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Kristi and Niyala's Podcast

Hello folks, welcome to 'once in a blue moon' radio, where we present the hottest topics, once in a blue moon.
We are your host, Niyala Brownlee and Kristi Bezhani

We are going to focus on the neuro-scientific reason behind the differences of incarcerated women and men, and how these contrasts reflect on the different amount of years sentenced for each gender group.

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Artículo 5: 2014 - Un Gran Año para Los Homosexuales (y otros)


Quarter 2

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

2014: Un Gran Año para Los Homosexuales (y otros)

Recientemente officiales del gobierno en pennsylvania prometió igualdad como objectivo para este año. Para todos los miembros LGBTQ y a todos quienes los apoyan esta es una muy buena noticia. La igualdad es obviamente carece en este país. Ya sea derechos de las mujeres, discriminación racial, o derechos de los homosexuales. ¡También son personas! Tanto como tú o yo, no es diferente en esencia de la otra. Sin embargo, y tristemente así, muchos no se sienten de esta manera. Muchos no pueden ver más allá de la luz cegadora del miedo. Un miedo de la diferencia. 

“¡Es un pecado!” “¡Está mal!” “¡Son monstruos de la naturaleza!” y así sucesivamente. Lo escucho todos los días y no puedo creer mis oídos. Esto es una atrocidad. No es diferente que el racismo; sólo flagrante discriminación. Moralidad humana parece haber tomado una rute parabólica del bien y mal, una vertiente aumentando y disminuyendo luego y así sucesivamente. Sin embargo fácilmente podría argumentó que como una sociedad moral estamos en constante disminución. Los niños se les enseña a odiar a millones, crecen en un mundo de ira y la discriminación: la creación de una sociedad cargada de odio parásitos. 

Pero basta de todo esa negatividad. Este nuevo acuerdo de gobierno es una buena cosa. ¡Una gran cosa! Es esperanza para la raza humana, nos lleva un paso más cerca a igualdad glorioso.

Número de Palabras: 228

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." Resolución 2014: Equidad LGBTQ En Pensilvania - . Al Día, 08 Jan. 2014. Web. 08 Jan. 2014.

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Colin Pierce: The Slide

Media Fluency 2 -- Colin
This is my slide. I had the images of things that interest me bleed off the bottom of the slide because, as said on Presentation Zen, they make the presentation look more engaging. To avoid making the slide feel like a long novel, I only included my first and last name at the top, and I left a small blank space on each side of the slide because it helped draw the focus to areas where there was content. Also, to make sure that the slide didn’t become too lifeless, I added an angry bear in front of an explosion to draw attention. At first there was just a picture of me, but I thought that it looked too cliche and uninteresting.
Media Fluency Improved
After presenting in front of the class, I got a lot of suggestions for how I could improve my slide. First of all, Ms. Hull told me that I should make my slide into halves, with one side having the bear and the other having my name and interests. She also recommended that I change the sizes of some of the images to create better contrast, such as increasing the sizes of the baseball and bear, and decreasing the font size of my name. When listening to classroom discussions, I also learned to never have blurry or pixelated pictures in our presentations, and to always have some sort of organization to avoid a confusing slide. Ms. Hull meant to set us up for failure with this project by making it so open-ended, so that we could learn from our mistakes and revisit it later. Now, if we’re in another class making a power point, we can look back on this and know exactly what not to do.

Media Fluency

Jamilah Woodards


Tech Slide Presentation

  When making my project, I first used my online sources. I initially went to the “Design Slide Website” link. One of the first things I read basically said Color is the first thing that is seen. My original slide consisted of a black and grey New York themed background. I completely changed everything and went for more appealing colors. I used a bold red  font to make the words eye catching then put a thin black shadow behind the text.. I next went Presentation Zen and utilized their sources as well. I used the rule of empty/blank space isn't always a bad thing. The background that I used had a black&white color scheme. Therefor in my opinion, it gave somewhat of an empty space/spacious setting on its own. With that being said, I wanted the text to stand out like the two website links that were provided said. To make the pictures my own, I edited them using two apps on my phone and iPad. The first app; Color Splurge,  allowed me to enhance the black&white color background. While the other app; A+ Signature allowed me to watermark my picture by writing my text. Finally I used tips that I read offline which included; bold text makes the work more appealing, make sure the text stands out, have a statement in your presentation, and etc.
photo (3)

Jamilah Woodards

Tech Slide (New & Improved)

   After receiving a few pointers and constructive criticism from a few of my classmates, I made minor yet significant changes to my slide. It was suggested to me that I possibly change the alignment of my writing. I put that in mind and followed through with it. I also was told that I should consider using a font instead of my personal writing. I was hesitant at first because I thought that my handwriting made the quote look really personalized. But I am happy to say that I am pleased with the change. Finally, changed both of those things by continuing on the app that I previously used to edit; A+ Signature.
My new and improved slide is now more legible, and organized
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Germantown by Jonathan Laidacker

3 cosas del mural:
Este mural es ubicado en Chelten Ave. y Pulaski St. en Germantown. 
El mural representa mejora en el barrio y los buenos aspectos de el barrio. 
El mural fue pintado en 2012. 

