What’s in your Happy Meal?

Many Americans have explored the luxurious world of fast food but not many of them know what they are actually eating. On the top 15 fattest Countries in the world the United states is number nine. I believe most people are or becoming obese is because they don’t know what they are eating. I would now like to introduce you to my project. My project is based upon fast food industries, what I am doing is bringing awareness to what is actually in the food that we are eating. Yes, they might tell you the calories in their food but they don’t tell you what’s actually in their food. That is what my project is for to raise awareness and hopefully make a change in people’s diets. I’m interested in this topic because my little brother eats McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes, etc. and he is 30 pounds overweight for his change and I don’t only want to show him what he’s doing to his body but my mom as well because she feeds it to him. Showing them Data and all the things I researched will hopefully change my brother’s eating habits.boys-height-weight.png

"Average Height to Weight Chart- Babies to Teenagers." Disabled World. Disabled World. Web. <http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/height-weight-teens.shtml>.

My project is very significant to the World because no one ever stops to take a look and see what they are actually eating and I think it’s about time we should. McDonald’s is one of the most famous and largest fast food restaurants in the world. There was a documentary called Super Size Me directed by Morgan Spurlock. It brought awareness to what McDonald’s food does to your body. Yeah sure people laid off McDonald’s after seeing the documentary but of course Most people went back to their regular diet. With my project I want to dig deeper into the fast food industries food. Not only McDonald’s but Wendy’s, Chic-Fil-A and Chipotle. I picked these other 3 because they seem to be the most prominent fast food joints now and I would like to research more on where where all of their food supply comes from.

I first researched the World’s favorite side order, French Fries and what I found is horrifying. I first researched McDonald’s French fries and rather having the usual three ingredients Mcdonald’s had 17. I found this great website that tells you all 17 ingredients and how hazardous they are to human health. One in particular that I found very disturbing is the sodium acid pyrophosphate which is used for the color in the fries. It makes you think well what is the actual color of the fry? This is not only McDonald’s fries either, it’s Wendy’s too. Wendy’s has made a claim that their new and improved fries are natural, well that’s a lie. They first get a dip of sodium acid pyrophosphate then they are powdered with a little more natural D-glucose. So this proves that Wendy’s is a little less natural than they make it seem and this website gives you a lot more information on Wendy’s fries. McD'sFries.pngVaughan, Mark. "We Did the Fast Food Burgers,now We Need to Do the Fries." You Are Not a Fit Person. 26 May 2010. Web. <http://youarenotafitperson.com/2010/05/26/we-did-the-fast-food-burgers-now-we-need-to-do-the-fries/>.

It is important for everyone to know about this because I bet you are reading this now and wondering what is in the food you are eating now. I bet you are questioning everything you eat and order from fast food restaurants. Have you ever questioned what is in the chicken nugget and what makes it a nugget. Well these doctors in this article questioned the same thing and they did a whole experiment on it. They dissected two different chicken nuggets from two unknown places. When they looked at the chicken nuggets under the Microscope they found blood vessels, fat, skeletal muscles, cartilage, organ tissue, bone fragments and many more disturbing things. So if you have to ask why this is important to you, read that. It’ll change your mind.

Hamblin, James. "Look Inside a Chicken Nugget." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 21 Oct. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/10/look-inside-a-chicken-nugget/280720/>.

Going through the process of my project I am wondering about many more things that I haven’t researched yet. For one where does all of the beef come from that is in the burgers? Also questions like where does Chic-Fil-A’s chicken come from since it claims to be real and I also want to dig a little more into Chipotle and see what they’re hiding. Moving forward with this project I am sure that I will answer all of the many questions I have. Not only will I do that but I will accomplish my goal with this project which is raising awareness. At least 2.8 million people in the world die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. I want to stop this and I am hoping my project will atleast help with this problem.

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Technology Takeover

Technology is amazing and benefits everyone exponentially. Though, sometimes we depend on it way too much. We use tech for everything. For example, talking to other people from anywhere in the world, transportation, research and mainly entertainment, basically everything we do is based around technology. These days people don’t need to talk face to face they can just text each other or talk on the phone. It’s basically taking over the minds of everyone. This topic interests me because technology is something that is really important in our daily life that people can’t go one day without using any form of technology. There are many negative side effects of abusing the technology we use today that people don’t even realize until they are hurt by it. There are at least twenty five negative effects technology has on human beings. One of the main issues that technology has over everyone is isolation. Isolation is the lack of contact with other people in normal daily living. Such as hanging out with friends, at your job, or any other physical activities that don’t have to deal with technology. 

Studies show that people who are normally isolated by technology are most likely to die prematurely regardless of your health issues. We humans can isolate ourselves in numerous ways, one being listening to music. Music takes a big part in the isolation the minds of the people. Almost everywhere you go no matter where you are you see someone on their cellular device, on a laptop, listening to their music isolating themselves from the real world.

Another major effect that technology has on humans today is the lack of focus and shortening of the intention span. Studies show that today people average intention span can go for about five minutes, but about ten years ago it was twelve. It mainly affects the young more negatively than the elderly. Since teens and children these days have social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter they are all caught up in what's going on there that they lose focus on the important things. About 25% of people forget the names of close friends and relatives. About four years ago in the UK 1.6 billion dollars of damage was caused by the lack of concentration. Mostly people forgetting their pots and pans on the stove which causes a fire ruining their entire lives. The over using of technology can be a very dangerous thing. Scientist say that it remodels the way our brains work, but not in a good way.

As we move closer into the future and technology starts to progress, would it get worse from here on out. Thinking about all the horrible possibilities that technology can do to us will it move us forward or take us back. Eventually people won’t even have to leave their house to go to work or go shopping. Online school is now a thing so you don’t even have to leave your own bedroom. Yes, technology makes everything easier and faster but in the long run is it really helping us? Soon enough everything will be digital and technology will destroy the minds of everyone.

