U2-#8 Amaris Ortiz

In class, we watched Digital Nation, which was a show about the dangers of technology. The most memorable thing to me about this show was that the teachers or principals could see what was on the students’ computer screens. It is important to watch shows like this because it shows kids what to do and what not to do while using the internet. I will keep my future family safe online by making sure that they now about the precautions when using the internet so that they do not run into trouble later on online. I would tell parents who don’t know how to keep their children safe online to make sure they trust that their kids, know what they are doing on the internet, and to not constantly be checking what they are doing.
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 9.17.51 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 9.17.51 PM

U2-#8 Jowon Dorbor

  1. What show did you watch in class? We watched Digital Nation.
  2. What was this show about? This show was about the different outcomes of using the internet in different ways.
  3. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? This most memorable was the websites that kid have access (How To Have a Successful Suicide ).
  4. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It's important because parents need to know how much of an influence the internet can have on their child.
  5. How will you keep your future family safe online? By making them thing of the outcomes of the action they make.
  6. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety? It's important because anything can happen from poor usage on the internet.
  7. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? Advice is to have rules. What you should/should not do.

U2-#8 Naima DeBrest

1. The film that we watched was called Growing Up Online and it was about growing up in the digital age. 
2. The most memorable thing was that the teachers could look at a live feed of what the student where looking at on there laptops.
3. It is important to show this type of media because it lets kids know about how to be safe online and the consequences of risky behavior. 
4. I will keep my future family safe by knowing when, why, and what they are doing on the internet. 
5. It is important so your family can know how to be safe also because adults also get tricked and act negatively because of the internet. 
6. I would tell them to make sure the know what there child is doing on the internet and how long they will need the internet.  


Digital Nations

  1. The show was about the how children are online and unsupervised too much. It also touched bases on what kids are hiding from their parents online.

  2. The most memorable moment was when the group of girls realized how petty the fight they got into was over something that happened online.

  3. It is important so that children and adults will know what they are getting into in case something bad might happen to them.

  4. I will keep my future family safe by warning them about situations like these and monitoring their internet time.

  5. It is important to talk about these things with your family so you will not have to hide anything and they can help you if you get into some kind of trouble.

  6. If you do not know how to keep your kids safe at least have a talk with them about what can happen and what is already happening.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 7.56.31 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 7.56.31 PM

U2-#8 - Lauren Matthews

Growing up online

  1. What was this show about?

    1. this show was about a school in NJ where the internet is very popular and is used in different ways. Ways such as for school purposes, music videos, blog post, fights for entertainment . etc.

  2. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show?

    1. The most memorable thing was people regretting for the wrong of what they did.  

  3. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these?

    1. It is important to watch these shows to understand the dangers of online.

  4. How will you keep your future family safe online?

    1. To keep my family safe online, we will use online sites that all ages can use and  make sure everything website that is used is overlooked by a parent each week.  

  5. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety

    1. It is important because you want to be aware of what happens on the internet because it is used all over the world.

  6. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online?

    1. Keep track of what sites your child uses.


Busted Houses and Bullet Holes


Some movies are set in neighborhoods to portray certain hoods like Compton, Queens, the Bronx, Detroit. Some documentaries try to delve into the dynamics of living in the hood, the systems, rivalries, etc. The portrayals and the footage of the busted houses, bullet holes in signs, expensive cars with special suspensions to rock with down the block, thugs giving you side eye. Most of these aren’t the reality in my hood. Southwest Philadelphia isn’t home to any Bloods or Crips, most of the crew's’ names don’t exist. We don’t have cars rolling down the block at 5 m.p.h., bumping to the bass of any N.W.A or Tupac song. We do have busted houses, bullet holes in signs up and down Elmwood Ave, and people throwing out looks that would make you cry. It isn’t all bad though.

My neighborhood affected me in ways I had never realized until this question was posed to me, what is the relationship between the self and a changing world? It raised me, especially the people in my neighborhood. My neighbors may not have always been the most law abiding citizens, they were pretty dangerous. But they are my second family. They helped me with my throwing arm, protected me, teased me like any big brothers and sisters would. More than anything, they taught me about the world and how people work. I learned how to physically and mentally protect myself. They did not have to say anything to me for me to learn. I would watch.

