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Brittany Atkinson, Wilson Biggs, Tamira Bell

Intro: ¡Bienvenidos nuestro la escuela de Science Leadership Academy! La escuela está en centro ciudad Filadelfia, en veintidós y Arch. SLA es una escuela increíblemente inteligente y extraño. Está es el principal, Señor Lehmann. Él es muy bobo pero inteligente.

Señor Kay: Aquí tenemos la clase de Inglés. El Señor Kay enseña está la clase. Enseña muy bien. Tenemos que leemos y escribimos ensayos. Necesitamos muy unas libros y una pluma.

Señor Sanchez: Está es la clase de historia afroamericana. El Señor Sanchez enseña está la clase. Él también enseña Español tres. Enseña increíblemente bien. Tenemos platicas.

End: Cuando tienes tiempo libre, visitar SLA una día. SLA es un bastante inteligente la escuela, muy divertido, increíblemente creativo y un poquito extraño.

E1 U4 Banda D

¡Hola! Nuestros nombres es Kevin y Gina.

¡Bienvenido a SLA! SLA es Incredibilmente divertido, interesante y único. Estå en centro de la ciudad de filadelfia. Es ciudad de centro en filadelfia. Hay más de cien estudiantes. Hay de 25 Professor-es. Hay de cuatro pisos.

Aquí tengo la clase de Ingles. Él Sr. Kay enseña Drama y Inglés.Él Sr. Kay es súper divertido y inteligente. Sr. Kay es atletico director y poesía club director . Es bastante tranquilo y es muy interesante. En la classes necesitas la computadora, el libro, las hojas de papel y una pluma.

Aquí tengo la clase de arte. La Srta. Hull enseña tecnología y arte. La Srta. Hull es bastante artística y tranquilo.  Enseña muy bien. Aprendemos mucho perspectiva y más o menos tenemos pláticas. En la clase necesitas las hojas de papel y unas lapices.

¡Gracias mirar por a mi video!

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1. "HIV/AIDS Youth Update." phila.gov. Philadelphia Board of Health, 18 Nov 2010. Web. 15 Feb 2013. <http://www.phila.gov/health/pdfs/111810_BOH_Att_BAACO_Pres.pdf>.

This pdf basically lets us know what AIDS/HIV is like for the younger generation. Focusing on certain ages, 13-24. It lets us know the large amounts within this age range that are affected by the disease in Philadelphia. On top of that, I know we can use this information if we wanted to focus a bit more on the youth for the project. 

2. Kulkarni, Shefali S. . "States Cutting Back On Drug Programs For HIV Patients." Black AIDS Institute. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <http://blackaids.org/2011-news/870-states-cutting-back-on-drug-programs-for-hiv-patients>.

I thought this was very important because we know that we need to have some sort of information that is key to understanding the huge effect pay rates in Philadelphia have on those with this disease. Medication is definitely not cheap and getting a job, is harder than ever. People really have to think about what they spend their money on and ways to save when paying for the medication.

3.Interview by Linda Burnette. "Philadelphia Youth Advocate Tackles AIDS Denial." The Body. . . Print. http://www.thebody.com/content/art45890.html.

This website gives us an interview that someone else had with the Executive Director of YO ACAP. A club that is dedicated to helping those in need, focusing on teenagers. The director, Linda Burnette really helps those teens with understanding the effects of AIDS/HIV. 

4. "AIDS among African Americans Main risk factors among African Americans Social and economic context of the African American AIDS epidemic How do African Americans view the epidemic themselves? What is being done to combat HIV in African Americans? The Future." Avert. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <http://www.avert.org/hiv-african-americans.htm>.

Unlike most of our sites, this one is more focused on the wide research of African-Americans. This site is all about African-Americans and AIDS/HIV. It focuses on one race in order to help those who need financial advances and those who need it.

E1 U4 Banda D

Hola! Nuestros nombres es Kevin y Gina.

¡Bienvenido a SLA! SLA es Incredibilmente divertido, interesante y único. Estå en centro de la ciudad de filadelfia. Es ciudad de centro en filadelfia. Hay más de cien estudiantes. Hay de 25 Professor-es. Hay de cuatro pisos.

Aquí tengo la clase de Ingles. Él Sr. Kay enseña Drama y Inglés.Él Sr. Kay es súper divertido y inteligente. Sr. Kay es atletico director y poesía club director . Es bastante tranquilo y es muy interesante. En la classes necesitas la computadora, el libro, las hojas de papel y una pluma.

Aquí tengo la clase de arte. La Srta. Hull enseña tecnología y arte. La Srta. Hull es bastante artística y tranquilo.  Enseña muy bien. Aprendemos mucho perspectiva y más o menos tenemos pláticas. En la clase necesitas las hojas de papel y unas lapices.

¡Gracias mirar por a mi video!

Annotations: Isabela Supovitz-Aznar

Annotation 1:

Warner, Dave. "Philadelphia Homeless Feeding Ban Challenged By Charities." n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/10/philadelphia-homeless-feeding-ban_n_1663058.html>.

