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Hohenstein Eddy Podcast

I am proud of how quickly we recorded and how well our accents sounded. I had a hard time knowing which verbs to conjugate though and if I had to do this over I would fix that and spend more time adding more information into my answers
Hohenstein Eddy Spanish Podcast


I'm proud of our unique questions in our podcast, I think we would be hired in a real life interview. We had a little bit of trouble following all the directions of the project. We didn't know we had to use the provided questions. I would make the podcast a little bit longer next time.

These are the answers to the regular questions.

Yo amo los animals y niños, y jugeos divertidos.

Yo soy un maestro, yo tengo cinco años de experiencia, y yo hablo español.

Los niños duermen a ocho.

Los niños salvan conmigo.

Yo trabajo bien con niños intelligentes.

No, yo trabajaré solo.

En cinco años yo trabajaré en Microsoft.

Yo trabajaré duro y largo cada dia.

Si, yo amaré a.

Yo conservaré la reglas de compania.


 The audio doesn't start until the 21 second.
spanish podcast

Q4 Spanish Podcast

spanish words
What i am must proud of is the process that me and my partner used. WE got all the questions answered and we recorded really quick. We had trouble with the conjugating of the words. If i could do it again i would have three other people check my work before recording. 
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AdlowitzQ4Intravista Podcast

During the project I was proud of the amount of spanish I knew but I didn't think I knew. I found my self looking for words on WordReference and I kept saying to myself "Wow I already knew that." I had trouble with the short amount of time I felt we had, like I would have much rather have had a rough draft due today, have people make edits, and then have a final due next like Monday or Thursday of next week. I feel like the only part that was a little bit difficult for me was translating certain adjectives. 
spanish podcast 4_19_12
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Dejah Harley Podcast with Tamatha Lancaster

​My podcast is on moodle. It has me answering the questions in the beginning and Tamatha answering the questions in the end. I think I did a good job with my conjugations and pronunciation of the words. I had trouble understanding how I should say other words because I never heard of them before. If I were to do it differently, I would do an intro, outro, and make a script. 

Sarena And Roger Podcast

we are proud that we can understand and pronounce spanish in the present and past tense. In this podcast / job interview we showed this through the interview answering questions like how will you help this company and what type of qualities are need for the job. 

Agente para importante inmobiliaria


sarena and roger

Rose Knibbe and Ellen to Intravista

​I'm proud of the process for this project. I had everything done on time and we had the project finished with plenty of time. If I was to do this again I would probably work a bit harder on making the sentences more detailed and interesting. The only thing I had a tough time with was working the website were we found the different jobs. 

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Mike y Ryan Podcast

I'm very proud of how detailed all of our speech was. While not all of the parts were done on time, we put it together very well, and we spoke very clearly.
spanish words

Rosie Flite

​I am proud of how hard I worked on this and I learned how to say some things that I never tried before. Some things I had problems with were my recording got cut off but I made do. If I could redo it, I would have of seen if there was anything I could of added to go above expectations. 
spanish interview

Q4 Intravista Podcast


This podcast was very easy. It didn't take too much work as long as you knew what you were going to say. I feel as though this was the easiest project we did in this class. I'm proud of the final project and how fast we got done it because we didn't play around. I had trouble pronouncing some of the words. I think that's the only thing I really struggled with. One thing I would do differently is try to find a quieter place. We thought the place where we were was going to be quiet but we was getting interpreted. We still managed to get everything done though. 
Spanish Podcast

Negative/Positive Space jzhang

Negative space is the space in between a picture. That if glued onto another papper it would make a symmetrical picture.

I just sorted out the pictures and just stared at it until i find it.

Makes the pictures more equal and more intresting.

Yes because it helps the artist with drawing things that are equal.

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Negative space by Max Amar-Olkus

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)
Negative space is everything that the subject isn't. You are drawing the space around the subject to show what the subject is. 

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?
In my cut out finding the negative space was relatively easy because it is already separated by the dark gray and light gray. In my drawing I found the space by drawing the space in between the still life. 

