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Media Fluency - Ava Olsen

Keynote Slide

As you see here, I created a slide. To create my slide, I used the concept of bleeding to the picture of the piano keys, so the viewer is left with some wonder and has to think about what the rest of the picture is.  I made the type big so people would be able to read it easily, without taking their attention from me speaking. I made the slide mainly visual by making the focus the photos that I added. I created the slide so you would only have to glance at it. I used the rule of thirds to somewhat separate my photos into three columns, and added a small amount of text to narrate what I was talking about. I used three photos of things that represent me. I tried to make it as brief as possible, considering how many things I like. 

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Media Fluency - Brittany Cooper

The reasons I choose this slide because its mine! The font I have my name in is Jazz LET. I think this is cool because it is not a normal font. The background and my name represents my two favorite colors. All the different words scattered around my slide describe me. Although I think this looks off, we're here to learn from what me make of things. 

Tech Work_2

Slide 2 The Remake PDF
After all the criticism from my peers. I decided to change my whole slide. For my background I used a different layout provided by keynote called Watercolor. Although my original slide was bright blue I thought it would be better to tone the colors done. I made my name the focal point of my slide by picking a navy blue to contrast over the soft blue. I believe this slide has come a long way, compared to my original one. 
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MEDIA FLUENCY Presentation

​The decisions I made on this slide were based on the things that we talked about in the last class. When Mr. Lehmann Came in and showed us that less is more i took it to heart and i used as little as possible to describe me. Three was a good number for me because it gives me the options to say what is constant in my life (love) what I love to do (art) and what i hope to do forever (travel). and those three things can be interpreted differently through different people, which is what I wanted so that people could have their input in my slide. The three second rule for the three photos. I made the text big enough to read from anywhere but small enough not to distract from my presentation and speech. The repetition was in the three photos and three words.
Me Slide
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Media Fluency

The first thing my slide needed was a title. Now, this is a slide about my self, so I made the title my name, in the fairly striking Synchro LET font. Next, I decided on a color theme. The light blue, dark blue, and red were all colors had contrast with the white background and each other, so I chose that as the color scheme. Then, I placed a few simple descriptions, with periods on both sides for maximum symmetry, and to funnel the viewers vision into the slope of the words. I used the Gill Sans font, bolded, because it was aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, to add a bit of an “image” to the slide, I added large question marks, which also served to symbolize the “Who am I” aspect of the project.
Slide Supremacy
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Media Fluency

The reason I made the first slide was I wanted to give the audience a sense of what I like to do. I wanted them to know what meant a lot to me and the thing that I like the most. The thing that influenced me was the  Zen presentation. The presentation really helped me to fully understand how to create the first slide. I put all of the pictures in the position they are in because I wanted them in that place. I made my name in that font size because I wanted it to be big. I put the font in that color for a reason. I used different colors in the pictures because I thought using different colors would make the slide better. I also thought that using the different pictures sizes would be best for the slide. Last of all, I made these decisions because I thought they would be best for my slide.   

Since creating my first slide I have learned even more about making slides. I changed my slide completely. The reason being I had way too many photos on my first slide and I did not use presentation Zen correctly. I feel as though having too many photos is not good and does not work. I learned a whole lot from seeing others present their slides. I learned a lot about presentation Zen from others presenting as well because they used presentation Zen well. Furthermore I wanted my slide to be my best work and I believe that my second slide is better than my first slide. Overall I believe that my second slide is much better than my first slide.  
William Derry
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Zack Hersh Media Fluency

Tech Slide
Zack Hersh Tech Slide Revised
I changed the background to the solid blue color because that is what I wanted to do originally but I didn't know how to. It looks better, isn't as distracting, and helps the pictures and text pop. It is also nice and bright and contrasts with the bright orange text.
I moved over and enlarged the picture of the watermelon to have it bleed, which I had forgotten to do the first time. Also, I wanted to draw more attention to it.
I changed the font because it was kind of distracting and complex, and I decided that it would be and look better as something simpler.
I simplified the 3 pictures into 1 idea that incorporates all of them to keep it simple while still including lots of information. 
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Media Fluency

