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My Home Network

IN tech class we are discussing the way the internet affects our lives, and how little we know about it. We then watched some informational videos and made a model of are home network. My family uses Comcast to provide internet accesses to our devices. 
My home network
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Harry Freed: Very Slide

(The following is in reference to only the first slide.)
This slide-project was assigned for tech, to help us better understand simplistic design.
I made this slide the way I did because it looks nice- namely, it draws your eyes to the word “WOW” through contrast and and size. I included the word “WOW” and a zoomed in picture of that Shiba Inu because it represents the unhealthy amount of time I spend on the internet. I used the color pallet of red, grey, and white because of how well they contrast. I kept it to three words and one photo so that during presentation, the slide would not visually drown out my voice. I tried to make it so that each set of word took up two thirds of a row of a slide, and so that the picture took up the same, following the rule of thirds.
I had the font as Comic Sans because it was a reference to the internet phenomenon known as "Doge," but decided that Comic Cans wasn't minimalist enough and that I should to change it to Arial.
(The following is in reference to both slides.)
Through this slide-project, I learned the desired features of a slide. I knew already what an "appealing one" looked like, but having it spelled out so plainly by Presentation Zen was useful.
For the second draft of my slide, I changed the bottom text to "thumbs up" and I changed the location and size of my picture to higher and smaller (respectively), and I changed it from a doge picture to a free thumbs up picture. This was all in the interest of making the doge less annoyingly prominent.
I was unaware that "Ms. Hull set me up for failure."
During classroom discussion, I learned how easy it was to pick on even the best of student art. In a topic you are well educated in, any error becomes glaring.
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Me Magazine Slide

Media Fluency (1)
The slide looks like this because I wanted to have a good moment of my life being highlighted and for you all to see it. I even included a quote from Robert Williams, (AKA Meek Mill) who I took the picture with. This happened because I used good contrast of what color the text should be so that people can see it no matter what. I also made the text not touch the important parts of the photo. I feel like this quote relates to me because I have a lot of dreams of what I want to be doing older and I am currently working on it to make it be true. I put the text where it was because it does not interfere with the main part of the photo. The main part of this photo is me meeting a famous rapper who is somebody known for working really hard to be where they are. 
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All about me in one slide

Me all me
So these photos represent me in so many ways. The are two pictures of my family cemetery, the one picture is my help cleaning it up and the other is of some of my ancestors graves. My uncle has a website if you guys want to learn more about it. I will put the website address at the end. anyways my ancestors owned most of German-town and into Flower-town. The cemetery land we brought that from William Penn himself when we sailed over to america. I am a animal lover and on this slide there are two cute pictures of my dogs Lucy and Marcelo. I had Lucy since my fifth birthday so she is 9 years old and I had Marcelo for almost two years he will be two on January 17. I used to play the clarinet and maybe one day I will play a song for you guys . Finally is the national naval center(N.N.C). That is where I was born on October 3,1998 at 3:00 pm. Now this building is in Bethesda, Maryland  my father was a naval corpsman and he worked in the same building when I was born, and now my older brother is working there too but not in the same part as my dad. is the website if you would like to see all about my family history.
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Character lays sideways in bed, feet and head dangling over opposite sides, propping up his head with his arms, apparently staring up at the ceiling. He is smiling and chatting with his friend via his augmentation implant, a chip designed to grant the user abilities greater than that of a modern day computer.

“Haha, alright, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Pause. End call.” Sits up, sighs.

My friend likes to ramble. I like to listen to him, so I think we make a pretty good team. Now, he was just rambling to me about family history, some funny events that lead him to meet his wife, the sort of thing he talks about sometimes. When he was getting to the end of his story, I asked him what his first date with his wife was like, just to humor him, to let him talk about what he likes to talk about. He responded evasively, I inquired, and he confessed to me that he didn’t really remember.

Character’s face turns serious. Now I know it’s not just me.

People don’t remember things anymore; they have technology and chips and stuff to memorize things for them. This whole generation has ADD. Social networks are accessible from anywhere, we can’t focus because we get notifications, calls, distractions that bring us back to the world of our friends, and it’s wired right to our heads. Literally. The era of smartphones is gone and chips have replaced them.

