Relationships- Podcast

After writing my Advance Essay #3, I wasn't really sure who I wanted to interview or what to discuss in my podcast. My goal was to interview someone who I can connect with and take on a different or the same view on a topic. Either way, I wanted to get the feel and understand their identity of belonging. 
At first, I interviewed my older sister. She drifted the conversation to what it is like being the oldest child and the responsibilities of being one. In the end, I found that I was not really satisfied with the recording because (1) she was driving, (2) the radio was on, and (3) I did not feel like the message was clear on identity nor belonging. So one day, my best friend happened to be over and she was telling me all kinds of stories from her family, to friends, and being stressed overall. So, I knew it was the perfect timing to do my podcast! 
Below is the conversation of how her past relationship or generally how strong love can affect a person and their identity. I do have to say, working to edit and put everything together was not an easy job. I used Garageband on my MacBook to edit the piece and on the day it was due, my work was unsaved and all my work was gone. Luckily, I got it done and to be honest, this is not the best but this the best that can be done compared to the original piece. Also, I literally tried every background music that would go along with my podcast, but it just sounded weird to me. I think it makes it too much if I were to add in music or sound effects. So I hope you guys understand. With that being said, I hope you enjoy! 
Talks with Ashlye 2



Let’s do a story about love. About the coldest war we’ve ever seen and how its outcome changed the world forever. First a little bit about the author. My father was a failed novelist who spent the majority of his days sitting at home behind a plate of mash and the television. Mother was actually a deceptively successful recording artist. She spent her days at the studio toiling away on tracks for musicians from all across the country; always hated discussing her work, the result of either humbling modesty or worn out vocal cords. We lived in a house too big to keep clean, just outside the city of HAM. Though not quite fully submerged in suburbia, it was still an ordeal to get anywhere notable to me as a little one. I began skipping out of school far too young, spending days on end with my good friend Louie Feppo who lived with his mother on the town’s endearingly run-down military base. Under the mother’s disapproving eye Louie and I would rummage through old photos and piece together blueprints. We read accounts from journals and war logs and played out the fantastic fantasies scurrying about the vast empty hanger. There were too many things in those logs we didn’t understand, things nobody could hope to understand at that point. Didn’t care. Later on, we would bring girls over and hook up in the cockpits of dismantled bombers. Some nights, kids from the city would bring their trucks, bottles, red cups onto the landing strip where we would turn on the flood lights and dance and boogie till sunrise. When they played top chart records, I could hear my mother’s voice behind the rest of the clatter and felt funny in my gut.

I moved far away from HAM at age nineteen, went to live on the farm with my uncle and his lover Dean. They had gotten too old to tend to their small orange field so they contacted my father and asked if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to send some help over. At that point father was too apathetic and had gained too much weight to be in any position to lend a hand himself, so he had the smart idea of plucking me out of school and sending my hand along to lend his poor brother. The TV’s had been flooded with some strange new programming in those months before I left, I remember all the kids were feeling how I was feeling. We wanted to get out of wherever we were; the farm would be a welcome change of scene. After what must have been around two weeks of intense farm work I was full of regret and my brain was all spent and my legs were near busted and the sickles had all rusted. Uncle and Dean were very considerate, for they seemed to have already accepted their own fate. The Arnold family farm gobbled up what was left of their orange stock and snatched up their land a heartbeat after they stopped showing up to marketplace. Seeing as that farm was just about everything Uncle and Dean had aside from each other, it starts to make some sense that the day after Arnold’s acquisition they decided to stick a pair of shotguns up their mouths. I was sick to my stomach over the whole ordeal and decided I wasn’t in any mindstate to go home; and, as much as I had started to miss Ma and Pa and Louie, the thing I missed most was dreaming about those airplanes flying. Louie’s old lady gave Yellow Hand Base up for demolition (From the good old grapevine I’ve heard it’s been since converted into an art gallery or something like that) and lastly I didn’t even know what HAM would be like if I came back around. It had been two years. Looking back doesn’t seem like a whole lot considering the hell I’ve gone through since; but to a young boy, two years reaping snatched away with no rewards felt like the worst fate a man could be given. I took what I could from Uncle and Dean’s place and slipped out quietly before anyone from Arnold’s found the place. Set out on a road that I thought would take me to NED Yolk but instead ended up about a hundred miles south in the city of Hillderbrandt. I had grown out a beard by the time I got into town, hated to look like that upon first contact. The morning coming into Hills was the first time I had seen a human who wasn’t looking over the wheel of a tin can in god knows how long. I could feel the age on my skin, and knew that things would be different when I struck real land. I just never imagined how different.

