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​By: Susana Louis, Anita Huchins, Emilia Randall & Maria Holness!sobre/c1x2a
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Hand in hand.

Walking to a place unknown.

Complaining to not go.

But then.

Through the open door, lie

so many little faces unknown.

All sitting on a carpet, starring.

Starring as I stand besides mom.

I look up at her and into her eyes,

as my eyes start to water.

I begin to cry.

A unknown lady walked forward.

Speaks in a language so unknown.

They all speak in the language unknown.

But a language I must learn.

She looked at me, pulled me toward

the carpet but I didn't let go of mom.

She asked mom to sit on a chair 

in the back of the room.

I didn't want mom to go and

leave me with these unknown people.

But mom letted go and made me understand.

The lady pulled me to sit on the carpet again.

I went and sat down next to my mom's, friend son.

The lady spoke and the children answered her questions, 

as I sat there quietly being unknown. 

I looked back at mom but she told me to focus.

So I did. Listened and tried to understand the lady. 

She went on and on about something I didn't even know.

But then came the fun part. She gave us books with pictures

to color in and some colorful pencils. I got busy.

Then I looked back. 

I didn't see my mom. 

Didn't know where she was.

Then I ran to the window.

Pushed my face so close.

Looked through.

Tears rolled down my small cheeks.

And there she was, outside. 

Walking away from here and

leaving me in a place unknown.

Do's and Don'ts of being me

Do go to school and get a really good education; so you can succeed in life. 

Don't get below A's in report cards. 

Do the right things.

Don't do the wrong things. 

Do think before you say something. 

Don't say and then think.

Do dress yourself in a nice way. 

Don't dress this way.

Do make friends at school.

Don't talk to boys because we won't let you have him.

Do tell boys that you can't love them because your different.

Don't love someone out of your own race or religion.

Do listen to your family and have them first before falling for another.

Don't love any other men besides the one your family picks for you.

Do have a nice heart.

Don't build up a cruel heart.

Do smile everyday.

Don't make mistakes or break rules.

Do listen to your heart and have fun.

Don't forget to life


Part Of My Life
Writing assignment: 

 The instructor said, 

Go home and write 

a page tonight.

And let that page come out of you ---

Then, it will be true.

I'm sit here thinking, wondering how to fill up this page. 

I'm a girl who's fifteen, born in Bangladesh but now living in Philly.

My parents moved here so my older siblings and I

could get a better education and succeed in life.

I went to Charles R. Drew and now in SLA.

Along the way I've made so many friends that have 

changed my life in so many ways. Out of all my 

friends there is one that completes my life every 

second that I'm alive and means the world to me.

I can never thank them enough.

But for now I'll sit here and write:

On this path of life I have always had 

ups and down but it hasn't all been bad.

I've had those crazy mood swings. I'll be 

happy one second then maybe mad,

and then at night I might end up crying. 

Call me crazy but cryings maybe the only

way I get my crazy fillings out. People 

barley know about this because I hold it in

and stay strong. Their is one person 

in my life that knows all their is to know

about me and like I said I'll never be able

to thank them enough.  

From the outside I'm the type of girl thats 

so happy, always telling jokes, smiling, laughing 

and having the time of my life. Most of the time

I am that girl in every way but sometimes 

deep inside I'm dying, my heart's broken 

but not bleeding. I'm tired of crazy drama 

but never of life because I have so much

planned for it. I act like everything is perfect 

so for most I am one of the happiest girl they know. 

And Some think that I have no problem and that my 

life is completely perfect. I don't mind that at all because

I know whatever has happened in my past has made

me the girl I am now.

Someone has to really get to know me well enough, 

in order to know the truths, before they can

know me and all that is hidden about me from the world. 

And this is my paper for English B.


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Annotation 1:

Fazlollah, Mark. Lawsuit: Cops plated evidence on trio.February 01, 2013
The Philadelphia Police Department got removed from the elite drug unit because apparently they were accused of arresting the suspect on invalid charges after breaching the wrong apartment. This is a great example because the Police were accused of planting drugs on the suspects but there are no evidence that states such. It’s situations like these that make it hard for there to be a one hundred percent sure case in the Philadelphia Police Department because there is no evidence that proves such and there is no evidence proving that the suspects are lying or not.

Annotation 2: Fazlollah, Mark. Lawsuit: Cops plated evidence on trio.February 01, 2013 Also, there were six officers involved that have not yet made a comment about the situation. The officers were withdrawn from at least 260 criminal cases because they were just accused of planted drugs on the suspects. There are no evidence that proves so so why is everything happening with out no real proof?

Annotation 3:  Fazlollah, Mark. Lawsuit: Cops plated evidence on trio.February 01, 2013 The lawsuit says that the Agents that deal with narcotics busted in the apartment and there was a statement stating that the warrant that they were using wasn't for that apartment it was for a completely other apartment. But there is no proof that states all this? The article's most commonly used word is "apparently" and "accused" witch means that they are not one hundred percent sure that everything is.