The reason I made my slide look the way it does is because those are the things that describe me in the most simple way. It has my 3 favorite sports (dance counts as a sport!), my favorite things and my name and the word “me”. Since the entire slide is about me I thought I’d incorporate “glance media”. I added size, unity and texture. The size of the word “ME” and my name is like that so people focus more about the fact that’s about me and then who I am comes after that. Unity, the way it all comes together. Like the soccer ball and the point shoes, and the over lapping of things. Then texture comes from the iPhone being slightly 3D and the background having ridged lines. I choose to do all these things to make the slide as simple yet eye catching and easy to understand. 
Me slide take 2
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Javier Peraza Q2 Media Fluency

Before I tell you why I made my slide the way it is, I will tell you that what solely influenced me to make the decisions I made was the rubric instructions and the Presentation Zen website. Now back to business. First I put a picture of myself to make it a visual theme that someone would just have to look at once to know it was about me. Next I only made one point and that is that I am “half seen, half witted.” This also is meant for only a three second glance to know what it is. I purposely made it cryptic and vague so the audience will half to listen to me speaking to understand it. I then made the word “ ME” in big white text on black background to get the attention of the audience. I used contrast by changing colors, font, and size for each text to make the slide more interesting. Another reason I did this is to make the audience think that this is more important than it really is and to give the audience a “WOW” thought. I purposely made my Last Name and Picture bleed because one it went with the “Half Seen, Half Witted” phrase and because it gives it a better artistic look that is appealing to the audience. The rule of thirds in my slide allows the viewer to get their eye caught by the big picture of me and then drawn to the words giving them a better understand of what my slide is about. I used empty space to give it a more mysterious but yet artistic look. I purposely did a black back drop instead of a white because black seems new and appealing while white is the first variant. It makes the viewer feel like it is important. My slide has a visual theme for the mix of pictures, colorful words, and exotic black back drop. 
Looking back at the critique I began to matriculate that the cinched, lucid, and unambiguous slide design is more often aggrandized by the monotonous audience. A monumental confabulation inscribed on a slide show is paroxysm to the benighted, and perhaps even moronic, musters. Not only that, but it distracts them from the real picture which is what transpires from the vocal cords in your throat. The persisting sound during phonation is no amalgamation with culminating knowledge. You want your assemblage to be completely ken to what you are saying; therefore your slide should have as little as possible along with the most meaning. This alone can be vindicating enough, so the elementary way to do this might be challenging. The idea is to have your point unequivocal to give the onlookers the topic in diminutive amount of time. Maybe more importantly, it is salient to have the slide visually appealing. You don't want to lose your 'people' just because you are too intwined into sloth to care. These articulations have a perfect panorama on why I changed my slide to a mild but tenacious introduction to 'ME'. 
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Hello, My name is Isabella Blackwell, I am a freshman at Science Leadership Academy. This year in Mrs. Dunn’s English Class, all students had to choose a specific topic that we felt strongly about to become agents of change. The topic I chose was to learn about what causes children to go into hospitals and why they are so appreciative unlike kids my age who aren’t in hospitals. I wanted to basically go and see why they act this way, and compare it to real life. Also, to give talk to kids in hospitals and give them “support’.

Many people don’t know or care to understand that life is harder for many people other than themselves. Usually people cry over not getting to go to a party or getting your phone taken awa,y from them. I realized that even I do this too. Kids in hospitals are on deathbeds and their parents not knowing if their kids are going to be alive.

At CHOP, there are many kids that are survivors of many things. One kid named Will had a lot of things wrong with him. He had UPJ and kidney stones. The hard part about it was that there wasn’t even any symptoms or signs that he had these disorders. He was only 3 years old when doctors told him that something was wrong. But in the end, he was very greatfull that he was able to come over it and still become a great kid. Meanwhile, kids like me dont understand what it is to have something this serious happen in your life.

Another child that has had a really rough time “growing up” was Hadi. Hadi had to have reconstructive surgery. He had problems in a private area and wa very young when it started. There were so many questions on why this was happening to him. Thats why I was so concerned about people not seeing past their stupid problems about getting in trouble or just drama.

I want to put my focus on talking to kids in hospitals and seeing how they adapt to life basically “living” in the hospital. I want to go to CHOP and do what I said above. But overall, I am really interested in seeing what it is that keeps these kids so motivated and thankful.                             