P1. Dream.

During my year on the streets and gutters of Hillderbrandt, I always dreamed of death. I dreamed about slipping away unnoticed by the masses, miles away from family, years away from loved ones. I was blending in with the dimness death even in harsh daylight. I wouldn’t have even put it past pedestrians to simply ignore my passing. My body would have most likely just been viewed as an accessory to the filthy back alleys; the working men and women need not even look. I dreamed these hilariously horrible dreams on the daily. But I never once dreamed that I, this lowly trash of a man, would be blessed by audience with the queen. It was at the point that my career as a vagrant had reached its nadir that I was contacted for to inform me of my visit with the queen in three months.

I hesitate to refer to those next three months as “short months” because we all know that a month is a month and no matter of eagerness or joyfulness can change the cycle of the moon. But I tell you, those months certainly sped by. Nearly the day after the Red Man attendant had shaken some sense into me on the roadside, I dreamed of something different. Even though I still lay in the dirt and shivered as the winter’s harsh jaw bite away at me, my dreams were no longer plagued. I had one particularly pleasant one that recurred quite often. It goes as such:

A soccer field near an old girlfriend’s house. Louie and I would often smoke a cigarette each and sip our sodas while we watched the older kids train for their tournaments or whatnot. The field’s once stadium-grade lights had all puttered out and so kids would climb atop the poles in admittedly dangerous displays of their acrobatic prowess. They would fill the burned out bulbs with bottles of homemade glowing jelly and leave them up there for maybe a week or so, just until they faded out and the ritual repeated itself. No parents were ever surprised when the headlines at breakfast told of local children turned into splats on the ground after attempting to better illuminate their drunken football matches. Eventually they weren’t even honored with headlines, just shoved to the third or fourth page inserts above the bicycle ads. Anyway, in the dream at hand, there were no children plummeting from those towering lampposts. In fact I was alone with Louie, and the field was only lit by moons. There were more trees than usual, and it was quieter than usual, and the buildings were bigger than usual, Louie dressed the usual. He looked very sexy in moonlight, and we were both cold and he wore a scarf and there was a creek that had started to crackle a ways away from the pitch. All of a sudden there was an airliner with a red tail landed in the midfield. It looked at once like it had been ripped from the black and white photos we always poured through, as well as from an image of childhood. Reminded me of the plane with the red tail that my father often described when recounting the fable of Home Sweet. I don’t know if the tail was his own added detail or part of history or part of myth or what. Louie and I climbed in through a series of complex hatches, we spent ages fumbling around under the belly looking for the right dos and don’ts. It was still dark but we both grinned gleefully. The interior, though dusted with healthy a coat of dust, kicked around with some hard kicking boots, still riled me up inside. I ran my hands along the torn stretches of velvet on the seats, and I didn’t care that this creature was a relic. It was romantic.

