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Brandon's Quarter

During the first quarter we talked about acceptable use policy for our school and the School District of Philadelphia. We also read a book involving internet security. I feel as though this unit was very productive.
I really enjoyed this quarter.
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Home Networking

I learned about networking and how to be safe with the Internet. I also learned about the acceptable use policy for the school district and S.L.A. I now understand how my Home Network runs through all of the devices in my home. I also learned about cyberspace and the process that information goes through when you send someone an email. It gets packaged, then codes itself and goes through a whole process of security checks. These security checks are a bit like the ones we go through at an airport. When a file is not allowed to go through it gets destroyed. There are many firewalls that information has to pass through. For this project I had to create a Lucid Chart of my Home Networking system. I showed where each device was in my house and how they were connected. All of the devices are connected to a wireless modem. My server is Comcast so I have an Coax cable. This is a chart that I made, it demonstrates all of the devices in my home and how they are connected. I made this chart because it helped me understand how my network works. In this chart you can see that for each room devices are listed and the arrows show that they are all connected to a netgear Modem which lets the devices run on a wireless network. 
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Internet connection

This project helped me see how my electronic devices really work. Before, I knew nothing about how these devices were working and what helped them work. For all I new they could have been working "magically". But now I know there are different wires and connections that have the internet work and the device alone to power on. We also learned about the application Lucid chart which we used to create our internet connection document. Now we have more knowledge on the different programs that we have access to on the SLA website. 
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Ona Brown

In the first quarter of Tech, Ms.Hull taught us a great deal about the concept of the Internet.We learned the difference between SLA AUP and PSD AUP.We also Learned about how we are able to get the internet and how it operates the electronic devices we own.This diagram below shows  how my Internet enters my house and  connects to my electronic devices in my house.This activity was very fun.  I never really thought about how my tablet allows me to get on the internet.I just knew I was on, now I know the reasoning behind it.
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During the first marking period in Tech. we learned about the internet and how mistakes people made on the internet. SLA internet policy is more reasonable than The School District. They have some similarity like no porn, no downloading, no personal files, but I believe SLA gives you more freedom to expand our work to the world than the School District. As we learned about the internet policy we also read a book called "LOL OMG". The book is about mistake people made on the internet and how it effected their personal lives. The book teaches us to be more careful on what we say on the internet. This lesson is for us to figure stuff out and to learn more about our internet and where it comes from. Overall I learned to be more careful on the internet and to think twice before we post.
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Quarter 1 Aaron Watson-Sharer

This quarter we learned many things, from how our internet works to the School districts AUP. The districts AUP was very specific in what we can and can not do. There are big consequences if you are caught violating these rules. We learned a little bit on how some computers communicate in 1's and 0's. I had a god time reading about idiots on the internet. Now we all know to be more careful.

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My Home Network

During the first quarter of Tech, we first drew a diagram of how the internet works in our home. From there, Ms.Hull taught us the rules of SLA's and the school district's acceptable use policy and we looked at the similarities and differences between the two. We read a book about the dangers of the internet, and how to use it in a positive way. Here is a diagram of how the internet travels through my home. It was frustrating to create at first, but in the end, I got it completed.
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My Home Internet

In this quarter, we learned about where our internet comes from in our homes. Because of this, we also had to learn about the different Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) that we, as SLA students, are held under. We learned about the School District of Philadelphia AUP and SLA's AUP. After learning about the AUPs, we discussed about how to make smart decisions when using the internet. To me, this was very insightful because I never knew that my activities on the internet were being monitored. This was a reality check and it kept me informed.
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Lucid Chart

Today in Tech, Orange stream had to use the online application "Lucidchart" to create a flowchart showing the online network in our homes. We did this to:
1. Learn more about our home and the internet by knowing how it works (to an extent) and
2. To learn more about Lucidchart, so that we may utilize it for our classes.
We had previously been taught about the differences between the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for SLA and the School District of Philadelphia. In general, the school district's seemed to be more strict.
In other news, I forgot to bring in lunch today.
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Colin's Home Network

In the beginning of the first quarter, Ms. Hull had us research and create a diagram of our home network. The purpose of the assignment was for us to get a better understanding of how exactly the internet worked, and to give us an idea of how the school's wi-fi worked. In my diagram I have a Comcast Co-Ax cable coming into my house and connecting to my modem. Then, the modem connects to my router through an ethernet cable, and the router connects to all of my family's devices using a wireless network. The router also connects to a signal extender, which transmits to my PS3 and Wii, which are out of range of the regular network. There is no connection to the laptop in the lower-left corner of the diagram because it's too old to install wi-fi drivers on.

