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Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit in history we've talked about a lot of different things, such as the distribution of wealth and food throughout the world, education principles and statuses around the world,  and recently, the topic of climate change. In vain of this, we've been assigned the project I'll be posting below. We had to write three "monologues" from three different people's points of view. Who they were and what they stood for on the topic of climate change was up to us, the only requirement being that it had to be at least 250 words long. We could have written from the P.O.V of a powerful political figure as he dressed his people, as a young child in the aftermath of a natural disaster caused by climate change, or even something supernatural like the ocean's view on things or a cat. The video below is the first monologue in video form, because just had to be a requirement.  

First Impact -The London Smog

Dear Jonathan,

Perhaps asking how you are doing might be a little horribly ironic under the present circumstances, but I it is necessary to ask, because I need to know that everyone is OK. I have already sent a letter to Daniel, with no response, so I need to ask, so once you get this letter, please send me a response immediately. Please let me know that you’re fine, because right now not only am I scared for you, and Daniel, and Mama and Pop, I’m scared for myself, and this entire city.

I’m not entirely sure when this smog rolled in. I awoke on the 5th like any other day, and how I reacted to what I saw outside the window, I imagine was similar to yours. Do you remember that smog in 1892 when the three of us were boys, the one that blanketed the streets so completely that you could hardly see the other side of the street? You remember, Mom boarded up the windows and we nearly lost Daniel on the way to school? We had to give on that though, it was too hard to see, and we couldn’t even stop for sweets on the way home because “Donielli’s” was closed.

This isn’t like that smog though. This is so much more thick and choking, when I stepped outside to go to work this morning I couldn't even see the street in front me, and I nearly got run over by a damn cab. I didn't try much after that to go to work, not like I’m that eager anyway, especially after the recent lay-offs….

You hear what the people on the radio are saying? This smog is killing people, they’re just lying in the streets. Not that I’d be able to see them until I tripped over them in the streets, but when you see these shapes in the fog, you aren’t able to tell whether it’s a bench or body... I’ve been coughing up blood since I went outside on the 5th, and my lungs feel like gravel, so if you’re thinking of going outside, just don’t, and don’t let Mary or little Emily move either. Just stay inside, please, and reply when you get this letter, if you d assuming I can find the mailbox in this damn fog.

-Sincerly, Taylor

London, December 6th, 1952

Second Impact -Nyos “Volcano”

Journal Entry 12#

Lake Nyos Disaster Investigation

Dr. Geitnier Armistead

September 3, 1987

Arriving on the scene now about a year ago, as I may have made the prominent focus view of my last entry, was a day that rendered me perturbed and perhaps, for the first time in my scientific career, positively dumbfounded. But that day was rather exciting as well, because I had a chance as a scientist to discover the secrets behind one of the strangest disasters of recent memory, one that will be warning sign for the future, and a a sort of foreboding landmark when looked back on decades from now. As you can imagine, every country aware of the impending situation has sent their “best” scientists, and during those first few days, as I recapped in my first journal ,we needed to find out what mysterious anomaly had killed nearly 1,800 people in the village of Nyos, Cameroon, practically overnight, and vanished without a trace. There wasn’t much to go on, the victims had all apparently fell and over and died for all intensive purposes, with no head trauma or bleeding found, but our major clue was that the number of fatalities seemed to be larger around Lake Nyos, a lake that the inhabitants of the surrounding area seem to think holds some, supernatural power of spirits or ghosts(which is of course is porposterous) . Now, over the course of this past year, we have finally solved this mystery, and in this journal, I wil take all the data we have found and form a hypothesis. The first clue to go on was upon testing the waters of this lake, we found some interesting discoveries. It appears the lake holds an abnormal amount of CO2, levels that only climbed steadily higher, only to quite literally off the charts and burst our test tubes once the depth of the lake reached 600ft. Now of course, all lakes contain some amounts of CO2, that is unavoidable considering the amount now in the atmosphere, but water is usually able to churn out the gas due to constant movement of waves, but in Lake Nyos’s case, it is almost the stillest in the entire world, due to several variables like the hills surrounding it and Cameroon’s consistently painfully hot weather. This allows the CO2 to accumulate and when triggered with a catalyst which could be as something as small as a tree falling into the lake or a landslide, releases all that decade-worth of CO2 in one moment, and, well, you can imagine the rest… Some of the other French scientists are discussing with the Americans whether we can harness this CO2 for other purposes, but I’m personally going to be moving out soon enough. Let them do what they will with all this extra gas.

Third Impact - The Disaster

“Hello world leaders of this summit, I am Hamza Jensen, representative from His Majesty of Belgium, who hasn’t had any dealing with the issue of climate change in the past but in light of… recent events, has sent me in his place. His Majesty firmly believes that any world leader available to attend this summit with knowledge of how this past week has come to pass, absolutely should, if nothing but for sending their deepest, most sincere condolences for the people of Australia, Chile, and Finland and the other countries who have been affected. With this in mind, His Majesty would like to thank President Gavino Acciaio of Italy for volunteering his country at such short notice for the location of this summit, and I would personally like to thank President Johnson for that powerful speech only moments ago. I won’t be talking too long, since I know the president of Ireland wishes to speak about a potential disaster relief plan that could start to undo the damage of something this global and grave, but His Majesty… and I, have a few things we must talk about. Nothing will be held back, if the last week as taught us anything, the time of civil and polite little conversation around a table is truly over, and action is the only course to take in order to now potentially save our countries and planet. I will be as critical as I need to be....

What must be talked about first is our own blindness. Climate change has been a world issue for many, many decades, not even discreetly so. The signs have been there for a long time, the London Smog of 1952, the Lake Nyos disaster in 1987, the several hurricanes in the Philippines and other countries from 2014 to 2016. Yet despite all this, no real action has been taken by any of us. Perhaps it was always a distant threat, a thing that would happen in the future, not important when compared with what ever present problems our countries were facing, whether it be petty war, a faulty economy, or recovering from natural disaster that were usually a direct byproduct of climate change. Well, I hope we can agree it isn’t anywhere close to being distant anymore. The death tolls of this disaster are still being calculated around the world, but currently we are close to passing the seven and a half million mark, but no, that’s not all, since the number are still coming in, I’ve been told we might be adding a third of that number by the end of the month… Excuse me… It’s important to remember that I… His Majesty isn’t going to blame any particular person, or even faction or country. The responsibility of causing this disaster is on all of our shoulders, whether it be because you were directly responsible for polluting and taking the planet for granted, or simply yelling from across the planet for them to stop but not actually doing anything…

I remember back in 2019 when we held a similar summit about addressing the increasingly dire problems caused by climate change. You were there President Acciaio, and you Emperor Jinjo, and I’m sure you remember that we sat around the same table for two days, but without the motivation of millions of people’s lives on the line, we agreed on absolutely nothing. We were all focusing on our own selfish goals, and not concentrating on the very real threats, that we ultimately overlook.

And now I’m tired of disagreements and stupid politicians and lack of action, by everyone, including His Majesty. I fully realize I’m probably going to be fired after this because of my outbursts, but I hope that from this terrible, terrible day, we can all at least learn from this incident. No. We need to learn from this. The world is changed forever, and I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it if the world continues on like nothing has happened. Thank you. You’re up Prime Minister.

Monologue 1#(Video)

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Climate Change Monologue

In this unit of World History we talked about climate change and how it affects everyone all around the world.  We read articles about families in different Countries such as Malawi, which was recently flooded, and we also learned about protests that have been occurring.  My monologues were in the perspective of a factory worker, a child speaking to her mother, and an actual coal factory.  All of the characters in my monologue were aware of what Global Warming is doing to the world.  My goal was to show how although 3 people all know what is happening with climate change and are against it, they still have different views and opinions within that.

Monologue #1

Patrick R. Linton Monologue

(Patrick walks into his bosses office looking very nervous.)