I was a pretty observant child. I would pay attention to all the conversations I wasn’t supposed to, their body language, everything. Just by watching the world around me, I became a very complex person. My neighbors and even my parents were very quiet but loud. I know that sounds kind of stupid. How can you be quiet and loud? They were quiet about relevant details to stories, what was going on with them and their lives. They were loud about things that did not matter, and what made them mad, etc. I never seen any person or adult around me growing up, back down from a fight or a problem. In turn, I was taught how to defend myself with words and my hands. I was taught that my voice and my opinion mattered, and anyone who said differently could get shut up. I was taught to not be a wimp.

Everyone in their life probably has a bullying story, I have a few of my own. My elementary school was very interesting, and I stuck out a lot. I was very intelligent for my age, I was small and thin, basically an easy target. I started to hate myself then. Yet, I never let anyone get away with it. I learned that you never had to put your hands on someone to hurt them. The problems at school got really bad, but I never let anyone see. I never told my parents or my neighbors, or teachers. I would go off, start firing insults back. I can not really remember the things I would say, but I was eight so I doubt any were worth remembering.

I got to middle school and I was the new kid, but I didn’t really care. I had built up this new person I would be, like most new kids do. I became open about anything, but I caused a lot of problems for myself. Everyone is a mess in middle school, no doubt. No one can look back on those years and say, “Wow, those were some fun times.” I got into a lot of arguments. A lot. The new school, new me attitude had a really strong personality. Anytime I felt disrespected, I popped off. I am still really surprised I never got in a fist fight in my life.

I started to be disliked a lot, just because I didn’t take shit from anyone. With losing friends each year, I never lost my love of learning. So I engulfed myself in school even more. Yet, by the end of middle school, I only had two or three close friends. Which was fine with me, because they were loyal and I am still friends with two of them to this day.

If there was anything I learned from growing up in the hood, it was that you only need two or three people to rock with. Telling your business gets complicated and messy, and nobody deserves to know any part of who makes you who you are. If people aren’t worth it, then you cut them off. Of course in southwest people cut other people off in an entirely different way! Even in this paper, I am not opening up in detail about everything. It is permanently etched in my brain to not give a lot of myself or what I go through up.

In turn, everything I went through in middle school tore me up inside. I never showed it, until one mental breakdown in the hallway in 8th grade. After that incident and graduation, that summer became one of the hardest of my life. I had so much going on and a lot of the problems were all inside of my own head. But just as my hood taught me, you do not let people see. So, I breezed through my freshman and sophomore years as smoothly as I could. And I never got to work out so many things about myself.

I have always known I was a good person, that was never a question. But I had so much to get over. So, I did. A lot of people who have major insecurities and self esteem issues deal with it outwardly and even harm themselves. I never hurt myself, but I took my insecurities out on other people. When I got mad, I was furious, because I had so many emotions going on. I would hone in on something that made me mad other than myself, and feed off of it. It is easier to hurt other people than hurt yourself.

A lot of my neighbors and people I grew up with started to get in trouble. A lot of people who were a big part of my life, got locked up. A lot of my close family friends and family started to die. Not from the streets, but losing them nonetheless. This closed me off even more. I felt as though I did not fit in anywhere. Just as the characters in the novel, “The Yellow Birds,” their worlds were changing everyday, and they felt so closed off from society.

There is this Evergreen tree at the end of my street. If you have ever seen any hood movies, or live in the hood, there are not always a lot of other trees than plain oaks. So an Evergreen is almost impossible to come by. I am mesmerized by it every time I am walking home. It is so out of place. The tree is never bare, but it is magnificent and beautiful. Captivating if you stare for more than a beat. I am that Evergreen. I always have my armour on to protect me from the outside world, I stick out in places, but I am magnificent and beautiful. It may have taken me a long time to grow, but I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I thank my hood for everything it has taught me, my home.

Digital Nation- Reflection: Aysha Siddiquee

1. The tv show that we watched in class was Digital Nation.
2. This show described and gave many examples of how teens and children in Korea were becoming addicted to the internet and how there were institutions created to help them. As well as how laptops are helping students with their education in schools.
3. These shows give you an idea of whats taking place all around the world how other are being affected by the same things we use.
4. I will keep them safe by making sure there is a limit to everything they do online.
5. It's important to talk about internet Safety so they know everything that's out there and how it could affect them so they are aware.
6. To limit the children's internet and as well as occasionally check up on them

(Not So) Law and Order - Taylor, Deja, and Tony

In this episode of “(Not So) Law and Order”, a girl and her friend decide to hang out at a cafe. What seems like a casual Monday morning turns into a nightmare when one of the girls are poisoned for being rude to the barista. Detective Verde, is on the case. Will she able to solve this crime, or will the real conspirator be set free?

