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Las Cazuelas Comida

On Friday, we had the restaurant Las Cazuelas cater to us traditional Poblana food. The following are my opinions of the items that I tried.
Nombre del plato: Sopes de Maíz
Opinión: Me encanta, el plato es muy bien.
Unos ingredientes: Los frijoles, maíz, y queso.
Comentarios: !Me gusta! Lo recomiendo.
​Nombre del plato: Tres leches (el postre)
Opinión: !Me fascina, el plato es muy delicioso!
Unos ingredientes: Leche, y harina.
Comentarios: ¿Cómo cocinar tres leches? ¿Es muy difícil?  Es muy ligero. !Lo recomiendo!
​Nombre del plato: Arroz con frijoles.
Opinión: Me gusta, porque es muy bien.
Unos ingredientes: Frijoles, y arroz.
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo porque es muy bueno!
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 7.35.08 PM
​Nombre del plato: Horchata
Opinión: Más o menos. El plato es muy dulce.
Unos ingredientes: Leche, azúcar, y canela.
Comentarios: Depende en la persona, lo recomiendo.
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 7.36.43 PM
​Nombre del plato: Chiles rellenos
Opinión: Muy bien, me gusta.
Unos ingredientes: Chiles, y queso.
Comentarios: Es muy grande. Depende en la persona, lo recomiendo. 

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Semaj Smith Photo Essay Benchmark.

I think the most challenging portion of this project was actually taking the pictures because I couldn't just take any picture. I needed to take a picture with explanations in mind, knowing why I thought they related to my topic. I really just let the images come to me, there wasn't any specific time when I just went out looking for pictures, I went through my day as usual and then when I felt it most important or calling, I took my camera out and took pictures of whatever moved me. 

I think my favorite picture is the picture of the subway doors. I say that because I honestly feel like that picture says more than 1000 words. I think that anyone who steps behind those doors everyday has a lot going for them, it's very hard to put into words but so much goes on behind those doors and they travel all over the place, picking up many different people that its hard to draw one main point from those doors. That picture makes you think and reflect. 

I think the evidence of globalization is very prevalent in Philadelphia, I sort of feel like Philadelphia is and has been on a downward spiral that is just towering to the ground. I do think that there are larger cities that you can see the evidence in because I think that the larger the city is the easier it is for it to fall apart. So I do believe that there are other cities that are just as large if not larger than Philadelphia that show just as much if not more evidence of globalization. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 4.59.26 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.00.06 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.01.32 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.03.17 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.10.03 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.11.56 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.13.04 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 5.15.14 PM
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France, By Mike Jesse, and Andre

The two candidates running for the Presidential Election of France are Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande.
Nicolas Sarkozy is [now former] the President of France, Sarkozy is the former leader of Union for a Popular Movement  (UMP) and served as Minister of Interior for Dominique de Villepin's government (2005–2007).

François Hollande- Elected President of France as of May 6 2012, succeeding Nicolas Sarkozy.

1. What does it take to make you feel that a candidate is fit for the job?

2. What prompted you to come out and take part in this election?

3. What would you like to be changed in the way your government is run?

4. Do you feel that your vote will have an influence on who is elected?

Person 1:

#1. President needs to have a specific plan of action in solving
problems such as poverty, education, corruption,etc. He has to work
hard and well to achieve goals of the government. And he also
obviously needs to be intelligent.
 #2. I took part in the election because I wanted to help the right
candidate get elected.
 #3. I think the people should have more of a say in our government
and how it's run.
 #4. Yes, why not? I think everyone's vote counts, an even if the
candidate I want doesn't win, atleast I know I tried.
 #5. Yes I knew who I was going to vote for when I went in. I voted
for Sarkozy, because I really don't agree with Hollande's ideas, but I
don't really like Sarkozy either.
 #6. I try to vote at every election. I think it's important for young
people to vote.

Person 2:

#1. I think a good candidate can inspire unity, trust, and optimism
among the people by being a good and moral leader. I also think that
they are able to make right decisions for the common good, even if the
decision is unpopular.
 #2. I took part in the election because I wanted to show that I care
about my country and it's future and I wanted the right person to get
#3. I would like more equality, especially between men and women in
the working world. I also would like something to be done about taxes,
but they are only going to go up with Hollande as President. I also
think people should be more involved in governemnt decisions.
 #4. I hope my vote has makes an influence!
 #5. Yes, about a week before voting I didn't though. I kept going
back and fourth between Hollande and Sarkozy. Eventually I ended up
going with Hollande.
 #6. Yes, I vote at every election. I like to be extremely involved in
big decisions that are going to effect my life and my family's life.

