Home Network, LaBrum

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​Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.
-One family desktop
-My PC

Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned.
- It was interesting to learn that data could travel by light to cross great distances quickly.

What would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

- I think it's important to know how much power the ISP's already have, and what they've done and are doing to attain more.

Home Network, Gilbert

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2. The internet is transported to my ISP which is Comcast. By a coaxial wire, its brought into my house in my computer room. By another coaxial its brought to my motor and router which gives internet to my printer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop, computer, televisions, and speakers.

3. I learned how complex the internet actually is and how a 10 minute YouTube video describing how i get my emails is done in about a second in real time. I also learned how i the internet is brought into my house and why my service provider has all those terms and conditions.

4.i would tell them that receiving the information online is a lot more complex then they think.

Home Network, Murphy

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Earthlink DSL, and we pay $39.95 a month ($488.40 a year). My internet comes in by the front of our basement, and arrives at the living room by a phone wire. This connects to the modem and router we have. From here, wifi connects our devices through the router. All of our internet-using devices that use wifi are four smart phones (I, my parents, and our student Jasmine), Jasmine's iPad, our printer, our Roku box, the family computer, my computer, and Jasmine's computer. I learned a lot about how we get internet to our devices, because I didn't know which things provided what services and the chain of how internet gets to things. The most interesting moment was when we drew our Home Networks after looking at them at home, because you see how all of those things work together and in what order they go in. Now I know how I actually get internet which I didn't know before and I think it's good to know it. I think what I would tell other people about having an ISP/Home network is to know how it works and make sure you look for affordable options! All home networks work similarly, and you don't want to get robbed of your money! Be a smart internet buyer:)

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Home Network, Harrison

1. My home network is Xfinity ( comcast ), I have a coaxe wire that connects everything to my moms room, and i have a modern router. The wifi connects to our smart tv"s, cellphones, laptops and, our xbox.
2. I learned that internet is a lot more complicated then I thought it was. I used to think it was just a magical presence an I didnt really care about finding the truth. 
3. I would tell other people about the different types of wires they could have because I didnt know that so Im sure a lot of other people dont know about it either. 

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Climate Change Monologue Project

Part I: In our World History class we are learning about climate change, and how it affects the world and things of that nature. My partner, Ona, and I made our monologues from the views of different people. My first monologue is about a girl who does a presentation about climate change to her 7th grade class. She shows how she feels about climate change. My second monologue is about a man in Australia who has a dream about viewing climate change. He learns how climate change affects him and other people.
Part II:
1st Monologue

Hi, My Name is Mona

I can’t believe I’m about go up in front of the class. Someone always getting picked on for doing things like this. Hi, my name is Mona  I know most of you probably don’t know me. I’m up here to show you guys my presentation on climate change. I feel like it’s important that children my age should know about climate change. I say this because when we grow up, we will already know about climate change and we can help make India get better when climate change happens. Droughts are happening. People are dying. House are tearing apart. What if this happened to you? What if you lost your home? Your family? Your food? Your everything? These things are what kids our age take for granted. And I feel like I should let people know about this. Furthermore, there are many effects of climate change. For example, year after year, the Baghmatti River fills up with rain and rushes down from the Himalayas to small villages and tears down people’s homes.  It pulls away cattle and goats, it knocks down many mud houses, and it killed a large number of people. This made many people sad, like Pavan Devi. His 19-year-old son, Vikas Kumar, was swept away by a fast moving stream, when he went to a communial toilet in the fields. In Dhanaur, for almost three months of monsoon, everyone’s lives depend on the water’s mercy. The ones left save food and grains and save firewood, to prepare for this yearly calamity. The poor people beg for food to borrow and eat, and they camp out on higher in tents that are made of cement bags. Now, because of the monsoon and climate change, these people live differently.  I think we should make a change, by helping these people and other people. We should come together as one and help each other! Thank you for your time.

2nd Monologue


All I see is darkness. Where am I? This doesn’t look like Australia. Is this Australia? Where’s my wife? Where’s the rest of the factory workers? It’s so hot here! (Rubs eyelids) Oh, everything is looking clearer now... I can see better now. And there’s my beautiful wife Olivia. She’s fanning herself. Olivia! Olivia! I wonder why can’t she hear me. It’s starting to get really hot again. I realized, she can’t see me, so I guess I’ll go see what the boys are up to.

