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Breaking News; A Special Report

SLA es una escuela muy buena. SLA es pequeño y blanco también. A la escuela, tenemos una biblioteca, muchos clases, y un café. Tenemos los clubs de música, arte, y bailar. En la escuela, tenemos 500 estudiantes y mas o menos veinte profesores y profesoras. SLA está en Filadelfia. Me gusta SLA porque es divertida y extraña. ¡Es un buen ambiente para mi!

Clase: Ingles.
Profesora: La Señorita Dunn.
Actividades en la clase: leer, escribir, y ver videos.
Responsabilidades: estudiar, leer mucho, y practicar a escribir.

Materiales: un libro, una lápiz, y una computadora.

Clase: Geometría.
Profesora: La Señorita Thompson.

Actividades en la clase: escribir y hacer problemas de matemáticas.

Responsabilidades: prestar atención y completa la tarea.

Materiales: un lápiz y unas hojas de papel.
SPanish 2
Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 11.55.33 AM
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200 Photos.

For these photos I did a lot of playing around with the levels of photos and the tints on them. I wanted everything to still look realistic but I also wanted it to be different and eye catching. For each photo I tried to do something new. The eye photo I tried to make it look also animated so that it was still the same photo but it didn’t really look like a photo. For the snow one, in the original you couldn’t really see anything so I tinted it blue so you could see the “RF” and understand that it was snow and ice it was carved into. The lipgloss photo I decided looked too boring so I made it so that you couldn’t really see the background and the text on it was blue and green to give some sort of uniqueness. The “MAKE IT RAIN” photo inspired me that since rain is not 2-D then neither should my photo, so I made the colors have more definition and sharpness and a boost of color. I also tinted the background blue because when you think of rain, most people think of blue so to me it just made sense. Lastly with the hand I liked that the nails were chipped and all but I wanted to make it slightly eerie so I added wrinkles and darkened the photo to make it look like something that seems nice and pretty into creepy.

Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 9.02.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 9.02.28 PM
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Copy A Master

I made a copy of Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Back Yellow, and Gray by Piet Mondrian as an assignment for art but I added my own twist to it. All of the colors and shapes you see were photographed.


I went around the school and just took pictures of different colors and patterns so that I would have something unique while coping a master. When I got my pictures I put them into a pages document and starting cropping and shaping everything to look the same. It was frustrating getting everything to match but after hard word and very many edits I am happy with what I created for this copy of Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Back Yellow, and Gray.

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 5.53.03 PM
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Laptop Case.

With this assignment we were talk to create something inspired by something that we see on the internet. At first I had trouble because I couldn’t think of anything that caught my interest and then I don’t know how but I came up with the idea of a laptop cover.


To start off creating it I took the measurements of my computer and added an inch. I cut out a piece of black paper following those measurements, then outlined the apple logo on the comp so that when I painted over it, the apple sign would still be visible. Then I got my paints ready. I mixed together a purple and pink and then red and white so that everything wouldn’t be just one color. I laid my paper out in front of me and started painting. I used different methods, colors, and paint bushes to create texture. I set it out to dry and then finished.


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My Slide

​The feedback that I received was that my slide was not guiding my viewers eyes so what I did to change this was I decided to move my text, change the font and change the picture I had on the slide. First I changed my image from ballet slippers to a ballet dancer, what guides my viewers eyes is the dancer's torso which stretched towards my text. This allows my reader to look at the picture first notice the way his bidy is proportioned then read the text. Also the text was change to show that even though ballet is very disciplined there is still a whimsical side. The color of the text was a nude color on the original slide but I decided to make it a baby pinkish color so that it would contrast with not only my background but also my picture.According to presentation Zen contrast is very important because that determines wether or not my slide will grab my readers attention. 

New slide:
dance keynote
​Original Slide:
bryanna keynote dance
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I fixed this slide the way i did for multiple reasons. I used bright colors to grab the viewers attention. I made my word large because that really ties in my slide and explains to whoever is viewing it what my slide is about. The box at the bottom of my slide is there because it symbolizes the smaller, simpler, plainer things in life. I tried to make this slide busy but still keeping it subtle. 
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 11.22.54 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 11.47.18 AM
This another slide i did. i especially like this one because of the path i took. I wanted to be a little on the darker, spookier side.
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Q2 Media Fluency

   I first changed my slide based on the constructive criticism I received from my fellow classmates. I was suggested to change the color of the font. Instead of red in the phrase "lets rock", I changed it to yellow. That way it can match the background. 

   From what I had researched from the Presentation Zen website, I had to make the words big and easy to read. So I bolded the text and placed very little words. Another thing that I learned was that you should place one picture thats straight to the point. So I made my picture the backround. 
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Technology Slides Before & After !

