My Lover

(Sad Mood)

I was being used, yelled at, and even shut down. It wasn't a fair relationship. He would touch me and somehow control me. He would touch me in places I didn't want to be touched because I was not “acting right”. I did so much for him. Although it looked like he had total control over our relationship. Everything he demanded I would do for him. I would sign him in once he gets home, he would tell me to go to certain places for him and I would respond peacefully and obey his orders. I feel like he just used me for what I had, he used me for my unique internal and physical havings. Sometimes he  leave me alone in the dark, locked up in a room. I couldn't physically clean myself, someone else had to clean me. This was his job but he never did it.

“What did I do?!”

“Why are you cursing at me?!”

Then he would tell his friends to get online so he can play and talk with them using me.

(Happy Mood)

He's been a struggle in our relationship....but at the same time I loved him. He was my everything, he was my lover and my world. He spends quality time with me. I love the late night talks and activities we do. He loves to play with me at night and during the day. I remember when he played with me all day long, It was the best day ever. He used to buy brand new games every month to play with me. Although he did abuse me, he always made up for it. He was the only person in my life that has ever been like this to me. I loved watching him sleep, he sleeps in the cutest way ever. He curls up in a ball and snores like a pig. Although... that was the only person I seen sleep.

(Sad mood)

Wifi also was in the room where I lived. She was my enemy. She would try to make me glitch in order for my boyfriend to abuse me and get mad at me for it. She would shut herself down so I won't function as well, this is where my bf abuses me. Recently, my bf haven't been paying any mind to me. His mother and I did not have a good relationship. His mother would get angry at him for spending time with me. I wonder why, maybe If I was a another system, would she have not gotten as mad? I believe his mother was a big factor in separating our relationship. Oh...and he goes to this school thing where he is away for 8 hours. Those 8 hours are the worst. He locks me up, and I just have to wait until he comes back. Recently he has joined this new school, I think he moved up in something, but he was very nervous. When he comes home now he's just writing on paper and reading books constantly. He’ll play with me for a little, maybe for 30 minutes or an hour. I don’t know what has gotten into him. He's been bringing in girls, and spends more time with them than me. I remember when he was 4 ft and now he's almost 6 ft. I wonder where did I go wrong. I’ve also noticed that he has been spending a lot more time with this bitch Iphone. What’s the reason for our separation? If I was another system maybe he would love me more. I still can’t stand the fact that he shut me down forever and left me to dust.

My lover



(Rosa opens up a yearbook)

Oh, I remember this night like it was just yesterday. My older sister had done my makeup and we had gone shopping a month before . I had to be prepared, you know - find the perfect dress beforehand. Many people waited a day before prom to go shopping, but that sounded like a bad idea to me. What if I couldn’t find a nice dress? There’s a picture of me in here somewhere with my group of friends…

(Flips the page)

Ah. Here it is. I felt like a real life princess in this dress. Of course it was in my favorite shade of blue. Speaking of that dress, Christina, didn’t you wear it before to the dance? Look at my hair, I had gotten it curled and styled into a fancy bun at a nearby salon. I saw that exact hairstyle in a magazine… Hmm, I can’t remember the name, but the lady showcasing it looked gorgeous.  All of my friends thought it would suit me.


This is Josephine, she was my best friend since middle school. Oh, here’s Leanne, she was the first friend I made in High School! The guy next to her is her younger brother Joe, and his girlfriend, Stacy. Oh wow, this is Kendall, she was crowned prom queen, and her boyfriend, Mark.

...Aiden. The one next to Mark is Aiden. I could never forget this boy’s face. I fell in love with Aiden freshman year of High School. People would say, ‘you’re too young to feel love’, but love has no barriers - you just feel it, and you know what it is and that it’s there. Even when you never see them, there’s always going to be a place for them in your heart. Have you ever been in love, Christina? Being in love isn’t the same feeling as liking someone, it’s way more than that. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Heartbreak, happiness, tears, and laughs.

Aiden and I dated from freshmen year to junior year. We broke up in the beginning of junior year. It was for stupid reasons, honestly. Petty things like rumors, and other girls. I could never understand why people pushed their way into other people’s relationships, you know? We stopped being friends for a while, after we broke up, but since we had so many mutual friends, it was hard not to see each other everywhere. Maybe if I hadn’t seen him all the time, it would have been easier to let go.

Yes, I have moved on, but I do still care for him.

Aiden had cancer, Christina. He had kept it a secret for a long time, until his doctor told him how many months he had left to live. Two months. It was two months. There was nothing I could do. Aiden didn’t seem too upset, which was surprising. Maybe he was trying to make the best out of his two months. I wish I could have done something about it, but it wasn’t in my hands. It wasn’t in anybodys hands. He had to go.

God always takes the good ones.

poema de yo

​Soy de filadelfia, con mi familia pero vivo en Putero Rico.
Mi cUmpleaños es el once de noviembre.
Me Encanta cocinar y ir al cine
Tengo un papá fueRte
Tengo una mamá valienta
Me gusta hablar pOr telefono

No soy tRanquila 
No soy timIda
Soy Chévere
Mi vecinO es un hombre

Esta Soy Yo!

                                                            Soy Jowon.

                                                           bastante soy

                                                        deportista y seria.

