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¡Hola! Me llamo Lucia. Me encanta todo el anime, Ouran High School Host Club es

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Su nombre Xaiver. Xaiver es mi amigo. Él tiene 14 años. No le gusto anime pero le gusta jugar videojuegos siempre. ¡Él es cómico!


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Melanie y Alex son bueno novios. Ellos son tremendamente bonita. Ellos son de Filadelfia. Alex es serio y alto.

Tenemos pelo café, somos todos los años diferentes. Somos uno familia. Mi familia es locos. ¡Somos un amor de gente!

Net Neutrality and Teens

The internet was made to open new pathways. These new pathways led us to faster and more communication between us, engulfing the society we now live in. Technology is everywhere, and it is hard for many teenagers to find a way to turn it off. It is built into who we are and we should use this as a tool meant for everyone to use, with no hierarchy on the internet. Without net neutrality, it would slow down the world we are accustomed to and keep us from expressing what we want to which should be a right never taken away or made slower for the better of internet service providers.

By not upgrading to the “fastest” and most expensive version of your internet made available by internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon, the regular internet will become slower with new speed bumps. If one were to buy into the more expensive option, it would basically be the exact same internet you started with, just more expensive. This does not benefit anyone other than the service providers. Is this a world that we will know, one where people act only for their own benefit, ignoring what is best for the whole of America?

Service providers would like to filter what you do on the internet. They want to charge you based on what sites you visit and what applications you use and charge you from there. This is simply money against the happiness of the people. Society has become numb to life and has taken away many purposes of living and tries to focus just on advertising and self benefit. That is not what life is about. Life is about doing what makes you happy, and by doing whatever you want. The internet is one place that is supposed to be free for everyone, a place where teenagers can go for entertainment, inspiration, communication, anything. The internet is supposed to be limitless. Don’t let internet service providers take this away from us. If they take away what we do, they take away what we are. I want to live as who I am, and I’m sure many teens are with me.


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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality is a barrier that regulates the flow of internet. However, Internet Service Providers, or ISP's, try to bend or knock down the barrier. People around the country write articles explaining the reasosn to uphold the rules of net neutrality. If net neutrality rules are corrupted and broken, ISP's can pay extra money to block their competition from using the internet. An online clash betwee ISP's can oush every other user into the slow lane. It's important to have these rules or else the internet would just be one big competition for speed.
My slide shows the areas and phases of how internet usage will change if net neutrality laws are broken down. The green area shows the status of the internet if the net neutrality laws were enforced and unchanged. The yellow area shows ISP's bending the rules and paying money for faster internet. The red zone shows the net neutrality barrier being broken down and ISP's dominating the internet world. Right now, America is in the yellow and if net neutrality doesn't hold up, America will go from yellow to red real quick. 
This poster will teach teenagers about net neutrality without having to go through a boring twenty minute video. The poster represents a stop light and how the zones switch from time to time. However, if the stop light stays at green, the net neutrality problems shoudl go away. Teenagers have a voice too, and if we teach them about internet laws, the FCC just might listen to what we have to say.

-NY Times: Net Neutrality Rules
-Save the Internet: Free Press Petition
-How to Talk About Net Neutrality in 2 mins. or Less: Scientific American

Net Neutrality and Teens - Kopf

Net neutrality is a very important set of rules that many people believe should be put in the ¨book of internet rules¨. Basically net neutrality is the rules that would govern the fairness of the internet. Internet Service Providers or ISPs sort of rule the internet right now and net neutrality would govern what they can and couldn’t do. Essentially net neutrality would make sure everything was fair with the internet, no fast lane or slow lanes and no slowing down content if it’s legal. Net neutrality is liked and wanted by numerous people, including our President Barack Obama.

Right now there are a couple problems with the internet, a lot of that having to do with net neutrality not being enforced. Currently the ISPs have been slowing down certain sites and then asking if they want to pay extra for a fast lane. This type of thing happened with Netflix and it got them pretty angry. The ISPs have a serious power over the internet and without these rules they could speed up, slow down, or block content as they wanted.

Now that you know what Net Neutrality is and what’s wrong, I’ll explain why its important for this upcoming generation and the generations after them to know more about net neutrality. Teens these days and even young children go on the internet constantly and it really affects their daily life. Also they are going to grow up and have to deal with these problems. It’s really important that teens are prepared and knowledgeable about the internet and what’s going on with it. If they aren’t and the internet is still part of their daily lives they will just be affected by the decisions made and not be able to participate in fixing it or preventing bad usage. In general as long as they know what’s going on they have the ability and chance to take a stand for what will affect them in the future and now.


