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Descriptive Essay: Should I change?

Its 1:30 in the morning, I already got 5 missed calls from my mom and she still calling me. I am really scared to pick it up because I told her I will be home by 10. I know you guys will be like “what he talking about”. Ok so let me start from the beginning.

8:10 my phone is buzzing, one of my friend called about the concerned that happening tonight from 7 until 10 and he wanted me to go with him because he don't wanna go alone and I immediately said yes to him. I did think it was that important to ask my parents but I still did just to let them know not for their answer. And soon as I told them that I'm going out they said “No” to me not because they don't want me to go because they don't like the people I'm going with.

One night when my dad was coming back from work he saw some of my friends smoking and doing other things that made my parents change their opinions and what they use to think about my friends before. I am not going to lie, I knew that my friends smoke and other things, but I didn't think they was doing anything bad. I never thought whatever they do anything was bad bully people, fight, disrespect their parents and I thought it was it was fun bullying people I didn't like it when they use to bully me but I like it when they do it to others. I was never into fight and I don't even like fighting but for my friends I did fight because they their my best friend’s.

disrespecting parents I was always against it but whenever I came home after hanging out with my friends and hear them disrespecting their parents and ect.. I start talking it lightly. I changed myself a lot by being with them or you can say i changed myself just to be with them. Ok, back to the night its almost 10:30 and my friends and I just got in to my friend car and i was still thinking about the time I give it to my parents.

I was excited the same time because I am going home. On my way home but for a second I did stop thinking what my parents will say then I go home.The car was going 100 miles per hours and soon as role down the window I feel some cold air on my face the cold air made me forget all I had on my mind and the things I was thinking. After few second the car start to slow down and one point it stop working. I got really scared I start looking around but I didn't see anything except for few houses it was probably 12 o'clock by then. Our car broke down middle of nowhere I didn’t have any signal on my phone but I was still could hear the buzz on my phone.
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