Q4 Artwork

This quarter proved my favorite, since I was allowed room for all different kinds of creative work and could choose projects of varying difficulty to complete at my own pace. The first week, when we went to the Rodin museum, I chose to sketch a building with some interesting patterns on it, as well as a tree that stood between me and the building. Though I didn't finish, I enjoyed the calmness of sitting, observing, and sketching, so I chose to continue sketching in my 2nd project: a sketch at the Kennedy center in Washington, D.C.  It was a challenge to capture the water and bridge, so I spent considerable time sketching and re-sketching to attempt to make the water seem realistic. 

The next two 4-hour art projects involved painting, both with heavy acrylics and watercolor. The first piece I completed, of which I am most proud, was a portrait of my longtime classmate Isabel Medlock. I originally chose to paint simply her visage, but was inspired by biblical descriptions of hardship and the messiah, as well as the apocalyptic art of Hieronymus Bosch. This is evident in the details of the painting, which include a in imitation crown of thorns, a halo, and small human-consuming monsters near her shoulders and in the sun. This piece was mostly heavy acrylic paint, and learning how to combine and adjust shades was the process from which I learned the most this whole year. 

The final four-hour project was watercolor based, and I created 3 smaller pieces, each themed around a force of nature: water, earth, and fire. The first, "Dancing Man", was originally a simple gradient background, but I was inspired to create a figure dancing among snowflakes in the foreground. The second, "Forest", was a meditative experience to create. I began by creating simple lines in multiple colors, and continued doing so- going smaller and smaller- until I could no longer. The third piece "Labio" was my least favorite, but I was inspired by the element of fire and the ways that it manifests itself in human emotion (read: passion), and decided to create an abstract piece about lips, love, and desire. 

Jamie Turner 5 Mins of Science Blog Post

Science-  Video games are more healthy than unhealthy when they are played for the appropriate time periods.

Society-  It is often said video games make people violent and cause various health issues when in fact they do the total opposite.

Self-  I play a lot of video games, I'm a gamer and I am glad to know that they are doing nothing to harm me and are in fact helping me

Fourth Quarter Artwork

This quarter in art was my favorite of the year. I enjoyed being to choose each new project and experimented with paint and abstract art. I chose to spend the first half of the quarter working with flowers and watercolor and in the second half I tried to do more abstract art.

For the sketch at the Rodin museum I chose to draw a clump of daffodils near the gate. Daffodils are one of my favorite types of flowers and it was a challenge to draw them.

For the first four hour art project I chose to do two different watercolors of flowers. The first is a lotus floating in the water. In this piece I really enjoyed getting different gradients of pink on the petals and different tones of blue for the water. The second piece is a pink rose. Similarly to the first watercolor I enjoyed creating the different gradients. This piece was harder to do and contains more detail, especially on the petals.

For the second four hour art project I painted two different abstract portraits. The first is of Kat. The second is of Quinn. These two projects were my favorite of the quarter. I had a lot of fun experimenting with paint, learning to create texture with paint, and, for the second piece especially, blending colors.

For the last four hour art project I did two different pieces. The first is a collage that incorporated watercolor and the second is a watercolor painting. Like my watercolor flowers, my favorite part of the process was blending and mixing colors.

Q4 Artwork Portfolio

My goal in my artwork this quarter was to experiment with different types of painting and improve my painting skills overall. Every piece in my portfolio is a painting, except for the Rodin Museum sketch which was mandatory. With my first piece, I wanted to try to include texture. I have always seen paintings with bumpy textures and I always wondered how painters get their paintings to dry like that. It took me a couple tries, but I accomplished creating an abstract textured painting by using very thick paint and using various tools to create bumps and splatters. My inspiration for my second painting came from my obsession with Disney movies. I decided to paint a picture of Belle and the Beast from Beauty in the Beast because I wanted to make a piece that portrayed people that would be as realistic as I could get them. Since I am not very good at drawing, I decided to draw characters from an animated movie. I chose Beauty and the Beast because it is my favorite Disney movie. In this painting, I first drew Belle, Beast, the table, and the rose in the glass. I then tried to use a wide assortment of colors and blend them to make colors that were as close as possible to the picture I used as reference. My last painting was a poster for a play that I had written in my English class. In this piece, I experimented with calligraphy by writing the text in Times New Roman font. Then, I made the background layered streaks of greens, blues, grey, purple, and black.

Neuroscience and Crime, written By Kadija Koita

Rudy Giuliani ran for mayor of New York City back in 1993, where he implicated a method to help crime decrease. Throughout his campaign, he wanted voters to ultimately be in safer area, because rape had risen and so did murder and robbery. Giuliani made a theory which was called the “broken windows”. This was an analogy in which if a window was broken and went unfixed, then sooner or later the rest of the windows would be broken. Which connects to the fact about if small criminal acts slip through, then more and more crimes will take place. Therefore we should snip the problem in the bud. After winning the election and continuing to use this method, in 1996, the New York Times had plunged for the third straight year. By 2010, violent crimes in New York had plunged seventy-five percent.

