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Our Duty As People: The Fight Against Brain Cancer

As a citizen of the world, it is imperative for us to recognize the struggles of others and  take actions to improve their current situations. A struggle that affects the lives of millions globally is cancer, but more specifically, brain cancer. Brain cancer starts out as a tumor in the brain, and it becomes larger and larger as it spreads throughout it. No cure has yet been found for this type of cancer, but doctors still are able to treat it through radiation. Though, it does not always permanently suppress the disease; it can grow back.

Brain tumors are created by abnormal division of cells, in the brain itself. They can also grow outside of the brain: on the skull, in blood vessels, and can also spread into other organs. Brain tumors are life threatening because there is little room for the tumor to grow, which forces it to push the brain to one side due to limited space. Hirnmetastase_MRT-T1_KM

The skull is around the brain so unlike other tumors, you cannot act on the tumor until it is formed. That then causes unexplained symptoms. Brain tumors are about the trickiest to work on because it is risky to operate on the brain, especially after the patient is weak from prior surgery.

My best friend's fat

her has brain cancer, and cancer in his stomach. Everyday after school in November, I went to Lankenau Hospital to support my friend and her father. On November 30 of this year, he was released from the hospital. The cancer had finally spread to the entirety of his stomach and brain; there was nothing else that the doctors could for him except try to comfort him, and give him pain pills. He was far too weak for surgery; it would’ve been very risky to perform it on him at that stage in.


Being there, I learned much more about brain cancer, and just cancer in general. It then became clear to me that it is very important to raise awareness on this disease because it could affect us at any given time in our lives. This is why I chose brain cancer as my topic- I hope to inform people because it is a disease that can heavily impact our lives. I have personally witnessed someone I that I care about forget his own name, due to cancer. I am personally affected by it because I’ve seen its effects as recently as yesterday.

I plan to raise awareness thro

ugh trendy things such as t-shirts and buttons (pins)-things that teens could catch on to. That sort of advertisement, in my opinion, would be the most effective way to raise awareness to that one specific audience. Though to target a larger demographic, I would have to incorporate interests that mi

ght appeal to that group. However, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop cancer in general, until a cure is found. But what matters is showing just the extent to which cancer can affect the lives of the patient as well as his or her family. Being caring and supportive people is what matters. 

Brain tumors are one of every one out of one hundred cancers diagnosed in just the United States every year. These being the most deadly tumors because there is no room for it to go inside of your skull. Which in turn causes the cancer to spread which is the most fatal part to having this kind of cancer. The person in which I had initially done this blog on has since passed it is going on almost a month now since the passing of my friend’s dad. It was most painful to watch someone die so slow over the course of a year. It was probably even more painful for him knowing that he was also going away and he watched his family and friends try to do anything to save him. In fact there was nothing anyone could do at all. The chances of him even surviving this illness were slim to none already. 

Most of what I am writing is based off of opinion since I witnessed first hand what it was like to see someone going through such a painful illness. The entire time he expressed that he just wanted to live which was horrible to hear because he was in fact begging for something that no one could aside from make him comfortable and wait around until that one day where everything shuts down because your body is so sick of fighting. I recall him asking for constant pain medication and something to make this headache go away. Later, the cancer had officially spread through his entire body which made everyone give up hope.  I was unaware at exactly how fatal this form of cancer was and why once it had spread they let him come home. I was numb to the fact that this deadly strain of cancer which most people do not survive was killing him and once someone is gone you can not get them back.

I tend to take a more opinionated stance on this subject because it directly affected me. I look at the facts and understand them but at the same time I feel like for all cancer it is really a matter of luck whether you survive or not because it is so rough on the body it really takes a toll on the whatever organs it decides to spread to next leaving the body weak; so weak that you cannot even perform surgery on it to directly go after where the cancer is. The entire idea of cancer is tricky, especially brain cancer. This is scary because he was perfectly healthy the cancer essentially came out of no where. One out of twelve people in my survey knew/know someone who has had cancer.