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Katarina's network

In tech class, we are making lucid-charts of our network connections. Each person had to draw a picture first and then convert it into a lucid-chart document. We are doing this to learn more about the world of internet and technology all around us.
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Home Network

We were given a assignment a couple weeks ago, with the task of figuring out and drawing our home networks. I went home and tried finding the connected wires to my internet connection. I had to find all the devices connected by wireless, which came with a whole lot of devices since there are five people, including myself, in my household. With figuring out my home network, I was able to find the uses of the ethernet wires and airport. I figured out how internet is used and how large it really is. I figured out the price for what my parents pay every month for wireless. I came to a conclusion, the internet is a wonderful thing and everyone should know where it comes from and what it stands for.
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Artículo 1: Canal de Panamá y Un Alcalde


Quarter 2

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Canal de Panamá y Un Alcalde

El Canal de Panamá es un gran canal para barcos. Se conecta los océanos atlántico y pacifico. Mucho de comercio internacional se lleva a cabo a través del canal. El canal remonta a primeros exploradores europeos. Ellos tenían la gran idea para conectar los océanos. Vieron el puente tierra entre Norteamérica y Sudamérica y pensado un canal. 

Ahora el canal va a ser ampliado porque Vicepresidente Joe Biden dice que va a obtener trabajos. Un canal más grande permitiría que los barcos más grandes y muchos más. Comercio más rápido. Más comercio. Más trabajos. 

Alcalde Nutter dice es una buena oportunidad para América y para Filadelfia. Nutter va al canal con Biden para observar el sitio y contribuir en el debate. También dijo que esto es bueno para el puerto de Filadelfia porque se va a hacer a la economía mejor y hará trabajos. Biden y Nutter claramente están haciendo grandes cosas. Están haciendo importantes cosas suceden. 

Creo que todo es genial. Más trabajos que me hace más feliz. Si quieren un canal más profundo, bien. Si quieren barcos más grandes, bien. Pero sólo si la economía se mejora. Si todo esto no era para nada, voy a estar infeliz. Tal vez enojado. 

En conclusión, canales son buenos.

Número de Palabras: 208

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." Alcalde Nutter visitó Canal de Panamá - . Al Día, 20 Nov. 2013. Web. 21 Nov. 2013.

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Chhievling's Home Network

During my quarter one in Tech, I had learned many things; from reading about people who had made huge mistakes online, then onto learning about the School District's and SLA's AUP. Ms. Hull had guided us well in understanding how the source "internet" can be such an advantage, but in order for the internet to be something we use in a positive way, we must understand it. Here is the creation of my home network (picture below) that I had made on LucidChart. I had never used LucidChart before, and Ms.Hull had left my classmate and I to figure it out ourselves. In the end, I did figured out how to use it , otherwise there wouldn't be a picture to blog about. After all of Ms. Hull's lessons, I realized that the purpose of it was for us to be wise and understand what we are using. For example, the purpose of drawing my home network was for me to understand how the internet work in my house. Then, to transfer the drawings onto LucidChart, and then blog about it without her guidance was to teach us how to be an intelligent independent thinker.
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Mexicanos y dominicanos, los más pobres entre latinos de NY

Aaron Tang


Reflection # 1 Quarter 2

Ms. Manuel

Los Mexicanos lograron reducir niveles de pobreza. Universidad de Nueva York (CUNY). En Nueva York, hay 32,6% en 1990 y 30.4% en dos mil once. Latinos están en la pobreza porque en dos mil siete, nosotros tenemos la crisis económica. Africanos Americanos son pobres y la segunda grupo fue son Mexicanos. El profesor de Laird Bergad enseña estudios los Latinos Americanos. El ingreso promedio en los hogares de Nueva York en 1990-2011. Hay muchos pobrezas de los Mexicanos en ciudad. El artículo dijo más Mexicanos no van a la escuela.

Aprendí en California, hay muchos Mexicanos y Latinos viven en So-California. Amigos de mi tia tiene tres hijos, su madre, su padre. Ellos tienen una casa pequeña con dos dormitorios y una patio. Los hijos dormían en una dormitorio con los abuelos. Yo estaba feliz de que son pobres porque ellos tienen una casa. Yo pienso familias en California, comida y cosas eran caras. El impuesto es 9.75%! Una familia con un padre, una madre y una niña pequeña ellos preguntaron por dinero. Estaba triste porque ello tenían hambre. Mi tía dijo ella no tiene dinero porque ella tiene que comprar comida por mi familia. Fue muy triste.

"Latino News and Opinion." Mexicanos, Los Más Pobres Entre Latinos De NY - . N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2013. <>.

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The Afterthought

Scene Opens to a locker room everyone is chatting, and getting dressed

Okay you know how to do this one leg at a time. Are the shin pads tight enough? Ya they are on good.