This article on the huffington post is mainly about the law that mayor nutter tried to pass in order for homeless people to not be fed publically anymore. The reason this article is important to my topic is because it has a lot of helpful information about this law and why it was so problematic. Many churches in philadelphia feed the homeless often, and they will no longer be able to if this law is passed. Additionally this article states that on any given night there are approximately 6,000 homeless people sleeping outdoors in Philadelphia.

Annotation 2:
"Services." project home. N.p., n. d. Web. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http://www.projecthome.org/services/>.

This website is helpful because it introduces many of the resources that homeless people have, and which they don’t. This website also includes a description and different sections of how the shelters work and what the community is like there. Many of these shelters have programs for certain problems common among homeless people in philadelphia such as drug and alcohol problems.

Annotation 3:
BEELER, CAROLYN . "Laws That Target Homeless Imperil Programs That Feed Them Outdoors." (2012): n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/07/30/156328035/philadelphia-bans-serving-food-to-the-homeless-in-public>.

This website also has to do with the attempted ban for feeding the homeless. The reason why this will help in my argument that homelessness is the biggest issue in philadelphia is because it has quotes that I can use from mayor Nutter about the issue, and why he wanted it passed. Unlike the other article i’m annotating for this topic, this article shows both sides of the argument, and also  gives more specific info about the churches that feed the homework and information about homeless men in philadelphia.

Annotation 4:
Yanoff, Shelly. "Havens and hope for homeless youth." n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http://articles.philly.com/2012-11-18/news/35187591_1_homeless-youth-covenant-house-young-people>.

This article is lovely because it talks specifically about runaways and homeless teens in philadelphia and the support there is for them. In doing research on other places in the united states, Philadelphia not only has a higher rate of homeless teens, but they have less help for these teens. This article talks about the facilities that do help, and statistics that are helpful to my presentation.

Annotation 5:
"Facts on Homelessness."http://www.jefferson.edu/jeffhope/patientsvcs/HomelessnessFacts.cfm. N.p., n. d. Web. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <http://www.jefferson.edu/jeffhope/patientsvcs/HomelessnessFacts.cfm>.

This link has all of the facts and statistics about homelessness I could have asked for. with this I have plenty of confirmed statistics that prove why homelessness is one of the biggest issues in philadelphia. This also talks about reasons why the homeless in philadelphia are homeless, and many other things such as ethnicity and age of those who are homeless. These statistics are great for my presentation.

Interview Annotation 6:

Residential Advisor at St. Johns Hospice, Front Desk, Rhonda . Telephone Interview. 14 Feb 2013.
Rhona was extremely helpful to me, and gave me a lot of important information for my project, as well as a personal and valid opinion. She told me the most common problems and causes for homelessness are “the economy, lack of work, cost of living going up, no affordable housing, and drug problems”. When I asked her about the law that Mayor Nutter was trying to pass about not feeding homeless people in public areas she said: “I didn’t agree with it, people that are homeless are hungry, don’t have no where to go, no where to sleep...if people want to be able to see them they should be able to see them”


Source 1: Religious Person:

My stakeholder decided to stay anonymous


  • Can we use your name to quote you or would you like to stay anonymous? If so what is your name?

  • Do you think the teens in philadelphia are safe?

  • Why is it that you have that opinion?

  • Do you think Mayor Nutter is doing a good job handling the safety of teenagers?

  • Can you name any events in Philadelphia that has threatened the safety of teenagers?

  • Do you like the curfew?

  • Do you think the curfew has helped?

  • Why do you think teenagers break the curfew?

  • What do you think the Leaders of Philadelphia have to do to make teenagers safe?

  1. stay anonymous.

  2. no

  3. too much free time

  4. the closing of schools, rec. centers, and no jobs.

  5. no

  6. no

  7. because it's a law, teens need adventure

  8. go back to # 4

This is what he emailed me the first time, however when I asked him to be more thorough on what he meant, he sent me this letter:

        Ms. Lee;

  I got my numbers wrong.To explain better,the questions you asked were based on the safety of teens and the city leaders actions toward their being.

  Safety is not only for teens but all the people should be the concept of your study because you cannot study one without the other. For example, let's talk about affordable housing and jobs. If one's parents work, they can live in a home and raise a family in a environment that can be considered a good area.

  With that in mind, everything will fall in place, as to the safety of the teens and everyone else. People care about themselves when they feel good, look good and got money. But,when things take a 180 degree turn, it's bad for everyone. Such as to the city's budget and the proposed cuts of jobs, schools, rec. centers, libraries and etc. to save money. Who will suffer.

  Actions like that will cause danger in the city because of the mental and physical state  people are in there is " No Money". Nothing and nobody is safe.

                   You see " everything is everything".

                                                                        Hope I helped

I decided to interview a religious person for my stakeholder, because I felt as though they would have a lot to say about the community that the church is in. This interview is influential because him spoke about not only the teenagers but the parents. You could really tell that he cared because he also wrote a letter that would help explain where he was coming from. I also think it’s important because people of the church works with the community to try and make it better. They go around the community trying to help people and make sure teens are on the right path. This is a reliable source because because it comes from a person who’s involved in the community.