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One Life Gone, Makes History

My topic is about Teen Suicide. The reason why I’m interested in this particular topic is because I tried to commit suicide before. Just because I attempted to kill myself, really does not explain why I’m really interested in this topic. I’m interested in this topic because ever since I found myself a reasonable way out, I feel like helping out others who struggle to find that escape. Seeing someone who goes through problems and not have any type of help ticks me off at times. The reason why this is important is because teens around the world have given up their lives without seeing the further future. Approximately 4,600 lives are lost each year. The top three method are 45% firearm, 40% suffocation,and 8% poisoning. Now teen suicide is the eighth-leading cause of death overall in the U.S. and it is the third-leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15-24 years old.  It is the fourth-leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 10-14 years old. Alright you may think just because it’s in the third/fourth/eighth-leading cause of death shows that it isn’t important, but it is because it may not be the first-leading cause of death but it’s at least in the top ten-leading cause death. Incase you were interested in helping here are some teen suicide warning signs: Disinterest in favorite extracurricular activities, Substance abuse, including the use of alcohol and drugs, Behavioral problems, Sleep changes, Eating changes, Etc. Most of these signs may not appear of out the thin blue, most people will keep it hidden like I did. This is important for you guys to know because for all we know they maybe a person whos thinking about committing suicide and you have a split chance to stop them. It is also important for you guys because just in case the person isn’t your friend you should at least go out try to stop them of thinking about it.Most people will intend to get closer to the person whos thinking about committing suicide, but that may make the person uncomfortable or more liking disturbed. Below you’ll find a picture of a suicide prevention ribbon. They’re two types of ribbon created for suicide prevention awareness. What I hope to learn about continuing doing this topic is hopefully finding out records of how many lives have been taken in the past decade for different categories one for the ages between 10-14, another for 15-24, and compared if the ives have increased or decreased between each group set. I wonder if there are any other type of signs about suicidal people besides the list I read. I also wonder how many suicidal people go out and ask for help instead if staying hidden. I also wonder how many suicidal people got acknowledge after the death. Through this project I hope I get the chance to see the data records of how many suicidal people turn themselves into a mental state hospital or someone helping out and turning in the suicidal person into a mental state hospital or going to therapist.

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(Internet) Friend or Foe?

Online Predators. Most people have heard the term, but what, or really who, are they? In a nutshell Online Predators are people who commit child sexual abuse that begins or takes place on the Internet. “Predators have easy and anonymous access to children online where they can conceal their identity and roam without limit. Often, we have an image of sexual predators lurking around school playgrounds or hiding behind bushes scoping out their potential victims, but the reality is that today’s sexual predators search for victims while hiding behind a computer screen, taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet offers.” According to Enough is Enough. Children are targeted, but a large amount of Teens are affected as well. “The majority of victims of Internet-initiated sex crimes were between 13 to 15 years old; 75% were girls and 25% were boys.” Was recorded by the JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH. Here is a graph that shows the most popular ways these said predators can reach the children.

Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 12.47.08 PM.png

"InternetSafety101.org: Statistics." InternetSafety101.org: Statistics. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <http://www.internetsafety101.org/Predatorstatistics.htm>.

This needs to be brought up and have more awareness for many reasons. One; most children are not educated or not educated enough about this topic. If we could teach kids how to be safe Online, there would be a lot less of this crime going on. Two; some parents are not educated enough in this field. If more parents knew the signs of a predator, then more of these instances can be avoided or cut off before it goes out of control. And finally; our society is mostly based off of modern technology. This allows Predators to stalk in the depthness that is the internet and can get away scott-free. If we educate and teach more individuals about this issue, more events like these can be stopped. There has been cases where some police units are trying to bring up awareness, however it is not brought up enough on a global scale. A picture of the Police's Campaign Poster is here:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 12.36.07 PM.png

Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <Source>.

So what are some of the signs of an Online Predator? According to the Washington Police there are several tricks Online Predators use including, but not limiting to; chatting privately, flattery, intimidation, asking for personal information, and sympathy. The main way predators lure in their victims is by ‘grooming’. “Grooming is how online predators manipulate children into meeting in real life with their sole goal of having sex with them. Predators will spend weeks, months, and/or possibly years "grooming" their victims before asking them to meet in real life.”

So in conclusion people who commit child sexual abuse that begins or takes place on the Internet are known as Online Predators. They ‘groom’ children into thinking they are trustworthy and take advantage of that to engage in sexual offenses. There are many signs of having contact with a predator such as chatting privately, flattery, intimidation, asking for personal information, and sympathy.


The More Uncommon

Everyone has heard of mental illnesses throughout their life or maybe have experienced it. Mental Illness, or Mental Health, affects the way you think, handle stress , relate to others and make choices. Mental illnesses can be triggered by past experiences or genes. Having a mental problem is really common so treatment is easily found. Something that is not common however is some actual mental health cases. I’m sure we have heard of Depression, Anxiety or maybe Schizophrenia. But, yes there is a but, have you ever heard of Alexithymia? What about Hysteria? Or even Paranoia Schizophrenia ? I am here to raise awareness for ALL mental illnesses. I care about this topic because I not only have friends who have some of the following mental illnesses or the more common ones but I too also have a mental illness. I have Paranoid Personality Disorder. A person with paranoid personality disorder will almost always believe that others are trying to harm or kill them whether or not there is evidence to prove it.

More people suffer from mental illnesses than we think.

Hysteria is a psychological disorder that basically turns stress into symptoms. It gives the patient an unmanageable amount of emotional access, going as far as possibly numbing different body parts. People with Hysteria set aside their emotional problems from even themselves and involuntarily develop different tactics and symptoms to protect themselves from facing these problems. Originally, Hysteria used to be called “Female Hysteria” as the term hysteria was once used to describe a medical condition thought to affect only women. The term hysteria even came from the Greek word hysteria which means “uterus.” Hysteria can also give the patient very acute senses, due to a dissociation of the patient from their mind, leaving them in complete control of their body’s function and reflexes.

Sometimes patients will be asked by their doctor or therapist to describe how they feel and they can not. It’s not because they do not want to, it’s because they do not know how to. Alexithymia literal translation is the lack of words for emotions. Not many have heard of Alexithymia as it is very rare. Only 8% of males and 25 of females experience alexithymia Discovered in 1972, Alexithymia is not considered a diagnosis but a way for patients to easier describe their experiences. Alexithymia has been confused has been confused as depression, autism or even schizophrenia. Because patients with Alexithymia have a difficulty expressing their emotions to others and so are often left to leave emotions bottled up. This normally leads to depression, self harm or more common suicide.

This is a simplified version of what Alexithymia is that I felt was necessary to include.

Right now I am hoping I will raise awareness to people that mental illnesses are not just Depression and Anxiety. That there is more to the list. My only question for this entire thing is how many people will actually remember this information and keep it in their mind that mental illnesses are more complicated that they seem.


Some Risks Aren't Meant To Be Taken


In today’s modern world, teenagers are sometimes the causes of their own accidental deaths. I know most parents are nervous about their teens driving and also that most teens now have smartphones. Having these two things in the same car are very hazardous to the teens and other drivers on the roads. I’m not saying that teens having the ability to drive without their parents at their side, but I’m just saying that teens should be more careful and more aware of what they are getting themselves into. I chose teen driving distractions as my topic because I feel as though no one really talks about it and because they are the main cause of most deaths. Another thing is that teenagers are being allowed to get their permit at the age of 15, and I know from being a teen myself, that we all have new technology that gets us very distracted and keeps getting more and more distracting every time Apple comes out with a new phone, etc. People need to be more aware, especially parents, about what their child is doing in the car while driving when the parents aren’t with them. That’s what I’m here to talk about.