(Jack walks away. He walks to the factory) Whew! It’s cold. (Looks to the other men) And there’s the boys! (Waves trying to get their attention) Oliver! Isaac! Henry! (Looks I guess they can’t hear me either. I wonder why? (Jack notices that Oliver, Isaac, and Henry are wearing winter coats and are shivering as they try to work He looks away) Now it’s cold! (Shivers) The weather has been very strange today. The climate is changing like crazy today! (Jack walks out of the factory and onto the street and sees two homeless men) Do you have any money you can spare mate? The weather is crazy out here! No! (Jack runs away. He looks up to the sky. He notices that it is cloudy) Today has not been a good day. Olivia doesn’t talk to me. Oliver, Isaac, and Henry won’t talk to me either. Can this day get any worse? (Jack hears a roar of thunder and it starts to rain) Just great. Really great. Thank you mother nature! Thank you for being hot, and cold, and rainy! (Jack puts his head down and starts walking forward) Jack! (Jack picks his head up and looks at the person speaking  Don’t worry Jack. It’s just climate change. You’re noticing how the climate is changing. Also, this is a dream. (Olivia dissapears. Jack sits up on his bed. He looks to his left to see his wife Olivia. He kisses her on her left cheeck and runs outside. He sees his group of friends from the factory. He sees the 2 homeless men and gives them 20 dollars) Here! Have a good day mate! You don’t know what you have til it’s gone.

3rd Mononlogue

Robby, 17 year old boy  (Sjögren's syndrome, Smart.)

Human Health


Good Morning,  How's everyone feeling ? I’m here to talk about the climates impact on health. Some of you may walk away with the feeling of wanting to help, others with the feeling why do I care. But the goal I hope to accomplish is only making you aware of it. But Let me tell you a little about who I am.  My name is Robby I was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome when I was 6 years old, I am now 17. It was a shock to everyone, because no one had the syndrome in the family, so it wasn’t hereditary. At first we thought I had lupus, but with a serious amount of other tests ran we discovered the real thing was Sjögren’s Syndrome. I used to feel like an outcast, I was different, I couldn’t do what other kids did. The simple things I couldn’t do. for a while my  best friend was an oxygen mask. When I started to get better and regularly take my medicine, I started to meet people with the same disease. In school, I had more confidence and I actually began to join different groups. I started to invest my time in environmental science. It became a hobby. **You have any water ? Thank you, my mouth was a little dry. I’m sorry class, Okay good, I’ll continue. Around the time of the spring that just passed, I started to experience a more intense pain. Every so often I would have this feeling, my heart would  run a mile a minute. At any moment it felt like it would burst. My chest would tighten like a fist beginning to close. I’ve never took anything for granted, because that feeling burned in my chest every time I did. Of course my parents and I  were worried so I went back to the doctors. I was switched to different and stronger medicines. One of my doctors mentioned the change in my health might be due to the environmental changes. I was very book savvy and already involved in science so I did some research. I found that climate change affects those with respiratory issues and allergies. Along with asthma, food borne, insect borne, and heat related issues. The respiratory and allergy related issues applied to me, so I did further research. The spring pollen season was happening earlier and lasting longer. For example, Ragweed is a popular flowering plant and it was shown that the amount of pollen production is increased during this spring season. Tests on ragweeds also showed that high carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures increased the amount. This not only told me that I needed to take my medicine, but told me there are high carbon dioxide levels. This carbon dioxide is causing climate change and pollution is due to carbon dioxide emissions.  **Gasp, I just said a lot . Everyone with me ? Kinda ? No ? Okay. So all this carbon dioxide we’re producing is polluting our air and effecting things that we may not know about. Which is our health. I thought this needed to be shared to other people, as young children we may feel like we can’t make big changes. But we sometimes fell to realize the little things we do can contribute to the big. Awareness is change, people’s knowledge and views change due to awareness. Twice a week I visit schools like yours and find kids who are interested in taking apart in the this movement. Thank you for your time. A you all have been a great audience. ** Sigh of  relief* Okayyyy mom, I’ll be down in a sec. I Guess I better run through it again after dinner so I’ll be ready for the big day tomorrow.

Home Network, Velazquez

2.) explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.

3.) reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned.

4.)what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

2.) My Internet Service Provider is Comcast. It gets into my house through a coax cable. All the devices connected to my WiFi is 4 phones, 2ds, tablet, Chromebook, Computer.

3.) I did when you showed us the videos on what happens when you upload a page. I was like that is a complex process and it looks like it can mess up quick. It only happens in a second too, that blown my mind.

4.)Your Internet Service Provider can slow down certain websites in order to stop other companies from stealing their customers. Also, you can set up rules for you home network.

2. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.
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Home Network,Camara

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2. the lan network is all the is its goes in my living room and my whole family is connect too it and its connect too the tv not the phone cable.