Annotated Bibliography:

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Una Carta para Ti

Querid@ _____,

¡Hola! ¡Saludos desde Filadelfia! Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal”. Es un ciudad grande. ¿De dónde eres tú? ¿Qué tal? Soy bien. Hace bastante frío y viento en Filadelfia. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?¿Cómo te llamas? Soy Nagee. Tengo catource años. Mi cumpleaños es el veintinueve de julio. ¿Cuántos años tienes tú? ¿Cuándo es tú cumpleaños? Soy bajo, divertido, y inteligente. Me  gusta dormir, ir de compras, y bailar. Me fascina Una dirección. Mi favorito es Niall Horan. Él es diecinueve años y irlandés. Él es rubico, bonito y es siempre hambre. También, él es muy muy talentoso, bobo y simpático. Él puede ser inteligente y divertido. Una dirección miembros sea Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson y Niall Horan. ¿Hágale tienen gusto Una dirección? Mi  y mi amigas sea siempre el hablar sobre ellos. Uf, no me gusta nada ir a la escuela, ver la tele, y jugar videojuegos. A veces tengo gusto jugar videojuegos pero muy poco. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que ir al cine. ¡Hasta luego! Responde cuando puedas.

Con Cariño,
Photo on 11-27-12 at 10.45 AM #2
Niall Horan
Una dirección
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Saludos desde USA,

Mi nombre es Lindsey y soy tengo quince años! Soy de Filadelfia, es una ciudad grande. Pero se conoce comoLa Cuidad de Amor Fraternal.” ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres?

Pero mi cumpleaños es noviembre veinte y cuatro.   Me fascina dibujar, dormir, ver la tele, videojuegos, leer cómic y comer. Soy cómica, baja, guapa y perezosa. Soy un poquito tímida y casi siempre de  No me gusta nada trabajar y cantar. Viejo musica en fascina musica y Johnny Depp me fascina talentos. Los fines de semana me gusta deportista. ¿Qué se siente en América del Sur? ¿Cuántos años tienes? ¿Cuáles son sus actividades favoritas? Responde! Adiós!

Con cariño,
Lindsey Jones
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Animal Cruelty YATW

Hi. My name is Cole Hinton. For the You and The World project, my classmates and I took world issues that affect us and turned a service project into it to inform others around us about it and to make a stand to it. For my issue, I have chosen to do animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is a big issue to me because it is sad to see and hear about what people do to animals that can not defend themselves or are innocent and have done nothing wrong to deserve these actions. Looking at pictures of this issue are so hard to watch with disbelief and to think that someone would do that kind of thing.

Animal abuse and animal cruelty is a big issue not only in the United States, but in the world internationally. It’s something that has dramatically changed the way we see the world.However, many people simply ignore the fact that they are abusing animals because they do it to release pressure or just to have pleasure. The Humane Society states that animal abuse can be  shown by people shooting, beating, stabbing, or setting the animal on fire. It also states that these people who abuse their animals, probably abuse their family as well.

There are many reasons why people abuse animals. Animal cruelty has a wide range of actions, but not one answer isn't capable enough to explain many reasons why people do it. Each type of abuse is shown with certain patterns of behavior that experts use to help understand more about why people commit the crimes we encounter today.
Animal cruelty is often separated into  into two main categories: active and passive, also known as commission and omission. Passive cruelty is classified by cases of neglect, where the crime is a lack of action. Extreme passive cruelty can cause incredible pain and suffering to an animal.
Examples of neglect are starvation, dehydration, parasite infestations, allowing a collar to grow into an animal's skin, unsustainable shelter for extreme weather conditions, and not able to   have veterinary care when an animal needs medical attention.

Active cruelty is where a person has intentionally caused abuse and cruelty to an animal, and is sometimes referred to as NAI (Non-Accidental Injury). Acts of intentional cruelty are often some of the most disturbing and should be considered signs of serious psychological problems. This type of behavior is often associated with sociopathic behavior.
Animal abuse in violent homes can take many forms and can occur for many reasons. Many times a parent or domestic partner who is abusive may kill, or threaten to kill, the household pets to intimidate family members into sexual abuse, to remain silent about previous or current abuse, or simply to psychologically torture the the victims, extending their "power".

