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PSA: Tyler, Becca, Ronald & Annisa

Hicimos un PSA sobre el contaminación del ríos en Filadelfia. Es un asusnto importante a nosotros porque este destruirá nuestro mundo. Esperamos que el público de Filadelfia informa.

Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre... el ríos.
Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue... conjugar los verbos es facil.

Me gusta el PSA de mi group porque... los videojuegos.
Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo agregía... musica.
Spanish PSA 2012 AnnTylBecRon

¡Recicle! PSA Sobre El Medio Ambiente

La Introducción:

  • Hicimos un PSA sobre reciclaje en Filadelfia. Es un asusnto importante a nosotros porque el medio ambiente para la vida silvestre y la gente que vive en el medio ambiente. Es importante que el público de Filadelfia recicle los papeles. Yo espero que la gente de Filadelfia recicle las latas y las botellas plasticas.

Shamarlon Yates
Maggie Long
Vincent Russell
Michael Sanders

Above the Influence - Alissa DiBartolomeo

My product is an Above the Influence print ad. My message is to hopefully effect teens into not doing drugs because of the consequences it can have on your life. My intended audience is teens but I hope to also reach out to adults as well. I feel that everyone can see how drugs effect your life. The way I'm reaching out to teens I feel like it is a more effective way because all other ads and commercials all show you what could happen and not really show any proof of what does happen. I feel like if people would see what actually happens and how it could effect your life it will stop some teens about thinking of doing drugs. If I were to do this project again I would make a commercial and have someone actually doing a drug to show the before and after effect better.    
Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 9.17.57 AM
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Quarter 2 Benchmark - Student Rights

By Sean Moss and Jesse Weinberg

​Here is the Link to our Video Hosted on School Tube.


"C-SPAN StudentCam 2012 - Downloads." C-SPAN StudentCam 2012. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2012. <>. Remove-item-icon Edit-item-icon "Student Speech - Recent Court Cases, Issues and Articles | American Civil Liberties Union." American Civil Liberties Union. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2012. <>. Remove-item-icon Edit-item-icon Sutton, Marsha.

" Restricting students from freedom of speech - Del Mar Times | Del Mar Times ." Del Mar Times | The Latest News from the Community of Del Mar . N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2012. <>.

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Q2 Apple Satire - Ian McClendon

Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 3.16.53 PM

As we see in society everyone owns a iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple product and it seems to symbolize/ portray the sense of the Apple Inc. being a independent and creative company. The use of their technology, don’t get me wrong, is very customizable and can be controlled with ease but would it occur to the typical user that Apple created their own software, interfaces, or processing modules that makes their iPhone so unique? The answer is no/ not quite. The way I would describe Apple Inc. in the global market is being a Patent Troll to all. 

So what I’ve tried to create here is a Apple Satire of the iPhone and how unoriginal I see as being. In my poster I point out specific applications and programs and then expose how the Patent Troll Apple is not who they seem to be. Also what such a profit they make from someones creation. In each box deriving from the application I show the inventor, description of patent, and the price that Apple bought.  
Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 3.16.53 PM
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Gnop. Ping Pong Ad By Anwar Abdul-Qawi, and TJ Nicolella

Check out this amazing video made by us. A big shout out to Ali Ahmed, Tim Mamrol, Ian Mclendon, Blase Biello, Warda Abuli, and William Marsh. Watch an Enjoy

This video was supposed to impact mostly ping pong players, and for them to feel attached to it. Also this video has been made so that people who may not have an interest in ping pong, by the way the video is set up, it is made to keep them attached and looking for more. Also we felt as though this video did not require dialogue, because we feel as though it takes away from the full effect of the video. We have learned alot from this BM, it has gotten us back into the mood of creativity, and helped get back on track with film, and editing.  

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The McZeel

Our Product is the Mczeel. The McZeel is a burger that acts and basically is an upper that puts people in better more active moods. Our message is that people should really stop being inactive and becoming fat and they should get up and run or get the energy t do things by eating right. The intended audience are people who basically give up and say that they can't. The McZeel helps people learn that they can do it with the right motivation. It's meant for obese people as well who believe that they don't have the motivation to get up on their feet and work off the fat. I believe that the upbeat tempo gathers people's attention and the active commercial is meant to see the effectives of just one bite as the kid goes from depression to active, happy and running. I would change the shots and gather more video showing scenes of before and after of the main character and how the McZeel has changed his life. 
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~*~Beautiful Soul Advertising~*~ by Gina Dukes

  • You can view my print advertisement by clicking  here , and at the bottom of this post is my radio advertisement in mp3 form.

    What is your product? What is your message?