3. when i learned about the internet i didnt have no omg moment because i learned this is in my 6th grade tech class but i had a omg moment when i learned about the videos of the internet like whats in the internet. 

4. what i would do is tell them too be careful with the internet because whatever you write or post pictures on the internet it can never be deleted so it will be there for ever and we have hackers too so it wont be good for people. 

Home Network, Westaby

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​Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network. The devices on my L.A.N. are: 
  • four phones
  • Three laptops
  • Two desktops
  • One Nintendo 3DS
  • One Wii

Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? If so write about what you learned.

I didn't have an OMG moment, as my father is the only one who knows anything about our internet connection.

What would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network? 

I would say that they should make sure that you keep an eye on your bill for any unauthorized changes on your bill in contract. My parents had this situation happen and it isn't fun.

Home Network, Mohammed

1.) All the devices on my internet connection are 5 iPhone's, 1 iPad, Printer, and PC. My ISP is Comcast. 
2.) My OMG moment while learning about how the internet works is when we watched the video and it describes the million things that happen when you search something on the internet or send a message and at the end they said it only took a couple of seconds. 
3.) What I would tell other people is that you shouldn't take the internet for granite. The internet is full of crazy things, you're lucky to have access to it, and you should try to understand it. 
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Home Network, Bah

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​My internet comes into my house, as far as I know, into the kitchen and goes through the counter into my router/modem by an Ethernet cord. Pretty much everything is wireless, from various smartphones, game systems, my computer, my dad's laptop, and my TV (it has Netflix and YouTube, y'know?).

What did I learn from this? Eh, not much. I already knew it was expensive, so I guess I learned that Wi-Fi or wireless signals fall down, which is nice and will probably be helpful to know in the long run. 

My advice? Well, if you have a home network, uhm, recognize that you have to pay a lot for it and you should charge people money for using your network (make some profit, y'know). And, uh, keep your router in the basement, I think.

Home Network, Shamble

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​Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.
The internet connection extends to my desktop computer (through a wire), and four nooks, three laptops, two smartphones, and a Wii. There is also two televisions and house phones connected by the same deal that pays for the internet.

Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned.

I learned that networks are ore complicated than they seem. I thought they traveled in the air or something, but as it turns out, it travels through underground pipelines. That was an omg moment, especially when I learned that it travels at the speed of light. That's pretty fast.

What would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

It's more expensive and complicated that it looks, and do your research when looking for a company to use. It's not just about memes, even though memes are fun.

Home Network, Roberts

1. My ISP is Comcast. It connects to my modem-router through a co-ax wire. It can be found inside my living room of my house. Then my desktop and printer is connected to the co-ax wire from the modem-router. Then all the other devices like my phone, my sisters phone, my moms phone, and my brothers xbox are all connected through wifi.

2. I had a very big OMG moment when we watched the video and I learned about the differences between firewalls and antiviruses and when I discovered how my much my mom pays monthly just for our internet.

3. I would tell other people that when they have their friends over and they connect them all to the wifi that them connecting to you wifi cost per device and think about how much money your parents have to pay just for your internet plus all your friends added on the wifi.

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Chernowski, Home Network

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My internet comes in from the wall in my living room and my I.S.P. is Xfinity by comcast. It comes in through a coaxial cable that connects to our modem/router. The modem/router then connects to by desktop and home phone by Ethernet cables. The devices that are connected using wifi is two speaker systems, a game system, a printer, cell phones, tablets, and laptops. I learned that your information will never go away if you post something and it can be used for or against you. I have not had a OMG moment and I plan not to. I would tell people to research their I.S.P.s, especially the yearly cost.

Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit we have learned about climate change. We have learned about several different people’s perspective on climate change and learned about how climate change affects people all over the world in different ways ranging from extreme weather like the typhoon in the Philippines to respiratory problems like asthma. While writing my monologues my goal was to show how many different opinions there are on climate change. I also wanted people to realize that deciding to do something about climate change or even just deciding what your opinion is on climate change is something people struggle with. Some people depend on things that cause climate change and others feel as though climate change really isn’t that important.


Why Should I Care?


(A 15 year old girl who lives in New York. It is 1988 right after NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen, testifies in front of congress about global warming and the greenhouse effect. She is at school, sitting at a table eating lunch with a few friends.)

