A Slide about Me

When I was creating my slide I started and really wanted to include a lot of things but then I realized if I did that it could be distracting to the eye. So i decided to keep it simple so it shows you who I am without being overwhelming to the eye. As you can see my slide has a ukulele on it and I put the vinyl record in the body of the uke. I did that so that everything looked like it was supposed to be there. I included two things I love that were under the same topic and the title of my me magazine to connect the two together in  a way. I kept the font big but not so big that my audience couldn't pay attention to me and what i was saying. I stayed with a basic white background to make my text and pictures pop. I added the world in the word world to incorporate movement in the slide. Itś a gif so you're not just looking a a bland slide. so  welcome to my world I hope you enjoyed.

Me Google Slide Jade Gilliam

One Slide Presentation

In order to make an effective slide I had to make sure I used as little wording as possible, but not to the point where I'm just saying nouns.  And the color of the text had to be pop or at least contrast to the background, but I didn't want to make the text just one color, so I decided to put pop and contrast together.  The text also had to be legible so I made the text bigger.  And as the artist I am, I decided to make it more "artistic" and more complex than just writing some "inspirational" quote down, so I separated the passage in half and put a pen in between. You know, to represent what I use for drawing.  Speaking of being an artist, the main theme of the slide surrounds how much I love to draw.  Even in the future I hope to get a profession of designing. Specifically things like art direction in games. Simplicity can be complex, and I just wanted to express that.  Even the smallest of details can have a deeper meaning to someone.


One Slide Presentation (2)

Media Fluency

me slide- assirem hosni

Assirem Hosni

My slide is a symbolic representation of me. As you noticed there is a variety  of different colors shapes and sizes. Each different color , shape, and placement of certain objects  on the image  significant and or symbol who I am. There are many things that play into this picture that portray the type of  person I am. To start off something that you notice you are looking at because it is centered right in the middle of the profile. This figure is made out of shapes and different colors.  The figure is placed on top of a background of many shapes and colors as well. Something that also is very vivid is that the figure has more bright colors that harmonize together for example  like yellow, blue,and white and that contrasts from the background with dark negative colors like black and red. The colors in the figure symbol my personality of being full of happiness peace, confidence, healthy and etc. The reason why is contrasting from the background with the negative colors that symbolize depression, sadness, anger, evil, and fear is because I always in a way try to stay positive keeping myself from all the negative things that are germinated from others and society. Now also the shapes that the figure is made out of represents a lot about me as well. The figure that I'd made out of shapes like circles and square . These symbolize power , energy , perfection and completeness and honestly. IN the background that the figure that symbolizes me stands above is full of triangles,  in the symbolism world, triangles symbolize tension and conflict. Also another thing that i added into my slide was space. The figure that portrays me in the center of the page has a space between the shapes to give off positive vibes however in the background all the shapes are all over one another to portray negative vibe.  So overall the reason to why the locations of the colors and shapes and sizes are placed where they are placed because I wanted to represent the differences I see in myself and the different characteristics in my personality  compared to what I try to separate myself from my surroundings .

One slide assingment

Horace Ryans III



My slide was designed off all my general interest and things that make me, me. You’re probably wondering, who is that little fat child in the corner?, That’s Horace from monster squad not really sure why he’s there just a good thing know, ya know.

Under my name you’ll notice a really pretty sunset with a heart around it, don’t focus on that, let’s look at what it says. I’ll give you a moment to read it. I personally believe that if we are nice to each other, it could possibly make someone’s day so much better.

In the two corners you’ll see two pieces of clothing that have the element Holmium which just happens to be Ho on the periodic table. I’d thought I’d implement this to show how even though I’m a 15 year old boy, on the inside I have the mind of a toddler also to show that we’re all kids inside.

I think that if you dress nice and you present yourself nicely, you’ll be respected and you’ll be treated like a professional. That's why I added two pieces of clothing in my slides.

Lastly, there’s a picture of old fashioned pen and paper. I do enjoy writing and those who’ve I actually shared it with, you’d know that I take it very serious and I’m very passionate about it.


