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Printing making is an ancient process of transferring an image from a base using ink or paint. This is used to create multiple images that are, for most part, identical. There are many different styles and techniques for printmaking, and many different material used depending on your chosen process. Some of the most common are: woodcuts, where an image is carved into wood and then transferred to paper or fabric; linocuts, which use linoleum instead of wood; etching, where the artist carves into waxed coat metal and then dips the plate in acid, and Lithography, where the drawing goes on a flat surface with an oil based paint and then coated with a water based liquid.

These many processes have been extremely important in the spread of literacy, art and religion, as well as connectivity. Prints and printing presses enabled the early mass production of books, which made them less expensive and more accessible to the lower class. With more books and writings out, more people were able to learn to read. These was also used to showcase art, which also spread culture and ideas. Prints also enabled the first magazines to be created, which aided in the spread of news and current events. People could learn about what was happening across their state, country, and even continents more rapidly than they could be spoken mouth. These two things were also used as apparatuses for the spread of religion, as religious ideas could be conveyed in a simplified format aided by pictures to a wider audience.


​The above image is a woodcut print titled "Prowling Cat" by Eileen Mayo. (source) This pictures a short hair, solid colored cat "prowling" around in deep grass. It also seems to be passing a leafy plant. As for specifics, the cat has no visible pupils and has its right front paw raised, mid step. However, I notice that most of the movement of this piece is not in the step. Starting from the nose-- as the eye is drawn to the most intense empty space of the print-- the viewer is almost pulled up through the face and into the bend of the grass, guided back down into the back-- as all the grass seems to point in that direction-- and then ushered down the tail. It is rather incredible how Mayo is able to guide the eye around the piece with organic shapes, which does not push us to travel too fast. The tiny flecks of white around the cat's fur to show difference almost require time to for us to see the muscle and build of the feline. this print is extremely well done, as it suggests so much movement, not only in the cat, but in our own eyes. The simplicity of the cat and it's empty eyes also leave the viewer space to interpret what the cat is actually doing. We may wonder, what are its motives? Is it hunting? Or just enjoying a warm day?

Printmaking-Shaheed W.

Art is a special concept that existed since the early humans. Art is such a broad topic, that there’s so much variety. One particular art style is printmaking. Printmaking is the process of designs by printing them from specially prepared plates or blocks. There are many forms of printmaking like engraving, mezzotint, etching, etc. All of these forms have been revolutionized because printmakings has been around since 400 AD. Printmaking has been around so long that the Mesopotamians used it, they used round cylinder seals for rolling an impress of images onto clay tablets. Printmaking was important because it was originally used to reproduce religious texts.

Printmaking is still used today. I noticed that graffiti is unique printmaking. That’s why I wonder if graffiti artists know that what they are making is printmaking art?  What if more than one type of printmaking was combined together to make a new type of category of printmaking.

(Stephen Alcorn's work)

This is my favorite print because it shows something respectable, a hand shake. It uses both negative and positive space to make a simple but intriguing image.

Why is printmaking important?/My favorite printmaking image

Printmaking was invented in the 15th century in England, London. Which came after woodcutting where you would just carve anything design into wood with a certain tool. It was important back than because back than they used carbon printers which means that they were in business because they would print multiple copies. It's important because every art isn't always have different structures with different shapes and materials and dramatic colors. It pretty important because you actually printing without all the fumes from a machine.
As you can see the image is a cat. If you know me you will know I love animals but my favorite is a cat because its  involvement is so unique. It unique because its a mutation of the saber tooth, lion, mountain lion. I wonder what type of cat it is because there is many types. I also wonder why did the artist chose to draw a cat is it important to him? I also notice that the scratches all around the pictures are supposed to be fur on the cat. I also noticed that the cat is calm because they eye doesn't have a second oval around it when you know its ready to play. 