Kate Kopf Slide 2

Tech Presentation
My new slide, as you can see is very similar to my old slide. This is for a couple of reasons. When I presented my slide to the class and had it graded, I didn't get that much feedback. However I did fix what they suggested which was to make the image of the cube a little bit bigger. Later at the next class I tried to seek out some suggestions and one person suggested I add more words, so I did just that. If you look closely you can see that I added a couple new words such as: Philadelphia, Energetic, and Leader. I tried to think of some words that might help you understand me and my personality a bit better. The reason I didn't change my slide to much is because I got a lot of compliments on how it was already, from fellow classmates and Ms. Hull. I really think that this slide is designed well and shows my personality well, I hope you feel the same way and enjoy looking at it and reading it.

Net Neutrality (Emma Schwingel-Sauer)

  Net Neutrality allows everyone to see everything equally. Without it, ISPs (such as Comast and Verizon) will choose what pops up when you search for a specific topic. If we have net neutrality it allows anyone's idea to be spread the same as any other. It does not matter whether someone has more money than someone else. Net neautrality allows more thorough research. This is because if someone shops a lot on their computer while someone else only researches about science on a different computer and they search the same topic, they will end up getting different websites because of their previous history.
  If we get rid of net neutrality it will allow big companies, ISPs, to be able to block certain sites that compete with their organizations. By doing this we will be minimizing our options and sites to explore and research. The reason ISPs are controlling and CAN control is because of money. The reason there are a limited amount of ISPs is because they cost a lot of money to build up. ISPs have lots of money, but don't let them control your internet with it. You may not like what information they provide you with and it may close you out on information you could otherwise have.
  It's not just about the ISPs money controlling what you look at, but other companies that pay them even more money to ¨guide¨ you in a different direction--their direction. These corporate companies that already make tons of money are going to be making more money, yet this affects us negatively by condemning the information provided to us and rerouting us. President Obama is fighting for net neutrality and his main point is that the free, open internet has given us so much already by being able to share new ideas and political movements. He believes that there should be ¨no blocking, no throttling, increased transparency, and no paid prioritization¨ which will keep the internet free. Net neutrality is a big part of society currently as the internet is used now more than ever and we need to keep it free.

FullSizeRender (4)
FullSizeRender (4)

Net Neutrality

Untitled presentation
Untitled presentation
​     Bob, the fourteen year old, wanted to explore various social media outlets, the kind that no one uses, so he could be cool. Bob surfed the web happily, first finding Tumblr, then clicking on another site. This site takes forever to load, so Bob takes a bag of chips and leans back into his chair. When it was finished loading, he decided that it wasn't worth the wait. Bob lives in a world without net neutrality. The website he was trying to visit wasn't on the fast lane, meaning that it was on the slow lane. Because the website was slowed, he didn't deem it worth his time. The website was actually just as awesome as Tumblr, but the sluggish speed of it made it less appealing. The simple reason for the website being slow: it didn't have enough money to pay for a place on the fast lane. It could make it big, but it didn't have the opportunity.
     Liberty (who finds her name a bit strange) wanted to watch Netflix one day. She had Comcast as her Internet Service Provider. She hit enter, and waited for Netflix to load. It didn't. She waited a bit longer. It still didn't. Suspicious, she tried Comcast on Demand. It took half a second to load.
     These are the stories of two fictional teenagers who didn't have net neutrality. While it may not feel like it matters when explained to a teenager, it really does. Without it, these things will happen. However, the two scenarios above won't be the only ones. There will be so many more, because corporations have a goal of making as much money as possible. Net Neutrality is the reason this doesn't happen right now.

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Rugnetta, Mike. "Net Neutrality: Is the Internet a Public Utility? | Idea Channel |PBS Digital
     Studios." YouTube. YouTube, 25 June 2014. Web. 22 Dec. 2014. 

Victoria's Slide #2

I am a poet, using quotes from other people (sourced of course) to help me get my creative juices flowing. The background images can be attributed to my love of comics, especially webcomics. I make an effort to meet high standards set for myself in the intellectual department. I made the image bleed, and it came out pretty well in my opinion. I used large texts and minimal words to make it work and look more appealing and easier to read. The images are from one of the webcomics I have a certain interest in. I changed the image that I had before because it was grainy and bad quality in a large size. The colors were changed to match the respective colors that the characters are associated with.

Matthew slide 2

Untitled presentation (2)
I made this slide to show my love for football. I made changes from my first slide to my second. The first change I made is the amount of words I used. Another change I made is the size and font of the words. The next change I made was the color the picture was based around. I made the new photo based around green on black. The last change I made was the amount of pictures. I only used two this time instead of 6. These are the changes I made from my first slide to the second slide.

