Inside out: Foreign In America

My initial goal of this piece was to tell more and find out about what little we knew about the foreign exchange students that we have in SLA's senior class. We are all going to graduate pretty soon and I didn't what there to be any missing pieces and or gap in our memories of a person in SLA. I wanted their stories to be hear and shared to the public. 

I accomplished this goal by getting their full corporation to the interview and also by trying to continue the conversation and get more out of the story if there were any one word responses. 

I hope after viewing my piece that my audience will look at Ana and Andre more differently in a good way and become more open and understanding to their situation. 

Here is the video (click on here). 

Final Script for Skit


(Joseph is sitting in his house reading a book.)

Joseph: Me gusta leer.

(James is walking down the hall and knocks on Joseph’s door.)

James: ¿Queries mi casa comigo?

(James kidnaps Joseph.)

Joseph: ¡Clara que no!

(Nadia is looking for Joseph.)

Nadia: Joseph? Joseph? ¿Dónde está Joseph?

James: ¿Queries al cine comigo?

Joseph: ¡No! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

James: ¿Queries al parque comigo?

Joseph: ¡No, No, No! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

James: ¿Queries comer comigo?

Joseph: ¡No, Clara que no! ¡Ayudame! ¡Ayudame!

Nadia: ¡Aha! Joseph Aqui.

Joseph: Gracias Nadia. ¿Queries al cine comingo?

Nadia: ¡Clara que si!

What does family mean to you?

My digital story consist of 3 short interviews with my friends asking the very simple question, "What does family mean to you?". This digital story is just an audio piece of their voices telling what it means to them and how "family" has affected them. I accomplished my goal by getting different perspectives on the question and the responses were interesting. I hope the audience gains what I believe the true meaning of family is by listening to audio. That family is more than the people you're blood with because there can be cases where your blood family isn't in your life at all. I am strong believer in being able to pick your family, being able to pick the people you surround yourself with that have a positive impact on your life, that protect you and that you love. These people are your family.   

Life on the Streets


Tell us a bit about your digital story, what did you set out to do?

We set out to show what the day to day life of a teenager in Philadelphia is.

How did you accomplish this goal?

We took tons of photos, and compiled the best ones in this photo essay. 

What do you hope your audience gains for viewing/listening your piece?

We hope that the audience gains some insight into a life different from their own, to show that this world is full of different perspectives. 


My post is about a memoir for my grandpa.

I write about my grandpa and our relationship, I put some memoirs that we have together and I expressed all my love that I have for them. He was a special person in my life and continued to be. 

I hope that them to like my digital story and to understand my love that I have for him and the importance that has he in my life. 

Donesha LeeDigital Story

I planned to demonstrate how seniors at Science Leadership have changed from their freshman selves. I fulfilled this challenge by using video clips, audio, and some pictures. I would like the audience to focus on how people have changed within a short amount of time and realize that sometimes focusing on the old can make you realize the new.



​My digital story is focusing on how the community of your school can change who you are. My goal was to tell a story on how once upon a time, I was a bad kid because of my community. My community was raised on violence and fights. I wanted to tell a story on how coming to SLA changed who I am, for the better. 

I accomplished this goal by showing small clips of my community and small clips on event that I attended at Chicago. I also think that my narrating help because it spoke about how SLA changed me.

I want my audience to know that it is possible to change for the better because I did.  

Menu - Kate & Asher

Nombres: Kate y Asher

Fecha: 28/3/15

Para quien es su menú? Nosotros!

Tiene el/ ella un dieta especial (vegetarian@, Kosher, Musulman, diabetico, etc.)? Cual?

No, Nosotros no tenemos un dieta especial, porque nosotros tenemos hambre

Plan one meal a day

Which meal: desayuno, almuerzo, cena





Panqueques y






Jarabe y Agua



Tocino y Brindis

Jugo de Naranja



Brindis Francés y jambón

Leche con Chocolate



Sándwich PB&J




Cerdo y Ensalada

Cerveza y Tequila



Pastel de Manzana y Helado

Jugo de Uvas

Spanish Skit - Sydney, Emma, Kate

K: Emma, ven conmigo.

E: Porque? Que pasa?

K: No te preocupes, sólo venga conmigo.

E: No puedo! Tengo que hacer mi tarea, pratcicar deportes y más.

K: No ahora!

E: En serio Kate, no puedo. Tengo que ir a muchos lugares.

K: Sólo dame un minuto.

E: Fino, bien.

