Clearly Cianni

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What I learned from doing this assignment was that when making a slide your things should be centered and should have a theme that is going to catch the viewers eye also it should not be sloppy. For my second slide I decided to just start all over because I felt I could make a better slide. For my new slide I made it plain but something that would catch the viewers eyes. Also I made sure it was centered and nothing came off the slide. It is important to do research before a project because you wont be able to meet all the requirements if you don't do research 

Me Magazine Slide Revised

Me Magazine Slide (1)

I learned a lot about the size of text and the importance of the color of the slide. I also learned that it it good to have blank space. I also learned that you don’t have to fill the whole slide with words and that it bores the viewer. In the end I decided to change the picture and take it out. There was no point in the picture because there was no color coordination with it.

The Micah Slide pt. 2

The Micah Slide (1)
Reflection: After I analyzed everyone's slide I created this. I learned that it is good to keep everything spaced and clear. What I changed drastically is taking out all the words and describing them in pictures. Research is extremely important because the slide will be so much better because you will know what you are doing.

Jays Slide

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I lI I learned that color is really important and so is the structure of your photos. You need to make sure both are clear and pleasing to the eye. That why I changed the color of my title and changed its positioning. I also played with where the pictures as well to make sure the weren’t going off the slide. I also got rid of some photos because I thought there was too many and that they were distracting.

Media Fluency - Reflection

The Taste of the Future Slide (1)
This revised version of my first slide, is what I'm now happy with. It represents everything that should be included in a ad. Recognizing my mistakes I changed just a few things from my original. I changed the size of almost everything. The bowl was one of the major size changes because the feedback I got before, also it made sense because the size of the vegetables should be life like, but big enough to catch the viewer's attention. The middle part "of the" font was changed to a very contrasted font. It was also moved in between the top font and bottom and separated to not look like one word. This is so important to not confuse my viewers. I learned the eye most diffidently can be caught with some, but important critiques. When researching the format a graphic designer uses be sure to input them in a order that flows with your slide. Flowing is important because if your viewer can't collectively move through the ad. in a ongoing and non-confusing way then your ad. is unsuccessful.

New Slide proved Z.gomez

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I learned new vocab and not to create for example tangents, contrast, and etc. 
I made changes because my first slide was having too much going on too much. 
Research is very important because your slide will become cringey and bad. 

Revised Slide (Black Holes)

Black hole Edits
My original slide has been now well edited with best of my abilities, I put everything I can out there.During this project I learned that you can never be trouble free while presenting even if you are so confidant and nothing can go wrong. You must come up with your own way of doing things. I learned that the only way to get rid of butterflies is by going all out and to do your best. I made the changes I made because it was crapped and words were everywhere. I had lot's of contract but didn't know if it was going to be appealing to the audience, many times like Ms.hull said"People will judge you for the smallest of things. I decided to get rid of one of those quotes I had and then enlarged the quote I didn't erase. I slightly moved the word "Black Holes" up so I wouldn't create a tangent. I also made these changes because I wanted to make the design more appealing to the viewers eyes. Research is very important so that you know exactly what you are talking about to the teacher and the audience. If you do research you relieve the stress on yourself as well, it also opens your mind to learn new things about the world because it's impossible to know everything. Even the most intellectual people if you look at it have only made one big discovery and leave everything else to the hands of the next generation of homospehians and that discovery get's more complex as the years go. I have learned so much about presenting because I push myself to the limit. "Don't ever give up on what you already started someone must finish the job." 

My New & Improved Slide

Tech (1)
I learned a lot about making detailed and intentional points through simple images in media. I liked learning how to get a clear concept across with not a lot words.
I made changes to my second slide, trying to do a better job of using the rule of thirds, as well as getting rid of all tangents that existed. I also changed up my images to make the slide look a little crisper.
Research is very important especially in a new concept like this. When you go up in front of the class I think it's important to look like you know what you are talking about as well as to backup your decision making with research you did.

Media Fluency Reflection

Slide About Me (1)

In this new slide I enlarged my top text and made it a more contrasting color (Red). I enjoyed viewing this slide better because it it more organized and clear to read. I learned how to create something visually pleasing and legit. The research is important so that you know where to place, contrast and enlarge.

Media Fluency

  • What you learned
- I learned that I have to make sure that my letter and words stand out so people can read it. Also, I need to make the picture to not touch the side of the slide.

  • Why you made the changes you did to your second slide
- I made sure people could see the words that I typed, so I highlighted it with a bright different color to show them. 

