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Tiene el pelo café y corto. Tiene los ojos cafés. Una familia grande. Le gusta leer y practicar deportes. Él comer también. Él es muy delgado.
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Él italiano. Él bajo.Tienes los ojos negros. Te gusta comer y cocinar. 
Pizza Guy
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Tiene el pelo negros y cuarto. Tiene los ojos café. Le gusta anime, manga, y dibujar. Él sustantivo prácticas deportes y ir de compras.  

1.)Ameer Holmes
2.)Chris Rock 
3.)Tyler the Creator 

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Chris Rock
Tyler the Creator


El pero nergo y rizado. Los ojos café. Es muy Boba, extraña, y loca. 
2.Bella B.
3.Kevin Le
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Ella tener pelo liso y moreno, y ojos cafe. Ella tiene un familia muy grande, y ella es la menor. No le gusta a ayudar en la casa. 

1. Kylie Jenner
2. Lizzie Vellozzi
3. Paris Jackson
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Adivina! (Guess!)

Tiene pelirrojo y los ojos verde. Él tiene muchos muchos amigos. Le gusta futból, y videojuegos. Él es de Inglaterra. Le encanta actuación. ¡Adivina!

foto 1: Ed Sheeran
foto 2: Rupert Grint
foto 3: Sean Astin
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Henninger, The Scarlet Letter/Juno Project

Sophia Henninger

Sexuality & Society

For the second quarter project, we had to demonstrate a theme of the Scarlet Letter creatively. I chose to do this by using color symbolism. My project consists of five drawings, each is an eye that the irises of are colored to represent certain aspects of the person’s personality and condition. Each eye is meant to be a different person; each being viewed differently in society. I wanted to show how people are not only what the majority labels them as. All people have a side that is not known by the public and aspects of themselves that not everyone can see.

Actually creating the project was a good experience because it was very independent. I enjoyed being able to do almost anything I wanted. My process involved more brainstorming then I had initially anticipated. So much so, that I went through about 4 different mostly formed ideas before deciding on the eye series. I chose to do this because I have always loved drawing eyes and when I realized how well it would fit into the project, it was simply settled. When beginning to sketch each eye, I tried to build a character in my head that may not be completely understood by others. After I had drawn out the basic shape of each eye, I tried to imagine their personalities so I could color their eyes appropriately. Every color has a certain meaning behind it and I attempted to use that, along with other physical characteristics of the eyes, to form a complete story for each person. 

Overall, I am very proud of the ending result even though I do think it could be improved upon in a few ways. I think that the drawings alone are too simple. Without the explanations, they are only cute little doodles. If I were to do this project again, I would change a few things. I would have made the eyes themselves larger. It was difficult to fit all the colors I wanted in some of the irises. If I had made them larger it would have been much easier to get a point across. I also would have stuck to one medium. For most of the project I used pencil, graphite and colored, but in a few pieces marker was used and it only makes the drawings look sloppy, in my opinion. But I am truly proud of the detail I was able to achieve on these pieces despite the size. I think with the explanations it is very easy to picture these people. At the end of the project, I am happy with my result and look forward to more opportunities to use creativity in class. 

“Loved Man”

This eye is meant to show a man who is visibly agitated, shown by the exaggerated blood vessels.

  Red - intensity/passion

  Pink - love

  Beige - shame/sadness

Men are sometimes depicted as emotionless beings, but this eye is meant to show that this man is actually suffering from his struggle to express love.


“Living Child”

This eye is meant to belong to a child who is in every way, a free spirit. The large eye and freckles show youth.

  Green - life

  Light Green - liveliness

  Yellow - energy

  Purple - independence

Sometimes children can viewed as naive and simple-minded but there is a certain understanding that comes with their youth.


“Enduring Woman”

This eye depicts a woman crying, shown by the tear and irritated blood vessels. 

  Brown - stability/endurance

  Bright Red - anger/power

  Navy Blue - strength

In society women are often shown as vulnerable and emotional. While this woman is externally expressing feelings, it is hidden that within her she feels powerful. 

image copy

“Old Secrets”

This eye is meant to belong to an older person. The heavy wrinkles both above and below the eye show this.

  Lavender - nostalgia

  Beige - shame/sadness

  Burgundy - maturity

  Gray - timeless

Older people are often shown as wise and all-knowing. But as with all people, they have regrets and their perception of the world has changed because of them. 


“Her Own World”

This eye is meant to be the eye of someone who is on drugs. The dilated pupil and exaggerated veins are meant to show their intoxication.

  Fuchsia - excitement

  Orange - vibrance

  Light Green - liveliness

  Red - intensity

Though many people look down on others that use drugs, users often say they feel enlightened when under the influence. 

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Ella un famoso cantante. Ella es muy alta y trabajadora. Ella tiene pelo largo negro y ojos marrones. Ella   31 años. Su cumpleaños es 11 de febrero

a) Tae Heckard
b) Asia Star
c) Kelly rowland
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The Scarlet Letter/Juno Creative Project

This leads to the story I wrote.