Cat printmaking link

Introduction to printmaking blog post

Printmaking is a form of art created by Daniel Hopfer from Augsbury Germany. In the process of printmaking a tool is rolled into ink then rolled onto a carved surface, the design is then transferred onto a sheet of paper. The carved surface can be altered so that the finished product can have any design. Many people only think of art as paintings and sculptures not necessarily carvings. Printmaking is important because it changed the way people think about art. Printmaking takes a certain level of concentration, and planning which is why it is valued by so many people, because everyone cannot do it.
The picture below is a print made by Katsushika-Hokusai a Japanese artist from the 18th century. The picture focuses on a volcano by the ocean.The picture stands out to me because of the contrasted colors. The picture is mostly cool colors, immediately the viewers eye is drawn to the red because it creates contrast with the rest of the picture. I chose this picture because I noticed how this artist used printmaking to make different textures on the page. 

I wonder if the artist meant for the background to be the sky or the ocean? The negative space could be clouds or it could be a reflection of the sky. 

What is printmaking/Why is printmaking important?

                   Printmaking is a form of art where pictures are printed by transferring it to a paper using a block, stone, etc. Printmaking was invented in the 15th century in Europe by a man named Daniel Hopfer. Really, this technique goes back to 3000 B.C.E., when it was engraved on bones, cave walls, and stones. There are many different types of printmaking. One is relief printing. Relief printing is when the ink sits on the surface and not in the grooves. It does not require chemicals nor does it require any press. Another example is Intaglio printing, which is the opposite of relief printing. Intaglio printing is when the ink is pressed into the etched lines while wiping the remaining ink off the surface. Printmaking was revolutionary because it made it easier for artist to express their art more to the audience, a way to duplicate things instead of redoing it from scratch, a way for artist to expand their imagination and mind, and it was easier for the people to obtain their art.
                                Pablo Picasso, Les vendangeurs (The Grape Harvesters), 1959

This artwork is a form of printmaking called linocut created by Pablo Picasso in 1959. This printmaking, it shows two workings that seems to be taking a break from something. In the left corner, you can see a bag of grapes. You can also notice that the landscape are hills. There’s also a lizard there.

The print definitely shows a contrast between the darker colors and the lighter color. You can see the different textures from looking between the sky, land, and people so they don’t blend in fully. There are lines that seems to have a roughness to it as you can see it through the sky and lines that have a softness as you can see that through the land and people.

I think this print is trying to show two hard-working people on a break from harvesting. For the title, it seems they were harvesting grapes. It also might infer that the bag is filled with grapes. The person on the right looks like they’re eating grapes while the person on the left look like they’re just relaxing. Based on the colors in the background, it seems to be evening.

For this print, I would improve is the positive spacing. There were some spots that had a bit too much positive space and it was disturbing to my eye. The spots makes it look like it’s incomplete. Also, I would improve the texture of the lines. In the print, the person on the on the left kind of blends in with the land and a blanket and it made my eyes a bit disturbed with the confusion of what is what. I love how he uses earthy shades of ochre, brown and black to make it like a soft and content setting.

Printmaking - Kai Payton

​Printmaking is an art where you put ink on a certain material that has previously been carved and ink has been put on it then printed on to paper. The earliest form of Printmaking was woodcuts. The following print is by Andrea Mulder-Slater. I find this piece aesthetically pleasing because of the simple black and white contrast. Another reason it's pleasing to me is because I like fish in general since I think they're a cool type of animal. I wonder what was the inspiration of this print.

What is printmaking/Why is printmaking important?

Printmaking is one of the oldest forms of art. It goes as far as prehistoric times when early roamed the earth. They used rocks and sticks to carve pictures into the walls of caves, and rocks. They also carved them into prehistoric bones. Technically it was created in 3000 BCE with the Sumerians and since then its’ evolved. It’s revolutionary because it’s a very cheap and easy art form so many artist have been starting pick up on this art form. What you do is carve a picture into a surface and then putting ink into the cracks making the image pop out. It is usually made in negative space so you can really see the image/carving.

To me this picture is pleasing. I first saw this picture as the woman individually and then I came across this picture where she’s in a heart with things surrounding her. It feels like all the pictures have lines that lead back to the center image. There a lot of vibrant colors that help everything stand out individually.

Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 8.59.07 AM
Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 8.59.07 AM

Softball Wins Nail Biter

Rockets softball took him a hard-fought win against Saul in the bottom of the fifth yesterday. Trailing the entire game, the Rockets went into the fifth and final inning knowing that they had to hold their defense and then have a strong at-bat in order to come out victorious. It was a daunting task but pitcher, Tia Roberts, and her defense held the Razorbacks to a one-hit, one-run inning. They went into the final at-bat down nine runs.

Gabby Cromley led things off with a single The Rockets quickly progressed to bases loaded with two outs. Then the magic happened. Starting with the top of the order, each player in the batting order hit a single, back to back to back. With each hit, the energy became more and more palpable. We got to the 9th batter, rookie junior, Athalia Tan. With a count of 1-2, Athalia hit a solid grounder that knocked in two runs and won the game! Congratulations to Athalia and all of the Rockets for a hard-fought win. 

I Have Infinite Layers

Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 9.51.31 AM
Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 9.51.31 AM
If you don't already know me, you must know I am not a fan of exposing my true personality traits. In this portrait/printmaking you can see the many layers of the human body with the first layer being the disguise, the second layer being the exposing point and the third being the breaking point. What is print making you may ask, its simply making artwork by printing. I guess you can say its kind of important being the fact it has been used for hundreds of year, benefiting those who can't exactly express their emotions through words. I wonder will anyone ever reach the middle?

Payton's Printmaking Post

Printmaking is a type of art, which you transfer an image on a paper from a carved wood, metal, stone, or screen. There is different types of printmaking such as relief, intaglio, etc. Printmaking is important to the artist because it isn’t normal art. This art is made by transferring it to make a print. Printmaking apparently started after paper was made in China around AD 105. Printmaking had a its most success in the 18th century in France.


Lee Stevenson- Night Tide. Lino & Woodcut

This print is interesting to me because this seems like it’d take so much patience. I wonder how long it took. I noticed the detail in this is incredible. I love looking at oceans at night and the way this is done is what it actually looks like, which is a realistic sense portrayed. It’s very well done. The contrast of the dark brown and light blue works well together. The lines are pointing my eyes towards the right upper corner of the art.

Print Making

​Printmaking is the art in which a person prints an image onto a sheet of some sort. It is important because it allows readers to have a different way of creating art. Printmaking was so revolutionary was because it spread like a wild fire. People could now create art in negative or positive ways and also it let them do things so precise, they couldn't do it with normal arts.  
Image result for spiderman printmaking

The reason this post is interesting to me is because I notice how they show a good and evil perception in a dark and light image. Yin & Yang is more than meets the eye. It has lots of meetings etc. I notice how they include a scary pic of venom but show a heroic pic of spidey.


​Printmaking is an art that consists of etching a design into a surface (wood, acrylic, styrofoam, etc.), covering it in ink, and pressing paper on top. The ink then transfers the design to the paper, making a beautiful print. Printmaking originated in Egypt in about 500 BC. Relief printmaking is a type of printmaking where the ink is transferred from the surface of the material, meaning that the etched lines will come out white on the paper design. Printmaking was so important because it was the beginning of modern printing devices and book-making.
This print depicts two different flowers, one appears to be a sunflower and the other a daisy. The artist had a great use of contrast to show design in the petals and seeds in the center of the flower. They also used negative space well to create a tension between the two flowers. The way that the artist used texture in the sunflower’s seeds is also very impressive. I think that the flowers being on opposite corners of the paper could represent two people reaching out to each other without being able to touch. I believe that this relief print is aesthetically pleasing.


Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 9.52.41 AM
Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 9.52.41 AM

Printmaking is was one of the few things that is often overlooked as one of the most revolutionary inventions. The printmaking above is by the artist Sarah Gayle Key , it is a relief print, and it depicts a flower in a true artistic form. This image caught my eye because it shows small details in the flower and shows the variation of the different shades of black. Printmaking was traced to the 1500’s starting in China. Since then it spread all around the world and different types of variation of printmaking were invented. Since the rise of printmaking it had revolutionized the world in many important ways. For one , spreading knowledge through imagery was limited, however after print making was invented images were everywhere and allowed things to travel faster. In the image above you can see that the artist tried to depict the details of a flower. I wonder how she created the different shade variations. The drawing as a whole is very pleasing to me. Without printmaking we would not be where we are now.