  • How important research is when beginning a project
-It's important because you need to make sure that you have most of the things and tips that they give you. 
Tech slide (2)

Reflection Media Fluency

Tech  (2)

Through this assignment, I learned how to take a whole bunch of information and create it to be one slide with one point. In the beginning of this assignment, I thought I had to include a lot of unneeded information, but I just had to follow exact directions. I also learned how to contrast in color and at the same time, make the color fit well with following colors displayed as well. I learned how to involve different colors, texture, and value to the slide. There was also a good amount of variation of brightness. I had some rhythm which is the principle of design that indicates movement. I also learned how to follow the requirements correctly. In this case, I decided to make it visual, have one slide with one point, make the font bigger, and contrast whether it’s in shape, color, or size. Another thing I realized is that the slide should not be overwhelmed with information. This should be a billboard with certain qualities of a street billboard. The main part of this assignment allowed me to follow directions. I should do exactly what I was assigned to do. I made a couple changes to my slide. My classmates had gave me critiques in order to improve my slide to meet all of the needed requirements. This may be difficult to do at times, but it’s always good to get suggestions and feedback in order to do better. I was recommended to play with the spacing, color, and size of the words on my slide. On this second slide, I tried to do exactly that. This preparation for this slide required a lot of research which is the most important part. It’s very crucial to follow exact directions when it is given to you. If you don’t do the correct research, you could possibly be doing everything completely wrong. I learned the importance of research and doing exactly what I was asked to do.

Reflection of my slide

I learned about design with the designs and how they have an impact in your slide with everything you put in, that’s either words, phrases, pictures, etc… And I learned different terms to describe somebodies slide or whatever in the future we are going to do. The changes I made was because I was able to take in the critiques from my peers good and bad to fix my slide. For example the tensions I had with my pictures with the borders of the slide, and balancing the negative and positive balance in my slides with the heavy pictures. I centered my phrase to make it more straight up to view and easily to read, my peers recommended this change and I agree with them. The research was very important so you know how and why you doing what you doing, for example the tension was a common problem and balance with the positive and negative sides. Putting the pictures right so they correlate with the other things on the slide was a big part why we did the research first.

Slide-Rujano (3)

New Tech Slide

Tech Slide

Throughout this project I learned the many new things about how to work on a slide/billboard. I learned to highlight important words to catch the viewer’s attention. To not have any pictures touching the edges of the slide.

I was able to get good feedback as well. I was told to have the background changed because I was almost like a picture so I just put as the Puerto Rican flag to make the background look better. I changed the placement of my quote and my picture as well. I always made my quote stand out more.

Reflection On Media Fluency

Technology Assignment - Slide (2)

The only changes that made were at the bottom of my slide. I attached the arrow line to the female cartoon fighter. This adds significance because the quote has to do with the fighter. So now people understand that they are together to finish a story. The story is that there’s only one winner in the end so that’s why there’s only one fighter. A fighter must never give up and keep going. So that’s why the quotes goes with the female cartoon fighter.

Reflection on Media Fluency

Tobi Adebayo Tech

Some things I learned is that there is a guideline to follow in creating a visual display. To make sure you take take all the rules into consideration when creating a billboard. Another thing is you must not to clutter your space with many things because then your audience will start to lose focus of the message you want to get to them. Lasly, things I took away from doing this project was that not everything is going to be perfect you wanna play with it. Also things like color choice, empty space and tangents are like a no no when creating a billboard.

The changes I made I feel were all necessary for my process. From looking at my old slide one can tell that I started fresh and used nothing from my old slide. Being that I wanted someone to see this and know exactly what my billboard was about I decide to have less things. The big change I made was the fact that I added a border so it emphasises the picture in the middle. I also decided to change the gymnastics move that the girl was doing. Being that my slide now is very basic I decide that I would use this picture to show the complex within the slide. The last change I added was playing more with the empty space.

It is important to do research  when beginning a project because it gives you a sense of knowledge on the task at hand. In doing this project it would not be what it is today if not for research. Also in doing this feel like research helped me to put my thoughts all together.

Revised Slide

Presentation(After Criteques
1.I learned that my slide didn't have a good contrast before but adding shade to the picture made it better.
2.I out the myself in the middle because I wanted that word to mainly be viewed by the eye. I put the other words on the sides but not too far for the density of the space.
3.I realized that research is really important because the words you use to explain your slide are important and unique in how you pick them to exactly describe how you made your slide.

Media Fluency: Reflection

I learned that you should be very careful with the design. For example, in my last slide it wasn't properly centered. In this one I made sure everything was even. That's why I put the pictures where they are so it would be well centered. I also learned not to add so much text. I decided to focus on the visual aid because of this, which is why I added pictures and had less words. In my last slide I feel like the color pink didn't really fit me and made the slide more childish, so I had more empty spaces and chose white for a more mature theme. I tried to separate the colors within the pictures because 2 were colorful and the other 3 were black and white. This is why the color is more to the top and the non-colorful is towards the bottom. I did a lot of research before starting which helped me plan out my thoughts well but I feel like if I would've done more research it would've helped me to be more organized. 

