Seyni Ndaw: ILP

My ILP is still going well. I haven't gone much in the last month except for once or twice because of illness, but when I do go my mentor says I do good work. I'm still mostly working in administration with phone calls and stuff, but occasionally I also help organize clothes or file stuff away. I think I've already surpassed the 15 hour minimum of the first quarter. 


Right now I am ILP'ing at my mom's job. She is an accountant at a company where they organize huge sheets of metal and sell them. I so far have just helped out with little work and meeting a couple people but this week I will be taking a tour of the plant, getting to know personally what everyone does in the company; having a conversation with everyone. So I am really looking forward to doing that and seeing how that goes. 

Alex / ILP Project StarGazer

Right now in my ILP, we have gotten down the controls for our joystick and are going to code in the controls. We are also waiting for a throttle for our cockpit that we already coded in but it hasn't come in since a few months. I think everything is fine, but we're going to have to boost our productivity since we need to get ready for EduCon 2.8.

Samuel Dennis: ILP w/ Philly

So far, my time at Philly has been jammed packed with a big interview, and i'm set up with a small task on making tweets on the side. So far, has been such a great experience for me, even if I'm working with people who are way higher than my work range. It is also interesting to engage in their adult like conversations about startups and new stories to cover. My mentor, Juliana Reyes, has introduced me to all of the writers and the editors at Philly, and who I get to work with. My first interview was carried put with a boy named Nicodemus Madehou. He created a video game called Turbo Finger Swipe, and I got to interview him. It was fun. Philly is a good ILP.

D Band-El Salvador

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