Hello, yes, thanks for seeing me Mr. Ross, I just have a few things to talk to you about.  Uh yes, I am aware that you’re a very busy man but I feel like this issue is pretty important.  Well uh, I don’t know how much knowledge you have on Global Warming and you know the release of Carbon Dioxide...No, I don’t think you’re stupid Mr.Ross I was just curious, anyways, since we work in a factory that contributes to the release of CO2 I thought we could inform our workers about what was going on and maybe see if we could look into making changes in the future... Mr.Ross, I really don’t think it would cause as many problems as you believe.  We could bring in an organization like 350 to explain to everyone what’s going on… I know you think that changing how we do things would cost us a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to what we’d be doing to save the planet...We’re one of the Countries that are contributing greatly to the release of CO2 in the atmosphere but it’s effecting people in places like India, Malawi, and the Philippines.  Do you remember the Typhoon that happened in the Philippines?  So many people lost their homes and loved ones and it’s because of Global Warming!  This is a repercussion of things that the U.S. are contributing to.  You can’t just sit there and think only about yourself!  Please Mr.Ross, try be reasonable, No I really need my job, I just wanted to see...I understand.  (Begins walking out) You know what, I actually don’t understand. Why are you so against the idea of change? Or the idea of you changing what you’re used to, and might I just add if you don’t want to change now, are you going to feel differently when the weather and environment are?(Pause) You know what Mr.Ross, I’m sorry that you’re so blind to what’s going on around you but I refuse to participate in something I don’t believe in.  So good day!  That’s fine, I was going to quit anyways.   

Monologue #2


Cough, Cough, Cough,  It sucks to know that you’ve assisted in the murder of thousands of men, women, and children.  It sucks knowing that you were a part of the destruction of someones home and life.  It really sucks that you can’t do anything about it.  There is no one I can talk to, not that I could move from my “beautiful” piece of land in Texas.  My whole life I have been working and working, creating coal and spewing out smoke.  The smoke is awful.  It causes so much sickness and death.  I am literally a disease, and no one likes diseases.  I see what’s going on, all the other coal factories are releasing the same disease that I am.  But no, shut me down, and guess how many people will lose their  jobs?  Too many, shut me down and “how on earth will we find another way to supply our coal? because this is the way we’re used to doing it.”  Oh, I guarantee you that you’ll find a way.  Humans need to think more along the lines of, “Shut me down and how many people’s lives will we save?  Shut me down and the future generations could see what it is like to live in a world with no pollution, less sickness, and more happiness.  I am in no way a human being but at least I can act like one.  I’m done hearing about families who have to send and sell their children to factories because after the flood or after the drought, they didn’t have enough money for food.  If I can sacrifice myself, then you should be able to sacrifice your comfort zone too.  I’m ready to be shut down, you just need to be ready to do it.

Monologue #3


Mom! I’m home!!!  School, was fine.  Mr.Johnson gave us a pop quiz in math and we did an experiment in science class! Oh, and Ms.Smith taught us some really cool stuff in social studies.  Did you know that were violently killing the planet?!? No really, I’m serious, we’re murderers (draws out murderers.)  OK mom, you obviously don’t understand, carbon dioxide, which is CO2, we learned that in science class, gets all in the atmosphere and that would make our planet go from livable to not so livable.  Yeah, isn't it crazy!  Oh, and apparently, hang on, let me check my paper(rummages through book bag)  Apparently to keep the planet livable we have to keep the amount of CO2 below the level of 350 parts per million but right now we’re at 400 ppm!  That’s at least 50 parts per million more than what it should be at.  I thought the same thing mother, what a great question, what exactly will happen when too much CO2 gets into the atmosphere?  Well Ms. Smith said that we’re already seeing some of the outcomes.  Like the drought in California and the Typhoon in the Philippines.  If you don’t know what a Typhoon is, it’s just a hurricane that happens in the Northwest pacific.  I found that one out all my myself.  But a lot of people in the Philippines during the Typhoon lost their homes and families.  Isn’t it! It’s so sad, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose our house or you and dad, even losing Grace would make me upset and she’s a terrible sister.  Dad is home!  Hey dad wanna know why you’re a killer?

(Video is Monologue #1)

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Opoku's Home Network

Opoku's Home Network
This is my home network. It consists of four devices. My television,laptop, my cell phone, and my Ipod. All these devices are connected through wifi. The WiFi comes from my router which for some unknown reason is located in my basement. My service provider is Verizon Fios that allows my whole household to be connected to the Internet by a coaxial cable. Throughout this whole project my eyes were opened to how i was completely wrong about how wifi works. At first i just thought my router emitted a signal(called WiFi) that gave me access to the internet. Now I know it is much more complicated than that.
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Climate Change Monologue Project

Part 1

For this unit of our History class, we focused on climate change, and man's effect on the globe. In order to express this, we wrote three monologues from the point of view of people affected by (or affecting) the world's climate. This can mean anything from global warming, to deforestation, to habitat loss. My goal while writing my monologues was to show how large corporations damage the environment for their personal gains.

Part 2

Metaphores Dear Mayor Johnson, It's frank from school, remember me? I work at a coal plant in New York now, but I’ve got the week off. I kept meaning to write to you. Today, I went to the doctor because of a recurring cough and chest pain, and I found out that I have lung cancer, despite never smoking a day in my life. It couldn't have been hereditary, because my doctor said that it looked like I was smoking a pack a day for 20 years. This was shocking and confusing, but when the doctor started talking about my job it started to become clearer. I always used to love the smell of burning coals, but I didn't even know before today that it could be that harmful to your health. I asked around among my coworkers, too, and they said that they were always coughing and wheezing too, even when they were off-duty. This seems like a bad trend, and I’m puzzled because in the 15 years I've been working in this plant, the system has barely changed at all. I'm starting to think that I should've gotten that job as an accountant. While I was thinking about the effects on myself, I started thinking about the effect that it has on the ozone layer. If we only breathe in some of this stuff and it’s doing this, just imagine what it’s doing to the atmosphere, which is getting the full force of the smoke. According to NASA’s website, the ozone layer is already depleted way below normal levels, and scientists also say that there might not be a way to make it grow back, and the consequences could be catastrophic! So please Joe, as a favor for an old friend, start cracking down on pollution soon! Sincerely, Frank Smith.
Oil Spill Man, it sure is great to be a duck, not having to deal with all the problems the humans have. (Breathes in) Yeah, today’s gonna be a great-- Hey, what's this? Eww, it's all sticky! I just took a shower, too! Wait a sec, is this oil? Man, those humans are at it again, spilling their oil everywhere, on our food, our beaches. It's so infuriating! And look, there’s more washing to shore! Who do they think they are barging in here going completely by their own agendas? To me, that just seems selfish and immature. I mean, how would they like it if a whole bunch of bears busted into New York and started leaving their droppings everywhere and eating everyone? It’s unjust, and I want representation! It’s just too bad that animals can’t go to law school. If there was an animal lawyer, he would make tons of money. The polar bears in the arctic would probably make millions from their homes being destroyed, and maybe we could get some humans to clean up their mess here. Hey, it could actually be really simple. We could get together a team of animal lawyers. I could be one, we could get an elephant, maybe some deer, then we could all go to Harvard and get law degrees! This is the best plan ever! (Transition to college admissions office) You're going to accept all of us? Great! Thanks so much Mr. Superintendant, you won't regret this. (Transition to court room) So your honor, these elk were recklessly injured because of these two delinquents and their assault rifles. We request the amount of 500 trillion dollars in compensation and 100 million hours of community service. (Transition to the Oval Office) Well, we did it. We sued the humans out of all their money and now they all work for us. The world is greener than it ever was before. God bless the United States of Duckmerica!
The Lie detector Hi everyone, I’m Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP. I’m here today to address the tragic incident on one of our oil freighters yesterday which left the Mexican Gulf crippled by oil pollution. Now, in response to the public’s view on the honesty of big corporation executives, I’ve decided to wear this lie detector on my head based entirely on my own free will. (BZZT) Ok, some of it was from PR, but only some. (BZZT) Jeez! Can’t you guys make this thing a little more lenient? No? Ok, well our first question comes from Mike Sanchez from Florida. He asks "Dear Mr. Dudley, what are your opinions on climate change?" Well I obviously think it's our biggest concern. (BZZT) I mean Besides orphans! (BZZT) And homeless! (BZZT) I mean money, alright? Is that really so bad?! Next question comes from Billy Matherson from Missouri. He writes “Mr. Dudley, can you tell everyone your main reason for starting the repairs so fast?” Well Billy, it was because we at BP care so much about the animals in the gulf, and… (BZZT) I mean because it’s harming the fragile ecosystem… (BZZT) Ah! Well it’s definitely not just to turn a profit… (BZZT) Ok, ok, next question! This one is from Mr. John Davis from Idaho. He asks "Mr. Dudley, how do you feel about the oil's effect on undersea life?" Well, there's definitely not going to be an issue with the fish. (BZZT) (SIGH) Well, looks like that’s all we have time for tonight. Thanks for watching everyone. We at BP are trying our hardest to repair the gulf, I guarantee it. (BZZT) Ow, dangit!