Simon's slide

Simon Slide (2)

Reflection on Media Fluency

I learned that my slides shouldn’t include the “price” when it’s not useful, like here, or a product argument, like here also, because that takes some place and we need the letters to be the biggest as possible. Also I feed a blank on the corner, between the image and the corner, so the whole slide is more “united”. But, all in all, the people of my group found it alright so I didn’t have a lot of stuff to improve. I learned that my slide needs to be very very polished to be really clean, visual and sweet.

Media Fluency V2: Shaheed W.

Tech-Media Fluency (1)
This is my new slide after receiving well-spoken critiques. The biggest change to my slide was the background because my previous one wasn't interesting. My new background contains various blue colors to compliment the font while not stealing all the attention away from the words. My second change was the amount of words I had in my poem which I reduced by half. The reason for this change was due to the fact that the poem was too long to keep anyone's attention which was said by the audience. I learned that so much idea and expression can be told by one well designed slide. Doing research is very important on a project because knowing what to do and how to do it will make things a whole lot easier. 

Reflection on Media Fluency

Through this project, I learned how to take constructive criticism, and some common elements of design. I also learned how to better critique someone’s slide. I made a lot of changes to my slide, but I think the essence of what I wanted to get across is still there. I kept my name really big because I  wanted it to pop. My name is a big part of my life so it seemed only fitting that the eye was drawn to it. Before, my slide was sort of all over the place, with things here in there with no real purpose except to convey my interests. I did not use my space effectively. My new slide is much simpler, with the text at the bottom and one interest of mine in each column following the rule of thirds. I tried to even out my spacing. The green and blue sections are used to draw your eyes to the text. They cut the page in thirds as well. Overall, I just wanted to make my design more purposeful the second time around. Research is very important when beginning a project. If you do not research, you will not be able to back up your opinions with facts. Research is about being prepared to show what you learned.

Untitled presentation (3)

Media Fluency: Donald Moses V.2

Google slide for tech (3)

I found the feedback I got from my peers helpful but one of the things I couldn’t change were the images as I couldn’t find a high resolution picture of what I used in my first slide but I did do what I wanted to do and make it “bleed”. Another thing that was pointed out was that I had a bright green line that made it stand out and wanted more attention and also remove a bar I had the color black. Another thing I changed was I made a part of the text very small and the exclamation marks way big at first so now the part of the text is bigger and the exclamation marks smaller so it's more visible. One thing I didn’t notice until editing was that the boxes I colored for the slide showed the lines of the box so I fixed that so you don’t see the lines of the boxes.


Lando (tech)  (3)

Doing the tech media project was great. I learned that it’s always good to have ideas on what you wanna do and why so if somebody asks why you did your slide it this way. I say this because when I presented my slide to my group they asked why was my slide was made like this and I said because I took out the main important parts on my Me project. I learned that if the teacher asks you to research you better research so when you present you have evidence on what you did for the design. Some changes I made to my second slide was the background color because my main colors are white and gray so it will contrast better. Another change I did to my slide was Making my words horizontal so it would take more of the negative space I had around my pictures. I made my pictures in a pattern because when I was doing my research I had read that your slide or any project should always have a pattern so for my slide I made my words and pictures in a pattern.


I learned a lot. Presentation is important and symmetry is liked by the human eye. Glance media should be used with rhythm. What I changed was the color of the question mark because it didn’t add to the rhythm. So I asked one of my friends to change it’s color to black and white, which is the color of my whole presentation. I also had to stop so much of my pictures bleeding because it didn’t look right and all the bleeding was unnecessary. It was really important to look up the information because one you need to know what you did and why you did it. Also you need to make sure all of your information connects to the way you did your project.

Cheatley's Slide Part 2

I didn't make that many changes but the things that were changed were the ones people told me to. One thing that I changed was the font color. At first it was a salmon pink color now it is a honey yellow. Research is a very important thing in this project. This is because this project isn't about how well the slide looks, it's if it makes sense and it all works well.
Some things that I learned with this is how to really work on design. Not just the work. I made about two or three changes in my slide. The first slide had an salmon pink color for the font word. I thought that because it is a different color than usual it would help stick out. But my audience said it should be a different color. A brighter color. So I made it an light yellow. My other change was an seperation bar I had in there. They were right, it served no purpose. So I took it off. If you didn’t research you probably would’ve lost a lot of extra points. Some that you would've wanted.

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