Now to put the skates on the longest part. How is everyone already done I was the first one here?

Just ignore them, let them talk, you need to focus. put your skates on grab the strings pull, grab the next ones and pull, pull, pull, pull until you have nothing left in you to pull with.

Okay the skates are on, what did I forget, I feel like I am forgetting something?

Oh ya….that…..the thing that shows everyone that I am weak, that I am vulnerable. Should I use it and face the stares or skip it a risk an asthma attack out on the ice where it counts?

You know what, who cares what they think of me, if it makes me a better player than I need to use it!

Okay shake it up, don’t draw too much attention to yourself, take the cap off, take a deep breath in……...and out…… before they realize take a puff. POOF! Wow that was loud, and they noticed, they are looking, what do I do?

I need another puff but now I’m vulnerable like a deer caught in headlights, I am already halfway across the street but maybe if I stay here the car will stop and turn around so I can keep going in privacy.

Nope, I am not so lucky. The car is staring right at me waiting for me to make my move, so I guess that I should continue not ever looking back.

Breath in……..and out………….and out…….here it comes…...PUFF!

Thank god that’s over, and here comes the coach ready to provide his words of wisdom.


That’s it, that’s all you got!?!? Play hard he says, pass the puck he says. Gee thanks coach, couldn’t have thought of those on my own.

What time is it?

Oh it’s game time, we gotta go.

Stand up make sure everything feel good, loose yet tight, that’s what to look for.

Where is my stick? Oh of course, right next to me. My glowing red stick was hiding in plain sight.


Step out onto the ice and scan the scene. The first thing to always look at is the opponent. How big are they, do they wear glasses, are there any girls on their team, how many players are there.

I always need to know just how intimidated I should be.

So lets see, they are huge and in more ways than one. Holy crap there must be twenty of them and they each must be six feet tall each, I can only imagine how the younger kids on my team must feel.

They don’t look nervous. If they aren’t nervous, then why should I be nervous? Am I just a panicky person, or are they ignorant.

Oh well, I need to shake this off and focus, it’s time to put everything aside and play the game.


Coach is announcing the lines, he will probably put me out first, I played really well last week and I think he finally noticed.

Doug, Pat and Murph. Pat, Murph, and Doug. Murph, Doug and Pat. No mention of me. Never a mention of me.

How hard do I have to work just to show I am as good as everyone else. No one works harder than me, no one has more skills than me and yet week after week it’s as if I am a ghost.

Do I have to score 10 goals in a game just to be an afterthought?


Okay it’s my turn, here comes my teammate, I am going out to the promised land! The welcoming ice glows. Where is the puck, wait… that it? It is up for grabs, right in front of me! Reach out and take it, it want you as much as you want it. Is someone coming? I feel like someone is…...boom! Where did he come from? Where am I now?

Gather your thoughts stand up and hit him back. Of course, he doesn’t fall, but at least I hit him enough to steal the puck back.

Now I am on a break away, there is one guy in front of me. Get low, left right….ooooohhh I just made him look silly. In I go and I see another guy ahead. I begin to make my move when I hear my teammate.

“I’m open!” He says.

Do I pass it and let him have the glory or try it myself.

Would he pass to me? Definitely not. So why should I do the same?

I go to make the move and it works but not fast enough because I’ve been caught from behind. Now I have no choice. I quickly get the puck away from me as I crumple to the ice and to my open teammate who scores.

We win! We are going to the finals! Everyone surrounds him, congratulating him.

He is the hero. Not me, I am an afterthought.

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My Mistake I Can't Get Back

Imani Weeks

Mir, he was my first love, well after we had sex of course. It was still love though, the very first person to make me feel like I never had before. Like I can just be myself around him and not a stuck up pop star I’m getting paid to be. I can tell him anything, he know how my mom got me into this business, which I’m embarrassed to say, but I felt comfortable telling him. I gave him all of me and everything piece of my heart that I had. That can really keep a girl around forever you know? Have you ever felt that way before? Nevermind, probably not you're too old. Oh yeah back to the story, he should’ve been happy that he had me as a girlfriend. I was famous. Most beautiful, richest, and youngest person in the music industry. I know it was for publicity and all but I know he loved me deep down inside and he knew exactly how I felt about him because I told him every chance I got.