Types of cancer brought up in the survey were brain, breast, and lung; along with other cancers which were listed under “other”. 80% of people who did know someone with a form of cancer did not not survive. Eight out of twelve people said they would be open to donating money to cures for cancer of all sorts. Eight out of twelve people have also never donated to cures for cancer, but would be open to doing it. Finally one out of twelve people said that cancer has had an impact on their life.

Here is the link to my b


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More Like Drop In, Than Drop Out (YATW)

2010 GED Graduation - 11 participants

Hello my name is Marcus Cruz and seeing and growing up in a world of such young, uneducated people who have achieved no goal neither have plans to complete any others. I have decided to shine some light on the idea of preventing dropping out of school. I think this is sad thought, and a waste of precious potential. In 2008 there was 80 percent of students graduated. That 20 percent didn’t, what happened to them? This shouldn’t be ignored.We right now as young adults have to know what is out there if we take the wrong path and choose to drop out, well at least know the consequences. Thousands of people all across the United States drop out. This is sad for being one of the most powerful countries in the world, here is something to think about. If the youth are next in line to lead this country, who will be leading it if so many student are dropping out?

I talked to someone that has dropped out around tenth grade. (He asked for his name not to be stated) He told me living life now with a tenth grade education isn’t getting him anywhere. He said“...I’m stuck man, these kids don’t even understand what they have in school with all that technology and s***t, you know. I can only imagine how easy right now I’d be if I had just stayed in school...” This man isn’t just the only one, there are many others who could tell you the same thing.
Resources say that students who drop out usually become criminals. An article from the Las Vegas Sun, The report states that high school dropouts are 3 1/2 times more likely than high school graduates to be arrested and eight times as likely to be in jail or prison.” As student you should imagine yourself down this path, being locked up, is this what you want for yourself? Being put as a standard, and just a statistic, even at that I’d rather be that among the 80% that graduated then the 20% that did not.
However, together starting with one could turn into a hundred and hopefully even more than that, to make a change in peoples lives that will not only help them now, but help them prosper in the future. I have planned to go to different programs, such as NorthStar, El Centro Del Estudiantes, big brother and sister foundations, counseling to help prevent our youth from ruining their lives.
Not only will I be helping out to prevent students from dropping out I also help other who have dropped obtain their GED, even helping them go back to High School. Maybe, as we know some are not ready to take the step and head back to school. I will be going to different programs and speak to these people to possibly change their lives.
Everyone wants that moment where they have achieved their goal, finishing school, having everyone be proud of them. This would be amazing.
imagesClick this link for myAnnotated Bib.

Click here for my blog post 2.

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No Me Importa?!

Lulu: Pedro, Pedro. Tengo que contar una historia. Cuando estaba en el Museo de arte, vi algo. Probablemente esté pensando lo "que el infierno?" Pero está bien. Yo pensaría así también. Pues, he visto besando a su primo. 

*Él no tiene una reacción*

Pedro: Y?

Lulu: ¿Y? ¿Por qué no tiene una reacción?

Pedro: Porque no me importa.

Lulu: No le importa?! ¿En serio? Sería como esperate! Yo actuaría como una mujer loca. Si yo estuviera en su lugar, yo me preocuparía. Yo no le dejaría ir por fácilmente. 

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Acceptable use policy:

created by: Jade, Alex, Shaion, and Kevin

Technology class :Terms of acceptable usage

1. The three major differences of SLA, SDP, TFI are.....

SLA: The only real restrictions are for social media, media sharing, and pornography.

SDP: Everything that has media sharing, social networking, pornography, file sharing, bit torrenting, spam/hacking sites, and entertainment.

TFI: You cannot go onto shopping site, pornography sites, social networking, file/media sharing, spam/hacking, entertainment, and job searching sites.              

2. The most unfair rule out of all of them (applying to SDP and TFI) are the rules against using a bittorrent, because you can use that type of torrent, to download important information, and programs.

3. A change that could be made to the AUP are as follows:

 - Making is so that certain types of file sharing is enabled so that files, and media are transferable from student to student.

- Another thing that could be changed is the uses of social media. Not all social media but stuff like instagram and tumblr that could help with publishing peoples artwork.