2 frases:

Germantown tengo muchos arboles. 
Germantown está mejorando. 

1 razón: 
El mural representa el pasado y el presente, y que se combinan para hacer que es hoy.

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Media Fluency 2 Luke

Well I never went for the first time because I never was called too but I heard lots of criticism for other slides. I noticed many of my slide was too much happening and not simple. I tried to make it simple with the point. So i made the font something I felt was smooth with the white with the sky background. Then I made a quote I thought is applicable to anyone's life because anything is possible with will and determination. I noticed I completely changed the slide and everything from original slide on the Colts to a man on a mountain living his dreams. I this time decided to keep all my colors colder colors to not make to many warm and cold colors in my slide. In my quote I tried to make as clear as possible so I kept it to 5 words. I learned a lot about preciseness, alignment, color  codes in warmth and cold. The assignment will help a lot through presenting power points in classes in future. 
2nd tech slide (1)
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Media Fluency 1 Luke

Luke 1st slide
This is my slide. I wanted to make something I cared about so I did it on the Indianapolis Colts. I wanted to make the Colts come off as an elite team so I took good layers like T.Y. Hilton, Greg Toler, Vontae Davis and more. I made them each the same size and used consistent symetry throughout entire slide. I then decided to make it more interesting by adding a quote by coach Vince Lombardi which this quote is a team's motto before each game. 
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Media Fluency-new slide

     This is how my new slide looks after the changes I have made. Before, my slide did not look as good as I could have been. I did not have many problems other than a very low-resolution images and a few other things. I feel my main problem with it was not using every element of design I had at my disposal. So started with the spacing of everything to utilize the rule of thirds more. I put the quote at the top-left and the picture at the bottom-right. The reason that the quote is a bit distant from the person who said it is because I did not want it to feel very claustrophobic in that corner. The image was very low-res so replaced with this one and put it in the corner. I also did not make it as big as the other to keep it from looking that way. What I learned about this kind of design was the amount of depth that it has. There are many different elements to it. Some help some elements and others counteract them. It is a more trial and error type of process.    
Tech slide (Refined)
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Media Fluency Slide

The first thing I did was look over the Presentation Zen website.  The information on there really helped me decide where I was going to place my picture and the words I used for my slide.  I learned things like how you can have your picture bleed off the page and that you have to use colors in the same family.  The picture I used had a lot of colors from the cooler color palette, like different shades of blue and grey.  That’s why I made my words a blue color.  I also made the shells on the right bleed off the page for effect.   Since the shells were on the right side of the page I decided to put the words on the left so that the right side isn't too heavy and the whole slide is balanced.  I used very few words so it’s easy and quick to read(glance media).  Above the shells I left the space empty because on presentation zen it says that when you fill all of the space it’s distracting.
technology slide

I found that it was really helpful to get my slide critiqued by the class.  I got a lot of good comments and I feel like the changes I made really helped make my slide better.  The first comment I got was that my words should be much bigger. I increased the writing and it was easier to read than before.  Ms.Hull also showed me how to layer the writing so I decide to include that.  I made the main words a light yellow color and the shadow of the letters a dark blue that was originally the main color.  Also the image I used wasn't edited so I used PicMonkey, and editing site to make my image slightly darker and make the shadows more intense.  

technology slide (2)
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Reflection on media fluency slide

