E1 U4 Spanish Mockumentary Project: Michaela, Dasia, Amani, and Josh


Introduction: Una puerta

Dasia: Hola! Me llamo Dasia. Ellos son mis amigos.

Amani: Hola, me llamo Amani.

Josh: Hola, me llamo Josh.

Michaela: Hola, me llamo Michaela.

Together: Esto es nuestro mockumentary en SLA!

Scene 2: Informacíon

Josh: SLA es una escuela donde hacemos proyectos, los proyectos no son un problema.

Michaela: Nosotros tenemos proyectos, más que pruebas.

Josh: La clase es fácil. No hay problema nunca. Los estudiantes están stupenedes en la clase.\

Amani: En SLA, cada estudiante tiene una computadora.

Dasia: Nosotros estudiante de primer año vamos al Instituto Franklin los miércoles. (record students in tfi or walking to tfi)

Scene 3: SLA Location

Narrator: Buenos Días, ellos. Bienvenidos a SLA. SLA está en Center City

y está cerca de restaurantes de comida rápida y el Instituto Franklin.

Dasia: ¡Está cerca de 7-eleven y Trader Joe’s!

Scene 4:

Narrator: En SLA, cada estudiante tiene una computadora.

Josh: Este es conveniente y muy muy excelente.

Amani: Nosotros aprendemos usar las computadoras en la clase de tecnología.

Michaela: La Señorita Hull enseña tecnología muy bien. Es estricta pero inspirante.

Dasia: Nos gusta la Señorita Hull porque ella nos entiende.

Amani: Nos gusta el Señor Kay porque él es divertido.

Josh: Nos gusta la Señorita Manuel porque ella es divertída y la clase es fácil.

Dasia: Nos gusta la Señorita Giorgio porque ella es fantástica y la clase es interesante.

Michaela: Los Profesores son estupendes!

Scene #5: Lunch room

Josh: La comida es muy buena! Me gustan todas comidas.

E2U3 - El Niño Perezoso (Antonio, Naima, y Alex)

This is the story of a boy named Antonio or Tony who is lazy. He is in a workout video however this doesn't fit his liking. Sitting on the couch and watching TV or playing video games is what he loves to do. Alex and Naima begin teaching Tony of different exercises he can do so he'll stay healthy. Whenever you start an exercise, you have to stretch. Alex and Naima tell Tony to have his arms reach high and then have him come down and touch his toes. Tony isn't a strong or fit man so he of course is going to struggle throughout everything. The first thing that was done was Push-Ups. His arms couldn't handle the pressure. Once again he was in pain because he had to do Wall Sits. At this point he has pain throughout his whole body, for example, his head, neck, arms, legs, etc. Sit-Ups is when Antonio started to become frustrated. He didn't know they would challenge him to this extreme. So after that he is told he has to do Jumping Jacks so he starts yelling, throws his food at Alex, and runs off.

P.S. The character Antonio isn't pregnant.

Mural: AQUI Y ALLA. Artistas: Michelle Angela Ortiz, David Flores, Oscar Gallegos, Juan Carlos Reyes and Antonio Leal.

​Ubicado en:  1515 South 6th Street. ( South Philadelphia) 

3 cosas que este mural revela sobre la comunidad: 
-Luchas de los inmigrantes
-potenciar la juventud
empoderar a las razas españolas
2 objetos, imagenes, frases o palabras en mural
- Mapas 
- Flags 
- Leafs
1 razon que es significativo para esta communidad: 
To connect people in the community to their spanish roots even though immigration issues may separate people from there families. 

My radio piece

Hey everyone:
This is my radio piece where I tell the story of my older brother Maximo, He is a freshmen in college, and we talk about the studies and why want to become a computer engineer.
Thanks for watch it