- Also with games that need to be installed via internet,because they can cause viruses that can damage your computer and the software.

4.  Now imagine you have children write an AUP for you homework with your group. Our AUP would block simple things that children should not be on like pornography and illegal downloading  sites that could result in trouble with the government.

Children’s AUP:

No downloading ANYTHING without the password to the computer (which only le parents have)
No a Watching anything pornographic, or sexually inapropriate.
Check with le parents BEFORE making accounts on social media websites.
No bit-torrentin
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Tramposos Jovenes

Si yo estaría en esta situación, sentiría muy triste y enojado por mi amigo. Entonces, haría decirle a mi amigo a romper con su novia immediatamente. Es porque no debería tener que lidiar con eso. No se merecía que. Después, haría hablar con su primo con un adulto. Esto sería mantener la conversación bajo control. Ayudaría al decir que todo iba a estar bien y que hay mujeres simpáticas en el mundo. ¡Sólo tiene que encontrar las ellas! Esperaría que el amigo de Pedro hacería igual. 
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 2.56.53 PM
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A Proper Childhood


We all go through that phase. You know the one where you just hate you parents. When

you w

ish you had someone less embarrassing as your parent. Don’t try to deny it we all have been there, it is an important rite of passage in a child’s life. But there are some kids in the world who do not get the chance to feel that hatred.

My name is Trinity Middlebrooks I am a student at Science Leadership Academy, it is my hope that that through this blog that people be encourage to give those kids that hatred they have been missing.In english class we are doing a project called “You in the World”. As you can see my project is about adoption. I think this is an important issue because everyone deserves a parent, do they not? I think they do.

People have been adopting children for centuries, and they will be doing so for centuries to come. But since the late 19040’s international adoption(also called intercountry adoption) has become more and more popular. Even though I think it is great that people want to give a child down on his luck in another country a better life in the great USA, just while you're giving that child a new life one that was already in the country goes without a parent for another day. App

roximately 120,000 children are adopted each year in the United States. 9,319 of those children are from international adoption. I do not think that we should stop adopting children in need of homes form other countries. I just feel that we should every child in the


S get a ch

ance at a family, instead of looking right past them, because you never know who is going to change your life.


S get a ch

ance at a family, instead of looking right past them, because you never know who is going to change your life.

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media fluency

I used pictures, that showed what I was talking, but I also had words, just in case. I used three ideas, so that it was nice and  simple. I put my name in the middle, so you know the main idea. ME! I tryd  use the same font, and have things lined up.
my me thing
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Media Fluency

    I put my name in the middle of the page because this whole slide shows who I am and shows a few important things that make me who I am and show how I see the world or what has a lot of meaning to me. I only put a few images on it because I did not want it to be too overwhelming to look at. If the images were larger it would distract from the meaning of the slide. I made the text small for the same reason. All of these images equal meaning to me and what makes me a unique individual and that is I did not make one images too much larger or more powerful than another. I tried to make mine look like a canvas because that’s what I would be if I did not have any of these images, a blank canvas.The point of this is that I started as a blank canvas that can be turned into whatever you make it.

     When I had to make revisions the first thing that I made sure to do is get rid of the picture of the bears because it was a bit distracting and did not fit in. Since I wanted to make it as simple as possible I balanced the two images, one on the top left, the other in the bottom right. I made sure to put my name in the exact middle. I made both of the images better and include bleeding.

Who I am
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No engaes

​​La primera cosa que yo haría, si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primoes, es llamar a mi amigo y le digo que venga a el museo. Tambien le sacaria una foto por siacaso. Cuando el llega yo le enseño la foto y lo llevo endode la novia de el estas. a si ellos puedren hablar. Trataría de ayudar todo lo que yo puedo pero es la desision de ellos si se quedaron junto. Yo se si yo estaba en el lugar que esta mi mejor amigo yo quería que el me llamaba y que dijera que mi novio esta besando me primo.
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llego a su fin

¿Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación?¿Cómo te sentirías?

