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Capstone 2012: "The Good Friends"


For my capstone I worked with 3 of my friends to create a student interactive T.V show called “The Good Friends”. Since I worked with a group, each of us had to focus on one main aspect of the show. So I mainly focused on the film aspect of it. I was in charge of being the producer, so I filmed the different episodes as well as edited each one. Through a collaborative effort we were able to successfully create “The Good Friends”.

Artifact:  This is the link to our youtube page, which has all of our episodes on it.


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Julia's 10 pic Essay

​Here is my wordpress.

In doing this project, I feel more connected to Philadelphia. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to convey different topics of globalization in a picture. The most challenging part was finding the best shots. I also had trouble finding relevant articles that fit with the topic and Philadelphia. But the final result is very rewarding. My particular favorite is of the woman waiting for the train. It was on one of the days that I could come in late, the train was pulling up and I just photographed what I saw, it made itself. I was also nervous about how I could connect Public Transportation to globalization, but the picture inspired me to try my hardest. 

Globalization in Philly is as prevalent as it is in other big cities. This is becuase big cities are made with the same factors. In the United States, immigrants came from all over to live together. I think that the global community is very linked by globalization, making them similar on a basic level. In this benchmark, I got to apply the topics of globalization to the real-world. It was exciting to understand what I've been learning on a deeper level.
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Voter ID Law

The most challenging part of this project for me was finding a story.  It took me a while to find what I wanted to report on.  I ended having this story suggested to me by my aunt.  She knew about it because she has some friends that are involved in representing the prosecutors.  I think this story hasn't received much attention because not that many people know about it yet.  This is still a new law and it hasn't been in effect for an election yet so people don't have to know about it.  I think this story is going to continue to get more attention as the presidential election continues to get closer.  People are going to have to know what ID they can and cannot use to vote when the time comes.  I learn more about the intricacies of the constitution because it seems like this law should not have gone through, yet it did. 
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My Capstone: Schools in Liberia


For my capstone I went around collecting reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia.


For my capstone I decided to collect reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia. I came up with the idea after being introduced to a man name James Wisseh. James traveled to liberia a few years back and saw that there was a huge problem. Sense the war Liberia has been struggling to get back up. Many of the Kids that was active in the war now have nothing to and many of the kids in school are lacking books. The kids who have nothing to do and are not interested in schools are really good soccer players. Jame's are using them to help give out books to school. By doing that the kids came start feeling comfortable around schools where still playing soccer and the schools gets the books. James mad it his job to collect books and take it back but he has had trouble getting his idea out there. That's where i came in at. I've mad posters and passed them out to churches, sports store, and schools to get it out. By doing that i have collected a pretty good amount of books and soccer equipments and money to buy a few other needed things. While doing this project i have learn that fundraising is a lot of work. You have to be on top of everything or the fondrising will die. I also learned that you can’t just reach out to one group in a fundraiser and that you can’t expect everyone to want to contribute. This also helped me grow as a person and a speaker. I had to make announcements in church and put away the shyness to talk to store owner. It also help me gain better organizing skills. 

2012-05-16 18.02.44
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Prom Court 2012

Hello Science Leadership Academy Family,

My name is Alexis Beckton and my capstone was S.L.A’s first prom king and queen. When I designed my project I thought it would be interesting to observe what would happen if traditional high school practices such as prom king and queen were conducted in a setting like S.L.A.  I had my initially predictions of how my project would go and I assumed everyone would rally behind the idea of trying something new but as my project progressed I formed new opinions. 