Source 2: Article: Officials in Phila. Plan Curfews to Curb Teenage Violence


In this article it talked about how Mayor Nutter planned on setting the curfew time to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays because he thinks it’ll prevent teenagers from being able to mob up on people. In the article it also talked about how Mayor Nutter planned on punishing not only the mob participates but their parents also. It states that the parent will be punished also if the teenager is picked up. The first time will be a warning, but the second time they will have to pay a $500 file. It also states that police patrols will also be increased to help prevent the mobs from happening. This is an influential article because Mayor Nutter speaks on the actions and shows that he isn’t playing around, that he means business.

Source 3: Organization Website: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


This is a website about a organization called Philadelphia Youth Violence Reduction Program  (PYVP) which is a multi- agency that involved with many youth organizations and criminal justice agencies, that work together to help reduce the homicide rate of teenagers and put youth offenders on a positive path. The organization cooperated with the 24th/25th Police District to collect data about the homicide rate. In the data they collected it showed that since the opening of PYVP homicides rates are significantly lower. The organization is involves more than 10 public and private organizations with consist of 50 police officers, probation officers, and street workers. They go out to the houses of participants about 25 times a month to check in with them and make sure they are on the right track. I think this is a good website because can go to it to learn more about the program and how to get their children involved in it. If more police district get involved with the program it means that they’ll be able to prevent flash mobs from happening.

Source 4: Article: 9 Shot at Teen Party in Suburban Philadelphia


In this article it talks about a shooting that took place at a teenage party in Chester, PA. In the shooting there were 9 teenagers shot and 2 dead, they were attending a party in a social hall that had been rented out for them when the shooting took place. Mayor Wendell Butler was disheartened at the scene as he told the Associated Press, he was also surprised to find 13- year olds from Philadelphia at the party. When he asked them how did they find out about the party, they told him, “It was on Facebook.” Since then Mayor Butler had declared a state of emergency and set the curfew time to 9 pm. Butler pilot a project to install new surveillance cameras in the areas of high rate crimes. I think that this in an influential article because it talks about how the Mayor of the Chester Pa. planned on being stricter with the kids by having surveillance cameras where teenagers hang out, with will allow them to see the activity that occurs.

Source 5: Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed in Apparent Reprisal Shooting


In this article Mayor Nutter spoke on a shooting that took place on a Tuesday night, he called the shooter a “dog.” The Mayor also told the parents of of the youth that they must teach them to “not to act like idiots and a-holes”, he was very furious in the article and it showed. Which is why I think this is a good source because it shows the reader that he actually cares. He also speaks about what the adult needs to do in order to control their kids. This is a credible source because it comes from a reliable news source, which is CBS Philly.

​Michael Hall - Annotated Bibliography

Wilkerson, Isabel. The warmth of other suns: The epic story of America's great migration. Random House, 2010.
This book centered around the migration of black from the south to the north during the 1915-1970. The author Isabel Wilkerson does great with the usage of personal accounts for migration during that time period. The book doesn't just explain the reasons why blacks would want to move but allows them to tell their story. For example in the first story it tells about how a women had to say goodbye to her daughter and grandchildren. In the second story it tell us about a man who leaves his small southern town because he broke some rules. Because these stories are different, they add variety to the book. This usage of first person also works well with the book purpose, which is to get the reader to understand the different reason why blacks moved and their motives behind leaving.

2)http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/4134096?uid=3739864&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=21101801165487 Johnson, Karl E. "Police-Black Community Relations in Postwar Philadelphia: Race and Criminalization in Urban Social Spaces, 1945-1960." The Journal of African American History (2004): 118-134.
As it was stated in the article this incident happens directly in Philadelphia. This view on the violence doesn't just show how race plays a part in violences but also that  the area the violence takes place is a factor. It says “the Elmwood and Paschall neighborhoods had long been a racial battleground”. This was said from the leader of churches that agree that the violence is started because of racial differences.  The article isn't really backed up with facts but really an eye witness account for what happened during that time. This information is useful for getting the just of what it was like in a Philadelphia neighborhood during 1945-1960. Not stating that every area was like this but if racial differences were present then violence was mostly the result. Also mentioning the police force and stating that it was white police enforcement also added to how race played a part in almost every situation like this.

http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/20090975?uid=3739864&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=21101801165487 Franklin, Vincent P. "The Philadelphia race riot of 1918." The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 99.3 (1975): 336-350.
This article was interesting because of not just focusing on Philadelphia, it describes the country as a whole during the World War. It states that “ It is a common phenomenon for domestic hostilities and conflicts to subside and a united front to be created”. This means that even though America has its problem, when something that endangers us all we will come together but to the articles statics, the war didn't do much to stop the violence against the blacks. The lynchs did decrease but after about two years they increased. This article then slowly focuses back to the country and its specific cities that show the most race related crimes. In all this article is useful for getting to know the countries viewpoint on the crimes but what happened during that time.

