Home Network, Jason

There are many people on my LAN because i have a lot of family members but the devices connected are Jason's iPhone,Jason's laptop, Cindy's iPhone, Cindy's laptop, Wendy's iPhone, Wendy's laptop, Dad's iPhone, Dad's laptop, and Mom's iPhone
Something i learned about about networks are the black wire that comes into my house i did not know it was a Coax.
If i were to tell someone something about a ISP or Home Network i would tell them what Router and Modern are.

Xfinity, Brown

The devices on my home network include two laptops, two iPhone's, and an Amazon Fire Tablet. I learned about how it is possible for me to access the internet from my home. I didn't have any OMG moments, but I did learn a lot of cool information. I would tell them that Xfinity wifi costs $64.99 per month.

Reflection blog

My LAN contains my laptop,phone,TV, and my mom's phone. This has been a quick and wonderful experience, I've learned a lot. I've actually always wondered what in the world the internet is and I was kind of let down that it was so practical yet intricate. I would tell them they should know what all the chords are and how they work so that if ever one needs to set up their TV or system/device they'll have no problem.

Home Network Kimberly Gucciardi Kriegh

1) The internet comes into my house with a Coax cable. then connects to my modem. Two computers are connected with a wire to the modem. The modem connects to the router with a  Ether Net cord. It send wifi out to 3 phones, 2 playstations, one Ipad, and one cromecast. 
2) The most interesting thing was how the information is sent through packets!
3) I would teach them about the way our internet send signals and how much it takes to recieve information to our computer. 

Home Network, Hinson

Blank Flowchart
My ISP is Verizon Fios. I have both a modem and a router. Connected to my router I have wireless wifi. Connected to my wifi I have a printer, 4 iPhones, 3 iPads, a PS4, a xBox 1 and an apple desktop. These are the things that make up my home network. One "OMG" moment I had was learning that there were firewalls inside of firewalls. For example, if you were a hacker and the thing you are trying to hack has multiple firewalls, it will be way harder to hack into the thing or site. If you are to have a ISP make sure you pick a ISP that has good quality for a good price.

My home Network: Shamus Keough

Blank Flowchart - New Page
My internet is provided by Verizon Fios, we then have a modem/router. We have our computer connected via Ethernet cable. Then we have an iPad, 4 i Phones, a wireless printer, an xbox, and a smart tv. In this class I have learned the different between the World wide web, and the internet, and have been taught how to use canvas, which was EXTREMELY helpful. Something I could tell other people is to think about all the devices you have that are connected to the internet and make a drawing of it and how its connected to the internet.

Home Network, Huang

My Local Area Network consists of a wired PC, two wireless laptops, four wireless smartphones, and a wireless printer.

One thing I learned that I found interesting was the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet, which I use interchangeably.

I would tell other people that an ISP is very much like a Carrier that provides phone service, but instead provides internet connection. Having internet connection is also very costly, something that is often overlooked.

Home Network, Flores

​From the Internet, I have an ethernet cord that connects to my motem/router. From my motem/router an ethernet cord connects to my printer/scanner. The rest of the technology in my house is wireless. The other devices in my household include four iPhones, one Windows PC, two Chromebooks, and two tablets. I had an OMG moment when I realized there was an ethernet that connected to my motem/router at home that gave me Internet. This home network lesson taught me how specifically each of my devices connects to the Internet, whether it's via wire or wireless. I also learned that there are a lot more wireless devices in my house than devices connected by wires. You need to know what wire brings internet into your home or what cords connect to your motem/router in case you have future problems with your internet. This would help clear up whether you need a new wire or if the problem is on the ISP's end.

Home Network, Ahmed Ahmed

2. The devices connected to the internet at my house are 5 smartphones, 4 tablets, 1 console, 3 laptops, 1 desktop, and 1 smart t.v. 3. One "OMG" moment I had was when Ms. Hull told the class that every thing we do on the internet is being watched and saved. 4. I would tell other people to be aware and be careful of what they do on they internet because everyone is being watched.

