Isaac Adlowitz Hamlet Close Reading and Analysis

Isaac Adlowitz
Act 2, Scene 2

Shakespeare has often been known to have the characters in his plays perform soliloquies in the middle of talking to another character. Soliloquies are often looked at as thinking out loud. They often help the audience or reader know a little better about the thought process of the character, and what might occur next in the play. Soliloquies are looked at as a form of narration. They often show a two-faced nature to many of the characters. One example could be from Hamlet in act 2 scene 2. Polonius has initiated a conversation with Hamlet as soon as he runs into him. Polonius is trying to talk to Hamlet because Hamlet has feelings for Polonius’ daughter Ophelia. Polonius doesn’t want Ophelia to talk to Hamlet because Polonius believes Hamlet is a womanizer and a bit of a brat, and would prefer for his only daughter to be with someone different. Polonius approaches Hamlet and tries very hard to connect with him, but at that moment Hamlet is acting particularly difficult towards him. Polonius is a little annoyed at Hamlet’s attitude, but has kept his annoyance bottled up inside of him.

How say you by that? Still harping on my daughter. Yet he knew me not at first. He said I was a fishmonger. He is far gone, far gone. And truly in my youth I suffered much extremity for love, very near this. I’ll speak to him again.”  (2-2) Lines 204-209

This quote from Hamlet is a soliloquy of Polonius’ where he describes his feelings about Hamlet’s behavior. Polonius at this moment believes Hamlet is acting this way because he feels dismayed that Ophelia has basically avoided him. What Polonius doesn’t know is that Hamlet is acting this way not exclusively because of that. Hamlet in this point in time has a lot on his plate. He has recently discovered that the King of Denmark murdered his father, and he found out all of this information from the ghost of his father. This quote also shows how Polonius at first is really not happy that Hamlet called him a “fishmonger”, while at the same time he has been bothering his daughter, when suddenly he realizes when he was around the same age as Hamlet he might have acted similarly in a situation involving a girl he liked. So as a result of his revelation he becomes more sympathetic towards Hamlet and decides to keep talking to him.

Directly after the soliloquy Polonius asks Hamlet what he has been reading in an effort to try and connect with him, and see if they might have any similar interests. This is followed by Hamlet saying he reads many words. A response of that sort leads one to think that the person who said that really has no interest in speaking to that person or they love to act like a smart alec. Polonius after a few more words are exchanged asks Hamlet have a serious talk with him. Hamlet shuts his request down completely. Leading Polonius to realize that this might not have been the best time to speak with Hamlet.

His answers are so full of meaning sometimes! He has a way with words, as crazy people often do, and that sane people don’t have a talent for. I’ll leave him now and arrange a meeting between him and my daughter. “ (2-2) Lines 226-232

This is also a soliloquy of Polonius’ and he is talking about how Hamlet has a lot to say. He is saying that he believes Hamlet is crazy as a result of having lots to say. Though as a result of talking to Hamlet he must have thought the craziness was as a result of Hamlet’s love for Ophelia, and not for any other reason, so he decides it might be alright if Ophelia meets with Hamlet again. After his soliloquy Polonius says a very polite goodbye to Hamlet, and as Polonius leaves Hamlet mutters to himself about how boring people who are older are.

Martez Card Hamlet close reading assignment

I am analyzing act 1 scene 3 from hamlet and I am focusing on the part when the Polonius begins his speech to Ophelia about hamlet and how he doesn't seeing any good in him and how he doesn't want her involved with him. Before this Laertes was just talking to Ophelia about the same thing and how hamlet doesn't want her because of his stature compared to hers. In the speech that Polonius gives to Ophelia he tells her reasons as to why hamlet doesn't want her or why he thinks that he wouldn't want her. He goes on in his speech and pretty much just says that hamlet is basically a pig and will never love her because he can have any girl he wants and that he has to high of a stature then her and would never be with her. To me I think that Polonius was keeping it real with his daughter and having a deep serious father daughter talk with her about the guy who she seems to be in love with. Even though he may have hurt her feelings with this talk but he got his point across and showed that he cared and didn't want to end up seeing his daughter getting hut by having high hopes for something that wouldn't happen. I think that this was important because if Polonius hadn't had this talk with his daughter Ophelia he may have ended up feeling terrible later on down the line if his daughter were to be hurt by hamlet and he would feel worse since he didn't warn her about something that he knew about. To me I think this shows how much Polonius cares about his daughter and how he doesn't want to see her with her feelings hurt and shows that he is a good father who tries to protect whats his no matter what, because he didn't seem to make this speech as if he was thinking about how his words may have hurt her feelings he just wanted to get his point across the way he saw as right and try his best with all his ability to protect his daughter from being hurt.  When Polonius says "Do not believe his vows, for they are brokers" to Ophelia I think that he is telling her to not listen to things Hamlet tells her because they are lies and that is one of his reasons for him not wanting his daughter to talk to Hamlet. "I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth, Have you so slander any moment leisure, As to give words or talk with the Lord Hamlet." Polonius is clearly and straight forwardly telling Ophelia that he doesn't want her to talk to Hamlet because of the fact that he thinks that Hamlet only wants her for sex because he can have any women that he wants because of his stature and would never be serious about Ophelia and Polonius doesn't want his daughter to get hurt by Hamlet because of this so he clearly states that he forbids her from talking to Hamlet. 