- Yo Le diría a mi mejor amigo, que su novia estava besando a otro chico y no era el. Yo le sacaria photos pa que mi mejor amigo vea. y yo me sentiría enojada con ella. 

¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

- No, no se lo diría. Sólo lo digo a mi mejor amigo y le dego que el le dega a ella.

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

Yo le digo "tu eres mi mejor amigo y te quiero, y sé que tu amas a tu novia, pero ella de está engañando con otro, y si no me crees tengo fotos"

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

yo ya le ayudó diciéndole, lo que su novia le está haciendo.

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

- Yo le decía a romper con ella.

Yo, en su lugar, … (If I were in his place…)

Si yo estuviera en su lugar que sería triste.

Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo, ... 

Yo sólo pensaría eww.

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No Puede Confinar Todo

Si fue Pedro, sería agradecido. Es algo que muy importante para aprender. No puede confinar en todo de las personas que tú sabe.

¿Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación?¿Cómo te sentirías?

Tomaría un photo, y enviar eso a Pedro. Sería triste para Pedro, y enojado a Susana.

 ¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

No diría nada. Simplemente hablaría con Pedro.

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

Diría que el no puede confia estas mujeres. 

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

Si yo dijera algo, es ayudar.

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

Superarlo muchacho.

Yo, en su lugar, no sería hacer nada sin hablando con la novia.

Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo, tomaría un photo.

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Si fuera,...

Si fuera un/a estudiante de SLA, sería: un gran nerd.
Si supiera jugar algun deporte súper bien, sería: el baloncesto.
Si fuera un animal, sería: un falcón.
Si fuera una película, sería: The Matrix.
Si fuera una ciudad, sería: San Diego.

Todo bien...

Yo ofrecería el anillo al otro hombre y diría "Buena suerte." Diría a mi novia, "¡Fantástico! Ahora, puedemos tener un cite doble con su madre." Pero a mi mejor amigo, diría nada porque no estaría mi problem. Pedro necesitaría aprender que no amaramos estos chicas. ¿Si, pero ayudaría mi amigo, solamente, despues de Pedro aprendío que su novia fue un (poner insulto aqui)

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Dramtca de Peter

¿Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación? ¿Cómo te sentirías?

Yo enfrentaría Susana. Yo quiero saber Susana's motivo. Sentiría muy enojada. 

¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

Sí, preguntaría a su novia “Por que ”

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

Diría Pedro que él no necesito Susana porque ella es mal para su. 

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

Sí, hablaría con Pedro sobre sus problemas.

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

Recomendaría encontrar una chica nueva. 

Yo, en su lugar, … (If I were in his place…) 

Dejaría Susana y encontra una chica nueva. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 11.08.49 AM
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Pedro necesita un amigo!

 Caminaría lejos de ellos y no diría nada. Estaría confundido sobre la situaticion y muy triste. Informaría Pedro sobre la situaticion y soportaría él. Le diría a Pedro romper con su novia porque Susana no es equivocada para tú. Yo, en su lugar, sería triste y enojada .Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo, no sabría que hacer.
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Si fuera, ....

​Si supiera jugar muy bien algun deporte, sería: billardes.

Si fuera un color, sería: verde.

Si no fuera profesor(a), sería: un(a) escritor(a).

Si supiera tocar algun instrumento perfectamente, sería: el piano.


Si viera la novia de mi amigo besando al otro chico, primero, sacariá fotos de eso. Entonces, enviaría los fotos a mi amigo y les nombraría "TU NOVIA HA SIDO INFIDEL! MIRA!!!". Luego, se llamaría y le diría "Ven conmigo para hablar sobre los fotos". Entonces, hablaríamos sobre que vi, y le diría que confrontar a su novia. Yo, en su lugar, confrontaría a mi novia- con evidencia- y estaría como, "Qué es este, mujer??!! Dime que es este!" Y si ella no me dijiera la verdad, le rompería ella.
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Hablaría con Pedro y decidiría el cierto sobre Susana. Sería enojado a Susana es punta muy mal hacer a mi amigo. Preguntaría Susana como siente sobre Pedro y si ella amas Pedro o no. Intentaría decir Pedro las noticas en la mas facil camino possible. No querería lastimar su sentiemeinto. No ayudaría porque deciría su eso tu puedes hace mujer. Recomendaría Pedro encontrar otro chicas eso no hace engañar. Si fuera dejaría Susana y no habla con su no mas. Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo deciría mi mejor amigo que yo vi.
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La Ultima Oportunidad