He took advantage of that. He broke me. Basically ended my career that night. That night changed everything.... I got out limbo with a glass of champagne in my hand, my heels clicking to the side walk every step of the way. I stopped and noticed that my lights were on but then I remembered I told my mom she can come by and get her things and never come back. So I walked right up to my bedroom when I heard silence, I knew something was wrong if my mother wasn’t making any noise. I decided to leave it alone though, I didn’t really care what she was doing and who with until I tried to call Mir, I heard a ringing from my moms room. It could’ve been her cell phone but I had a bad feeling that it wasn’t so I walked in and found my boyfriends phone on her damn bed. The shower was running and I heard moaning, I walked right in her bathroom to see a two bodies through the glass. When I opened it up I seen that bitch and my boyfriend fucking. Fucking in the damn shower. I didn’t know what else to do. I was so angry, betrayed and so hurt. I gave him my everything and he was giving my everything to my damn mom. A while later he gave back around the way, Yeah I let him in because we had to work things out but something took over me. I couldn’t control my actions, so I stepped right on his throat with my heel. I can’t lie though I miss him especially the late night... conversations.  

Yeah I know I won’t have anymore chances but that’s something I don’t deserve but I seriously need to get out of this place. They made me pee in front of everybody. There wasn’t even a curtain I could hang up. The ladies was just staring at my goodies. The guards treated me like I was nothing, I have a fan base of over a billion kids and adults that copy my style. They better recognize I’m the shit. That’s exactly why I can’t be stuck in this nasty, dirty, hot, smelly hell hole. I’m a pop star dammit I don’t need this shit, I have money to make.

Don’t tell me what I should've thought of. At the time I was thinking of killing that bastard and I did when I really should’ve killed the bitch that birthed me. How can you do that to your own child? Would you do that to your daughter? No because you're not a hoe. I know she seduced him though, she’s a slut that’s what she do. Well anyway she’ll never get a check from me again. You can never really trust people not even your own mother. That’s the worst part about it. I learned that when I first got into this industry and I’m sixteen now. Do the math.

Yeah I grew up fast but anyways yo can you please like talk to the judge or something. Fuck am I paying you for? (picks up paper on the desk and throws them in the air)

Obviously you not that good if I’m still in this bitch. Can you please tell the judge I am sorry for what I have done, I didn’t mean to kill him it was just a reactive situation. Pretty please with a stac of money? Wait, why I am begging you? Your job is to get me outta here, so hurry up and do it please. (Smiles and walks away with attitude)
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[Man sits on a milk crate against a wall. He is near enough to an subway entrance to catch the commuters coming and going. He holds a mostly empty cup.]


Excuse me sir. Pardon me, ma’am, can you spare some change? No?

Could you spare a few coins, miss? I- I could really use a meal

Alright well have a wonderful day, miss.

[The man reaches out and grabs three coins, which the woman dropped while passing.]


Oh, uh excuse me miss! Excuse me. Excuse me!

[The man stands, and gestures to the coins.]



[He grabs her arm roughly, attempting to get her attention. He lets go quickly, looking surprised by his actions.]


Don’t be frightened, don’t be frightened Miss. I just- how often does someone chase you down the street trying to give you money, right? (He laughs, and notices that she doesn’t) I, (pause) I believe you dropped these coins. Here, take them. They’re yours. Maybe you can spend them on a side of fries or a Sprite, or, oh I’m sorry, is fast food too low for you? I mean for God’s sake, lady, if you can afford to drop money behind you without a second thought, treat yourself to a steak! A steak...

Do you know? I see you every day. Do you even see me? Every day you clamber up those subway steps, you run a hand through your beautiful hair, you check your smartphone, you turn and you tell me that you don’t have any change for me. Look at these quarters. You people leak money, but there’s never enough for me. There will never be enough for me.

How, though? Tell me how. Tell me how you can trot your way to get lunch, passing me and never looking back. Are you so saturated with pocket change that in your eyes it’s valueless? I had money once. I remember. When I had money, I kept a jar of pennies on my desk and never touched them. Why bother? I couldn’t see how anyone would value something so crushingly inconsequential. Can you not see, lady? Can you not see the hunger in my eyes? I’m hungry for food, I’m hungry for those pennies. (pause) Can you not see? Or is it what you see? Is it my appearance? Do I frighten you? When my chapped palms reach up from the ground, does it startle you? Or am I just another lazy, panhandling addict, looking for my next fix? You wouldn’t want to enable me, would you? God forbid. Well I may not smell it, but I’m clean, lady. Do you know? I taught. History. I was a professor. I never touched a narcotic in my life. I don’t even drink.

Even now.

So I’m not an addict. There’s no excuse there. I’m probably a criminal, though, right? You’d probably just be funding my next underhanded misdemeanor. I’m not evil, lady, I’m just poor! You have no excuse not to help me. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO HELP ME.

No excuse.

But look at me. Look at me. Screaming my head off like a lunatic. Look at me. I’m shaking.

I’m sorry- I…

I’ve scared you.

[The man looks up, looking for her eyes. She is gone.]