The Importance Of Printmaking

Printmaking is important because it lets us recopy images without spending a lot of money and without using a lot of materials. The google definition of printmaking is the activity or occupation of making pictures or designs by printing them from specially prepared plates or blocks. My definition of printmaking is taking a drawing that someone or you made and copying it on a prepared plate or block. Printmaking was discovered in the 15th century. The news of printmaking spread through Buddhism from India to China. Printmaking is so important because you don’t need a lot of resources to printmake. Printmaking is revolutionary because it was one of the first discoveries for copying a picture.


In this image, the white contrast well with the black. I notice how the animal takes up most of the space. The animal in the picture seems to be a lion or a tiger. The image doesn’t seem to have any real lines. I wonder why the artist made a picture of a lion. There doesn't seem to be any mistakes with the image.


Printmaking is a type of art where someone carves an image, covers it in ink and transfers the image onto a piece of paper. Print making was one of the first means of transporting communication. It was created in ancient Egypt.


This is a print of a whale. I found this print at . The contrast of the blacks and whites on the print especially in the ocean is very nice. You can see the visible textures in the boat and sky behind the whale. I wonder what types of tools and techniques were used to create this print.


Printmaking is the process of transferring an image onto another piece of paper. It is important because it help creates designs for buildings, murals, and other architectures. The invention of printmaking is revolutionary for the same reason, that it started a whole new idea of pictures.


I notice that there are are so many aspects to this photo, for instance, the negative space that fills out what is outlined and what isn’t.

What is printmaking: Asnain khan

Week 2 - Day 2 - Blog - What is printmaking/Why is printmaking important?

Printmaking is creating art by transferring an image or design by contact with a matrix such as a block, plate, stone, or screen. It is basically the process of making artworks by printing. Printmaking is very important. I say this mainly because printmaking it gives a clear forum for talking about technique. Printing gives a structure to how to create an image and how to talk about creation that kids especially need.  I believe that printmaking is meaningful because printmaking is not just an art form: it's also an important medium for communication because it usually involves multiples. I think of printmakers as the communicators of the art world. This is why I think printmaking is important.

Now let’s talk about the invention of printmaking and why it is so important. Most of us tend to take printed materials for granted, but imagine life today if the printing making  had never been invented. We would not have books, magazines or newspapers. Posters, flyers, pamphlets and mailers would not exist. It is so important that it has come to be known as one of the most important inventions of our time. It drastically changed the way society evolved. Based off of my research, one of the sources stated,” following its invention by Chinese art many centuries previously, fine art printmaking became established during the German Renaissance (1430-1580), during the early period of the Northern Renaissance.” It also stated, “it was not till the 18th century that art prints began to be considered originals and not till the 19th that artists began to produce limited editions and to sign their prints along with the technical information necessary to authenticate the work.” These evidence support the fact that printmaking was revolutionary.

Dürer's Knight, Death, & Devil

Albrecht Dürer, German Master Printmaker(1470-1528) Knight Death and the Devil, Engraving, 1513, 8" x 10".

This painting shows an armed man sitting on a horse. It looks like the man is going to go fight. The background of this painting looks dark and scary. The man on the horse don’t look happy at all. This painting shows a contrast of light and dark colors. I think that this is a good painting because the artist uses a different style to create the image. This picture has a meaning to it. I wonder if the person on the horse is going to go fight in a war. I notice that this image looks like it is showing something from the past.

What is printmaking/Why is printmaking important?

