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Whats Life Holds For Me

I wonders when change would come and make life different for me it was just like it was yesterday, I was on my mac going on to youtube just wanted to know what new videos were up from my favorite youtuber smosh After that I watch a lot of other video and i thought to myself "what if I could do that" and then I went on iMovie not knowing what I would make but just wanted to try to be funny and fun on camera and I did a video and then edited it to see what it was like and when I looked at it I thought it might not be good enough. a few weeks later I had a friend over at my house paling games and then I went on the computer and ask my friend if He would watch a video I made, he said "ok" and I showed him and he said to me "this is good are you going to put this on youtube and I did put it on and I got 100 views in 1 week and i fought it would not be good but it was good but it was good when I saw the comments and the likes I thought I may or may not have good talent because I thought I could never do anything like this in my whole life. 3 weeks passed and I went on the computer again I checked how the video was doing and I saw it had about 700 views and I thought at the moment that "ok I am getting more popular on the internet I might just might want to do this in my life" I was young at that time not knowing what the future would holed but just go what my heart says I might just might be able to do that. I started to make more videos and vlogs on there and I was getting better and better at recording and editing my videos and at the time I did improve for my videos I did not write how it would go at the time. When I got to high school I learned how to write good essyes and I worte more and I learned that I could make scipes and mini show on the internet. I made my own stories with rescarch and the life lesions in my stories and I became better at writing. On day near Christmas in 2011 I was just chilling with my friend and me and my friend was wondering what we can make next on youtube we had lots of ideas and music idea but I said we could do a TV internet show. He thought it was a good ides and then for the last six months I started making characters and scripts for episodes and I showed to him what we were doing and him and I wanted to be funny and we still continue to make this but we hope what I have done in the past I might get my show high views and great reviews by critics in the future

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Media Influence

1. The media has a lot of influence on our perceptions. They want us to tune in, so they can sell their ads to the millions of people that are watching. The way people write about our candidates and preserve them. They make can either make them out to be bad or good. Some of the candidates to it themselves, publishing many ads against each other to bolster polling numbed and ultimately win their respective campaigns.

2. The media can have a great affect on the media. We shouldn't let them have any impacts because at the end of the day, you're going to be making the choice on who to vote for and nothing should manipulate your choice on who you want to vote for.

3. Well, I've seen an article on Fox News reporting that Barack Obama was married to a Pakistani Man. So I think the media is biased and shouldn't be. I feel like they're only in this for the money and not the American people. There are only a few news places that actually broadcast the news to broadcast it, not to favor someone over another.

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Media and the Election

The media definitely influences the election in the sense that it has the power to negatively portray candidates.  A seemingly harmless sentence, can be taken out of context and replayed over and over until potential voters change their opinions on a specific candidate.  The  media is important for transferring valuable information to people who may or may not be too lazy to search for information themselves. As a part of America and therefore having the same rights as all Americans, the media should be allowed to broadcast,write, videotape, and upload whatever the see fit. In my opinion, it takes away from the overall meaning of the campaign when all they run is slander, instead of focusing on positive aspects of the point of views of candidates. There should be media stations, or news companies that focus on presenting factual information, without forcing opinions on potential listeners.
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I guessed what surprised me the most about this project was that a lot of the reasons for my time period 1890-1950. What surprised me is that the push and pulls were very similar as well as very different. Some of the similar reasons had to do with the economy, war, and thinks of that sort. And the different ones had to do with the problems in individual countries. Also the demographics of the people that came also. It seems like up until a couple decades ago most of the immigrants were coming from Europe. Now they all are coming from everywhere in the world. 
I believe that over the next couple decades, better education and opportunity will be the reason for immigrants. America has one of the best education systems and people can get jobs here in almost anything so I predict this will be the pattern and reasons for them to come. If you look at immigration as of now our economy is not the greatest, but I think the idea that America gives other people is that want to come to this country is freedom and you can do more in this country than in other countries. 
We decided to make charts with as little words as possible. We did this because it is easier on both us the presenters and the people watching the presentation. This way we can be more engaging with the audience as well as present our project. Having a million words on the slide can be distracting as well as tacky. So to keep it clean and simple this is the method we chose to do.
For me personally, having to come together to present all of the information was the hardest part. Sometimes we did not necessarily agree with the information and reasons that were given. So we had to put our own opinions aside and trust that our group member knew what they were talking about.
If I had to do anything differently it would be the time period that I had research. I say this because to me from about 1950-present is what catches my interest more. Not saying that the time period I did was boring, but it just was not what I really wanted to do. I would aslo only do a push or a pull reason and not both. For me I feel like some push and pull factors are not that important. For example: If one decade immigration spiked up a million, and in the next decade it went down a million I would only want to know the push or pull for those two decades not both because they wouldn't be important. Overall though I am pleased with our final product.
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