E1 U3 "El Amante en Havana" (Olivia Musselman, Israt Jahan, James Adams, Julia Hood)

María (Olivia) is secretly working overtime as a waitress in a restaurant in Havana, Cuba. Her husband's birthday is coming up, so she's trying to get enough money for his birthday present. One night while on her shift, María sees her husband, Ricardo (James), in the restaurant with another woman! How will she react? Find out in "El Amante en Havana".

Our Counterweight to Discrimination of Muslims in Airports & Planes


We believe that this specific bias needs to end. It is extremely unfair and biased for muslims to be targeted anytime they are in an airport or plane. We should not judge the majority for what the selective few have done. We do not say all Christians are murderers just because the selective have taken multiple lives. Therefore, we neither think nor utter that all muslims are terrorists, for all people have the ability to become a Muslim, therefore implying that if all Muslims are terrorists then all people are terrorists.


We pledge to spread awareness of this important issue by having a notice on the advisory memo and the SLA Media page that supports Muslims and spreads knowledge on this topic. We also want to encourage you to use the hashtag #searcheveryone created by Ijustice Avery on all  social media based on the research of Laith Abuharthieh and Alexander Torres in effort to stop bias against muslims in airports.

Our Counterweight to Asian Bias


With 5 of the 7 of us that regard our parents as “strict”, it is true that the boundaries of strict parents aren’t just residing in that of Asian families. It can occur to every race and/or gender, no matter your background. Usually the term of strict parents comes from the parents childhood as well, as they might have considered their own parents as ”strict”. It’s a big cluster of “strict parents”, and you were possibly born into that lineage. But it’s not something that should overtake every family. They should take ease on their children. Hard work is needed, not just good grades. The parents should take into the account the amount of work the child puts forth to attain a B or below.


We pledge to put forth more effort into our work, and show our parents the hard work, opposed to the good grades. Confronting the parents themselves about the topic could be risky, but it’s nice to resolve with the parents. It’s some understanding between them and you.

Advanced Essay #3 Coming Out

My goals for this paper were to have a larger idea and have better transitions. I think I achieved those goals for the paper. I think the paper was well done for what I did. I think If I could have done this again, I would have done this on gender because it would have been easier to have more scenes of memory and have been able to quote people I know. Also, I would have had different outside sources.

No matter how you identify, you will have many steps when you start to identify yourself. If you were to tell someone you were bisexual, many people would say that you can’t do that. That you can only pick one. Then, when you say that you are gay, there would be people who would deny that and even might say it is just a phase. As if an attraction to a gender might be a phase. If you were to say you were queer, people might say that that isn’t specific enough, like they need to say exactly what type of people they like.

One thing most people do is they try to not tell some people about their identity. For example, when teenagers figure out their sexuality, they might be afraid of telling their parents. So, they have two options. One is to tell people and see what happens. Many kids have a good response from the people they are most afraid of telling when they do tell them. “When I came out to my best friend I asked if it was okay and she told me that I’m exactly the same person. I started crying because that’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

The other option is to “stay in the closet,” which means to not tell their parents to stay safe from any ignorance about their sexuality. Other people, who are out about their sexuality, might still choose not to talk about their sexuality to every person they may meet. This brings up how self-identifying is different than being out. One referee for the NFL had an incident of a player calling him gay slurs and the referee told Yahoo news that he was gay but nobody knew that, including the player who called him the offensive gay slur. “ ‘‘Self-identified’’ alters the tenor of the outing. Not only does it imply ownership of the identity. It also implies that the person coming out was, under the circumstances, not actually in. He just wasn’t out to you. If you’re self-identified, you might have cultivated a life that’s self-selected, meaning the people aware that you’re gay know because you’ve told them,” says The New York Times.

I would know that, as a bisexual, I choose to self-identify myself with people I am very close to. I can choose who I identify myself with. “It’s a term that conveys levels of outness. Your sexual orientation can be an open secret or a plain old secret. You could also just be openly gay — but even then, the degree to which you can be open continues to be limited by who’s open to you.” For example, I could choose to tell my friends and family that I am bisexual but if I am walking down the street, I won’t scream out my sexuality to every person I see. This is why it is important to know the difference between coming out and self-identifying.