Something (4)

My Personality Slide

My original slide is slightly different in the design, but very different in its meaning. When editing the slide, I changed a few of the words, because after further thought I realized that not all of them felt like they described me. Eccentric, for example, didn’t quite fit how I wanted to describe myself, so I replaced it with caring. As for the other words, I am very passionate about debate, voicing my opinions and activism. Additionally, basketball and videogames are two big hobbies of mine.

For my image, I originally decided to use a guitar, but I changed it because it didn’t feel very personal. Instead I replaced it with one of my sixth grade projects. This project was a part of our journey in self discovery; to create a mask we thought represented ourselves. This mask is created around my identity at the time, and still holds a lot of truth in my identity today.

Many aspects of the mask are very symbolic, which I think is similar to identity in itself. You won’t be able to discover everything about me just by looking at me once. First, the forest at the chin represents my adventurous side, the river represents my creativity, and the rocks around the nose represent more jagged sides of my personality. I’m often stubborn, and easily upset. Finally, the spaces where the rest of the mask should be represent the parts of my personality I haven’t found yet. There are still holes in my mask, and parts of myself that I need to discover.

I made sure the color of the flag on the far right contrasted the background color of the words in intensity, but that they still went well together. I also tried to keep it minimalist but break up the space with the variation in value at the same time. I also contrasted the size of the text to add a bit of variation. The mask, in addition to being a part of the meaning of the slide, also adds some shape and form to the slide. Finally, I made sure to space out the word section and the mask section to follow the rule of thirds.

Screenshot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.09 AM
Screenshot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.09 AM
Screenshot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.35 AM
Screenshot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.35 AM

Media Fluency

When I was making my slide, I looked at the link you gave us on the slide presentation. There was a category on color. That stood out to me because it had said that “color is the very first thing people will notice.” So with my slide, I based it off of one color. Blue. It’s a collage of different shades of blue so it is not just one page of just one shade of a color. It also has to deal with repetition because I am repeating the same color, not exactly the same picture. In my slide I also included a picture of my team racing in our most recent regatta and a picture of the camp I worked at this summer.  

Michaela Donnelly (3)

All About Monie

All About Monie
This is my personal slide. The overall theme of my slide was to be simple but unique in its own way. My first priority was the color selection. I chose a pink hue because pink is one of my favorite colors, specifically lighter pinks. I chose a highly intense light pink to contrast against the black. Next on my list is the text. I wanted all the text in black to make it bold and stand out so there will be a lot of emphasis against the pink. But I also think that a light pink and a dark black will have harmony together. I wanted the color to just be flat so the texture of the slide was smooth and clean. I wanted to have my name centered on the slide for a few reasons. One reason is to represent me. I feel that my name can trigger a lot of things about me and I wanted it to be the main attraction on my slide. I chose this font because it looks elegant and sleek. The gradation size of font for the letters is to show how crazy I am. I decided to start it off big because I’m an outgoing person. As the font grows smaller, it’s to represent that they’re many things that are still to be revealed about me. The three periods are there to show that you that I’m very unpredictable. The periods and the shape I included is to express how extra I am. The shape, or stick figure, is to make my slide visual and memorable because it ties back to my Me Book project theme. It’s a repetition of my work. The position the stick figure is in is to show that I’m a fancy gal who is lazy which is why it is on ground. I didn’t want the stick figure to disproportion the whole slide so I put it into the bottom right corner to have empty space and also to have it look clean. I feel that if I put it somewhere else, it would throw off the balance with my letters. All my decisions connect back to me. It’s what I like and how I am. I hope you have a deeper understand of my slide.

Media Fluency

Yusef Jamaladdin One Slide (1)

When making this slide I had no idea how to fit so much into one slide. My Me Magazine wasn’t the longest but I had said a lot about my passions and my experiences in my first two weeks at SLA. When researching, I noticed that most advertisements don’t have a ton of words crammed into them. I also noticed they don’t have too many images crammed in either. So I wanted to make mines multiple bright colors so that it catches your eye. I put the words on one slide and the images on the other. I was kind of worried about putting a lot of words in, but it shouldn’t be too many words. I mainly just talked about what I did for my editorial in my Me Magazine. I put in quite a few images, but I made sure to use all .png images so that it looked clean and there were no white borders.