4)http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=E7fbQj3blEAC&oi=fnd&pg=PA1&dq=philadelphia+race&ots=LYgwa-J8KE&sig=6cdTXYEsuUMR36f7R_U0HM25rpQ#v=onepage&q=philadelphia%20race&f=false Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt, and Isabel Eaton. The Philadelphia negro: A social study. No. 14. Published for the University, 1899.

This book was published by W.E.B Du Bois and was composed while he was in Philadelphia. After reading the first few sections of the book I soon realized what the book was trying to accomplish. In the book he explains to the reader the certain problem the average black person face living in Philadelphia. For example in the book it says “ Here is a large group of people that don't form an integral part of the social society”. He also says “the physical environment of the city” explaining how the houses and sections affect just how the black mind is influenced. This book is great for understanding the mind set of black people from a perspective that focuses on them only.

5) http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=T3V-40R8oaMC&oi=fnd&pg=PA1&dq=violence+in+philadelphia+neighborhoods&ots=E-Op_5YOYt&sig=IJifaduZT8SjkAyKNjtuqim42FU#v=onepage&q=violence%20in%20philadelphia%20neighborhoods&f=false Lane, Roger. Roots of violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900. Harvard University Press, 1989.

Centering around the violence of Philadelphia's black people was an interesting topic to write a whole book about. As I read it I sensed a bit of bias toward the blacks but as I continued to read and soon realized there wasn't but just stating how brutal some of the violence committed were. Even mentioning other sources like W.E.B Du bois’s “The Philadelphia Negro” made the source even more reliable because that showed that the author actually did research before just writing this book.

6) Douglas, Sinnea. Telephone Interview. 14 02 2013.
This interview was taken place over the phone with a current college student named Sinnea Douglas. The interview was about violence in the city of Philadelphia and how the violence she has seen relates to race. Sinnea has lived in Philadelphia her whole life and had seen many acts of violence. She has  describes one experience she has seen in philadelphia and described her feeling towards the event. She says she seen people get jump because of race and has seen it done near where she lived.

Mmarant's Love Note!

Morgan Marant
Favorite Spot - Penn's Landing 
Neighborhood - Old City
Address - Penn's Landing, Near 2nd & Front Street

My name is Morgan Marant, I am a senior in Philadelphia. I am a young entrepreneur, an avid reader and a lover of all things tasty. I intend to be a Psychology major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Years in Philadelphia - 17 Born & Raised
Current Home - Overbrook Park

My Love Note- 

Dear Penn's Landing, 
Ice Skating. Fireworks. Concerts. Skate Park. Could you be any more versatile? Penn's Landing, thank you for providing a fun place for me to relax, party and make memories. One of my best moments of my life took place on your threshold. Meeting my idol and the love of my life, Childish Gambino, will live fondly in my memory forever. Thank you for your amazing concerts, that includes the Mad Decent Block Party, where I saw an Amish man crowd surf. I'll never forget traveling to Penn's Landing every 4th of July to watch the fireworks every year with my family. Now, it's a tradition that I value dearly. Penn's Landing, you're one of the best places to go, especially for a nice cheap date. Believe me, I've had plenty of those. I can't forget the moments of falling and feeling the joy of watching others fall in the Winter months where I would go with my friends for over priced ice skating. Thank you for introducing me to other Philadelphia natives of different backgrounds, ethnicities and form different parts of the city. When I leave Philadelphia, I think I'll miss you the most, excluding Jim's Steaks. I love you Penn's Landing!

Morgan Marant

Platzer Note

A note from the perpetually anxious and introverted.

Dear Philly,

The only reason I like you is because this is where my house is, and that is where I stay. I don’t enjoy the events, too much noise, too many people. I don’t like walking around the city, I have no desire to be hit by a car again. In the winter, your streets are cold, and the wind blows too strong. I still miss my turquoise headband. In the summer, it’s too hot, and the stench of the trash people carelessly leave on the ground is overpowering. 

The buses are annoying, filled with rude people who blast their bad music and make getting off at the right stop difficult. The buses themselves smell, they’re loud, and kick up dirt and grime in my face as they drive off without me. My experiences with Philly aren't as magical as what most people seem to have.

Sorry Philly, I’m just not that in to you.


Kimberly Cayamcela's Philly Love Note

Name: Kimberly Cayamcela
Years in Philadelphia: 3
Neighborhood: Mayfair
Address: Torresdale Ave. 

I am an eighteen year old high school student who attends Science Leadership Academy. I have moved to North East Philadelphia in the year of 2010 from Warminster, PA. I appreciate music as well as my guitar, Ruby. I'm a recent owner of a lovely pup named Rosie. Peace, love, and music is my everyday motto. 

Dearest Philadelphia, 

From the biggest city in the world, to the suburbs of Pennsylvania, to the city of brotherly love. As I set foot upon your lands I couldn't help myself but to compare you to the other lands I've called home. Unknown places, unknown people, unknown cultures, and an unknown persona. It took me some time. Time to allow myself to call you home. I discovered South Street last summer and began to visit often. Unique stores, unique personalities. My favorite store to enter is The Philly Aids Thrift Store. And as I walk on South Street, I love to observe the different cultures that come together to visit the same place. Though I live in the North East part of you and there's not much activities to do as there is in the city, I now call you home. 

