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Shaion Denny Media Fluency

In my slideshow I have various pictures of things I enjoy. I think mines is very easy to understand. I like to play baseball, basketball, and I want to graduate high school and go to college to make more money. My favorite scientist to ever live is Einstein for various reasons. I put these things in my slideshow because I feel that people don’t know enough about what I like and want to do in life.

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Dymek Malwina, MEDIA FLUENCY

       In my slide I put different things that describe me. They describe me very well, which means you can get a lot of information from them. 

        The first thing in my slide is a picture of me during volleyball game. I really like volleyball, it is my favorite sport so that is why I put that inside my slide. Volleyball was actually my dream when I was a little. I always wanted to be the best player at my teams. I enjoy playing volleyball everyday even if I am tired or I have a headache. The second thing I put was acoustic guitar and some notes because when I think of the guitar I can hear my favorite music in my head. I started to play on the guitar a few months ago and I am so happy that I continued to play it because when I was a little I stopped playing for no reason. There is also a word which is “MUSIC”.  It basically means that I love to listen to music and I always have my music turned on on my phone. I also have a translator which actually means a lot to me. I have no idea what I would do without it. It really helped me when I came to the US two years ago. On the background I have a Polish flag. When I look at it, it reminds me of Poland, family and my friends. It makes me feel sad sometimes because I go back to times with my friends and family and I really miss them, and I do not have that much of the contact with them besides my grandparents. 

       All those things mean a lot to mean. I do not know what I would do without them. They make my day happy and I feel confident about them. I think they are the best things in my life.

Slide #2 reflection:

I made some changes in my new slide from my classmates’ constructive criticism. The first thing I changed was my picture. The old picture was foggy and you could not see my face. I found a new picture where you can see my face so I decided to use it. The second thing I changed was the dictionary. On the old slide the dictionary was small and you did not pay attention to it. I made it larger so that everyone can see it. I did not change my background. I wanted to stay it that way because it is a Polish flag. 
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My Media Fluency Slide Project

This slide represents my love of music.  I put my name on it because I’m the subject of the slide.  Each letter in my name is from an album cover of one of my favorite bands or artists.  The C is from Panic by Caravan Palace, the L is from Born To Die by Lana Del Rey, the I is from Fortress ‘round My Heart by Ida Maria, and the O is from My Head Is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men.  There is a picture of my bass, a blue Ibanez SR300, and a picture of my Ibanez acoustic electric guitar, and a picture of a microphone.  There is also a picture of me playing bass in a School of Rock show. 
My decision making was influenced by how much I love listening to music and how much I love playing it.  The instrument I play most is bass guitar, and I also sing, and play keyboards and guitar.  I wanted the slide to show that I love playing music, and I love listening to my favorite bands, and I think this slide does that. 

My last slide had the same instruments as this one does but it also had an additional picture of me, which was unnecessary and just made the slide more messy.  Also, my letters were images that got very pixelated when they were blown up, which looked unprofessional.  To solve that problem, at first I tried to find bigger versions of them which I couldn't find.  Then I came across a site that had nice lettering, available in really big sizes, so I went with that.  My name runs from left to right down the screen, which also takes your eye past a picture of my bass and a picture of my guitar.  The "I" in my name is a picture of a microphone, because I also sing.  I made the background mint green/blue, because that's my favorite color right now.  

Some suggestions I have for other people making slides are to look at websites on the topic and learn about it, and to also make sure not to crowd your slide.  
Tech Slide
New Keynote Slide
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Felix d'Hermillon Slide

Felix d’Hermillon

This slide represents me by stating exactly what I like.It is telling you exactly what I am interested in.

I love skateboarding (my favorite thing in the world) so I had to put that up there. I want a penny board really bad. I am getting a gopro camera and they are one of my favorite things. I love surfing. I love photography, skim boarding, biking and music. I made the slide look the way it does so that people would be able to understand it and like the way it looks. What influenced my decision making was the blog that Mrs. Hull read.

In conclusion, this is everything that I like and the reason and decisions that I made.

Tech slide.key
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My Media Fluency Project Slide

I made my slide look the way it does so that it would represent what I like to do. I also made it look like the way it does so that people would look at it and be able to figure out what it means in a matter of seconds. I combined a lot of things that I think about when I think of myself and searched on the internet for pictures to represent them. The things that influenced my decision making was how interesting my slide was and the way that people think when they look at something. I used a picture from the movie the Matrix because it is something that is popular and a lot of people would look at it if they saw it on the road. From there they would see the rest of the slide and be able to figure out the message that I am trying to send about my life.

