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Robbie McCormac English Benchmark

Script bellow 

Robbie McCormac Benchmark Script 10/21/12


Bateman(Calmly)- “Come on in Paul I have been dying to show you around my apartment.” I have a very modern upscale apartment right in the heart of New York City I love being showvnistic about it especially since all Paul talk’s about is wanting to live here.

Paul(Walking around the house)- “Wow Bateman I’m truly In pressed” He stares at the the Polo rug I have sitting by the T.V.(Sit’s at counter) “Any good channels to watch?”

Bateman- Cinemax and HBO something you don’t know about I say smuggle in my head. “Yes you can put on HBO if you’d like, Do you want anything to drink?”

Paul- “Can you make me a Vodka with Cranberry?”

Bateman(Laughing to himself)- I knew he was a bitch but really a vodka and cranberry? “Yes of course I can let’s go to the outside bar though.”


Paul(Sitting at chair relaxed)- “You really have it good out here Bateman , Your own little private peace of the American Dream.”

Bateman( At the bar making the drink) “Yes I suppose so Paul but Isolation start’s to slowly consume you, It’s a very odd feeling” (Notices an ax by the side of the wet bar)

Paul( Staring at my Louise vitton chair’s) “I’m sure everything will be fine with that Bateman we all have been there, work start’s to make you go a little insane ahah right?”

Bateman(Smiling) “Yes I would agree with that Paul I really would”

Paul (turning on the outside TV) “Amazing you get HBO outside here too? Simply perfect.”

Bateman( Hand’s drink over) “Here you go Paul your drink’s done.”

Paul- “Thank you.”

Bateman(At the bar Pouring himself scotch),(Put’s a rain Jacket on and pick’s up the AX) “Paul, Paul, Paul I don’t know about you but I hate work so goddamn much it’s a pain in the ass, And I dread seeing the same low life scum’s everyday. In fact let’s change that right now.” ( Goes run’s at Paul and put’s the ax in his head)

Bateman (Staring at the body) “Goddamn it there’s blood on my Ralph Lauren chair. THANKS PAUL.” No matter I have business to attend to.

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