In the end I'm very proud of my capstone and what I have learned as a result of my process. For more information check out my capstone presentation on Monday June 4th, 2012 in room 313 at 1:40 pm. 
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Elisa Hyder Capstone: The Good Friends Web Show Researcher

The Good Friends is a collaborative web show created by Markia Johnson, Shelby Harcher, Anna Roman, and myself. This web show acted as our capstone, including discussions, interviews, skits, extra videos, and segments. Each of us had a different job to do for the show, and my job was to act as researcher. Shelby acted as scriptwriter, Anna as camerawoman and editor, and Markia had health segments. We were all also to be hosts on the show. Once we all knew what responsibilities we were each to have and had a general description for our show, we released two promotional videos to get awareness. From there, we began brainstorming ideas for episodes. My first task was to reach out to the students of SLA and ask what they would like to see in our web show so that we can incorporate these ideas into our brainstorming. We definitely wanted our audience to be involved in our process, and, as researcher, I was the link between us four and the audience. I went out to collect interviews from students both on and off camera, did research on upcoming and passed events in the school, and created surveys and questionnaires. I worked on twitter and by going around the school to raise awareness of our show and get more and more students involved in interviews and surveys. This information I collected served to either influence what we chose to do in our episodes, such as with music videos, or were relevant to topics discussed in our episodes. Once I had what I needed, I delivered the results to both Shelby and Anna to incorporate in the scripts and videos. With all that done, it would then be time to take on my dual role as co-host on the web show along with my three partners. As frequently as our schedule allowed, we four would come together to create the actual The Good Friends episodes. Many of our episodes also included skits, music videos, and segments, which we would get together to create as well. These extras would be connected or incorporated into our videos in some way, and they were very popular with our audience. So, with the four of us working together on different aspects of our capstone, we were able to create this web show over the course of our senior year.

Link to Promo 1

Link to Promo 2

Link to Episode 1

Link to Episode 2

Link to Randomness Episode

Link to Episode 3

Link to Episode 4 

Link to Episode 5

*Episode 6 Pending*

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Uyen Nguyen Quarter 4 Benchmark: Globalization in Philadelphia

​For my quarter 4 benchmark, I choice to speak about the connection between Globalization and Philadelphia. This was a task which we were to take ten images in Philadelphia that represent the city and the relationship each photos has with globalization. This is one of the most interesting topic to take on since I can personally relate Philadelphia to one of the book that we read earlier in class called Collapse. 

Most of the photos that I took are either from places that I visited daily or the environment that I am confortable around. In my opinion, every single places and symbol in Philadelphia represent globalization in one way or another. However, there are ten photos that stood out to me and define the connection with globalization. 

In my opinion, Globalization is present everyday and everywhere. 

Click here to view the photos and the relationship of Globalization in Philadelphia 

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For this project I was having a hard time picking which topic I want to focus on because I wanted to focus on something that was common or known but people didn't take the time to talk about it. The story/topic I picked has an affect on everyone in one way or another so I could talked a lot about my topic if I chose to interview more people. There was a point where this topic received attention such as the SP1070 law but now people doesn't seem to pay attention more to it. I'm guess it's not much they can do anymore because no matter how hard they try, the immigrants won't stop coming. I learned that even though immigrants are portrayed as "less people", they are the ones that is playing the main roles when it comes to economy. Also I learned that some immigrants doesn't want to leave their country and come to U.S, they are forced to leave. 

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My Capstone: An Environmental Initiative Using Dredged Material


My capstone entails using dredged material to better our environment and plant trees in the Northeast Area. It also entails helping Science Leadership Academy and using dredged material to better the school’s community garden.


My capstone, as stated above, entailed the use of dredged material, or excavated soil from the bottom of rivers/lakes that has mineral/organic properties, to better the environment. Dredged material is seen to be a very dirty, useless substance that is contaminated and is inefficient. That is why so much dredged material is dumped in landfills and other areas to just sit there, and that hurts the environment. The truth is dredged material is actually very beneficial for many things such as aquaculture, wetland restoration, planting, and much more. It even has research studies to prove it to be so. Since I have ties with the EPA, I wanted to get this dredged material that is being ignored and neglected and put it to good use by using the material to plant trees in my Northeast Area and to better the community garden of SLA. Throughout the process, it gave me amazing insight on dredged material and also the process of actually getting an initiative like this one to happen. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 12.13.14 PM
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"Are you able to experience culture, simply throughout food?"