Person 3:
#1. I think a president should be able to steer the country towards a
just and humane society, and knows how to get the country there. Also,
honesty is very important. Do what you say you're going to do.
 #2. This is actually the first election I was allowed to take part in
because I am German and so I was a french citizen until now so I'm
very excited for this election.
 #3. Well for me , personally, a big thing is equality. I've been
living in France for 10 years and paying taxes but I couldn't vote, I
don't think that's very fair.
 #4. 100%. I think everyone's vote counts.
 #5. Yes, I'm voting for Sarkozy. I think he's done a fairly good job
these past 5 years and I'd like to see what he will do the next 5.
 #6. No, I couldn't vote befoe but I do intend to vote at every
election now that I'm able to.

Similarities and differences in France and US Government

Both has presidents but serve in different ways

  • Elected every 4 years by the electoral college (which is in turn elected by the popular vote based on state population)
  • Can sign bills into law
  • Can veto bills
  • Is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces
  • Nominates judges for the Supreme Court
  • Responsible for many Executive Branch Appointments
  • Can grant pardons

  • Elected every 5 years by popular voted (used to have an electoral college, but that has since been dissolved)
  • Announces new laws, but does not create or sign them into law
  • Can dissolve French National Assembly
  • Is commander-in-chief of the Armies
  • Appoints the Prime Minister (but cannot dismiss him)
  • Appoints most officials
  • Can grant pardons
  • The differences between the governments do not stop simply with the heads of state. Both have extremely different basic structures.

What Could have been done differently is that our communication could have been stronger with each other. The collaboration could have gone more smoother. What really worked out was that we stayed in contact with each other for the most part sending emails back and fourth, However that could have gone more smoother then it did.  

One major tip I would give always work with your partners. Don’t let them do the majority of the work. If they end of leaving you for a long period of time do your best to contribute in making sure things go smoothly.

France election 2012: how the presidential poll worksHappens every 5 years
contains two rounds however who ever has the most votes in the 1st round wins
each of the candidates start out with 153, 000 votes from the state


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Benchmark - Education

Lauren (The Word)
I have created a newspaper, and it addresses the education issue and talks about charter schools.

  • What did you find most challenging about this project?
    - I found that making a newspaper is harder than it looks, I tried to organize my thoughts on paper. It was hard. 
  • How did you go about finding this story?
    - I frequently visit a website called The Daily Censored, it's a blog that is full of under reported stories.
  • Why do you think this story does not receive more attention?
    - Because no one really cares about corrupt government and it doesn't impact them so they do not care. But it directly impacts them people seem to care.
  • Do you think this story will get more attention over the next few months?  Why?  Why not?
    - Probably not, because the american people are lazy and couold care less about what is going on
  • What did you learn?
    - I learned how to make a newspaper and more about the corrupt systems in the United States
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E1U8: Alexis

podcast (2 minutes... Each One Minute)

there is hair in my drink and my food is cold.


Alexis : customer
Briana: waiter


Briana: ¡Hola! bienvendidos Amada! Mi nombre es Briana y seré su servidor.

Alexis: : ¡Hola Briana! ¿Que Tal?

Briana: Muy bien gracias, y tu?

Alexis: Muy bien tambien, gracias.

Briana: deja comenzar con bebidas

Briana: Tenemos café, te, jugo y soda

Alexis: Simplemente Agua. Por favor, con extra limón. ¡Gracias!

Briana: ¡Suena muy bien!

Briana: Es usted alista a oder

Alexis: Yo no tengo mucha hambre. ¿Tiene algo pequeña?

Briana: ¡Sí tenemos gran variedad tapas!

Alexis: Tienes muchas tapas! recomendaciones?

Briana: probar el tortilla española es muy bueno

Alexis: Que suena bien.. ¿Viene con pan?
Briana: Si, Tortilla Española viene con pan. ¿ algo más?

Alexis: ¿Tiene tomates?

Briana: Si, Señorita, todas las tortillas vienen con tomate.

Alexis:  No me gustan los tomates, ¿Me lo sin tomate por favor?

Briana: ¡Absolutamente! ¿Algo más?

Alexis: ¡Es todo, Gracias!

*servidor trae bebidas y camina lejos*

Alexis: ¡Disculpe Señorita!  Hay un pelo en mi agua!

