Ailin Li

Hola, me llamo Ailin Li. Tengo catorce años. Soy de China pero vivo en Filadelfia.
Soy deportista y baja. Estoy muy comica y extraña. Tambien soy inteligente. Puedo ser muy simpatico. Me gusta comer. Me encanta dormir. Me gusta jugar con mi telefono. No me gusta nada ayudar en casa. ?Te gusta peliculas?

Jack Sugrue

Hola! Me llamo Jack. Tengo 14 años. Soy de Filadelfia, Pennsylvania.
Soy alto y delgado. Soy cómico, divertido, y extraño.
Me gusta dormir y leer. Los fines de la semana, me encanta jugar videojuegos con amigos. Depende del día, me gusta cocinar.
¿Y tú, qué te gusta hacer?
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 2.44.42 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 2.44.42 PM

Ariana Flores

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 2.52.21 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 2.52.21 PM
Me llamo Ariana Flores. Teno 14 años. Soy de Filadelfia, Pennsylvannia.

Soy baja y morena. Soy una mezcla de razas.

Me encanta cantar y bailar. Sin embargo no me gusta nada Taylor Swift. Me gusta correr, concinar y dibujar. Uf, no me gusta nada hacer la tarea y ir a la escuela. Me fascina nadar. Me encanta descansar. Me gusta ayudar en casa un poco

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Jhene Aiko

Hola, Me llamo Jhene Aiko. Tengo vientesiete aǹos. Soy de Los Angeles, California.

Soy baja, morena, muy talentosa, inteligente y artistica.

Me encanta cantar y escuchar mùsica. Me fascina Kendrick Lamar. Uf, no me gusta nada ir a la escuela. Soy odio bailar.

¿te gusta tocar la guitarra?

Autobiographical description- Miguel Rivera

Hola mi nombre es Miguel Rivera. Tengo 15 años. Soy de philadelphia. Mi familia son de República Dominicana. Tengo una hermana. Su nombre es Sabrina.Me gusta leer y escuchar música. Me gusta el timepo con mucho sol pero no calor.Me gusta muchos tipos de música pero no me gusta la música country. No me gusta los deportes o bailando pero me gusta ver bailar a la gente. Me gusta mucho ver la tele. Soy alto y flaco. Uso lentes.Soy amable y atento. Mi pelo es moreno.

¿Qué canciones te gusta?

Who am I online, DeBrest

1. We watched a video of a boy who was bullied.
2. This video makes me think about how many of us stand back when we see people being bullied. 
3. Online you don't really find out much about me but what you find is not that bad.
4. I think that people will not really be able to find out much about me but what they do find will be good.
5. The goal of internet trolls are to hurt people online.
6. Positive affects are animinity about embarissing subjects. But the negatives are you can hurt people without really getting caught. 

What Do People Think Of You?

“Hey, how are you what are you doing today?” That's how I talk to my elders, but when I talk to my cousins I say “yo what you doin?”  This is just how different the conversation between my elders and young people are, yet they mean the same thing

The language I use is one of the biggest parts of my identity. It might not change what my thought process is or what I really mean but when it comes to communication it means a lot. I have to have a switch when it comes to language use. I talk to everyone differently, I talk to my family differently than I  talk to my friends and my teachers and I talk to my teachers differently than I talk to my boss or a business man/women.

When it comes to my family I talk to my parents, grandparent, aunts and uncles differently than I talk to my cousins. If I talk to my parents and older adults in my family in a bad tone or in a unmannerly fashion it's gonna make me look like a bad child but I don’t go to heavy on speaking proper, I try to speak proper while also using some slang terms that the adults would get. When I talk to my cousins, we have more of a friendly conversation. The conversations are still a little proper but I don’t care at all about my grammar. I don’t because I know they won’t judge me or really care if I didn’t say something correctly.

One time I was talking to my grandmother at a family gathering and I realized how much I articulated and said yes or no.

“Did you have a great day at school?”


“What did you do today?”

“Today we learned about catalyst in bio-chem class, so that was fun, and I also hung out with friends after school because I did not have Students Run practice”

At the same family event one of my cousins, Ana who’s more intelligent and in college asked me about school and the way I answered was completely different than when my grandmother asked me even though she was in college, she’s still my cousin.

“Did you have fun in school today?”

“Yeah, it was ard.”

“What did you do today?”

“Well ummm, I learned about this thing called catalyst and I ain’t run today so it was okay, oh yeah and I hung out with some peeps”

This was interesting to me. Why did I switch the way I said things? I knew I wanted to be respectful to my grandparents and live up to what I thought were their expectations. I talked to my cousin in that way just so I could fit in. Yeah fit in. All of my cousins speak Black English and I’m the only one who don’t. I often stay silent just because the properness in my voice would break the conversation or at least that’s what I thought would happen. There have been times where my own family called me out and said “Why do you sound white?”, that question shattered me. It made me feel like an outsider, like I was doing it wrong. I never answer to that question, I just smile to hide what’s really going on inside.