The question I had inquired for my Capstone was “Are you able to experience culture, simply throughout food?’ In future plans, I want to become a baker therefore making me want to take this aspect of cooking and add it to my Capstone. I’ve researched the seven continents looking for recipes that would best fit and it turned out that I had successfully found cookies/biscuits for each continent that also held history to each continent as well. With each continent some how, and someway I was able to finance the supply to make each from scratch. I have learned that you actually can experience culture throughout food and I’ve been able to do this just by making cookies/biscuits originated from each of the seven continents. 

Taking the ANZAC Biscuit dough out of the mixer and placing them on the baking sheet.
Me placing the almonds on the Chinese Almond Cookie. 
Sledging Biscuits!



Lehmann supporting my Capstone!


IMG_1046 - Version 4
Ms. Thompson trying out the Alfajores and other cookies from around the world.




Me explaining my Capstone to Mr. Miles.

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Under reported Stories: Abandoned buildings

​By Natalie Sanchez

For my Quarter 4 benchmark, I chose to report on abandoned buildings in Philadelphia and the process of building restoration in the same. The most challenging part about this project was figuring out where I was going to find my information. I knew what I wanted to touch on in my project; I wanted to address different historic buildings and I wanted explain the process of getting an abandoned house demolished, but I didn’t know where to look for this information.  Despite my confusion,  I kept working and came across many online newspaper blog posts concerning the themes that I wanted to include in my Benchmark. When I started to look at these posts, I found this information. I also went to government websites to verify that the information that I found in the articles was true. 

I had already begun a project similar to this one my Junior year of high school when I was asked to do a project about a historic building in my neighborhood. This was when I first gained full awareness of the Old Edison across the street from my grandmother’s house. As I dug into its history, I only became more and more fascinated with this neglected building. This had to have been one of the greatest projects that I completed during my high school career, therefore, I decided to piggy back its idea in this benchmark. Moreover, I have always held a fascination towards abandoned historic houses in Philadelphia, but they never seemed to be given much attention. I also wanted to address the problem that we have with abandoned buildings and neighborhoods in general.  In my articles, I wanted to raise these issues which not many people pay attention to. Restoration and preservation of not only historic houses in Philadelphia, but also Philadelphia neighborhood houses could increase its attraction factor and build the character of communities. 

I feel like many times this issue goes disregarded because most people feel like it does not immediately affect Philadelphia communities. They think that jobs and economy are priority issues that we must handle in order to get us back on a good foot. What they fail to recognize is that all of these things are interlaced. The more houses that we fix, the more jobs we will have,  and the more income we will receive because of the increased attraction factor that our sites and homes hold. Restoration of buildings will in fact push us to fix issues that hold priority in our city. I do think that this issue will get more attention in the future because more and more people are beginning to realize that not only do abandoned buildings pose a threat to surrounding houses, but they also hurting our economy.  

Through this project I learned that there are laws that protect certain historic buildings at state level and at a national level. I also learned why abandoned houses in Philadelphia aren’t just  knocked down. There is a whole process that the Philadelphia Department of License and Registration must follow in order to give permission for the house to be destroyed. I also learned of alternative methods that we could adopt to increase house restoration in Philadelphia.

To see my articles, click here.
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S.Kabangai- Bringing G.H.T.C to Life- Q4 Benchmark

Samuel Kabangai

Giving Hope To Children (GHTC) is an organization dedicated to helping children in Sierra Leone with their educational and everyday needs. This organization was founded by two students who believed that giving back to their community is very important to humanity.

These are children that have either lost their parents or live with single parent, who just have families that are too poor to fund their educational needs like paying for their school fees, buying their uniforms, school supplies or sometimes even have enough to eat.  

·       What did you find most challenging about this project?
One thing that I found challenging about the project is finding different organizations in Philadelphia that do the same work GHTC is doing.