This is a picture of an Ohio teenage driver that is being distracted by their phone.

Ok, so we all know that cellphones are good for uses like texting, calling and checking social media, but those things can wait until you are not in a moving vehicle, that you are driving. This might be a habit for some people, and it is not a good one. People need to be more aware of what they might be getting themselves into before they actually go out and do it. Did you know that 

in 2011, 933 passengers died with a teenager behind the wheel and that having two or more passengers triples the risk of a fatal death with a teen at the wheel. This issue may seem scary to some people, but most of you are scared that this might happen to you. When you were little, your parents told you what was right and what was wrong and they probably still do, but this time they can say what they were unable to tell you about rights and wrongs before. Some of those things may be how you shouldn’t drink and drive, but sometimes it might be not to drive in the dark with another teen passenger.


Distracted driving and speeding are most dangerous with teen drivers, as shown in this picture.

Something that I wonder is why, even though people sometimes talk about this issue, teens still go out in the world of driving and still continue to do these kinds of things. It really doesn’t make that much sense to me, even after they are told what the consequences are if this were to happen. According to studies: with peer passengers in the car, male teen drivers were almost six times more likely to perform an illegal maneuver and twice more likely to act aggressively before crashing than when driving alone. On the other hand, female teen drivers rarely drove aggressively before crashing, regardless of the presence of peer passengers. This is not my opinion, this is just a statistic, and I can’t really say that I agree with this because I have never experienced it for myself. My whole point overall is be safe while driving and texting and checking your emails can wait. “ The Number 1 rule is to keep yourself safe, … Nothing is more precious than your life and the lives of your loved ones.” - Steve West

PAWS … That is Not Right!!!!!!

  PAWS … That is Not Right!

    Many people think that animal abuse is just when an animal gets harmed by a human, then person gets charged and everything is fine. Well, that is not how things are. Animal abuse is way more detailed than a person just harming your pet. Therefore, throughout this project I will be informing the public that animal abuse is a way bigger issue than our community views it. I am interested and prefer to use this topic than any other one because I have a lot of history with animals that were abuse and simply to educate the public. Furthermore, I see animals as living creature, humans are living creatures, in the end I view most animals the way I view strangers. I am also interested because lately overheard people talking about a dog getting brutally abused by it owners and the person talking did not know what to do at all.

This picture is a picture of a circus elephant get chained up tightly and forced to stand against its will.

     Now lets get to the bigger and more general picture. If you never heard of animal abuse or just simply do not know what it is it is when an animal gets harmed, gets neglected, and does not care for an animal responsibly by a person. For instance, a if person was cruel and took their anger out on their own pet that would still be illegal and inhumane. Also, To hurt or to be cruel to an animal would be against the law no matter what.

This shows how big of a difference between the dogs life when it was neglected and saved. Notice how grateful and happy he or she looks!

    This the significance of the public being aware of the issue is really serious.The issue of animal abuse does not only have negative impact on animals but it does a negative effect on humans. When someone abuses an animal  they may be an more likely to cause violence. Also, if a child witnesses animal abuse they are at greater risk of becoming abusers themselves!  Moving on, if you think that think that animals were only abuse in the ways I you obviously never heard of the brutal acts of factory farming. When you buy food products from an animal such eggs,milk, and meats 99% of the time they are from factory farms. Factory farms are focused on getting money, what is easier, spending the least amount of money at the price of the animals’ life because they are heartless and greedy. For example, they genetically alter animals’ bodies so they can grow extra limbs. Another example is that  some animals for meat are chained up inside so they can never see the sunlight and there bones are so weak the literally can’t stand up. In the end, I just want to put out there that animals abuse is so much more to me and this is only the beginning.

This images show how bad factory farms are because they keep multiple animals is a little lot.

    As I am wrapping this up I am still thinking a lot.  Would people still look at animal abuse as a useless topic to push away and forget about or would they look as it really informed and serious now. For example, would a person who thought the world had bigger problems now look at animal abuse as a serious issue that we need to fix. I am hoping that I could talk more about the topic because I know so much more types of animal abuses such as animal testing, puppy mills, slaughterhouses, circuses and so much more.

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Who Owns My Body?

For my English class passion project, I decided to delve into the world of women’s reproductive freedom. This includes topics like abortion, birth control, and sex education. Reproductive freedom for women is not something that I think should be an issue in this country. It amazes me that our society has twisted into a place where women cannot always control what happens to their bodies. (Maybe I should say twisted back, because twenty years ago, women had full rights to abortion and were not being taught an abstinence-only sex education.) I am interested in this topic because it is one that may very easily affect me as a young woman. I would like to know exactly what we future mothers and partners have access to and what rights we have regarding our own bodies, and I think it is important for my generation to understand these things so we can rise to our full potential and fight for ourselves.

I am pro-choice but anti-abortion. Though the procedure itself is one of the safest ones available, I can completely understand how some consider it “murder.” The idea of killing a growing baby inside a woman’s body is one that we all cringe at, no matter our political tendencies. However, I believe that since birth and motherhood are such unbelievably weighty things, the decision of what to do with an unwanted pregnancy should always be a choice; women everywhere should not have to keep a baby for which they truly believe they could not care. The decision is already such a fiercely personal and difficult one, and to have some politicians waving their fingers at a woman and telling her she will go to Hell if she gets an abortion is beyond maddening. Currently, one in three women around the world has an abortion, though this number may be decreasing since access to abortion clinics is becoming more and more limited. (Also, does Hell really have room for one-third of our planet’s females?)

If the people behind pro-life organizations and campaigns were mostly women, I think this would be a more fair fight (though, realistically, no fight would really exist). However, this is not the case.

The panel for the House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing on birth control access

This infuriating picture is of a committee overhearing a case about birth control by an all male panel. A panel of people who will never, ever be able to become pregnant; they will never be the victim of rape and then have to live with the occasional consequence of a baby, or become accidentally pregnant at the age of fifteen. Yes, an abortion is ideally a decision made by both parents, not just the woman, but in the end, it is the woman’s body that suffers, and has to bear the child; the man is able to simply walk away, while the woman is not.

The entire cycle by the government is one that is unwinnable. More conservative politicians claim they want no abortions, but then limit access to sex education and decent contraceptives, resulting in more unwanted pregnancies, further resulting in more desire for abortions. Moreover, women who decide not to get an abortion (like the government and these politicians want) end up receiving very little support from their states. Basically, the government is saying, “Don’t get an abortion and keep your baby...what, you want help with that baby since you are single, already have four kids, and are working for under minimum wage? Pfft. No way.”

