnanc'ys high cost." [Philadelphia] 30 Auguest 2011, n. pag. Print. <>.
-This article starts off with stating the fact that it cost taxpayers 10 million a year to take care of the nation teen bearing moms. There is also 3,5oo births in Philadelphia alone. 67% of teen moms range in the age between 18-19. 7,000 U.S teen moms are under 15 trying to balance being a mom but also high school. 82% of babies are an unplanned pregnancy.

Annotation #3

Himelstein, Rima. "A hard look at teen pregnancy." [Philadelphia] 4 April 2012, n. pag. Print. <>.
-This site gave statistics and tips on how to prevent pregnancy. It gives tips on how parents and adults can educate teens more about the hardships of being a teen mother. It also gives advice on how to talk to teens about it.

Annotation #4

English , Taunya. "Recruiting adults to prevent unplanned teen pregnancies."[Philadelphia] 5 March 2012, n. pag. Print. <>.
This article tells about a woman who is part of a group of volunteers who goes around the city to sit down and talk to families about teen pregnancy and how to talk to their teen about it and prevent it.

Annotation #5

Jones, Ayana. "Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative expands." [Philadelphia] 4 September 2012, n. pag. Print. <>.
This article talks about the OICA (Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America) on working how to prevent teens from being pregnant. It works with teens and parents on how to prevent teen pregnancy and give out contraceptions when a teen needs it.

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotation 1:

Collins, Sarah, Karen Davis, Michelle Doty, Jennifer Kriss, and Alyssa Holmgren. "Gaps in Health Insurance: An All American Problem."
Commonwealth Fund. 16. n. page. Print. <;.

This article helps me because it talks about how people aren’t have health insurance because the cost of it is too much and that different class people are being affected by it, having low-income as those who are the ones with insurance. It include a chart that shows how many people who are insured and uninsured with different incomes. At the end it talks about how many people are having medical debts and bill problems because of the fact that they can’t pay for health care.

Annotation 2:

"Health Care." . N.p.. Web. 15 Feb 2013. <>.

This pdf  tell me about the amount of people who doesn’t have health care and how much it has went up over a certain amount of time. It also tells that the cost of healthcare is affecting many families and it ends with how the healthcare crisis can end.

Annotation 3:

"Health Care Statistics ." Health Care n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website helps me because it gives facts about from other sources about health insurance and how much it went up. Also about where the money go to and health benefits. It also includes a graph for those who are uninsured. And it tells about how the insured and the uninsured are being affected by the cost of health insurance.

Annotation 4:

Jobbins, Cindy. "Report Finds Philadelphia’s Pension and Health Care Costs for Public Employees Growing at Unsupportable Rates." PEW Charitable Trusts . n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This websites tells me and goes into detail about how the amount of money the city pays for pension obligation and health care benefits are going to increase and how it has changed over time. At the end it gives fact about pensions and health care benefits. Then it goes to say some solutions that could be used.

Annotation 5:

John , Dodds. Telephone Interview. 13 Feb 2012.

This interview helps me because Mr. Dodds said that the reason health care (insurance) cost so much is because the companies in charge of health care make the prices so that they can pay for other things. The cost of health insurance and healthcare will go up every year and that it’s affecting those who have low income or don’t have a job. Kids are more insured than adults because there are a lot of affordable insurances out there for them. And the price of insurance would decrease if the government start paying for insurance for those who don’t have any.
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Post from Aja

Aja Wallace 

Favorite Spot: Franklin Institute

Neighborhood: Center City 
Address: 222 N 20th St  

I am: A Philadelphia high school senior and a volleyball player. 
Years in Philly: 18
Current Home: South PhIladelphia 

*My Love Note* 

Dear Franklin Institute, 

I simply adore you! I enjoy the number of events for people of all ages to come to and engage in new learning. When I was younger I use to visit you with my grandmother all the time, my trips were simply amazing. My favorite thing inside the Institute is the Heart, It amazes me how the human body works. Growing up I always felt as if the Franklin was the coolest place on earth (and my feelings remain the same). Visiting you always makes me feel like I can achieve my goals no matter what they are, I get a sense of hope and inspiration. I enjoy walking up the steps each time I go, imagining what exhibit I will see, and what new knowledge I will walk away with. I guess what I'm trying to say it, I truly do love you and all the excitement you bring me. Thank You for always being there when I needed you.