Stands, paces. Matter of fact, I was the last one to sign up for an augmentation chipping. My family and friends told me it was “the ultimate convenience” and my son uses it like a drug. He told me he was getting work done and that he didn’t need a computer or anything else. Now, I know he has also had issues with his work ethic. I’m trying to not let him slip into the zone of social isolation. The bubble of games, music, videos, digital communication. I just want my kid to be able to focus on school and not go all spacey on me when I talk to him.

I remember when he first got his chip. I was anxious as hell and I had learned everything there was to learn about augmentation, and why it was supposedly a good choice. Back then, I think it was expensive, but I’d been told about the calendar and digital organization and event planning and whatever. Know what? Right after we got it, he was texting his friends, going on the web, just staring at nothing in particular. As I recall, that was the first time I saw the glaze in his eyes as he looked to his upper left at the little display.

Before chips were becoming widespread, I didn’t really think much of the pace of technology. I mean, I knew it was fast, and new inventions were always happening, but… well, I can’t predict the future. My memory is fuzzy on occasion, but I think about 2005 was when me and my wife wanted a son. Now she wanted… um… well, she asked me if I was ready, and I told her… huh.

Addressing the audience: You ever have a memory almost clear in your mind and it just evades you? That’s what’s been happening to me recently. I mean, I’m only 48, but… do I need a doctor? Character’s speaking becomes excited and angry with realization, and gets a crazy edge to his voice. No. No, it’s this damned thing in my head! I swear it’s messing with me. I know that I’ve never had these issues before “augmentation” and that I haven’t always been like this. I think that - Pauses. You hear that…? I swear I heard a click, right in the back of my he - Pauses again. Character blinks and looks dazed and unfamiliar with his surroundings.

What just happened? Man, I don’t remember what I was just doing. Exit.

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Revised Schedules for 12/4 & 5

D  8:15 -  9:10
Adv  9:15 -  9:45
E  9:50 - 10:45
A 10:50 - 11:45
B 11:50 - 12:45
Conferences begin at 3:30
***All 9th graders to TFI, no exceptions!***
***ILPs are mandatory***


C 8:15 - 9:05
D 9;10 - 10:00
x/y class 10:05 - 10:55
E 11:00 - 11:50
A 11:55 - 12:45
Lunch 12:50
Conferences begin at 1:30
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Why Me?

Jamie Turner


Gold Stream

Well my life is pretty much ruined.  Why me? Why god? Why? I thought Pop was a good person.  I know he ain’t doin it to hurt me but why does he gotta go?  I have to go through the rest of my summer witout my ole’ man.  My bestfriend.  I just wanna wake up and smell Pop smokin another cigarette in the morning, go down stairs and talk to him for a lil bit before I hop in the shower.  I just… Why me?  I thought pills were medicine.  How could they hurt you?  I really need some some sleep but I just can’t close my eyes.  It hurts too bad.  Maybe this is a dream.  Ima just close my eyes and wake up and it’ll have never happened.  I’ll be good.  It ain’t even a big deal.  Who am I kidding?  What has happened to my life?  I need a plan asap.  I gotta get a job.  Ma and Kell need me.  God only knows how much we need that money.  Then I’ll join the marines when I turn 18.  That’ll be a good amount of money for us.  But maybe he’ll be out by now.  Oh god this is bad! Who is gonna be there for everyone else?  Who is gonna take me to baseball practice?  How will ma ever get Kell to piano straight from the office?  Pop must hate us.  If he could just go and… I don’t even want to know what he was doing or who he was wit.  Oh God!!!!... What am I gonna tell Jared when he realizes my Pop ain’t here no more?  Jimmy ain’t gonna know.  He’ll think pop is just workin extra hours down the mill.  Ma better not be doin that stuff.  I love pop to death and I love ma to death but if ma was drugged out i couldn’t take it.  We gone have to get ride a the dogs?  Jack ain’t a bad dog but hes gotta stop pissin in the house. Holly ain’t bad either.  Shes just gotta stop eating the darn trash.  Damn dude… This is really happenin isn’t it?  Mama better not give up on me and Kell.  I can’t stand Kell let alone raise her.  Shes gotta quit annoyin me to deaf wit that stupid music and her stupid phone.  She ain’t got no friends hows she gettin all a these texs.  Nah it ain’t her fault.  She don’t even care about Pop.  Me and pop were boys but he never loved either of us more than the other.  Are ma and Pop getin a divorce?  How long did they know about this?   Oh well I gotta get some sleep.
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Conquest Comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Genders