I would like to learn more about what my generation of young women can do to ensure we have control of what happens to our bodies. I want to know how the government chooses who is in charge of our reproductive freedom laws and how this fight can be made more fair. My knowledge of how the government functions is very minimal, and I’d like to figure out who exactly is behind the choices regarding reproductive freedom.

(Senate Candidate Todd Akin claiming that women can control when they become pregnant - people like this, with such an inaccurate idea of how the female body functions is attempting to make decisions regarding our reproductive freedom and rights)

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The Problem with Ignorance (Ace Erasure #1)

Asexual [ey-sek-shoo-uh l]
1. Biology
a. having no sex or sexual organs
b. independent of sexual processes, especially not involving the union of male and female germ cells.

This is the top definition of "asexual" provided by dictionary.com. It explains that asexual refers to the property of an organism (typically single-celled organisms or algae) that allows it to reproduce without a mate. While this is true, words often will have multiple meanings, and this is no exception.

2. free from or unaffected by sexuality

Asexual is not just a biology term; it's a sexual orientation. Just like a person can be straight, gay, bisexual, et cetera, they can also be asexual. Yes, there are people in this world with no feelings of sexual attraction towards either gender. I should know, since I'm one of them, as is my close friend Zaine. The problem is, some people believe that it's all a fib or a phase, when it's really not. Most people don't even know asexuality exists. This is a huge problem.
Ace Flag
Ace Flag
The asexual flag . Source Link

What's the big deal with ignorant people denying facts anyways? Their lack of knowledge on the subject doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would hurt anyone, right? Well, I wish that were true. If it was, I wouldn't be here telling you about this right now. You would think that the one sexuality not getting harassed for being in a relationship with people of the same gender would be in pretty good shape to just fly under the radar and not get any flack. On the contrary, people have a tendency to become hostile when defending their beliefs, and that can cause some damage, even when it's passive in nature. Insults are thrown around, arguments on whether or not a person can live without sex, and invasive questions all get tossed in to one big messy mix more often than not when a person comes out as ace (abbreviation for asexual). There's a great short little web comic about this and more by Adri T at this link. I'd highly recommend it. ;)
Ace Comic
Ace Comic
one page of the webcomic​. Source Link

Erasure and discrimination against asexuality can even be found within the LGBT community. As you may or may not know, the full acronym is LGBTQIADP at this time (this is subject to change). When asked, many people reported that they believed that the A in the acronym stood for Ally. Allies of the LGBT community are great and all, but it shows that even when asexuality was given a letter int he acronym, people still have no clue that it's there. It's not just about misinterpreted As either. Asexuals have been viewed by people of the LGBT community as attention-seeking, judgmental of the sexual practices of others, and other negative judgments like that are flat out false. Lisa Zhang discusses this in her TedX talk, which I'd also recommend seeing here.

Erasure doesn't just affect asexuals, though aces are more likely to experience it. But bisexuals experience erasure as well. There was a study conducted by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (link is broken) that revealed that because of erasure, bisexual women were at a higher risk of smoking, mental distress, poor general health, domestic violence, and thoughts of suicide, among many other things. There may not be a study to prove the same is true for asexuals, but we can infer that this similar cause (erasure) leads to similar effects. This article goes into further detail on bisexual erasure, if you wish to read more about that.

Needless to say, asexuals exist, and most people have no clue. This is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with one way or another. How many people don't know about us? What do people think of our community? If I sat people down to explain asexuality to them, would they even believe me? Lets find out.

Full list of sources can be found here

North Korea, an International Wildcard.

North Korea, dangerous enemies of western civilization or oppressed underdogs?

Kim Jong Un, a tyrannical dictator, or just a guy with an ego problem?

What really is North Korea? Why should we be scared of this tiny country on the other side of the world? The answer is; I don't know. I do know that I want to find out more about this potential problem.

This wildcard of a country, it intrigues me. Its mysterious and powerful, or is it? I wonder about why we(America) don't just take a couple missiles and eradicate this nasty spot on the canvas of the world. The answer is simple; they hold strong economic ties. Waging war with North Korea would be waging war with China and Russia also, it would start World War Three and that simply is not an option. No one wants war especially us, as a generally ‘happy’ and peaceful country. But that is only the cover to the book of war with North Korea, within the pages we find a less obvious but almost as dangerous form of war: Cyber-Terrorism.

I am curious about how the general public views North Korea, and how much they know (if anything) about the country. With the online release of the film The Interview, (after threats from North Korea to bomb theaters that played the film) my guess is that the only information people gathered from the film was that No rth Korea was a joke and not to be taken seriously. I think people should be more informed about this country, because while small they still hold great potential danger.

After doing some research I isolated a few of the problems North Korea presents to us in the U.S.A. these include but are not limited to: They will not cooperate with our requests, including refusing to cancel their nuclear tests after being demanded too mutiple times. North Korea has also been known to throw propagandic insults at other world leaders, in this article from The Guardian, ¨North Korea called the South Korean president a “crafty prostitute” in thrall to her “pimp” Barack Obama who, in a related editorial, was called a “wicked black monkey”¨.

Not only is this country an annoyance, they seem to be telling their people how ‘evil’ freedom of speech and democracy is.

Overall I have learned that this country, while it certainly holds the potential to be dangerous, I do not think it has been so yet. I am slightly scared of this country, and worry about what the future will hold for this ticking time bomb. Until then we all appear to be safe.


My annotated bibliography lies here.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspecting Korean People's Army Unit 323

Stereotypes: Where do they begin?

Have you ever heard someone say a belief and it enables you to respond quickly? Most likely you are responding quickly to the situation because you may have had a similar experience to it before. Stereotypes are generalized beliefs about a particular group or class of people. In my words they are opinionated facts formed from common observations. It seems like all stereotypes are based off opinions referring to a Teen Ink post.

A stereotype has the advantage to judge a certain group or class of people based of off multiple encounters. It has a disadvantage to make people ignore differences between individuals. They allow us to think things about people that may or may not be true; this is called being stereotypical. Most stereotypes tend to reveal a negative impression or message. Positive stereotypes are rare. There is no such thing as a positive stereotype because they are all based judges about a particular group. This is only my opinion. It seems like all issues in the world are formed off of opinions.

I am interested in this topic because it is not a common study. As said in the NY Times stereotypes are issues involving ignorance, racism, and hypocrisy. The main focus here is how stereotypes affect youth. How does one become aware of a stereotype? Do they understand the effects of it? I plan to discover more issues involving this topic. Also, I hope to gather as much information as I can from people willing to share their experiences.