·       How did you go about finding this story?
This story was easy because the founders of GHTC are my sisters. I have been looking at them step by stem and I fell like this project was a good way to applaud them of what they are doing and hopefully get them noticed by people around the world. 

·       Why do you think this story does not receive more attention?
The only reason I can think of is that, the organization is not well known. Sierra Leone itself does not get noticed as much, so a project that is still rising will be hard to get noticed. 

·       Do you think this story will get more attention over the next
 few months?  Why?  Why not?

Yes, because my goal and dream is that from this project, GHTC will get noticed and broadcasted to a bigger, diverse and broader audience. 

·       What did you learn?
I learned that in order to make change in a nation or country, you have to take a step that will make a different regardless if you get help or not. I want this project to be my first but not last step that I take to create change and better my country and others.

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Starks Incorporated - Senior Capstone - Chelsea Starks

The topic that I did for my capstone is Web Development. This project will enabled me to not only prepare a digital portfolio for my intended major in college but also give me work experience by designing multiple websites for several organizations and I produced a career related project in order to achieve my goal.

This process has been a long journey that started well before this year but I’m very proud I was able to create such a masterpiece and share it with everyone. The name of my company is called Starks Incorporated; it is a web design company specializing in WordPress, Flash, and multimedia as well as social networking. Over the past year I have been able to build a small list of clientele, which include different non-profit organizations as well as privately owned businesses as well. 

Early in 2011, I was informed about a non-profit in need of a digital makeover and I was chosen to redesign the site. The end result was great and I enjoyed making it. Other non-profits include SLA’s very own RoughCut Productions, Global Youth United, MpazaK, and I learned a lot more about web design in terms of different languages, improved my knowledge of different applications such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, and read really interesting reference books for my work.

Overall I had a great time designing and creating this project and if I could do it all over again I would get the word out maybe a little more about my company but for the most part I’d keep things the same.

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Ski Boot Heater

For my capstone, I created a self-contained ski boot heater.  Using the friction created between the skis and the snow I created a unit that takes the heat from the bottom of the ski and transfers it to the boots.  My final product was the proof of concept showing that my idea will work.  I created a model of my invention and tested it, proving its success.
photo (5)
photo (4)
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Neilus Developers & 322x Website - Kern Clarke

322x Website (viewing in school in next to impossible dude to the fact most of the content dwells on youtube)

For my senior capstone I created a website. This website will be used to put myself out there as a web developer as well as showcasing other projects I've worked on. Another component to my capstone was the making of at least one other website to be able to place on my website to showcase. I created a website for a fellow student’s company as well as my show case. The final component to my capstone was making a website for one of my school projects.

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Las Cazuelas

​Senorita invited a restaurant named Las Cazuelas to our school. They served great food, and answered a lot of our questions. My favorite drink was the Rice Milk and my favorite food was the rice.

Nombre del plato: Tacos dorados

Opinión:  es mas o menos, 

Unos ingrediente: pollo y pon



Nombre del plato: sopes de Maíz

Opinión: me gusta!

Unos ingrediente: pan, maíz, y habas



Nombre del plato: pollo Cazuelas

Opinión: no me gusta. Es mas o menos

Unos ingrediente: pimienta y salsa



Nombre del plato: Chuletas Tentación

Opinión: muy bien!

Unos ingrediente: pimiento



Nombre del plato: tres leches

Opinión: mas o menos

Unos ingrediente: leche y azúcar y huevo

Nombre del plato: Horchatta

Opinión: me gusta!

Unos ingrediente: leche y azúcar 


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Anwar Abdul-Qawi Capstone "The World and Us"

For my Capstone I would like to base my project on two questions, “How much do people know, and care about animal extinction, and world conservation?” and “What are the best ways to give information about these topics so that the listener would be interested in what is being mentioned?”  The reason why I chose this topic is because I have a big interest in animals, and their life. Also since over the years I have been working at important animal organizations such as PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) , The Philadelphia Zoo, and  The Academy of Natural Sciences. At each of these organizations I have obtained different skills that deal with animals, and people. Mainly these places try to focus on the topic of world conservation, and animal rescue.