Before I completed my second slide my original slide was very un organized. Some people didn't understand what I meant but when I described it more to them they understood it more. I picked two baseball pictures (A Back Catcher with a Batter, also a Pitcher.) In my interview I did a good job relating to the text and the websites that we had to gather information from to learn more about things that stand out. My slide is below.
My final slide
After I did my second slide and got recommendations from the student teachers and kids in the class and I came up with this idea. I've used my other resources to complete this and my final slide. I hope you enjoy. THank you.
Technology 1:27:2012
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Q2 Media Fluency Wendy

​I change my slide because my first slide was so crowded together, the pictures were all over the place, and now that i change it i like it, because it big , the picture is big and the words are big and pop out of the screen, they are big and you can read them clearly and the picture is with alittle girl ice cream fell on the floor. 
my slide
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Danny Wirt Q2 art work

In the picture above a created a clear vase that is half full, or half empty depending upon your observation, and was created using charcoal. I tried to create highlights in the vase using the eraser and i think it was partially successful. I am still rather proud of this for my ability to produce the shadows and show the liquids clarity in some portions of the picture where shadows made it darker in other parts. 


In the picture above i created a mask out of a special paint, some fabric that i cut, and some other house hold items i found. You can wear the mask using the fabric i attached on the sides. This was something i made from scratch and i am fairly proud of this. You could use it as a halloween mask. 

Original picture: 

Remastered version: 

I redrew this 2-D picture of ichigo, and i really tried to capture the detail in the body. He was covered in bandages on the face. I really like this piece of work. I really worked hard on this, which might be why i like it so much. 

Tie dye shirt: 

I learned how to make this and really wanted to make something creative. On the front if you look closely there is a face that you can see.I wanted to make the colors compliment each other. I also wanted the white on the one side and red on the other. 

Some pictures:
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.19.07 AMScreen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.58.20 AMScreen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.57.51 AM

These are some examples of some photos that i took, i didn't edit them because i find that editing them takes away from the meaning of the picture. Photographs speak and have a language of their own and editing them takes away from that language. So these are some of the pictures that i took. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 6.57.51 AM
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before and after

before picture
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.50.13 AM
after picture
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.49.53 AM
my slide was not that bad. my class mates told me too change the letters in the word dance. they told me to match the word "dance" to the color of the dress and shoes. what i also had to change was the size of both of the pictures. for my after picture i made both pictures equal.
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Before vs. After

I chose black so the white letters and white earphones are emphasized.

The picture of me is very simple and I have a very intricate swirl of thoughts representing music. I speak music to represent I represent it. Note that the word "are" is not very important, so it is relatively smaller.

From, I learned that a slide should not cram info. From I learned that there are certain colors that contrast , so I have a black background. From, I learned how to use Keynote’s Alpha. taught me to  use the word “you” or “your” far more than “I” “me” or “we.” And to make things pop out.

I bled my picture out the side and made the headphones pop out against the black. My thoughts of music spiral from my head into ooblivion. There is a minimum of words on my slide. They are absolutely relavant. And they are tilted slightly


After the constructive criticism, I made my head less choppy-looking by making it curve inward. Also, I made my face and the thoughts bigger because it is the main point. Instead of speaking, "melodies" , I made it a Larger , more intricate  letters underneath it. 
techppt copy
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2nd Slide

This is my new slide. In the slide I focused on depth and contrast. The most basic contrasting colors are black and white. On the white background I had all my images in black, and on the black background I had everything in white. The way the images get larger from left to right is the way I used the concept of depth.
Graphic design
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Tech Slide 2

I had to change the colors of the beginning letters to make them stand out more to show that they are the notes of the instrument. I also changed the smaller letters to a brighter color so they are easily visible from far away.
Nadir Meeks tech project

Alexis McCormick_Media Flouncy

​See the differences? 

The things I changed with my slide was very simple for example, since my presentation I learned that I need to change my text and color so it was more noticeable, and I change the way the text is laid out and put a little bit of pop into it.
new before and after
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Blog Post 3

The curfew topic hasn't really been spoken about since the end of the summer. There was only one official who was against the curfew law but even she presented her thoughts on the other side of the argument saying that it may be necessary because of the Philadelphia parents who don't parent. Her name is Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. She is a spokes person for the kids in Philadelphia. The mayor has to decide about the Philadelphia curfew and everyone on the committee has to help make the full decision. 
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spanish E1 u4 SLA

Un gran escuela en amistoso personas.
Sla poseer muy entonces cuatro cientos estudiantes y benti profesoros.
SLA pero vivo en 
Mi mucho gusta SLA. SLA es a muy muy amistoso y comico.

spanish 1
spanish 2
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Dos Favorito Clase

Clase: Bioquímica
Profesor/a: El Señor Sherif
Actividades en la clase: Hacer experimentos, trabajar juntos en el trabajo de clase, y aprender a trabajo una grupo.
Responsibilidades: estar preparado, prestar atención, y participar.
Materiales: La computadora, un cuaderno, un lápiz, y seguridad gafas.
Opinión: Me gusta porque es divertida, trabajar duro, y informativo.