Untitled drawing (1)
Untitled drawing (1)
A meme made to convey a stereotype based off of black people. This meme's purpose is to entertain youth mostly through social media.

Leukemia: They Lived!


25% of all kids who are diagnosed with cancer will die. That’s not a lie. It’s actually very far from it. I am interested in this topic because I have seen numerous amounts of people in my life battle this. Some reigned victories. Others didn't have the same fate. I saw it as a “necessity” in the world, rather than a “plague”. I didn't believe that cancer had meaning, even though it does. People are diagnosed with this life-threatening illness and I believed that they would have to live with it. I kept that mindset until my best friend perished from this illness. That’s finally when I realized that this is a dilemma that can’t be overlooked, and when I spotted the perfect opportunity, I would retaliate with all of the vigor I had within me. Cancer, more commonly distinguished as Leukemia with children, can be very life-changing. There are multiple ways that people are trying to thwart cancer from spreading throughout the world. But they don’t always have enough motivation and/or support to drive them through. It’s an illness that has yet to be terminated, and it is very difficult to avoid. Without a cure, that makes these patients’ chances slim.

Leukemia Charts
Leukemia Charts

Leukemia is NOT contagious, but it is still possible to obtain. That doesn't mean that you’re not automatically safe without any real recognition. Leukemia is a blood cancer that is diagnosed every 3 minutes. Leukemia is rapidly affecting adolescents between the ages of 6-16, and the rate of diagnosis is going along steadily. It can even appear in adults that follow different methods and/or practices. Some of those practices, for example, are radiation, atomic bomb explosions, radiation therapy, smoking, chemotherapy, down syndrome, and even family lineage. To provide hope, Leukemia is not incurable. There are indeed many different ways to slow down and eventually cease the rapid growth of leukemia, but this method is not always successful. Chemotherapy is also prevented, since it is also a cause for this cancer to appear and grow.

With this project, I am still wondering how it will end up. I want to enlighten people, diagnosed or not, with some kind of hope for the future. There are many people who are living as captives to this illness and there are no found cures for them to escape it. I will conduct as much research as possible and provide my information to those who need it the most. While conducting my research, I want to find out if there is some breaking research that could possibly cease Leukemia altogether. As we move towards more futuristic equipment and technology, some medication  that could uphold this task isn't too far away to save the estimated 156,420 people with this disease.

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Labeling Women- Kara Lazorko

For my Passion, Information, and change, I have chosen to do my project about labeling women. This topic was my biggest interest, because it seems to be a common issue, and the spotlight put upon it, is not very bright.

Now and days, it seems as if every woman has a name that is not her own, and it’s based off other people’s opinions. Whether sexual or not, calling a female a name can easily make it seem as if that woman is below you in authority wise or just in general. In most cases, the labels are sexual and sometimes do not even fit the person who that label is being put on. For example, calling a female a hoe or a slut, and for all you know that female could be a virgin. A lot of words similar to slut and hoe, have also been commonly used and given to women. Although they all have different meanings, they still revolve around this sexual idea.

Source: Stop Labeling Women: tumblr

For Image above: Why should we have names other than our own, and just be who we want to be?

One word that has developed in many people’s vocabulary is the word ¨thot.¨ The funny thing is that it’s not even a word, it is an acronym. It stands for ¨That hoe over there.¨ Again, giving a female a sexual named based off of her appearance that does not always seem to match, just degrades the person she is. In most cases, people who use these type of terms, do not even know the real definition of them. Women who defend themselves suddenly become feminist, and are labeled sexist.¨Who decided that you can’t be a feminist if you appreciate a man opening a door for you? Who made the call that you aren’t strong and independent if you are in a relationship? Who told us that we can’t be freaked out by spiders and be Wonder Woman at the same time? We can do whatever we want, and it’s time that we stopped trying to define ourselves and each other, and spent more time on simply just being our authentic selves,¨ according to an article from Hello Giggles.

Source: Stop Labeling Women

Image above: Not every label you give a woman has to be sexual, but it still can degrade who they are.¨Women describe being given gender-specific labels with negative connotations when they work hard or perform well – where, they ask, are the male equivalents for phrases such as ‘ball-breaker’, ‘battleaxe’ or ‘harridan’? Meanwhile labels like ‘doll’, ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie’ infantilise women,¨ according to The Independent.

This issue is very significant, because with these labels put on women, it affects how their performance is seen at work. In this case, it prevents women from being in a healthy relationship, get a good job, and even have a good social life. One label or a million, you are not allowing someone to be themselves without having to be put into a certain category.

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Immigration - A Never Ending Source of Controversy

I have been interested in immigration to the United States for a while now, mostly because it is an almost endless topic with so many great details behind it. I also had a teacher at my old school who was an immigrant, and it was a long and hard process for her to become a citizen, which made me want to look more into the topic.

Immigration to the United States has become more of a problem throughout the years, and it is holding back people who seek better opportunities or a new beginning. More than 10 million undocumented people currently reside in the United States, and the numbers are increasing by 700,000 people each year. Immigrants who come to the United States face many difficulties in gaining residencies and citizenship to the country. To receive a green card (resident alien status) the immigrant must satisfy requirements set by the government. Some of the qualifications include: having a family member who will be able to sponsor you while you reside in the country, have a job inside the country, or be a refugee who will be able to meet the definition of refugee and have special interest to the United States. The problem that comes after you receive your green card is that an immigrant must follow the 10 steps to naturalization. Then the subsequent issue is that they must be able to pass a test proving that they are able to speak, write, and read in English, and have knowledge on U.S. history. Finally they must also be able to pass a Catch 22 test. They must be considered a to be a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States during all relevant periods under the law - US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Which is saying that if you have committed a crime then you aren’t eligible to become a U.S. citizen, however most of the immigrants who come to the U.S. have to come illegally. Despite the many issues that come with immigration the number of people who come to the United States is still growing.

Here is a graph showing the number of Immigrants coming to the U.S. in previous years


Another issue that has come with immigrants is their effect on the economy. They come to the United States to work for little pay in the jobs that Americans reject, but then we blame the immigrants for stealing away from them. There are really many benefits that immigrants have on the economy, but are still looked down on because of the costs, one of which is that other people who are already citizens have to compensate for things that immigrants can’t pay for. If an illegal immigrant sends a child to public school, other parents would have to compensate for payments that might need to be made because they are unable to pay the government due to their risk of being discovered and deported. If an illegal immigrant is at risk of being deported then they must go into hiding. There are many organizations around the country that help keep undercover immigrants safe. For example there is an organization called Sanctuary Philadelphia which hides immigrants in churches around Philadelphia until they have been granted residency to the country.

This is a picture of where most immigrants are located in the U.S.