Part 3

The password is "SLA".

World History Climate Monologue Project from Colin Pierce on Vimeo.

Note: The last sentence was cut off. He says "Sincerely, Frank Johnson."
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Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit in world history we talked about climate change. In class we discussed the New York climate march and it’s impact on the global movement. The point of the march was to bring more attention to climate change. We also talked about people who had no interest in helping to improve climate change. For the unit project we were assigned to write monologues from three different points of view. The people you chose to write from could be for climate change, against climate change, real people, or a character you made up. I chose to write from the perspective of Bill Nye, a working Canadian man, and an African American father. All three of these people have different stories of how climate change has affected them and how they choose to help or not help.

Monologue #1

Bill Nye

[A scientist addressing kids on climate change in 2014. Bill Nye starts off on center stage in the background there is a fun lab table.]

Bobby Learns A Lesson

Hey kids, welcome back to a special reunion of Bill Nye the science guy with me Bill Nye!! (kids clap) This episode kids we’re going to talk about climate change. It is very important that everyone pays attention because this is a very special episode. Can someone tell me what climate change is?… very close John good guess but an interesting factoid is that climate change is not just when the world gets hotter it can also be when places get colder, or have really big storms, or no rain at all. The full definition of climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns. In fact that’s just what we’re talking about today three different people from all over the world who have been affected by climate change in one way or another. The first place we’ll be visiting is a man from our northern neighbors in Canad (Bobby interrupts) yes Bobby? Well here’s the thing Bobby we may not always feel it, but believe it or not the climate around us has been changing and we are here to stop it! (Bobby interrupts) This planet is at the top of our to take care of to do list because young one without the earth we wouldn’t have anywhere to live. Now to continue we are going to meet Gary fro (Bobby interrupts) See now it’s not nice to interrupt people Bobby but what’s your question (Bobby interrupts) I know that the sun is warm and you like to play in it, but our fun comes at a price. It may be sunny in here but in other parts of the world people are dying and need our help to protect them. The only way we can do that is to make the world a healthier place. You want to live in a healthy happy place don’t you Bobby (Bobby replies) that’s why today we’re going to talk about climate change ALL over the world (Bobby replies) Around the world many people are like you they don’t know what to believe and they think that we have more important things to pay attention to. Even though climate change won't do anything really bad for many many years we want the people of the future to have a safe planet to call home (Bobby replies) Exactly Bobby, there is so much more to climate change, and now you can go home and tell your friends and family to protect and preserve the earth. Alrighty now so lets move on and do some fun weather experiments.

Monologue #2

Sylvester Burton

[A middle aged man who has lost faith in the effects of climate change. He’s in his house talking to his daughter. She has just heard a lecture on the coming effects of climate change]

Bring the Community Together

No no no that’s not what I said. I know that climate change is something that’s affecting our world, I don’t deny that. All I’m saying is that the earth has gone through so many changes and fixed itself. Take the ice age, the world froze over in ice and then melted itself and no one is completely sure why (daughter interrupts) I get that a sheet of ice isn’t the same thing as us destroying the ozone but you have to consider… Yeah pop pop did die from black lung disease due to air pollution what’s that have to do with anything? Anyway, the air pollution is dangerous yes but we wont feel the effects of that for years. You know when I was in school about thirty years ago, teachers always said that Delaware was going to be in the ocean. Something about our pollution was going to cause the water to rise, then most of the middle of the east coast was going to sink. They always rambled on and on about how bad climate change was getting but then nothing ever happened.

Coming from a small black neighborhood people would get worried. Everyone would be all riled up waiting for Philly to fall straight into the river. That’s another thing, why don’t you educate people before you start saying that we’re going to end up like freaking Atlantis. Black people start getting all worried and don’t even have all the information. People get ready to move to outer space… My whole thing is that if scientist really believe in this stuff they’ll do three things: educate the people, rally the people for change, and eliminate the problem. The three keys to success. Leaders never realize that black communities know how to stay together. If they took enough time to listen to their opinion, there would be a new group of allies that would be squad deep. Black communities want to be involved just like the rest of the world. If you isolate them they’ll just add to the problem. They’ll continue to pollute or litter and that’s another problem in of itself. So before you start telling people what they have to do, explain. All anybody ever wants to do is understand.

Monologue #3

Gary Knope

[Gary is in a courtroom on the witness stand]

The Confession

I did it okay, I confess! I don’t know why we’re here, please cuff me. Throw me in a cold hard cell with no windows, I don’t deserve to see the light… No I will not calm down, I will not be quite, and I will not move! I killed my wife okay, I take sole responsibility… Maybe I wasn’t the one who got her sick but I might as well have pulled the trigger, you know if there was a gun… Fine I’ll tell you what happened from the beginning. About 10 months ago me and by wife were blessed with having a child. And this was really a miracle you know (get’s excited then quites down). Our own little baby, we couldn’t have been happier! But you know with all little miracles a new burden comes. You know what I’m saying, the almighty dollar shows mercy to no one, am I right? (chuckles). Anyway I knew I had to get a better job, cleaning up a the local high school wasn’t going to do it. Then lucky me, an opportunity presents itself. Trans Canada was going door to door in my neighborhood and handing out jobs. They said they needed help on this Keystone thing. Pretty steady gig, said it would last about a year and a half, and the pay was good so I thought you know what the hell. The first couple of months it was going pretty well, I caught the bus into Toronto everyday, got paid once a week and my wife… well she was doing great (heavy sigh.) So about 8 months into the job, when my wife was nearing the end of the pregnancy, we went to the gyno… And that’s when she said that everything with the baby was fine but my wife was... she was a little shaky. So doc put her on some antibiotics before the delivery. That’s when she got worse. Every week she was sick.. it seemed like just a cold but I could tell it was something more. Then we found ourselves back at the doctors office days before her scheduled due date. This time, (chuckles) yeah.. the news wasn’t so great. She said that my wife should go in for a ct scan because something was happening in her lungs. Obviously that wasn’t possible because of the baby and all but she said that a ultrasound will give us some information as to what was going on; even if it didn’t show all the details. So we got the ultrasound and from what the radiologist could see there was build up on her lungs… Then she um said that it could be black lung disease. I have been bringing home silica dust from the site and she was breathing it in… thank god my baby was okay. But they said they’d have to do a c section on the baby before any harm got to her. Then after my wife got stronger they would try to fight this… but um she died while having the baby (crying). After that my in-laws  insisted on suing Trans Canada but they should really be trying to send me away. I killed the only thing I had to live for. My daughter has to be under the care of her grandparents in the states where my wife was from. They said I have to find a new place to live and new employment before I can bring her back home but I, I just don’t know what to do. So throw me in jail I have nothing left.

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Climate Change Monologue Project

​In this unit of our World History course, we learned about climate change. We learned a lot about what is being done to stop climate change, but we also did some individual research, depending on our monologue topics. We created monologues that required research that ranged from how recycling emits carbon dioxide to how droughts in California can be linked to factories in China. We learned that greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere, and that climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Many people are coming to their senses and doing things to stop this and spread awareness, one of the biggest being the march in New York, in conjunction with the UN summit. Now you get to see what we are doing with this information: Monologues! We all created three monologues and video taped one, in addition to an optional performance in class. Here are mine.

Coconuts, Inhalers, and Recycling Plants

[An Indian man and a slightly more tanned Indian man greet each other in a crowded airport]

Yes! Hello cousin… I came as soon as I heard, uh, I’m very sorry… Oh my god I’m so sorry to hear this. Is she going to be ok?... Yes, of course, I understand. You run a very big business now! Get back to work… I assumed as much. Maybe you can still get the company back on its feet… Yes, of course. Please tell me if there are any developments in her condition… Of course, I will make it there ok. You can go and see her, of course, not a problem. I’ll get a cab.

[Walks outside, hails a cab]

Yes, hello, how are you today?... Yes, I would like a trip to Fatima Village… Yes it is south of here… 1500 pesos seems a bit much… No, 1200 is the highest I will go… Fine, 1250… I am going to go visit my cousin. He owns a coconut plantation there… Yes, the one that was destroyed.