Do I have to read this article? Don’t we do enough boring reading in school? I don’t want to waste my lunch reading this. (Pauses, sighs) Fine, whatever. (Reads for a couple of minutes and frowns) Are you sure this is really true?  Cause, I don’t understand. Why haven’t they said anything about this before? I mean, this guy is saying that we’re polluting and warming the earth. I mean, how is that even possible? (Pauses) I know it explains it in the article! I’m just a little skeptical. How is burning some stuff really hurting the earth so badly? Either the earth must be really weak or these losers are exaggerating and making a big deal out of nothing like they always do.  I mean, according to this article we have (deepens voice and reads quote in a mocking way) “altered the global climate in a way that will affect life on earth for centuries to come”. (Rolls eyes) What’s that supposed to mean?  How is this going to be affecting the earth?(Looks down at article) Okay...melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and evaporating inland water. That’s really not that bad! I don’t understand why these people are complaining so much. Why should I care about that? (Pauses) Alright…fine, I guess it’s bad… But what would we be able to do about it anyway? It’s not like it’s going to affect us in any way, so who cares! (Pauses) Wow, you’re right, that sounds really selfish. All right, suppose we do try to do something. Would our actions really make a difference? No, they wouldn't! There’s only four of us and what would we do? Stop buying stuff made in factories? Stop using energy? That would be impossible! Besides, I don’t really care about this so why would I even try to do anything like that? And seeing as it’s just not possible for us to do anything, I don’t see why you’re so worried about this. Just forget all about it and let’s just try to have fun with our lives instead of worrying about boring stuff. I was thinking that after school we could...(Pauses) He said that? Oh...Well then...I guess we will do something about this climate change stuff. (Pauses) I know it’s stupid to just change my mind cause of something he said but I don’t care! We’ll join that stupid club and do whatever we’re going to have to do there and I’ll finally have a chance to get to talk to him more. (Looks around) He’s coming! Alright, alright, keep on talking about this climate change stuff I want him to think that I care about it.

Source of Quote

The Earth’s Beauty


(A 20 year old man who lives in the country. He is sitting outside on a bench looking at the stars.)

Every morning when I wake up I run to my window so I can see the sun rising over the gentle green hills where I used to play everyday. When I go outside I take a deep breath of the air, enjoy the gentle breeze and the smell of the damp earth and the trees. Then at night I look up and count the never ending amount of bright twinkling stars and revel in the beauty of the silver moon shining down on my face. I love this world so much and admire it’s beauty but I often wonder; what it was like before? (Looks up wistfully)Before humans came and destroyed what it used to be. Before forests were cut down and gases we’re pumped into the air. Was everything ten times as beautiful back then? Was every part of this world as lovely as the colors of the sky while the sun is setting? I wish I could have seen the world as it was in the beginning but I know that I will never be able to do that. The world will most likely get worse, these small areas of pleasure and beauty will disappear forever, because of us, our pollution and global warming. (sighs)

When I was younger I didn’t understand global warming. I just thought it was something bad like war and injustice. When you're younger you can’t understand how complex and complicated problems are when they seem so simple and easy to fix. I remember reading a quote from my hero and namesake, Alexander Graham Bell. “The unchecked burning of fossil fuels would have a sort of greenhouse effect...The net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house.” I didn’t really understand that quote until my mother explained it in words that a 7 year old could more easily understand. That quote just reinforced my belief that climate change must be bad; if my hero thought it was bad then I definitely thought it was bad too.

But now I know more. I’ve grown older and am no longer a naive little boy rolling down hills and swimming in lakes. I now know that all the money we have comes from my dad’s company. And my dad’s company gets their money from burning fossil fuels. Soon, my dad expects me to work for the company too. I just don’t know what to do. All my life I’ve been against something that my dad has been working for and supporting. We’ve already argued and I hate fighting with him. I hate telling my dad that he’s a monster whose selfishness is going to kill every single thing that is beautiful. And I hate having to hear him tell me I’m a stupid child who doesn’t know anything. We both know we don’t really mean those words but still they hurt. I love my dad and I know he loves me. I don’t want to disappoint him but how could I live with myself if I knew that I was one of those people who was willingly and happily causing so many problems because of my selfishness and need for more money? I need to decide what’s more important to me. My dad and family or the earth and my integrity?



(A 34 year old man who is sitting in chair talking to his two children. )

Hey, kids, come here and listen to me. I have something important I want to talk to you about. Alright, you may have heard about a climate change march and about global warming. (Pause) You have heard of it. Good. Well, I just wanted to tell you that yes, global warming is happening. Wait! That’s not all I wanted to tell you. Sit back down! Well, your mother really cared about this before...well, you know. She wanted me to teach you about this. But really, who cares about the earth when there are more important things? Now, you listen to me and stop worrying about all that. The most important thing to me and what should be the most important thing to you is to make sure that were all fed and have a roof over our heads. Don’t make those faces! Sure the earth is important because it’s where we all live but in a hundred years none of us will be here. We won’t be alive to be affected by this climate change. Remember that. I don’t want you two to waste your lives trying to fix the world. Let other people worry about being heroes. You and I just need to stay alive and try to be the happiest we can be. We need to work, make money and take care of the family. Don’t ever forget that. Okay? Okay. Now go to bed.