The real problem with illegal immigration is security, not the threat to the economy. Despite the fears that immigrants will take over the nation’s economy, the issue that hides behind is that Americans are afraid for security reasons. They are afraid of a possible terrorist attack, or government infiltration that could end in an American tragedy. This is the opinion of many, but not all Americans.

It is important for people to know, that our country, the United States of America, a country made up of immigrants is now making it more difficult than ever for people to be a part of our nation. This is all based on a matter of rights, Americans are refusing to give immigrants their constitutional rights, and I feel our country should stop contradicting itself.

Now I would like to get a first hand perspective on the immigration process, and also get more of an outlook from a legal standpoint.

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Discrimination of Work and Education with a Disability

The Passion, Information, Change is the You and the World project. This project is picking a topic that you feel very strongly about and finding a way to change the world. During this project you will go through three stages, the passion which is the issue, the information which is consistent throughout the project and is where you gather up all of your knowledge about your passion, and then the change which is where you make the difference.

My passion is work and education with a disability. I want to know why certain people’s disabilities are discriminated more than others.This issue is important because some people don’t think that discrimination with a disability is still going on but it is. The laws that are put in place to protect the disabled are not used to the fullest extent.

Some disabilities are discriminated more than others. Disabilities that are more physical are the ones that are targeted the most. Someone with  down syndrome is more likely to be discriminated than someone than dyslexia. There are both disabilities but down syndrome has a physical effect and people are more likely to judge.

There are laws that prevent discrimination if you have a disability. These laws are enforced so a qualified  individual is treated equally even if they are disabled. Finding a job is hard in itself but it is especially hard if you have a disability. The definition of a disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. Everybody is different, there is no need to judge someone because of the way they learn. Discrimination means the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

Statistics show 36 million people have some type of disability. The percentage of someone having a disability and being employed is 4.6% in the United States.

Chart with percentages of disabled working individuals:http://www.dailyyonder.com/geography-disability/2011/11/29/3619

    In some schools the disabled are separated from the rest. People with disabilities learn differently and they get modified classes because of it but that is only in some schools. This should be in all schools. In some cases children even get abused in their schools. Only 36% of students with a disability take special needs classes. Special needs children are not given the proper care that they need.

Picture saying all children can learn: https://weawayne.wordpress.com/


    There are even stereotypes towards people with disabilities. Some are…

  • People with disabilities are always miserable

  • Should be treated differently

  • All deaf people can read lips

  • People with disabilities always need help

  • Always confined to a wheelchair

    I want to go more into detail about this issue and know more information about it. I hope by reading this people understand a little more how much discrimination really happens to people with disabilities. I am looking forward to actually making a difference in our community and making a difference.

More Than a Distraction, More Than a Woman… The Fight For Feminism

The topic I have chosen for my You and the World  project is feminism. It is something that I recently became really passionate about, but let me get this clear before I begin. Feminism isn't supposed to be a battle of the sexes, but one common goal that everyone is striving for, as mentioned in  this article.

Feminism not like chart.gif

The chart above is just one example of why people should fight for feminism. There is a pretty obvious number of people who do not respect at home mothers and do not work for equal rights, rather than people who do not like most men. This issue may not seem very large compared to other things, but it does link to bigger issues in the world. This can be shown by the statistics on this page. One in every ten rape victims are men. That means the other 9 are women. This is most likely due to the fact that women are treated as if they are less valuable than a man, are portrayed as weaker than a man  and are more objectified than men. I'm not saying this doesn't happen to men, but there's a 90% chance that its more likely to happen to a woman.

Another major issue that has to do with feminism is dress codes. Dress codes are targeted at women and girls. We have more restrictions because we are a “distraction”. I read this article about how a girl had to leave school because of the way she was dressed. Shes fighting for her rights by using the hash tag #IamMoreThanADistraction to spread the word about her cause. I think this is admirable because she is using social media to do so, and social media is one of the main places where anti feminism takes place.

Feminism is a topic doesn't receive as much attention as it should and for my You and the World project I would like to increase awareness of feminism. Feminism might not be a physical issue, but people can still be victims of anti feminism. As I said before, feminism is not something that should cause full out debates and heated arguments between the sexes, but it should be one common goal for men, women, boys, girls… anyone. Feminism is and gender equality is my goal for the future, what's yours?

Teen Peer Pressure

                             Teenagers Facing Pressure From Peers!

Teen peer-pressure is what I will be basing my project off of. Growing up, I was always affected by this and a lot of my friends struggled with this as well. Every child wants to be liked by their peers in school and some will do anything to receive that acceptance. The topic of peer-pressure interests me because of how much this affected me and other close friends. With teens becoming more and more obsessed with being ¨the popular one¨, I felt that gathering deeper research would be engaging to certain readers. Especially since most of my readers are actually teenagers themselves, this topic can be easier to relate to. Peer-pressure affects a lot of teens around the world, especially when they are attending school.  


¨Being accepted by peers is crucial to many teens, and it can affect teens if they are not.¨

Teen peer-pressure is significant because of how many teens it has affected and still affects to this day. According to research from sources I found on this intriguing topic, teen peer-pressure affects around 70% of children at each school. But overall, teen-peer pressure is a common issue for tenagers. All teenagers wants to be accepted in the ¨popular crowd¨ or at least be apart of the cool kids. The Effects of Peer Pressure From research, it states that when this happens teens tend to loosen up and do things that they normally wouldn’t do. Such actions like smoking, drinking, drugs, stealing, and even having sex before ready. I read in my sources that there was a survey that made a compelling conclusion. It states that teens with friends who do drugs and drink alcohol are more likely to do the same. This statement really stood out to me because it’s amazing how much control friends can have over some teens. All parents do is lecture their children on the things not to do, and just because a friend is doing it, now it’s acceptable to join. 

http://trewmunson.wikispaces.com/Peer+Pressure?responseToken=09339a543ef28031e9eed6  a96cbca6764

¨Peer pressure includes teens making big decisions regarding drinking and smoking with with friends that think it is ¨cool.¨

It is important for the readers to know that what you do and say to others really can impact their state of being. And with the information, the readers can think to themselves if they ever felt that they changed themselves because of peers around them. Or think to themselves if they ever made another person feel disliked or unaccepted. The reason why teens give into peer pressure because of friendships and the ¨everyone is doing it¨ factor that can make a teen feel compelled to comply. Giving into the Pressure Combining with a teen’s curiosity this leads to risk taking behavior and why teens give into peer pressure. According to ¨Giving into the Pressure¨ source, teens are accustomed to follow social standards set by their peers.