    My product includes a short radio advertisement and two print ads. The purpose of the advertisements is to fill the void of positive advertising for women that inspires instead of promoting unrealistic standards of beauty. The message that I hope viewers take away is that, regardless of what images of beauty advertisements try to sell to women, true beauty comes from within and every woman should take value in their beautiful soul.
  • Who is your intended audience?

    Young women between the ages of 15-30

  • Why do you think this is an effective way to reach your audience?
    I think that the way in which I made my radio ad, it would reach my audience because it starts off like a regular ad that tries to capitalize on the insecurities that they feel women may have, yet that narrative immediately stops and I begin talking about valuing yourself/your inner beauty. Most ads don't try to promote an idea, so I think that makes my ad stand out and combined with plain language/nice background music, I feel that it is pretty effective.
    I purposely made my print ads not be overloaded with a lot of stuff, so I think that the message is easy for others to understand.
  • If you were to do this again, what would you change about your BM?

    I think that I might consider using a different type of media, possibly a video or a differently designed print ad.

Dukes_Q2 BM(RWR)
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Anti-Drug Group

Our Product is a anti-drug commercial that basically shows the deterioration of a student named Saadiq as he does drugs and his grades goes down as the disappointment in the teacher increases. The message is that if someone does drugs they will become worse and worse, the classroom is just an example of one of the many ways that drugs will harm someone over time. The intended audience is teenagers who have possibly tried drugs and have not yet shown a decline. Basically to tell them that if they don't see the effects now they will later. I think that this is an effective way to reach the audience because it visually pleasing with a message. The example would be that the video starts out light and steadily gets darker. The people who see and understand will probably be pleased with the way it shows the character. I would do more than one video with the same aspect of the screen getting darker as the situation worsens.

Rafiq Robinson
Kabbour Rizq
Sam Sirochman
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Water Privatization Ad

​My message with this ad was to spread awareness and bring attention to the injustices of water privatization. By presenting a print ad pointing out the flaws of the Suez-Lyonaisse water privatization in South Africa in 2001 and providing a link to pertaining information I hoped to grab the attention of young adults and college students, who have the capability to make more executive decision on what to support and what action to take or how to set up entrepreneurial assistance for this problems. I was hoping that the simplicity of the design and the popping colors would help draw attention to the words in the poster. 
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Chevy Camaro Commercial

​My product is the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. My message for my product is to persuade audience to buy a vehicle that promotes the many values of having a sport car. My intended audience are males, of any age range, determined to drive a fast and stylish car. I think it is an effective way to reach my audience because it uses pop culture phenomenon "Taylor Gang" to persuade buyers to join a subliminal bandwagon. 
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Whitney Washington Advertisement

My overall idea is to get people living in different parts of Philadelphia to learn about the history of their neighborhood and learn more about the people in their neighborhood. My intended audience are people in different regions of philadelphia. I think this is an effective way to reach my audience because it will be very visible and it will be giving information about an area that they are semi-familiar with . If I were to do this project again, I would pick a way to create the ad in a more appealing way. 
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By: Kate Pepple & Maria Hernadez

Our product is technology Blinders for people. Our message is the people are blind for the technology and the rest of the world is just considered a distraction.

Anyone that use phone or computer.

It is not meant to be an effective add, it’s meant to be a joke.  We thought that we could reach our audience in this way because they can see how absurd it is to go through life so focus on their phones or computers.  We thought humor would be the most efficient method in getting out idea to people.

We would try to find someone who knows more about Photoshop and such.  We came up with the idea of our ad easily but struggled with actually putting it together.
Final Poster
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Seva Ad - F&M Advertising

Matthew Scuderi & Fangda Luo

1/19/12 C-Band

RWR: Advertisement BM - Ad & Reflection

We are advertising a nonprofit organization called Seva, which provides care for native people and those who are victims of malnutrition generally located in third world countries (except for South America). Seva also helps provide health care specifically for eyesight of those located in third world countries that need operations for their sight. Our advertisement has two goals in mind: raise awareness of the Seva organization and persuade people to support Seva by donating. Our intended audience is all ages and primarily those amongst the middle and upper class, but our audience can be anyone. We believe that this ad is effective because it not only catches attention with the large arm donating to a Seva box and the poor child’s hands reaching our for the things that the money is being turned into, but because it is very visual and easy to understand with good sized text. 

This ad stands out more than most ads that typically look similar because there are very few advertisements on billboards that advertise nonprofit organizations that help people in third world countries. If we were to do this benchmark again, we would definitely spend time drawing highly detailed objects for the entire ad rather than just photoshoping some parts or vice versa. We have a mix of drawing and photoshopping in our final product that looks great, but if we could do the project again, we would focus on working more in detail with either just photoshop or drawing; this way, our ad seems like it goes together a bit more. Another thing that we would change is the slogan or words that appear on the ad by being more original with the words themselves (they are based off of Seva’s slogan). 