Louie had managed to pry open the  door to the cockpit, colored lights were flipping and flopping around gaily under their own coat of dust. It was still too dim to make out any labels. I pulled a flashlight out of my opposite hand and batteries out of somewhere else. There was a spurt and a sputter, then a warm and gooey stream of golden gold poured out across the control panel. Louie was fascinated by all this stuff, and I was fascinated by him. He pulled out an instruction manual from some sort of glove box and collapsed into the captain’s chair. I sat in the seat behind him and adjusted my seat so we were level with each other. There was a green captain’s hat in my lap and, after a once over to get rid of the dusty film, I slapped that old thing onto Louie’s head. He ignored his head, eyes locked on the diagrams. I wandered back into the main cabin, took off my muddy boots and straightened my socks. The black cotton worked wonders on the cherry wood floorboards. I slide up and down the aisle, propelling myself along with the springy spring seat backs. I was maybe ten years old. Some five minutes had passed and I was still lost in my sliding, I had gotten a really good one going too. All the way from the back of the cabin, around the galley, to the main passenger seating area. I felt like an ice skater as I swerved and spun and then I stopped. By the time I had flung myself halfway up the fuselage, time had stopped and I was still. I whipped my head around to see what was the matter and my eyes were caught by the window to my left. I scurried into the seat closest to it and stared out. The moonlit field was rotating before my eyes. I felt it in my stomach and I thought I was going to be sick. I felt in my head and then my ears and I thought I was going brain explode myself. When I pried them open a moment later the field was gone and I could see moons ten times brighter, I could see clouds and birds and even bigger pelicans flying in place. Flying with us. I rolled out of my seat, wracked with astonishment, and sprinted into the captain’s cabin. Louie turned to me and beamed. I followed his finger, pointing straight ahead, and fainted. We were in clouds together.

My Mother: Identity and Belonging Podcast

My podcast centers on an interview with my mother, ​and how she feels about Identity and Belonging. Being a first generation immigrant, and having lived and studied in a couple of different countries, I wanted to get her take specifically on national identity and how she felt like she belonged.

(Edit: This is the new, working link)
(Double Edit: The file below is the same thing)

I had a lot of goals coming into this project. One of them was to get to know my mother better, and to find out more about her as a person. I wanted to know more about her past, and although the podcast doesn't go into it, we had a good discussion about her past and things I never knew about her before. I also wanted to know what she thought about Identity and Belonging, both being important topics. In addition to those big goals, I also wanted to make a high quality podcast and get some experience with audio editing.

I would like to come back to this project in the future, use a better microphone, and just in general boost the production value of this piece. I would also like to go more in depth on some pieces of the topic in the interview, and I would like to guide my mother more so I know what I'm working with and there are less pauses or deviations.
Felix's song #6

Senior Art , Q2 - Brittany Cooper

So this quarter in senior art was very different. It was calm and collective nature. It was my first time drawing a fern, and it was VERY time consuming. If you take a close look at the picture you will notice that the left side has a short length of leaves than the right side. That is because when I first begun drawing the fern I focused so much on it being perfect. To the point where I took a ruler and measures out each width of the leaves on the left. After the second day of still dealing with the left side, I realized maybe perfection is not always the answer. I finished the left side with the ruler and started the right side free hand.

The second picture is the golden ratio collage. Honestly this had to thee hardest one out of all of the assignments. I say this because everyone defines the golden ratio so diversely that there's no wrong answer. So due to the fact tat there was no wrong answer I was stuck because that gave me numerous options. Surprising I came up with this on least minute. I decides to do a sea shell type swirl using water color. I know that water color blends so beautifully, so I knew that the shape of the shell would be a evolution of colors merging together. 

I enjoyed doing the block prints the most because it reminded me of my freshman year of art. We did a block print of the Periodic Table. So it was easy for me to remember the steps to block printing. I choose to do a butter fly because what is better than a butter fly.. Nothing ! The colors I chose were inspired by the theme of my dorm room for when I go off to college!

I'm really excited to see what' s in store for Quarter 3 Senior Art :)   

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, pg. 10

This is an extra scene of what I imagined happened in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road...

Before, they lived with two men and one woman with a child. They took shifts watching for the roadrats. Rumors passed around about people who left the town at night for food or water. Some heard their screams, others heard the chopping. He held her close every night. He could feel the child kicking her skin. Translucent and full, like the moon they would never see again.

The men proposed to move to the next town. They left in the day a week later. The two men held the weapons in the front of the group. The first night was cold. He fell asleep with his pistol beside him and the child between her and him.

He awoke to leaves rustling a few yards away. The two men stood by the woman whose mouth was stuffed with a dirty rag. Her child was limp in between her spread legs. One man leaned down to whisper to her and the other unzipped his pants. She began to sob. He fired once and then twice. Two florid splotches appeared on their heads as they fell.