Annotation 4: Fazlollah, Mark. Lawsuit: Cops plated evidence on trio.February 01, 2013 "After finding no drugs, the suit said, one officer "planted a bag of narcotics in the apartment and claimed to have found it there." It did not identify the officer supposedly involved in planting drugs." was a section that stood out for me in the whole article because what proof is there proving that the officer did the act? Why are the officers being treated such when there are just witnesses that could be lying or covering for someone. I think that they should be more organized when dealing with cases like this.

Annotation 5: Slobodzian A. Joseph. Case Of Philadelphia Priest raping. January 25, 2013 This article titled "Case of Philadelphia priest and former teacher accused of raping altar boy headed to jury" was an article that was surrounded by assumptions towards the 49 year old man. Just because the man has a criminal record, everyone attacks him and believes everyone else towards him with little evidence just because he has a history. I think that the man should not be treated in such manner just because he is accused with little evidence which could be proven wrong.
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College Rate


   This website gives you a over view of the rates of cost in colleges over the years.

  This site talks about how the colleges are failing with their graduation rates. It mainly talks about the university of Massachusetts and how it’s rates have fallen over the years. 

Interview with Kerina Hershfiled 

 In the interview we tried to talk about collage graduation rates and found out that they are very hard to calculate. They only just recently found out how to do that and only just recently put them up.

 This cite has a graph showing the changing rate from 1940 to 2008. This is a useful visual source.

  This source tells about how over time the graduation rates haven’t increased. IT explains how and why this might be. 

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Philly Letter

Sergey Kuznetsov 

Favorite Spot: University city 

About Me: 17 year old kid 

Current Home: West Philly 

Years in Philly: 5 

Dear Philly
I know we might now have been on the best of terms recently, and I appreciate the attempts that you made recently for us to get back together, but I am afraid this isn’t really working out. You see, well, to put it bluntly, there is someone else. Now don’t cry, we have had a good run, but I am afraid that, well, just the way you have been action, how should I put this… well, it isn’t what I am looking for in a relationship. You see, I have applied to universities in other cities. Chicago is my first choice. Now, don’t be mad, I am still applying to Drexel and UPenn, but… I am just not too sure that the whole thing will really work out. We could still be friends, I will come by every now and then and say hello, but… the whole thing won’t be official, if you get what I mean. All right, I won’t take up any more of your time, you bee good now, and… I am sure you’ll find someone else, there are millions of people around you, I am sure you’ll find the right one! This is good-bye. 

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What is your job and what do you do at your job?

I am a certified medical assistant and i work with children at the children hospital of philadelphia

How does your job benefit the welfare of children?

By keeping them healthy, making sure they get the correct vaccines they need for their age

Do the children you work with come from broken homes?

The majority of them do.

Are majority of the children’s household considered low income?

Yes the majority of them do, i would say 85% of them are low income and receive government insurance

Have you ever worked with upper class or middle families?


What are some struggles with your job?

Some of them do not have insurance and have to pay out of pocket, we have family planning that teens come in without any insurance getting tested for STD and pregnancies, and they are seen under government grant which pays for their testing.

What struggles do you help the families with?

We try to get them government insurance if they do not have insurance, we refer families to government offices so they can get some type of insurance, and we also have a program that is called charity care which is for single mothers that are low income and that have babies that need vaccines and their age starts from new born to 12 months. 

Does your job have plans to fit “anybody’s” budget ?

Yes, we have a payment plan that if the costumer does not have all the money to pay at one time we will charge them every month or so at least $20 to assure that they pay off the plan or insurance needed.

For each class what kind of plans do they have?

Low income people that have government insurance have more benefits than those with private insurance or paying in cash because the government is paying for everything that they need to get checked on.

These questions were helpful because it was factual and actually a person view on things, like a person that sees different situations and stuff go on everyday making a difference to the poor and the rich. Also shows how it effects the poor and the rich, even because the person in this interview was and has been front row of it all.

AJ Houweling, Tanja. "Huge poor–rich inequalities in maternity care: an international comparative study of maternity and child care in developing countries." (October 2007): n. page. Print. <>.

This website and information on here helps tell how the money can be a problem for the women that are pregnant and can’t afford to give birth to their child, so it has a big impact on there lives and money, not giving them the same opportunities as the ones with money that can actually pay and have a child born without worrying bout the price.

"HUMAN ARCHITECTURE: JOURNAL OF THE SOCIOLOGY OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE." (Fall of 2002): n. page. Print. < I 2/HAfall02p37-46.pdf>.

Poverty can be a big thing when it comes to being passed down generation to generation, it is shown that when it is being passed down every generation the food consumption and healthcare is more challenging to get and obtain because of the constant change in economy, and also government laws.


This right here shows how the society of now in days shows the inequality of the poor and the rich, letting people know that the rich have more power and rights over the ones that make way more less money than they do. They show a picture of a rich person who seems to be peeing over the poor and middle class. The video says and shows how the rich only got richer because they evade taxes and use loopholes to hold onto their own money without having to ever worry about losing them. Which the poor cannot do because they do not have any money to begin with.