He owns one of the biggest coconut plantations here. He owns 50 acres of coconut trees, and from his big two story house you can see coconut trees stretching out into the distance. He has made thousands of dollars this year alone trading with a big company from the west. His harvest was in full swing when Typhoon Haiyan, which was the biggest storm of 2013, hit his plantation. The only tree left standing was a small sapling which had just been planted a month earlier. Coconut trees take 12 years to grow, and so he has to start his plantation all over again. Along with the trees went his wife, now in a coma, who can never grow back, no matter how long we wait.

Thank you for your condolences, but it’s really for my cousin.

This is a real devastation to our family, because he sent us hundreds of dollars every year until we could afford plane tickets to the Philippines. We used the money he sent us to buy the children new shoes, to get a new cane for mamaji, and to get a new apartment with two bedrooms. Now we don’t have to live above the recycling plant. I swear that that’s how my brother got his asthma. The doctor said he got Carbon Dioxide poisoning, a thing that should have killed him. The doctor is not quite sure how he survived it but he tells us that many children on the streets of Dharavi contract the same illness from being around the recycling plants. The dirty plastic goes in and the clean plastic comes out, but what also comes out is Carbon Dioxide, which can be fatal in large doses. In India, the clouds of Carbon Dioxide are always hanging above us, casting a deadly black shadow over everything.

Yes, it’s a very serious problem around the world. You are lucky that you live in a village near a forest. The air here is much cleaner.

However, in addition to the immediate illness caused by Carbon Dioxide, there were some men that told my cousin that the great typhoon was caused by too much Carbon Dioxide in the air, and that the Carbon Dioxide is trapping heat and making our world change in horrible ways. I know that, although recycling is supposed to be healthy and clean and make our world better, those of us who face its immediate impacts are those who are injured.

Tonight at 9

[A man sits at a desk wearing very formal attire, backed by a giant green screen, staring down a camera]

Coming up, on “News Night”: is your child safe from Global Warming? Right after this commercial break.


[The man scootches back and stands out of his chair]

Thank god for these damn televangelists! They’re the only ones who let me get a little bit of a break around here. Everybody else just wants me to talk about, “Obama” this, and, “ISIS” that. Global warming agendas left and right, just being thrown around, when we have a war on our hands! And what is Obama doing about it? Nothing. Thanks Obama!

I understand that people have lost their lives, and that it has become a big issue in some people’s eyes, but I don’t see it that way. Scientists and experts on the environment have been quoted as saying that climate change is not a serious threat, if it can be considered as anything but a hoax. I think that, although some people have lost their lives, and these coincidences are unfortunate and terrible, they are still just that. People can not just blame environmental accidents and mishaps on climate change, because these things happen, and they are not necessarily caused by some great shift in our planet.

I can see why some people would like to target “climate change” as a threat, some great leaders like the UN and Obama included, but I cannot see why they would place this minor inconvenience along with the most dangerous things on earth. Nuclear terror, Islamic hijabists, and a stock market collapse are far more likely and far more pertinent and threatening than our mother earth changing and killing us all.

I really need to get back on air soon, but I can’t wait for this whole global warming hoax to just be over with and in the past.

[He gets back in his chair]

Welcome back to Fox, News Night...

Environmentalists on a Plane

[A man sits in the cockpit of a plane]

Why don’t you take a break, Will? I’ll take over for a little while.

Damn this engine, it’s always so loud. I feel like after I get off of the job I can still hear it just buzzing away in my ear. I’m sure that if I took a cup off of this plane and put it up to my ear… Well, you get it. This engine burns kerosene type fuel, which emits carbon dioxide like nobody’s business. I guess it would be my business, though, so that wording doesn’t really work.

Basically, if we all had planes instead of cars, we would have black skies, filled to the brim with a dark liquid/gaseous substance, almost like the coffee we drink everyday, and just as bitter. However, since most people only have cars and driveways, and not giant jumbo jets and runways, we have slightly clearer skies. Planes only emit 3.5% of all man made carbon dioxide, which is pretty low. If we decided to get rid of every single plane on earth, we’d have a whole bunch of fuel which we’d burn anyway, and there would be no real change to our climate, other than the change we’ve made already.

[The plane rocks back and forth]

This damn turbulence is just one of the ways that planes and cars and factories are destroying our environment. We’re really tearing our planet apart. I think that it really has to do with our dependency on modern technologies, and how they were developed in an age where we could produce as much toxic waste as we wanted, and we had enough oil to last us forever. Forever, in this case, means a couple of years.

Anyway, greenhouse gases are caused by a lot of stuff, but so many of those things could be more easily removed and would have a bigger impact than planes. Planes allow us to travel great distances at crazy speeds, and it really would make more sense to make renewable energy a reality, rather than remove that amazing mode of travel.

[Looks up]

You’re back already? Well, take the wheel...

The following video is the monologue "Coconuts, Inhalers, and Recycling Plants" performed
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Climate Change Monologue

In this unit we studied how climate change impacts the lives of people all over the globe. Looking at different individuals in different areas (Brazil, China, Africa) made me realize how fortunate I am. However at the same time it made me look more into how climate change will impact me and my future. I don't want to give the total idea of each monologue away but the first is a girl giving a class presentation, the second is a man walking into work and the third is a man in a business meeting. These monologues are not the deepest or scariest of monologues however they tell a message and I hope that comes across.

Stealing From The Youth

*turns and faces the students* Um..okay so I guess I’ll um..start. *quickly faces the board and breaths slowly then turns back around* So like the adults and stuff talk all this mess about um….. climate change. I know it sounds really boring but just listen. We have raaallies and paraaades and maaarches and the whooooole nine yards about...climate change. Kinda scary ya know? I MEAN….not scary as in ahh ghosts, but...scary to think that people are doing ALL THIS WORK, but still it seems as if nobody cares. Well atleast that’s what it seems like TO ME. You know what Bob! Thank you for your sarcastic ignorant remarks but it is something WE need to think about. Well, yes we do learn about it school but...I don’t really remember it and I’m pretty sure you..don’t..either. So shutup and listen. Bare with me here. If you had a child...and knew that the ONLY reason your life was being kept was because you were slowly stealing from your child...would you do it? Would you put yourself before them? No….SO WHY THE HELL are they doing it to us, huh!…. someone please explain to me why they are fracking the land we have to live on! Why people are signing papers without OUR input..ya know just SIIIGNING our rights away! Crazy right?! Unbelieveable! Unthinkable! Unacceptable! Unimagined!...that’s just thing’s all so unimaaagined. Like nobody really sees the fact that someday some generation SOMEWHERE….is gonna have to deal with this mess. I end by saying, pay attention to what’s goin on with this climate change sharade. Pay attention. Thank you.

Day To Day

Hello, yea its me. The usual walking into work...again. Of course there’s people around but I don’t care. Don’t tell me how to act..dude, there’s no other way to say it, this damn sure aint something i love. yea yea you don’t have to tell me..I know exactly what I’m doing here. I know that I’m killing the earth but this is my job. It’s the only thing that brings me money and keeps my family going. Sara’s getting blown off left and right with the job stuff so i gotta do what needs to be done. Sometimes...stuff is just more important than other stuff. You know more than anyone, I love my family man. I hate making people suffer but if somebody in...idk China, sweating a little more because its hot...saves my family...then I’ll do it. Don’t try and make it seem like it’s all me! Its THE MAN I will NOT be quiet. Matter needs to be heard. Stop acting stupid man. The big man and his “international friends”. The one that runs all this mess. The one who gives us all these orders knowing damn well we don’t wanna do it. Exaactly! now you got it. Yea! and then you got the frauds walking around here screaming SAVE MOTHER EARTH...GO GREEN. The only thing green about them is the money they got.

Follow the Money just all be completely honest and realistic here, okay? It’ll save everytimes time and energy. NOW, After reviewing the low reliability on coal usage (long term solution) we have decided to lower the amount of energy used in burning coal by 10%. This 10% will be distributed evenly amongst hydro and solar/wind. For Hydro Plan John here...thank dude...came up with the idea to design and install a watering system similar to the Waterworks in Philadelphia, PA, US. Gotta hire people to design and build and ummm...use tax money to pay for this. Is everyone with me...any questions...okay good. For the solar and wind part of the policy we’re gonna increase use of solar panels and tax cigarrettes and alcohol beverages so we can pay for it. And finally for the natural gas plan we need to stop fracking and reduce energy by 20%....use this 20% to install more wind turbines and solar panels. *audience claps* thank you...thank you...