Clever title goes up top

Name your play and your movie in the sub-title so the clever title doesn't seem random

Conquest Comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Genders

Comparing "Taming of the Shrew" to "My Best Friend's Wedding"

After your title comes your intro description, which should include the following info:
- names of the play and your movie selection, plus an introduction to the characters you're talking about and their basic situation.
- a thesis statement that compares/contrasts the movie and the play. You it should be clear which focus area you're zooming in on from the intro paragraph--set the reader up to understand the scene(s) you'll be presenting!

As "The Taming of the Shrew" proves, the idea of romance as conquest has been around for centuries. In "Shrew," the wild and demanding Petruchio swears he will have Katherine as his wife, no matter the cost. In the 1997 movie "My Best Friend's Wedding," the main character sets out to do the same--only this time it's a woman seeking to win her close friend, who is about to marry someone else.

Though Petruchio and Julianne share some emotions and motivations in their stories, their situations--and the tactics they use--are quite different. Petruchio's only roadblock is Katherine's resistance, so he can be unabashedly forward in his attempts to win her, and has the full support of his friends. By contrast, Julianne faces an already-existing romance, so she has to be more covert, and faces criticism from the one friend who knows of her plan. These two situations make for different kinds of humor, and also show how society's attitudes towards courtship have changed over the centuries. These texts reflect that women have more power and agency than they once did, but because of this, a match can't be made by brute force. Both parties must be won over by romance.

After you have the intro, it's up to you how you organize your film stills and quotes. I chose to alternate between the play and the movie, starting off with the play. Put the play quotes in BIG FONT to give the reader something to latch on to. And remember to give enough CONTEXT in your captions for each quote and picture, or else the reader will be confused!

"I am as peremptory as she proud-minded;

And where two raging fires meet together,

They do consume the thing that feeds their fury."

(Act II, Scene i, 124-26)

A few sentences go after quote, including sufficient CONTEXT that tells the reader what's going on in "Shrew," and also a bit of ANALYSIS linking to your thesis.
In this quote, Petruchio describes how both he and Katherine are very strong-willed, and how these forces will combine once he woos her. That this could be as dangerous as a raging fire doesn't seem to concern Petruchio, or even Katherine's father. The extreme situation calls for extreme measures.

You then TRANSITION into your comparative scene from a movie. Include a transition sentence and then put in the screen shot:

The plotting suitor finds herself in a similarly extreme situation in the movie, although her delivery is somewhat different.


After the screen shot, you need to do the same thing that you did for the quote from "Shrew" -- sufficient context that describes what's happening in that scene, and analysis that connects back to your thesis (and states what the comparison and/or contrast is to "Shrew.)

In this early scene from "My Best Friend's Wedding," Julianne anxiously declares to her friend George that "I'm a busy girl. I've got four days to break up a wedding and steal the bride's fellow." Unlike Petruchio, she remains on edge during the entire film--she is either ranting to George about the next phase in her plan, or nervously putting her deceits into action. This fuels the humor in the movie, but it also reminds the audience that what she's doing is wrong.

Then, you need a second (and possibly a third) set of comparisons: play, movie. Play, movie. Don't forget to use a larger font!

"Quote 2 from Play"

(Act x, Scene x, line numbers)

Analysis goes here. Then transition:
Julianne's friend George, however, is not so supportive of her idea.