For more information on Seva and our advertisement plan, go here.
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Q2 Advertisement Benchmark

My product is the commercial for the documentary I am making for the non-profit organization called Phresh Philadelphia. Because of what Phresh Philly stands for (neighborhood cleanup and community empowerment) I decided to record what my neighborhood looked like on my way to school.

My intended audience would be the people of the community, so they can open their eyes to what is going on. The city is in shambles outside of center city, and folks who reside in the center city area, believe Philadelphia is fine. A news report video I saw did nothing but prove the ignorance of the people in Philadelphia, especially those people whom aren't living in these impoverished areas.

I believe this commercial was a great way to get to people to start off. The second one would reach the audience in a different way, but this is more of a "can you see it?" type of commercial. I wanted to go for something new, and not the typical commercial that you would normally see. If I were to do this again, I would definitely figure out that I couldn't use Final Cut a little earlier. I spent some precious time figuring that out before I switched to using iMovie. If I would have known that sooner, I would have definitely created both commercials to share at this time.

A Phresher Philadelphia
A Phresher Philadelphia
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Anti-Drug Commercial

My product is a poster, showing the differences between people on drugs and not on drugs. Intended audience is everyone, but specifically 13-20 year old kids. I think my advertisement is effect because at this age people care what they look like and these show the difference in how drugs effect you. I would change my medium, I would have preferred video, but it just wasn't going to work out. 
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Q2 Benchmark: Samson's Snake Oil

The product I sold for this project is snake oil, the thing people peddled back in the wild west, claiming it to have potency in curing all sorts of ailments. My snake oil is supposedly completely sincere, and the message is that it has a potency beyond all else. I wrote several ads aimed at several groups of people, and I hope that I hit everyone. I used print ads and a radio ad, and I believe these are effective because the immediate impact is greater. If I did this again, I would probably actually make a video ad, or maybe several radio ads, I just feel like I could've done a bit more.
Samson's Snake Oil on the Radio
Samson's 1
Samson's 6
Samson's 13
Samson's 18
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Mernia Recycling Industries

​Mernia Recycling Industries

Kern Clarke & Markia Johnson

The product that we've created was "Mernia". It is a company that promotes recycling. The message that we try to convey is to get more people to recycle. Our intended audience is the entire human race, because we feel as though this is an issue that affects everyone no matter where you are from. We think this is an effective way to reach our audience because all of the print ads are very simple but yet they convey the message very quickly. We also covered most print ad mediums such as poster, billboard, and magazine. If I were to do this again the thing I would change would be the medium that was used to present this product. Not because this isn't a good one but because more can be done with another.
Mernia Logo
Mernia Poster
Mernia Magazine Word Search
Mernia Billboard

Q2 Advertising Benchmark

By Henry Yam and Michael Dea

The aim of our advertising campaign was to promote the use of paper books as opposed to ebook readers such as the Kindle and Nook because we felt that they are superior to such devices. This idea comes from their being able to be lent to others without a major risk of losing an expensive device, their ability to go anywhere without financial risk, etc. The message we hope to convey through our four posters was to get people to use actual books rather than ebook readers such as the Kindle or Nook. The intended audience of our ad campaign is people ranging from early high school onward. This is believed to be an effective means by which to convey our message to our audience because it can be put into magazines or online. Furthermore, it is rather out of the ordinary for people of a younger age because they are not like the normal motion ads that are displayed online and almost everywhere.
If we were to do this project again, most likely we would change the kind of people we included in our ads. Instead of using historical figures, we would implement more contemporary people whom many more would recognize with relative ease. In addition to this, the implementation of quotes from such people about reading would most likely increase the effectiveness of the ad by showing a kind of "endorsement" of the product.
Rosa Parks Ad
Queen Elizabeth ad
Licoln Ad
Ben Franklin Ad
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McLove Not War: A New Kind Of Burger!

Jobe, Tim, Ali​

1) We are marketing the McLove Burger. A new burger for McDonald's that brings people together. It is a parody of how McDonald's and other fast food chains present their restaurants and food as something that can easily be shared by people of every kind of origin and belief together.

2) Our audience is anyone old enough to have seen the McDonald's Ad's and recognize that these diverse ethnic groups sharing a meal at McDonald's doesn't accurately portray reality. And of course recognize the various famous figures we use in our images.

3) Because one it's humorous and the figures are very easily recognized which can easily draw people attention to the images.

4) We would have chosen/modified some of the people and images used in our selections.

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 8.45.32 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 8.46.01 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 8.46.17 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 8.46.32 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 8.46.44 AM