I messed up with this project, and I messed up bad. And this wasn’t because I had difficulty with the source material, or because I didn’t have a viable idea, or anything like that. I was just such an idiot that I beat around the bush so much that when time came to turn something in, I either had next to nothing, or nothing-nothing. Next thing I know, I’m scrambling all over the place, trying to salvage what I thought was going to be a pretty good project, just to end up turning in something subpar. 

From the beginning, I had plans to shoot a short movie, which I may or may not still do. I had a concept since day one, and I had ideas shooting through my head like gatling guns. So, I put together a small, little script, got a monologue together, and even had a few shots done right off the bat. It felt like I was on a roll. But then I got lazy. I underestimated the amount of time I had left, and when I did eventually get around to recording the rest, it was all tragically lost due to software issues. 

So, with time already gone, and me being too lazy and frustrated to do it all again, I decided to do the one thing I knew I could do best: I wrote a short story. But again, I ended up botching it all up. Because my priorities were terribly out of line, and because I had a truckload of other work waiting for me, I constantly either put off the story for a later date, or forgot about it entirely. It was not a pretty picture. It was a mess through and through.

But then I did eventually find time to write, and write I did. My theme was focused around loss and inner self-destruction, which I feel I (hopefully) represented well, given the story’s actual length. The tone itself was actually pretty experimental. It was one of the few times I’ve actually written a story in a first-person narrative, and the very first time I wrote it using that sort of time. I feel it gave the story as a whole a sort of darkly humorous tone to it, with the narrator being a wreck of man with little left to lose.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the initial brainstorming. Whenever I write a story, I always spend what could end up being sixty minutes just rambling to myself about what my characters will be, how the plot will progress, things like that. By the time I even sit at my laptop to write, I’d already have over half the story written out in my head. That definitely made writer this even easier. 

Now for the not so good parts of this project. Where do I even begin with this one? Like I already said, I completely mishandled what time I had and ended up cobbling something together at the last minute. I mishandled my initial idea of shooting a movie by waiting until the last minute to try recording it. Even after I switched over to making a story, I ended up messing up. I rushed through it and ended up making something more along the lines of an excerpt as opposed to an actual story, which is still bugging me. 

Not only that, but I can’t help but feel I lost sight of what I was originally trying to do. What I mean is that I may have lost sight of what I wanted to represent in the story; I was more focused on getting something in rather than focusing on keeping the project relevant to what I was supposed to do. Again, it was just a giant cluster of a mess from beginning to end. 

I really hate myself for not treating this project a bit more responsibly, because I know for a fact that if I did, I would have had way more fun whether of not I decided to write a story or shoot a movie. So, I guess if I learned anything, it’s don’t procrastinate. A good lesson to learn, I suppose. 

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Ella tiene el pelo rizado y largo, los ojos marrones. Ella tiene 42 años y es súper comica. Le gusta comer y relajar. Ella está en la tv. 

1) Amy Poehler
2) Sarah Palin
3) Tina Fey
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Scarlet Letter/Juno Reflection