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home net work Wu

Our I.S.P. is Verizon, we have 2 house phones, 3 laptops, 3 iPad, and 1 iPhone connect to the Wi-Fi. Before I watch the video, I know Internet is fast, but I never thought it is that fast. And I never know that the request for search up something will goes into the headquarter of I.S.P., and back in a second. I always thought it is like a encyclopedia, and the only thing the laptop or whatever the device do is open it up, search it, and show it. And the reason why it got to be online is that, people cannot do bad things with it while the device cannot do it online. I will definitely tell other people that we all are being watched 24/7, and that the I.S.P. can read whatsoever information they want about us.
mind mapping software
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Climate Change Monologue (Niah Lombo and Reily Knott)


*yawn * its time for work…. what class am i teaching today? ohh I think 4th grade….. dam it’s foggy outside? where is my car ? *cough cough* I can't breath.. oh here it is...Hello class please pull out your homework from last night. Junjay why are you late to my class? Are you okay? Can you breath? Hows your lungs? Wheres your inhaler…. okay now breath…… okay?..  *(to himself) its the air?*  kim shut all the windows right now!! Chin hand me my phone!! hurry run! *calls someone* hello yes I think theres something wrong with the air? yeah its hard to breath right now and junjay the kid with the lung problems can’t breath! yes we shut all the windows… hmm okay….yeah sure thanks…Class calm down… shhh everything is okay…. shhhh okay ready freetime...Just wait one minute junjay help is on the way.. Do you have a question hang?.. Oh this is what happens when there is pollution in the air…. ummm are you guys sure? I mean it’s a pretty big subject to learn in 4th grade.. okay sure give me a minute to set up (30 seconds later) Okay class we are going to learn about air pollution… so Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. It occurs when the air contains harmful amount of gases, dust, fumes and odors. 70% of the air pollution caused in Chinese cities is due to tailpipes….Air can be polluted both indoors and outdoors.. Tobacco and other kinds of smoking are examples of indoor air pollution. Motor vehicles produce more air pollution than any other single human activity. One full commuter bus can mean 40 less cars going through your neighborhood.  So that’s one reason why walking and riding bikes are good for you and the environment…….. So that’s everything that you will understand ummm so yeah any questions?........... um can you die from it? well yes you can but thats if you consume a lot of it… no you guys didn't consume much, you guys are fine… junjay how you feeling? can you breath? don't worry help is on it’s way…….. *sirenes goes off*

Richie Rich

(on the phone) Yes sir listen to me okay! I want a house built right next to my other house? Because I have all the money in the world, so why wouldn't I spend it? Yeah I live next to a forest…. Ummmm yeah there are a lot of trees *under his breath* “dumb ass” Look listen I don't have time for you to lecture me about saving trees okay? Trees make paper and paper makes money so the more trees chopped down the better…. Okay dude just tell me how much it’s gonna cost? and how long will it take?... Can you start today? hmmmm how about in 3 hours? okay good see you then…. *hangs up phone* god dam tree hugger… okay so what should I do now? ooo I can post on my blog because everyone will want to know what I am doing *laughes* … *types on the computer* “well hello peasants lol, so today in the life of richie rich I will be building another house in the forest behind me. And since none of you have a life you can come and watch the king get his castle 2.0 built.” hmmmm okay and post…….. *YELLS* “Donna”…... make yourself useful and go make me a sandwich… no crust and light mayo………. *YELLS* “And bring me a glass of sparkling water”........ hmmm lets count my money *chuckles*  $500….$1,000.. 2,000….$5,000… *DING* ooooo a notification………….. hm John Walks commented on your post… “Dear Mr.Richie Rich I hope you know what you are doing to the environment,  By cutting down trees you are reducing the number of CO2 that is consumed by trees. Trees consume CO2 to conduct photosynthesis and turn it into O2 which is released. kept a result of the CO2, more heat is contained within the atmosphere because CO2 is a heavier gas and heat has a harder time escaping from it. So by cutting down trees for you castle is contributing to global warming. You can't stop heat with your money now can you?”..... um wow I didn't see it like that?.... wheres my phone I gotta stop this order………. Hello um yes I had called an order in about an hour ago?.. yeah that was me, um yeah I would like to stop that order?... yeah… yup.. a change in heart i guess.. yup now can I get a tree house built? Will that help the environment?.. oh yeah wait that involves trees…. okay that’s it.. so yeah thanks. by…… *YELLS* “Donna is my sandwich done”.


wow its so gloomy outside?.... this better not mess up my date with johnny….. okay blue or the red dress…. *BANG* what the h…….. AHHHHHHHHH HELP… Where is all this water coming from…. Sh** its coming up the steps…. omg omg omg what should I do? Climb out the window! … the water is coming in fast. it stinks so bad…. god damit why won't this window open!!! HELP SOMEONE HELP…. finally this thing opens.  Holy crap I can’t see the street, its flooded, this whole town is flooded…. the water is still rising. I have to get to higher ground?.... The roof! Okay don’t look down… you got this kelly, don’t look down…….. okay breath you won’t fall….. yes I made it……. omg… look at this town… its completely covered…. *cries* oom-g i’m gonna die, noooooooooo…… HELP ME SOMEONE HELP ME…….. hello? did someone just call me?... HELLO?.. HELLO…….. OMG JOHNNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! Are you okay? I should have listen to professor Gerry….. What?... yes my professor was telling us how Global warming is partly to blame for  heavy rainfall events and floods. Because warmer air can hold more moisture, heavier precipitation is expected in the years to come. But i thought he was just crazy… I don’t know it was early in the morning when he said this.. what else did he say? well he said As the climate system changes in accordance to more CO2 we released that by polluting our atmosphere we literally pull the carpet under our own feet….. I don't know.. so what do we do…. WATCH OUT FOR THE BRANCH… AHHHHHH.  *slash noise* ewww this water is dirty… johnny where are you? JOHNNY… swim towards me I see you!! I need help I can’t swim….. help me up.. thanks. are you sure I think there is more room on the door that I’m floating on?... okay.. how can we prevent this from happening again? ummm well my professor said that   Important steps include discouraging development in flood-prone areas and protecting the natural systems, such as wetlands, that help to buffer against floods…. yup…… do you hear that? Its a person?... OMG johnny look its help!.. Johnny? No johnny no wake up no JOHNNY (Titanic song plays). NOOOOOOO…. HELP OVER HERE!!!


Hello everyone thank you for letting me come to career day, So my name is Robert Vick and I am a firefighter here in Colorado. So one issue that we firefighters face that the world is not really aware of is Wildfires.. Does anyone know what that is?...... A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in wildland areas, which can  consume houses. Wildfires often begin unnoticed, but they spread quickly igniting brush, trees and homes. And its very hard to put the fire out, once one it started it spreads through the woods very quickly… and its not safe to be around, not safe to breath and causes a of smoke. Everyone thinks that most wildfires are started by humans but really its caused by global warming… yup shocking right?... who knew that already?......hmmm okay so ¼ out of the class knew..And its only going to get worse…  climate change and other pressures are causing more intensified firestorms, sparking more damage and putting wildlife more at risk… so does anyone have any questions so far?.... yes you in the green shirt?....... How else does wildfires affect us?.. Well it  contributes carbon to the atmosphere. As this cycle progresses, climate change and wildfires both increase in frequency and severity…. Anyone else? Yes you in the pink flower hat……………. Im sorry i couldn't hear you, can you repeat that? Oh, how could you help prevent it?.. Okay well you guys can Ride bikes to school, walk, recycle, offset your carbon purchase, and plant trees. Thank you all for being a good audience, Hope you have a great school year.  See you soon, hopefully not because of a fire…...

Clean Air

(walking to school)

As I walk to school in the morning sometimes I look up at the sky and see the dark muted grays that have taken  over the once blue beautiful skies and the humid weather in October. And I wonder why nobody ever taught me about my effect on the environment. California used to be a great place man i mean besides the fact the all the ice cream places are now juice bars, but that's besides the point. Suddenly a big group of people come walking past me. Oh and by the way i'm not very popular so… *eyes rolling and shoulders shrugging*  its a rare occasion that multiple people come to me. Hey give me my paper back i need that for science. I assuming none of these kids had a idea that this paper on climate change could affect my grade in a good way or….a very bad way. HEY HEY i need that paper. C'mon guys. On wait you just didn't do you paper…. You could've just asked I would've help. Look nobody really understands the damage climate change can do to our everyday life. *everybody around takes about paper* Okay so let me break this down for you nice and slow. Climate change is caused by many things. Water vapor most know as greenhouse gasses ,this increases as the Earth's atmosphere gets warmer, and so the the possibility of rain, clouds and participation. Carbon dioxide is let into the atmosphere by natural causes such as cutting down trees and all that natural stuff. *takes a deep breath* Are you guys getting any of this? Okay….I’ll take that And you know when you're too lazy walk to school or wherever you go. Your parents drive…. Yeah well just let them know they’re killing the earth. But actually i just remembered why am i even helping you guys... You tried to shove me in a locker yesterday. GIVE ME MY PAPER, your own your own now..