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist to see the negative space because it gives their art another dimension and allows them to see the whole spectrum of artwork. 

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not
It does enhance drawings because it helps with shading and other aspects of the piece. 
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As The Rocket Goes, So Go The Flyers

The Rockets are back at it again with another memorable performance on what has become hallowed ground at 35th and Oxford. Interesting development considering it was the last official home game for SLA, but it was taking place against their rival Strawberry Mansion on "their" field. Considering recent history, and  Ethan Reese pitching a complete game 10-0 shutout, striking out 14 batters along the way, it is pretty clear who now owns 35th and Oxford. 

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As The Rocket Goes, So Go The Flyers!

The Rockets are back at it again with another memorable performance on what has become hallowed ground at 35th and Oxford. Interesting development considering it was the last official home game for SLA, but it was taking place against their rival Strawberry Mansion on "their" field. Considering recent history, and  Ethan Reese pitching a complete game 10-0 shutout, striking out 14 batters along the way, it is pretty clear who now owns 35th and Oxford.

After a devastating loss to Del Val, which is doing a great impersonation of a buzz saw as they cut through the entire division en route to a 7-0 record, SLA needed a big win like this to bounce back into playoff contention. Also, it seems that the Flyers needed the Rockets to win again as well. After the 10-3 drubbing they took last night while trying to clinch the series, the Flyers look like they need a little help from their friends. It's kind of eerie how these two teams are intricately linked. Stretching back to the 2010 playoff run, which found the Flyers down 0-3 to the hated Boston Bruins, anytime the Rockets win a game so do the Flyers. After dropping their first 8 contests in embarrassing fashion, never getting closer than a six-run loss, SLA Coach Herman had enough of losing. His pre-game speech against Comm Tech, which beat them 13-5 in their first game of the season, was curt and to the point. "Look, I am so tired of losing and I know you are too. I got tickets for the Flyers tonight and I'll be damned if getting mercy ruled again by a team we can beat is going to make me miss the start of the greatest comeback sports has ever seen. Let's just do the things we work on in practice and beat these guys. We are better than this. Start playing for one another and it will start to click". And click did it ever. With several starters missing the game, SLA stomped all over Comm Tech 25-10 for their first win in team history. Later that night the Flyers won in overtime 4-3 and started what has become exactly what Coach Herman predicted. 

The rest of that series against the Bruins found the Flyers battling back from deficits and shutting down the high-octane Bruins to even the series at 3-3. Funny thing was that the then 1-8 Rockets has also won two more games of their own, and each game happened on the same day the Flyers were slated to do battle. So it came down to the final game of the season for the Rockets, while the Flyers and Bruins set to duke it out in Boston for Game 7 on the same day. Just like the Flyers, the Rockets fell behind 3-0 to University City, but then all hell broke loose when several players threatened and actually tripped a Rocket on the base paths. Coach Herman called a timeout, and much like the magical time out called by Flyers coach Peter Laviolette at the end of the first period that led to a critical goal, the Rockets responded with cooler heads and hotter bats. SLA went on to score 13 unanswered runs to crush University City 13-3, all the while the SLA bench chant of "Let's Go Flyers" grew louder as each run crossed the plate. The Flyers completed the most epic and improbable comeback in sports history later that night with a 4-3 win over Boston to advance to the Eastern Conference Championship and eventually the Stanley Cup Finals. 

But the connection continued in the 2011 season as well. Whenever the Rockets won so did the Flyers, and while both made the playoffs, the Rockets for the first time in school history and the Flyers with high expectations to return to the Finals, both were bounced early on. This brings us to 2012 and the "one for the ages" Keystone State matchup of Flyers-Penguins. Save for the now most infamous modern hockey game this past Sunday at Wells Fargo Center, which the Flyers won 8-4, the link between the Rockets and Flyers is very much intact. Last week the Rockets beat their nemesis and playoff rival Randolph 14-4, and the Flyers came back to win Game 1 4-3 in overtime. The Rockets had that 400ft Walk-Off 10-8 win over University City on Friday when Raekwon Smith crushed a major league home run in the bottom of the 7th, which was followed by the Flyers trouncing the Pens 8-5 to take a 2-0 series lead. The 189 penalty minute game on Sunday happened with SLA idle, but then the wheels came off both teams. Short an impressive comeback to stave off the Mercy Rule for a few innings when they were down 13-1 in the 4th, the Rockets couldn't claw back to truly make it a game against the Del Val juggernaut, and the Flyers also got thumped by Pittsburgh 10-3. So while today's matchup between the Rockets and Strawberry Mansion was what their Coach considered the beginning of a playoff mentality to ensure the playoff were still a reality, SLA players and Coach all felt that the game had much greater implications.