P.S. Please always stay as cool as you are don't let anyone change you, ever. 

With loads of love,


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Philly Love Note: Annisa Ahmed.

Annisa Ahmed
Favorite Spot: Lindbergh Boulevard
Neighborhood: Southwest
Address: Speaks for itself, no?

About Me: A senior attending Science Leadership Academy with time on her hands.
Years In Philly: Seventeen and counting.
Current Home: Southwest
My Note: It is normally a forty minute ride from my school to my house. The trolley I take drops me off in front of Penrose Plaza and from there, all that is left is to pass the three or so traffic lights that stand on corners of blocks that would put city ones to shame.

A struggle, it is. By that time I take my first step on Lindbergh Boulevard, my mind is already calculating how much longer it will take me to reach my sanctuary of sweat pants and saltines. Nevertheless, the short walk is mind-numbingly cleansing. Venturing through an area with more trees than people leaves more content than conversation could for some odd reason.

Maybe, it is due to the fact that I am normally the only one who actually uses the sidewalk. Bikes, cars and buses pass over me in waves and being able to stop and breathe for the first time that day continuously enlivens my evenings for sure. The past four years of this same cement is enough to bore any individual, but not I. I find security in the gleaming lights of the above, solace with whatever our relationship has come to. And yeah, I could never mind.

Annisa A.
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Bethany Carter's letter

Bethany Carter
favorite Spot: All of it

I Am: A student and I spend my time hiking with my family.
Years in Philly: 17
Current Home: Northwood

I love Philadelphia, all of it. I love the complexity. I love how in a seven minute bus ride I can see extreme change that makes it seem like a whole new city. I love being able to walk in the city then go hiking in the woods with the only indication that I'm still in Philadelphia is the sound of cars in the distance. I love the variety. I love when people tell me about what they think of Philadelphia and being able to say that though that might be true in one neighborhood or one block it doesn't describe it all or even a part of Philadelphia. I love the history. I love being able to take day trips to old city and even after living here for so many years still being able to learn something. I love that I can get almost anywhere on public transportation. I love the museums and being able to take others there and being able to be proud of the city. I love Philadelphia.
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Imani Johnson's Love Notes

About Me:

I am: A Philadelphia high school senior, a rower, big sister, and environmentalist.

Neighborhood: Overbrook Farms

Favorite Spot: The Schuylkill River and boathouse row

Years in Philly: 10 years

Dear Schuylkill River,

I've watched you from the car window for many years. Never giving a second thought to who you are, to what you are. I never took the chance to dive deeper into the little things that help you function. Never took the chance to who's lives you've changed and who relies on your presence. Little did I know there's a whole other world that revolves around you. It took me 14 years to figure this out. 14 years too long. The summer of 2010 was when we were introduced. The moment we were introduced broadened my perspective of Philadelphia. You showed me a unique way to live and gave me the desire to explore more of Philly. Thank you for making me explore and appreciate Philadelphia.

Much love,


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Annotations: Owen Grzywinski

1.) "Project H.O.M.E. - Facts on Homelessness." Project H.O.M.E. - Facts on Homelessness. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This source gives good information on the general trends and statistics on homelessness in Philadelphia. The problem is, out of a 100% of people who are homeless in Philly, only 9% of them are under 25. The overwhelming majority are made up of adults in their 40’s. I’m going to need to find another source that focuses specifically on child homelessness.

2.) "Covenant House Pennsylvania." Covenant House. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This organization does what I needed. It works with children who are homeless specifically and has plenty of info on the topic. The site has personal stories from the kids who were homeless. This will be good because I could use it to support any argument that I come up with through first hand accounts. In addition to that, it gives info on the leading causes of child homelessness. This seems to be the perfect site.

3.) "Youth & Children." Interfaith Hospitality Network of Northwest Philadelphia. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This organization not only provides shelter for homeless children, but also works to put them into a stable home. They also offer actives for the younger kids and work opportunities for the older ones. This seems to be a site I could use to prove the point that plenty of people who work to fix this problem and the success stories that go along with this. This could almost be a ending source, present the problem, and this could be the solution.