Media Fluency

Media Fluency
In my slide I choose to try and use the rule of thirds to present it. Since to describe me I couldn’t find just one image, I used four to briefly do it. The pictures I used where the of the Cowboys, Gas Monkey Garage, Penn State, and the Phillies. To follow the rule of thirds I put all the images at a central point of tendency. If you look at it, the Cowboys picture takes up the top left point, the Gas Monkey Garage one take the top right, the Phillies the bottom left, and finally the bottom left is Penn State. I’m pretty sure that you are only supposed to use one central point of tendencies, but I figured why not experiment? So I hope you liked my slide!

Media Fluency

I researched using Slide Design for Developers for my slide. First, I used  intense color for the gaming sample, which mean is make it stand out because I like it the most. Mostly, I’m using light  values because I like pastels. I’m using the triangle for the edge because of the contrast, and to make it look more special. If the picture is large, that  means I love it the most so that is why some of the samples are smaller than other. If I could do the slide again, then I will try to use other rules of Slide Design for Developers. And I will try to find different sample because most of my sample background is white, so it can feel boring.
Untitled presentation (4)

Media Fluency

Me slide- Cristina Valenzo


Blue Stream

When you first look at my slide you will see a image of the mexican and american flag in the form of two hands forming a heart. In the center of this image is the word “unity” . Then, when you look to the the left in the upper left corner you see the image “class of 2020” and finally when you look in the right lower corner you see my name in bright bold red colors, Cristina. “Why did I decided to design my one slide this way” You may ask?  Symbolism as well as the research I did on ‘“slide design and presentation” played a major role in the design and overall finished product. First off, for the background I decided to use the image of the two hands with the Mexican and American flag forming a heart because it symbolized me and how I represented myself and also because it represented my dream,  that one day these two great nations can come together. In addition, I made my background that image because it didn’t have words so it was a quick catch to the eye and it contrasted other colors in the slide. In the slide I also included the word “ unity” in the middle of the heart , I bolded it , made it black and big. I did this to send out my message , where someone driving by could easily look at it and get an idea of “unity”and keep that in the back of their mind. The second image I included in this slide was a image that read “class of 2020” I put this in the upper left corner to follow the rule of thirds, so the eye could quickly go there and see that image first. I did this so that the public or whoever is seeing my slide would know that my education comes first, it's before anything. I also made it semi translucent to symbolize that my education is also embedded into my heritage and who I am, to show people that I can make it no matter where I come from or who I am. The last thing I added to this slide was my name in the lower right corner , I made it bright, bold and big. I made it this way so that it was quick and easy to spot with the eye and also to repeat the colors in the background and create a theme. The symbolism behind it was that I wanted it to represent me, I am very bright and bold, I like standing out and being the center of attention. That is what makes me who I am.

Media Fluency Project

-Me-Kayah (1)