SLA got it started early with Ethan Reese's lead off triple. Stephen White walked and Jeff Schwartz brought them both home with a rip shot to Mansion's Short Stop who took too long to throw to first. Ethan was running on contact, and Stephen went for home once the throw was off line to first. By the time the top of the SLA order was up again, Ethan Reese had already struck out 7 including the side in the 3rd. Reese got another single to lead off the third. He would finish the day 4-4 with the triple, 2 runs scored, 2 RBIs and 5 stolen bases. Stephen hustled hard down the line and reached on an error when Mansion's first basemen couldn't handle the throw. Reese scored and two quick steals later Stephen was on third for a heartbeat before Jeff Schwartz brought him in to make it 4-0. 

In the 4th TJ Nicolella, who was hit by a pitch, would scored to make it 5-0 on Reese's third hit of the game, and SLA broke it open in the 5th with four more runs. Ian McClendon got it started by working a lead-off walk and then stole second. Abe Musselman ripped a shot at the short stop who bobbled the ball and Ian scored when the throw to first was off-line. Abe stole second a moment later, but it didn't matter because Raekwon Smith smacked another monster shot, this time to right center for a triple and the RBI. It seemed as if Rae was going to be stranded at third after Vernon Holt struck out back-to-back Flyers I mean Rockets, but Jhonas Dunakin came through batting in the 9th slot with a hot-shot double down the line just past a diving third basemen to make it 8-0. Ethan Reese brought him home with his team-leading 4th hit of the game to stay perfect at the plate and quickly stole 2nd and 3rd. Coach Herman whispered in his ear, "you are the winning run, so get a move on the second there is contact", as he made it to third. Stephen White, who went 2-4 with 2 runs scored, an RBI and 3 stolen bases on the day ripped a shot to left, but it was right at their fielder. lose to walking off with the mercy rule victory then and there, SLA had to settle for a 9-0 lead going into the 6th. 

But this added some drama and some extra Ks for Reese as he struck out Mansion's deadly hitter Bynum for the third time in the game. Their other huge threat, starting pitcher Vernon Holt, worked a walk and then stole second and third. Trying to do it all on his own, Holt got greedy and tried to steal home, but Reese fired in time for Schwartz to apply a hard tag to Holt's face as he slid in to preserve the shutout. Rees struck out their cleanup hitter Croxtin for the second time on the day, and SLA moved to the bottom of the sixth looking for just one run to wrap it up. 

Jeff Schwartz got the party started with a roaring double down the third base line, and then stole 3rd on the next pitch. 90 feet away from victory, no outs. Holt walked McClendon who worked the count and quickly moved to second on catcher's indifference. That brought up Abe Musselman, who had a double and a triple in the game against Del Val, and continued the hot bat with a single to win the game and finish 3-4 with 2 RBIs and 1 run scored. Shortly after the teams lined up to shake hands Allen Harmon walked over to their coach and engaged him in conversation to distract him long enough to ensure he got the full brunt of the water bucket, a ritual that has carried over since that first win back in 2010. Soaking wet, Coach Herman passed out game balls and "pickles for triples" as he shouted "second place boys, we're in second place!"

So after the 10-0 methodical dismantling of Strawberry Mansion, Flyers fans should feel a bit more at ease going into tomorrow's Game 5 in Pittsburgh. After all, as the Rocket goes so go the Flyers. Perhaps the Rockets should start wearing Orange to clarify their affiliation, and perhaps Ed Snider can pay for the uniforms. Season tickets also seem to be in order. Just sayin'!   