Sincerely, Kimberly Cayamcela 


Msanders Love note

Favorite spot: Mt Airy Playground
Neighborhood: Mt. Airy
Address: Sprague Street

1 am a student at Science Leadership Academy and an Editor for MightyPost. I love watching and playing sports in general, but I also enjoy videogames, bike riding and watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Current Home: Mt Airy, Sprague Street.

​Dear Philadelphia Eagles,

Thank you for ruining the last 13 years of my life. I thought that you guys were SuperBowl contenders, but I can see that I was wrong. Now I am quitting on being an Eagles fan. Hahahaha just kidding. Even though they Eagles have disappointed me since 2004, I am still a die hard Eagles fan. I can remember the 4th and 23 and the Miracle at the New Meadowlands like they were yesterday. Watching every game since 1999 I can say I had some great memories and some awful ones.

I remember the first game I went to to which was 20-10 win against the Bucs in 2002. That was one of my favorite games as a young kid. It was a game that made me believe that the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. I also remember SuperBowl XXXIX. Even though you guys lost it was a great experience watching my favorite team in one of the biggest games ever.

Even though the Eagles haven't had the same success since 2004 I still have high hopes for the birds. I have full confidence in Chip Kelly and I believe he can be the coach to take us back to the promise land. I know the Eagles are a work in progress but there is nothing I can do but support what ever decision Chip Kelly makes. Especially the decision at quarterback. And what ever happens in the near future, I will always have the song stuck in my heart. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES

The 25 bus <3

Marley Utzig

Favorite Spot: Back of the 25 bus

Neighborhood: Port Richmond

I am: Philly high school senior, book worm, spot seeker, street art appreciator

Years in Philly: 11 

Dear 25 Bus,

I love you. Even when you leave me out to face the aggressive weather alone. I love you.

I was an awkward California girl when the harsh city swept me up. I was never around public transportation but when it came time to fall into travel it was you that I fell in love with. I look out the windows and see memories of my past flash by. You have been with me through everything. You have taken me to concerts and clubs. Tried not to be bumpy while I scribbled my late homework down. You held me while I cried from a broken heart or just a stressed mind. You made me love public transportation. You take me to anything I need to go to. My friends and I loudly goof around on the way to the movies or all the way up to North Philly.  I can fall asleep on your and my body knows where we are. With each turn I feel the curve of you moving. Without you I do not know what I would do. How different my life would be. I love you so much I accept your faults, which really is what love is all about.



A Newfound Love

​Matthew Rinaldi
Favorite Spot: Federal Donuts
Neighborhood: South Philly
Address: 8th and Winton St

I am: A Deputy Editor for MightyPost, a student at Science Leadership Academy, and a video game enthusiast. 
Years in Philly: 10 years (almost 11)
Current Home: South Philly
Dear Federal Donuts,

I know our love affair have only just begun, yesterday to be specific. But I can't seem to stop myself from thinking about you. It's funny that I've never noticed you before; probably since you're constantly hidden from plain view. Tucked away in that small street, you definitely deserve more recognition than that.

I didn't know what I was expecting when I first came in. In fact, I was pretty nervous. Were you as great as everyone made you out to be? I didn't want to be disappointed, not again at least. I walked up to the counter and placed my order. I sat on the bench eagerly waiting for my food to be made, all the while looking around as I observed the unique characters that came through the clear, glass door. 

Suddenly, I hear my order being called out. I went back to the counter and took my food, afterwards, heading back to my previous seat. I looked down at the feast I was about to partake in. This was it, the big moment. I took that piece of fried chicken and guided it towards my mouth, ever so slowly as to savor the moment as it nears my lips. My nostrils were filled with an intense aroma of honey and ginger. I was consumed in its inviting fragrance and was filled with nothing but passionate lust. The crispy, golden-brown skin was now grazing my lips and a rush of adrenaline filled me. I open my mouth and bite into its flesh, piercing through the perfectly cooked outer layer and entering its tender, succulent interior.

At that moment I knew I've found where I belong. I found my new piece of heaven.

Philly Love Note

Dayona McNeil 

Neighborhood: Olney
I am: a sister, aunt, daughter, basketball player, and student. I can't get enough of shopping and spending time with the people I love.
Years in Philly: Most of my life
Dear Philly,

I been here for most of my life. I lived in about 3 different neighborhoods throughout my whole life. Soon I will be going to college and leaving but I can say I will most likely be back. I had fun times, crazy times, and bad times but I can say it was all worth it. 