“Can I get a caramel macchiato with almond milk”

“Yes sir”

“You don’t have to call me sir, we’re in the same business and I’m no better than you, plus it makes me sound old”

“You sure?”

“Of course dude, your such a well mannered kid”

I recently starting working at a coffee shop called Saxbys. When talking to my boss I try to say yes sir as a sign of respect to someone of a higher level. My boss doesn’t really like it or neither does he care that I call him sir. He thinks it’s really old fashion and makes him seem old. This made me question if words like sir and mam were just slang words. Sir and mam aren’t used in my generation as often.  Some people misunderstand what slang words are. Most people usually think they’re uneducated words that people make up and they become words that lots of people use.

Overall, I’ve learned that the way you talk to people only tell who you are unless you really know them. I think you should be proper if you do not know the person well but once you become comfortable still be a little proper but you can use a little slang.

Who Am I Online? Gerber

In class, we watched a video about bullying. The video had a main character who was having a very bad day. He was being bullied and we had to choose to either watch or stop him from being bullied. We saw how people have the choice to stand up or watch, and what good can come out of being kind and stopping a bully. In the video, there were opportunities to stop a bully. You could click a button and the bully would do something nice. We used this as a way to see what can happen when you do a good thing. We also took this as an opportunity to learn about the anti bullying emoji. The emoji is used to stop online bullies. This video was showing us that with this emoji, it is our job to protect people online from bullies. 
My online presence is not who I really am. Most of it isn't even me at all! I barely come up, and the things that do come up are pretty obscure. There are a few pictures of me but most of it is someone else. When you look up Bea Gerber Friends Select School, lots of good things come up. All of my good school achievements appear, and that's what I want people to see. When you look up my name, all that you see is Facebook and Twitter pages. 
From my online appearance, I think that people will think I'm an average person. Nothing is very alarming or odd, but none of it is very good either. I wish that I could change what comes up to be more positive and academic, but for now I can't. Hopefully, by the end of high school it will reflect me in a better light. 
Internet trolls use the web as a place to bully without the repercussions. They think that because no one knows who they really are, that they can do whatever they want and not get in trouble for it. The truth is that yes, they are anonymous, but that doesn't make their words any less hurtful. People are bullied online all the time, and it can be worse than in real life. Anonymity online has it's ups and downs. It can be a good thing when you want to get unbiased results. People aren't judged for how they look or talk, only by what they think. This can be good for somethings, but it can also be bad. When people think they are anonymous, it makes them think that they have the power to be mean to others without getting caught. It often ends badly, and people are always getting hurt. Overall, online anonymity can be a good thing and a bad thing, but it usually does more harm than good.

Who am I Online?

What video did you watch in class, what was the classroom activity today? 
We watched a video about bullying and how we can stop it by speaking up and supporting the victim. The producer decided to use a smaller innocent looking boy to appeal to the audience and gave the veiwer a chance to help
 (Links tan external siteWhat does this video bring to your mind in reference to the topic of bullying?
This brings up a time that bullying was more popular, seeing that I was bullied for a brief time period, but thanks to friends I got over it
Who are you online, how do you appear?
Online i am the type of person to take part in debate just to see how the world would treat the person
How do you think people perceive you, based on this appearance?
They probably see me as just another commentator with an opinion
What is the goal of internet trolls?
The goal of trolls are to get under your skin or teach a lesson by puting them in the situation that they did for another person ( example: you should watch Lt. Lickme )
What are the positive and negative results of online anonymity?
It makes you mysterious but more threatening causing more attention 

Who am I online, Koffi

1) In class we watched a video on  the act and results of bullying. In the video a young boy is bullied and without interference of bystanders his day gets worse and worse. This video helps to depict the role that bystanders should have in helping someone who is getting bullied and how important it is.
2) I feel as though bullied is something that shouldn't happen and there are steps that can be taken to prevent it but the idea of completely getting rid of it isn't realistic.
3)I am always on line. I think that online I'm the same person I am in person but I can't really see myself in a third person perspective. I hope that the way I am preiceved online is positive.
4) When my name is searched on google a emo rock band comes up. I am in no way connected to that band so I honestly don't know what my impression would be.
5) The goal of internet trolling is to disrupt an ruin others' experience online.
6) The positive thing about anonymity is having the freedom to say or do what you want. Negative include, having no restrains for trolling because you think you can't be tracked even though you can.