Look at me. I just want you to see me. I lived my life right. I went to school. I did my job. This is what I get.

[The man looks down at the coins in disgust, and tosses them as far away as he can.]

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The Greatest Country on Earth

The Greatest Country On Earth

(MIN-JUN walks into his small apartment, visibly tired after a day of work.  He sighs, takes off his jacket, and walks over to a small desk in the corner of his room.  He picks up a small, foam, earth-shaped stress ball, and moves it around in his hand.  He walks over to his bed and sits down on the edge of it.  He continues to fiddle with the ball.)

I used to think I was living in the greatest country on Earth.  A “worker’s paradise”, with beautiful monuments, and the finest art.  I used to think that we were ahead.  That our people were more intelligent than the rest of the world, because of what we watch and read – history books, mostly.  I used to think that I would not want to ever be anywhere else but North Korea, that the rest of the world was useless to me.  I did, genuinely, wholeheartedly believe in the legacy of our leaders.  But that was all before I knew anything real about the outside world.  

(Looks up periodically to audience while talking.)

I got this little thing from an American visitor, trying to learn more about our life here.  His efforts were in vain; we did the same thing we do to every foreigner.  I had to “show him around the country,” even though I was only allowed to take him to expensive restaurants and our best monuments–the only part of the real North Korea he saw was out bus windows.  I am sure to most of you, this little toy would be a throwaway, insignificant after a day or two of possession.  But to me, it is a symbol of everything I could know, and everything I help the government to hide.  

Ever since I was a young man of 20, I have been working as a government minder–essentially, this means I am to monitor a foreign visitor at all times when they are visiting our country.  This goes as far as leaving my hotel room’s door open just so I can see if they try to leave.  Originally, I felt honored to be a part of such a wonderful government.  But slowly, over the years, I began to realize how fake our country’s image was.  

While my job does pay well, and helps me to meet interesting people, I can’t help but be reminded every day of the terrible and oppressive conditions that I help to enforce in our country.  I know I might sound like I am complaining, but every day, I must sit with the fact that our country’s citizens think that they are becoming cultured when they go to the library and watch the select few Russian Communist movies and Military Propaganda videos that they are allowed to watch, but they’re about 40 years behind.  If I knew as little as they do, or as little as I used to, I would be completely and wholly devoted to my country.  But knowing that if I leave my job I will most likely lose my apartment, but staying there is just such a cruel betrayal towards my country’s kills me inside.  I feel like our government is a prison, and I’m just another cell door–not significant enough to change anything, but nevertheless helping the central goal of withholding cultural, intellectual, and global information from our people.  Every day I think about it more and more...could this really ever be the greatest country on Earth?

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A Rough Case in the life of a Hero

(Character picks up eviction note from their front door.)

Ohh my lord, is this for me??? Bob Schmucks!?

(Opens the envelope.)

To hell with it, I have to call the landlord.

(Reads it a bit before immediately rushing to the phone.)

 Lemme just see…

(Dials buttons with immediate quickness and puts phone to his ear as he starts the discussion off murmuring.) 


(For the first 10 seconds there is silence from the other side of the line and then a monotone voice could be heard.)

Well sir, this is Bob Schmucks and I got a dilemma here. I got an eviction notice on this paper directing from this number, so ya think you could inform me a little ON WHY THE HELL THIS DAMN THING IS HERE.

(The man on the other end assertively tied the discussion to his advantage as he began thoroughly explaining the cause of his upcoming eviction) 


(The man on the other end’s talking speed increases as he tries to retaliate to Bob’s flurry of words to the point he nearly began to mumble)

(The character waves both arms in the air, placing one on his chest and begins pressing his chest with a hand slowly as a signaling gesture to calm himself)

(Character puts phone down) 

Woohh Bob..Woooh. Saah. Because if god so help me I don't calm down I'll lose this house for indeciency. 

(After a moment of silence, the character picks up the phone once again, but no voice was heard so he redialed the number. Eventually a voice could be heard once again.)

..Yes..sir, this is Bob. So I just wanted to tell you that I DID fax those papers to you, the monthly bills. And it clearly shows a record of all the paid due fees. Please check, your accountant should see them. (He gulps simulateously at the end of his statement as if he were wrong for saying this.) 

(There was silence on the other line, then the voice immediately ran on, an apology could be heard on the other end as the words such as ''cancel the eviction and the writ as soon as possible, we must have had the wrong individual.''And then another series of apologetic phrases.)

Thank the lord…! (He takes a deep breathe, but immediately ending the call and placing the phone back in its original position.)

(He bows his head down and his enthusiastic expression fades as he steadily sat himself on the chair; in a moment's notice he rotates his head towards the eviction note, tearing it into pieces.) 