After her first attempts to break up the wedding fail, George comes to visit her and asks: "Do you really love him? Or is this just about winning?" When she says that she does in fact love him, George gives her a piece of advice that he repeats for the rest of the movie: the only chance she's got is to be honest and tell her friend the truth. Interestingly, George doesn't even believe this will get Julianne what she wants, but he still thinks it's the only worthwhile path.

Finally, you need your CONCLUSION. This paragraph should specifically mention BOTH the play and the movie, and touch on the central question of the assignment: What do these portrayals show us about society's attitudes towards courtship/dating?

That Julianne doesn't win her man in the end only reinforces that a modern audience wants to see true love above all else. Petruchio finishes off "Shrew" with a wife, twenty thousand crowns, and a sense of accomplishment; All Julianne has at the end of "My Best Friend's Wedding" is a deeper understanding of love and commitment, but we're left with the feeling that this will help her later in life, after the movie ends. Plus, she's smiling again before the credits roll: she has her gay friend George to spin her around the wedding dance floor as a consolation
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New design launched for

Following a couple months of tweaking and tuning, a new design for has come out of beta and landed for all to use!

The main impetus for creating this whole new design was taking advantage of a new trend in web development called responsive design. With a responsive design, a website can change how it looks and how it's laid out on your screen based on the size and type of the screen you're viewing it on. This should make it easier to use the site from a phone or tablet without having to scroll and zoom all over a page intended for big computer screens.

Use the comments section under this blog post to let us know what you think, especially if you've spotted any problems or have ideas for improvements. If you need to get to anything urgently and are having trouble finding it with the new design, the old design will remain archived here.


Home Network

Ms. Hull taught us about our AUPs or Acceptable Use Policies in technology class. We learned that not every one is the same. We also learned that we need to learn the different rules that come with each of the various policies. The diagram shows how the internet comes from our Internet Service Provider or ISP. My personal ISP is a Comcast Coax. There, it enters my mother's room through ethernet cord and into the modem and router. Another ethernet cord then connects to a desktop computer in her room. In my house, there are multiple devices connected to the internet like my laptop, phone, a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360.
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Q2 Reflection #1: "El jurado declara culpable al hombre que decapitó a su hija"

Temperance Moore
Melanie Manuel 

“El jurado popular ha declarado culpable de asesinato a Marcelo R., el hombre que decapitó a su hija de 18 meses en Girona en noviembre de 2011. Según el acusado, "el diablo" le dijo que lo hiciera.”
Este artículo es sobre un hombre que decapitó a su hija. Yo pienso el hombre era provocó a decapitó a su hija, pero que es no excusa. Quizás el diablo hizo le dijo que lo hiciera, pero el hombre no debería permitió el diablo a le controla.

Me siento malo para su hija porque ella no sabe que ella va a morir y por su padre. Está muy triste. El mundo está muy cruel y loco. El hombre obviamente necesita ayuda.
El artículo dije, “Mientras, el abogado de la defensa, que ha anunciado que recurrirá la sentencia, solicita 10 años de internamiento psiquiátrico porque defiende que Marcelo R. sufrió un brote psicótico y que se tendría que aplicar un eximente incompleto al condenado por su estado mental.” Yo pienso el hombre debería queda de cárcel para vida, pero el artículo dije, “Los nueve miembros del jurado han emitido este viernes el veredicto por unanimidad, en el que consideran que el hombre no padece ninguna enfermedad mental tal como defiende también el fiscal del caso, que pide 19 años de cárcel para el padre por un delito de asesinato con traición.”

Word Count: 227

"La" LA VANGUARDIA. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. <>.