In present day time, it is important that everybody is strong in their journey to coming out. Even if you knew someone for the longest time, they might react ignorantly because of how you identify.

It takes a lot of strength to know that people you know might not accept you because of the way you identify. It is also important that whatever way you decide to come out to people is a big step because it takes a lot to do that. Speaking for myself, I know it was a sense of pride to come out because in a society where it is hard to be accepted for your sexual orientation if you are not straight, it is amazing to feel comfortable in your own skin. In a time of life where someone could be put in bad situations for your sexual orientation, it is important that in a safe space, you can feel free with yourself.

Morris, Wesley. "Why ‘Self-Identifying’ Is Different From Coming Out." The New York Times. The New York Times, 2016. Web. 13 Jan. 2016. <http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/03/magazine/why-self-identifying-is-different-from-coming-out.html?_r=0>.

Frank, Nathaniel. "Why Do I Identify as Bisexual? Let Me Spell It Out for You." Web. 13 Jan. 2016. <http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2014/03/28/bisexuality_it_s_really_not_that_complicated.html>.

"When I Came Out." When I Came Out. Web. 13 Jan. 2016. <http://whenicameout.com/>.

Our Counterweight to POC Discrimination in Media

We believe that is important for us as youth to create more content that is POC centric and for directors and casters to cast more POC as leads.

We pledge to watch and spread awareness about media centered around people of color and create more POC inclusive content. 

Orange is the New Black, Being Mary Jane, Quantico and Master of None.
To find these shows click the links below. 

U2#8 Gerber

In tech class, we watched a show called Growing Up Online. It was about the first generation of digital natives, and how their lives are different than the generation before them. It talks about the pros and cons of this new technology based lifestyle, and it describes some of the challenges that technology can cause for us in the long run. We learned a lot about how technology can save schools, but how it can also destroy people’s lives. Something that stood out to me is that there are websites that people visit to be encouraged to have an eating disorder. It just seemed like something that people would fight so hard to overcome or that we shouldn’t let happen. I’d hope that more people would visit supportive sites that help with some of the hardships that come with overcoming an eating disorder instead of ones that encourage you to have one.

I think that these shows are semi-important to watch. I think that it is good to know what life was like without technology, how we have grown since its invention, and how it can be abused. Knowing these types of things can influence the ways we live our lives and the decisions we make. That said, this movie was very old, and I’m not sure if it accurately reflects the actions of the younger generations of today. We might not use the internet in the same way people used to. We might be less attached in the ways that others were, but we also might be abusing the web in ways that the movie didn’t show. The internet has grown in big ways since this program was created, and I feel like it would be more impactful if the examples they used were more current and up to date.

Today, problems that come up with internet abuse can be very severe. Hackers can access all of our bank info, personal information, and photos. If someone has this information about you, they can do a lot of damage, both financially and emotionally. Therefore, it’s the parent's’ job to keep their children safe. Parent’s should have a friendly approach to how they monitor their children. Being too overbearing or strict can make the children want to act out even more. A good way to help your kids be safe is to give them your trust. Make sure you tell them that they shouldn’t post anything that could give strangers personal info they could use (exact locations, addresses, credit cards, etc), revealing or inappropriate photos, things that could be seen as bullying, or anything that they would regret when possible employers look them up when they are applying for a job. Hopefully, by giving the children the freedom of making their own good choices, they should think about what they post. If you have a hunch that they aren’t, have a talk about what is appropriate and what isn’t. If that still doesn’t work, maybe consider taking the passwords for certain accounts or keeping an eye out. Different people respond to responsibility in different ways, but for the most part, having the right to make their own decisions will guide your children to make good choices.  

Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 2.28.23 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 2.28.23 PM

E1U3: Amigos Son Complicados (Kiah, William, Myah, Sean)

Two friends go to a party, Myah and Kiah. When Kiah sees her most hated person in the world--Sean, her mood changes from happy and festive to dark and gloomy. Friendship matters, but to Kiah, being friends with Sean is not what she wants. You won't believe what happens as a mysterious man helps Sean in his troubles in this crazy installment of a new hit telenovela!