I Love Philly

Charles Norman
West Philly​

Dear Philly,
Let me just say I love you so much. You have some of my favorite things. My number one favorite thing is the Philadelphia Eagles! If it wasn't for you Philly I wouldn't have my Eagles. You have a lot of good food too! I really love those hoagies. Hoagies are my favorite food. I believe Philly has the best hoagies. You may not always be kind to everyone, but I love your toughness. It gets cold here too. I love the freezing temperatures in the winter. I was born here 18 years ago, I've only lived here. I don't plan on living anywhere else, but in this beautiful city of Philadelphia! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

Dear Philadelphia,

Jenny Landham

Favorite Spot: Swan Fountain (Logan Circle) 

Neighborhood: Mt. Airy 

Address: Williams Avenue & Sedgwick Street 

I am: A senior in high school, A writer artist and photographer, A crazy Phillies and Flyers fan, A born and raised Philadelphian

Years in Philly: 18

Current Home: Mt. Airy 


Dear Philadelphia, 

You have been my home since I was born. I can’t see leaving you and not being some sort of homesick. You have housed me for so many years and you have taught me all I know. I have learned so much from you. So many thoughts about what you have started as and what you are becoming. Your beautiful central city lights in the night. People come from all around just to view your amazing memorial sites. 

Why do I love you you might ask. You have so many things to give. Your beautiful parks, how can someone not love it. Your city is a memory maker. What about the parades that happen in you, the events, Christmas village. You have so much to teach. Your history, the railroads, the historical homes. 

Dear Philadelphia, I love you for what you have and what you made. 

Philly Love Note

Gabby Nigro
Neighborhood: Northeast, Philly 
Favorite Spot: New Years Day Parade (mummers) 
I am a senior in high school, a cheerleader, and a future sailor in the United States Navy. 
I have been in Philly for 17 years.

My Love Note: 
Dear New Years Parade,

I love you! I enjoy walking down Broad street every year dressed up in a costume. I enjoy strutting and dancing down to entertain people from all over Philly. The 17 years that I have been in Philly I have not missed one parade. As a little kid my mom would bundle me up and take my sister and I to Broad and Washington to watch all the brigades and string bands. The best part of this day is going to party on 2nd street (two street). Whoever goes to the parade on Broad street, or whoever is in the parade has to experience two street at least once in their life. I was about 13 years old when my mom actually took my sister and I to 2nd street. It was the best experience. I remember dancing all night long with all the drunken mummers. Now I have a different experience because I am actually in the parade. I do not get to see all the mummers until later that night at the party on two street. Philly I love you for having the Mummers Parade every year. I am going to miss you dearly when i leave for the Navy. Thank you for all the memories that I have had from the parades my whole life. 

With complete love,

Philly Love Note

Taina Rosario

Favorite Spot: Schuylkill Trail  

Neighborhood: Center City

I am: A Senior, A Free Spirit, A Latin Artist, A Daughter of Science, and A Life Long Dreamer

Current Home: West Kensington


Dear, Schuylkill trail


Thank you for always being there for me. When rain patters the streets, your bridged under-paths sheltered me. As the spring flowers bloom along your grassy paths, and the sun sends warming beams through the white clouds, I walk along you breathing in the peace. Even on the coldest of winter days, the river flowing on your side soothes my muddled thoughts. It took me too long to see your beauty, though I have ridden on your paths when I was too young to walk.

Deep with in your tranquility, I have enhanced my passion for art, lived through relationships rising and falling, and learned to be at peace with my self. You have never judged me, nor asked anything of me but to be myself, and for that I thank you. Thank you Schuylkill Trail, I will always love you.

Forever Yours,

Taina Rosario

Photo on 1-26-13 at 6.43 PM #4
Photo on 1-26-13 at 6.43 PM #4

Philly Love Letter


Sports fan, student, computer nerd.


Dear Philly,

Although sometimes my friends hate you, you have never been bad to me. There are many different reasons to love you and the things that are offered. I got to say my favorite people are the sports fans of the different Philly teams. I feel like many people say the fans are the worst, I say they are the best because they pressure the teams of our city to do the right things and give them a piece of there mind. Communication between the team and the fans is important, additionally they are always working to get into the head of the players letting them know if they are doing good or bad. Some other things about the city are all the different areas you have, I live in chestnut hill go to school in Center City and my school plays baseball in south Philly. I get to experience all the different people that you contain, the stories that I can tell when I am old will be great. Also you are in the right place you are close to the beach the mountain's and can do just about anything with in a 2 hour drive, including amusement parks. You have some weird traditions that I do not take place in, but having the window open for when I am older is great. Your dear friend septa is not appreciated by many, but I cannot complain, I have many stories to tell and don't have to go to school when the train breaks down, I meet many different types of people on the train ride to school, but tend not to talk to strangers. I love to ride the Broad Street Line when going to games it makes the game that much better, and people will be chanting for their team before the game starts, and after all the drunks get on the train and many good stories to tell.