Briana: ¡Perdoneme!  ¿Te gustaría una nueva bebida?

Alexis:  ¡Por Favor! esta vez sin pelo

*Servido trae nueva bebida y comida*

Briana: Aqui Tiene. Buen Provecho!

Alexis: Gracias!

*Dos Minutos más tarde*

Alexis: ¡Disculpe Briana! Mi comida esta frio!!

Briana: Lo siento mucho!

Alexis: ¿Puedo hablar con su gerente?

Briana: Mi gerente esta ausente, quieres probar algo diferente?

Alexis: ¡No, La cuenta por favor!

Briana: Lo siento mucho señorita! *la cuenta es entregó para Alexis
Alexis: Adios!

Briana: Come Again!
Alexis' Spanish podcast
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Benchmark: convention center.

The convention center in center city philadelphia shockingly helps the city in many ways. Its a commonly forgotten place by many people within the city, and a hated place by many people in the city due to the fact it is trying to expand into their area. But expanding the convention center wasn’t a bad idea. This past weekend I happened to be down town and saw thousands of people flocking into the convention center I thought i’d check out what was going on.

Once I arrived inside I saw that there were thousands of people there playing yu-gi-oh. I myself play yu-gi-oh and would have never expected this many people in the city to play the game its a child card game and the convention center was filled with countless older men playing. 

So I went around and interviewed the the surrounding stores and interviewed the people that worked there. I went to two McCdonalds, and the gallery and I interviewed them and asked the managers at the McCdonalds about how there weekend has been going at that time they all said amazing because of the fact how many people where there opposed to the regular weekend. One of them said they have a list of events that the convention center has and what event it is, he said “I didn’t think a kids game would bring us so much business.” this was actually at the McCdonalds on 10th street which was 5 blocks away from the event.

The manager then went into that the events at the convention center actually bring all of the public businesses even the businesses in chinatown get more business so the convention center brings a lot of business to the city.         

While at the convention I actually met people from other countries. I made trades with these really nice guys from germany. They traded english cards for german cards which have more values and I actually made a lot of money in that day.

Overall the city benefits at least center city benefits from it, people fly in brining the air port money, places get more business because there are more people. The convention center is a great thing for the city.

What did you find most challenging about this project?

I found that the most challenging part about this project was finding a story.

How did you go about finding this story?

I actually just did what I usually do on my normal weekend and found something interesting that I enjoy.

Why do you think this story does not receive more attention?

People never actually talk about the good of it when people think of the convention center they usually think about how its trying to grow into chinatown.

Do you think this story will get more attention over the next few months?  Why?  Why not?

No. Because it’s not something people think about.

What did you learn?

That the convention center plays a big role in the city.

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Rough Cut Film Fest 2012

Rough Cut Film Festival 2012
at The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
Tues, June 5, 2012 (6-8:30 PM)

Rough Cut Productions proudly presents its first annual film festival showcasing student work from the past academic season. Varying in length and content, all of the films in the showcase make it abundantly clear that age is not pre-requisite for professional filmmaking.

The films included in this inaugural show run the gamut of storytelling via content, style and format, but all come back to skills honed through our video production courses.

Come to The Franklin for an evening of films that will entertain, provoke thought, inspire and most importantly celebrate the amazing work of these young artists.

A Q&A session with the filmmakers along with a reception will follow the film screenings. This event is free, and open to the SLA community and their guests. The Musser Theater has a 250 person capacity, so reserve your ticket early.

Go to our event page on EVENTBRITE to reserve your free ticket
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Take Three - The World As I See It: Technology

​In my first and second posts I wrote about robots and cyborgs. What's next, a Terminator-esque apocalypse? 

Fear not, I will not indulge in such tomfoolery. Instead I think some survey results are in order (
I wouldn't be a proper Martian dictator if I didn't follow up). 