I realize I don't deserve this. I didn't ACTUALLY pay these bills, I stole Jimmy Joe's paid bills and faxed them with his name precluded. Here, here, here are my real bills! (He opens a drawer and lifts up the almost texture rough stack of papers. His actual bills, he did not pay a single one for nearly 2 years.) 

(He pulled up a cigar and pressed them on his lips, sucking in the tainted air. He blew it out as the vapor was visible in the air before him.)

I know I didn't deserve it, but all I wanted was what's best for my family, if it wasn't for my family…Well I'd…I'd, spend every single dime on my cigars. My deceased wife, my son and daughter. I did this for them! 

Please please, just tell me what you would do if you were in my position Laury. Without you here anymore, I got no wisdom, no direction and most importantly no charge. 

And the only wish I truly desire is…Well all I'm asking is..W-well lord just give me strength.

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Barbershop Blues

As always, this place has nobody in it. (Shakes head) I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to take care of this place anymore without any help. Someone help me please! (Walks over to chair and takes a seat) Oh, this chair. I chopped up so much hair in this chair. The bank thinks they can just tell me I have to leave. They want me to leave my legacy, leave my career. Where am I gonna go? What am I gonna do for a living? How will I survive without this place? I’ve lived here all my life. Am I just gonna live the rest of my days rotting in the street. No! Well at least I hope not. Ugh. (Stands up and wanders around the shop) Grandpa always used to tell me that this place wouldn't lose business. Look at it now. Abandoned...


I've let my family down, because of you. You're the only reason I ever had any passion, or any will to live at all for that matter. Now I'm all burnt out. Without you nothing makes sense. Nothing, not even waking up in the morning. I need help. More employes, but how would I pay them with no money. Oh my god! Something needs to change. The only reason that i'm standing here in this spot today is to say I tried! Isn’t that enough! I’m tryin’ honey, i’m tryin’. I thought that my efforts would have been good enough, but I guess not. What else is left for me? You and the kids were my life. What do I have now? An outdated barber shop and a one bedroom apartment above it. Even that's gonna be taken from me soon. I just can’t win, they might as well take away my soul too. (Customer knocks on the door) "Hey are you guys open. I need a fresh cut"

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go away

Wilson Biggs

*walks into view*

*cups ear as if listening* *looks at watch* Is it really time to go to school? Whatever. I’m not gonna go today. Not because I don't like school, but because I don't really care about school. I have no reason to. The only thing that’s accomplished at all is getting a day closer to college. To spending forty thousand dollars to get a part time job at Taco Bell. Stressing out to the point of breaking down, which happens at least once a week, isn’t worth that. I’d only go to college get a job anyway, which I’d only do to try and survive while I actually do something I enjoy. It’s not worth it. I want to be creative, not serve Doritos Tacos to people in a train station. That’s definitely not something I aspire to do. *sigh*

There’s really no point in thinking about this, anyway. I'd rather just lay face-down in bed and do nothing. You know what? I think I will. And after I do that for a long time, maybe I'll stare at the wall. I don't care enough to be bored by it. Or maybe I’ll sit at my computer and do nothing productive for a while. That sounds okay. I’ll do that for a bit, actually.

*on computer* Heh. A picture of Tom Hiddleston saying something vaguely philosophical. Reblog. A gifset of a TV show I haven’t seen since 2004. Like. What does that say? “wow. such doge.” Reblog. Oh look, someone’s pizza man started singing to another pizza man or something. I don’t know. Like. *humming pompeii*

Well, great. My mom's yelling at me to come downstairs and go to school. *yelling down* No. Because there’s no point. I’m really tired. I don’t want to go. Everyone there hates me. Leave me alone. I don’t care about school. I don’t care about anything anymore. *stops*

Eh, whatever. I'll just go shut and lock the door. Put headphones on. Listen to some loud music. Go back to sleep. That sounds pretty good. I don’t really care if I get in trouble. It’s not like that would be the worst problem in my life anyway. *sigh* I’ll set my alarm for 3pm. I need the sleep anyway. I was up until two in the morning studying for a test about some stupid equations that I’ll never use anyway. Whatever. Sleep. Yeah.

*walks out of view*

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Rolling Through Imperfectness

See yesterday night, I decided to put my little brother’s perfect outfit together. He has no style, whatsoever. All he wants to do is play his dumb video games with his little friends and read books. He always wears the same gray t-shirt and the dull blue pants. So, you know, I had to put together his outfit. I want him to look good in public.

