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Daily Routine

This assignment was about your daily routine. Describing step by step what you do in spanish. You have to make sure you conjugate, know the vocabulary. The vocabulary was things that were in the bathroom, what you do in the morning, items, and other things you use in your daily routine. I enjoyed this project alot. It was fun taking a pictures.

  • That my routine was constant and very interesting. Makes me laugh how I do the same thing. but never noticed.
  • Conjugating. I do it very well.
  • Right now im reflection on my project. Collaboration was used when my peers edited my benchmark.  Inquiry was used when I made my thought process about imovie. Research I studied the packet, and words.
  • I would actually add a video of  me doing these things instead of pictures.
Pasos - Medium


The project was to make a video or comic shpwing how we start and do during our day and describe it in spanish.

What I learned doing this is how long my day actually is, and how to use words in spanish to describe time, schedules, actions, new ways of conjugating, rules and helpful cheats to make it easier to remember. I had a better understanding of using Imovie at the end of this project and learned how much I actually repeat steps in a day like how many times I brush my hair or shower. Overall I got a better hold on the spanish language.

Daily Routine


This assignment taught me how to describe my daily routine. It helped me learn some key things. It helped me learn how to say helpful things like brush your teeth, sleep, get dressed, and much more. I enjoyed learning those types of words more in depth because they could come in very hand y while in a Spanish speaking environment. 


I learned that my routines are some what different depending on which house I stay at, even though I didn't specify which house I do certain things at in my project. I learned as I mentioned before ways of telling people what I do on a daily basis that could in handy if I'm in a spanish speaking environment. These will be very useful in communication. I used Inquiry to research words and verbs in dictionaries. I used research throughout my inquiry by using people and dictionaries as sources. I used collaboration by peer editing other people's PASOS, and by having other people edit mine. I used presentation by making my video to show that I can pronounce the words correctly and by showing people what I have learned. And reflection is what I am currently doing. I would separate it into weekdays and weekends and by which parent's house I am at. My daily routine changes depending on which house I am at, and what day it is. In my project I tried to incorporate some of what I do at both of my parent's houses.  

Max Amar-Olkus Q2BM español 2

The assignment was to describe our daily routine and make a video about it. I enjoyed this project.

I learned that I do the same thing pretty much every day and that my days are boring. I acquired the skill of conjugating reflexive verbs. I used the core values in many ways. I used the research and inquiry values because I had to look up some words that weren't in the vocabulary sheet. I used the collaboration value when I peer-edited  and got help from others. My presentation is in movie form. Reflecting back I will use what I learned in the future. If I could do this project over again I would make things up so my life seems more interesting. 

Jschwartz Spanish Project

​In this experiment we had to describe our daily routine. 
I like using imovie, and it was an easy project.
I learned that I do a lot in a day.
I was nice to practice the vocab., and conjugation.
Inquiry- We are asked to describe our daily routine. 
Research- I had to find different conjugations in my notes.
Collaboration- I worked with my group members, to make my project good.
Presentation- I had to make one in imovie.
Reflection- This is a reflection
I would add more steps in my presentation with more dialogue. 
New Project - Medium


In this video i will show you what i go through in one day. It just me , myself , and I doing what i do best and that is being crazy. 
This project was fun. It was new thing for me and for the first time it was easy. I really lied making the video. 

My Daily Routine

This project is my daily routine I do on the week day. I thought I about things I do each day from morning til when I get home, and made it into a video. I really enjoyed this project because it wasn;t as hard as I thought it would be, in fact it was very simple.

I learned that IU do a lot to prepare in the morning before I leave the house. I learned is explaining what I do in spanish, so now I can amaze people. I reflected and researched on my day, I collaborated the steps I take and presented it with a video. I would schedule out more time so I can actually use pictures of myself.
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J-tartaglia Daily Routine

This is my daily Routine

This is basically my morning routine of what i do to get ready for school every day. I enjoyed finding the funny pictures.


I learned more about how to say you did stuff and how to use the words right in different sentences. The skills help if i ever need to talk to someone in spanish and I need to say the right meaning. I would change the fact that i used pictures instead of videos.
Spanish Benchmark Jtartaglia term 2


 Mi escuela secundaria es Science Leadership Academy (SLA).  Es divertida, interesante y muy diferente.  Tenemos muchos programas en nuestra escuela.  SLA tiene alrededor de quinientos y cincuenta profesores.  SLA está situado en 22nd y Arch en Central Ciudad.  Me gusta SLA porque es muy interesante y diferente.


Profesor: Señor Block

Actividades en la clase: hablamos sobre otro clases

Responsibilidades: prestar atención

Materiales: La computadora y un libro

Opinion: Es muy interesante


Profesor: Señor Baird

Actividades en la clase: Trabajamos duro y leemos sobre de el guerra civil.

Responsibilidades: Es difícil. Prestar atención, estar preparado, tomar apuntes y trabajar duro.

Materiales: La computadora

Opinión: Muy aburrido

E1 U4 VideoBlog
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Blog Post #5

(​Blog Post 3)

The status of my issue isn't fully clear but it doesn't seem that it's on the top of the to-do list. On the city council website there are either broken links or misdirected pages to say who's working on what topics and what the facts are. 

For my particular topic the main supporters or allies would be the non-profit organizations that either are in support of shelters or provide the supplies for the shelters. These people care and they are amazing advocates but more importantly they have invested in the well being of the homeless and that makes this topic something they can't just wake up one morning and walk away from like a politician can. Surprisingly my representative Darrell L. Clarke is on the board for ethics, safety and housing and homeless. However in my district alone I witness countless amounts of people everyday sleeping on the sidewalk. 

Broken down by congressional districts, the Philadelphia area ranks in the top 2 highest homeless population percentages.

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 10.18.19 AM Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 10.18.58 AM

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 10.20.53 AM

Representative Robert Brady & Chaka Fattah, are responsible for these districts and if this information was more widely know I think the representatives would feel a bigger need for change. I think the people to be influenced are the people who dont' realize these things are going on. 

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