Printmaking is important to me because of the history. The history of printmaking is one of the richest history in the world. Because of printmaking the world was able to unite and share research. Scientists were able to build of other scientists research when they lived in different countries, and faiths were able to spread across continents. Before printmaking there was carving an image and we are able to trace human carvings back to prehistoric times where man carved symbols and images onto bones, stones, and cave walls. Printmaking, or copying an image, has at least been around since the Sumerians, who lived a few thousand years ago. China invented its own kind of primitive printmaking, which was done through the process of rubbing. While the Japanese made the first verified prints on wood blocks, and these were Buddhist Charms. The first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, this made it possible to print in large quantities and have those prints be precise. With this invention Renaissance Europe flourished with mass communication. Scientists were able to share their work with everyone now, creating a scientific community where scientists built off one another. The prints I chose was by a famous artist named Albrecht Durer. Although I can not find the title of this masterpiece it struck me as a beautiful piece of art. There is a contrast between the stark white of the man's face and the dark background illuminating the man's face. I notice that this man and what appears to be his mule are pulled by another man but his face is out of the frame. I wonder what Albrecht Durer intended for the man to feel, because he looks either very sad, or he is smirking because he knows something. What if this man is being held prisoner and he is planning his escape. Either way I feel that this painting has hidden meaning we have yet to discover.


Los Angeles Print Making.

Printmaking is made from different surfaces. Surfaces that can be flat or textured. It's a good way of duplicating art and easy transport and exhibit. It's important because its one of the most important type of art that spreads culture and knowledge. Printmaking is made through many different types of categories. Relief printing, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy and much more. My painting has an elephant shape figure. The elephant has a lot of jewelry and tattoos it seems like, these little different features added to the elephant has a religious meaning behind it. The elephant is sitting down in these huge long leaves in which are shown in the background. I like how in the painting has a lot of detail and shades and also the fact that there isn't much open space it makes it really interesting to look at. I appreciate how the objects in the painting are not realistic to show the culture behind the image. Last but not least what I also find interesting about the painting is the depth and contrast with the shade and the placement of the objects on the painting. 

Lamar Reed - Art Blog: Printmaking

Printmaking is the art of making pictures and printing them from prepared plates or blocks. There are many types of printmaking and most of them tends to differ a lot. Without printmaking, digital printing would not exist today. Printmaking also also makes it easier for the general public to access art since it is more inexpensive than other forms of art. It allows artist to be able to show their work on a much larger scale and even make copies.

Printmaking is revolutionary because not only did it inspire the thought digital printing, it also allowed artist to do more things. Instead of having to draw or carve the same thing over and over again, they could just make a copies so time can be saved. This also allows artist to become more creative with their work as new opportunities are opened.

An example of printmaking is the woodcut method. Woodcut is a relief printing technique that is done by carving out an image in a block of wood and then inking the negative space around the carved image. I find this type of printmaking interesting because I notice that it seems pretty easy to do compared to the other types of printmaking and the outcome of the image comes out very detailed and clean. I wonder how long it takes to do this type of printing and how easy it is to carve into the wood. What if you need a certain type of wood in order to do this type of print?

Here is an example of a wood print:
Wood printing
Wood printing

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is the art process of etching an image or words into a material, and then staining it with ink. The ink is then extracted from the etches in the material, while the raised surface remains stained. This is mainly the process for relief printmaking. Printmaking is an important art form, because it has existed for many centuries. The woodcut form of printmaking originated in China, in 105 CE. Therefore, this type of art is important and must be preserved in the modern day, so that such an old art process is not lost. Printmaking is not only important due to its survival through many centuries, but also because it became revolutionary. During the Industrial Revolution and the German Renaissance, printmaking came about and influenced many artists. It helped in the industrial revolution in general, because it was a way to make prints or copies with 90% less force. And, it aided artists in the German Renaissance because they were able to replicate their wonderful works of art in a relatively simple way. Overall, printmaking became such an important, influential, and revolutionary art process.

Source: Kitteh Kats Pinterest,
E. Mayo: Mother and Son

​I notice the strong feeling of duality and family seen in this image, presenting two cats that have a familiar connection. I wonder if the artist intended to have the cats contrast in color, because the darker one seems to not have as much comfort and happy emotion as the lighter one does. What if this light and dark was presented as good and bad being able to coincide? This image is so dynamic because it makes me ask a lot of questions about the artists' intentions, which makes me feel like this is a very interesting piece of art. I also find it interesting that the artist presented light and dark coinciding with nature around them, showing that in the real world, such as in nature, good and bad live together in harmony. There is a lot of harmony, contrast, duality, texture and emotion seen through this piece, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to me.