"Poverty - Consequences Of Poverty." n. page. Print. <>.

This annotation helps you realize and hear the life of the poverty and how much they struggle to keep up with life, they go through hard times because of the fact that they can not afford anything that the rich or  so called wealthy can. It is said that the poor can not escape poverty because of the fact that once they living it, it is hard to gain money and have the opportunity to escape it cause we do not have the same amount of opportunities as the wealthy does.
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1. Herold, Benjamin. Philadelphia High School Dropouts And The Job Market: No Diploma, No Job. Huffingtonpost: Benjamin Herold, 2012. “

This article titled “Philadelphia High School Dropouts And The Job Market: No Diploma, No Job”  talks about a young women that is named Monica Reyes (That is her Online Name) and how she struggled to find a job because of her missing her high school diploma. In the article Monica reyes stated “Growing up in that neighborhood, I went through war”. She grew up in Kensington where she lived in a not so good neighborhood. After behind shot she grew afraid of the place she lives in. In 2011 Mayor Nutter made graduating high school a priority which increased graduation rates a little bit above 60%.

2. Mattleman, Marciene. The Dropout Problem. Place of Publication: CBS Philly,KYW NewsRadio, 2010.

This article titled “The Dropout Problem” is about why people go to school and why they drop out and how that creates a problem. This article states that a majority of people drop out of school because they feel as though school is useless and they prefer to pursue what they want to be in life such as a sport or hobby that doesn’t really have much to do with school. Also it tells that research has shown that most kids that drop out of high school come from a low income family. With that happening it creates less achieving people which adds on to the problem of dropping out. Then it shows statistics of how much money the u.s could of saved if kids decided not to drop out of high school.

3. Woodall, Martha. Task force cites high dropout rates for African American, Latino students
. Place of Publication:, 2010. “

This source talks about how African American and Latinos are the major cause of the high school dropout rates. It includes how Mayor Nutter and the task force is trying to prevent more dropouts by adding more extra activities for school and having the students engage in more fun activities so they can enjoy coming to school instead of staying home. It also tells me that the national graduation rate was 48 percent African American males and 49 percent Latino males whereas for females it is incredibly lower. Also it says that teachers must treat students with respect and fair or else a student could feel as if the teacher dislikes them which will make that person not like that class and just stop going.

4. Scott, Maiken. A New Beginning For Philadelphia High School Dropouts. Place of Publication:, 2010.”

This source talks about a program where students that drop out of high school with regrets gets a restart on there mistake and gets a diploma. Its each days of having to be at this program on time and be prepared to work following basic school rules. The program has you do something you want such as help building a house. This programs gets funding from charter school and private fundraising. This program changes people's lives around in a good way. It also tells why people drop out and one of the biggest reason was disrespectful kids. Jefferies, a high school dropout, had left school because he couldn't take the people at his school and because of family problems making it worse for him. Most of the people that join this program are useless on the line of failure or becoming homeless. This article talks about how people in there 20’s that once lost it all and didn’t have a high school diploma to live good to having another chance to get there shine back.

5. Petrillo, Matthew. Drop-In Program Gives Dropouts A second Chance. Place of Publication: Voanews, 2011. “

This source talks about another program that was made to help obama achieve his goal of making the dropout rates lower. This program is for kids that are considering dropping out. It basically shows the good side of schools and how hard work can give you good things. This programs awards you for doing good well basically bribes you, for you to do good in school. The program started off small and as a telephone hotline but now this program runs in about 11 schools. This program helps kids stay in school and make school a better place, also show that if they do stay in school that they are capable in way more. Over the past couple of years high school rates increased but this past two years it decreased which is really good.

6. Perez, Ricardo. Telephone Interview. 14 Febuary 2013.

1. What is the current status of high school dropouts?

(That person thoughts on high school dropouts today.)

- I would say that a lot of people take school as a joke and that is one of the biggest cause of high school dropouts today. Its like nobody has motivation to go to school anymore. Its sad to say that i’m glad i finished high school before my peers. But according to statistics high school dropouts have lowered over the past couple of years. I think that people that drop out of school make the decision to drop out because of what is going on outside.

2. What is the history of this issue -- how did it come to be this way?

(How were high school dropouts back then? How did it change to the way it is today?)

- Back when the world was different and books were essential, i think a lot more people dropped out because of lack of technology. People were lazy to go to school and do hard work and basically just read. Like today we have advanced technology which makes people have more fun in school because of phones and tablets. Its like a laptop/tablet is used for an replacement for books.

3. Who/what are the main influences on this problem and its future?

( How are the people that you think has made a person drop out?)

- I think that the place the person lives at is the influence. Looking at statistics high income families tend to have less high school dropouts compared to low income families. Its like the kids don’t have much support at home which makes them not want to go to school because of problems they are having at home. And also some kids rather just work and have the ability to help pay for his family.

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