(They walk around for a bit and Sydney appears with a poster saying prom? on it)

S: Yo quiero ir a prom con usted, pero yo no sólo quiero ir a prom. Quiero llevar a lugares, comprar cosas y ver que cada día. Te amo tanto que quiero ir a la playa con usted y juntos yacen en las arenas del tiempo Me hace el hombre más feliz y vaya a prom con mí?

E: Uhh, No! Tu eres un acasador obsesivo. Yo no quiero ir al prom contigo. Adíos!

From The Heart

In this short vlog, I am attempting to show people the music I am creating and how I'm striving to create something different than what the masses expect.

I think that I accomplished this goal by having the snippets of people talking about the music I've been creating over the past few months.

I hope that they understand how hard I've worked on my music, and that they should expect a new sound to emerge from the project I've created


My digital story was about Lloydism. It is episode 4 of an ongoing podcast that outlines the lloydist mantra. I chose to do this because I feel that alot of people don't understand where lloydism came from, or what it is about. This episode focused on the origin of Lloydism, as well as the ongoing effort to provide quality content for all of the lloydist people. I hope that through this podcast you will come to understand the life, adn effort, of a lloydist.
lloydist podcast episode 4

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an American Movement that feeds on people consisting of the Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes. There are many reasons why this organization was made. There are 2.8 million innocent blacks who are in prison today, This in itself is a crime. Black women are being assaulted. Did you know that there are 500,000 blacks in the states who are illegal immigrants? I bet you didn’t know that. These are things that we need to prevent for our society. I am interested in this project because it targets kids my age in today's society and educates them about crimes committed against minorities. Black Lives Matter also encourages us to come up with solutions to make a change and ensure that this violence doesn’t continue."

It is important for Americans to be able to rely and trust authority figures, such as police officers, EMTs, Firefighters, etc. Police brutality is both tragic and real. Take Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner for example. Both men ended up dead because of then injustice brought upon them by the police"

I’m wondering how to prevent domestic violence, to say No more to being assaulted. It’s time that we take a stand and make an improvement. To mine and possibly others, it’s Cruel and it’s Racist. I’m willing to create a survey about our segregation. would be better.

ooooooh kill em
ooooooh kill em


Tell us a bit about your digital story, what did you set out to do?

My digital story is about moving on, and letting go of home. It's about moving to college and starting a new chapter of my life. I wanted to show from Philly to my new home. 

How did you accomplish this goal?

I filmed on my way to accepted students day so I legit got good footage.

What do you hope your audience gains for viewing/listening your piece?

I hope they get the feels

The Art of Rowing - A Digital Story

My digital story is a compilation of some clips taken during my training that lead up to a race. My goal was to show the intensity of a sport that isn't as popular and well-known as many others. I didn't find the need to add much audio (besides the music) because the videos tell it all. I hope my audience just gets a chance to enjoy the short video and learn a little more about a new sport. 

Digit Storytelling - People Affect Other People

In my digit story, I wanted to show people that the other in you're life can affect the person you are and the person you become. The main focus was people who go from a high school life to a college life. The way I accomplished this goal is by questioning someone who went to college. I asked this person how did he change and if the hang was beneficial. By watching my video, I would like to encourage my audience to be aware of who they call their friends and make sure these people will benefit you in a positive way. Other than that I hope you enjoy my short video.

Jane Doe

Over View:
Jane Doe represents the overall story of how some children and teens live from day to day with depression, low self-esteem, and bullying. Represents the struggles and seclusion that people feel day in and day out. Represents the pain that people choose not to notice when they see it. The kid everyone laughs at in class, the girl who always gets profanity written on her locker, the boy who gets abused in the locker room. Many choose to turn the other cheek and pretend that they don't see it. That it's not their business or their fight. But by doing nothing they are feeding into this abuse. By doing nothing they are partially to blame for the kid that can't take the pain anymore and ends their own life. Jane Doe is just as important as anyone else.

Creators Notes:
I must say sorry in advance for this project. I took so much time off from school for medical reasons that this final product is not as good as it could have been. As it should have been. This topic was personal to me so I feel bad putting out this video that isn't good enough to me. I hope you all enjoy it and please leave comments. I will create a better version soon.


Pollution is a very important worldwide topic, because we are killing ourselves. Third world countries are getting devastated by pollution. Did you know that highway pollution can cause autism in children? Over the years we have been destroying our world. Sooner or later, the full power of the sun will be unleashed, melting our world. There are so many other options for energy that we can use. For example, We can use windmills, solar panels, and even dams. We have hybrids and electric cars and planes! We literally have green fuel. My point is that we have all there great amazing alternate sources of energy.