Sammy's Philly Love Letter

Samantha Zeisloft 

Favorite Spot: The Crik

Neighborhood: Roxborough 

I am: a Philly explorer  

Adress: hermitage 

Roses are red violets are blue, theres no other city, that i love more than you. I've spent the last 18 years in you dear philly, and you have made me nothing less than happy. Your beautiful sunny skies and hectic city life never fail to bring a smile to my face. When I think of my home, I think not of a house or a bed i think of you, and all of your beautiful varying sceneries. From your crazy inner city, to your beautiful, peaceful woods, its nearly impossible to dislike something as amazing as you. <3

Annotated Bibliography

1. Gavett, Gretchen. "Timeline: 30 Years of AIDS in Black America." PBS. WGBH Educational Foundation, 10 Jul 2012. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/social-issues/endgame-aids-in-black-america/timeline-30-years-of-aids-in-black-america/

- This sources is presented as a timeline to when HIV/AID’s was first discovered, to all the important events that happened since 1981-present day. This is important to the project that we are doing because it gives us exact dates and times of the current events that centered around HIV/AIDS. On thing that stood out to me was that this serious infection started out between gay men and then spread out from there.

2. "AIDS Facts." AIDS Fund n.pag. Web. 11 Feb 2013. <http://www.aidsfundphilly.org/about/facts.php>.

- This source is a fund that helps to fight HIV/AIDS. It gives a the reader different organizations that are apart of this fund. This is useful to our project because it gives us statistics on HIV/AIDS. This is also helpful because it gives a list of organizations that are partners with the Aids Fund Foundation.

3. "STD Health Equity - Rates by Race or Ethnicity." CDC(2011): n.pag. CDC. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <http://www.cdc.gov/std/health-disparities/race.htm>

- From this source I can tell see the different races that are mostly infected with HIV/AIDS. This is essential to the research that we are doing for this project because we can take a lot from this source, we can zoom in on a certain race, or age, if we pleased. One thing that stood out to me was that there was the large amount of African-American women that are infected with the disease over the number of African-American men that have the disease.

9. http://www.avert.org/hiv-african-americans.htm
Unlike most of our sites, this one is more focused on the wide research of African-Americans.

¡Mi Escuela!

Me llamo Marcos Cruz a.k.a Marky Mark. Mi cumpleaños es de veinticinco de julio. Yo tengo catorce años. Soy estudiante de Science Leadership Academy. SLA está en Filadelfia, PA. Está cerca de Franklin Institute. Es muy único y especial. Hay cinco pisos, cuatrocientos cincuenta estudiantes y treinta profesores. Tenemos una variedad de actividades, deportes y educación. SLA tiene baloncesto y drama. Baloncesto es mi deporte favorito .Participó en baloncesto porque, yo quiero jugar a la NBA.

Yo tengo un manojo clases. Yo tengo bioquímica, geometría, español, inglés, historia, arte, ingeniería, consejería, y almuerzo. Mi clases favorite son inglés y geometría. Ingles porque es muy interesante y divertido y geometría porque mi profesor es cómico. No me gusta mucho historia porque es muy aburrido. Necesito mi computadora, mi lápiz, mi libro y mi mochila para todas mis clases. Para tener éxito en esta clases, necesitamos tengo que estar concentrado y completar mi trabajo.

Él Señor Kay enseña drama. Él es muy cómico y feliz. Él entrena a equipo de baloncesto de SLA y ejecuta club de poesía. La Sra. Dunn enseña Inglés. Ella es muy agradable y la amo mucho. Ella es increíble. La Sra. Manuel enseña españoles 1. Ella es muy emocionante y divertido. Ella mantiene la clase despierto con ella la energía. Sr. Reddy enseña matemáticas. Es divertido pero serio también. Todos ellos son súper increíble.

Me gusta SLA, ya que es especial y nuevo. Lo que más me gusta son los maestros, mucha de la atención de los profesores acerca de nosotros. No me gustan los puntos de referencia, que no son difíciles sólo consume mucho tiempo. SLA es muy agradable, extraño pero impresionante.

E1 U4 Nashay Day/Serge Mass


Nuestras sequel es Science Leadership Academy.

El nombre de nuestras principio es Señor Lehmann.

Esta es nuestra oficina

Esta es nuestra sala de bioquímica. Su sala número 207. Nuestro profesor de bioquímica se llama es Señor Sherif. Él es muy simpactico. Usted necesita un lápiz y una computadora portátil en su clase.

Esta es nuestra clase de Inglés. Senora Dunn es nuestra professora.Ella trabajó en Nueva York. Ahora ella está en SLA. Me gusta su clase mucho, ella es bonita, y intelligente. 


Korah Lovelace - Annotated Bibliography:

1) Duong , Nghe Ly. "Looking back on racial violence at South Philly High." Philadelphia Public School The Notebook. (2009): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <http://thenotebook.org/blog/125398/looking-back-on-racial-violence-south-philly-high>.

Duong Nghe Ly is a chinese student who immigrated to Philadelphia. He Attended South Philly High School, which was predominantly populated by African American Students. He was one of 30 chinese students who were victims to racial abuse. In this journal entry he recounts on his experience at South Philly High School. This source provided us with a specific example of violence due to race concentration in Philadelphia. Duong Nghe Ly serves as an eyewitness account and represents our perception of the results of racial separation in Philly.