This slide shows a portion of my so far life story. In terms of the design of my slide there is a lot of meaning behind it. I originally had my name on this slide, but the reason why I decided to take it off was because I didn't think it was necessary to have on there. I write my name everyday on assignments and you guys already know my name, so I thought that, that would not be something that all of you guys don’t already know about me. The background is of a table with an open book and light shining down at the pages. The reason why I chose this as my background was because the things on my slide are little pieces of my life story that I am that you are living in right now. I thought having a book could represent the fact that this is part of my life story that I am going to tell you about. I put a speech bubble saying “A portions of my life” so that you can also get that story idea. All the pictures represent the little pieces that make up a small portion of my life so far. There are many more pieces obviously but that would be a lot to tell. One the upper left hand side of my slide starting with science. I chose to put science on my slide because I have grown up with science for 10 years of my life and I still am. My mom is a science teacher and I have always loved to do experiments and find out how things happened the the way they did in the experiment. I put the piano picture up on my slide because I have just recently found love in playing the piano. I did play the viola from 4th grade up to eighth grade and at times it was fun but other times my teacher made it very hard for it to be fun, so I found myself not really liking playing the viola that much. One day we got to play pianos in class and I feel in love the first day, even though it was hard at first to learn the notes of the keys but I had so much fun. I then told my parents that during 7th grade summer I wanted to go to piano lessons and I did. I also started to use a keyboard that we had owned at home for awhile that I never considered using until then. From then on I have found playing the piano very engaging. I put the picture of a pencil and a binder on my slide because believe it or not I love math and just school in general. Despite the many times I have complained and come into school very annoyed because of homework or just having to go to school that day I love school and math. With school its that I learn so much, and I love learning new and experiencing new things because it opens up new perspectives.  For math I like it when I am able to understand and do the problems.  Most of the pictures on this slide I took myself, but specifically the picture of my converse, the telephone, and the pretty pink sky. I took the picture of converse the day I first got as a memory. I took a picture of the telephone box because I was just driving home one day from a long trip and I saw the telephone box and I thought that would be a unique picture to take. Finally I took a picture of the pink sky because I also thought It would be a good picture. The other pictures of food I took because I love food, and as for the picture my cat I took that because he his my cat and also to represent that I like animals. I put netflix on my slide because I love netflix, and I have the two picture one of my whole family and one of just me and my sisters because I love my family with all my heart, also to represent my main family. The reason I decided to only share this things with you today is because these things were what came to mind when I started doing this project. As well as because these are things that a few of you may already know, but that the whole entire class does not.

Lamar- Media Fluency

Lamar Reed's Google Slide

Would look at this slide, so beautiful to the eye. This slide right here, describes me. The intensity of the ember background shows the fiery burning desire to improve on everything I can. Whether it be my school life or personal life. This background also shows the fire that I spit forth into the world, making dragons look like a joke. I also included an excellent picture that captures me in a car perfectly. It shows exactly what it looks like when I try to make the light skin face. The smooth texture of my skin, the lines of the wrinkles on my forehead, the excellent biting of the bottom lip, the shape of my eyes when I squint them, the black and white color clothing theme that I was wearing that day. The form of this light skin face is flawless. The value of my face and clothes make me pop out to the eye and since I am in the middle of the picture I create a neutral space around me. Also, there’s one more thing that you can also use to describe me. That one thing is the earbuds. These earbuds shows that I like to listen to music when I’m traveling, since I’m in a car. Thank you for reading/listening to this and I hope you have a good day!

My Slide

This is my slide that represents how I see myself. My original idea for this slide was to create a symmetrical image with high contrast. I wanted to make a digital image of myself for the slide but I ran out of time. The image in the background is of a bridge that I crossed in costa rica. The bridge represents my fears and my goals. The bridge itself is one of my fears, when I was crossing it i was terrified of looking at the ground, but I kept going and overcame that fear. My goals are represented by the other side. The bridge is a metaphor for how i “walk” through life, there will be challenges but i will overcome them to reach my goals. I split the image in half the create symmetry and to represent that i have two sides. The side I show around my friends and the side I am when alone.  I also used lines in the bars of the bridge, I wanted them to add depth and stand out in the picture. I wanted to give the viewer the idea of how tall the bridge is by showing the large mountains in the background, this really gave my image a distinct shape and form. Another element I wanted to focus on was contrast. I used a black line to separate the two sides so that it would contrast with the white lettering. I also gave the image a slight red tint so that it would contrast against the green leaves. I wanted the background to be lighter than the foreground to give the image more depth. In the center of the image there is the light from the sun hitting the middle of the bridge. This sudden empty color draws viewers eyes to the center. I wanted the hue of the leaves to stand out more than the value of the green in the bridge. I tried to make the colors as vivid and intense as possible to keep the viewer occupied. I tried to have an ombre/gradient from the front of the image to the back. These aspects gave my image balance and made it memorable. I chose this quote to represent my unsureness. This quote is obviously not amazing and a little cheesy, but I liked its flaws. I am not sure who I am yet, I still have a lot of self discovery to do in my life and I don’t feel the need to know my purpose at the age of 14. So this quote sums up my views on myself and how others see me.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.36.18 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.36.18 AM

