ILP Month 1

​I found an ILP. What I'm looking forward to is working with kindergartner. What I'm not ready for is dealing with is the noisy kids. What I'm also ready for is getting to know the little kids, even though they can get a little crazy. I feel like this ILP is going to help me improve my experience with kids, even though I plenty of experience already.   

ILP Month 1 Check In

​I found my ILP in the TechWorks with Mrs. Hull. For now, I've been working on Re-Imaging the computers in Mr. Herman's lab, as well as some other loaners. I'm looking forward to getting to the normal pace of things, working on the computers that come in after people broke them. I'm not looking forward to the times when there's lots of broken laptops and cords from people's computers, usually after large breaks. 

So far, I've learned about the different ways to re-image a computer, as well as the basic procedures on how to deal with a broken computer.


So I just recently got my ILP and my ILP is at my dance school. What I do is I help out in one of the teacher's; Ms.Kim in ballet and Jazz 1 class. Basically what I do is demonstrate how to do things in dance. Like if she says Plie and none of them know how to do it, I demonstrate the correct way to do it. Since I just got it on Wednesday I can't really say much about it but I will talk about the process of me getting it. The process was hard for me because at first I had no idea on what I wanted to do for my ILP. I know I wanted to do something fun and in the dance field because I love dancing. I thought since I'm at my dance school almost everyday I might as well try to get an internship there. But I was confused on what wanted to do there. I didn't know if I wanted to help out in a class, teach a class, or help out in the office. I also didn't know how to go about asking them for an ILP. Once we met with Jeremy he told us the correct way in asking for an ILP things likes what to say and what not to say and that really helped me out. After that meeting I met with one of the directors of the dance school and she told me to talk with Ms.Kim and ask her does she need help in her ballet and jazz class. I asked Ms.Kim and it was done from there I helped in her class and it was fun. 


I want to have an ILP at the Franklin Institute. I have been emailing our old supervisor, Ms. Ali, when we went to TFI every Wednesdays last year. She has been emailing me back and forth on what I am interested in for. She has been also emailing the hosts who are in charge of the ILPs there so she will be letting me know.

Lyle: ILP

I have recently obtained my ILP working with a sound engineer at WXPN, but I have not yet started interning for them. I have been working to figure out what I wanted to do for my ILP over the past couple weeks, and have had my share of ups and downs. I began by thinking that I was going to intern at a recording studio, but instead found out that they could not accommodate my services for the time being, so I went on a search to find out what other options were available. I then stumbled across an opportunity at WXPN, where I would be able to learn some engineering techniques that they use in the music business. Since I haven't started my ILP yet, I have not had the opportunity to see what it's like yet; I'm excited to get started!

Hadleigh Stammers ILP

I just figured out my ILP a couple days ago and have not gone yet. For my ILP I am going to be volunteering at my old elementary school; Russell Byers. I am very excited to go back and help out because I have had so many great experiences at that school, and am truly interested in doing anything I can to help my former teachers and mentors. I will be going next week for the first time!


Currently, I plan on meeting with Jeremy after school to discuss what my ILP should be. I've been working on getting one by talking to librarians in the Free Library that's around the area that I live in. There is a program called LEAP in the Free Library that helps students with what ever school work or home work that they have. Also, what got in the way of my planning was that I had too much options for an ILP that I had trouble picking just one. I was considering of interning at my mom's job because she works at a bank and I believe that learning more about real life application in accounting/math would help me understand it more.

ILP-Alexa Lahr

I intern for my dads organization "Timoteo flag football"  At this ILP I do paper work, social media,work on setting up the games, and ect.  I started last Wednesday and work not just on Wednesday.  I am going to start doing the social media everyday and help with the games on Tuesday.  

I think everything is going well because I/m used to the whole system because I have been around it my whole life.  I am looking forward to doing more social media stuff and getting the comunity involved.  What stands out is the point they gave the role to be incharge of the media.  I think thu=is will be good for me it fits what I like community,social media, and football.


I love my internship because I get to play with little kids who look at me too much maybe because im new but i do love them and they are great. I just started so I really don't know the kids that well but hopefully I will get to know them before the year is over . What I do with the kids is help them with their work and talk to them or help them read their books that they picked when they have to read for silent reading. 

ILP: Lego League

​I've gone to my ILP for the second time this week. So far, I'm basically organizing kits of lego's that are used for competitions. I think what went well is that I knew the building and didn't have a hard time finding the room because I'm familiar with it, since I did a program in this building this summer. I'm looking forward to getting to work on other projects like this. 
Building/fixing things (lego's) is something that Engineers have to do constantly, and since I want to go into the field of Engineering in the future, I thought this was a great opportunity, and it would give me a push in the right direction. 

ILP first day's

My ILP is assisting Brenda Richmond, William Mckinleys school councilor. I wanted to do this to work on my communication skills because I want to go into themedical feild of ob/gyn. There is alot of things that can happen here and I wanted to learn how to break news and explain/ warn people to make sure they stay on the right track with their bodies and/or babies.

On September 30th I went to William McKinley Elementry to see if I can do My ILp there with the school councilor. She wanted me to get it approved for/by Jeremy that I can go and she wanted to send her a discription of what SLAs ilp all intitles So she can get it approved by their Principal.