A total of 39 people participated. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 9.10.30 AM
I find these results very interesting. The majority of the survey takers feel that they are very familiar with technology; another landslide majority are not comfortable with humanoid robots as an integral part of life.  
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 9.10.45 AM
At the same time, nearly half of the group have thought about or want robotic parts as a component of their own bodies. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 9.10.55 AM
And everyone, save for two, have used some sort of modern appliance.  
​This makes me think that the general populace (of 30-ish people, no doubt), though comfortable and practiced with technology, isn't ready for full on robot-human interaction. That would include teaching, discussing theories, and engaging in relationships... so it's great that my survey group mostly isn't ready for that. However, their aversion isn't going to stop the production of such machinery and it is highly possible that people could just unconsciously get used to it. 
Though that may not seem like a glaring problem, it is never a good thing when people fall into a rhythm without knowing what it is they are getting in to. To help remedy this I made a short video that will hopefully pique the publics interest and inspire them to find out more about technology that is still in development. 
English YatW
The first picture is the intro text to the games made by an artificial intelligence named Angelina. 'She' factors in playability and creates the sprites, background, and gameplay without outside input. The following montage of pictures shows robots in the media and the real world. The last, and perhaps the most profound, is the 50's ad spoof for about a violent house bot. 

This video will be spread through Youtube, this blog post, and several social networking sites in an effort to have people become interested.
The evolution of robotics and programming is not a bad thing. Despite this, there are plenty of regulations that humans as a whole should hammer out. The definition of a person, for one, and how that applies to artificial intelligence. It would be a terrible thing if we created these amazing thinking beings but end up oppressing them. 


Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.14.21 PM
Wait, my picture changed again!?
For further reading my sources can be found HERE.

As a bonus for scrolling down this far, this is a conversation between me and Cleverbot. Can you identify the Bot? 
Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 9.26.04 PM
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Turning Off the Translator Part 4

  1. Who you spoke with and why you chose that partner:

    - SharedTalk; Mariano
  2. What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?

      - From this conversation I learned that Mariano is a 20 year old guy who loves to play rugby and wants to improve his english. His english is moderately okay and although Rugby is dangerous he plays because he has a burning passion for it deep within. He wishes to have a career based in international trade and so between going to school for that and working he doesn't think he can go be a professional rugby player. I Also learned that he as a very good sense of humor. I respect to the entire conversation I feel like I've grown in my ability to keep conversations fluent. 
  3. /How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goals?
  4. This conversation was helpful because it gave me more opportunity to have a conversation and work to keep the flow of it smooth. During the conversation Mariano corrected me on little errors which was helpful because it helped me to notice what I needed to work to improve on more. It also helped me see my common errors.
  5. What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? What specifically to you need to improve on?

    I think the thing I did well in this conversation was keeping it fluent. I estimated how the conversation would go, planned questions and comments ahead of time, and looked up all the words I thought that I would need ahead of time. My goal was to not have to use a translator and I accomplished that to best of my ability. My goal was also to not have a strick Q and A kind of flow but an actual conversation. It made me realize though that I need to work on not mixing up words and the way i arrange words. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.36.51 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.37.04 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.37.13 AM
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Anatomy and Physiology year long project-Toxic clothes by Ashley Etheredge

For my 10% time year long project I think that I’m going to be researching hidden poisons or toxins in our clothing. By researching what goes into our clothes, especially in a time where most of our clothes are made from synthetics and polyester blends I want to see how it affects our bodies. In a show I was watching on T.V, two men got very sick due to wearing a specific synthetic material for too long everyday, which made me think what could is happening to our bodies when we wear other synthetic fabrics. In the beginning of this project I was going to find out what happens to our organs especially depending on how long you wear a fabric, but without real scientific cases this became nearly impossible to do so I changed it a little bit. My project is still about how clothes affect the human body, what goes into making the clothes and uncovering the hidden qualities of our clothes that hide poisons.

To view my project and or read more please click here
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bog post 5

​for this blog post my partner and i helped each other , he helped me with spanish and i helped him with english. we talked about out home town and how its like being there. He was able to help me with some verbs problem and i did the some for him also. my partner name is Carlos saul and  it was nice talking to him. :)
Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 1.40.22 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 2.01.35 PM
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Option 1- Trevor Hinton

​What I found most difficult about this was trying to find a topic that would resonate with people and actually be something they wanted to read and not just another story, I tried to pick a topic that held some merit and weight so that it would be easy for me to talk about it but I also wanted to pick a topic that hit close to home for myself.

I went about finding my story by actually first thinking of things that get me thinking if I'm in the car riding past something or just hearing about something on the news, and with this I actually first got the idea when my two younger brothers approached my mom about needing money to go on a trip with their afterschool program.

I don't think this story receives much attention because most people take these programs for granted and don't really think about the intricacy that goes in to actually running these programs and maintaining them as well as the fact that a lot of these programs aren't big name or commercially known and so because of that not a lot of help can be given.

I learned that without inside help and inside knowledge to push the case and need for more things this will remain silent and unheard of to a lot of people.

