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BM3 Process_Quinn Platzer

My group and I created a campaign to promote literacy. I contributed as best I could to the campaign, and I feel like I was fairly helpful in my own ways. I encouraged the idea of making posters and thoroughly supported putting them in public places like the children’s sections of local libraries. When we worked on making the posters, I contributed to the overall project with my artistic skills and creativity, and drew an orange cartoon style cat on the poster, holding a sign that asks the viewer, “How well can you read?” Aja came up with the phrase, and I suggested that we use it as the title of our campaign. The rest of the group seemed to like it, and we agreed on using it as our title. When we were talking about where we wanted to put the posters, I suggested the library of a school with young children in it, but we decided against posting them there. I also did some research for the videos, looking up facts and statistics that we could use to prove our point. I also cited most of the sources that my group members and I found soon after we posted the link onto the Google doc. When it came to figuring out how to tell whether or not the campaign we created was effective, I helped test the system we plan on using via email. The test involved sending a form to my email address and I responded. Then we were able to teach ourselves to read the data that is presented to us after people respond to the questions we send out. While the project is not quite done yet, I think there is still much I can do to help out, for example, I may have to place the posters at a couple nearby libraries. 

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Valdez_Macbeth Presentation

This presentation is about the play written by Shakespere.On these slides as you guys can see there are plenty of quotes this just simply simbolizes the change that Macbeth or the protagonist goes through.I used colors that will attract my viewers by using very bright and vivid colors in which nicely compliment well with the entire slide show as well.As you guys can see, I used several of images because I wanted to make it as interesting as possible.Therefore,I included a bibliography to make the information accessible and helpful for my fellow classmates and viewers.

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1- Page Process Paper English Bm3

As the media component being my part, I took this role very seriously. Media has to attract the eyes of all the viewers. Weather the topic is sad or not. You need to be able to present it where it will attack thee soul and there mind. for this project I decided to take another side approach. Since, my group is doing homelessness in Philadelphia, I decided to write up a flyer and a brochure. This brochure and flyer can be used to spread the word around.


            It was hard at one time when trying to do this because I know doesn’t know how it feels to be homeless, but I do know its something that no one should be able to experience.  I had a few interactions with homeless people. Some were good and some were bad. So I took that into consideration, and put all of my feelings to the side to do this project. It wasn’t hard once I realized how many homeless people I’ve helped. I helped volunteer at churches and my  to feed the homeless around the city of Philadelphia.


            My experience with the homeless was heart filling. These people are just like you and I. They are living on the streets of our city trying to make is somewhere somehow with very little. It’s sad to know that some people just don’t care about the people of their own city. If we where a stronger city that give once and awhile we would be making it. To sit and listen to the stories they tell. They too had once had a live to live. They went to school, had family, and had a job.

 But his or her luck just didn’t last long like everyone else.


            People just like to assume that all of the homeless doesn’t deserve to get help because when it’s offered they do not take it. I wanted this project part of mines is to basically show that there are homeless people that do try to get themselves together. It shows why and how these people become homeless. Since, this world is so involved into money that we forget that our human. Money can be a real take over, and people kill for it.


         My part of the project was to put out all of the facts that would make someone think twice about their first opinion of what homelessness was. I wanted to make it where it was easy to understand and get all of the fast and basic information about the homeless in our city. I made sure to add a lot of photos that came from Philadelphia, and the events around the city. I even created a poem that I placed on the back of the brochure. I hope that it makes more Philadelphians understand.

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Q3 Benchmark: Public Information Campaign Reflection

The idea of making a real campaign to reveal to the outside world seemed as if it was a semi easy task. After putting more thought into it and reading the guidelines it was more of a challenge to come up with an idea than anything.

            Trying to figure out how we wanted to convey the message to the audience that we chose was the hardest thing for my group mates an I to do. Considering the fact that the target audience was mainly younger children. What ever my group mates and I decided to had to be appealing to younger children, but I knew I wanted to have posters in it. If I was not sure about anything else or another idea having a poster was something I didn’t want to let go of.

            So making a poster is what Quinn and I decided on, when children see colorful posters they tend to look at them. Or sometimes even drawn “funny” things on them, a child actually writing on a poster is not affective of course but when children write on papers they observe them first. That is actually what we want children to do, observe the posters. My idea was to have the poster read, “How well can you read?” in all capital letters, with a backward “e” in the word read in my opinion that would be affective. If a child is looking at the poster and thinks there is nothing wrong with it after reading it a few times they will be more than likely see that there is a problem with a word and start to pay attention when they are reading things an if they understand what they read. I was thinking along the lines of something like that we I talked to my group mates about incorporating poster into our campaign.

            After deciding to make the posters and talking to my group mates about the video aspect of the campaign I think that, design was actually the easy part of the entire campaign. Making the poster was easy to design because the only thing that had to have most of the thought into it was a slogan for it and after that the only thing that was needed was the color. Putting color into an abstraction is the easy part because by then the target audience was known and the color scheme usage was already built up in my head from the beginning of the project.

            Making the poster and the color choice where the straightforward parts. The harder part was getting started with the project. Although my group and I knew our topic “Literacy” we were not sure on what the best approach for it should have been. The brainstorm process was a bit bizarre because it didn’t really get the group anywhere the first time. We talked for about three minutes in the group just started throwing out any ideas that were had that might work, or anything we thought would work. But the main challenge was just finding ways to keep adding to the project to make the core message stronger but I think all the other components of the project fell into place.