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Climate Change Monologue (Ashlye and Ebony)

In the past few weeks, we have been studying the changes in the environment and the challenges that it can lead to. In the beginning, my partner and I paid no mind to what climate change is; we thought it was not a big deal. After coming together and finding different background stories, the realization struck to us. We took the different stories and resources and we made it our own, our own creation. We planned on doing monologues based on how the audience will feel because we felt as though emotions are what grabs a person’s interest. Emotion also leads to our goal. Our goal was to grip the reader’s feelings and thoughts and make them feel as if they were in the same position as the person being affected by climate change. Now that we have read many perspectives based on climate change, we’ve realized that it is a topic that most adults and children do not pay the most attention to. We believe that keeping an open mind to what is happening in our world can benefit our future, especially their future.  

Monolouge #1 Cambodia is Where I Call Home

(An eleven year old Cambodian girl, Tida, is working in the field. She stops tugging on one branch of Pak Choy and looks up. She sees a group full of unfamiliar Americanize spokesmen and they rudely innovade her personal space. Time moves quickly and it is 5 minutes into the interview; Tida does not speak any english. She speaks Cambodian.)

Next thing you know, I’m in my bedroom with lights and cameras, and a man holding a microphone in front of me, and you… speaking for me, what is it called? (Says in English.) A trans-la- ter? (Shakes head. LONG PAUSE.) Ah. Well, now that you have asked me that, I would like to tell you a story. My side of the story.

It was a very bright and sunny morning, typical of Cambodia, and my body had just woken itself up right at 7am. I brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen. Typical. I ate something quick, rice porridge. And my mother had came out of her bedroom, hair tied up, and ready to prepare a breakfast. But something had told me to check the vegetables. The carrots, maybe rice. Hopefully something had appeared over the last ten nights. I put my dishes in the sink and ran out of the room. I slide across the room, trying to find my shoes, and raced out of the house. Once I stepped out, I ran across the field, noticing that it was dry. It was not moisted.

I approached the broken gates and went into the rice tracks. Nothing. There were 10 rice grains. Not even enough to feed the crows. I raced out of the yard and into the house. I told my mother. Things are not getting any better.

It hasn't rained since I can remembered. You know what happens if there is no rain? (Long pause and stares at the ground.) No rain, no crops, equals to no money. No business. What can you do? (Pause.) Are there any more questions? Maybe we should wrap up because what can you do? It’s not like you can give us money. You can’t make it rain. You can’t support my mother, four siblings, and I. (Pause.) I have to get back to my mom, I think she can use my help. (Gets up and leaves.)

Monolouge #2 Rough Waters in Bangladesh

(Shah Basu is a 43 year old woman from Dakope, Bangladesh. This takes place in 2009. She lost her home and family in a storm, so now she lives in a bamboo shack.)

Who is it?! Uhh, yes. I am Shah, but may I ask, who you are? Ahhh. Nice to meet you Sara, what do you need today? Ohhh. You’re from America? How is it over there? I bet it’s way better than being here. I heard it was beautiful. You’re so lucky. Unlike me. (she laughs a bit)  what are you doing all the way over here? You’re an aid worker? What’s that? You’re going to help me? My story? Alright, if I tell you my story, are you really going to help me?

Ok...So back in 2005, we thought settling around this area was the best way to start a life together. Everything was beautiful. We all lived happily and peacefully. We developed a small family. But then, that’s when everything changed. (chuckles a bit) Who would’ve known that in four years, the sea level would rise? That storms this bad could exist? I mean we didn’t, but the person who lived here before did.

I lost everything. My home, my hopes, dreams, and life. Vanished. I am a 43 year old widowed woman living on an island in Bangladesh, now living in this uncomfortable and small bamboo shack. The love of my life is gone. He died trying to save our family. The sad part is that, we argued that day. (She cries) I regret not being able to tell him how much I love him. Avi was an amazing husband. Then, there’s my children. My daughter Aashi and my son Ravi. They’re my world, pride, and joy….unfortunately, I had to sell them in order to give them a better life. I wasn’t able to give them food and a better shelter. I hope they’re ok without me there with them. We made a promise that one day, when I get myself stabled, I will get them and we will live happily together again. I don’t care what it’ll take but I will.

This storm really took a chunk of life away from me as you could tell. It was horrible. A lot of lives lost and so many people are struggling just like me. I’m so lucky that I am able to live till this day, however...I just wish to be with my family again.

(She laughs a little.) I shared my story Sara, are you still willing to help me?

Monologue #3 Film One, Take 3 .

(George has left a video tape of his farm land and the documentation of obstacles that he has had in the past days.)

(Camera is shaking because he is a 65 year old gray headed man.) Okay. Hello my fellow audience, I am George Hill reporting from Mooreland, Somerset and what you see here is an overview of what my corn and wheat looks like. Beautiful Isn’t it? I just wish Maria would get to see this. She would be so proud of me. (Coughs, due to asthma.) Sorry about that. You see here? This is some juicy, fresh corn. It’ll be ripe within three days, just wait. Although…. the wheat may take up to a couple more weeks. Oh what the heck? No rush. (Turns camera towards his face and hold cane in right hand.) Anyways, now you have seen what I’ve seen, that’s all that matters. I’ll check back with you in three days when the corn is ready. So from now, see you Thursday. (Turns off camera.)

(Two days later.) Okay, guys. Day two here. There has been a slighttttt problem. As you can see… I am in a massive swan of water. It is about knee high and it may look like... you know what? [Flips camera and shakes with cane in hand.] Look. (Pauses.) Do you see this? What even happened? All of my sweet, sweet corn is drowned. All you can see are wired up fences that are filled with dirt and weeds. (Sighs.) All of my sweat, spit, watering, gone. What can a sixty-five year old do now? This my life. My living. Houses are flooding, properties are not even properties, it’s just a horrifying mess. (Sighs. Turns off camera.)

(Next morning.) Alright guys, it is a brand new morning and I am currently on a paddle board. Obviously I am not standing up because what sixty-five year old man can paddle in 4 feet water? Pshh. I wish. (Sighs.) But, here’s an update. Flooding has risen up to two more feet. No work has been done. I thought by now, our police mens, firefighters, who ever... would have been onto something by now but, as you can see… I am floating in water. (Paddles around and is breathing heavily.) I did not get much sleep last night, nor did I have enough to eat. I can’t get around anywhere and I can not even pick my own dang crops! I have noth…oh no. (Turns camera around.) Look. (Breathes heavily.) OH NO. (Tries to paddle away.) I don’t know what’s behind me but it looks like a massive wave is ready to swipe me out. (Paddles and paddles.) (Shouts…) I guess… (Wavy comes crashing in.)

Monologue #4 Fighting Fire with Fire

(Jade is a 27 year old girl from Oregon. She is being interviewed about her experience on her wedding day picture in front of the wildfire incident.)

Hi! Yes, thank you for having me here Ellen. (Laughs) yes, it was so scary, but a beautiful moment for both my husband and I. I mean it was the big day. I was like yes, I’m finally marrying the guy of my dreams. Then, I was told that there was a wildfire near the reception area. I was panicking because I had over 100 people in the building that I have to get out, ya know?

It was so hot in Oregon that day though. Like literally, my makeup was dripping down my face, it was horrible. (laughs) yeah, I definitely think that the heat was the cause of it. Usually, you wouldn’t hear about wildfires in Oregon, so when my friends ran into the room and told me this, I was so surprised. I totally agree that we are the reason for the climate change. I mean, we don’t realize it but we release so much carbon dioxide into the air, that causes stuff like this to happen.