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 11.03.23 AM

Diría mi mejor amigo inmediatamente. Sí, preguntaría a su novia “Qué estas haciendo?” Diría Pedro que él es un chico joven, inteligente, y encantador y ella es aburrido para engañando a tú. Pasaría tiempo con Pedro. Encontraría una chica nueva porque Susana es muy mal. Tomaría tiempo para mi y enfocaría en otras cosas por ejemplo educación y mi trabajo.

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Drama en el museo

¿Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación?¿Cómo te sentirías?

Posiblemente pienso que caminaría a ellos y diría "hola" entonces ellos estarían incomodo.

¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

Sí, pienso que diría algo.

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

Pienso que yo se diría él la verdad.

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

Probablemente yo ayudaría si el o ellos quieren lo.

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

No sé lo que recomendaría a Pedro.

Yo, en su lugar, … (If I were in his place…)

Estaría muy triste y enojado.

Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo, ... 

Estaría muy sorprendido. 

550. Two people at AMNH 12-2-2009
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Tengo Chismorreo, Pedro

¿Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación?¿Cómo te sentirías?

Pienso que sentiría muy enojada. 

¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

Tomaría susana fuera, y hablaría con ella sobre el situacíon. 

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

Informaría Pedro sobre el situacíon y recomendaría que el hablar con su esposa. 

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

Si, trataría ayudar, porque no quiero mi mejor amigo a ser triste/deprimido más que el necesitá. 

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

Yo, en su lugar, Tendría un MUY MUY largo conversacíon con Susana sobre nuestros relaccíon y se preguntaría ella si ella quieres esto verdaderamente. 

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Las Problemas de Matrimonio

No importaría sobre la mujer, pero para mi mejor amigo, me preguntaría por que. No diría algo a mi novia, porque ella da la primer paso. Recomendaría Pedro buscar para un otra chica, porque ella es una tramposa. No puede tener confianza con alguien como eso. No me mantendría en contacto con nadie. Obviamente, el amor no correspondido.
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Que Harias tu?

Qué harías tú si estuvieras en esta situación?¿Cómo te sentirías?

si estuvieras en esta situacion yo haraias a subia a la mujer y gritia porque te sentirias malo porque es mi mejor amigo y porque yo viera a la situacion yo sentirias es mi culpa si yo no hicia nada.

¿Le dirías algo a su novia?

si, yo diria algo a su novia porque no es bueno.

¿Qué le dirías a Pedro?

le dira a pedro mira lo Siento Pero yo viera tu novia besando a un otra hombre. 

¿Tratarías de ayudar?

la unica cosa yo puedo hasta el decia que pasa porque es no mi relationson

¿Qué le recomendarías a Pedro?

si, pedro tuvias mucho amor a la mujer daries otra oportunidad.

Yo, en su lugar, … (If I were in his place…)

si yo soy en lugar de pedro yo tratar de hablia a mi novia y tratar de resolver que pasa y porque ella haria esto.

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Si fuera,...

Si fuera un animal, sería : un pinguino.

Si mi vida fuera una película, sería: Love Actually.

Si fuera un tipo de música sería: pop (muy dulce).

Si no fuera un/a profesor(a), sería: un(a) coordinador(a) de eventos especiales.

Si fuera un atleta profesional, sería: cage fighter

Si fuera estudiante en SLA, trabajaría demasiado en los proyectos.


La Chica Engaa Su Novio.

Yo informaría la chica informa las chico, antes yo informía la chico. Sí ayudaría, decía que le dijera el chico. No diría nada. Yo ayudaría si ella no dijía nada. Rompería con ella. Si yo estuviera en su lugar, yo rompería con ella. Si viera a la novia de mi mejor amigo besando a su primo, yo iría a mi casa.
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