64.5% (1,212) involved dogs
18% (337) involved cats
25% (470) involved other animals
Reported abuse against pit bull-type dogs appears to be on the most: in 2000–2001, pit bull-type dogs were involved in 13% of reported dog-abuse cases; in 2007, they were involved in 25% of reported dog-abuse cases.
(some cases involved multiple species). Only 47 states in the U.S. take animal abuse as a crime. But, dogs and cats have protection in all states. But they are not the only animals that are abused and neglected. Horses, cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens are victims of the cruel acts of animal abuse.

Illegal animal fighting is another big issue that runs along side animal abuse.Illegal animal fighting is a blood-sport where  animals are specifically bred and trained to fight each other within a closed pit or ring, for the entertainment of people who place bets on the animal they believe will win. The fights are extremely dangerous, with animals often fighting to the death.
In addition to the extremely violent actions of the animal cruelty involved, illegal animal fighting events almost always include other criminal activity, such as gambling, drugs, prostitution and illegal firearms.
Additionally, it is quite common for children to be used during these events, usually as runners for the betting process. This brings up the obvious issue of exposing children to illegal activities, and it also contributes to their de-sensitivity to violence as they are exposed to these brutal and bloody scenes of animals ripping each other to pieces for money. Quite often, during a dog or cockfighting bust, these young runners are overlooked during the questioning process - which is part of what makes them desirable to use from an illegal animal fighter's standpoint.
Trunking: When two dogs (usually pit bulls) are thrown into the trunk of a car to fight. The trunk door is closed, and the last dog standing is the "winner".
Hog-Dog Fighting: When a dog (usually pit bull) is pitted against a feral pig, or hog. This is  common in the southern states. The HSUS believes that hog dog fights regularly occur in at least ten states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.
Badger Baiting: When a dog or dogs is put against a badger. This is illegal but not uncommon in the UK. The badger, which may first be partially disabled by being beaten over the head with a spade, or by having its jaw broken or its legs chained, is placed in a baiting pit or some other arena. It is then set upon by a succession dogs, which are goaded on by their owners. According to RSPCA inspector Ian Briggs, 10,000 badgers are killed or injured by diggers every year.


anmal abuse 1
large_boxer abuse
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Una Carta para Ti.

Querido (o querida) tú,

¡Hola! Me llamo Wilson. ¿Qué tal? Estoy de humor bastante bueno. ¿Cuantos años tienes tú? Tengo 13 años, pero estoy en grado 9 porque soy saltó un grado. Mi cumpleaños veintidós de marzo. ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños?

¿De dónde eres tú? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy donde quiera que estés? Soy de Filadelfia. Sin embargo, yo nací en San Francisco. Me mudé a Filadelfia, cuando yo era un bebé. Además, dependiendo de la semana, yo vivo en la casa de mi madre o la casa de mi padre, porque están divorciados.

Cuando tengo tiempo libre, me gusta jugar videojuegos de la computadora, por ejemplo Portal y Team Fortress 2, con amigos. De vez en cuando, yo jugar videojuegos de la XBOX 360, por ejemplo Madden 2012. Me gusta comer hamburguesas, enchiladas y ensalada con aderezo italiano. Me muy odio comer la berenjena y los tomates, porque hacen que mi ardor en la boca. ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Soy un poquito bajo, pero yo no el más bajo. Yo también soy inteligente, pero eso es un término relativo. A veces soy habladora, pero no siempre.

Tengo que dejar de escribir ahora- me he quedado sin tiempo. Espero que le responderemos pronto!


Wilson Biggs

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Una Carta para



y Trinity. ¿Cuanto años tú? Tengo 15 años. Me cumpleaños es el 18 de noviembre.¿Cuando es de cumpleaños?