To be honest with you Ellen, I really don’t know what was going on in my mind at that moment. [laughs] yeah I know! I was putting our lives on danger, but I’m here now aren’t I? I’m also super thankful that everyone made it out safely. So, my advice to you guys, the audience. Do NOT. I repeat do NOT, stay to take a photo during a wildfire because these things really do spread fast. Just leave. (laughs) Thank you again for having me Ellen. (show over.)

Monologue #5 And If That Shiny Reindeer…

(Rudolph is the main reindeer in this scenario, giving a lecture to the viewers about climate change. He is lives in Eurasia Arctic and things are not so Arctic anymore..)

Is it on yet? Do you got it? Come on man. You don't even have the lens open. You're such a ditz Dash. I'll deal with you later.

Anyways, (clears throat) I'm Rudolph, as most of you may know. I am a reindeer, yes. I do talk, obviously (Chuckles a bit). But back to my main point. This is a message to you viewers watching right now. (Pause.) Do more for this planet. Most of you guys are probably like, "oh my gosh, but this world is so perfect." Um, no. Think again guys. Our home is slowly falling apart, even at this moment while I'm talking and while you're watching. Do you guys want know something? The north pole, better known as Santa's house, our snow is melting slowly away. A lot of animals, including us reindeers have lost our homes because you couldn't do your job.

It used to be so cold down here. But now, it's extra hot and I am not trying to help Santa in this weather. It's ridiculous. All you humans have to do, is clean up after yourself. But you can't even do that. I don't wanna hear y'all singing Rudolph the rednose reindeer because y'all didn't care about me. You humans let me die. Christmas is gonna be gone and your children in the future are gonna be disappointed in you guys. I'm gonna stop now before my antlers and nose burst off, but I'm gonna warn you humans now. Most of you guys are on the naughty list. Viewers, Rudolph out. Dash, did you turn the camera off? You just messed up my famous goodbye. Ugh. Give me it. Give me the -- [camera shuts off]

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Home Network, Moore

My home network starts with internet coming into my home through our ISP, which is Xfinity. The internet comes in through coaxil cables into the modem-router. Through the WIFI, my PC, laptop, phone, ipad, TV, and home phone are connected. What I learned that was new to me was how all of these parts work together to create a functioning home system. To people with a home network, I would definitely recommend getting to know how it works. You don't have to know the specific implications of everything, because that's what technicians are for. I would just say to take a look at how each of the pieces work because it's useful information so when people ask you, you don't just stand there drooling! Aside from that highly unlikely scenario, knowing your home's system is actually quite important. Below, you can see a model of mine:
mind mapping software
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Home Network, Riddick

mind mapping software
My network company and internet service provider is Comcast. My internet is wireless and I have a modem. The modem is connected to my house and through my wall to the cable boxes in my house. I plug up the modem and then my wifi is connected. It shows up as Home-5D42 and needs a password or network key to access the internet. All my gadgets are setup to my internet service. I have my laptop, Imac, Ipad, phones, game systems and more. While going through this process, I learned how the wires from the modem go through the wall and into the back of my cable box. It's was interesting how they did it. If I had something to tell another is the significance of network provider or company. Make sure you pick a good company that will run your internet. With good speed and the ability to even work when it is connected to different sources.
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Home Network of Mekhi Friend

I have Xfinity from Comcast as my ISP. We pay 18.00$ a month for their service. They run a coax cable from the basement of our house to the modem router in my room. My ps4 is connected to the modem router by an ethernet cord. A speed booster is also connected to the modem router by an ethernet cord. It increases our internet speed. My chromebook, my mom's asus and my phone are connected through wifi. This is my home network.
mind mapping software
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Home Network, Poree

mind mapping software
My home network is through Verizon Fios. We have a fiber optic cable coming in through the master bedroom upstairs, which connects everything to everything. My modem-router also has a fiber-optic cable. We have many things that are connected to my wifi, such as 2 laptops, 4 cell phones, a kindle fire, an ipad, television, and game console. I learned how everything is connected in my house. I would tell other people that there are more devices than they probably think connected to their wifi, and that the connection they have is much more complex than it appears. This is my home network.
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Climate Change Monologue Project

Authors: Sherell Messing & Aissatou Bah​

Our unit of study included days of research on ways to fix climate change and ways it is caused. We watched videos and read articles about the different problems that are in the midst of being solved and discussed by a higher power. Our goal for these monologues is not only to make everyone aware of how climate change is badly affecting people around the world but to show them that there is something that can be done about it. We want to describe in as much detail as possible to explain the seriousness of it all. Ice caps are melting, the temperature of water is changing, humans are being physically injured around the world, and animals are going extinct. We are polluting the air and scientists warn that climate change is only going to get worse. Our monologues provide information describing the different effects it has in different parts of the world and with different species. We know what and what not to do in the future to help prevent climate change from becoming worse. These monologues are prime diverse examples of how creatures and humans are being affected. All children and adults around the world should take the time to play their part to help slow down, if not stop, the affects of climate change. It is in our hands to make a difference, one person at a time.

"Too Hard To Adapt"

As I woke, nothing but white was in my view… No friends, no family, no nothing. My home of a fallen dead tree was frozen over and covered in a sticky ice to my fur. Sleeping behind this tree takes away the night breeze that solidifies my heart. I was stuck in an empty world surrounding me. I had no hope for a new beginning because there wasn't anywhere to start from. Am I sliding? Everyday I would walk in different directions. I would say paths but there weren't any to be seen… there never were. Each step I took made me worry for my life. I knew that one day my next step will be my last. Its rolling faster.

The memory of my mother breaks into crumbs in the back of my mind. I have no guide… I never did. Trying to remember her, I question my existence. I’m gliding more! Why haven't I adapted to this lifestyle yet? Maybe it is just simply unadaptable to begin with, but why? I can't remember her sound but I can remember her stories. They told of times where life was, at what I thought to be, smooth and workable. A place worth living in. Somethings happening! At least, compared to everything I witnessed… nothing but white was in my view. I had never yet reached the age where I collected food on my own, not that there was food anyway. Whats the point now?

Oh no, I’m falling..I don’t want to! No not yet. Please. (Shivering) I don’t deserve this. I didn't do anything wrong. My home is completely submerging into this gunk. I am falling...sinking...breaking... beneath the cracked ice. No i don’t want to die, no not like this …

What's happening?… I do not understand… will this… happen to everyone?... If there is an anyone?… Ah! My eyes?… its covering my trunk… I know… I was made…  to die… but to die… for what reason?...

"It Always Repeats"

Yawn. I am surprised the sun didn't blind me this morning. Oh no, what’s this? Every time I look outside my window there is something different, but today, oh no today I  can’t describe this. I can’t believe that I’m going to sit here and talk to myself like the crazy people on TV do. It’s actually not that bad. But boy do I need to clear mind head. I don’t know what to do. Oh my god, WHY IS THE ROOM SHAKING? Oh all of my stuff is going to get wet. There is so much water. Mom! Mom! Where are you?

Yes mom I’m fine, are you okay? Oh thank god you’re okay. Mom! Say something, why are you just laying there? Mom I can’t hear anything you’re saying. Stop mumbling. Mom say something. Mom please. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING MOM. Oh no mom, you have blood on the back of your head. MOM I need to get help. I should go call Mr. Douglass next door. Wow that’s a lot of water. All of the beautiful trees are falling and this is just a whole big mess. Oh my god I hate climate change. It’s because of climate change that all of this keeps happening.

MS.DOUGLASS open the door! I need help! Yes mom has gotten hurt again because of tsunami. Oh Ms. Douglass thank you, why didn't I think of that. You’re going to be fine mom, don’t worry. Oh Ms. Douglass when do you think this is going to stop happening? I know i'm only 8 years old but i can help. I mean, I know people do not really taking care of the earth but why does it keep happening to us here in Japan? You’re right, we do need to stand up and do something. But do you think everyone else is willing to try?

"A Long Journey"

I am walking across this heated sand. The sun is burning my shell, it feels as if I am going to melt. Why does it have to be so hot everyday? This air is humid and difficult to take into my weary lungs. I better hurry up and find a spot in the sand before nightfall comes. By that time I’d be freezing to death. I wish there was an in between weather. This sand is way too hot to walk on. It is not like I can move any faster anyway, I’m a turtle for gods sake.

Nope, this spot is too close to the sand, and I’m scared to go near the water because of all the trash the humans throw in there. I might get wrapped around a plastic bag and just die. Wait, the temperature will affect the gender of my babies. That won’t be good. Oh, the sun is going down, I must find a place soon. On second thought, I can’t lay my eggs near the water because the sea levels are rising.

