Q4 Artwork

This quarter proved my favorite, since I was allowed room for all different kinds of creative work and could choose projects of varying difficulty to complete at my own pace. The first week, when we went to the Rodin museum, I chose to sketch a building with some interesting patterns on it, as well as a tree that stood between me and the building. Though I didn't finish, I enjoyed the calmness of sitting, observing, and sketching, so I chose to continue sketching in my 2nd project: a sketch at the Kennedy center in Washington, D.C.  It was a challenge to capture the water and bridge, so I spent considerable time sketching and re-sketching to attempt to make the water seem realistic. 

The next two 4-hour art projects involved painting, both with heavy acrylics and watercolor. The first piece I completed, of which I am most proud, was a portrait of my longtime classmate Isabel Medlock. I originally chose to paint simply her visage, but was inspired by biblical descriptions of hardship and the messiah, as well as the apocalyptic art of Hieronymus Bosch. This is evident in the details of the painting, which include a in imitation crown of thorns, a halo, and small human-consuming monsters near her shoulders and in the sun. This piece was mostly heavy acrylic paint, and learning how to combine and adjust shades was the process from which I learned the most this whole year. 

The final four-hour project was watercolor based, and I created 3 smaller pieces, each themed around a force of nature: water, earth, and fire. The first, "Dancing Man", was originally a simple gradient background, but I was inspired to create a figure dancing among snowflakes in the foreground. The second, "Forest", was a meditative experience to create. I began by creating simple lines in multiple colors, and continued doing so- going smaller and smaller- until I could no longer. The third piece "Labio" was my least favorite, but I was inspired by the element of fire and the ways that it manifests itself in human emotion (read: passion), and decided to create an abstract piece about lips, love, and desire. 

Jamie Turner 5 Mins of Science Blog Post

Science-  Video games are more healthy than unhealthy when they are played for the appropriate time periods.

Society-  It is often said video games make people violent and cause various health issues when in fact they do the total opposite.

Self-  I play a lot of video games, I'm a gamer and I am glad to know that they are doing nothing to harm me and are in fact helping me