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Kristi's interview


This is my link to my video. 

I noticed that the lady didn't know why people voted on Tuesday and asked me not to ask that question. 

I wonder why she didn't want to be in the video... 

What if I had told her that I was republican and support Governor Romney, would she be reluctant to say yes to the video? 
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Citizenship Homework

I for got to write the question with that answer so I don't really remember. I really like this project it was very easy.

Person #1: Woman
  • She comes to vote because she says it's her right
  • "Every vote counts and my vote can be the one that decide who will win."
  • She was more involve in the the campaign.
  • A lot of campaigns where seen over TV "I just tired of it"
  • There won't any change with our system.

Person #2: Man

  • He came to vote for "Change"
  • He said that he would like it if "the cost of education goes down and a stronger economy.
  • He would like to maintain the social liberties.
  • Believes his vote will effect change
  • The campaign was really talked about.

Person #3: Man

  • He want to vote just to pick the next president.
  • He would like there to be more jobs
  • He just votes fore big elections

Person #4: Man

  • He voted every election so it wasn't much of a change
  • He learned about voting in school.
  • Every vote counts. It can make a difference
  • The election of 2008 was one that he remembers well.

Person #5: Man

  • He voted in every election.
  • doesn't think that his vote will impact much.
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Citizenship Homework- Goldie Robins

No one would let me video or audio them. Also, I kind of got "kicked-out" of the area.

I have two peoples interviews written down:

Interview  #1:

  1. It is my responsibility.
  2. I think we have a fascinating and complex political system I think works if people come out and vote
  3. Every election.
  4. No.
  5. TV
  6. The one with Tom Smith and his grandmother. I immediately found it absolutely appalling. 
  7. By the time I was into the booth? Naw, I know.
  8. The question that asks for more funds available. I'd like to see that accomplished. And unfortunately the big change I'd like to see won't happen because Michelle Brownlee is running unopposed. 
  9. Hopefully by exercising my vote I demonstrate to others that I vote and that it impacts other to people to follow. It doesn't just happen with one vote.
  10. I learned about it in school. No, it did not impact my willingness to vote today. I had lived through the Vietnam war and that is probably the single most important factor that makes me feel that I have the privilege to exercise to vote.

    Interview #2:

    1. I believe it's important responsibilities I need to fulfill as a part of American society. 

    2. Ideally, the 2 party system. I feel as if it is very restricting. 

    4. Yes, I learned it in senior year history 

    7. Yes, I'm sure who I am going to vote for

    9. I very much believe every vote counts. It's the best way my "voice" will heard, even if the impact is small it still has influence in society.

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Citizenship Homework

The first man that I interviewed was a man that lived in my neighborhood. The reason I chose to interview him was because he usually discusses politics. I asked if I could record him visually, but he said that I couldn't. After the first few questions, I saw how short and blunt his answered were,he didn't want the interview to be too ling. 
  1. What motivate you to come out and vote? I don’t a republican to sign my paycheck.
  2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?I would like to see the House of Representatives become Democratic. 
  3. Do you vote in every Presidential election? How regularly do you vote?I vote in every single presidential election since I was able to. 
  4. Do you know why we vote on Tuesdays.No. 
  5. Where have you encountered the highest amount of advertising campaigning?Social media- Facebook. 
  6. Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating?Always sure
  7. What changes do you have hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?I don’t think anything will change. 
  8. What impact do you feel that your vote will have on this election?“I’m just one of the many voices that will never be heard.”
  9. Did you learn about voting in school? If yes, did that impact your willingness to vote today?No

    The second person I chose to interview was a lady that I never met before. I told her that this was an important assignment and that it was an option to be recorded. She also asked to only be recorded on paper. 
  • What motivate you to come out and vote? I feel that it is my civic duty to vote to t e whose going to become the President of the United States. 
  • Both Political Parties come together and find common ground.
  • Every Presidential election, not always the ones in between. They’re not significant enough. 
  • No
  • Television
  • No, they’re too common and similar. 
  • Always sure. 
  • No expectations. 
  • My vote counts, and I think that it will  make ensure that America will stay that same. 
  • Yes, the history that was taught in school and in the family is what impacted my willingness to vote. 
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Voting Citizenship Homework

Since I couldn't record anyone, I recorded the answers on paper. 

Name: Angel López 

Age: 21


1. What motivated you to come out and vote? 

The fact that I am an American citizen and therefore I have the right to vote. No one can take that away from me.

2. Do you vote in every election? (How regularly do you vote?) 

No. If I don't like the candidates, I don't vote. 

3. Where have you encountered the highest amount of ad campaigning? 

On the internet and t.v. 

4. Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating? 

Yes. I always make sure that I know who I wanna vote for before walking into the booth. 

5. What impact do you feel that your vote will have on the election? 

I think our votes (Hispanic community votes) have a big of impact on the elections. We're a big community and we are American citizens too. Just like everybody else. Our voice should be heard too. 
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My HMWK- Audio will not upload fo some reason

BM- My audio won't upload. My phone is turned off, soo.... I don't know what to do.

1.I notice that I expect everybody going to vote for Obama, because everyone I interview is black. I also noticed that everybody's main concerns or only issues raised was unemployment and better education.

2.I wonder if these people would vote for a republican if he was black?

3. What if Romney wins the state?

I didn't learn jack about systematic and individual change through this. All I do know is that they are two variables. Systematic beings independent, and individual being dependent. The Individual change will not change the system but the system will change the individual.

As I said before, there is no significance of the individual, unless you are a leader. The only real unit capable of changing and sustaining that change is the collective, organized, and multi-ployed group. Individual voting isn't a guaranteed success, and it is definitely not democratic, or a situation when the individual has any control at all. Voting is seen more as a sentimental joke which draws on a false sense of loyalty and security, than it is deciphered as serious effective political activism.

That the self is a constructed mirror of the changing world basically. Your identity is largely a product of the world you interact with and ideas that are brainwashed into your head. The only natural thing we have is our anger and reaction to this socialization. Otherwise are minds are disturbed and abused in many different ways at earlier ages. And in a changing world, the current world, the self is just getting more and more lost into robotism, since the world is not changing positively.

Things are changing for the worst. We don't vote on issues, we vote on representatives. Who don't want to solve the root of those issues, and actually just want to contain and resurface these issues as if we are that stupid.

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