Shrank away to a very tiny size

#6 Who Am I Online Part 2, Reflection- Benjamin Seing

The video was a video of "I Am A Witness" and the activity was to click the "Eye" emoji to help the character in his situation. The video showed a symbol of anti-bullying. It reflects to the idea of stop the amount of bullying in the schools. It brought to my mind that there is someone and a group of people who wants to stop the cruel ways in schools that have bullying especially by cyber. When I look online of who I am online, I tend to be different and not express the way I am in real life. People confess to me that I do not appear the same when in person. By online, we can crop and edit our appearance with false information. The filters people see on my photos that are shared on social media. People like me stay to try and trend to be popular online.  the positive side of the online word is that u can stay connected with many people but the negative is that people are different and they make you feel different about themselves and how they see the world. 

Who am I online, Johnson

1. In class, we watched a video about a little boy who was bullied inside and out of school. The bullies were throwing things at him, kicking him, disrespecting his belongings, and saying rude comments about him on the internet. On each situation, there was a little eye icon on the bottom of the screen. If you pushed the icon button, it would have made the situation the little boy was in a lot easier for him.
2. That video makes me think of all the times I have seen bullying happen, but I didn't say anything because I always thought it was none of my business. I also thought that the person that was getting bullied wanted to be bullied because they never did the necessary steps to make it stop happening. 
3. On the internet I just look like a little girl that just does gymnastics everyday and loves doing it. If I'm not looking at myself, the rest of the Kiah's in the world looked nice, hard-working, and professional. 
4. I think people will see me as just a teenager that loves and spends all her time doing gymnastics. They would also think that I love to take pictures and videos of myself, considering that I don't.
5. The goal of the internet trolls is to cause trouble on the internet for no reason. Anyone can internet troll, as long as they have internet or WiFi somewhere. Trolls often do it to make themselves feel stronger, and they like to see other people suffer. In the end, they can carry on with their lives without knowing their real identities.
6. A positive part of online anonymity is that you can be yourself on the internet and don't have to worry about anyone judging you. The negative parts of anonymity is that you are putting yourself out there and risking the possibility.

Who am I Online Reflection, Lor

The video was inspiring, it show people can really get hurt from online and offline bullying. The video was about a boy who was getting bullied and people didn’t help him but there was a bottom that you could click when something is getting worst. The bottom was an emoji that shows “I am a witness”.

It reminds me of the feeling people will get when they are being bullied. I makes me think about, “Am I a witness? Could I have done something?”

I appear to be a 8 year old girl who like to post videos on Youtube and sings a lot.

Based on what came up, I think people would see me as a young girl who seem to have lots of fashion ideas and likes to go out with friends.

The goal of an internet troll is they try to annoy people. For example, some will also correct people or spam others just for fun. They lie and tell stories to hurt other people.

The positive thing of being anonymity, you can do something that you would never usually do, like posting a poem, and no one will know it was you. The negative it kind of the same as the positive results because you can bully to other peers online. Although most people think because they’re anonymous that they will never be found out about, that is not completely true. the founders/creators/owners are the ones who controls who you are.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.53.01 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.53.01 PM

Who am I Online? James Adams

1.We watched a video about awareness for bullying

2.It makes me think that bullying is bad and people should stand up to bullies and not be bystanders

3.A jamaican cricketer comes up when you type in my name

4.I think people perceive me as a jamaican cricketer because thats the only thing the comes up when you type in my name.

5.The goal of internet trolls is to make you feel bad about yourself and to anger you

6.A positive result to online anonymity is that people can't find where you live or where your family lives. A negative result is that if you're applying for a job employers can't find out about you and they might find someone else and think it's you.
Turtle Soup

Who am I ONLINE? Lilly Roman

​1) We watched a video in class about a boy named Jack. Jack had a bad day. Jack gets bullied at school and becomes a victim of cyber bulling at home. In the video, you can click an emoji to help him so he doesn't get bullied or hurt. After this we had an assignment to google ourselves and see what we find.
2) What it brings to mind that bullying can really hurt people and if we ignore it the problem only gets worse. When we ignore it its just as bad as being the bully.
3) When looking my name up online, I found a mixture of young and older woman including a youtuber. It was very weird seeing that this is what people will see when they look up my name.
4) When you look up my name many hipster blogs and youtube posts post up so I assume people would get a very chill vibe.
5) The goal of internet trolls is to get you angry for the sake of their own entertainment.

6) The positive of being anonymous on the internet is that people cant track you down but that can also be a be a negative, because people can then post anything they want.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.23.29 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.23.29 PM

Who Am I Online-Conley

  1. In class we watched a video of this one eyed child (animated-that would horrible) who is bullied a lot in his daily life, that we get walkthrough of. The video shows the child being verbally and physically bullied at school, and a brief glimpse at some online harassment directed towards him.