(He waits until his children leave and then picks up a picture)

I’m sorry, darling. I know how you felt about climate change, how we both felt. (Smiles) Do you remember when you and I thought we could just fix the world? We laughed at other people’s mistakes and told ourselves that we were smarter and there was no way we would mess up. We we’re so naive. We thought it would be easy. Why didn’t we realize that if so many others couldn’t do it then there was no way we would be able to. And now you're gone… I’m glad you’re not here to see the mess of a world we live in now. The children are just like you. They can barely stand living in a world like this but I can’t let their lives turn out like yours. I can’t let them throw away their lives on an unfixable problem like climate change. I want them to be happy. How could they be happy if the only thing they think about is the earth? I’m sorry I can’t teach them to be better people but in a world like this “better people” don’t survive.

Here is the video for my first monologue, “Why should I care?”

Home Network, Ream

The internet service provider I have is Verizon Fios. Which has a fiber optic cable wire that is goes from outside my house into my room, because that's where the modem router is located. The modem router is what all of my devices are connected to because WiFi. It's connected to all the laptops, all the cell phones, all the tablets, the 3 game systems , the tv's  and my printer. Something I learned about network was the things that could cause blocked and slow internet networks. Something I would tell people is that they'd never know anything about why there are problems sometimes or whats going on if they don't really look into it. I am Tatiana Ream and this is my home network. 
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Home Network Cooper

My home internet provider is Verizon. I use a fiber optic cable that comes through my parents bedroom. It connects to our modem router. That gives off a WiFi signal. It connects to my TV, a Wii, 4 phones, 2 iPod touches, 3 computers, and a Google Chrome Cast. learned that my ISP isn't working very well because my house is an inconvenient distance away from the provider's center. I would tell other people that they have more connected to their home network than they would initially think. I'm Liv Cooper and this is my home network.

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Climate Change Monologue

​What we learned:

We learned many things during this unit. We did warm-ups, and watched a documentary showing one perspective on Climate Change, as well as watching a dramatic monologue. I think that all through this unit, we shared ideas, gave and inspired others with them, and from this we were able to increase our quality-way of writing in the monologues. 

Monologues (Pakistan, Germany, Russia)

Unfair Change - Different Views of Change

Every day, I sit back and look at my land. I see that it is changing, day by day, but the appearance is not. Somehow, I feel that I am living in a different place than I was just a few days ago….

I currently work as a high ranking chemist for the government. Although my job is not directly related to climate change, or agriculture, I have connections which inform me about what is happening. I hear that climate change is causing increased flooding, which leads to severe danger and reduced living conditions.

I was informed that the ambassador, in a recent summit, said that climate change is impacting agriculture, cities, energy, funding, and other things in Pakistan. Along with this, I was told that around 20 international experts came to Pakistan and said that implementing a climate change policy was necessary for Pakistan to survive.

Today, just after coming home, I heard news that there was going to be flooding in my area. Shaking it off, I took a trip to the store, and bought some flour, and some rice. After getting the stuff, and walking back toward my house, I saw water…. you see, there is a bridge that I have to cross every day to get home.

On my way back today, I was going to walk across the bridge--like a wooden handmade footpath, but the water level had risen so much that it had covered the wooden planks. I had to get home, so I decided to risk it. Carrying the flour, and rice made my body act sort of buoyant - the bags were waterproof, and floated, so it was dangerous if I got too close to the edge; the railing was only 2 meter high. I almost got killed, almost wiped off the face of Earth without even a second to realize what had happened.

We need to work on a climate change policy. One that will actually work. In order to do this we will need the cooperation of not only the people, but the politicians. There is a lot in it for both the people, and themselves. They will not only get the riches of money, but the security of their nation.

[picks up phone - call incoming]

(In my language - he says Hello, I am coming. One minute. I am doing a a presentation. Okay, bye.)

Ah. Hallo. Mah ana panh. Hic minute… Mah presentation karana panh. Acha, bye.

Have a good  night, and take care, I have to attend to my children.

German Monologue - Education is The Archenemy of Climate Change

Hello. How are you all doing this fine evening? My name is Piotr Zeiss, and I am a student at The University of Munich. In my school, we think differently. Recently, with the improved realization of climate change, we must do everything we can to stop it before it’s too late.