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Intravista Con Ellen To y Rose Knibbe

Write a short reflection explaining what you're proud of, what you had trouble with and what you would do differently if given the chance to do it over again. 

The purpose of this project was to show off what we learned about responding to job interview questions and to show people what we are capable of doing in a real world job situation.There were a lot of good parts when it came to our project. One of them was that we learned and spoke spanish clearly to each other. Another thing I am proud about is that we did this project with in a weeks time. One thing I had trouble with was pronouncing some of the words but with practice, I got them nicely for the podcast. Another thing I would do differently if I had another chance to do it would be to plan ahead of time and organize my audio some more.


- My goals is to maintain a conversation with a Spanish person.

I plan to find someone on livemocha but I do not understand that site so I might use someone in our school.

Questions I could ask first are like conversation starters and start off with simple spanish 1-2 stuff.
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The Gates Millennium Scholarship

​Congratulations to Science Leadership Academy's own Bach Tong, winner of the prestigious 2012 Gates Millennium Scholarship! Bach will receive a full four-year scholarship to the university of his choice plus financial support for graduate school.

Bach, we are so proud of you and your extraordinary perseverance, accomplishments and leadership!


4/19 Bully (MOVIE) All 10th graders (all kids that play sports stay at school)

"Bullying takes place within a larger social context comprised of the relationships among students, teachers, administrators, and staff of the school as well as the members of the larger community.  These relationships contribute to the culture of the school and set the stage for the degree to which bullying situations are tolerated or taken on. BULLY shows the complexity of the community and culture surrounding any school  exemplified in the aftermath of Tyler Long’s suicide in Murray County, Georgia.  Five weeks after his death, Tyler’s parents organized a town hall meeting to bring their community together to talk about bullying."
from -

Get involved! Link to BULLY project.

Viewing Guide Link

GET HELP NOW LINK - OR CALL - 1-855-201-2121
Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 10.33.28 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 10.13.00 PM
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Process Paper:

I picked my topic the Civil

Rights Movement, because I have learned many things about it over the years,

but I know there is a lot that I haven’t learned. I want to learn more about

three specific events, and they were: The Bus Boycott, The I Have A Dream Speech,

and The Assassination of MLK. I knew the basic stuff already, but I wanted to

dig down deeper into the situation so I did.

I checked many different

websites looking for new information, and I found some new things, but I wasn’t

satisfied. So I did something I never do, I read a book, the Rosa Parks

Biography. I learned some things from it; one really interesting thing was that the Boycott might have been set up. Rosa wasn’t the first person to get arrested for sitting in the front of a bus. It was a 16-year-old pregnant girl, I didn’t include this in my project, but it was new to me.

I made my articles like a regular

2fer from English class, but that wasn’t the way I was supposed to do it. I had

to make them like actual newspaper articles so I did. It was kind of hard for

me, but I did it to the best of my abilities.

Then I made my website. I tried to

put the events in order so people could travel through time on my website to

see what the civil right movement was like. I have pictures from each event on

each page. I feel that the website is good. The articles aren’t long, and

boring just about a page and a half for each category. I also have a video of

MLK making his I Have A Dream Speech. In the end I was somewhat proud of my website. It could have been better, but it is what I produced.

Primary Sources:
  1. King, Martin, dir. I Have A Dream. Perf. Martin King. Youtube, 1963. Web. 13 Jan 2012. <>
This is a video of the MLK I have a dream speech. I like this source because it not only give me a chance to see him give his speech, I get to see the crowds reaction to each every word he had to say. Everyone had good reaction. I first thought it was only blacks who attended the speech, but whites also attended.
  1. , and Rosa Parks. Parks Rosa. 1955. Photograph. Clarion Ledger, Montgomery.
This is a picture of Rosa Parks being arrested after her bus incident on December 1st 1955 the website behind the photo explains what exactly happened the day she was arrested. I feel like this is a credible source, I like it.
  1. , and Terry Marshall. King Martin. 1957. Photograph. Terry Marshall, Montgomery. //
MLK was arrested in Birmingham for leading the Civil Rights movement. He was set to lead a march, and the police would not allow it. He was spit on, and disrespected, and every other way. After all of that he was arrested. Very good picture, and background story.
  1. , and Civil Rights Act. King Martin, President Johnson. 1964. Photograph. Art and History House, Washington.