4.) "About StandUp For Kids." StandUp For Kids. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

This is another organization that works to take kids off the streets and to work with them to get them into a better situation. They offer you a chance to sponsor a kid so that you can directly helping a specific individual by helping pay for medicare or anything else that they may need. This is a lot like my previous source, it gives info on the issue and presents a solution. I will need to figure out how to incorporate both of them without repeating the same information over and over again

5.) Kim, Prendergast. Telephone Interview. 14 Feb 2013.

Kim is a social worker and a friend of the family. I called her to get her expert opinion on this issue. The interview is below and if you read it, you can see that I got a lot of useful information from her. She has been working closely with this issue for 22 years and has many different stories and opinions that I can use for this project. I was lucky that I knew someone who would be so perfect to interview about this topic.
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E1 U4 Banda D


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Está mi video.
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Esperamos que disfrute de nuestro video. Gracias por mirar.


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E1 U4 Video

Brittany Atkinson, Wilson Biggs, Tamira Bell

Intro: ¡Bienvenidos nuestro la escuela de Science Leadership Academy! La escuela está en centro ciudad Filadelfia, en veintidós y Arch. SLA es una escuela increíblemente inteligente y extraño. Está es el principal, Señor Lehmann. Él es muy bobo pero inteligente.

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E1 U4 Banda D

Brittany Atkinson, Wilson Biggs, Tamira Bell

Intro: ¡Bienvenidos nuestro la escuela de Science Leadership Academy! La escuela está en centro ciudad Filadelfia, en veintidós y Arch. SLA es una escuela increíblemente inteligente y extraño. Está es el principal, Señor Lehmann. Él es muy bobo pero inteligente.

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End: Cuando tienes tiempo libre, visitar SLA una día. SLA es un bastante inteligente la escuela, muy divertido, increíblemente creativo y un poquito extraño.


E1 U4 Banda D

¡Hola! Nuestros nombres es Kevin y Gina.

¡Bienvenido a SLA! SLA es Incredibilmente divertido, interesante y único. Estå en centro de la ciudad de filadelfia. Es ciudad de centro en filadelfia. Hay más de cien estudiantes. Hay de 25 Professor-es. Hay de cuatro pisos.

Aquí tengo la clase de Ingles. Él Sr. Kay enseña Drama y Inglés.Él Sr. Kay es súper divertido y inteligente. Sr. Kay es atletico director y poesía club director . Es bastante tranquilo y es muy interesante. En la classes necesitas la computadora, el libro, las hojas de papel y una pluma.

Aquí tengo la clase de arte. La Srta. Hull enseña tecnología y arte. La Srta. Hull es bastante artística y tranquilo.  Enseña muy bien. Aprendemos mucho perspectiva y más o menos tenemos pláticas. En la clase necesitas las hojas de papel y unas lapices.

¡Gracias mirar por a mi video!

Video is Here



1. "HIV/AIDS Youth Update." Philadelphia Board of Health, 18 Nov 2010. Web. 15 Feb 2013. <>.

This pdf basically lets us know what AIDS/HIV is like for the younger generation. Focusing on certain ages, 13-24. It lets us know the large amounts within this age range that are affected by the disease in Philadelphia. On top of that, I know we can use this information if we wanted to focus a bit more on the youth for the project. 

2. Kulkarni, Shefali S. . "States Cutting Back On Drug Programs For HIV Patients." Black AIDS Institute. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

I thought this was very important because we know that we need to have some sort of information that is key to understanding the huge effect pay rates in Philadelphia have on those with this disease. Medication is definitely not cheap and getting a job, is harder than ever. People really have to think about what they spend their money on and ways to save when paying for the medication.

3.Interview by Linda Burnette. "Philadelphia Youth Advocate Tackles AIDS Denial." The Body. . . Print.

This website gives us an interview that someone else had with the Executive Director of YO ACAP. A club that is dedicated to helping those in need, focusing on teenagers. The director, Linda Burnette really helps those teens with understanding the effects of AIDS/HIV. 

4. "AIDS among African Americans Main risk factors among African Americans Social and economic context of the African American AIDS epidemic How do African Americans view the epidemic themselves? What is being done to combat HIV in African Americans? The Future." Avert. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

Unlike most of our sites, this one is more focused on the wide research of African-Americans. This site is all about African-Americans and AIDS/HIV. It focuses on one race in order to help those who need financial advances and those who need it.

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