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BlaseB Films & "A Teenager's Empire" Screenplay - Blase Biello

I began this project by putting all of my creative media pieces into one creative media portfolio list, this way I could refer back to any of my works at any time. I then began building a website (online portfolio) to showcase my own/company’s work. I created and put all of my work on there, including summaries of some of the movies, pictures from filming on set, a blog, contact information and much more. I then began writing my feature -length screenplay, "A Teenager's Empire" with the help of my 2 English teachers, one being my mentor, Alexa Dunn and Meeno Rami. I worked all year on this screenplay and finally completely finished it in May. I plan on creating it later on in life when I have a very large budget. Throughout the capstone process, I learned how to market myself as a filmmaker and showcase my work professionally.

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Globalzation and Philadelphia connection

What I found challenging about this project was trying to find the right pictures to relate to globalization and having to explain it.  2 of the images that I found in my project wasn’t straight forward of how it related to globalization so I had to use the knowledge or information from what I know which was challenging.   The two images were a security camera and the Philabundance hunger relief center.


When going about or collecting the images I was trying to find things that was relevant and had a strong history relating back to globalization.  I just didn’t want to go use any random pictures. As previously stated I was just trying to find things that were relevant and showed a lot of history. 


            I really don’t have a favorite image.  Looking back it is really challenging to choose because each of these images represent something different and unique about each one.    With the images representing something and teaching something new about the history it is difficult to choose a favorite image.  



I would say Philadelphia is really prevalent is the evidence of globalization. Philadelphia is very diverse city.   Other Cities along with Philadelphia is very diverse.  People from other countries are sometimes forced to leave their countries to go find opportunities. In finding the opportunities people go to the US and spread out within every state. 



What I learned was that I had to remain patient with trying and figuring out what images I had to use and gather.  Once I was able to stay patient and calm with things I was able to get through things.   I’ve really learned that it takes many websites to find the best information about each of the images and that how some things are not straightforward. 

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Globalization in Philadelphia - Blase Biello

Overall, this was a pretty interesting benchmark and I really liked the amount of creativity we were allowed to implement into our project. The most challenging part of this project, would definitely have to be figuring out what to actually take pictures of. Although, I knew common globalization themes, finding examples of them was definitely challenging. The way I went about collecting the images was just taking my normal route to/from school with a sharp eye. I had the themes in my head and I just scanned all of the environment until I found a nice representation. My favorite image is the picture of the lime. I really like the quality of that picture, especially how the limes in the background are blurred out - it captured nice. I also like it because of the label, showing how far that little lime has traveled; it's interesting. Evidence of globalization is definitely prevalent all around Philadelphia, you just have to keep your eyes open and analyze your sights. I think the images of globalization are just as present in Philadelphia as they would be in any other large city. I think this because all of the big cities have the urban center and then the outlying rural area that gets effected along with the city. I learned a lot of information about Philadelphia; including some information about the history of Western Union and the history of global trade. 
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Las Cazuelas

Senorita Manuel got a wonderful restaurant to cater pueblo food here to our school library.
There's the picture I took of all the food I tried(sorry, I forgot dessert) 

Nombre de Plato: Pollo Cazuelas 
Opinión: Muy bien, muy "zesty". 
Unos ingredientes: Pollo, cebolla

Nombre de Plato: Tacos Durados
Opinión: Muy "dry". Maso menos. 
Unos ingredientes: Pollo

Nombre de Plato: Fijoles con Arroz
Opinión: Me encanta arroz.
Unos ingredientes: Arroz y frijoles..jajaja.

Nombre de Plato: Chuletas Tentación
Unos ingredientes: Chuleta 
Comentarios: Mi favorita :) 
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