As I got feedback from Ms. haul and feedback from my friends I was able to take what they said into thought and make changes to my slide. These changes made me slide more appealing to the eye and overall just look a lot better.
1.) In this project I learned so much on how to make a great advertisement that when I see advertisements know I don't look at the same way. Yet instead critique them on how it could catch my eye more ad look more appealing. This project just overall taught me so many great aspect to a slide. For example rule of the third, contrast, empty space, or even making a good color background. Presentation Zen is just a great site and this project has also then pushed me to use what I know in other projects we have in school. In all, this project has taught me so much that I can carry with me for so many other projects 
2.) During this project I got great feedback from peers and with that I took there feedback and made changes on my slide. Firstly I took out the title "All about me" out. Also as Ms. haul told me I blew up the picture to make it my background. However I had to find a different picture because when I tried to make it bigger it was way to pix elated, and as Presentation Zen says that is a no no in advertisements. Another thing that I did was to change the color and font of the quote to contrast with the photo. The final thing I did to make the advertisement better was to still have to the rule of the third with the writing. However I moved the writing to the lower right hand corner in the water so it was easier to read. In all those were all the changes that I made to my slide to improve it  
3.) In this project Ms. Haul set us up to fail because she did not give much background knowledge to the project and things to make an advertisement good. This forced us to find the information on our own and get the knowledge on our own. Also we were not given that much time to do it. So these were just some of the things that Ms. haul did to set us up to fail
4.) During our discussions in class I was able to give great advice but receive even better. During this discussion I was able to get such great feedback that allowed me to make my slide even better. This discussion was a great idea
Tech media ME MAGAZINE second draft
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Media Fluency Adam Cavalier

Presentation Option #1
I got a lot of criticism for my first slide. There were problem of the slide not being simple and to the point. There was to much going on. Another problem was when I put pictures into the slide, they were not transparent to the background. Also using warm and cold colors wasn't a very good idea either. So i decided to scratch that whole slide and create a new one off the same topic. This new one I made is short and to the point. "Ball is life," It is a basketball with 3 words to explain me. All of the colors I used were warm and bright colors. I used the rule of the thirds to balance where the ball goes and where the text belongs. I learned a lot from this assignment to make my presentations more appealing to the audience or on a billboard outside. I learned about alignment and the difference between warm and cold colors. This assignment is a huge help for me in the future. 
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Husain's me slide

Tech Class Presents 2
In technology class we were assigned an assignment using what we have learned through out tech class and we have learned from numerous things from something called Zen. So, what I have chosen was a picture of a duck, in fact the ugly duckling. I used this to signify to things one do not let the pixels from the image be clear to the eye and make the picture stand out more than the rest of the image. I did this so the eye of the viewer can focus more on the image. Another, thing that I did was I made the letters of the words green because I felt like green was the most often color seen in this picture. One, more thing I did was edit the picture so It wasn't copied right off of the internet.

Tech Me Magazine Redo

Tech Me Magazine Slide (Jake Norman) (1)
While doing this project I learned how to properly contrast colors as well as how to space things. In my new slide (see below), I had enlarged the text and moved it to a different place to make the slide look less focused to the center of the picture. Miss Hull set the class up for failure by going straight into a project that the class had not studied for or learned about, but she did also help us by giving us a link to an informative website on presentation slides.
Tech Me Magazine Slide (Jake Norman)

New Slide

New Slide
When we were making this new slide I considered the advice I was told by both the students and teachers. I learned that I should crop off anything that I am not using and make sure you use size. Don't let anything be small so more people can see it if it's big. I identified that I was not using some simple tricks and techniques. Ms. Hull set me up for failure by just saying to make a slide all about you and only showed us a little bit about what to do so we could do our own research. During the classroom discussion I learned that I should try some colors to make it pop in a good way
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Media Fluency

Tech (2)


Why did you make the slide look the way it does?I made the side the way it is because i wanted it to stand out so i made look like a billboard. I use colors that work great with each other or contrast with each other. Those colors are the dark blue and light blue i use for the background and the yellow for the text.What influenced your decision making?

What influenced me was seeing the ikea billboard it really caught when i put some thought on if it looks presentable. I also notice the color really stood out on the poster so i decided to incorporate those colors too.Something else that influenced me was i was just sitting in class when i took a glance at the window and look up to the sky. I thought to myself there are no limits when you can go past the clouds and sky all the way to the moon. why give up when you can try harder and become anything you want. Also do anything you want and become the person you want to be. Thats why i put the clouds in the slide because it shows the sky which is most  people limits but not mines.
Tech (3)
While listen to class discussion i learned a lot about making slides. For example I learned about colors contrasting , How all the text in the slide should be about the same size. I also learned the text she be the same font. Another thing I realize was that Miss hull wasn't lying about setting us for failing. I guess I learned my lesson anyways I learned about spacing which wasn't really incorporated on my first slide. The changes made to my slide where space out the text properly and make it look like its falling. Also to make the cloud be able to be seen more and take the cloud at the bottom out. These where the changes I did to my original slide to make my new slide better.