This has always been an important topic for me, because I have experienced the effects of pollution firsthand. I have been conserving energy for my entire life. I convinced my parents to get cfls and to turn off the lights. I try to use cars as little as possible.The most common form of air pollution is smog. Ever been to Japan? Japan has the highest report of smog in the world. This is caused by overpopulation.  Overpopulated cities mean too many vehicles which leads to big time smog. Many people in Japan can be seen wearing masks to protect themselves from pollution this is a problem, but It can be easily solved.

The solution will take time, but it is very possible. We must focus more of our funding to saving this planet. We must slowly begin converting to clean green energy sources, starting with hybrid cars. They are not too expensive and they generate a lot less pollution. The big problem with industrialized countries is that they generate way too much carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Now plants suck up most of our co2, but not all of it. And that extra co2 goes straight into the atmosphere.We must reduce our carbon footprint. It was us who created things like acid rain. Third world countries are being devastated by our air pollution! Once we create it, it can travel in clouds and in wind all the way to places like afghanistan.

Electric cars people! They are not that expensive. Ever heard of the zombie car. Its an electric car that can accelerate faster than a bugatti veyron! My point is electric cars aren’t so bad and we should start using them. Some things I am worrying about is my original research, because I don’t know what kind of results I’ll get. I am thinking about doing field observation or a survey.

Essik, Peter. "Air Pollution Facts, Air Pollution Effects, Air Pollution Solutions, Air Pollution Causes - National Geographic." National Geographic. National Geographic Society, n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2015. <>.

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A Meme is not just a picture.

It’s been awhile since the first connections were made, originally from university labs, and then as time passed, they evolved as a tool for everyone. Now there are computers in many houses with their own IP address and the ability to communicate with thousands of people from different cities or nations in a matter of milliseconds. With this innovation, a new breed of websites were born called: social networks. Social networks work as a hub for communication. They are servers where multiple people can connect and communicate with one another. Social networks have exploded over the past years, with websites like twitter and facebook now worth multiple billions of dollars, it’s clear that there is a strong influence that they have on our lives.

People on social networks have developed hundreds of ways to communicate with one another, from hashtags to a different vocabulary, our language is constantly being shaped by us. One of the most popular things which thrived from the internet were memes. The definition of a meme is: an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation. Memes act as a method of communication based off a human trait known as imitation. Among the millions of individuals who are part of these social networks, there are individuals who attempt to shut them down, classifying them as a waste of time, or some parasitic culture, not realizing that a meme is more than just a picture, but it is a natural human behavior. This may not be a huge problem but we should be careful about the power which memes wield. After reading this, im sure that we will be able to agree on the fact that memes can be much MUCH more than just a picture with a caption.

Why is this a big deal? How is this so important that there are thousands of characters being typed up every hour around the world regarding this topic? The truth is that the world we live in is changing, and it’s changing fast. In Northern Africa, civil revolts and movements are actually dependent on this concept of a meme. Protests are organized via twitter and the internet is becoming one of the best tools to fight dictatorship. Don’t believe me? Well then what about the united states? How many memes or comments on facebook and new hashtags that are catchy and imitable are being made regarding problems that have to do with the government or with our communities? Examples could be like the ALS Ice bucket challenge, or the #stopbullying.  The answer is hundreds if not thousands of memes are being made everyday to represent these ideas. We communicate using the power of meme or imitation, and it is important to realize that the impact that these posts have, are much greater than what you may think.


Love in Full Bloom

I set out to tell the story of how my parents met, but since they don’t live under the same roof it was hard to get them in one room to tell their story. One Sunday evening at my grandma's house I stumbled across my aunt and uncle telling the story of how they met. I asked my aunt if she could start the story over and she happily obliged. We sat in the ,living with my grandma, grandpa, my mom, my cousin, and his girlfriend. I thought it would be interesting to have their commentary as well, so throughout the piece you'll hear some side comments.  

I hope the audience gains a little insight on love and how it’s not a streamlined process. It takes time and eventually “Bam” love. 


Growth and Change

Tell us a bit about your digital story, what did you set out to do?

In my digital story I was set to describe how change affected me in the communities I've lived in and thats where growth plays a part. Images I used are a resemblance of me growing up.

How did you accomplish this goal?

I accomplished this goal by putting something what I called a collage and talk presentation.

What do you hope your audience gains for viewing/listening your piece?

Growth and change are apart of everyones life.