¿Cuanto años tienes tú? Tengo quince años.Mie cumpleaños es el seis de noviembre. Cuando es de cumpleaños? Soy de Filadelfia. Es una ciudad grande. Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal” ¿De donde eres tú? ¿Qué tiempo hace? HaceMucho, mucho frío.
¿Le gusta comer?  Me gusta hacer todas las cosas normales de un joven de 15 años hace. Me gusta ver la televisión, escuchar música, pasar tiempo con mis amigos, y dormir (¿Quién no le gusta dormir?). También me gusta cantar, siempre y cuando nadie me oye.  No me gusta hablar por teléfono o ayudar en casa. Soy sociable en su mayoría, pero puedo ser tímida. Yo soy muy inteligente. Y a veces puede actuar realmente extraño.¿Qué eres tú?

Bueno, me voy porque tengo que estudiar
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Home Network

The devices on my internet connection are all electronics. We have a desktop computer for the entire household to use, my iPhone 4S, my dad’s iPhone 5, my mom’s HTC EVO Lite, our nintendo wii system, my school laptop, my brother’s Toshiba laptop, my toshiba laptop, and my mom’s android tablet. All of these things we use on a regular basis and they won’t be as useful without internet. I learned how a modem is what connects to the internet and how a router is what lets the modem connect to computers in the area. I also learned about how anything posted online will always be there. Even if deleted, it’s still out there permanently. And if I were giving advice I would say to be careful as to what they decide to put out there because people will take your things and repost, reblog, etc. and that could end up being a big mistake.

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Una Carta para Ti

Saludos desde Filadelfia,
Hola, yo soy Mitchell. ¿Como te llamas? ¿Como estàs? Estoy muy emocionado me que ha escrito. Tengo catorce años. ¿Y tù? ¿Cuandos es tù cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es diez y enero. Soy de Filadelfia. Es una ciudad grande. ¿De donde eres tù? ¿Què tiempo hace hoy? Hace sùper frío en Filadelfia.
Me encanta comer y dormir. Tambìen me gusta jugar videojuegos. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta dibujar. Sin embargo, no me gusta nada ir de compras o practicar deportes. Odio trabajar. Soy mucho perezoso. ¿Y a ti? ? ¿Què te gusta hacer? Soy increíblemente guapo y inteligente. ¿Y tù? ¿Còmo eres? Bueno, me voy porque soy perezoso. Responde cuando puedas. ¡Adios!

Con cariño,


Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.30.35 AM
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Querid@ __________________ ,
¡Hola ! Mi nombre es Brittany Cooper . Soy de filadelfia. Tengo catorce años. Mi compleaños es dos deciembre. Pero sea quince en domingo! Mi muy muy emoncionada ! Soy muy alta para una muchacha . Soy muy guapa . Tengo baja morena. Soy el más joven de tres, tengo un más viejo y una hermana. Me gusta ir de compras y Me fascina a dormir. Me sonido más o menos perozosa  Me excitan tan para ser un pal del contacto. Nunca he hecho esto antes. ¡Esto es todo nuevo a mí!

Quiero saber de donde está usted. Usted juega cualquier deporte? Hago, Brittany
Querid@ __________________ ,
¡Hola ! Mi nombre es Brittany Cooper . Soy de filadelfia. Tengo 14 años. Mi compleaños es dos deciembre. Pero sea quince en domingo! Mi muy muy emoncionada ! Soy muy alta para una muchacha . Soy muy guapa . Tengo baja morena. Soy el más joven de tres, tengo un más viejo y una hermana. Me gusta ir de compras y Me fascina a dormir. Me sonido más o menos perozosa  Me excitan tan para ser un pal del contacto. Nunca he hecho esto antes. ¡Esto es todo nuevo a mí!

Quiero saber de donde está usted. Usted juega cualquier deporte? Hago, bien por lo menos yo utilicé también. Mi utilizado a nadar. Usted juega un deporte?
por lo menos yo utilicé también. Mi utilizado a nadar. Usted juega un deporte? Tengo que ir bien. Contésteme. ¡Adiós!
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Una Carta para Ti

Querid@   _____________,

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Isabella Blackwell. Mi familia soy de Puerto Rico, pero yo vivo en Filadelfia. Tengos catorze anos. Mi cumpoleanos es el tres de septiembre. Ahora, hace mucho frio en Filadelfia. No me gusta nada frio, pero mi gusta comer, dormir, y ir de compras. Yo soy muy perezosa. Yo odio de ayudar en la casa.