La Clase de Bioquímica:


Tengo la clase de bioquímica los lunes-jueves todos los días menos miércoles. En la clase de bioquímica mi hacer experimentos, trabajar juntos de clase y aprender a trabajo una grupo. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora, un cuaderno, y seguridad gafas. Señor Sherif es muy inteligente y simpático. Sí Señor Sherif enseña bien porque su método de enseñanza es el mejor. Sí nosotros somos aprender mucho. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora y un lápiz, pero nosotros somos tienen que ser muy trabajar duro. Sí, bioquímica es mi favorito clase porque la clase de bioquímica es muy difícil y enseña tú para trabajar duro. ¿ Y a ti? ¿ Te gusta tu clase de bioquímica? ¿ Qué te gusta hacer experimentos?

Espanol project

Clase: Geometría
Profesor/a: La Srta. Thompson
Actividades en la clase: Hacer la solución de problem de matemáticas y aprender ecuaciones.
Responsibilidades: Estar prepardo, tomar punto, y participar.
Materiales: La computeradora, la carpeta, la calculadora,y un lápiz.
Opinión: Me fascina porque es dificil y trabajar duro.

La Clase de Geometría:

   Tengo la clase de geometría los lunes-jueves todo los días menos miércoles. La clase de geometría es muy importante. En la clase de geometría mi hacer la solución de problemas de matemáticas y aprender ecuaciones. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora, una calculadora, y una carpeta. Señorita Thompson es muy simpático y seria de las matemáticas. Sí mi enseña bien, mi enseña mucho. Sí nosotros somos aprender mucho. Para la clase necesitan para tener éxito en la clase de geometría es su comprensión cérea de las matemática. Sí, geometría es mi segundo favorito clase porque la clase de matemáticas es muy difícil pero mas o menos fácil. ¿ Y a ti? ¿Te gusta tu clase de geometría?

New Project 2

Mi escuela SLA es divertida, extraño, y muy diverso. La escuela tener un café para comer y relajante. SLA tener muy estudiantes. SLA tener cuatrocientos- cincocientos estudiantes. La escuela escubicacíon en céntrico Filadelfia. Mi opción de SLA es muy diferente porque la escuela hacer actividades.

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 7.12.35 PM
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"Me" Slide

Before my slide seemed to be cluttered and all over the place. Ms. Hull told me that the less I had the more eye catching it would be. I added just one picture this time with a quote so that my slide was more focused on the quote and not so much the pictures, which is why I don’t have pictures on there. Next I used alpha on a the pencil to get rid of the background that it came with. By adding the pencil I think it looked more creative and make it seems as though I wrote it myself. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 9.27.32 AM
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Ryan Francis Benchmark Reflection

  • Why did you choose this topic?'
    I wanted to make a song and a music video displaying my ability to exercise my 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. By doing so in the song, I said a lot of things that people would be able to make a discussion out of with their own set of ideas

  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?
    I liked the challenge to go above and beyond the usual history project. it gave us a chance to be creative and effective, and have our own say on why we appreciate certain laws in the constitution 
  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
    "The Freedom of the Press provides little, or no, additional protection than the Freedom of Speech itself, because the Court has worried that a "reporter's privilege" would be too difficult to define" I found this interesting, because I formally thought that reporters could talk about whatever they wanted in stories 
  • Where did you run into trouble with the project?

    Getting the project onto the course blog -_-, that was the most challenging part, because we had internet problems, FLV converter problems, and all of that. Our process was spot on though.
  • What went well with this project?
    When we got our ideas together, we flew off and finished the project easily. I finished the song, and Tariq & Jason and I filmed and edited the video. It was also successful for us to work with someone who's not even in our class. Jason was part of the D-Band AmGOV class
  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?
    If I could do it over, I woud take more of an academic approach to the project, instead of trying so hard to be creative and to stand out among the other projects. We kind of made a music video surrounding the C-Sband footage
  • What did you learn?
    I learned that I can be creative when it comes to history projects, and that not all history projects have to be boring, a lot of reading and hard to focus on. During this semester of AMGOV, Ive learned that I can make engaging projects in which people hold interest in, and in which people can really look at and have a lot to talk about with it.
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Clase: Español
Profesora: La Señorita Manuel
Actividades en la clase: leemos, "Quizlet" y hablamos
Responsibilidades: No hablar ingles, no hablar ingles.
Materiales: La carpeta, la computadora, unas pluma y un lapiz.
Opinion: la clase de espanol es muy facil y dificil

Clase: African american historio
Profesor: el señor Bierd
actividads: leemos y "evernote"
Responsibilidades: no hablar to amigos nada
Materiales: La computadora solo
Opinion: la clase de bierd es muy interesa. 
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Tech "Me" slide

When you see my slide it is very simple. In the background the viewer can see pointe shoes and in the front you see the words dance, sing,love live. I wanted to make sure that my slide was very simple and didn't want to much color contrast. I kept the colors simple with black, gray and the hot pink shoes and words. I used the pop of hot pink to catch you eyes. I catch the eyes of the viewer I made the text for each word different. For this slide i made sure that it was not to much going on and that each space of the slide was used wisely.
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I changed my slide a lot courting to my first slide because a lot of pictures and words was going on in the slide so i changed it and made it simple.
Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 1.04.11 PM
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