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Q2 Reflection 1: “Las 20 cosas más irritantes que la gente hace en los aviones”

Audrey Pham


Melanie Manuel

Word Count: 203

Las 20 cosas más irritantes que la gente hace en los aviones”

¿Tuviste tú montaste en avión y es estuviste terrible? En este artículo, es sobre una encuesta para común los pasajeros de avión. La encuesta es sobre qué irritan máximo los pasajeros. El artículo es cómico porque es sobre qué irrito mi en avión. En el artículo, es habló sobre “Maltratar las posesiones de alguien más en el compartimiento superior, Le toma años elegir una película, Agitar la pierna de manera compulsiva, Abordar antes de que llamen al grupo con ese número, Bebés llorando, Ponerte quisquilloso cuando un vecino se levanta del asiento, Gritar en el teléfono móvil, Zamparse comida que apesta, Hablar en voz alta, Tomar posesión del reposabrazos, Ocupar el asiento vacío en el centro, Toser, estornudar, compartir gérmenes, Jugar juegos sin bajar el volumen, Rodar maletas gigantes por el pasillo, Las personas que están detrás de ti intentando desembarcar primero, Desatender la higiene personal, Pies descalzos” y muchos más. Es una lista o encuesta para los pasajeros. Todo el mundo tienen este artículo porque nosotros podemos paran molestan las personas. Y es un artículo cómico. Pienso cada avión tener manuel para no hacer porque es molestan personas. Tambien porque, la línea aérea van a obtener mejor crítica y feliz los pasajeros.

"Las 20 Cosas Más Irritantes Que La Gente Hace En Los Aviones." CNN En Espaol Ultimas Noticias De Estados Unidos Latinoamrica Y El Mundo Opinin Y Videos RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013.
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My Home Network

In this unit we made diagrams of are home networks and how are devices get the internet. In this diagram the internet provider is Comcast. It has a Ethernet cord that connects to a wireless router. The wireless router is then connected  to multiple devices which allows them to access the internet. 
mind mapping software
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Home Network Diagram

The 9th grade red stream had to create a diagram of our home networks. We learned how the internet runs through our homes and the path that it travels to get to our devices. My family gets our internet from a CLEAR USB that gives off WiFi when plugged into our laptops. Then we use the WiFi on our phones to access the internet.​
Home Network
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Home Network

This is a diagram that shows how the internet works in my house. My internet provider is Cavalier DSL. The internet comes in from the phone line. We have a wireless router that all the devices in my home connect to. The reason we made this diagram is so we could understand our home networks. If we understood how our internet worked it would be easier for us to learn and understand the rules of the school network.
mind mapping software
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My Home Network

The diagram I made shows how the internet works in my house. The internet comes from a converter that's located in my basement. A cable that is connected to the converter box goes through my house to the second floor where the Wi-Fi box is located and connected to the computer box. All our devices connects to that Wi-Fi and we are able to get a connection from anywhere in our house. Our internet provider is Verizon Fios. We made this diagram to have a clear explanation on how the internet works in our household and in general. We will also do further research on this topic in the future.
mind mapping software
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My Home Network

In this LucidChart image, I am showing my home network. It shows the price of all of the things in my home network. It also shows how everything in my house is connected. To do this project, we had to learn a lot about our home and school networks. We learned about the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and made our own. We also learned about how the internet works, and this all links back to our connected network. The first quarter of Freshmen Technology has taught us all about the internet and connected networks, as well as their rules. Using this knowledge, we have created this home network image.
mind mapping software
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My Home Network

As an incoming freshman class in a school based around technology, it is imperative that we learn not only how to properly conduct ourselves on the internet, but how the internet works. In our technology class, which we have twice a week, we study how we represent ourselves and the organizations we stand for in everything we do online. As to better understand how the internet works in our lives outside of school, we created home network diagrams. We had to explore our own internet, and draw out how we are connected every day. We had to figure out how to use embed codes, so included is my home network drawing. 
mind mapping software
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Modern Day de Tocqueville – Chapter 1: US History Misconceptions

​Chapter 1: US History Misconceptions

American History – The history of events that occurred in the United States of America, mainly focused on the years of the late 1700s to the early 1900s. There may occasionally be points where current events will be addressed that can be deemed American History-worthy (i.e. the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the terroristic attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001, or even the killing of the Osama Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group called Al Qaeda). Take note, all of that is according to what is taught in the schools of America, to Americans, by Americans.