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Question: Dick Leitsch claimed that many of this event's participants were homeless runaways denied admission by The Sewer and The Snake Pit. The Daily News ran a story headed “Queen Bees are Stinging Mad” after this event, which began after a (*) vice squad entered a Christopher Street bar and arrested those not wearing “gender-appropriate” clothing. For 10 points—name these 1969 riots considered the start of the gay rights movement. 

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Answer to the QuizBowl question above: Stonewall Riots

Home Network: Christina Santana

This unit expanded my interest on learning more about computers, their networks, and how they work. My Internet Service provider is Comcast. That I believe is the beginning of my network. My network includes a modem that is connected to my computer by an Ethernet cord. This Ethernet cord connects to a modem. Connected to the internet off of that modem are 3 IPhones, 2 Kindles, 1 computer, 1 wireless printer, 1 laptop, and 1 user. Which is me. In this class I learned that the world wide web and the internet were two different things. I also learned how to represent my internet router in a chart. I would tell other people to make their own homework because it is interesting to see how it looks in a 3D diagram.

Home Network, Ashley De La Cruz

My internet service provider is Verizon. My internet is connected to my modem/router by a fiber cable. The modem/router then sends off wifi signals to my SLA laptop and my iPhone. The modem/router also sends off wifi signals to our laptop, my sister's iPhone, my mom's iPhone, and my dad's iPhone. I learned that different internet service providers have different cables. I learned that when we search up something online, it goes through multiple steps, so depending on our internet, the search may come faster or slower. I also learned that I have a 2-in-1 device, because my modem and router are 1 device. I would tell other people to be cautious of copyright and what they're looking up because even though you may think you're not doing anything wrong, it could come back to get you. 

Jowon's Home Network

All the devices connected to my internet is my phone, parents' phone, computer, and two laptops. I didn't know about the modem and router I thought we just had extra things for our computer to go fast so now I know the different and it's important to have them. I would tell other people that they need to know the difference between the modem, router and the wires importance just if they want to remove some things from their computer.

Home network, Hood

Julia Hood Blue Stream

1. There are many devices on my home network. There are three cell phones, three kindles, three computers, and one printer that are all wireless and a house phone that is wired.
2.I learned a lot about networks, before this I knew nothing about my home network and now I feel like I know a good amount. I did have an OMG moment, my OMG moment was when I realized that the internet has a lot more to it than I thought it did. I knew there was a lot to the internet but not that much.
3.I would tell people that they should research their isp and home network before they get it. Also I would tell them to teach the other people on their home network about it so that they all know how it works and they don't take it for granted like I used to.

My Home Network, Suluki-Bey

My home network is different from others because all my family  members use wifi. We don't have a router with Verizon. My LAN has lots of devices. It includes 9 phones, two computers, xbox and wii. I learned a lot about how the internet was created. I learned a lot about closed and open networks. Closed networks are what we still use today although it is getting closer everyday to an open network. I know that every network is different, but the process is the same because each company has there own signature processor with the internet. 

Home Network, Petroski

This is my home network. At my house, the internet connects to the modem router through a Fiber Cable. We have three laptops, three phones, two 3Ds's, and an Xbox connected through Wi-Fi. In this unit, I learned how networks work, such as how Wi-Fi comes into my house, how URLs are sent between websites, and so on. I would tell people that they should be grateful they even have internet and to learn how it works so if something goes wrong, they can fix it.

Home Network, Rogers

My internet service provider is Verizon. My ethernet is attached to a switch on my wall. My ethernet is attached to the modem router. My modem is attached to my Wifi block(verizon Fios). My wifi is connected to three I Phones, two I Pads, Two Kindles, and a Chrome Book and an Apple Computer. I learned a lot about my internet that I didn't know before I looked into it more. I learned how everything is connected and how it works even though there is usually no wire connecting to the devices. I learned more about how a fire wall works and how messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc go through the process of reaching one device to another. I would tell other people how complicated the process is in order for a single text message to go to one device to another.