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MMarton and SHolts - Weather

Weather You're Ready or not, You're About to Learn!

Here is our blog post that should help you with learning the basics of the weather world. Here you'll learn some key terms, what influences change in weather, and how to read a weather map! Enjoy, and we hope you'll learn a lot!

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Artist StatementQ4

This quarter, I have improved as an artist. The first project that Olivia and I decided to do (we partner up to create assignments for ourselves that test our artist abilities) was a valentines day inspired project. the only guidelines were having to use 3 different materials, and valentines day related. For my project, I painted cardboard with scenery from Alice in wonderland's queen of hearts army; and then made a three dimentional flower out of layers of newspaper.

Another assignment Olivia and I decided to do was to practice self portraits. I did 2 self portraits, one in charcoal and one in pencil, below are the photos: we used mirrors to find out where our features were to be drawn.

Street art was our third art project and I made a kony 2012 poster for april 20ths cover the night. below is a photo, it was inspired by quotes and facts from the video promotion for the cause.

We also created fashion inspired collages with our own drawings of styles and fashion as well as what inspired the drawings.

the final project olivia and I did was the cieling tiles in Mrs. Hulls classroom.
for the fourth quarter I think I want to pick a single object or thing like a butterfly persay, and have to draw it in every different aspect and method I can think of.
Photo on 4-12-12 at 2.47 PM #2
Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 9.41.16 AM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 2.48 PM
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The Characteristics of the Universe

Breeanna Noi and Sabrina Stewart-McDonald

This PSSA topic is centered around the life cycle of stars. The star is born from the nebula is goes through a process in which the core changes, eventually running out of energy and collapsing on itself or becoming dimmer. The process depends on how big the star is. 
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My goal is to be able to be comfortable having a conversation with someone.

-Have a conversation with someone and ask them about what they did that day. If I can be comfortable and keep the conversation then I think I will be successful.

-I would talk to my Columbian friend who is fluent in spanish and will be able to tell me what I need to improve on.
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Color Wheel

Or should I say, 'Color Vortex?'

I'm fiddling around with some of the effects that Photoshop has... The black area in the swirl kinda makes the picture look like a Rainbow Black Hole or something.
Color Wheel
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Goals para Proyecto de Conversación

​My goal for the conversations in general would be to speak a little more fluently and understand how a native speaker usually speaks and how to keep up with the conversation. I have a problem with pronunciation and that is also one of my goal. 

I have couple of spanish friends who speak spanish fluently and I'm going to have little chat with them. 
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I did this on Photoshop. Basically, this is a pen-sword.

I'm fiddling around with the gaussian blur a bit. It's fun, actually. I was amazed at how the blade turned out.
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Arlana Brown Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

"Both natural processes and human activities are capable of changing the environment."-Study Island

Slow Changes to the environment include:

•Changing of the seasons

•Ecological succession

Rapid Changes to the environment include:


•Volcanic Eruptions

•Asteroid Impacts

Humans contribute to the environment in many ways, especially if they are treating the environment bad. 

•Habitat destruction

•Fossil fuels burning

•Genetically engineering organisms


•Greenhouse Gases

So we are going to focus on ecological succession and it's impact on the environment. Ecological succession is basically a process that a community undergoes and has a predictable change. Think of "I Am Legend" when you see the deers running around and trees growing in the streets. Basically that street has turned into a "forest" that's ecological succession.Example below:


Over time as you can in 1840 it started out as a pond but ended up being a forest.  In 1870 you can that some of the plants are starting to get a little bigger and that the fish are still present. In 1900 algae are starting to fill up the pond. 1930 the pond is almost covered now with a tree on the side and algae almost filling the whole thing. In the last two years the trees are more present with the pond covered with algae and dirt.

Questions to think about:

What is ecological succession?

What is primary ecological succession?

Listed below is pictures of ecological succession which one shows it the most?

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My goal is to talk in spanish slightly fluently. 
- To not use any english words in between. 
- Try not to stutter and space out a lot. 

I already talked to a telemarketer in spanish. He was laughing a little because I asked him if he could speak spanish to me for my school project. He was really nice though, he helped me a lot. 
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A dieta

Pick one of the following people (or someone else) and create a one-week nutritional plan for him/her. Choose to work on the plan for desayuno OR almuerzo OR cena. The person's name is the title of your post.