Chloe-Media Fluency

Tech- Me Magazine Slide

To start off, I will talk about what I mean with this quote, as many of you may wonder. What I am  trying to say is while I accept you are you, accept that I am me. The reason why I say this is because in the past, people always have question what I do and who I am. Before I enlighten on it, let me tell you about myself, you can look at the three  pictures that describes me as I speak. First one, I am a JW. The people who be knocking on your door. I don’t celebrate any holidays...at all. I love art. And I don’t mean by just painting I also mean the art of literature, music, writing, etc. Also, I’m a geek/nerd. I LOVE transformers, marvel, dc, etc. I can talk to you it about it all day with someone and I don’t mind learning anything new from it. Also, I can either dress like...this or nice and formal. Depends on the day. Finally, I would love to travel the whole world one day, just to see how the beauty of it. Now that you know a little about me, let me talk about the slide. When I was doing my research, I notice that I had to have a theme. I thought about it for awhile, what will be my theme. I’d tried multiple websites to find one just for me. But then, I had to stop… the themes weren’t what I created, that they’re not mine. So I made my own, evolve around the quote you see up on the board. I said this quote because throughout life, I’ve been question in what I like to do, or what I like to wear, or who I am in general. Moving on, you might notice the different font and pattern of color for the letters. The reason for that is to show you that this is what I am or what someone else could be. For example, imagine someone typing like this all the time. It regular font but the color of the text is blue. From that person’s point of view, it’s their things, it’s what normal to them. But to another person's point of view, it will be a bit weird. They would either see you differently from afar or try to change you, peer pressure. Either way, whether they meant to or not, they’re judging. Now let's look into the background I pick, which is a variety of colors. This shows that even though all my traits are good and bad, they all are what I see me. Just like you  have good and bad traits, it’s what you identify yourself as. Few things I would've done differently was getting rid of ‘Geeky Girl’, being it was too much. Also, make the text colors of the letters match up with the background a bit, since, to me, I did give the message, but I could’ve made them fit with it and also show the message I’d gave. So this was my presentation, I hope you all liked it, and thank you for your time.

My Google Slide

For my slide I decided to bring something to the table that defines me by pattern and design. I wanted to focus more on a mash of different textures and colors to show a new type of rhythm that defines me. First I started off with a picture of a sun as the main background because that is the backbone of my character. A sun is radiant and gives life to the things around them. It shows reciprocity that lies within me. My second layer gives off some movement by its texture, being a slight velvety feel. I blended this layer to give more harmony to the first.  My third layer was a simple brown color that has somewhat of a smooth yet rough texture. It adds movement to the first. Then I continued with a picture of “ A Black Aesthetic “. I chose this picture because when I went to the National African American Museum in D.C. this stood out to me. I chose to choose a small font for my name to show off the main point of the picture, the aesthetic. I then edited a what was once brown photo to green because to show contrast that something that I’m into is different to what other people think is normal. I then took a photo of myself and photoshopped the eyes out of the picture and drew in colorful ones because it shows that I see much more and take in my surroundings, being aware of more things. I edited locks and put them as my hair. I put this in because I wanted to make more use of my space, also that ever since I chose to lock my hair I felt as though it is a huge part of me. All together it creates a different kind of harmony with a variety of different things.


Media Fluency

rasa tech slide

After doing research on the elements of design, I learned that I needed to keep my slide simple but eye catching. From my research I learned that to do that I needed to have few focal points but still have contrast and texture. I started my slide with a background, but I had to make sure that I did not violate any copyright laws. To do that, I went to google and searched blue backgrounds, clicked on images, search tools, then usage rights. After clicking on usage rights I selected labeled for noncommercial reuse, and picked my background with  gradation of different values of blue. Once I had my background I Inserted a variety of pictures connected to my me magazine. When inserting my pictures I wanted to add shape, so I cropped my pictures into ovals. Looking at my slide, it looked plain, so I added text and a title to my slide. I had to make sure the text was short, large and contrasted with my background color. However my slide still had blank spaces. To fill those spaces, I decided to add a few more shapes to my slide.

The final outcome was simple and eye catching just how I wanted it to be. With just a few simple steps you can create a slide that will give the effect you want.