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.47.34 PM
    My creative piece is about tap dancing from 1840s to present day with a focus on African Americans and their experiences with the entertainment industry. It represents the theme of progression and regression, which are shown throughout the film Juno, and Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter. The biggest way I bring my point across is through my tap dance presentation. Without it, I'm sure many would feel like it had no thorough application to my life. This project was meant to show something that I've learned through the themes expressed in the texts and films we've seen.  Tap dancing has affected my life, and without really understudying where it came from I couldn't really appreciate it.
    I've been completely oblivious to how the art of tap dancing has changed over time, and which group of people had the biggest set backs and troubles with it. There are racial, social and economic barriers that made the career of tap dancing hard to obtain for African Americans. Of course, there will be some who couldn't afford a pair of tap shoes, but there are others who had a natural talent but were ignored because of the melanin in their skin. However, if one wanted to peruse tap dancing as a career, that person had to accept the conditions that came with it. That point highlights the theme of progression vs regression.
    African Americans could tap dance, but only through Blackface (in certain times of American history). So yes, their talent was displayed but only through degrading and humiliating themselves. For the love of tap dancing or economic reasons, one may trump the other. At the end of the day, an African American person could tap dance, just not in the way that's most morally right. The final product was that there were African Americans performing in front of an audience, and talent was clearly expressed. Yet the general picture was  another tactic to defeat the overall success of African Americans.
    In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, there are many characters that show obvious progression and regression throughout the text, due to the course of events. Chillingworth, the ex-husband of Hester Prynne, tries to get revenge on the man that gave way to Hester Prynne's daughter, Pearl. This hunched back Chillingworth spends a great deal of his life trying to find ways to torture the man that fathered his ex-wife's daughter. The man he tries to get revenge on, Dimmesdale, is a minister who tries to redeem himself of the sin he knowingly committed.
    Chillingworth progressed by taking complete control of Dimmesdale's life, but lost complete sight of what his purpose in life was. Sure, he was able to slowly torture his enemy, and prevent him from happiness. However, in that process, Chillingworth sacrificed his own happiness and understanding. All of the compassion and drive for life was now put into years of trying to keep Dimmesdale alive - which was really torture for both of them. Chillingworth never fully redeemed himself of the wasted years in spite, so the real progression was gone with the wind.
    In the film Juno, directed by Jason Reitman, Juno is a young teenage mother who faces many modern day challenges of motherhood. Specifically, the audience sees the true measure of self analysis, progression and regression. Juno faced her situation head strong, with a plan in front of her to fix the damage she's caused in her life and others. Her self analysis was accurate, she was sure that she didn't want to have a child, and that she wasn't equipped to raise one either. The goal was that her baby would grow up in a household with loving parents. However, her real regression was her way of coping throughout the months of her pregnancy.
    One of her least brightest ideas of coping with her pregnancy was spending too much time with Mark, the 'to be father' of her child. Juno found someone who understood her and accepted her even with her scarlet letter growing from under her shirt. The real problem is that a relationship like the one they had cannot exist in a healthy lifestyle. Mark is married to Vanessa, who is so eager to be a mother. In fact, Vanessa believed that's what she was born to do. Juno putting herself in the middle of their relationship instead of like a daughter to both of them caused her to have emotional regression. She began to lose grip on what reality was.
    Through it all, Juno managed to develop a new set of visions and beliefs for the life she wanted her son to have. Accepting that Vanessa could be a great mother, even as a single parent was true progression. Juno didn't give up on the dream she had for her son, even if it wasn't a perfect family photo. The emotional progression continued to follow as Juno and Bleeker (father of child and friend) continued to spend time with each other, and heal through music. Time continued to pass, but it was the way she spent the time that passed that made a true difference. Juno made a sacrifice by not being selfish with her decision on the baby. By sacrificing the bond built with her baby, she gave birth to opportunities that she would have never had if she'd raised the baby herself. Another opportunity that grew from the birth of her son was the chance to start fresh with Bleeker. Of course if couldn't be starting fresh in the literal sense, but they both reached milestones in their lives at young ages. Their coping strategies will continue to express progression and regression throughout their lives.

    The way progression and regression are measured throughout time will continue to set the standards of society.

    The presentation aspect of my project could have been improved if it were shorter, but in my mind that leaves gaps in my knowledge and content. It was hard for most people to sit through it all, which is why I chose a vibrant song to give them hopes that my project would continue to interest them. The hardest part was transitioning from part to part, for there were times when I felt myself that it was a lot of information. Trying to condense them all into one video was difficult, because I’d have to verbally break down each slide.
    The research behind the project was very dense, so that’s why I considered other ways to present the information. ‘Softing’ (dancing barefoot) to my tap dance was an idea given to me by my mother. I definitely didn’t want to perform after Savion Glover - that’s just a disappointment to everyone else. However, there were some technical difficulties that I didn’t want to mention while presenting. The floor itself is very slippery, which makes tap dancing even harder. Without the stage, the moves of my taps couldn’t be picked up by the floor. The wooden stage has give, which allows for a more lucid performance. These things my peers may not have understood, and I surely didn’t want to have a list of excuses as to why I didn’t use tap shoes.
    That setback for me was progression, because I was able to make more than one connection through tap dancing. My personal regression was simply that I couldn’t find a way to condense it all in an appealing way. Finding evidence of the things I talked about and being on point with factual information was a lot to do at once. However, I am proud to have a final product that says about my talents. Choreographing the dance alone, performing it and following it with a slide presentation was huge for me. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything. The last time I presented in front of a class, I didn’t do so well because of my concussion. Now I’m sure that my problems from before won’t hold me back and that the scale/esteem that I’m held at is level with my peers.
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Quin es?

Tiene los ojos marrones y el pelo moreno y liso. Le gusta cantar y bailar. No le gusta nada estudiar.
Selena Gomez 
Demi Lovato
Victoria Justice
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Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 1.58.22 PM
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Ella tiene el pelo moreno y rizado y largo. Tiene los ojos cafés. Le gusta cocinar y comer.

a. Kristen Stewart
b. Rachel Ray
c. Lauren Hummel
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Tiene los ojos marrones. Tiene el pelo moreno y muy largo. No tiene hermanos. ¡Ella es muy guapa! Ella es alta y delgada. Ella es muy talentosa. Ella es actres. Le gusta ir de compras. No le gusta ayudar en casa.

1) Adriana Lima
2) Nina Dobrev
3) Kendall Jenner
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Tiene los ojos café y el pelo largo. Tiene una familia pequeña y tiene un gato. Le encanta ir a la escuela Hogwarts. Le gusta estudiar, leer, y pasar un rato con amigos. ¡Adivina!
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