Michael Phelps who exercises 9 hours/day

Lindsay Lohan who needs to gain weight for a role

Angelina Jolie, a vegetarian with a voracious appetite

Dora la Exploradora who is vegan

            Nick Jonas who is diabetic

Be sure:            

- to indicate quantity (UNA manzana, DOS hamburguesas)

- to provide variety so they don’t get sick of it

- to recommend a drink (un vaso de = a glass of, una taza de = a mug of)

- to be creative (Peruvian Andes cuisine?)

You can use words that are not on the vocab sheet.


























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Umm . . .

Conversation Goals

- Keep going with the conversation without stoping or saying "Umm" a lot. 

- Make the conversation flow better and not stumble over words I do not know how to pronounce. 

- Learn how to use conjugations better and make sure I am using them correctly.

I want to know more about the spanish speaking countries and I think it is better to learn from them instead of something read on the internet or text book.

What is normal day in your country?
What do you do for fun?
What type of music do you listen to?
How is the education in your country?
What do you dislike about your country?
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Simple Machines (Tucker and Abe)

All modern, complicated machines are made up of combinations of simple machines. We use all kinds of machines to make doing difficult tasks easier. Machines do not decrease the amount of work that a task requires, but instead allow the user to complete the work with less effort. These types of machines take form in simple everyday tools like axes, hammers, wrenches, etc...

The different types of simple machines that we study today were defined by Renaissance scientists as part of a renewed interest in Greek technological studies. They classified six simple machines into two categories. Three of the machines (screw, inclined plane, and wedge) apply force along a straight path, while the other three (wheel & axle, lever, and pulley) apply force around a pivot point in order to divide the workload. Modern machines often make use of several or all of these simple machines.

The Simple Machines

A wheel and axle has a very simple use: to reduce the size of the input force needed for a task by extending the distance through which the force is applied. The axle turns in the same direction as the wheel, and because the wheel has a larger radius than the axle, the distance the wheel travels has to be greater than the axle. Because of this, the input force that is needed to originally turn the axle is reduced. Common examples of a wheel and axles are used in doorknobs, wagon wheels.

In the same way, a pulley reduces the amount of input force by changing the direction of the initial force itself. A pulley is a rope that is strung through a wheel that is used to lift objects. Multiple pulley systems easily reduce the size of input forces. Pulleys are used in everything from flagpoles, to car engines. Two or more pulleys in one system allow mechanical power and speed to be transmitted across the axles, giving it a close relationship to the wheel and axle.

A lever is a straight, dense object that rotates around a point. The point it revolves around is called a fulcrum. A lever can lower the amount of force needed to complete a task by increasing the distance through which the force is applied. For example, the longer the lever, the less force is needed to rotate the lever around the fulcrum. Crowbars, wrenches, even human limbs are examples of levers.

An inclined plane is used to move heavy objects up an elevated slope. This simple machine operates on the familiar mathematical concept that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. By decreasing the amount of gravitational resistance, the inclined plane allows the user to move an object up a less steep surface to reach a high point, rather than lifting a heavy object straight into the air. Ramps and inclined planes are used by moving companies, in construction, and for recreation.

Screws are cylindrical shafts with small strips wound around their surface in an ascending path from the tip. A screw is essentially a combination of a wheel & axle and an inclined plane. The shaft turns while the small inclined plane guides the material from the tip to the head. Construction crews use small forms of screws to fasten building materials, and larger screws are used to transport large quantities of fluid material from one area to another (Archimedes Screw Pump).

A wedge is a double inclined plane that is used for lifting heavy objects, or splitting dense substances. It has a rectangular base with two triangular sides. They work to separate the objects from the surfaces in which they rest. An axe, or any other type of blade is a type of wedge. They’re used to separate solid material into two different pieces. A wedge can also be used to generate friction between two objects that are not touching in order to control its movements. A door-stop is an object that is put between the floor and the bottom of a door in order for the door to stay at a certain position.
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Atoms - R. Harris & D. Wirt

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 12.12.43 AMScreen Shot 2012-04-16 at 12.22.08 AM

Major Understanding:

The basic major understanding of atoms are that they composed virtually everything in the universe. Everything is composed of atoms, from your mom, to your dad and even something huge like the Sun is composed of atoms. Without the basic structure of atoms, mass, and objects with really large masses couldn't exist. Also with things such as ionic and covalent bonds give way to much more complex structure and organisms like humans, and the Sun. 

Simple Questions

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 5.28.01 AMScreen Shot 2012-04-16 at 5.28.48 AMScreen Shot 2012-04-16 at 5.29.18 AM

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 5.29.18 AM
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