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Home Network, Irwin-Diehl

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My LAN begins with the Internet, which is gathered by my ISP Comcast, who then feeds it into my living room using a Co-Axle cable, and phone line to connect my home phone, for about $89 a month.That Co-Ax cable then connects to my modem/router. The router gives internet access via an ethernet cord to my desktop. Everything else, including laptops, smart phones, Smart TVs, and DVD player, receive their internet access using the WiFi that my router emits throughout the house. From this experience, I learned that the router is very important in my home network, as well as Comcast itself. I also found out that my parents are paying 1,068 dollars a year, just to keep us connected to the rest of the World Wide Web! Internet Service Providers may be costly, but they allow you to keep up with everything going on around the globe, and will probably become essential in the near future as our lives become more and more dependent on technology and the Internet.
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Home Network, Khan.

My home network begins with my ISP, or the internet service provider, mine being Verizon. First it's connected to my modem/router combo by the Ethernet cable, which then connects to the desktop computer and home phone. I also have wifi connecting any laptops, cellphones, gaming devices and TV's in the house. 
I have learned quite quickly that the rather unorganized network of cables in my dinning room is actually a lot more complicated than it already looks. There's a huge bundle of inner connecting wires that pull everything together in the end. 
Everyone should really know that the ISP network is very complicated and very important. Without it, you wouldn't have internet at all, and frankly I doubt anyone could live without it. 
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SLA Playwrights Shine!

​Many SLA students won awards in Philadelphia Young Playwrights' Annual Playwriting Festival! Their plays are awesome!

Myrna Yousuf won third place for her play Love in Bangladesh.
Hikma Salhe won third place for her play False Happiness.
Lindsey Jones won second place for her play Two Drops of Genesis.
Zack Hersh won second place Father, Mother, Son.
Mitchell Berven-Stotz won second place for his play Double Takes.
Mia Weathers-Fowler won first place for her play Mirrors and Windows.

Mia's play will be performed at Temple University between Oct 2-11 as part of the New Voices Workshop Productions. Woo hoo!

New Voices 2014 Postcard_Page_1 (565x800)
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Kaamil Jones Home Network

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​ The Devices that are in my L.A.N include my moms phone, my iPad, my brothers Kindle, my laptop, my phone, my printer and my chromebook. One thing you should know is that your parents can see everything your doing in your home network. If your in someone else network they can see everything your doing while on their network 
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Home Network, Feliciano

My L.A.N. has may devices connected to it. It has to many cellphones to count, about 6 gaming consoles, 4 tablets and e-Readers, 3 laptops and even the TV's's are connected. My home network is pretty basic. My internet connects to my I.S.P. (Verizon). The fiber optic cable goes into the family room which is on the second floor of my house and is where my Modem Router is located. The fiber optic cable connects to the Modem Router. From there the Modem Router does all the work. The only thing connected directly to the Modem Router in my house is my PS3 (Play Station 3). All the other devices in my house are connected wireless. I had an OMG moment when i realized how expensive the services from my I.S.P. was so expensive. Its $3,096 a year! Besides that nothing really shocked me. That's my Home Network.
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Home Network, Yang

All of the devices on my home network are: my iPod, my father's Macbook, my Macbook, my housemate's desktop computer, the wireless speakers, and my printer. 

This assignment taught me how incredibly complex and advanced the entire international Internet network is. It's amazing to me that in one second, something can travel (through the Internet) around the world. I don't understand it all completely, but I do know the basics and I've finally been exposed to the beginnings of the world of the Internet. 

Something that stuck out to me about what we learned was that our ISPs can control the quality and speed of our Internet. It bothers me that they would slow the Internet down for people who don't or are not able to pay as much. I don't think that this is fair.
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Home network, Polson

My home network starts with a Modem Router combo.  We have a fiber optic wire that connects from the modem router to Verizon.  My dads computer is connected to the modem router and everything else is connected with the wi-fi, like our phones, lap tops, and printer.     
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Home Network, Miller

First, the cloud sends internet to a company called Wilco. Then, the company sends internet through a coaxial cord to my room. My room has a coaxial cord which connects to my wifi. In results, my phone and laptop is connected to my wifi. 
I have learn that all internet comes from the clouds. I didn't have an omg moment , so I have nothing to say about that. Other people need to know what you put on the internet can't be erased; It will always be there.
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Home Network, Sell

My cable is a fiber optics cable that comes into my house through my little brothers room and goes into the hallway to my modem-router which is black and has 5 green lights.

I have Verizon Fios which costs 60 dollars a month for a total of 720 dollars a year.

My family has 4-5 laptops, a desktop, multiple phones and a printer connected to our home network.  One thing that should be noted is that everything is connected in your home network and oftentimes you can get into one device from another.
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Home Network, Tito Mazzucchi

Hello, My name is Tito Mazzucchi and I will be explaining my home network.

