Relationship Boundaries

This podcast is about crossing boundaries on relationships. You will listen to a story of my friend Kayla, who is a senior at Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter School. Graduating and going into college, but struggle to have the relationship with her mother. You will also hear the opinions in relationships.
Interview Podcast

Crossing Boundaries: Teenage Pregnancy and Success

For my English project, I interviewed my grandmother, who had my mother at the age of 16 and came out a successful seamstress and professor. I learned that nothing is impossible with determination, focus, and a positive outlook. Lastly, the priorities you have as a teenager will be insignificant when you are older so you should not make life changing decisions now when you are young and not wise enough to handle the outcome.
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Crossing Boundary: Language Amy Chen

​ This interview is about my mom and my Aunt when they arrival in America. The first half of the interview is about my mother. She talks about the struggles she have to face when she came to America and how she got to here she is now and how people face her because of her language. I interview my mom in Foochow (A dialogue language). The other half of the interview is about my Aunt. She talks about the struggles she had to face when she arrival in America too. The struggles she had to face, her choices, her mother point of view, etc. Overall, I found this interview interesting.


Crossing Boundary of Language

Philly Love Note

Favorite Spot: West Philly 

Neighborhood: West Philly 

I am: A poet from West Philly who has figured out the miracle of here. 

My Love Note: 

Favorite Spot: West Philly 

Neighborhood: West Philly 

I am: A poet from West Philly who has figured out the miracle of here. 

My Love Note: 

I have passion for recognizing where the boiling belly full of love is, 

You have the burnt remains of what used to hold everything beautiful,

You've been my cradle since birth, 

Somewhere that I can always call home, 

All space in your boiling belly for a black girl in need of home, 

Always leaving room for me even after all the struggles people stomp into your skin of soot. 

You are very much appreciated here. 

You are beautiful, 

Home too all the hurting brown boys wearing bullet proof skin, 

And the girls who can't find their way out of the maze in those boys minds, 

You've been my mother my entire life, 

Your street lights always my guide back to broken beauty,


West Philly always has room, 

Even with the over population of poverty, 

I try to save you with poetry, 

There is always room, 

You are nothing but a beautifully broken mother birthing boiling belly flu of love. 

Crossing Boundaries Podcast

My project is about crossing boundaries. I interviewed my mother on this topic. When we talked it ended up being about how the past affects her, the differences between old school & new school, and the issues of people young and old. It was all about her insight, views, and experiences with things through her own eyes.
Interview on … - English

Crossing Boundaries Podcast

This is an interview between my aunt Adrienne and I, on how she overcame times in her life when people told her no, she turned right around and proved them wrong. She told them yes. This is about her having her biggest weakness thrown at her and taking it and "slaying the dragon". 
“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”