Fatoumata Slide 2

Fatoumata Slide 2
 This slide represent the 2 main activities that express me. The title is called Step Up its a movie that has dance offs and dance battles. These pictures explain the moves I do when im dancing and it describes my passion of how I like cheerleading and dancing. I used the cheerleading pictures to explain the move I used when im up at cheer offs and ready to cheer. I used the dancing pictures to explain of the moves I used. My title is large bolded text so it can bring the slide out and catch  a person eye. 

Net Neutrality

Tech net neutrality (1)
Tech net neutrality (1)

Teens should know about Net Neutrality because it teaches them about the internet and what is going on with it. With net neutrality, we are able to have equal access of internet. Not only that, we won’t argue about having faster internet than others. Teens need to know about the equal access and know that their parents are paying the same amount of money. If we don’t have net neutrality, we will have to pay more for faster internet when they will probably trick you into thinking that your internet is faster when it is actually slowing down. Without Net neutrality some web page will be block and that won’t be fair because you will have to pay more to access it. They will make media such as netflix and skype be slow or maybe even blocking it.

Net neutrality is also important to teen because without net neutrality it will affect our education. Teens may be doing their homework and need access to a certain website but can’t get on it unless they pay more. Not everyone is rich so that won’t be fair because some people that are broke won’t be able to afford it when they are trying to get a good education. It also won’t be fair for the person who is paying for your internet. For example your parents. Your parents would have to pay more when they have to worry about their bills and other things that need to be pay off. With net neutrality. we won’t have these problem because everyone will have equal access of the internet and you won’t have to pay more to view a certain webpage.

Teens also need to know that not all internet service provider have net neutrality. That mean that some service provider are charging you for website and faster speed without you knowing. For example Version and Comcast. Not only teens but I believed that parent need to know about this too. Internet service provider like Verizon and Comcast believes that making people pay more for faster internet and website access is better because they are able to control what you can get on. That is unfair and teens should know about these thing so we can prevent these things from happening and maybe checking to make sure they are not doing this to you.


Teens and Net Neutrality: Why we need it (Anderson)



    Net neutrality is the rule that all internet is free, you have the same access as anyone else. With the government seeking to take that away, some websites will have to be paid for. This is a problem because most teens like to go on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Companies like Verizon can charge your family more for the use of Netflix if Net Neutrality is no longer a thing. In fact they can block your access to Netflix altogether if you don't pay up. This is a problem because I like many teenagers use Netflix on a pretty much daily basis. It's important for us to stay informed so that we can make noise to tell the government that we do not want this. Teens need to know about net neutrality so they can fight against it.

    An example of this is Netflix vs. Verizon. Verizon has it's own movie and tv show viewing thing. A large amount of their customers were using Netflix. They made it so Netflix was pretty much blocked on their TV's. Netflix responded by putting up a warning that basically said "Sorry your internet providers are jerks". This ended when Netflix basically said they had had enough and agreed to pay Verizon. Without Net Neutrality, Verizon could charge even more fro you to use Netflix on your computer. 

   Countries without Net Neutrality have regulations and blocked websites. There is even a special part of the government that controls the internet. This could be our reality as an American people, to have an agency that's specific purpose is to be a watchdog over the internet. Teens need to be educated on net neutrality so as to know what could be taken away if it the government votes for it to be taken away. The exclusivity of this kind of internet does not help the majority of internet users. Teens must be informed so they can shout make noise and openly oppose a regulated internet.


Media Fluency 2

Media Fluency
I changed my font’s size, typeface and orientation. I decided to change these because some people told me to make my text different so that my slide’s appearance would be more outstanding.

I made all of my text in sans-serif because I found that sans-serif looks better on the web while serif is easier to read in printed works. Keeping that in mind, I made the quote marks and coma more curved to contrast against the quote which is still in sans-serif, but seems sharper. I also changed the typeface of “Hans Christian Andersen” so that it was not the same typeface as the quote.

When discussing different fonts such as sans-serif and serif I used this website:

Dennis Media Fluency // Technology (2)

Slide Describing Myself -- Dennis 1415 Technology (1)
What did you change about your old slide? Why did you change it?
After getting some critical reviews from my classmates, I decided to change the image to have a higher DPI. Also, instead of having a tone of picture in the though bubble overlapping each other unevenly, I decided to have only one picture in each one to prove my point. I also changed the font and the color so people could see it better from a further distance. I changed it because the images, thought bubbles, and the font all didn't correspond with each other. Only and eye catching billboard will catch eyes. To make everything correspond with one another is a very important goal while making a billboard.

Media Fluency

This is a slide that depicts my nature in a limited amount of space and items. I took information from the websites provided and used that to help me design and add character to my slide.I used contrast, bleeding, and I made the slide straight to the point. I like the image of some geometric figures because it adds a cool element to the simplicity of the slide. All three of these items make up a simple yet intricate display of who I am, plus it adds a simple message that adds character and color to the slide. I pulled inspiration from websites like Tumblr and Pinterest where this type of look is used quite a lot. I wanted to use these different image styles to reflect the vision I had prior to the creation of this slide. Also, the videos and examples of different billboards helped me to design the slide. My classmates helped me out by giving me suggestions on how to make the font bigger and to add a picture that tied in more with the quote.  