                                de costumbre, me encanta pasar tiempo con amigos,

                                             mandar mensajes, y surfear la red

                                                        No soy ni extrana

                                                              ni artistica

                                                               Yo soy. . . 


Gregory Tasik - Poema

Yo soy Gregory Tasik

                                                      Tengo catoRce años

                                          Soy de Australia pEro vivo en Filadelfia

        Soy inteliGente

                                 Soy un poco timídO

                                          No me gusta correR

                        Me encanta escuchar música Y practicar deportes

Me gusta pasar Tiempo con amigos

                                         A veces me gusta nAdar

    Los fines de Semana, me gusta ir a la iglesia

           MI cumpleaños es el 16 de marzo

                                       Yo soy Gregory TasiK

Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 5.32.28 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-23 at 5.32.28 PM

Positive Poem- Justin Stewart

                                                                      Hola! Soy Justin
                                                           Me encanta practicar deportes
                                                           No me gusta hacer cantar
                                                                 Tengo catorce anos
                                                                 Soy de Filadelphia
                                                         Mi cumpleanos es el veintitres de mayo
                                                                     Muy Guapo!
                                                                          Ni feo

Soy Ruby Poem- Afi Koffi

​Yo soy Ruby
Fiel, fuerte, valiente
Sociable, encantadora, adorable
Mascota, madre, hermana, amiga
Me gusta...
Nadar, correr, comer
No me gusta nada...
descansar, dormir solo
No soy...
padre, hermano, prima
timida, aburrida, antipatica
maliciosa, insana, mentirosa
Vivo en casa de Afi
Yo soy Ruby

La Poema de Messele

Estados Unidos. Soy de Estados Unidos 
Soy Messele. Soy de VIrginia 
Pero vivo en Filadelfia
Antes de SLA, yo ir a la escuala en Masterman
Nunca Permite divertido
Odio aburrido cosas
Le gusta muchos cosas pero me 
Ecanta juego los video juegos. 
SLA es muy frio a vecez
Dedicados son estudiantes. 
Intelligentes tambien.
Valiente, siempre nunca
Estamos listos y loco pero me gusta 
Representando SLA es que soy hacer
Tengo catorce Anos
Ignorancia. Yo no tengo ignorancia
De memoria yo dice
Obligado. Yo soy.

Becoming ME! By Sean DeSilva

Inspiration Is What Drives Me

Create a script to describe that slide. Why did you make the slide look the way it does? What influenced your decision making? Use new vocabulary from the websites to write this script.

The reason why I chose to make my slide the way it is, can be for many reasons. But the main reason why I chose to include the quote and the picture is because I want to inspire people who read this. You see, I play this game called "League of Legends.'' I started the game 3 years ago (October 22, 2012). I fell in love with it and wanted to get better. I was inspired by many of the famous Pro-League players and I wanted to become the best player in my area. I was driven by the inspiration that was given to me due to my discovery of the game. I want to be the best that I can of the game and I still want to, after years and years of practice and determination I am almost there to where I want to be! I want people to understand that only losers give up and winners always try no matter how hard they've fallen! Don't let your dreams be in your head, make them real for others to see!

Sean DeSilva Orange Stream Tech Slide-Presentation

Andrew Rodebaugh El Poema

           Soy Andrew

Mi Cumpleaños es el 6 de diciembre

      Me gusta pasar tiempo con amigos y jugar videojuegos

Es 23 de noviembre y estoy en la escuela me gusta ir a la escuela

                        también me gusta comer y leer

                                    No soy ni gordo

                                      ni deportista

                                         Yo soy…



Me Magazine- Jowon Dorbor

I made the slide the look the it way it is because I wanted the pictures and the words to be in a glance media. It can be quickly read and understood. I also made the ‘we’ a different color (Pink) because I wanted to make sure that by we I mean girls. I was influenced just by my beliefs. Also I wanted it to be unique in my own way. I saved the the top and bottom part of the slide for empty space instead of filling the slide with pictures.

Untitled presentation

My Me Magazine Slide

Hello everybody, my name is Lauryn Lewis and today I will be presenting my me magazine via slide. As you can see I have a love for my family and writing that is so profound you can not even describe it. Without my family and being able to express my life through writing I would not be as nice of a person as I am today. They have given me life, and a good one at that.

Untitled presentation

Media Fluency

Eric Valenti
I made my slide have a jelly fish background to add a "pop" effect to my text.I was influenced to do this because of the three websites and past experiences from others presentations.  I included three interests of mine and this can influence the reader if they have similar interests. I included a synopsis of my childhood so the reader can question what these experiences are. I included images if others recognize them.
Me Magazine, Eric V. (1)

Eric Gorski BioPoem

Soy Eric Gorski.
Soy por lo general tranquilo y muy simpàtico pero
me encanta practicar deportes y soy bastante bajo
sin embargo muy fuerto. Yo juego portero en lacrosse
y pasar mi defensores y intento para marcar un gol
yo serà detenerlo. Soy una bestia en neto pero aun 
mejor en el campo. Yo serà marcar en tù antes tù
saber lo.

Spanish Poema

Soy Jake
A veces, soy 
chevere y comic 
De vez en cuando, me encanta pasar tiempo con amigos
Me encanta dormir y me gusta practicar deportes 
No soy ni artistic 
ni seri 
Yo soy...