He untied her hands and feet while her limbs shook. The brains of the child were spread on the ground.

They told me they were going to cook my baby.

He didn’t notice the knife until her hand flashed towards her heart. The color of her face drained onto her clothes. They left the bodies and walked back to town.

For my piece, I chose the quote that stuck with me after I had finished the book. I really like this quote because it really has some connection to the book’s essential questions. The quote is found on page 10 when the boy and the man pass some dead bodies. The boy doesn’t seem to be fazed when he sees the bodies but the man comments on how things stick in your head and the boy points out that the man forgets things. The man replies with “Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.” I thought that this was an interesting quote because it seems as if it had been told to the man by someone else before and I wanted to write about the situation that he would have been in.

I chose to write about cannibalism and morals because that was a huge part of staying the good guys for the boy. Every time they saw evidence of cannibalism, the boy would ask the man if they were going to stay the good guys. The man must have had an experience where he decided that he would never be a cannibal but early enough that the boy wouldn’t have remembered it. If the boy would have remembered a time where they were close to becoming the bad guys, I don’t think that he would have been as innocent as he was portrayed in the book. Some of the essential questions that I thought about in my brainstorm were, “Where do morals come from?” and “Who or what do you live for if there is nothing left?” These fit into my piece because this would be one of the moments that probably would have shaped the man’s morals and then in time, the boy’s morals. The woman in the piece (not the mother of the boy), kills herself in the end because her son is dead. This shows that she was only surviving and living because of her son.

The word I chose to include in my piece was “florid” which is an adjective for reddish, ruddy, and, rosy. This word is usually used in a happy sense because the word’s origin in Latin, meaning to bloom. McCarthy’s writing is not happy at all, so it wouldn’t have made sense to use it. In other books and stories, authors would use the word to bloom when a character would get shot. I used “florid” when the man killed the two other men because it was one of the only times that there would be color described in the piece or even the book.


I had much trouble with this topic, mostly due to thinking of the identity as a small part of what I wanted to say. The examples given in my class involving the topic were not values or instances that I necessarily cared about. I wanted to connect the idea of monarchy having to be judged by society in order to be acknowledged and valued for their identity. With the grade I received in my paper, I see that I didn't connect that strongly enough. Hopefully enough, in the podcast I focused on that more. ​

My podcast had to do with the idea of monarchy and identity. Living in the US, I am someone that is not for the idea of a monarchy run government in the 21st Century. With the increase of press revolving around royal families (mostly the Windsors), I have asked why we still praise the ground they walk on, even in the US. This conversation with my family acknowledges that and the problems that young kids face with, regarding the love of monarchy. Enjoy! 

Quarter 2, Mali Fenning

This quarter I thoroughly enjoyed illustrating the ferns. I really loved drawing nature and I felt I could be very creative illustrating that particular piece. During Quarter 2 the Negative Space drawing was a bit challenging for me. The small details were complicated in many of the sketches I tried, but eventually I enjoyed drawing the heart with the whimsical flowed details. To complete the negative space drawing I did some research beforehand to understand how to complete it and to find inspiration. Moreover, I also did a lot of research for the Golden Ratio collage. I ended up actually really liking my Golden Ratio pieces, but it took me a long time to solidify an idea. This quarter was definitely a learning experience, and I'm excited to continue to learn different techniques next quarter as well.

Hip Hop's Influence

My name is Jada Terrell, a senior at Science Leadership Academy. This project is about hip hop music (incorporating both the lyrics and videos) and how influential it is upon the younger generation. I am passionate about uplifting the younger generation but I feel as though sometimes, hip hop music degrades our true value. In this podcast, you will hear from three young women, (Jackie Dawson, Joie Nearn, and Angelica Owens)  as well as myself covering how we feel about the portrayal of women in hip hop. I hope you enjoy!
Hip Hop Radio Piece

Podcast Michael Thayres

Podcast (1)
My main goal with this podcast is to show how someones outlook can change with the experiences they have, and how this impacts identity. My brother who has had his fair share of setbacks at one point had a pretty optimistic view on life, but now it's more realistic. He dreams less, just wants to get to a point where he's independent. The work was actually getting him to say something interesting during the recording, which was more difficult than I thought it would be. 

