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Quin es?

Tiene el pelo rubía y los ojos azule. Le gusta hablar por telefono. No me gusta cantar. 

Tiene el pelo blanco y los ojos grises. Le gusta cantar. No me gusta nadar.

Tiene el pelo negro y anaranjado y los ojos café. Le gusta estudiar. No me gusta practicar deportista
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Quin es?

- Tiene los ojos grises y el pelo rubia y un poco de morena.

​- Tiene los ojos verdes y el pelo rubia y rosa.  

- Tiene los ojos cafés y el pelo rubia.  A ella le gusta cantar y bailar. No le gusta comer, y no le gusta la gente grosera (rude).   

1 = Greta 
2 = Lady Gaga 
3 = Cara Delevingne

Comment your guesses!
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Que es?

Su el pelo negro y corto. Su los ojos marrones. Le fascina jugar videjuegos. No le gusta comer. El es inteligente.

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Photo on 12-11-12 at 1.38 PM #2
Photo on 12-11-12 at 1.38 PM


Él cafés los ojos y moreno el pelo. Él muy, muy deportista. Le gusta practicar deportes; el fútbol. Él muy talentoso, y mi favorito fútbol jugado.
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Quin es?

Tiene los ojos marrones y el pelo moreno y liso. Le gusta interpretar. No le gusta nada cocinar.

Tiene los ojos verdes y el pelo pelirroja y liso. Le gusta interpretar. No le gusta nada practicar deportes.

Tiene los ojos marrones y el pelo negro. Le gusta interpretar. No le gusta nada cantar.


1= Emma Stone
2= Mila Kunis
3= Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Persona #3- Tiene los ojos cafés, y el pelo es cafés, corto, y rizado. Te gusta baseball, y correr. No te gusta nada nadar. 
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Quien es ?

Tiene el pelo negro y lo ojos cafe. 
Le gusta cantar y bailar. No le gusta comer, y ir a la escuela.
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.42.49 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.45.16 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.41.00 PM
Mandy Moore, Ariana Grande, & Cassie

Quin es?

Tiene los ojos verdes y el pelo ser rubia y parcialmente ser pelirroja. Le gusta volleyball y no me gusta nada estudiar. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.47.24 PM
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Quin es?

Ella tiene los ojos verdes y el pelo rubia. Le gusta escuchar música y salir con su novio. No le gusta nada estudiar o cantar. Le encanta ayudar en casa. 
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Script for Tech: 

Why did I chose how to place this slide.
My name is Amanda Thieu, this slide is to respresent me as a person, following regulations from the website presentation zen. For tech class 2012 we are being introduced to making visual slides than text slides. For example, we are learning to how use slide to capture the main image and make it stand out the most, trying not to let the text over power the image.

I placed my picture of the griaffe in three sections because it was too long to fit on one slide fully. I used the dark to light background, because it gave contrast to my picture and also the text as well. I am using the method bleeding a picture to create three separate sections because it looks neater. Since, humans are more comfortable seeing things from left to right, I placed the Giraffe's head first, it's neck next, and the rest of it's body last. I put the text at the bottom because I wanted the picture to be the main view of the entire slide. You can tell what the image is at first glance, and if you leave the image in just one main picture it would be terriably small. Making the image be the main point in the slide is very imporant. There are several reasons why I chosse the quote. Why? It respresents how some people are meant to be tall and others be short, it does not matter how you turn out. 

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Espanol 1

In one blog post on SLATE, post the photos of 3 different people who are similar-ish. Describe the hair and eyes (TIENE) and the likes/dislikes (Le gusta…) of ONE of those 3 people. Do not say the person’s name. People are going to read your post and guess which of the 3 people you are describing. Be thorough but don't just give away who it is.

Your blog title should be: Adivina (Guess!)
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I Don't Know

I don’t know. That’s all I’ve been saying lately. It seems like I don’t even know myself. I don’t know how I feel. I mean I do, but I don’t at the same time. I don’t understand how you can know but not know how you feel. It’s confusing to me and I’d rather not even try to explain it. I don’t know what words to use to describe how I feel. I’m not even sure I could string together enough sense to make sense of what this feeling is. You just feel it, there’s no name for it not even a vast vocabulary could describe this. My only explanation is through metaphors and similes. It’s like light shining after a long darkness. Not an eye stinging early morning light, but peaceful. Like the warm sun shining over your face while the light flickers off of your irises and makes them look clear and bright. Its like that nervous butterfly feeling you get mixed with a little despise. It’s a weird plot twist that can but cannot be explained. There are emotions that conflict but don’t seem to come anywhere near each other.


Her long hair always seems to tangle and intertwine between my fingers. I love the way her fingers stroke the back of my neck, while I burry my face in her neck resting my chin on her collar bone. When she sees me her grey irises grow wide and her smile becomes soft. Looking up at my bedroom ceiling I think of the way her brown cheeks look. How there’s a faint red in those cheeks, and they feel like rose petals beneath my fingers. I know she’s not mine, and she may never be mine. But how long is never really? Never could end tomorrow, there’s a light in this woman’s soul. That just might put an end to the dark road I’ve been traveling on.

 Do I make sense? Or is this just too confusing. Its just one of those things you have to know personally to understand, but does that really matter? Because I know the feeling and even I don’t understand. I keep second-guessing myself on what this feeling means. I think from now on I’ll just call it “that feeling” ‘cause it’s really just that feeling. That feeling you get when something beyond what you were expecting happens, and in that moment the flutter of a heart beat against eardrums and constricting arms become home. I swear I could sleep in her arms forever.


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Juno and Scarlet Letter Creative Piece- ISerrano

​Alienated from Society

My creative piece is a painting that is suppose to represent a woman being shunned by society for having a child. It's showing that no matter who may be standing beside you, the only important thing to the woman is whether or not she has the child. The two men standing beside the woman in red represent the male protagonist from the movie Juno and the book The Scarlet Letter. The sort of long hallway is to show the journey that needs to be taken by either woman. Juno didn't keep the baby but she still had to go through a lot to deliver the baby. Obviously the woman is red represents both Juno and Hester.  

The colors give more meaning to the painting because there are so little characters to tell a story. The color red played a major role in both the book and the movie (if you look hard enough) and in my piece it is used to represent sin in a way. The red lines in the black are all the people who have ever shunned Juno or Hester because of what they did. They are painted in red to show that they aren't as guilt free as they pretend to be. 

The pacifier. 

I find it to be too straightforward but I couldn't think of anything else to represent a baby.  It shines a white light on the woman. It gives her a reason to ignore the remarks that others give her. Her only focus is the baby and nothing else. Not even the two men standing beside her. 

The colors that the two men are painted in a suppose to give a hint into who the are. The man on the left has brownish-black shaggy hair and blackish-red colored clothing. This is Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. The man on the right has brownish curly hair and is wearing gold and red. This is Paulie Bleeker. 

One problem I encountered was that the color red can only be used so many times and I didn't want there to be so much. So I mixed colors with the red paint to get different shades. I think this worked well because it sort of shows different levels of innocence I guess. I feel like the way I just drew squiggly lines to show the high school kids and the villagers was childish. I definitely would find another way to represent the if I could do this project again.  But I do think I did well in portraying the message I wanted to well portray, even if it isn't drawn well. 

If I could do this project again, I would want to find a more metaphoric way to represent alienation from society. The way white and black worked off of each other is okay but it’s been done before. Which is why I found it to be an appropriate way to represent alienation. Doing the project again would give another chance into finding a different way to represent this. 

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