Every single day (mostly between the months of September through June), students around the world (but mostly in America) are taught the history of America, how things occurred, why those things occurred, and how they have impacted past and current day society. These students are taught material that is based off of a very strict and limited criteria that most likely cannot be altered due the state laws, rules, regulations, and requirements. With this method taking place in the areas of education where students are being taught about their own homeland’s history, they unfortunately are not being taught the full story of what is being displayed. In other words, a teacher may review a very vast topic such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, but only discuss why this event in American history took place. There are so many more facts that should be addressed. For instance, it’d be beneficial for the students if they learned what came about from the Bay of Pigs Invasion and what the end result of it was. Also, if these extra things aren’t addressed, two things are happening; first, it’s a waste of time learning about the topic if all of the details aren’t addressed, and second, it’s putting incomplete information into the minds of students. They’ll be free to roam around the world with what they were taught, but they won’t have any need to share this information considering they won’t have the full story.

To start things off, an amazing example that can be used is the Pledge of Allegiance. This is a good topic to talk about because the Pledge of Allegiance is used every single day in this country. Either a classroom full of students say it before class begins, or a baseball stadium full of people say it to salute the troops fighting in the war, or even military personnel say it to also salute their troops. With so much diversity and importance of the Pledge of Allegiance in this country, this makes a very good topic to start things off. Back on September 8th, 1892, the first draft of the pledge was written. This is what the first draft looked like:

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

While a majority of people who live in the United States are so accustomed to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance that goes like this:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Unfortunately, SO MANY people don’t know that the “the Flag of the United States of America” wasn’t added until 31 years later in 1923. And then then “under God” portion wasn’t added until ANOTHER 31 years later in 1954. It’s a shame and pretty pathetic that we as Americans have been reciting such an important pledge for SO LONG and most likely don’t that what we are reciting isn’t the original. There are actually valid reasons behind the changes that were made to the Pledge of Allegiance over that sixty-two year period. Before the first revision took place, Francis Bellamy thought the “to the flag” portion should be added so people would have the go-ahead to face the flag.

Closing things up with all of this missing information for the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s very clear that there is so much information on the history of the United States that is never addressed because most people find it irrelevant and outdated.

For another example, let’s take a look at the early times of African American slaves. To get things going, take a look at this quote from The Present and Probably Future Condition of the Three Races that Inhabit the Territory of the United States by Alexis de Tocqueville:

“The Negro, plunged in this abyss of evils, scarcely feels his own calamitous situation. Violence made him a slave, and the habit of servitude gives him the thoughts and desires of a slave, he admires his tyrants more than he hates them, and finds his joy and his pride in the servile imitation of those who oppress him. His understanding is degraded to the level of his soul.”

Also, let’s also take a look at this quote from The Present and Probably Future Condition of the Three Races that Inhabit the Territory of the United States Alexis de Tocqueville:

“Everybody has remarked that in our time, and especially in France, this passion for equality is every day gaining ground in the human heart.”

When people are taught about the history of African American slaves, there is only some information that is presented to them because only THAT specific information is considered important. That minuscule amount of information includes the very obvious and broad things such as African Americans not having equal rights and the caucasian people (men more than anything) having the majority of power in a country. Unfortunately, some very important information, like what de Tocqueville discussed, is definitely of importance and should be included into whatever criteria that discusses and coincides with the segregation era of America. Looking at the quotes above, the first one addresses the similar broad things that are addressed in a classroom while the second quote addresses some deeper information. The second quote states that a majority of people wish that every person in the country had equal rights during the times of racial segregation. With that being said, typically a criteria would only discuss the desire for equality from African Americans while obviously there were people of other races out there wishing that every person had equal rights.

With that said and done, it’s obvious that American history comes along with it’s strong and weak points. Unfortunately, the way that people are taught American history only learn the cliché history of events. The method of people learning history is equivalent to someone covering a whole in a wall with a painting. Although you can’t see the whole, it’s there behind the painting waiting to be revealed. People need to understand that there is more than two sides to a story and everything is worth investigation because there is definitely more waiting to be learned. Quite frankly, there’s probably so much about American history that we as Americans don’t know about just because we haven’t discovered it yet. But again, that’s why it’s good to dig deeper and truly understand every last bit of information of whatever is being presented, because it’s obvious that American’s lack so much knowledge about their own country’s history.