I definitely learned a little bit about what it's like to deal with interviews and try and get interesting material from people. Since my brother was very indifferent about his answers (and I was also interrupted by my cat more than once) it was hard to get a story arc, or even anything interesting at all from him. He seemed like he just didn't have much thought at all put into the topic. So that's kind of the tone of the podcast. He's indifferent, and this is likely due to how his experiences changed his identity, whether he acknowledges that or not. 

Advanced Art

The work that I did was based off many others. I thought that maybe I could reflect like a mirror image of what people do daily. What it means to be an artist to me is showing how you feel on a simple piece of paper. I used many different tecniques to make my work the way it is. All of my work was inspiration, I felt like I had to make the things I did, take a picture. I drew what I saw and I thought was worthy and was very different something no one would have though of doing. I was inspired by many but only I knew what I wanted to do.

Senior Art Quarter 2 by Brittany Atkinson

This quarter in our senior art class was built on balance and nature. I choose to take that as add my own twist with social media and how it plays art in our every day lives. The golden ratio collage is something I had hardly ever heard before this class. When I was was assigned to make something out of it I couldn't decide what. After a while I made the decision to make the swirl of the ratio the "likes" of instagram going into the brain. The next project which is the block print, I kept my theme and did snapchat. Snapchat can be used to show the world temporary moments and flowers don't live forever. I wanted to express that and am proud of the final product. My favorite out of the all the projects would be the fern. The fern took a long time to create. From getting the shape right, adding the leaves, texture, and then inking it, it took about 4-5 hours to do and it came out beautifully.  Overall this was a short quarter but it was short and sweet and well appreciated.

Advanced Art Quarter Two

This slideshow is a culmination of my past artwork assignments that range from art history to an illustration of our favorite childhood book, story our poem. For the two art history assignment we learn about and analyzed several different works of art, figuring out what statement the artist was trying to make with their creation. For our other assignments we created an illustration of a children's book, a drawing of fabric, and how it folds creating wrinkles and shadows, we also used a photo editing online software to edit a photo, and we created a collage. With these art assignments, I felt as if I have begun to learn a lot more about how I am able to express myself though my artwork, creating pieces that interest me or have at least some sort of special connection with me. I also feel as if I am becoming a much better artist through all this practice of creating and turning in an assignment every week or so.

Q2 2-Day Art

​This quarter I decided to choose a different reach on my art. There was a couple pieces that were motivated by black history month, which is next month. I decided to add some aspects and influence it for my work. I have always went with freely inspiring my work, but this time I actually used something to motivate and guide me. 
For my fabric drawing, I actually designed it myself, by using a chair that I had at home. I actually got better at the fabric since last year. I learned the balance between the shaded and the lines. I decided to go a little smaller in the paper size so that I would be able to add more detail int the fabric. 
The next was my photo editing,which I used from when I was at graduation. I think I wanted the editing to look as if it had texture on it. I then wanted it to be recognized, but then easy enough for someone to tell a difference. Also with the collage, I didn`t want it to be clutttered so that people would not see it, but have enough, so you don`t see any background paper. This was also inspired by black history month. 
The last was a drawing inspired by the speech by Martin Luther King which you can find below.

Growing Up Online Reflection

      Growing Up Online
1. What was this show about? It was about how kids in the era of the beginning of internet were being taken over by it. It was also saying that kids were also influenced bad by it.

2. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? When there was that girl who was an "ana" person. She had a disorder which make people think their fat and fast and starve themselves so they can look perfect. 

3. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It is important to make people aware of the dangers that are in things that we eat, see, and use everyday. It makes us more cautious so we don't make horrible mistakes.

4. How will you keep your future family safe online? I will teach them to be more cautious and watch out for scams. If I'm able to I will teach them to know code so they can see if sites are scamming them. I will also have filters to block out most of the bad sites. But, for the most of it I will let them have fun.
5. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety? It can help a lot because it will prevent rape, murder or even bankruptcy.
6. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? To first learn how to use the internet and find the best blockers and find games that are fun and interactive for your kid so they will play that then going on the web. I don't know because there are many things you can do, but first just know your child. 
Screenshot 2016-01-29 at 11.21.22 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-29 at 11.21.22 PM

Art Portfolio - Huzaifah Malik

  • For this quarter, I wanted to make my art pieces unique and simple at the same time, that’s the reason why I decided to come up with things like collage and photo editing.

