Chen: ILP Update

My ILP still remain the same and is going great. Every Wednesday I go to greenfield to help out. This is something I enjoy doing because I really like helping out the children and even teacher. I am looking forward to seeing and helping the children again because the smile of the children face makes my day. Especially when I know that they are smiling because of me. I helped them on their works and read books to them when needed. I also play with them at recess. The best things that stand out is the fact that I am not only helping the children but teacher as well. I helped the teacher get some work or activity done that is eventually passed out a few days later for the children to do. Helping out is something that I look forward too every week because it is something that related to what I want to do when I get older.

ILP Review

What went well at my ILP was that I got more real world application, I had opportunities to help people in my community, I got a chance to interact with new people , and to explore and visit new exhibits. Somethings that I am looking forward to teaching a course at the Franklin institute. I am looking forward to this because I can't wait to get a chance to share my knowledge and what I learned with people. Somethings that stand out at my ILP the different exhibits and the fact that I get to interact with kids more often. I like my ILP a lot, it is a fun and I learn new things every time. 

HWellner ILP Update- 3/28

So far, my ILP at the Free Library of Philadelphia has continued to go just as well. My partner and I have been able to work on some interesting projects and create some interesting pieces for the library, including interviews and documentaries. There was small communication errors that happened, but they have since been fixed and overall it has been a good experience so far. We we're able to to see what it's like working with other people in order to create content that we are continuing to improve and make better. I am looking forwards to making more works and meeting new people to interview or work with in order to expand our skill set, and continue to learn.

Saldivar 3/28/16

ILP: What went well is that I'm starting to get use to the type of lighting that has to be used. Before I'll mess up the lighting by showing to much meaning it was to bright and then at times it'll be too dim. What I'm looking forward to is to hopefully move on to sound or audio work instead of lighting. Also for the school year to end so I won't have to deal with ILP, until next year. What stands out is that the person was out and I didn't go, and was out for spring break so I spent 2 weeks not going. Nothing else is important.  


My ILP has been going great and I have been learning a lot about Veterinarians and their line of work. I have met some of the sweetest cats, even though some of them are hard to deal with. I have been helping prepare for surgeries happening the next day and mainly just assisting the technicians. I've been learning about different diseases that cats could possibly contract and I've been learning more about cat anatomy. I hope to learn more and experience new things. 

Nadia Green ILP Check-in

​What went well in my ILP is that I was able to get a lot of information and data entered into the database. I was able to be  advance to the next step and sort the data into specific categories. This will lead me into the final stages of the information sorting. 

What I am looking forward to is finishing with sorting the data more specifically and moving onto the next step, which will be the presentation that I will have to create. 

What stands out that happened so far is my findings in the information that I was measuring. There were many interesting things as far as the amount of money spent by the different schools in the city and comparing in to the initial budget. What also stands out is the different tools and methods that I am learning and using to sort the information that I have. 

Shareef-Trudeau ILP March Update

Since last checking in about my time at the library I have spent my time in the teen center continuing my work of creating book tags. Occasionally I will participate in "book face Friday" which is a hashtag put on the libraries social media accounts featuring a book every Friday. Everything has been going very smoothly and I have come to enjoy my time interning there. I am looking forward to bettering my relationship with the library staff and opening up more opportunities for myself there. 

ILP Progress

Since the last check in I have switched my ILP from volunteering at the free library to participating in debate. This was a better suit for me because I was already spending a lot of time working on debate, and I was actually getting something out of debating. Since switching things at debate have went pretty well, as my partner and I placed in third in the final tournament of the season in the novice league. Because of this I'm looking forward to the upcoming tournaments to see how well my partner and I do. It stands out because its actually something fun that I like doing instead of something that I'm forcing myself to do in order to get an ILP grade. All in all I'm happy about it. 

ILP Semester 2 Blog Post - UPDATE

For my ILP what I do is create media projects with Harrison Wellner for the Free Library of Philadelphia. My supervisor, Abbe Klebanoff assigns both of us a task and we either interview, photograph, or record different things that are in the Library. We recently had the opportunity to interview Donald C. Root before his retirement and the video was presented at the farewell ceremony. Our progress is going well, but personally I have been attracted to other activities recently so I do not think that I will continue this ILP next year.