There was many more reasoning behind the decrease of violence, besides a change in political tactics. One of the tomes on criminology, were that when the economy is on a rise, then the crime is low, but when the economy is suffering then the crime rates rise again. Another time was based on demographics, which pertained to young men, that read, “As the number of young men increases, so does crime.” This was not the case for New York, because even though the number of men increased, crime rates still continued to decline. Karl Smith, a professor of public economics and government at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, said, “If it spreads along lines of communication, he says, the cause is information. Think Bieber Fever. If it travels along major transportation routes, the cause is microbial. Think influenza. If it spreads out like a fan, the cause is an insect. Think malaria. But if it's everywhere, all at once—as both the rise of crime in the '60s and '70s and the fall of crime in the '90s seemed to be—the cause is a molecule.”  Smith continued to make advances on the real problem and the real solution. He had a good way of categorizing epidemics in a way that each crime could fit into each. It was a very interesting way in the way that it made seem that the way things were spread was because of a certain type of thing.

In another article, “Causes of Crime - Social and Economic factors” there were epidemics about how economy problems were involved with crime, and it was. The University of Chicago's Department of Sociology, which was formed in 1892, did a focus on city problems and how they could lead to criminal behavior.
There was an overwhelming decrease in popular cities such as New York City when the economy was doing good. This shows that when people are doing good in their pockets, they won`t want to still from other people`s pocket.

E1Q4 Proyecto - Dayanna, Taylor, Andora, Ailin

Malia, one of the main characters, was tired of being lonely and sad due to her most recent horrible breakup, and now she wants to get back into the dating world. She finds someone on Instagram and ends up going on a date with him. That's when things started going downhill. When she got there, he was the complete opposite of what she thought.....

Fourth Quarter Advanced Art

For my final quarter advanced art portfolio I created 4 different art pieces of my choosing. The very first creation was a sketch of my choosing from the location of the Rodin museum. I chose to draw the base and part of the statue of the thinker. I wanted to create a sketch that allowed me to draw objects with perspective. Choosing to draw the base of a statue allowed me to be able to draw a simple shape heavy base of a statue. I then decided to draw a fractal because I love fractals. The simplicity and symmetrical of such designs seem to go all the way into infinity making it seem quite complicated. In the center I decided to create a few designs to make the picture liven up. My next project is kind of a big one. I started by creating an abstract painting the eventually became a idea of what would happen, and what the world would look like when trump becomes president. I then added several different abstract pattern drawing that I enjoy creating. My final art piece of this year was a bent piece of metal. I found it at school and decided that I could make a statue out of metal. When I finally created I wanted to add a little color. I very cautiously and carefully held it near a flame and as the fire touch the metal, it created a brownish slightly burned color. Overall I felt good and very proud about my art projects I made this quarter as well as all I made this year.

Quarter 4 Blog Lukas Supovitz-Aznar

For my last blog of the year I started off with doing two drawings of a sculpture of a man. He is naked, so I just eye balled it at first, but did not really like the drawing so I gave it a second look. For the second look, I was more detailed in my drawing, and tried to capture the whole sculpture including all the details. For my 1st 4 hour drawing, I created a rainbow version of the sculpture. I really enjoyed my depiction of the drawing. It reminded me of a obscure, and abstract sculpture. For my second 4 hour art piece, I painted spongebob, using a lot of colors to try to draw him correctly. I did not really like my first attempt at drawing spongebob, So for my third 4 hour art piece I attempted to re-do the painting. For the last 4 hour art piece I got all of spongebob's details. From his tie, to his strips on his socks. I am very proud of what I created this year in art class, and feel like I have grown as a artist, as well as a art consumer. I am better 

quarter 4 art work

 In quarter four I tried to focus on reaching my full potential for this advanced art class and I think I did a pretty good job  of that by spending my time on these four hour projects and these little assignments trying to do my best. The pieces that I did didn’t have any real meaning they were just challenging for me so I wanted to attempt them.

Q4 Art Slideshow

    This quarter in art was mostly dedicated, at least for me, to practicing anatomy of human bodies and the such, as its something I'm notoriously bad at drawing. This was likely kicked off by the first week this quarter, where we visited the outside of the Rodin Museum, a place whose "art" is mostly carved statues and the suh, a testament to how the human boy can be represented visually using many different mediums of art. Of course, my medium was limited to paper, I neither have the time or the skill to actually carve out statues out of marble, but the sentiment was still there and would remain for the rest of the quarter. I attempted outlines of people, specked in the distance, as well as full on body shots with slight, mostly eccentric tweaks to the anatomy. 
     Results were mostly mixed. My skills as an artist have always shone best when sketching surreal landscapes or abstract ideas, and a dip into realism didn't serve me well. It was hard enough to get my pieces to look somewhat human(it turns out sketching outlines of silhouettes is extremely hard), and adding on clothes or hair proved to be neigh impossible for me to turn into something organic. Thus I dipped into that somewhat exaggerated art-style. My pieces, humans that is, often have Eastern Animation inspired hairstyle, really posh or impractical clothes(I particularly like drawing capes and scarves), and just a sense of mostly phantasmagorical wonder.