Technology Slide (pdf) Project copy
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My Home Network

        My home network is set up with several laptops and a computer (mostly my dad's, as his job is immersed in technology), which connect to our wireless provider (wireless-ly). That has a cable going to our modem, which goes right to the cloud via our Comcast service. Our home phone, cellphones and tablets connect via AT&T straight to the cloud.
        I learned from this that there are many connections required just to give an internet signal to a computer, which is something I never really thought about before. I also learned that the <...> symbol represents.
        I would advise other people who are new to the internet to always remember: whatever you do on the internet has a permanent record. Whether it's browser history or something stupid you posted on Facebook, it will always be there and it is forever to stay.
Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 10.35.14 PM
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Struggles in Life

Life, yes life, everyone at some point or even everyday goes through some obstacle that blocks their path. I had to go through several everyday.

You ask for my name? It's Hector, always Hector. Not some fancy name like Hector D. Johnson, it's just Hector. I constantly remind myself of who I am, my name, my birthday, and why I continue to not give up.

I have been through so many places and probably another is going to add itself to that list. I have been through 7 hospitals, 3 RTFs, Residential Treatment Faculties for those who do not know, 4 foster homes and it just keeps growing. I have only myself to rely on and nobody else. It's really been hard for me to trust anyone because either I never see that person again or they betray me. I just can't TRUST anyone. When I went to a new RTF, I immediately got into a fight and the “staff” who were “supposed” to break it up, did not. They just stood there and laughed and smiled like it was a comedy show. How could I trust adults, when I'm just entertainment for them?

They just put all these boys together and what did they expect? That it was going to be a Happy ever after? Hell no, it was just Chaos, there was fighting wherever you looked. I said that there are only boys and I never saw a girl in a RTF. I wonder where they kept them? I hope it was better than THIS.

When I was first thrown into a hospital, I thought, “Is this where I spend half my life in this room with bars on windows?” It felt like prison. It WAS prison. You couldn't even have shoe laces, belts or anything that can be used to kill yourself. I wasn't gonna do that.

The foster homes weren't much better. They were prisons too: house rules. The owners said, “You can't do this and You can't do that!”. There were classic rules like, “You need to eat your veggies first.” and “You need to eat everything on your plate before you can have more.”

You're probably wondering why I keep track of where I have been. It's the only way that I can trace my life back to my parent. Yes I left my parent at a very young age. That parent was my mother and I will never see her again because I cannot contact her. My mother has blonde hair and a wonderful smile and I will never see her smile again. My father told me, I'll see you again in three weeks and I never saw him again. I pushed him out of my mind because he betrayed me. All I can do is to continue to live and get through these difficulties and break through. I hope that one day I will see my mother again, healthy and happy. But I know one thing, that I won't see her anytime soon because I am moving again to another place.

*Residential Treatment Faculties


Media Fluency

I have words of things that describe me completely. I also have pictures of somethings too. I have a picture of my 2 favorite artists, Nicki Minaj and Jhene Aiko. They are the people I look up to the most and listen to their music the most. There is a speaker representing how "loud" I was and a Sapphire stone representing that I am a Virgo.Then I have Big Sister, and "Singing" because I love to sing. I also used a lot of colors for my words. Wild, crazy, Loud, Hyper and Reliable are the words that pop up in my mind about myself. I also tried different fonts and sizes. 
ME - tech.
Isabella Blackwell
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Monologue- " The Pain I hide inside"

Here he comes again. He is drunk and I’m scared. This happens every other night he will have a bad day at work come home and lose his mind in the bottle. Why did Mom have to leave us, ever since then the brown bottle is his best friend.

Mom left cause she found a new family, I guess I wasn’t good enough for her. She birthed me, she told me she loved me every night so why didn’t she stay. Her and Daddy never had problems; they  seemed in love. Now I’m stuck with a man that doesn’t understand what love is anymore. You broke him, you destroyed all his feelings. Did you every think that leaving us would have such an effect 

“ Come over here” My dad says in his drunk voice. “ What?” I say calmly.

I know what he wants, he wants me to do something for him. Probably wants me to make him something to eat, and if I say no he is going to beat me, if I don’t make his food right he is going to beat me. 

Maybe I should just run away and leave this place. I’m not loved here I’m not wanted. I'm just his servant. I'm his pillow he comes to me when he is too far down in the brown bottle and has anger he needs to get out. The anger about how his job gives him too many hours and not enough pay. How he will never find anyone that will love him as much as Mom did when they first got together. By why take your anger out on me, what did I ever do. You say that Mom and you never had problems till I was born. Maybe but I never wanted to bring problems, I wanted my parents to stay together forever. That is what their vows said. Mom promised to stay together with us forever. She said that we were the perfect family. I guess she lied she didn’t love me enough. I wasn’t enough to keep her happy.