8 Growing Up Online

Kristian Ramos
The Show I watched was called Growing Up Online. It was about Teenagers and Adults, and the affect the internet had on them. The most memorable thing from this show was seeing the treatment for internet addiction. Some kids were sent to camps to help with their addiction. it is important to watch shows like this because they inform you with a lot of information. I will create a set of rules for my future family once I have a family. It always is important to talk with your family, and internet safety is no different. You should touch face with your family and get their perspectives. The advice I would give is to get a grip of what their child is capable of online.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 12.46.44 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 12.46.44 PM


  • What TV show did you watch in class? Digital nation
  1. What was this show about? Situations that include bullying online and multitasking.
  2. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? The most memorable was of the boy who got bullied online and committed suicide, it really stuck with me and touched my heart.
  3. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It's important to watch shows because we can learn from their mistakes
  4. How will you keep your future family safe online? I will teach them how to act around the people outside of social media first before giving them any access to computers.
  5. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety. To make sure that they don't get into anything shady.
  6. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? To not check up all the time but some times and try not to give them access to technology until much later.
  • Find a copyright-less photo/image to enhance your post

E1 U3 - Naima, Nzinga, Raymond

Two spies in Argentina have caught wind of a bomb going off at a restaurant called: La Brigada. The two spies are women and the bombers are two servers. The spies don't know why the servers want to bomb the restaurant, therefore the spies go to La Brigada. When they get their they are too late, but wait, did you realize the spy and the owner of the restaurant were the same person.

U2#8-Internet Safety- Lor

  • What TV show did you watch in class?

Frontline: Growing up Online

  1. What was this show about?

This show is about how student today who are online and change their lives. How the students are different from their parents.

  1. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show?

The ONE main thing that I remember is when a kid killed himself by following directions from a website.

  1. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these?

I feel like this show should be watched because this is not just happening in america but all around a world. But some people don't know that these things are happening to other people. This is to show people like us that other people have problems while being online or have a happier life.

  1. How will you keep your future family safe online?

The best way I think to keep my family safe online is by sharing to your family about what’s going on, so they can help you.

  1. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety

It’s important because you want to always know that no one is ever going to hurt you.

  1. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online?

I would advice to be aware of what their child are doing online but don’t be overprotective and make them give you their password


U2 #8 Reflection

In class we watched Frontline's Digital Nation. It contained a variety of stories from a teenagers perspective and how they behave online. This show talked about how teens would confined to people online about their problems and not tell their parents anything. I would say that the most memorable part about this show would be how it contained teenagers and their point of view. Which relates to may teenagers like me. I would say that this is important to watch because it can teach many teenagers to behave online and not to rely on people online all the time. To keep my future family safe online I will limit the time online for only 3-5 hours a day. It is important to talk to your family about internet safety because you can tell them something that they can help you with. For example if someone is stalking you online, you can tell your parents the problem to resolve it. And also they can be more aware of the situation. I would tell these parents to make sure they watch their kids when they are online to keep their identity safe!

Assignment #8- Marcin Czapla

We watched Growing Up Online. It was a show about kids who were growing up when the internet was first starting. The most memorable thing about the show was when the girl was talking about how she was anorexic. It is important to watch these types of shows to know how to be safe online. It is not important though to watch these types of shows since the video can really cover every situation that can happen to you so it's not the most helpful thing. I will keep my future family safe by setting up basic rules for internet safety that my family and I would follow. It is important to talk to your family about internet safety so that they know about the potential threat on the internet and how to not get into trouble on the internet. The advice I would give to parents who don't know how to keep their children safe online is to talk to them about it and tell them about the dangers on the internet.

Image result for laptop

Growing Up Online Post

             What TV show did you watch in class?
             Digital Nation

U2 #8

  1. What was this show about? It is about how different teens are using the internet for inappropriate content. 
  2. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? It is when the young girl decided to sext and be all dirty while home, but at school was all innocent and sad. 
  3. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It is important to show the different perspectives of the internet and show how to make good decisions. 
  4. How will you keep your future family safe online? By creating all social media to be private and not post personal family information online. 
  5. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety? Because there are predators on the internet that could possibly expose or endanger your family. 
  6. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? To get their kids social media passwords and check up on it regularly to see if they're being inappropriate. 
  • Find a copyright-less photo/image to enhance your post