Hola, yo soy Noah. Yo soy 17 y was nacido en Decembre 22, 1998.  Yo vivo dentro suburbio de Filadelfia nombre Parkwood. Yo tomar un taxi abajo a la ciudad diario en ordenar a asistir la escuela yo ser actualmente inscribirse, Science Leadership Academy. Yo tener un la pasión para la ciencia y la astronomía y Yo desear a perseguir un la carrera en el espacio la industria. Yo gustar la escuela y siempre conseguir mi trabajar terminado. En mi gratis el tiempo, Yo gustar a dibujar, charlar con amigos, jugar el juego, y dormir. Mi favorito el libro es Everlost.

Mother & Father

Joan Catherine Hand was twenty-something when she met Matthew Northrop. I don’t know where they met -- I never asked. All I know is what she has told me -- that they were together, and my mom found out she was pregnant sometime after that. She wanted to keep me, so my grandparents made her get married, because they’re catholic, and they said “you can’t have a kid and not be married.”

So my mom had to get married. And he turned out to be really controlling and abusive. She couldn’t do anything or have any friends. She was stuck in this horrible situation.

She called my grandparents. THey picked her up one day when he wasn’t home, and then she went ahead and got a divorce without him.

It was an awful living situation. “This isn’t how I want my child to grow up.”

I was only eight months old when all this happened.

Part 2: your discovery of the backstory

My mom met my step-dad when I was three. I would always ask questions, because I knew he wasn’t my real father. I probably started asking about the story in earnest when I was ten, around the age when I could comprehend everything. this the

Part 3: sorting out your feelings of the story

I had the hyphenated name, and it really bothered me. “Who is this? Why is this bad person a part of my name?” I really questioned it. When I was younger, I really didn’t want the name Northrop on anything.

Part 4: how you feel now

I feel like my mom did well with raising me without my father. I always knew that he was a part of my life, but he wasn’t a good guy to my mom, and I wouldn’t want a person like that around all the time.

there was this one time when i was maybe 13 when i was spending some time on facebook. i somehow came across the people that were blocked by my account, and one of the names was Matthew Northrop. i sat there pondering whether i should unlock him or not for a while. i clicked it, and freaked. i was scared, what if i did something bad? would my mom get mad at me?

i was suddenly became very curious, i just really wanted to know who he was. i quickly went to the facebook search bar and slowly typed in “Matthew Northrop” tons of results showed up. i did know who it was so i picked the one that made the most since. it turned out he had a whole another

Radio Piece: The importance of Loving yourself

Hi. My name is Angelica Owens and I am a senior at Science Leadership Academy, My goals for this radio piece was to help teenagers who are struggling with loving themselves by interviewing my two friends who both have two different backgrounds. I wanted to try to encourage people to have self love because I struggled with that in the past and it has impacted my life. I still struggle with not loving myself and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that. 

Descripcion de Ropa

Look 1
Look 1
La mujer lleva una camiseta negra blanca, y roja de algodón y los vaqueros. Ella lleva los zapatos tenis blancos y una gorra roja de lana.
Look 2
Look 2

La mujer lleva un vestido blanco y negro a tartán de algodón. Ella lleva un cinturón negro, los tacones altos negros, un bolso negro, una pulsera de plata y los gafas de sol negro.

Look 3
Look 3
La mujer lleva un jersey a vaquero.
Look 4
Look 4
La mujer lleva un vestido negro y rojo de terciopelo y seda. Ella lleva un cinturón negro, un collar plato, y las tacones alta botas negras.
Look 5
Look 5

El hombre lleva un abrigo marrón a los bolsillos de lana y una bufanda negra, una gorra rojo, y los guantes grises de algodón. Él lleva los pantalones gris de lana y los zapatos negros, una camisa blanca, una corbata verde, y los calcetines grises.

Rosario Anderson - Descripción de Ropa

  1. Ella fue lleva un blanca pantalones, camisetas y camisas. Las Zapatas fue blanco con las correas.

  2. La vestida son marrón claro con haciendo juego con las zapatas.

  3. Las zapatas son negro. La vestida son un brilliante verde.

  4. La chaqueta son largo y gris.  Las zapatas son negro con la vestida gris. La vestida son la seda.

  5. Las pantalones son negro. Las camisas son despejar, con  la sosténa negro. Las chaquetas son negro