Spanish journal Q2 #4

Autodifisia en México 2013

El Pais


suceder - happen (v)

cuestión - issue

fabricacion - production

atemorizante - scary

En otra noticias sobre violencia de pistolas, la guerra con los narcos en méxico y todavía está sucediendo y está más sangriento que nunca. Algunos quizás deciria que la guerra es más violento por hay razón pero las historias sobre los narcos va a hacer que te pensar algo diferente.  Lee un artículo sobre ese cuestión (en “El País”) y lo fue más peor que yo pensaba. Solamente el Sábado pasado dos cien personas caminaban a el ciudad de Paracuaro con muchas armas y ellos confrontaron la policía. Muchos ciudades en México son centros de fabricación para los industrias de metanfetamina y marihuana.  La industria de drugos en México es muy atemorizante, y los narcos pueden ser muy violento. En el artículo leo sobre un incidente cuando un grupo de mercenarios fuimos a un bar y cayeron cinco cabezas sobre la mesa. Esto era un cosa horrible y ojala algo va a hacer a esperar estos asesinatos terribles. La industria está en el control de algunas de las grandes ciudades y cosas esta se salga de control. Algunos de los oficiales del ejército fueron incluso asesinados en los últimos meses.

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"Philadelphia Phillies" by David McShane

El mural de los phillies esta localizado en el 24 de walnut.

3 cosas del mural que revelas sobre la comunidad:
-El mural revela que la comunidad le gustan a los phillies.
- tambien quiere decir que ellos estan enamorados de los phillies.
-ellos adoran su equipo de cuidad.

2 objetos, imagenese frases encontrado en el mural.
- solo todos los mejors jugadores estan ahi
- hay una persoan que narra el juego

1 razon
ellos aman a su equipa por todo en el mundo
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.38.20 AM
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.38.52 AM
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Media Fluency Hanna Dunakin

Slide #2
My slide is a little different than it was before. First I get rid of the cookie because I was told that the cookie made no sense in my slide. I learned that not every blank space in a slide has to be filled, that sometimes just one picture explains it all. To put more color in the slide, I changed the color of the quote from black to yellow, so it would match the color of the paint on the road, and it would pop out a little bit too. To make the picture more exciting I also but the quote inside the road and shaped it in the road as well making it look like paint from the road. I thank everyone who gave me suggestions for my slide and for teaching me about media fluency. I enjoyed this unit very much and I'm very proud of my final product (slide). Everyone should learn about media fluency because it helps get rid of the detail you don't need, and it teaches you that one image can say a lot. I hope to learn more in the future. Thank you!
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"Philadelphia Muses", por Meg Saligman’s

3 cosas del mural:

  • Este mural es ubicado en 1235 Locust Street en Filadelfia Pennsylvania.
  • Las imágenes rerpresentan la communidad. 
  • Pintada por Meg Saligman’s.

2 frases etc.:

  • Murales son intendidos para apoderar y representar un idea. 
  • Son algo que siempre va a  contar la historia de una lugar. 

1 razon que es significativo para esta communidad:

El mural significativa para representar el communidad entre los diferentes personas. El propósito es para representar los aritstas y innovas. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.47.03 PM
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"The Color of Your Voice" por Ernel Martinez, Keir Johnston

Este mural ubicado en 2417 Ridge Avenue y fue terminada 3 October 2012. Este mural revela unos cosas sobre la comunidad como la idea de la individualidad y cómo es importante. El mural también revela el talento artístico de la comunidad porque es un mural muy bonito. Yo creo que el mural es un símbolo del individualismo en la comunidad. Yo puedo ver muchos colores en el mural. Yo puedo ver un mundo muy diverso cuando yo pienso en el mural. Yo creo que el mural puede apoyar personas tristes que no pueden ser ellos mismos. Este mural es significativo para esta comunidad porque el mural puede apoyar todo el mundo con ellos mismos y imagenes.

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Aqui y Alla por Michelle Angela Ortiz

Este mural ubicado en 1515 South 6th Street en Filadelfia de Sur. El mural revela que la mayoría de la comunidad son Mexicanos, los niños en Mexico y los Estados Unidos tienen similitudes, y las comunidades de Mexico y Filadelfia pueden vivir en armonía. Un mujer simboliza los niños en Filadelfia y el niño simboliza los niños en Mexico. Este mural es muy significativo para este comunidad porque el mensaje es los niños en países diferentes son el mismo. 

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Isabella D'Angelo Q2 Media Fluency

Inspire Through Sound
Most of the comments I got from people about my slide are about the spacing between my words. Some people said that the lines between ‘Inspire Through” and “Sound” are too far apart. Others said I should make the word “Sound” way bigger because it’s the main point of the slide. I made this slide different by making “Sound” bigger and bolder, and I put all the words closer together.  I learned how to capture someone’s attention by using three words on a slide. I also learned how to edit my pictures on my laptop (MacBook Pro). Usually I  use apps on my phone or iPad to edit pictures but I found out how to edit on my laptop by doing working on this slide.