The US, Germany, and 170 other countries signed a bill that shows that they will implement or get help implementing Climate Change policies, but there are three which did not sign, and are going to make our job of implementing these policies harder.

Stage Direction - Walk over to front of stage-area, and say “Does anyone have any ideas who these three countries are?”

Yes, these countries are Russia, India, and China. These countries have not signed, and might be opposed to climate change, we do not know.

There is a Russian general named Vladimir Ivanovich. In his recent speech, he had an assault rifle. With this, he threatened a member of the audience, as well as put everyone else in fear. He spoke about how China, Russia, and India, which are all related. Russia funds India militarily, and China is still communist -- explain. I feel that he is thinking in a Communist sense, as he was a general during the soviet times, which probably led to his mindset.

I hear news day by day that there is an issue of climate change, and our country is the leader. Not only do these phrases give me happiness, and hope, but they also give me sadness. How is my country at the top of maintaining such a threat, but also, not really educating other countries to follow. We gave one billion to support the UN’s Climate Change policy, but I feel that this is not enough to even dent the problem.

Coming from Munich, as you know, I understand the importance of climate change, ad how it’s a secret-unkown thing that is poisoning our Earth, and our life.

Not many people know about this, yet because of this non-understanding, people refuse to believe it is real. The leaders of countries do not like foreigners coming into their society in fear of spies, etc. If just the developed countries instill climate change policies, it will create a good impact, but if all the poor-developing countries joined and started climate change policies, then this would successfully eliminate the problem.

Russian Monologue - Change is Detrimental to Russia

Hello. I am Vladimir Ivanovich. You can call me Vlad. No, no ,no. That sounds too peaceful. Hi. I am Vlad. Recently - no, still too peaceful. You see this rifle I have? This is what I am going to use to hunt when I get my farm. Farm? You may ask…

Recently, there has been news climate change all over the world; ice has been melting, temperatures have been increasing, and places have a higher tendency to experience a natural disaster. Well, I’m not one of them. Many sources state that Russia, China, and other countries of the Iron Fist will gain useful farm land as well as increased income from the agriculture it provides. This will do so much for the countries, and it will occur naturally. We won’t have anything to lose, except maybe a few people in rural areas, but who cares. Mother Russia will be far ahead of the Capitalists in Western countries, such as US.

In US, farmland is already beginning to dry. Droughts set in. They are working vigorously to stop climate change for the benefit of their own countries, and allies. If they stop this, Russia, China.

[Stage direction -- look over at someone]

What? Say that again! Do you want to be 120 grains heavier?!

[Stage direction -- chamber gun]

Why you call me Crazy Ivan? Racist dog!

[Stage Direction -- Cover head with hand and sit down]

I don’t know why you say this to me! Does anyone have any questions before I proceed?!

Stage Direction -- look at different person in audience

Yes sir? You said that Climate Change will destroy Russia? Let me see. Huh? You are saying that it will increase temperature and mess up Earth. Ha ha ha. Not for me!

I am 50 years old, no kids, my wife was killed… When I die, I will see grass, and the wind will blow… This is not my worry. ROS-SI-YA will survive, when I pass policies will change!. I have to get home, Bye.


Home Network , Barnes

mind mapping software
​1. All devices on my home network are: 2 LG phones, 1 Assurance wireless phone, 3 Laptops, and 3 house phones.

2. Some new and interesting things that I learned about my home network are: My home network does not just consist of laptops, but there are other things that  make up my home network such as: phones and even a printer. I always thought that the only thing on my home network was laptops and computer, but now I know that there are other things on my home network. My OMG moment came when I had times my monthly ill by twelve, my jaw almost dropped. I didn't know that it cost that much each year just to provide internet. Now I've learned to be more grateful for my home network.

3. Some things I would tel other people about ISP/home network are:
  • Enjoy your home network- Even though your parents do pay a lot for internet, it is there for your enjoyment get the most out of your home network.
  • Be careful with your home network- Even though your home network is your own private network, be careful with how you use and treat it. One mistake can cause your entire home network to be messed up.
  • Be aware of your home network- Treat your home network with care, it takes a lot to provide Internet and i'm sure your ISP will be very grateful to if you respected your home network

Climate Change Monologues

In this unit, our class was introduce to the topic of climate change. Change change, at this time and possibly in the future, is effecting almost every single person and if nothing is done, the earth we know today will be destroyed. Also in this unit, , we looked at the effects of climate change all over the world and its impact on daily life. After exploring, we were given this project to create three monologues through the point of view of people who are relevant to the topic of climate change. My video for my first monologue is below:


​My script for the first monologue is below:


It is Noonday and a mother is at a water pump station. Another women is there

Mother: (sigh)

             It is another day with no clean water. My name? My name is Chaonaine. My mother must have seen the future because it means ¨it has seen me¨. Now look at where I am now: I have lost everything because of the flooding water and this is the 3 one in 2 months. I dont know what is going to happen the next farming season. I am tired to seeing my  children crying from no food or water. It is bad enough I have lost my home, but I can't see my kids suffering like this.