Where does my wifi in my house enter from? What is an ISP? What are the network devices that are connected to my home network in my house?? In my tecnology class we learned all about this, and even if I did know most of the elements that were part of the network, this class really helped me understand the order and how these things work together and also the jobs of every element involved.

Lets begin by describing the structure and the order of my home network. I have a total of 16 devices that are connected to the network and every one of them gets affected by the data that travel through my house wifi. So where does this all begin?

The cloud is the internet/www data from the cloud goes into my house with the help of my Internet Service Provider (ISP), Comcast. Comcast uses a Coax to transfer the Cloud's data into my house. This costs a total of 30 dollars a month to add up to a total of 360 dollars per year to pay for my house's internet connection. The Coax cable enters my house through the wall in the studio room and connects to the Modem. The Modem is then attached to my router using an Ethernet Cable. The Router emits a wireless signal to:

Desktop x2
Laptop x4
iPod/Phone x5
iPad x2
Roku x1
Wii x1

So yeah.. That was my Home Network.
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Home Network, Lily Palmer

My network starts with a modem/router. All of my technology is wireless. My laptop, my moms laptop, and my printer are wireless. I about my router and how the things in my house connect to it. I also learned about the cable that brings the internet from outside of my house to the modem. To have a home network, you have to know about the wire that connects your internet from outside of your house. You should also know what connects to your modem (computers, gaming systems, etc.)
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Home Net Work Wu.

  • ​     Here are several device that is connect to my home net work. My dad have a laptop, my brother have a laptop, an iPhone, and an iPad; we also have two house phones, my mom don't have any device that is connect to the net work, and i have an iPad and this laptop that I am now typing with.

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Home Network Morales

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Hello SLA! I present to you today my Home network! My family no longer uses Ethernet chords, so everything is wireless. My Xbox 360, Chromebook, Tablet, family Laptop, Phone, Ipod, and Wii easily connect to the wifi. My printer is rather complex, it is not wired to my modem, so it as well lives on the network via wireless.  

My OMG moment was when I scrambled to find how the internet is brought into my home. I eventually found the wire, but it lead straight to the ground. Upon further investigation I discovered that the wire comes through the basement up through the walls and to the Modem and Cable box.
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Girls Soccer Takes Home Big Win

The Rockets had a commanding 10-0 win versus division rivals, George Washington, on Monday. Captain Alyssa Winner scored her third hat trick of the season, with Co-Captain, Aateeyah Sharrieff chipping in with two goals and three big assists. Freshman, Emma Schwingel-Sauer also had two goals. Other scores came from a penalty kick by Nikki Adeli, a beautiful long shot from Hannah Nicoletti and defender, Zoe Schwingel-Sauer's, first career goal--on her birthday! Goalkeeper and co-captain, Imani Holness, had her second shutout of the season.

The team is now 3-3 and preparing for a tough game versus Northeast on Wednesday. Go Rockets!
Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 7.44.48 PM
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SLA Cross Country Team Supports Courtney's Crusaders

Big shout out to Reggie Simmons who invited and hosted the SLA Cross Country team in the Four Seasons Parkway run to benefit CHOP cancer research. Participants ran on Reggie's sister's team, "Courtney's Crusaders". Yesterday Zahirah, Saamir, Kevin, Desmond, Amelia, Melissa, Amy, Thomas, Cassie, Riley and Reggie ran a 5K race. Des placed 3rd in his age group and won a medal. Great job runners!
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The 2014-2015 Time Machine, SLA's 6th Yearbook, is ON SALE NOW! While the book will not be completed until the end of the year, reserving your copy before October 31st is a MUST. Why? For starters, it's a great way to preserve your memories. This full-color, hardback book, valued at level: Priceless, but on sale for $60, is for the entire school community. You'll crave getting signatures in your book at the end of the you think you can top Mr. Lehmann's record? Only one way to find out...RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY! A deposit of $30 is due by 10/31/14 to place your order. Don't Wait! See Mr. Reddy with your payments/questions. Also, feel free to email pictures for consideration in the book to Here's to another great edition!
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.01.00 AM
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Future of SLA Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 17
SLA Cafe

Come join members of the SLA community as we talk to representatives from the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute to discuss where SLA will live after our lease is up in June 2016.

Come make your voice heard! 
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Discovering Art History (pg22-73)

1. Acrylic paints has become a very popular media because of its versatility. It's able to adhere to different types of surfaces such as wood, glass, paper, masonite, cardboard etcetera. It can be thinned with water, its easy to clean up and it drys fast. Acrylic can be applied both thick and thin. I haven't used too many painting and drawing medias but the ones I have used are mostly basic ones. Those include, paper and pencils. However, I have also used charcoal, paint and canvases before. 

2. In sculpting, additive means to put a piece together and subtractive is when you take something away from your piece. A medium that is often additive is steel, bronze is casted, mosaics and furniture are modeling but furniture is also subtractive.  