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Collapsibility: Malaysia v. The Gambia

The two countries I've researched are The Gambia, in Africa and Malaysia, in Southeast Asia. Both countries are going through their own specific problems but both are facing some trouble environmentally. I was assigned the country (The Gambia) when my teach had us working on researching elections in other countries. I was assigned Malaysia when my classmates and I were researching global goods, local costs in other countries. For the benchmark we were given the task of comparing the two countries we had and rating their sustainability and collapsibility. To see how collapsible the countries were we applied the "5 point framework" Jared Diamond discussed in his book. The 5 point framework is fairly simple. It consists of the countries Environmental Damage, Climate Change, Friendly Trade Partners, Hostile Neighbors, and its Society's Response. We then rated the countries on their collapsibility. 10 means they were in good standing and sustaining and 0 means they are in serious trouble. If I could change one thing about my project it would be the time I submitted it and the countries I'd chosen. Since I was assigned these wo countries it would have been exciting to look into two countries from the same regions that I didn't know as much about.

Quick look at my website: 

Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 6.23.39 PM
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 6.24.36 PM
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Littering 1-page process paper

Our Public Service Announcement is about the amount of litter in SLA. There is a large amount of students in our school not disposing of their trash properly and leaving it on the ground. This image of litter in our school is visible all around, in the bathroom where food is sitting in the drain, the halls where kids just toss their waste and forget about it, and finally the café where the most trash is left on the floor to be ignored.


Litter seems so unimportant and we do not fully realize what we are doing when we drop something on the ground to forget about later. Litter is bad but upon doing more research we discovered even more ill effects then just it looking dirty. Litter is a fire hazard and attracts bugs, animals, and bacteria. This is important for the students at our school to know because they are not only creating an unclean environment but an unhealthy and unsafe one.


Our group took ideas from other PSA sites. Chelsea got the idea for a pledge from a sight about healthy food ( Catherine and I got the idea for our posters from the images we saw online and how well they got the idea out. ( Tyler wanted to have a place where all our efforts could come together and thus our website ( was born. Chelsea wanted to make the Twitter account to get more people following our movement.


Catherine and I worked on the posters. We wanted them to be colorful and have pictures so that they were interesting. Unfortunately we could not make a hundred posters all by hand and in different colors but the more posters the better. Putting them up was full of strategy; the posters had to go in highly populated places but also in places where littering was the main problem. We put the posters on blank walls so that it popped more because it was the only thing there. The ballroom on the second floor was bombed with poster as was the lunchroom. While walking the stairwell you come face to face with the posters because they are at eye level (a selling strategy that is used by companies). The posters are also placed for relevance, if the poster is about fire then it will be near a fire extinguisher or the ones about boys producing more litter are in the boys bathroom.


This project is really important because it is a big problem in our school that does not seem important but is makes such a difference and is such a nuisance. 

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First Book Review_Book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

 A Wrinkle in Time. That's a nice title, but I think the book deserved a title that is more profound. The word "wrinkle" makes me think of something old and decrepit, which is something this book was not. This book was...quite interesting I must say. 
I like the main character Meg, she was differently. Literally. Which was ironic because in most cases characters that are not different push to be different, but Meg pushed to not be contrastive. High school was hard for her because she was different and she even complained to her mother about it. Meg deeply wanted to be, ordinary, standard, typical and bland. Sounds like fun. Right? Then Meg was able to view her wish with a new perspective. After going to a place where everyone and everything was the same. She saw the evil that resided within that place. Being different was no longer a setback. 
"Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point. (French. Pascal. The heart has its reasons, whereof reason knows nothing." 
I totally and utterly agree with this quote. The heart of this author knew the reason why this story was written in a scientific fiction manner, although it is not one. To get readers to think about fiction beyond what they "think" they know. But as far as the reason of getting readers to think that way, is the unknown. 
I would recommend this book to just about any person willing to read something they haven't read before. Don't think I've ever read a book that has reminded me of this one and others should read it, to see if they'd feel the same.

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World Of 100 Analysis

Age: I noticed that many people are between the ages of 15 and 64. So I believe that means that many people don't live very long after 65.

Religion: The amount of muslims over powers the amount of other religions. 

Electricity: This graph shows that 65% of the people will not have access to electricity.

My answers seemed very close to what the actual answers were. I was off with a few answers but I was close enough. I was a little of when it came to the religions but otherwise I was pretty much on point. The thing about the life span of these people kind of made me sad but it didn't surprise me. Many of these people are better off dead no offense but they go through so much already. I feel bad that that is the way it has to be. 

Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 2.02.01 PM
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 2.02.44 PM
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 2.04.00 PM
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Bolivia vs the Dominican Republic

Q3 Globalization Benchmark

The countries I focused on was the Dominican Republic and Bolivia; Bolivia being located in South America and the Dominican Republic being located in North America. The process of completing my benchmark could have been much better but it went as the following. I researched information on both of the countries and noted important facts that I felt should have been included in the benchmark. I then referred back to Diamond's 5 point frame-work and compared both of the countries. I found a cool layout to use for my final product and that's how I completed my benchmark. Reflecting upon the 5 point frame-work, it was not straightforward and required me to dig deeper and perform even more extensive research than I had done already. I also I had to do some more research to thoroughly understand the 5 point framework. If I could have changed anything, I would probably change the layout of my project because I feel like I made it more complex than it had to be along with me feeling like I didn't have enough time to complete the project and in result, my benchmark is late.

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