But this is so unusual. In my life, I have never seen anything like this. The land use to be so fertile, but now it is so dry. My crops have not produce anything. I know that God is angry with this country and this is the end of times. But I beg my God to please spare my children. They are the innocent and have not done anything.

What? Our president said what? Climate change? What is that? Our country is too poor to put food in our own mouths, so how can we pump things into the air?

What is happening to our world? People have forgotten about others. Malawi is suffering and big countries are only worried about money. Why cant we all just help each other? This world is for everybody, not just for the rich.

Well I hear my children calling me. I must be on my way now. I pray God delivers us all out of these hard times.

These are the rest of my monologues:

Monolouge 2:

The Press Conerence (Rex W. Tillerson)


Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. As you all should know, I am Rex W. Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil company. I will now be taking question.

What’s that you say?

Does climate change exist ?

I believe that climate change does exist, but by science, I think its a natural thing that happens in the lifetime of the earth. I feel that people are trying to blow up a small problem and it does not need to happen. People

Next question. Oh yes you in the back. No, not you Cnn, you in the grey hat.

Does Exxon contribute to climate change?

Exxon contributes to job growth in this country. In Houston alone, we have created 10,000 new construction jobs. We help stimulate the economy and everybody benefits from our company.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I will close by just saying this. Right now please know this, Exxon contributes to job growth, not destroying the environment. We understand that climate change might seem like a problem, but in reality, people are just a little bit over concerned. Exxon makes decisions that will benefit the america and its people. Exxon is on the peoples side. We always think of the people.

Monologue 3:

 We have to come together (Desmond tutu perspective)


    At an interview.

The people of South Africa have forgotten. We have forgotten that we are suppose to be strong. We have fought apartheid, but we now face a bigger problem: Climate change. Our world is disintegrating right before our eyes. The worst part is that we are letting this happen right in front of our eyes. South Africa  contributing  to its own downfall. Its just South Africa. America, China, Europe, and other big  countries are pumping noxious gas into the atmosphere and it is making our world uninhabitable.

We are in control. We have the ability to choose on how our earth is going to turn out. That will only happen if people come together in order to solve the problem. Countries are only worried about money and what they fail to realize is that if we have no earth, then what good is the money?

However, in order to solve a global problem, we have to start in our own backyard. We have to begin being conscious of our daily decisions and think of the future effects. People have to be aware and that is where the first step to improving our world starts from: ourselves.

Home Network, Halprin

I have a desktop, house phone, printer, scanner, and fax connected to a switch by ethernet.  The switch is connnected to a router.  All these devices have internet connection.  Also, A printer, computer, cellphone, and TV are connected with wifi.  I had no idea how things were sent from place to place using the internet, and finding out things travel in packages through light was surprising.  I would want other people to know what ethernet is and how it can be used.  

Climate Change Monologue Project

Part I: Introduction

In this unit of study, we learned about climate change. First, we started off by watching a documentary about the climate rally that happened in New York. We got to hear from officials, scientists, and just everyday people speaking out about what it is and what the rally would do. One thing we learned were that carbon dioxide plays a major role in the change of our global climate. We also learned about the impacts it had on some communities and towns, like the typhoon that happened in the Philippines. After we watched this documentary, we got to listen to a sample monologue, and learned ways that we could make our own monologues interesting and thoughtful. Finally, we created, revised, and even performed our monologues in class! 