  2. Specifically within the internet portion of this video, this makes me think about how we treat just ordinary strangers online, and how the things we say may be interpreted differently and offend some.  

  3. Online, I appear as a kid who uses social media as a way to express himself away from real life.

  4. I believe this would make people assume that I am a slightly more aggressive and confident person than I really am.

  5. The goal of internet trolls is to anger the person they are “trolling”.

  6. Online anonymity causes a lot of problems, because it is seen as a free pass for people to be hurtful and possibly offensive. It can also be a positive concept, in that people may use it as a way to express themselves in a way that they don’t feel comfortable in sharing with other people close to them.  
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.14.36 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.14.36 PM

Who am I Online? EASTWOOD

1) we watched a cartoon video about bullying. If you press a special emoji you will see that the bullying stops.
2)It shows if you step up and stop it it wont happen but if you just watch the bullies will get away with it.
3)Online i appear as a young girl and my social media comes up.
4)I think people perceive me as a normal teenage girl.
5)To get people upset then they win.
6) a positive thing is that you can connect with friends and family whenever and a negative thing is that you can bully people with people knowing your true identity 

Who am I online Alfaro Allah

​1.) In class we watched a video about bullying and being a bystander. Basically in the video it is about if you see someone getting bullied then you type this eye emoji that lets them know that they are not alone.
2.) This video makes me thinl of how many people get bullied and how many people look over what there going throw. But it made me realize that it always helps to help.
3.) Online you get my instagram but if you look in images you get photo's of my sister and only one photo of my mother. Also all my old projects from middle school are there too.
4.)I think people perceive me as a chilled kicked backed and someone who just chill
5.)The goal of internet trolls is to make you mad and they try to get a response out of you or freak out.
6.) Positively you can stay connected to all your friends and family negatively is that randow people will call you out and try to make you mad.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.27.56 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.27.56 AM

Who am I Online?- Satterfield

1. The video I watched was about a boy who was constantly getting bullied. An eye emoji would appear at certain times and if the viewer clicked it, it would make things better for the boy.
2. The results of bullying came to mind when I saw the video. It made me recall past stories I heard of people getting bullied.
3. I appear as a good person. When I look myself, I found my presentations from Prezi and my Facebook account.
4. I think people see me as a young, smart kid when they see me online. Besides Facebook, I'm not on social media a lot so there isn't a lot of that for people to see.
5. The goal of internet trolls is to prank and tease people online by saying rude things about them and messing up their info.
6. A positive factor about anonymity is that no one knows for sure who you are online. However, a negative factor is that if someone is abusing others online, no one can found who they are and thus not be able to stop them. 

Who Am I Online Reflection- Bostani

1. We watched a video on and our activity was to hit the eye emoji to change the outcome!

2. After watching the video, I felt a horrible feeling inside of my head. If there is one thing that I want most of the world is for people to stop being so judgemental and mean and start treating people like people. Whenever I see someone getting bullied, I feel that something bad is eventually going to happen to the bully. To sum it up, that video made me sad.

3. I am pretty much myself online. If you were to look on any of my networks without knowing me, you will possibly come under the impression that I am a really socially active person that has strong opinions on the topic of aviation! I personally think that the first impression you get is truly me!

4. Like I said while responding to Question #3, I fel that the first impression based on online things of me are true and it really is myself based on my profiles.

5. The goal of an internet troll is to ruin people's online reputations and make them feel bad about themselves. This is often because they had a recent experience with another internet troll or maybe they just do it for fun. Either way, it's not cool!

6. The positive results of online anyomity is that people can talk about whatever they want without it being indexed in any way in the online record books. However, the negative result of online anyomity is that it makes more people in danger of bullying, racism, and other forms of mean people doing what they do.
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.49.51 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.49.51 PM

Powers, Online Identity

We watched a video in which a fictional character, Jack, has a very bad day. He is physically bullied at school and then is hurt even more by online messages when he gets home. As the watcher, you can click an anti-bullying emoji to support him. After watching the video, we googled ourselves to find out our online identity.

This video shows how bullying can hurt people, physically and online. It also shows how speaking up as a bystander can help, a lot.

Most things that come up when you search me, aren’t me. My social media accounts don’t have much personal information on them either.

If a stranger were to search my name, they could think that I am any of the people that show up.

The goal of internet trolls is to upset people, or to cause a conflict and make others suffer.

Online anonymity could be good or bad. Your future employers or schools could either get a good or bad impression of your supposed identity by what they find by searching you. If you have inappropriate personal posts online, that would be bad as opposed to being completely anonymous.
Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 9.10.56 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 9.10.56 AM
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Xfinity, Nunez

  1. write in full sentences
  2. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
All of my devices in my network are TV cable, Xbox 360/Xbox one, wiiU, computer/laptop and cellphone.
  1. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  2. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?