3. Duane Hanson's Football Player is a sculpture made from liquid silicone rubber. He uses real life models to help create an exact likeness of his model. 

4. Vermeer emphasizes light in his Officer and Laughing Girl by adding the open class window and showing contrast in this piece. He shows the different reflected lights and the different shades of shadow.

5. In Tiepolo's Adoration of the Magi, contrast is really used well to create the viewer's eyes to follow the direction that the artist wants them to. There are so many details and things going on in this one piece but you can truly see where the artist wants you to focus. That specific part that the artist wants you to focus is very clear and colored in light colors for the viewer to see all the details.


  1.    I select Romare Bearden's Eastern Barn to analyze. This piece really intrigues me because of the amount of interpretation that the viewer is left with. Its very unique because its not created through the regular process of getting something on the canvas. There are so many parts to it. The piece involves color, pasting paper, abstract, contrast and probably many more. In the end, the whole piece looks very different from other drawings and paintings. It looks different in a good way, leaving the viewer in curiosity and excitement. I would interoperate this as two men having a conversation and a little girl listening to it. All of this happening in a barn. I say that because of the title its given. 
  2. In Nicholas de Stael, Landscape in Vaucluse, colors are mainly used to bring out the theme of the art. The intensity of the colors create the value in the art. Theres both light and dark value. Its also interesting how the artist decided to make it right next to each other, allowing us to really see the difference/ contrast in the painting. 
  3. Edgar Degas' The Star, or Dancer on Stage uses cool colors. (pg65/49) In Joseph Mallord William Turner, Burning of the House of Parliament uses warm colors. This warm color comes form the fire. (pg66/50) 
  4. The Raven sun clan mast with beak is symmetrical. William H. Johnson, Li'l Sis painting is asymmetrical. 
  5. Mary Cassatt's Sleeping Baby is both a painting and a drawing but if I had to choose one, I would say its a painting. I say this because of the way the colors are presented on the canvas. How the colors mixes at the bottom of her dress. I feel like with drawing there would be more details. But I'm not saying that there are not lots of details in this picture of that, there is a good amount of detail in this picture. I say its a painting because when you look at the over all, it just seems like a painting. 
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Back To School Nights

9th and 12th Grade Back to School Night
Tuesday, September 16th - 6pm
9th Grade: Welcome to SLA - Meet your teachers and advisors.
12th Grade: College and Senior Life Meeting

10th and 11th Grade Back to School Night
Thursday, September 18th - 6pm
Meet with Advisory Families and meet your teachers

We look forward to seeing all SLA families at Back to School Night!
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Modified Schedule Day 1 & 2 ~ 9/8 & 9/9

First Day of School - Monday, September 8th
  • 8:15-10:10 Advisory

  • 10:15-11:00 A Band

  • 11:05-11:50 X Band

  • 11:50-12:35 Y Band

  • 12:40-1:25 B Band

  • 1:30-2:15 C Band

  • 2:20-3:05 D Band

Second Day of School - Tuesday, September 9th
  • 8:15-9:00 E Band

  • 9:05-9:45 Advisory

  • 9:50-10:50 A Band

  • 10:55-11:55 Y Band

  • 11:55-12:55 X Band

  • 1:00-2:00 B Band

  • 2:05-3:05 C Band

Below is SLA's regular Schedule:
Screenshot 2014-09-06 14.24.15
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Calling Class of 2018 for Summer Institute 2014 - 8/26,27,28

Class of 2018, 
Please come and join us for 3 mornings of introductions and exploration!

Seeing Ourselves/Seeing the City
An Expedition into 9th Grade

August 26th – August 28th 9:00 am – 12:00 noon - bring a lunch

At the Science Leadership Academy, we understand that the transition into High School can be a difficult one. We are pleased to offer a three-day Summer Institute this August, to ease that transition and allow our students and faculty to begin forging bonds together as a learning community – before the “hard work” of the classroom begins.

Led by faculty and upper-class students, this three-day orientation will have two goals, the first is to begin the process of bringing them into the unique, diverse SLA community. To that end, students will spend part of the time in their Advisory Groups, getting to know the students and teachers that will be a part of their community from their first day at SLA through graduation and beyond.

Second, the week will be built around our philosophy of student-driven, hands-on, project-based learning. We want to introduce our students to SLA’s core values of InquiryResearchCollaborationPresentation, and Reflection from the start, and get them acclimated to the high expectations we have for their high school careers. Using The Franklin Institute and other Philadelphia sites as their “classroom,” students will begin working to explore a variety of questions and problems relating to their surroundings and their place within it. Our students will practice the art of “seeing in new ways” as it relates to the process of observation, analysis, and interpretation.

During Summer Institute, students will work to ultimately create a collaborative project to present to their classmates, while, at the same time, establishing positive relationships and a sense of themselves as first-year SLA students. It will be an exciting, enriching, and energizing way to gear up for the year.

See you in August!

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