¿Y a ti? ¿Que te gusta hacer? ¿Que no te gusta hacer? ¿Que tiempo hace hoy en _________ ? ¿Cuando es tu cumpleanos? Y Cuantos anos tienes tu? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que dormir. ¡Hasta luego!

Con Cariño,

Photo on 11-11-12 at 2.43 PM
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Kristina's carta

¡Hola, Saludos des de Filadelfia! Es una ciudad entre la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital. Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.” Es una ciudad grande. Me nombre es Kristina. ¿Que Tal? Soy cansada. Mi cumpleaños es el trienta de Marzo. Tengo catorce años. ¿Cuando es tú cupmpleanos? ¿Cuantos anos tienes tú? Aquí (en) Filadelfia es el hace bastante frio. ¿Qué tiempo hace? Me fascina dormir y cocinar. Y tu? No me gusta nada dibujar. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta leer y escuchar mùsica. Me encanta Adam Levine. El es muy muy muy guapo. Es el hermoso. Bonito. Es el increiblemente lindo.  Me también encanta Kellan Lutz, es el muy guapo. (Me encanta Twilight y vampiro es por eso que.) Me gusta One Direction mucho. Y tu? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Cómo eres? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que ayudar en casa. ¡Adios! Responde cuando puedas.

Con Cariño, Kristina

Kellan Lutz  Kellan Lutz & Nikki Read


One Direction


The City Of Brotherly Love!




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Kevin, letter


¡Hola! Buenos Dias! Saludos desde Filadelfia. ¿Qué pasa? Me Llamo es Kevin. Soy asiático y una mezla de razas.¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ¿Cuantos años viernes tú? Soy Tengo quince años. Mi cumpleaños es catorce, de septiembre. Soy de Filadelfia y se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.” También Filadelfia es una ciudad grande ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy en ____? En Filadelfia mucho frío! ¿Cómo eres tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Soy muy Alto y bastante cómico también muy bobo. Me encanta practicar deportes, y tú? Me encanta comer. Me gusta escuchar música, y tú? También me encanta dormir! Bueno, me voy porque tengo que comer. ¡Hasta luego!  

Con cariño,

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Una Carta Para Ti



Soy Jonas.
¿Que tal? Yo estoy muy bien. Tengo quince años. ¿Y tu? ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es el siete de septiembre. Soy de Filadelfia pero vivo en los Angeles. ¿De donde eres tu? En Filadelfia, hace frío. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Mi gusta jugar videojuegos especialmente Minecraft, ¿Y tu? Me mucho gusta leer. Me no gusta escribir. ¿Y tu? Yo mucho gusto Y juego de cartas es nombre Magia, La Reunión. Me no gusta estudiar. Me gusta practicar deportes. YO soy extraño. Yo soy inteligente y tímido. Yo tengo ir de como cena.
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Jasmin Gilliam:
¡Hola! Soy Jasmin. ¿Que tal? ¿Cuantos años tienes tú? Tengo 14 años. Mi cumpleaños es el julio 14. ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? Soy de Filadelfia. Y tú? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy ? Hace mucho frío en Filadelfia.

Me gusta dibujar y bailar. Me encanta relajar y dormir. Me fascina leer. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Me interesa correr y practicar deportes. ¿Y tú?
Soy mas o menos alta. Soy morena. Soy muy artística y creativa. Soy boba. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres?
Bueno, mi voy porque tengo que comer. ¡Adios!

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Guerdi@ __________

¡Hola saludos desde Filadelfia¡ Es una ciudad grande. Soy Bella, soy morena. ¿Qué tal? Estoy tranquila. ¿Cuánto años tienes? Tengo 14 años. ¿De dónde eres? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy en ____? Aquí en Filadelfia hace bastante frío. Me gusta cocinar, pasar un rato con amigos, dormir, y cuando tengo tiempo libre practicar deportes, y siempre comer. No me gusta nada ir a la escuela, leer, y soy nunca estudiar. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Soy muy alta, increiblemente deportista, y bien sociable. Yo también soy muy cómica. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? Bueno, los fines de semana me voy porque tengo que cocinar. Responde cuando puedas. Adios.


                                                                      Con cariño, Bella    

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