Part II: The Monologues

Monologue #1: John Appleseed’s Asparagus Farm- Tragedy of the Drought

Honey...yes, I know, the farm didn’t bring in much money this week. I don’t know what else to do. There’s just not enough water for the crops. (Looking stressed out, he slumps down into a chair by the Kitchen table). Half of the asparagus field’s already gone dry. Get more water? From where?! I can’t just scream at the sky to give us rain, Lisa. It doesn’t work like that. Well I’m not God, so. Look, I don’t understand it either. They’re saying it’s something about climate change...the scientists. What do you mean “What does a drought have to do with climate change?” ? It’s got everything to do with climate change! The weather changed, and it’s been like this for awhile now. Keeps getting worse. So the climate, changed! Geez. I’m sorry..I know you were just asking. Just seemed pretty obvious. Well I don’t know what they’re gonna do about it. We’re over here auctioning off water. Water!! $1,350 an acre-foot! Remember when it used to be $135. Times are crazy. At this rate, next month I don’t know how we’re gonna survive. I don’t. How’re we gonna pay the- oh hey sweetiepie! How was school? Now why are you pouting? No pouting. Here, I think I’ve got something to cheer you up. (Hands her a watercolor painting of a sunflower.) I painted it last night. Just for you. (Her face lights up, and she jumps up to give him a hug. She thanks him for the painting and goes up to her room.) How sweet is that. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using the water. It was only a cupful. There may not be enough water for the crops, but I’d give it all to my sunshine if I could. Look, I don’t know what we’re gonna do about this. I’ll make some calls, see if I can get us into an auction or something. Bill’s probably got someone I could talk to, or Annie.

Monologue #2: Ralph McKelly: Coal Keeps the Bills Paid

Hello everybody...(waves) hey Janice! Bert, how’s my boy doing? Hey y’all, alright now settle down! My name is Ralph McKelly, as most of you may already know. I used to work at the Eastern Kentucky Coal Mining industry, along with a handful of other faces in the crowd. Yes, used to. I know, I know, it’s a shame. It’s a damn shame. See, Washington don’t care about us anymore...no. With their EPAs and regulations. You know what I think of the EPA? The “Environmental Protection Agency?” I think that they’re full of it. Talkin’ about regulations. They don’t got one good reason to shut these coal mines down. They don’t got no proof! This is God’s land, He gave us coal, so we burn it! Y’know, one of my favorite songs, “Coal Keeps the Lights on,” by Jimmy Rose...yep, him! Well, it says, “They don't care that much about the little man or the calloused hands. It's a way of life 'round, just like it's always been.” And I just think that that is so powerful. Coal has always, always, been a way of living ‘round here. It, “keeps food on the spoon in my youngin’s mouth.” My daughter, she’s grown now, but we got people like Bert here. His daughter’s five. He just got laid off from the mines too. Just this July. And like me, mining’s been his entire life! I remember when my dad brought me down to the mines, first time. I was nine. The black ash, smoke reaching out to the sky- it fascinated me. And so, I’ve been there ever since. So now, we’ve gotta figure out what we’re gonna do from here. Are y’all with me! Okay!

Monologue #3: Brenda Ekwurzel: Life of a Scientist

(Extending her arm to the far left corner of her desk, she answers the ringing phone). Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, senior climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Oh hello Jill!...So I’ve heard...It’s frustrating, yes. I agree, all of these rallies against the EPA have to be countered. Ah, so you’ve seen my blog post on carbon emissions! Well the amount of carbon dioxide in the air right now is quite alarming. You know, I’d be willing to hold one of these countering rallies for your organization, to spread actual knowledge about this issue to others. Oh, you were just about to ask me that! Haha, well you know I’d stand up for the EPA any day. So, it’s a done deal. Oh, nothing much is going on right now. Lot of work. Oh, he’s good. He just got a promotion at work! Yeah, I’m so proud of him. He’s been working for this for awhile now. The cats are good, yes. Haha, MInnie is turning seven this year! February…yes come in and visit! You know we always like visitors. Yeah, the guest room’s all refinished as well! We added that on-suite, you saw the pictures, right? It’s always good to change things up a bit, you know? Well how are you holding up, I know the divorce must have been tough on you...yeah...yeah, I can imagine. Well I’m glad you’re doing well now, Jill. We’ll have to catch up more soon! I’ve got some more research to get done now, so I’ll have to catch you later. Alright, keep me updated on this rally! Goodbye!

Home Network, Kopf

mind mapping software
1. Our internet is provided from Comcast, and comes in through a coaxial wire in the basement. This internet then goes to our modem and router which are located in the middle of the second floor. The modem and router provide wireless internet to our 5 computers, dvd player, tv, nest thermometer, cellphones, ipads, home phones, printer, xbox, and apple tv. 

2. I have learned a lot about my internet system through this assignment. I've learned about how the internet works, and what wires connect my system, and how expensive it can be per month and per year. I feel like this assignment really helped me understand all of the connections and the internet much better.

3. I think people should know who their ISP is and how it comes in so they can understand how it starts in their house, they should also know whether they have a modem and router or a modem-router. Another thing that's important is they should know how most of their devices connect to the internet and what devices are on their network. With this imformation they will know the general and most important information about their network.