People would beg to be his friend after wearing what I’d put together. Everything was ready. I even told him how to style his ugly hair too. But then the next day, he wore his same old outfit! I was like, “What are you wearing? Go change! I told you to wear the outfit I put out yesterday.” He didn’t listen though. He had decided that he wanted to ignore me and leave out the door. How dare he, you know? I was trying to be nice and help him out, but he wants to ignore me? I was done. I had to take a deep breath. Who does he think he is? No one cares what I have to say, no one cares about me. I’m always trying to help you. I try to help everyone. Why do I always end up volunteering myself to be the shoulder you guys can lean on? Through every situation, I’m the one listening to all your b.s. I’m not saying I don’t want to be there, I’m want to. I want to listen to you guys, I want to care and understand for you guys but also, remember I still exist.

 (After a little moment of silence). Well, I’m glad you guys aren’t in my spot. At least you guys don’t think about everything as much as I do. I hear all of them, you know. The words always stay in my mind. “Don’t talk to her, she’s mean, she’s crazy.” Blah blah blah. I try to take them all out of my mind because I know better. I know that people do and say things, things which might not be the most pleasant things to see or hear. I try hard to forget it. Its not easy though. Who do they think they are? Going around saying stuff about me. Its never easy to forget those actions. Everyday, I look at myself and I think to myself, I’m strong. I don’t cry. But I guess its not my day today to be strong. No one, not even my close friends seem to care about me. I just feel like hiding myself under the bed or disappearing into the sky.

I’m always trying to be the perfect friend, the perfect sister, the perfect person, listening and helping everyone out but you know what I realized? I learned that there isn’t a world where everything is perfect and revealing what you are feelings is okay. My brother wearing the same outfit everyday is okay. Life is hard, you will fail, not once but multiple times. You just have to pick yourself up and brush yourself off and stand strong.    

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Sarah, Our Daughter's Name

(*Roneay is sitting on her bed listening to music, when she gets a Facebook notification on her phone. It says: “Tyrone is now in a relationship.” Then she sighs.)

His name is Tyrone. He was cute. So darn cute. Everyday I would... just…just…just. How can I put this? (*She pauses) Stalk him. That’s how cute he was!

I remember the first time I saw him like it was yesterday. He was getting something from his locker. Wait…! I remember what it was! It was that black and white marble notebook that he’s always writing in. I wonder what he writes about? Wait… what if it’s me?! (*She says excitedly, then calms down) Well not after what happened today.

So, anywho, he dropped the book on the floor and reached down to pick it up. But I rushed to get the book for him, because I thought it be a polite thing to do. So when I handed it to him, he looked me right dead into my eyes. (*Pause) My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t control it. Then he said the most sweetest thing ever. I was so mesmerized. He said… he said… “Thanks.” (*She puts her hand on her head and sighs) I almost fainted at the sound of his voice.

So that’s where my obsession began. Everyday I would follow him in the hallway. I would sit next to him in English class. I would even try to sit as close as possible to his table at lunch. He would always sit with his guy friends, in the corner of the lunch room, laughing at ever was so darn funny on his cell phone.

So then I would memorize all his classes. Everyday, he would have foreign language first, then math, then chemistry. And after that, he’d have English class, with me. And his last two classes would be an elective and history. So I thought that stalking would allow me to get to know him, without even knowing him.

Everyday I would go on Facebook and search, Tyrone Gibbons. I would see if he made any new statuses, if he uploaded any pictures, or if it said that he was in a relationship. I was so relieved to find out that he was single. So that gave me the chance to make my move.

I really loved him. Honestly, I really did. He was so cute with his rosy red cheeks and his deep dimples. Everytime he smiled, his dimples would get deeper and deeper. Then they’d just disappear. I also loved his brown, curly hair. He wore it in this flowing, curly afro style, so everytime he jumped, his hair just flopped around on da’ top of his head. Then there’s his eyes! His crystal blue eyes! When you look into them, you feel as if you’re floating on the wave of the Pacific.

He was so beautiful. So, I thought, we would have some awesome babies. They’d have long, curly hair. And be fair skinned. And be geniuses, of course. If we had a girl, we’d name her Mary or Sarah. And if we had a boy, we’d name him be Samuel or Miles.

We would have a perfect life together. We’d live in some big old house, somewhere in the suburbs. I planned that we would grow old together, very old. Very, very old. So when I found out that he rode the same train as me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some sparks flying, if you know what I mean.

So after school today, I saw Tyrone waiting for the train. Our train, that is. (*She creepily smiles) So I inspected myself to make sure I looked good. I thought:

Hair down. Check.

Clothes fixed. Check.

Lip gloss on. Check.

Okay. Then I was ready to walk over there.

So went, but I was so nervous. I food that was in my stomach, was  about to come back up outta my mouth. But I sucked it up like a man. For the man, or boy, I loved.

So I was like, “Hey don’t I know you from school?”

And he was like, “Yeah.”