Tech Slide
Tech Slide

Media Slide 2

Media Fluency 2

For my second slide I took the advice to change the text because it went against the message I wanted to give. It was make things happen, but the text was broken,so i chose to use a more solid text. I put it at the bottom of the slide so the entire picture could be seen without the words interjecting it.  I chose a new picture that better correlates with my message, and would be more visually appealing.

Media Fluency 2

Media Fluency (2)

I only changed one thing on my slide which is the style of the font on ¨FOCUS¨. The reason why I only changed one thing on my slide is because focus should be the one that's more focus on my slide because it's the word ¨FOCUS¨ and other people told me to do that. Another reason why I didn't change other stuff on my slide is because the people who reviewed my slide told me to just change the font and nothing really on the image. Someone also told me to make the word ¨BLUR¨ blurry but I didn't change it because google presentation doesn't have any blur font or anything to make the font blurry.

HWellner - Net Neutrality and Teens


Net neutrality is the idea the all content, ideas, and everything else on the internet, is equal. They should all be treated equal, so that they can all be found equally. It's a very important idea, because if this did not exist, ISPs would be able to charge extra by for different things that you should normally have access to. They can also slow down your Internet speed, and then charge you extra for the fast lane, which is what you had before. It's very important that people understand and become aware of net neutrality and that battle for it.
But why should teens know about it? There are many reasons that teens should understand it, and be aware of it, and the fact that it's under attack. ISPs want to get rid of it, so they can charge for all those things you already have, and turn the internet into a much worse place. Teens have the most influence over the Internet, because they are the generation that grew up with the current network. They know there way around it much better than most older people that run this country, who are the ones arguing about this. Most teens don't know enough about net neutrality, or what it is at all.
If teens know about this, and why it's at risk of disappearing, it would be a lot different battle. Teens would react, and the internet would flood with their opinions, from YouTube to Facebook, and Twitter to Instagram. And I can tell you right now, without a doubt, that virtually all of those opinions would be pro-net neutrality. With all those people, all those voices crying out against the ISPs, the FCC would have to listen. If they didn't, their would be such a vocal outcry, it would see some of the biggest protests in all of our history, protests that, whether we like it or not, could end up violent. If teens become aware of net neutrality, there would likely be no risk of losing it.

My second simple slide

This new slide that I have made still embodies some of the same ideas as my last slide, contrast and simplicity. This time, I slightly decreased the text size this time, because for the text to fully fit, it had to be lessened in size.  I thought about bleeding the sky in some sort, but my conclusion was that bleeding would lose the grasp of the subject, just like the first slide. The colors were chosen with more thought now. Blue and white I felt were still good to have from the first slide, but people told me red didn’t work well on the last slide, so this time I chose yellow. I chose yellow instead of red this time, because the yellow stood out more,  this time standing out more than the red, blue, and white. The has more of a contrast which I think makes a better meaning to the quote than before. I moved the text to the middle at the horizon because its at the cusp now of greatness or failure. The text type was chosen with intention. The thought behind was that the semi soft text represents a sort of boundary how it can be straight (like the words) but soft (the individual letters). I made the text slightly different because although people said it didn’t really go well with the slide, I felt the text made the quote.While we see the text, you notice it is capitalized? Well I did that to show that each word is a part of a sentence like a minute is part of an hour.

These are two links that I found and used as guides outside of The links given to me:
my life (1)

Media Fluency Revised

After my fellow classmates reviewed my slide I came to the conclusion to remake my slide with the basis of my first slide. The reviews I received said that the concept was nice yet the pics were bury. Therefore I changed the picture but kept the same light and drakness theme. Without the words the picture seems to lean to the right but I feel like with the words it is more balanced.

Media Fluency 2.0 //Nadya

Slide--Tech (1)
For my slide I didn't  change much. When I was graded for my slide no one really said to change much but the quotations. So I changed the quotations and everything else is the same because I didn't get that negative feedback. What really sunk in from all the websites I used when making me slide is simplicity is key. In one of my sources it said to keep your slide simple but have it make a statement. That is exactly what I did and I got great feedback on that. 

Ethan Slide Improvements

I centered the text to balance it, because I got rid of the name of the person who said the quote, because it was unnecessary.  I also made the text larger, because there is less text, so the remaining text needed to take up more space.  I also moved the text down to the center, because there is no text below it, so there is no point in putting it at the top. Besides that I look the colors and layout of the slide, and kept it the same.