I am who I am

Screenshot 2016-12-01 at 10.09.26 AM
Screenshot 2016-12-01 at 10.09.26 AM
My obsessions are a of part of me. The color represents the two sides of me the dark and light, black and white.  First i thought to myself what i love to do that i actually do all the time. By that i mean i like to hike but i barely ever hike. In my slide i have pictures of makeup brushes. This is to cover up the parts of me i'm not at ease with. Next to the bushes i have a clothing rack i love clothing i have a endless amount i love how it lets me express myself and my outfit can match my emotions and mood. They let me feel safe beyond my bedroom. It's my own suit of armor my protecter against haters, and i feel safe. I consider my social media to by my solders. I fight my angels and my enemies on it in silence. On the left one of my deepest fears and weaknesses. I have a mental disability called dyslexia, technically it's not a disability but everyone treats it like a disability so i am starting to believe it is. Its one of my biggest insecurities. You'll see in the middle i have a treble clef which is used in music. Music is in the middle because it's there it matches my moddss and i feel a connection. I love to be involved with music i could not live with it. When i'm happy i listen to the sound, when i'm sad i understand the lyrics. When i can't seem to find a song to make me feel myself, i'll make my own music and sing. Thats why im in choir. My fears are my addiction and my fears make up me.

Media fluency

One slide work (1)
Hello everyone its very nice to meet you, My name is Ivan and I hope you find my slide very unique like me. You will probably wonder why I chose to fill it head to toe with images and not much color and I made the text box red and the text white because I wanted it to stick out. That is because I focused more on finding things that I think show me. First I want to explain the cyanide and happiness this is to show that I love to make jokes and that I am a funny guy. That was not my original idea I was trying to find something appropriate and still funny but the only thing I could find was that. The big thing you all must be wander is ‘’ why does he have a giraffe in his slide ? ’’ this is because has a joke my parents like to call me a camel or giraffe because of how tall I am and I’ve learn to love it and accept it as how I am viewed by my parents and love them for it. Because it shows where I got my humor from. Then to the right of it ( or left I don’t know when I present this ) is one of my most favorite comic books the DEATH of SUPERMAN. It’s my favorite because Superman is my #1 hero and reading the comic really made me sad to see him go out. But he was taken down by someone who beat him with only strength and no brain the unkillable, death personified, the man the legend DOOMSDAY. He is also my most favorite villains for killing Superman and being known for being a danger to all EXISTS. The Xbox is there because that's what I like to play on ( I’m not a micro fan I like both the playstation and Xbox I just play on my Xbox more ). Next to it is one of my new favorite game to play ‘’DOOM’’. It’s the best action game I ever played with battling demons, having crazy power ups that change the fight to your favor. But the very best part is gruesome satisfying finishers you can do when they are stunned. The final thing I want to address is the three things from anime that I added to the slide. I did this because I like to watch anime for the imagination put into the shows and the fun characters and story. But importantly the fights. I’ll quickly talk about dragon ball super, It’s a continuation to the dragon ball z series and is really good and is expanding the lore of the series, Next is the pink bomb itself ‘’KILLER QUEEN’’. It comes from a show called jojo’s bizarre adventures and is a ‘’stand’’ which is a invisible partners curtin people have and have crazy abilities. His move is pretty crazy it is able to turn anything it touches into a bomb and set it off with a switch in its left hand. Later it's able to set back time for a hour and with help of another ‘’stand’’ able to make air nukes I am not even joking. The last one is from a very dark anime called berserk and it's like game of thrones but before game of thrones was made and been going on for a long time. The image is of the main protagonist in his Berserk armor which makes him faster and stronger but it doesn't heal him is keeps him from falling apart and could kill him if he's not to careful. That was my slide and I hope you found it fun and interesting.

Jays Media

Why my design

I choose this design because I wanted my slide to be like one of those collage billboards. You know the the billboards that have multiple pictures about one subject or product. I was try to show the aspects of my life. I wanted pictures that could reach the viewer and give them something to relate to. I was trying to use glance media and catch your eye and make you a little interested in my slide. Now looking back at my slide I wish I would have done closer research on design instead of just listening to my peers and and using only a fraction of the billboard designing ideas from the     http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2008/08/learning-from-the-design-around-you-ikea.html . I could have made this slide way better. I could have used more pop and eye catching colors and changed the color of my font so that everyone can see also my images.