I acted like I didn’t know his name, so I said, “You’’, Tyrone, right?” I didn’t wanna be no pushover.

So he said, “Yeah, we in ‘da same English class. Don’t you remember me? You always sittin’ behind me.”

I lied and was like, “Oh yeah. I remember you now.”

And then I said, “Well my name’s Roneay, just in case you didn’t know.”

He was all cool, nonchalant about it and said, “Yeah I know. And I’m Tyrone, just incase you didn’t know.”

My heart almost popped out of my chest. He knew my name!

So until our train came, we just talked. He was telling me ‘bout himself and stuff like dat, and the whole time I was tryna look cute and all, and be a little flirtatious. And he was kinda flirting back with me. So I knew he had to be checking me out.

Then our train came, and we got on, and I sat next to him. Now, I tried to sit a little bit closer than just next to him, if you know what I mean. And he seemed okay with it. But then somebody called his phone, so he moved over to answer it. He was talking about himself being on the train, and then he said he should meet up with whoever was on the other line. I was kinda of curious to know who that person was. But I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna seem too nosy. So I just let it slide.

Like five minutes went by on the train. And then, Tyrone just starts smiling outta nowhere. Now I thought he was smiling at me, because he liked me or something. But oh no he wasn’t! (*She yells) He was smiling at some girl. Some ugly behind girl! She came over and said, “Hi.” How dare she have the audacity to say hi to me. But I just said hi back. And then she just squeezed right in between us.

Now I was ‘bout to smack this girl! I couldn’t believe it! Then Tyrone was like, “Roneay this is Sarah. My new girlfriend.”

Instantly, I felt like the world was falling down on me. I thought he liked me. But no! He’s sitting ‘round going out with ‘dis piece of trash, like Sarah, when he coulda had me! And her name was Sarah. How dare she have the name of our future daughter! So I just stayed calm and was like, “Oh hi, sarah.” Then I said I had to go.

I got off the train, even though it wasn’t my stop. And I just sat on the bench and cried, and cried, and cried until the next train came.
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A Mother's Reflection

I do not understand. What did I do wrong as a mother, as a caretaker. The last thing I wanted Jada to do is follow in my foot steps. I remember when I first met DeAndre. I was 17 years old, he was 19 at the time. And we were walking down the street and he said “Imma make you my girl forever.” Me being  young and in total bliss believed him. A year later I got pregnant with my son Keshawn. I remember when I first told DeAndre, I was scared because I did not know how he would react. It was life changing. It was no longer us out anymore, it was us and the baby. I knew DeAndre was “selling” but thats how we made ends meet.

JADA ! JADA ! I know you hear me talking to you. Get ya ass down stairs.  What the hell is this . . .  a pregnancy test?!
Is this yours because I’m surely not popping out no baby ?
Are you pregnant Jada ? …
When did you take this? How long ago?
Well I’m waiting, you know what don’t answer. Take ya ass up the steps.

Another mouth to feed. Who the hell she think she is trying to bring life into the world.  Me & DeAndre were young and dumb back then. With Keshawn selling like his father, he’ll end up just like him. In jail or in  hearse.
[ Yells Jada’s Name ]

Come down here now we need to have a talk.
When did you miss you last period?
Two months ago ?!
You mean to tell me you are 2 months pregnant. When did you think you were going to tell me, before or after the baby was born. You know what I’m done yelling, explain how you got pregnant.

Well what is his name? And I do not want no damn nickname I want his government name. Oh Jordan huh, Jordan who ? Jordan Nelson? And who is he, and what is his occupation and who is his mother? He’s a senior and he traps. Dammit Jada I am  trying to get your brother to get out of that trap life and you trying to bring a child in it. I want you to do better than I did.

Why did I not notice all the signs. Her eating habits were crazy, one minute hot cheetos, then seafood and after that some icecream. I thought it was her on her grow spurt. The constant wanting to sleep the days and nights away. I knew that day when I got a call from school the nurse said she had “morning sickness”. I was in denial, in denial to the fact that my only daughter is a now a statistic like her mother. I wanted her to be better than me.   

I did not know she was even sexually active yet, she only 15. She should be focusing on those two D’s she has in English and World History. Always worried about someone else. “ Oh mom, can I this”, “Oh mom, can I that “, “Can I get this “, “can I have that.” All I hear is can I, can I , can I . Where is her appreciation, it was not easy raising two kids when I was 19. I was a baby having a baby and now she is too.

Jada have you decided on what you are going to do with this baby ? I will let you keep it on the conduction that you graduate school. I will take care of the baby while you are at school. But when you come home you will have to face reality. You are not in this on your own, but you will be responsible for your share in work. For this is a life lesson for you as well as others.

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