This is a picture of President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Civil Rights leaders including MLK are in this picture, and were apart of this the Civil Rights Movement. It was a something MLK had been fighting for a very long time.

  1. , and Lorraine Hotel. MLK Assasination. 1968. Photograph. Art and History House, Memphis.
The is a photo of MLK laying on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel after being shot by “James Earl Ray”. Jesse Jackson, and two other guys were around MLK when he was shot. I like this source because it shows me exactly where MLK was when he was shot, and it has the immediate reaction of the people who were around him.
Secondary Sources:
  1. Luther King JR, Martin, ed. "Martin Luther King's Speech: 'I Have a Dream' - The Full Text." ABC NEWS, 28 008 1963. Web. 5 Jan 2012.
This is the I have a dream speech in text. I read this before I watched the video just so I could know what MLK was saying, because during the video I was really paying attention to the reactions of people around him. This source is good because it has the whole speech, and now I know everything MLK said when he gave his speech. I like this source.
  1. Cozzens, Lisa. "Brown v. Board of Education." African American
        early-civilrights/brown.html (25 May 1998).
This is an article about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and how it started. I feel like this source is good, because it digs deep down into the Bus Boycott. Rosa Parks was arrested, and Civil Rights Leaders such as MLK got into action, encouraged blacks not to ride public transportation. Very enjoyable source to read.
  1. Johnson, Jasmine. "The Martin Luther King Assassination." Marry Ferrel Foundation, n.d. Web. 3 Jan 2012. <
When MLK was shot people all around the nation were affected by it emotionally. This source tells almost everything that happened leading up to Kings death. He was in Memphis for some Sanitary workers who were on strike.
  1. Williams, Sarah. "December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks arrested." CNN, 03 003 2003. Web. 5 Jan 2012. <>.
  2. Rhein, Jamie. "Martin Luther King Jr.: The house where he lived in Montgomery is a museum." Gadling, 21 001 2008. Web. 13 Jan 2012. <>.
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La dieta - Lindsay Lohan


El Almuerzo




Dos hamburgesas y dos el refrescos


Uno pollo fritos, cuarenta las papas fritas, y uno el refresco


 Dos el sandwiches, y una taza la leche


Uno hamburgesa y una el refresco


Uno sandwich y uno pollo frito y una taza la agua.


Uno hamburgesa y una taza la agua


Las papas fritas y una el refresco y una manzana.



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Q3 Art Work

This Q3 I didn't follow a lot of the assignments given but I did do work. This first picture Is a picture of me when I was younger and I first editted it on the computer and then used another resource to add extra graphics to it. I like my photo edits for this picture it gives it a vintage feel with a war effect.
young tor
This assign met I had to draw a picture of myself. We used mirrors in class to look at ourself while we drew the picture my indeed it was a challenge. I drew the picture picture from a side view because it would be a little easier. Drawing pictures of yourself is a little hard because you do't really know how to draw yourself as you see yourself. It is much easier to draw other people. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 3.11.22 AM
I this picture I drew a sunset with pastel. One day in art I wasn't really feeling the assignment given so I started to shaded colors together and before I knew it I had a sunset. I first started using shades of yellow and orange and drew a half circle in yellow, the shaded orange around it. Then I used shades of blue and green for water. Together this formed a warm sunset.
I this assignment we had to shade objects and I shaded an object I drew myself that I saw in my mind. So there are a series of rectangles around each other and I as I drew the shapes I began to shade. At first the shade was hard because you had to go from a hard shade to a soft shade ad sometime it was difficult to transition but as I did more It got much easier.
Photo on 4-18-12 at 3.17 AM
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