Trevor Hinton


4th quarter benchmark


In and around Philadelphia it isn’t hard to spot a Boys and Girls club or sports group that consist of children from and around the neighborhood enjoying various activities and spending time with mentors and friends. You’ve seen the ads and commercials boasting of the success many famous celebrities actors and actresses have had after being in a Boys and Girls club and the urge they put on children from communities to join and be embraced by the good mentoring programs that they can give to a young person; while many good things and young people come from these programs there is a small group of afterschool programs that don’t get the necessary funding and support that programs like the Boys and Girls club which is a much larger organization receives and the problem arises when you are no longer able to accept children into these programs and their parents still wish to have them doing something proactive after school has been dismissed. A lot of these programs are run out of a child’s school as a way to keep them off the streets but when funding is an issue and program directors can’t get enough of something to keep the program going it can cause the children to lose interest or worse for the whole program to be suspended. There are a lot of things that go into running a afterschool program such as planning of any trips, snacks for the children, planning of activities and any supplies that, something as simple as an afterschool program that allows children to just play sports and hangout with friends for as long as they can so that they are occupied isn’t as hard to manage however when trying to coordinate and plan things outside of sports or arts and crafts it becomes a bigger issue of how to gather everything that is needed in a timely matter so that things can be done properly. My two brothers were in a afterschool program that was run out of there school that taught inner city kids going to public schools how to wrestle and stay off the streets and while the program was a great success and drew many kids in when it came for them to go to different competitions to compete and go to places like the University of Penn to practice because of the lack of funding that was able to be provided from the school a lot of things had to come from willing parents i.e. rides to competitions (sometimes as far as Lehigh), snacks, and in some instances putting down a certain monetary amount so they would be able to rent a bus or van for the day. The bigger question that arises from this is what can be done to keep programs like these running and up if they don’t have the support of a school district or other community programs; if the idea is to keep kids safe and off of the streets getting into things that could harm them shouldn’t more be put on any and everyone involved to have a bigger plan in place to keep things like this open and running as long as possible, what grants can be given what donations can be made to these smaller programs, these are questions that have yet to be given a concrete answer to aid this cause.

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option 3 - Tyler Hankinson

​What did you find most challenging about this project?
 I think that the most challenging part about this project was finding a good set of photos with a story behind them I had a huge problem with that
How did you go about collecting the images or selecting the images?
Since i started my project late I  walked around the city and took pictures of things that I thought related to the project description

Which image is your favorite? Why? Elaborate
My favorite image was of the italian market the reason why is because it has alot of histor behind it and it has all different types of ethic back round  that comes with it

How prevalent is the evidence of globalization in Philadelphia? I think philadelphia has its fair share of it but I think that it is less vident in our city than in others like Washington etc because we really arent in the media spot light 

\What did you learn? 

I learned that a picture tells 1000 words

photo essay
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Las Cazuelas

On Friday, we had an incredible lunch catered by Las Cazuelas. There were two cooks, and they brought many dishes for us to taste and to enjoy. They were extremely polite, and knew lots about the food that they had brought! My favorite part was being able to eat this food from a different culture and spend time talking with my classmates while enjoying the food.

Nombre de plato: Sopes de Maíz
Opinión: Me encanta! Es especialmente bueno con queso. Los frijoles están excelente con la tortilla de maíz.
Unos ingredientes: Maíz, frijoles (y queso si prefieres)
Comentarios: Son muy típico. Lo recomiendo porque es muy bien.

Nombre de plato: Tacos dorados
Opinión: Me encanta porque las tortillas son muy son muy dorado.
Unos ingredientes: tortillas y pollo
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo porque es muy simple pero es excelente.
Nombre de plato: Chuletas tentación
Opinión: Es uno de mis favoritos. La salsa en los chuletas es fabuloso!
Ingredientes: Chuleta y una salsa
Comentarios: pregunto qué es en la salsa...

Nombre de plato: Arroz con frijoles.
Opinión: ¡Es mi favorito! El arroz es muy dulce y la maíz y frijoles es excelente. Con queso es muy bien.
Ingredientes: Arroz, maíz, frijoles (y queso si prefieres)
Comentarios: ¿Es eso comida muy típico?
Nombre de plato: Tres leches (el postre)
Opinión: Es muy interesante, pero me gusta! También, es muy ligero.
Ingredientes: Leche y harina
Comentarios: ¡Lo recomiendo porque es muy dulce!
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