Sometimes I just want to fall asleep and never wake up. Maybe then I will be able to escape this place that I call home.


Media Fluency

On my slide of myself I made it with a black background and red which is the color that pops out the most to the human eye. I was attempting to be as creative as possible when assembling the slide but still maintaing an attractive and large slide the would grab a person’s attention. The contrast of black and red is something that always catches my eye, for example other companies use red and black as colors that stand out like Verizon, Comcast, Obey, The Atlanta Falcons, and the Chicago Bulls , just to name a few. I knew that those colors to me are somewhat synonymous with black and red, so I figured why not use those colors for my slide. I included a picture also wearing red so it would fit with the colors of the slide. 
Tech Media
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Ughh I can’t believe this. I am in a hole!! just waiting for the night to pass. Huh, why did the world have to end on a Tuesday? I mean come on, they could have ended it on a thursday AFTER my promotion at bank of America! At least I’m lucky to be alive. After that ridiculously crazy attack. They destroyed everything. I don’t even know how many people survived. I know I did. But how many people do I know are still alive?

The weirdest part, they seemed to have wiped out all technology. My phone doesn’t seem to be working- AHH its out of power Damn it! (throws the phone away) Okay okay just calm down get a grip now. Everything’s going to be okay. Now how am I going to survive? I know I can get wood from the trees and get a few axes and swords. all I have to do is build a strong house and I’m safe. Of course there is the issue of farming. I can build extensions. Hey! I can build whatever I want! I can build the biggest most luxurious buildings ever created! All I need to do is survive. This new world, with zombies crawling everywhere deserves a good name. But what? It has to me positive. Making things is positive and I know I’m going to be doing a lot of digging. Something like Makedig or Minecreate, Crafttunnel. Hmm, Minecraft? Yes, yes thats it! Minecraft. and I shall continue to survive. Well well what do you know? The sun is back and the zombies are burning up. Time to get out there and punch some wood. (starts to go outside) AHH CREEPER!! (runs back to the house) Well that settles it. I’m building my house UNDERground.


First Day of High School

Michael Nicolella


First Day of High School


            Well, it’s the first day of high school! I’ve been waiting for this day the whole summer and it’s finally here! Fred is gonna think that I’m so cool because I’m in high school now and that I’m gonna take the subway to school everyday. Yep that’s right, the subway. I’m badass. I wish I could have gotten more sleep. Playing Call of Duty all night is what a nerd does but I’m a nerd no longer! That’s right I am officially announcing that from this moment forward I’m not going to play games as much because I’m not a nerd. Yeah, I wonder what Fred thinks of that. He’s gonna be so jealous that I’m not gonna be playing games anymore. He’ll probably be texting me asking to go on Call of Duty but I’ll just be like, “Nah dude I’m working out” to look even cooler. Ok, I really got to get dressed before my mom starts screaming at me to come downstairs. I need to get better clothes. I only have this one nice shirt that my aunt got me for my 13th birthday. If I want to impress the ladies I gotta dress in style. I’m gonna get my mom to bring me to the mall so I could get a new pair of shoes and I’ll go to the jc penny and get me new clothes.

            I think that I’m going to be the most popular kid in school. I’m gonna talk to everyone I get the chance to talk to. I wonder what Fred will think of me when I can get any girl I want and I know everyone in school. He’ll definitely be jealous of me and he’ll want to be hanging out with me all the time. All right, lets go eat! Oh my god thank you! Bacon! This day is perfect so far! That was probably the best bacon I had in my life. I’m just going to wait for ten minutes so I don’t get there too early. That’ll make me look like a nerd. Ok, it’s show time! This is so awesome! I’m actually walking through my neighborhood without my mom! This is the best thing ever! Oh my, there’s a real homeless person sitting there! Fred is going to think that I’m so funny when I tell him about this hobo.

I have never been in a subway until now. This place smells really bad and it’s dirty as crap.  The subway train didn’t take too long to come and I’m happy about that because I was starting to get scared of the random people that I never saw before. The subway train had these automatic doors like something from the Star Wars movies. I walked in and there were a lot of empty seats thank god. There was this lady at least five hundred pounds that took up two and a half seats. I gotta take a picture of this lady and send it to Fred. I need to make it look like I am looking at a text and just take a quick picture. Oh shit. She saw me. She won’t stop screaming at me. She is really scaring me. I can’t hold in the tears anymore. I hope my stop isn’t near because my eyes are red. My future reputation is at stake here! All right, the moment of truth is here. I see my new school beyond some houses. This is the place where I am going to stay for the next four years time to make new friends. Fred will be so jealous.