Below is a two minute long multimedia add-on to this chapter:
US History Misconception
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Q2 artículo #1

Will Amari

Señorita Manuel                                                                             Quarter 2

Animales Sueltos en El Prado

Cuando yo primero leí la título de la Artículo. Yo dije, “¿En serio? Eso es ridículo.” Qué yo no podía entender que Animales era Sueltos en el Prado. ¿Por que? ¿Cuando? A veces yo leí la artículo y yo aprendí que los animales era no es realmente suelto. Para los animales era muerto. La museo del Prado en Madrid, España, tiene maestra de la taxidermia.

En el museo de centro hay un  toro gran negro y gris con dos impresionante cuernos. También hay una águila marrón que es muy admirada por los personas en El Prado. En el museo del Prado muchas personas encanta taxidermia. Porque ellos encanta animales.

Yo leí la artículo porque la imagen de el toro era llamativo. También yo fui a Madrid durante el verano. Yo fui al El Prado, para yo experimentado no taxidermia. Porque la taxidermia es nuevo por El Prado museo. La museo fue divertido.

Yo aprendí que nuevo palabras yo puedo escribir. Por ejemplo, sueltos, toros, impresionante, y la palabra águila. Nuevo palabras pueda incrementar mi vocabulario en español.

Desde mi punto de vista taxidermia es muy impresionante. Me encanta animales porque ellos era interesante estudiar. Yo quiero un toro. Yo queiro estudiar el toro. Yo encanta estudiar pez y grande animales. No le entendí los personas que no les gustas animales.


Palabras: 225


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My Home Network

The link in this blog will take to an image of my lucid chart. On it is a representation of my home network is configured. By putting it on this lucid chart it is now much easier to access. You don't have to go in your book bag to try organize all of your documents when you make it on lucid chart and upload it to drive. We made it to make the process of drawing out your home network easier. You can just go on google drive and find the file or folder that holds the document and look at the lucid chart you made or make one.   
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Lucid Chart Internet Drawing -- Alex Tristano

This lucid chart is a picture of the internet. A while back during our first or second Technology class, we were assigned to draw the internet. We soon learned what the internet actually is and were then assigned to edit our drawing based on what we learned. We now were just assigned to make a digital version of our drawing on lucid chart. My lucid chart as shown below starts with "the cloud" or the internet and travels in to our home. Our I.S.P. is cavalier. The internet enters our home through a telephone socket. Connected to that is an Ethernet cable as well as our house phone. the Ethernet cable is connected to the modem, which connects to our wireless router through an Ethernet cable. Connecting directly from the router are two desktops. We then have two kindles four laptops to three phones a desktop and an iPad that connect through wirelessly to the router.
Internet Drawing Flowchart
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Home Network

This picture shows how my home network works. Comcast is my service provider in my home. The wireless router is the one that allows other devices to connect to the internet. we have two laptops, three different game station, and I pods plus phones. The reason why I posted this , is because it helps me to understand how my network works. It will help me to understand a little more about the internet and what it really is about.
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Kareem's Internet

In this lucid chart, you see my home network. I get my WiFi from CLEAR, which receives it from a satellite, then it uses that data to let others connect to it. The CLEAR device is connected to my computer, and then all my other devices are connected over WiFi. Now the devices are, the iPhone 4 and 5, and iPod, my PlayStation 3, Wii, an iPad mini, a printer, and a laptop. All these devices are all connected to my I.S.P. CLEAR. This diagram was to show that we all are diverse in technology, and that they are multiple ways of acquiring our internet.
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Home Network

   My home network's I.S.P. is powered by Verizon. From Verizon we were given 2 modems. The first modem is only connected to a desktop computer through an Ethernet cord. It has no wireless settings. Secondly, the second modem has both an Ethernet cord and a wireless setting. There are nine wireless pieces of technology being used in my household. However there are only 2 Ethernet wires. As I said before, the 1st cord is to the desktop. While the second modem and wire is to my SmartTv in my basement.    
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