ILP Semester 2 Reflection A. Swartz 3/28

I think that the group work has gone well, because it has been productive, informative, and interesting. We do many interesting things. I am looking forward to continuing our project, because I want to see where it leads and what happens next. We had a big discussion about our project, and I really enjoyed that and it helped me connect with the other people. I think it is important to remember that other people are different from me, and will have different (incorrect) opinions and I should keep this in mind, while sharing ideas.

Wes Midgett ILP Update

​So far, mostly everything has been going well. The only thing that has gone wrong was that my ILP director was out of town for a couple of weeks so I wasn't able to go to my internship. I am looking forward to learning how to screen print. I would say the location is the things that stands out most, it is at an art gallery close to school. 

ILP reflection

At my ilp, it's been pretty consistant. I am still the councilor at Mckinley Elementry's assistant. I often talk one-on-one or two-to-one with students about various issues, incourperating the core values of sla research(finding all the facts of isssues), inquiry (ask questions to get the kid to open up), presentation(asking them what they did), reflecting (on how they could of handled it, and what they can approve on.) and collaboration(with student or student and councilor to create a game plan for when and if these situations arise again and how to apologize.). Also, I have been managing the Tiger times school news paper. So far its pretty good.

ILP March Reflection

​What went well at my ILP at Project Space is that I am learning to create maps for our project and hopefully we can get a mentor in coding soon. What I am really looking forward to is getting closer to the end project and seeing the virtual reality fully function and if we use the new oculus rift. What stands out is that the Beeber kids are more present in our meetings. What I think is important is teaching the public about space in this format as it is really engaging and can teach kids easily.

March ILP update March Polson

I have done many of same things in March as I did in February.  That is basically working on my cigar box juggling routine in preporation for performance at shows.  More specifically the Philly Folk festival.  I have also done some puppetry work which was a lot of acrobatics as well because it was a thing called pepo and pepe and basicly you are in a suit where your hands are the feet of a guy and your feet are the other feet of the other person and it looks like they are dancing and it is very cool.  I am looking forward to Philly folk fest very much I go every year and it's a lot of fun.  People sing on the main stage but the give and take perform on a smaller stage close to the big stage.  All the performers get free food so if this year I become a performer I will get free food!!


lp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and I help the teacher grade papers and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far.  


I have now been working at my ILP for almost the whole year, and it has been going really well. Over the past few months, I have been pulling kids out of the classroom, helping them one on one, grading papers, helping with dismissal, practicing my Spanish in the classroom and led a lesson/discussion in class. Going to ICS, my middle and elementary school every week has really helped me realize what I want to do for a career, which is working with kids and to advocate for them and their education. Along with that, I am really enjoying speaking in Spanish a lot more, and it has helped me remember a lot of it, and become as fluent as I was a few years ago. I am looking forward to continue what I have been doing, and to continue working in and out of the classroom, while improving my Spanish. 

ILP Blog Post

I have really enjoyed going to my ILP thus far. It is a lot of fun whilst still being a valuable learning experience about what being a teacher is like. The work may seem simple at times but it honestly ends up being a lot of work, and it's only a fraction of what a teacher actually does. I am still interested in teaching which is good, but now I know what I'm getting into if I decide to pursue the career.


I have an ILP at ACE architecture. So far it is going pretty great. At my intership we are working on a park in south philly with architects that work for the city. Also, we are making template designs of the park with the other students.


My ILP this year has been a pleasure to attend, I have learned a lot of new things about music production and how to use new tools for recording and mixing music. I have also learned a lot about interacting with other people in a professional work space, which will help me a lot in the future with interacting with others at work and being able to collaborate. One other thing that I have learned is how to work on my own in a professional environment, and not depend on others as much as I have to at school. I have been happy at my ILP and hope to learn more about music production in the days to come.

My ILP Semester 2

For my ILP i mentor a 3rd grade girl  at Powell elementary school. I enjoy being a mentor because you can see the change in the person you mentor. Over the 6 month period I have been mentoring  this young lady I have seen a very large change in her behavior and how she interacts with me and her peers. 


My ILP at Major League Ultimate is over and it was fun, until the end. Towards the end they did not give me any work to do and I was no longer engaged in what I was doing so I quit. I switched to the Jewish Exponent which is the jewish magazine in Philadelphia. It is fun and so far I have only been introduced to everything but I am sure that I will have a lot of work to do there in the future.