2) Caust-Ellenbogen, Celia. " Pennsylvania Hall Association."Quakers and Slavery Digitization Project. (2009): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <http://trilogy.brynmawr.edu/speccoll/quakersandslavery/commentary/organizations/pennsylvania_hall.php>.     

Celia Caust-Ellenbogen is a intern for the Quakers and Slavery Digitization Project. Her source gave us a sort of starting point on figuring out why Philadelphia attracted so many races. Celia collected all of her information from primary sources, which she references at the end of her work. Celia gave us a lot of intel on Philadelphia Hall, which was created to be a meeting place for radical topics such as slavery, Indians, and free speech. We relied on Celia’s work to give us details on what could be one of the  historical factors that attracted people to Philadelphia.

3) Denvir, Daniel. "Segregation: New studies show Philly has nation’s most separate and unequal schools, neighborhoods. Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Detroit close behind.." Citypaper Newsletter . (2011): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <http://www.citypaper.net/blogs/nakedcity/Segregation-New-Study-Shows-Philly-Has-Nations-Most-Separate-and-Unequal-Schools-Neighborhoods-.html>.   

Daniel Denvir is a freelance writer and journalist who dared to cover the racial separation in Philadelphia in 2011. This article uses studies from Brown University sociologist John Logan which gives potential causes for racial segregation in Philadelphia. This was important research for our project because it gave us depth on topics we could choose to branch off and study. Daniel also offers many statistics on income levels that compare African American income levels to that of whites. Overall, this source gave us more justification that Philadelphia does have a racial segregation problem.

4) "Bureau of Labor Statistics ." Overview of BLS Demographic Data. 2010. <http://www.bls.gov/bls/demographics.htm>.  

While researching we realized we were dealing with a topic that had its own name, demographics. Demographics are statistics and facts regarding populations and groups within a population. The United States  Department of Labor Offered us many demographic topics related to race in the U.S. We were able to use these statistics to compare philadelphia to the rest of the country. We also realized this bureau had a lot of interesting facts and explanations pertaining to of country.

5) Gus Lubin, Christine Jenkins. "The 22 Most Segregated Cities in America ." Business Insider. (2011): n. page. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <http://www.businessinsider.com/most-segregated-cities-in-america-2011-3?op=1>.   

Gus Lubian and Christine Jenkins are journalist who incorporated many statistics and databases to create a list of the 22 most segregated cities in America. They got their information on Philadelphia from studies done at Brown University. We discovered that Philadelphia is number 7 on this list of 22. This statistic gave us a clear view of where exactly Philadelphia rages in segregation compared to the other very segregated cities in the U.S.

6) Smith, Kathyana. Interview by Jalisa Smith. Your Experience in Philadelphia 12 Feb 2013. Feb . Film.  

This interview contains a personal story described by Kathana Smith. Ms. Smith talks about her experience immigrating to the U.S. Ms.Smith discusses her experience arriving to Philadelphia and why she chose to live in Philadelphia. Ms.Smith also describes her transition from previously living in Barbados to caring for her family in Philly. This interview added depth to our project being providing a persoanl story of immigration to philadelphia.

Annotated Bibliography

Holes, Jamie “Why Can’t More Poor People Escape Poverty?”, 06 Jun 2011

This artivle talks about why the poor remain poor and how they get their.  People choose the wrong paths at times which can lead them into poverty. Because of the recession and evidence of bad budgeting it is harder now for the poor to get away from poverty.


Odom, Victoria. “Interview” 13 Feb 2013

I interviewed one of my friend’s mother Ms. DeJesus through FaceTime and asked her questions about her job and what she does.  She works for PHMC at a service called Child Link. She works with the welfare of children with special needs. She assists the child and their families by having interventions by teaching the families to interact with child so they can live a normal life. This program is available for all families of any race of household income.

City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries 13 Feb 2013

This website shows the average income of the different neighborhoods/areas of Philadelphia. I focused on 2 different areas of Philadelphia Mt. airy and Kensington. Mt.Airy represents a higher income  based on what the average Philadelphian makes and Kensington represents a lower income based on what the average Philadelphian makes.


Herr, Susan. “Google Finds Rich Don’t Help Give to Poor” 10 Oct, 2007. 13 Feb 2013

There were two points found from a study on Patterns of /Household Charitable Giving. It was discovered that less than a third of  American’s donations given to charities actually help and benefit those in poverty. Also wealthier families are less likely to give back and help the needy. Those who make $200.000 - $1 million give back about. 29%, those who make $1 million and up give back about 22% and those who make less than $200,000 give back about 36%.


Neuman, Susan. “One City, Two Libraries, and Ten Years of Watching Inequality Grow”. 

Fall 2012, 13 Feb, 2013.

This article talks about how the different classes of families treat there children when it comes to education. In article it compares to libraries and differences of reading levels that people have. One area described as the badlands, an area of poverty, has 42% of the students reading at a level that is lower material. Early teenagers read books like Dr. Seuss when they should be reading something more challenging. To find the answer why is this? They turned to an earlier child, pre-schoolers.