On October 7, after emailing my advisor the previous dayor day of about my IlP whom instructed me to talk to Jeremy. I met With Jermy and He basically wrote a Permission Slip and Emailed her at discription of SLAs ILP and what we do there. After we got that situated. I talked to a young man about his behavier and all

On october 14th, I went to my ILP and helped six eighth graders review their highschool selection sheet/page and helped them eliminated schools they didnt qualify for and recommended ones they did and given them a list of that schoolsrequirements.

I think all went well. I am looking forward to talking to the students and helping them out.


I do not have an Ilp but I have some interesting Ideas, I have been thinking about working for my Mom and learning about what she does for a living such as learning different techniques about massages and being a chiropractor. I also want to learn more about healthy eating from my mom and how to get people to get on the right track to healthy eating. ​


  • When are you meeting with Jeremy?
  • I have met with Jeremy last week and left a gmail when a group of kids were there in the Sla Cafe  
  • What have you been doing to set one up?
  • I have been negotiating with my mom about what things we can discuss about while I learn by simple examples
  • What got in the way (be careful how you word this) of having one on time?
  • I've been very confused on who to tell before the beginning of the year. During the summer. 
  • Add what you think is important.
  • I think it's important for all of us to have an Ilp so every Wedesday all of us can learn new things and experience new things on what to to in real life.  

All About my ILP

This year I have my ILP at my previous school, Independence Charter School. At my school, it is a Spanish immersion school, so this way I get to practice my Spanish. With that said, I have been working in classrooms, working with kids and helping them with their Spanish. Everything has gone smoothly and have been able to get it pretty quickly and easily. I also love my middle school and am really close with a lot of my old teacher so it is nice to be able to spend time with them again. Overall, I am really enjoying my ILP and am looking forward to whats to come!

Gabriel ILP

- I've been having a lot of fun working at the record store, and everybody, both the hosts and customers, have been great to work with. My mentor got me settled in really quickly and I'm very familiar with the store and the various aspects of my work there. It feels like a fun, interesting, and, at times, challenging place to work.
- I'm not really looking forward any specific thing, but I definitely look forward to working there every week. 
- I've learned about so much new music since working there, like Swiss punk and mid-west weirdo rock, and I feel like I've learned a lot about how to turn something you love into a living, which is a valuable life lesson for everyone.
- Even though the work can be repetitive, my hosts have done a great job of making it as interesting and enjoyable as possible - alphabetizing old records isn't ever that fun, but my hosts, Leora and Colin, make sure to put on music they think I'd like. In short, I feel useful.

My ILP (Savannah Manns )

My  ILP is helping old people learn how to use modern day technology.

What went well?
Something that went well would be, getting the ILP. 

What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to teaching the old men and women how to become more knowledgeable with modern day technology.w

What stands out that has happened so far?
When I get there the lady that supervises me is usually MIA which irritates me.


I do not have an ILP as of yet. But my dad and I, with help from his production studio co-owner, have compiled a list of recording studios around the area that will most likely need interns. Earlier this week I tried to email a place named "third floor tapes" but the man running it made clear it was a one man team that did not need any help. So, tonight I will complete composing the emails and send them out. Most likely I will have an ILP by the end of the weekend knowing many places are in need for unpaid interns. 
The main place I am interested in is a place called "Shooters", it's located downtown and they work on both film production and music production. I am interested in both of these fields so I am excited to send this email. Plus, my dad's friend Brandon says that he knows who works there and has put a good word in for me. So, I am hoping they might accept me into their program. 


I started my internship at Major League Ultimate over the summer. So far i have not gone to my ILP this school year due to the pope and several frisbee games. What is going well is making the connection there. There are a lot of things going well there and I am excited about going back again. Going to games during the season stood out to me because it was so much fun. The ILP is a good match for me. 


  •  What went well?
So far I am learning how to be responsible, so when I take the the kids to their classrooms and things of that sort it goes well because I am learning how to be responsible for people. 
  • What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to continue you on helping around the franklin.
  • What stands out that has happened so far?
What has stood out to me is the amount of trust my mentor has for me. 


I'm thinking of going Jeremy after I talk to my old principal. I've been trying to find time to go back to my old school because I want to help out there. I think what got in the way was that I wasn't really sure on what I wanted to do. I think that it's important because, since I know my old school, I can try to help them out. 


Dont have one. I met with Jeremy last week and he requested to email the principal at greenfield but they were full. Trying to think of something. The thing that got in the way was that i didnt know what i wanted to do and still dont know what i want to do. I need help finding what I want to do and the location has to be convenient for me.


I have an ILP at a middle school in North Philadelphia called Olney Elementary. My first day was a couple weeks ago, and it went really well. I got to grade tests, and help out the teacher for her 7th and 8th grade classes. After school, I got to help out the kids at their Students Run practice, and going home. I'm looking forward to working with the younger kids more, and one substantial thing that has really stood out to me was how the kids reacted to me being in the classroom. They seemed so excited and curious to have a new face in the classroom with them. I think it's important that I get to help out and get to experience what it feels like to teach.


I started my ILP last week. I am interning at WXPN the radio station. I met loads of new and interesting people. It was a really fun experience even though the first day I just did some steady office work. I'm looking forward to shadowing the different departments & setting up for events. I can't wait to see what this year brings me!