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Philly Love Note

Favorite Spot: The spot behind Walmart (South Philly)

Neighborhood: South Philly

I am: An artist, an adventurer, a hoodlum 

Years in Philly: 14

Current Home: South Philly 

To that spot behind Walmart,

That spot behind Walmart, you’ve seen more sides to me than most human beings. It’s crazy how I’ve watched you evolve too. Me and Him explored you when you were still uninhabited, still untouched, rough, rugged. You’ve always treated us so good, giving us a place to escape when just a few blocks away would get too much for us to take. I remember hating that they were changing you, making you bare and concreted. I can’t say you were typically beautiful or that you were ever defined as nature, you had your flaws that included more than a few pieces of trash, or burned rubber, and that old car that made me think of you as a place out of some ridiculously cliche movie. You were ugly but I loved you for it. Remember our anniversary when those stupid kids tried to burn down the rest of you and I put out the flames when no one else cared enough to? I ran to you at my weakest plenty of times and you always gave me the pleasure of silence and faint sounds of the river waves against the dock. I’ve always found the lights from Jersey to be our stars. I visited you recently. You’re dying, almost completely exposed now. Every tree that once lined that path they burned on you in the beginning has withered away. The small forest that gave me the excitement of exploration has become not much more than twigs and browned grass. I still love you. It hurts to go back seeing now what you’ve become, what those memories that I have of you have become. Maybe I’ll see you in the spring and we’ll both be flourishing.

- Cheyenne 

La Familia De Tamira Bell

La familia de Tamira Bell. Mi familia es muy grande. Mi familia es increíblemente cómica pero loco. Tengo mayor hermanos y dos hermanas menor. Tengo gemela. Se llama es Tiarra. Tengo seis tías y cinco tíos. Mi mamá se llama Sybil. Mi papá se llama Rodney. Tengo muchos primos. Nuestros somos es increíblemente inteligente. 

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Hamlet close reading

Robert McCormac Hamlet Close Reading 2/26/13

There is no way to introduce such an amazing poet and writer as Shakespeare, Shakespeare is one of the most famous play writers in history. Thank’s to Shakespeare we have amazing play’s and pieces of writing such as Macbeth,Hamlet, and Othello. Shakespeare is the master of suspense and drama, And here are the lines I have personally chosen to analyze from my favorite play Hamlet.

ActIII;IV lines 118-140

Lines:118-125; In these line’s Hamlet has just killed Polonius and is now talking to his mother as he see’s the ghost he start’s talking to him and his mother realizes that he has gone mad. But the big question that the reader may not notice is, does Hamlet himself start to think that he has gone totally mad for his actions? Lines:130-140; This is were we see that Hamlet has gone totally mad, Hamlet is talking to the so called “Ghost” but his mother is in the same room and she doesn’t see anything. Hamlet doesn’t realize that he is talking to himself but he know realizes that he maybe wrong about everything but he’s so ready for revenge that he doesn’t care if he is wrong about it or not. These lines are important, Because it show’s Hamlet finally confronting his Mother about what happen with his Uncle and how he killed his Father. His Mother doesn’t want to believe what has happen but it is coming to her that Hamlet may be serious about this but she can’t tell because of how crazy he has become. Hamlet on the other hand is know questioning if it was even his Uncle to kill the king because he’s know realizing that his mother can’t see the ghost, But Hamlet wasn’t the only one to see the ghost if we go back to the beginning of the book so what does this mean for Hamlet’s sanity? What can we understand from the tone of the characters dialog? We can tell that Hamlet is being physically hysterical after killing Polonius, Hamlet now know’s what he has truly done, he know’s that there is no turning back he must kill the King and face Laertes and have to deal with Ophelia and help her cope with the death of her father. The Queen is in complete shock, and even though Hamlet is right about the king and the murder of his father the Queen doesn’t want to believe that he is right. While in act 3ii we see that the king while listening to Hamlet’s line in the play “Gonzo” reacts with a guilty conscious why doesn’t Hamlet explain this to his mother it just goes unanswered and feels like an empty void left to your imagination. Never under estimate the power of symbolism in Shakespeare play’s, In this act when Hamlet see’s the ghost re-appears, It represent’s how Hamlet truly has been over come with revenge and he want’s to fulfill his goal of killing the king for the murder of his father, but so far do we even know for sure if he has killed his father? Just because a ghost if we don’t know if he is real or just part of Hamlet’s imagination comes to him does that give him the right to kill? What is the definition of insanity? we’ll here it is, “the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.” So as we can safely say Hamlet has lost it, hopefully he is truthfully right about what has happen to his father or else he could be losing it all, even his own life.

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