Media Fluency- Madison Siegel

Hey Red Stream! As you can see this is my slide. My dad, My school, and my job show important things in my life. My dad is the most important person in my life. My school is where I am trying to become successful. Then my job is where I’m trying my best to save up money for when I’m older. I decided to have a rainbow background so it sticks out, and is out of the ordinary. I have My dad, My school, My job because it doesn’t give too much information, but just enough to get a person interested. I reflected my slide off of my Me Magazine I created in English in the beginning of the school year. I learned how to make my slide interesting from http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2008/08/learning-from-the-design-around-you-ikea.html. They taught me how to make it interesting. One thing I learned was to have the words pop. Another thing I learned was to make it like an advertisement. Well here’s my slide Red stream! Have a great day.
Untitled presentation

My Media fluency

Niya Petty


Why did I make my slide the way I did? Well I can start by saying I don’t really make things like this so this being my first time doing this was a little interesting. First it was the pictures. I knew it was based on the project we did in English which was the “ Me magazine”, and that was mostly was about me and what interests me. So first i wanted to put some pictures of myself because if i didn’t do that, people wouldn’t know that it was about me and just be confused from the start. So instead of one picture, I choose two pictures that I liked of me and put that onto my slide. Another thing that you will see that is on m slide is the make up. This connects to my passion for beauty. In my “Me magazine I also included some beauty tips if anyone was interested and just for the fun of it. I also talked about my mom. That explains why I got a quote off of the internet that says “ I love my mom.” My last picture with the tree explains the weather change because I wonder why we have seasons and I say some of my thoughts in my project that I did. Enjoy.

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My Media Fluency

Media Fluency (2)

I made the slide look like this because it decorates it with the pictures that have my passions which gives clues or hints to the audience, so they know what I like, for example I included a picture of a drawn flower, which shows my passion of drawing, and a picture of a mannequin, and designer tools, and the words shown in big letters saying “Fashion Designer” next to it, which shows my passion, and my dream career of fashion designer. I included warm/light colors for the background and the words, to make it eye catching, and to show my favorite colors. I learned from the sites that you have to make it visual so it could be understood when seen. Make type big, or size so people could see it big, nice and clear without any problems, I also included my favorite fonts. Empty space so the background could be shown and make it simple and professional. Have a visual theme, I only included a few basic colors, that would look good with the background, and design.

Media Fluency

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Mamadou Samassa

Based on the research I’ve done on slide creations I learned that many element must being incorporated together to have the best of slides. I will start off by explaining the lines, it is very essential to have lines that demonstrate a symmetrical character in what you are doing so people that have visual component of your work. The visual elements include shape,form,value,space,color,texture. Something I learned was that whenever you are trying to show your highlight of your slide make it big and it will add contrast ”Contrast gives you a lot of flexibility with text, backgrounds, and object¨. “You cannot get large enough” and remember that you should play around with physical shapes have fun! and then we have the elements of art which are: rhythm,balance,emphasis, gradation, harmony, variety, and movement. Also play around with repetition “the best story tellers will repeat the same line throughout a story to build  senses of familiarity, of excitement” “Slides are no different”. I made the slide look the way it does because it shows my personality and how I’m in the dark all alone in space with nowhere to go, surrounded in a empty space of darkness. “Make it visual” understood and remembered “One slide one point” Don’t be afraid to tell your visual story over many frames”Empty space” It could be a good thing, take a chance. Let tell you sometimes in life you must take chances so that way you learn from your mistakes. Pay attention to the design of it.I also made this slide look the way it does because it shows the questions people have about the world we live in and if there is any other life out there, because so many people believe it is impossible that we are the only living being because we are only one galaxy out of billions. I was influenced by this decision when I had countless amounts of questions about the universe, the voyager makes me always think about the day it will be found by another civilization and they will get to learn about our languages and lives on earth. I heard that the one language every world in outer space knows is Math and this will be the way we will communicate with the other world if there are any.