In conclusion, I wonder what are the things a teen can do to keep themselves in control from pressure they can receive from friends. I wonder what causes a teen to change who they are for others. Is it because some teens feel as though they are not accepted at home and want to attract acceptance from their friends. I am interested in learning how much the use illegal substances affect the pressure put upon teens. Drugs, and even smoking and drinking seems to be the most common activity teens put on their peers, and teenagers follow along to be accepted into the crowd or develop some type of consistent relationship.Troubled Peer Pressure As this project go on, I will like to find certain situations about teens suffering with peer pressure and how it has affected their life as a teenager.

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Would you give money to a hobo?

Would you give money to a hobo?

In this project I will be focusing on the issue of Homelessness. I’ve experienced being asked for help by homeless people in the streets of philly multiple times. As a kid my mother always told me to not give money to homeless unless that you see that their are really in need of money. As i started to grow up I starting to form own opinions and control my own actions. Im interested in this topic because I believe not all homeless are bad and everyone deserves a big push to start a new life.There has been an enormous amount of people that are homeless in the country of The United States. Main factors why most people are homeless is because of economic problems such as low incomes and lack of afordtable housing. Knowing that, I hope I could see people who are in somewhat good conditions wealthwise, helping the homeless get back on their feet.

This issue has been around for years. Its a problem today because according to the adamplimton website it shows that over 133,000 people sleep on the streets or in a shelter on any given night. January 2014, on any given night there was at least 578,424 experiencing homelessness in the U.S. Knowing this gives me the motivation to help out the homeless. I also find it very interesting how 23% of the 3.5 million who are homeless each year are U.S Military Veterans. Serving the military and then coming back home to find yourself homeless is devastating. Although the rate has been decreasing. In addition, 25% of the 3.5 million homeless each year are children under the age of 18 years. Imagine trying to survive in this world homeless. As humans we take advantage of what we got. Imagine on a 20 degree cold day outside and you finally coming home to some warm comfort. Think of the homeless who are outside suffering and have no hope of heat. Also i feel like homeless people are shunned by people. I feel like everyones thought of a homeless person is a older man, over grown beard, smelly and is a drug/alcohol addict.Known as a stereotypical hobo. Thats a bad stereotype to have in so many ways. Anyone can become  homeless. Bee talks about this in a video about the homeless.

Im wondering what kind of stereotypes other people have againist the homeless. Im also wondering if they know what kind of people are homeless and how would they react. I also wonder reason why people decided not to give a homeless person money. I also would find it interesting to try asking the homeless people some questions also.


Homeless person sleeping on the streets.


Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 8.46.48 PM.png

Data on homeless people sheltered and unsheltered in 2014


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Autism. A mental condition that 1 in every 65 people have. Children with Autism are separated from society. They are outcasts because they think differently. They act differently because they process the world in a way that we ¨normal¨ people cannot comprehend. Yes, Autistic children do things that the general public perceives as ¨weird¨, but they are truly intelligent. There have been numerous cases when Autistic kids have excelled in a subject. For example: I myself have seen Autistic kids that are amazing at math. This means that they aren’t different if anything they are a advancement in the human brain. But then why do we fear them? Why do we fear people that have shown the capability to have more efficient brains than us? Because we humans fear what we don’t understand. We fear what has been labeled different.


Source for image: https://learningneverstops.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/communication-difficulties-in-autism-my-personal-view/

By conducting this project I plan on showing the public that kids with Autism are simply just normal kids. Every single person in the world has a different way of processing info and so do autistic children. I myself have an autistic sibling. My younger brother was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Living with an autistic child has taught me a great deal. Yes at times my brother can go crazy, but when he puts his mind to something he accomplishes it. You see up until the age of 5 my little brother did not talk in any place outside our house. This led people to believing that he is a mute. In school he simply sat down and stared blankly into the darkness. This led the teachers to not believe us in any way when we said that he does talk. But one day it changed. One day he went to school and said good morning to his teacher. He sat in his seat and did every task the teacher gave him. When home he brought up memories of things that had happened years ago as if they were yesterday. He wrote the whole alphabet a though he knew how to and successfully counted to 50. This was amazing. A child that did not utter a single word in public was now having full conversations with strangers and proving that he had an outstanding memory. After this day I researched autism and learned that kids with autism do not understand the world in the same way we do. They are completely normal but they see the world differently. Sometimes this is good while other times this is bad. A child having autism can be a serious problem if the autism is not detected at an early age. Some signs that a child has autism are no babbling or pointing by age 1, no response to name, and excessive lining up of toys or objects. Kids with Autism are extremely intelligent human beings that perceive the world in a different manner.


Source for image:https://mcb.berkeley.edu/courses/mcb61/

Sources for info:

"Autism Fact Sheet." : National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015.  http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/autism/detail_autism.htm

"Learn the Signs of Autism." Autism Speaks. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/learn-signs

You Mean, You're not a Housewife?

  1. For my project, I would like to research the relevance of women’s rights in our society. Throughout the decades, women have made great strides trying to maintain the same social and economic status as men but have failed due to the society we live in. Even today, women are paid 70 cents to every dollar a man makes for the same job, and if you’re a female of a minority the pay is even less. As a female growing up in this time and am very interested in joining the workforce as a young adult, I would like to spread awareness on the topic of unfair pay amongst genders. Another issue that affects women today is education. Women make up ⅔ of illiterate people in the world and it’s because the lack of being given formal schooling. Because of this, there are still a multitude of male-dominated fields within the workforce such as engineering, science, math, and even literature.

    There are still people that believe the only title a woman needs is “Mrs.” Because of this mentality, young girls are afraid to unlock their potential because they only trust in their ability to walk down the aisle. In certain cultures, marriage is the most important aspect of a woman’s life, and because of this we need to stress the relevance of education especially today. Even in the U.S., over 1200 schools provide single-sex studies. Since this is the case in our society and even the media, the a lot of the misogyny and sexism sprouts from these sources. Because of this gap of females in certain fields, most of the homeless population across the globe contains women and children. It is incredibly important for people to know about this issue because there are still a significant amount of people that believe that women are given all the basic rights that are required. Thoguh I’ve labeled prominent issues that affect women in our country, there’s an immensely greater amount of issues that women face around the world, even some that aren’t socially visible. Sexual abuse, dehumanization, and sexism on a much larger scale just to name a few. What can we do to combat these problems and give women the equality we deserve? I often wonder if this issue will even be relevant in the future and if women will ever be considered equals, socially and economically. I plan on interviewing women on their experiences with inequality whether in the workforce, as a mother, in school, or any other possible situation. I also hope to observe in certain fields how women are treated and if they are being treated visibly different than their male counterparts.

Pediatric Cancer - You Can't Dodge the Bullet

images (1)
This is a image of the ribbon that represents childhood cancer awareness.