When they hatch they must be able to roam towards the water after experiencing the sands sight. Or maybe it the water was cleaner it would be better. I feel trapped I can’t stay on the sand and going into the water is a big risk. I think I’ll just take a risk. I just take the risk of losing these eggs and losing my life. Maybe if the ocean was better I wouldn't be in this mess.

"Too Little Too Late"

Yes my name is Johanna, and it is my son that was injured by the earthquake. I have been waiting in this red cross hut for 2 hours just for you to see my son! No, I will not calm down. Do not tell me to stop yelling! My child is going to die, then what will I do? Yes baby, I’m here for you. I won’t leave you. How many times do you need me to explain to you what happened? What kind of a doctor are you? For the hundredth time, because of the earthquake, a building collapsed on him and now he is complaining of his chest hurting, he is all bruised up. If you can’t see that he is in pain then I don’t know why you are a doctor.

Stop telling me it is because of climate change. Don’t you think that I know that we are treating this earth badly? Don’t you think I see the damages of climate change everyday, because I do? My child is dying because we are all so careless! My son is dying because of an earthquake in Haiti, and it’s because we don’t know how to take care of the earth. Do not touch me. Paul wake up, please don’t do this. Can somebody do there job? Open your eyes sweetie. Somebody do something! Please my son is dying! Somebody help me! Oh my god please help me. Paul please wake up. You’re the only person I have.

"Last Day of Sunlight"

Why am I the only plant left here? Day-by-day I stay stuck inside this brick wall imagining how different the world would be if it had more plants like myself, instead of it being so dry and empty.  I have nothing to do and no one to talk to. If the creatures that lived here before treated it better, I wouldn't be in this situation. Some nights the breeze is too hard and I can feel my body being ripped out the cracks. Why is the wind trying to carry me away? I wish that others were here to help me. Or even if they were here, would they be any help to me. They might be struggling just like me.

Early this morning the sun beamed on my leaves, tanning my green to a dark brown that now crumbles. I feel sick and weak. I am losing more and more leaves everyday. Today I only have one leaf remaining. This is the worst I have ever felt. Why do I to be the one to suffer. My one remaining leaf is at it’s early stages of crumbling. My stem is drooping downward, I am falling down the wall. The next strong wind will blow away my life. Why wasn't this stopped any sooner.

No rain has nurtured me in weeks. I fear that my life is going to be taken any second now. I thinks it’s for the better, because it’s not like I’m happy here anyway. I would be happy being any where but in this empty place called the earth.
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Homework Network Lee

So this is my Local Area Network. My I.S.P. is Sprint, I have a router that is located in my computer room, and my internet is wireless. The devices connected to the internet are four iPhones, three tablets, two laptops, the Apple/Samsung T.V., and two game systems. 

While doing this assignment, I learned many different things. I learned that everyone has a different network setup, different I.S.P.'s, different ways of connecting to the internet, and different devices that connect to their internet. My "OMG" moment was when I learned that there are three different kinds of cables that can connect our internet to our routers. The names of the cables are Coaxial Cable, Copper Wire, and Fiber Optic Cable.

After doing this project, I would tell other people that when choosing their internet service providers, they should choose wisely and make sure they are reliable. 
mind mapping software
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Home Network Swartz

mind mapping software
My LAN is kind of big. It has three smartphones, and three mac computers. We have a wireless printer and wireless speakers. Also there is an old Xbox 360 and my Chromebook. Sometimes my mom and dad connect their work laptops, but rarely. I now know a lot more about my network, and networks in general. I had an OMG moment when I realized how many devices at my house were connected to the WiFi. It's actually kind of scary, especially since so many came in so recently. I feel like we use our internet a lot, and now I see why. I would tell other people to be careful of how many things that they have connected, and to keep track of them all. 
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Home Network, Shareef-Trudeau

mind mapping software
My internet is provided by Verizon. It comes in through a phone wire into the den. All the devices in my house use wifi, we have three laptops, two game systems, an Ipad, a Tablet, and three cellphones. Before this class I did not realize how much has to happen in the blink of an eye to bring me my internet. I also had no idea just how much control our internet service providers have over the content we're able to view and our internet speed, I would probably inform other people about this.
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Homenetwork, Thomas

mind mapping software
1. My LAN goes a little something like this. The cloud sends internet through verizon to my kitchen, where the modem and router are connected to my computer. Then everything else is connected by Wi-Fi.
2.I learned that the internet page you want to look at breaks up into multiple pieces of information and connects back at your computer.
3.Having an ISP is both great and bad at the same time. While you don't have to get the internet yourself, the ISP can slow down some websites.
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HomeNetwork Figueiredo

mind mapping software
1- This is my HomeNetwork, my internet provider is Xfinity and i use a modern router that provides WiFi. There are plenty of things connected to the WiFi, my personal laptop, mine and my parent's phones, a computer, a printer, my Playstation and some tablets.

2- I learned a lot from this projects. One of my OMG moments was when i found out how difficult is the internet. I was surprised at the amount of work people put in to make the internet and how much work i have to put in it as well.

3- the thing i would tell someone about the home network is that thinks can be more difficult than it seems, and there are a lot of things to look out for in the internet.
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Home Network, Green

mind mapping software

  • ​My internet provider is Comcast and I have a Modem/ Router and it is wireless. What is connected to my wifi is my cell phone, my mother's cell phone, my personal laptop, my television, a game station (wii), and a printer.  I also have a regular computer, a house phone, and a Kindle. 
  • What I learned about networks which is also my "OMG" moment is that the internet is more difficult and complex than it seems. It has to go through so many systems and checkpoints to actually achieve one purpose. I was surprised at how much work goes into putting images, information, and etc onto your laptop and computer screen. 
  • What I would tell people about ISPs and Home Networks is that always understand and read all of the terms and conditions of the contract that asks you to "agree." Always know what you are agreeing to and know how your Home Network is set up and how it works. 
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Home Network, Ndaw

mind mapping software
My cable provider is Comcast. The internet centers in the dining room of my house, where our windows desktop is. Our desktop is connected to the home router, which is what makes our wifi work. The devices that are connected to our home wifi are two laptops, our desktop, our xfinity tv, an ipod and a printer. Something I was not aware of that I now am is that our internet goes on several journeys in a matter of seconds. 
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Home Network, Misero

My home network starts off with the internet, just like everyone's network does. Branching off the internet is Comcast, my families internet provider. Comcast provides the internet through a co-axial cable. The cable comes in through my first floor living room and then connects to our modem router. The modem router also connects to the one desktop computer. Then we have the wifi, which has the most on our network. On the wifi we have 3 smartphones connected, printer, 3 laptops, and speakers that we can from out phones, computers etc.
Something that I learned during this unit was just how vast the internet is and how much happens just to load a page. For example my omg moment was when we watched that video in class about how the internet is basically like delivering packages across the world in seconds.
I would tell people that a home network is very simple, depending on the devices you possess. I would suggest having as many wireless devices as possible.
mind mapping software
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Kenna's home network

mind mapping software
The wire that connects to the router is a co-axial cable​ that has many layers, one of which is copper wire and insulation, the co-axial cable is very thick as well. This wire comes into my house through the family room, and connects to the router. A desktop computer connects to the router, and the rest of my devices connect to wifi. 2 sets of speakers, 2 laptops, 4 iphones, an ipad, an xbox and a printer connect through the wifi. My internet service provider is comcast and my internet bill is around $60 dollars per month, multiplied by 12 is $720 per year.
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Home Network Harper

My local network is xfinity. The wire is ran from the back outside of the house accessing the inside porch. The wire that runs through the house is called a coaix wire that looks black and is very thick. My home has a modem router. Many devices are connected to my internet wireless. We have a printer, three mobile smart phones, a play station three, laptop, a apple ipad and a Microsoft surface. 

Wow, what did I learn! I learned many many things that can go on for days. I learned that the acceptable use policy is very strict! Also, the school district can block whatever they so choice. So they can block things about global warming if they don't think we should learn about it.  I also learned about sending out a search word and it describes through Google organization to send the web page to my device. 

Personally, I would school them! Show them many videos to explain to them how they should and shouldn't use the computer. I would also notify them that WiFi and internet are not free and you should see how much it cost for your home network. I would defiantly tell them if they have there WiFi on there first floor move it to the highest floor of there home. 

mind mapping software
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