Printmaking is a way that people make art, there are many different forms of printmaking, and it’s a popular way to make art. Many believe that Daniel Hopfer started printmaking. He used it for putting designs on armor. China started using printmaking on paper some time around 105 AD. People started using in different places in the world and printmaking became very popular. Many artist used it because you only needed a few resources like wood, ink, something to carve with (like a u-gouge or chisel), and something to apply your art to. Printmaking became a revolutionary form of making really good art and there were some good art pieces made by it. Being able to make work that looked so professional and like things you see people make professionally on a computer now is amazing, which is why this was so revolutionary.

Image result for printmaking designs

I really like this image because of how well it shows just what you can do with printmaking. It looks like something someone made with some really good software on a computer. The image doesn’t look like it was made by hand, and it’s colored in so well. The wings look very nice and the black on white makes the image look clean and very professional.

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is an art form that allows you copy you art work more than once in a few different ways. Some of the ways are through, relief, intaglio, or, lithography. Printmaking was so important because it was the first art was able to be duplicated. This also a reason why it was so revolutionary. It was able to become very widespread and you could get the prints, or at least copies, to other places in the world.

This print is made by Dutch printmaker, Wijand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp. This piece can be seen throughout Germany. 
In this photo you can see a body of water flowing through a bridge. The bridge is made of stone with wood boards supporting it. Through the openings in the bridge you can see a town with buildings. On the left side of the bridge you can tell there is a wood structure on it, possibly a house. 
You can see the contrast in texture between the water and the bridge. When you look through the bridge, you see the town ahead, it gives the print many dimensions. I also enjoy this print because I spend a lot of my time by and on the water, so seeing this photo makes me feel at home. I wonder if there was a real place that this print is made to look like. Overall, I think this is beautiful print with many textures. 


Printmaking is a form of art that you first make a art and then print on a different paper. There are lots of different forms of printmaking like woodcut and engraving. Printmaking is important because it is a cheap and cool way to make quality art. Also you can make copies easily if you wanted to. Printmaking is revolutionary because when printmaking was introduced, lots of people came to like printmaking, and some used printmaking themselves. Again printmaking is se easy to do, anyone can do it if they have the materials.

Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 8.42.52 AM.png

I find this piece interesting because it shows a wolf in the wild, while it’s snowing, and he’s right next to a tree without any leaves. I get a sense that it’s suppose to represent some idea of a lone wolf. The difference in black and white, and why it’s cool because we can clearly distinct what things are suppose to be. For example the white dots must be snow, it could be rain, but it’s more likely to be snow. Also on the ground the white and the black colors show that the snow hasn’t fully covered the ground. I feel as though this wolf is lonely and it’s showing how harsh the wild can be. I also like how they constantly use lines to make shapes. I notice that it using black as the background might make the viewer think it’s night time. I wonder two things, is this the original copy or not, and what is the artist trying to express using only two colors. Last what if this artist use more colors how would the different colors change the mood of the painting.    


Printmaking has been evolved over the years. It was practiced in many different countries. Within each place, there were and still are different forms of printmaking. Printmaking is the process of making artwork by printing. Countries like China, Rome and Egypt. These countries and more have expressed their messages through printmaking which brings the importance about printmaking.

Printmaking questioned how far the forms of Art can go.
They answered "Pretty far,"

Megan Lino Fish Print
Megan Lino Fish Print

Megan Lino’s Fish Print really stands out to me as a viewer. I notice that there is a break in pattern by the fish’s “beams of light” which is really aesthetically pleasing. Also I notice that the things surrounding the fish are being attracted to the fish. I wonder how Lino came up with this idea. I also wonder what message she is trying to say. Although, what if Lino added another fish? I wonder how she would break the pattern once again. This is a great piece of work that probably took days and hours to create, which is why I appreciated it so much.