Pediatric Cancer. Those two words have been the worst fears families have had and continue to have across the world. Doing a topic on cancer was something I already had in mind, but when I learned of two cases of cancer on the same day, I knew it was my calling to do a project on pediatric cancer. One case that I heard about was during school when someone told me pop star Taylor Swift, mother was diagnosed. The case that made me definite about choosing pediatric cancer was when I found out a freshman student at SLA Beeber had cancer. I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I saw a picture of a girl who took a selfie and captioned it ¨first bald selfie¨.  I began to look through her photos and I realized a girl my age who attends SLA sister had cancer. This hit so close to home. This topic interest me because there are so many teens including me who take things for granted. I want to show that people who are just like us are fighting a fight they didn’t choose and are in a worse situation than us.

This is a image of facts about childhood cancer: http://www.alexslemonade.org/childhood-cancer-facts 

No matter who you are, no matter how much money you have you can’t dodge the bullet of cancer. Every year an estimated 263,000 cases of cancer affects children under the age of twenty.  From 1970 to 2011 the amounts of deaths from childhood cancer has decreased 67%, which is really important but there are so many more steps we need to take to cure childhood cancer completely. About 250 children lose their lives to cancer every single day. The scariest fact of them all is that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease and the number two cause of death overall in the United States.  These number makes me scared but It just reminds me how fortunate I am to live each and every day without the fear of dying. This topic is also important because it affects everyone that’s involved with the person and you can become someone involved with someone with cancer.

While doing this project I’m looking forward to getting to know people who have had to go through or are still going through cancer. I want children who have cancer to know that people their age actually care about their condition. I hope to inspire people to live everyday to the fullest and let people know that there are people going through worse situations than them. I also want people to know the symptoms and the risk they have when it comes. I want people to have a different perspective on life after reading my blog posts.

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Social Anxiety Destroy Lives

Most of us deal and interact with different people everyday. But not all of us feel comfortable. Especially people with social anxiety or social phobia. These people feel the discomfort in certain situations. Comfort levels in social situations vary, depending on personal traits or life experiences. Some people are naturally born shy while some people are more outgoing. People with social anxiety get nervous on occasion, like when giving a speech or when they present themselves in front of different people. These people fear being the center of the attention.

Not wanting to be involved in an activity which involves interacting with other people is also a fear of the people with social phobia. Let’s switch this around. Wanting to be involved in an activity or wanting to do something so bad but… nervousness, anxiety, and the fear of being judged by others strikes? Yes, people with social anxiety experience this.

I know this topic so well that I can relate to the description of social anxiety. It is so much easier for me to understand this topic because I live in it. What I mean by “I live in it” is that I experience social anxiety but I am not saying that I have a social anxiety disorder because I feel like my personality is just taking over my thoughts and actions.


According to socialphobia.org, Social Anxiety is the third largest mental health problem in the world today and approximately 7% of the population suffers from some form of social anxiety disorder.

"Social Anxiety Association | A Nonprofit Organization That Promotes Understanding and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder." Social Anxiety Association | A Nonprofit Organization That Promotes Understanding and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. <http://socialphobia.org/>.

This issue is very significant because a good amount of people from all over the world have social anxiety. Millions of people all over the world suffer anxiety every day. Social anxiety cannot be avoided because it is an issue that mostly involves your mental health. Social anxiety destroys lives. How? Well, it is taking over peoples lives. It prevents people from leading the life they want; it prevents them from doing what they are good at doing; it prevents them from having friends and relationships, even though people want them.

This issue is important for other people to know about because the world is very judgemental and so we all need to be aware that people do what they do because they have an acceptable reason behind it. They cannot avoid it because it is not an easy thing to be avoided and ignored.

Fortunately, social anxiety disorder can be overcome. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective social anxiety therapy for people with social anxiety. Everyone with social anxiety can be cured if they use the appropriate type of cognitive-behavioral therapy.


According to this graph, most of the 13 to 18 year old women experience social phobia than men.

Going crazy and you don’t know what to do? Talk to someone you trust, whether it is a friend, a family member, or just someone you can rely on. Do not be scared of telling someone about what you are going through. You are not telling the whole crowd but that one person. They might have a great effect in your life. Don’t worry, take one step at a time. You can get through it… STRONG.

As of now, I am wondering if the information I provided in this essay would change other people’s perspective about people with this type of disorder. I am hoping that I will dig deeper and learn more about this issue so that I could have a better insight in this topic.

Here is my annotated bibliography.

The Invisible Abuse

Domestic Violence is an everpresent crime infecting our communities one victim at a time. Silence falls over those who are in danger’s way, far too fearful to speak out about the dangers of not knowing what abuse lies in their futures. By educating myself of the heinous acts of abuse cast upon one third of American women, I am able to give a voice to those silenced by the bruises left by the ones who supposedly loved them most. Since this issue effects so many people around me, I refuse to be apart of the thirty six thousand abuse accounts reported annually. I am desirous to contribute to the efforts of many to stop domestic violence and create a more positive society with brighter futures for all.

                               Image result for domestic violence

Bruises are just one of the numerous marks domestic abuse leaves on its victims  


Domestic violence is heavily silenced. It isn’t taken as seriously as other misconducts even though it accounts for fifteen percent of all crimes committed. It is right under our noses, yet we are blind to it. We may not notice the signs of those in harms way like the wearing of long sleeves in the summertime to hide the imprints of struggle, or those who wear sunglasses inside to cover the bruises layering their skin. It isn’t solely about the beatings, though; it can be taken as far as resulting in murder which is the fate of five hundred women annually. The effects can be fatal, and the forms can be mental and sexual as well as physical. After realizing that someone who claims they love you can bear to beat you day after day, it can cause many psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Domestic abuse takes many forms and tactics are used to effectively violate the victims such as dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial, and blame. The general public seems to believe that this issue is easily solvable, all the victim has to do is leave the relationship to end the torture. What the majority of people are unaware of is that more than 70% of deaths from abuse happen after the relationship has already ended. The abuser does not like to lose and likes to control the situation at all times, hence the abuse in the first place.


  Domestic Violence effects almost everyone, whether it be directly of someone

                we know is effected by it, domestic violence is hard to escape in American societies.


One may never know everything about Domestic violence unless it is experienced first hand, and this means I am left with numerous questions. I am wondering why this issue it is not taken more seriously, and I wonder if it could be because not many people are informed of how much violence is taking place in the United States. I am also wondering if people who have been abused are more likely to then become abusers themselves or to stay as far away from domestic abuse as possible. I would be interested in hearing personal stories of domestic violence victims and how it has changed them as a human being. I am looking forward to seeing what answers I uncover in my future research and am most interested in finding a way in which I can help to end domestic violence once and for all.

Also, here’s my Annotated Bibliography!