  • Since I’m passionate about music, I decided to make a collage of my favorite artists. I tried to keep the pictures symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

  • My fabric piece is pretty straightforward as I did not want to make something complicated.

  • I have a thing for clear sky and clouds, and that’s mainly the reason why I always take pictures of clouds. I decided to edit one of my favorite picture that I took this summer.

  • My final piece is all about love. I tried to give a bit of hint to TFIOS as well as some other romantic novels.

Slides- Eleanor Shamble

This quarter I didn't really have a specific focus. I just drew what I felt like drawing. So naturally, two of the pieces (the collage and the illustration) were fandom related. I tried a few new things. For example, for the photo editing, I edited my cat and didn't make her rainbow (which is what I usually do with this app...). But mostly, all I did was express myself and what I was feeling at the time. 

Q2 Senior Art

During this second quarter in Ms. Hull’s senior art class, everything has been excellent. In this quarter we had to create a golden ratio collage, a fern drawing, design a block print, and lastly do a negative space drawing. All of the pieces were given 100% of my time and effort, which can clearly be seen through the work. I believe that this quarter has been my best yet. I loved making every single piece because they were new things that I never did before.

My favorite piece of art work was definitely the negative space drawing. It featured nature, and I love nature. I personally enjoy drawing/painting anything that deals with nature because it gives the viewer a sense of freedom, liberty, and it’s also relaxing. I like the fact that it was black and white because it made the scene of the bird look very dull but intense. Overall, it was one of my favorite drawings so far.  

Quarter 2 Advanced Art - Slideshow and Artist Statment

This quarter I tied to keep the artwork simple. The first was the collage were I cut out different backgrounds and animal fur, in shape of feathers to glue to the bird. The next was a fabric drawing, were I drew only the fabric near the floor next to the leg of the chair. I also drew the shadow of the leg. For the photo editing, I darkened the buildings and made the colors of the sky more extinguished. LAstly I drew the illustration, specifically in black and white. I wrought some words that I felt were important to the poem, without realy quoting it by writing, "evermore".  

Anastasia, Q2

I use my art to express the things I see that I can't describe with words, yet I have an artist statement to write none the less...

The Collage...
When I create a collage, the final product is usually quite scenic.  Beginning this collage I simply choose and assortment of images that caught my eye and went from there, being extremely precise when cutting. The assortment of images transformed into a mystical "city" in they sky with a pastel color scheme. I am extremely satisfies... :)

The Fabric...
I found drawing a texture to be very challenging and in the end I settled with the one thing I know how to draw, fabric with a rippling effect. The outcome was simple, but sleek.

 The Photo...
 This image is one of the most professional shots I have ever captured on  an iPhone.  Every detail is clear to the bare eye.  Since the image itself has "a lot" going on in it I wanted the edit to be simple.  The picture seemed washed of color so I increased the vibrance.  Proud to call it my own!

The Illustration...
I had not a clue what to base my illustration off of.  I knew music, but there is an incredible variety to choose from and I was very indecisive.  I was quite stuck until I heard the Beatles song, "She came in through the bathroom window".  The idea of that image was so bizarre but would make for a very unique creation.  So I began.  I am not good at drawing legs though, the initial plan was for there to be a leg sticking through the window, yet when I got to a certain point I decided that I liked it as it was.


Identity and Belonging Podcast

My goals for the project, originally, was to have a very strong and meaningful piece about identity and how it can be misinterpreted, turned around and downright painful. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the hard hitting piece that I wanted. Instead I turned to my parents, I wanted to explore how identity is shaped in your early life and how that leads to a mutual generational identity. My parents grew up in vastly different communities and economic groups, but were still able to learn the same values and morals. To me that was fascinating and I wanted to know more about it. 

The process of making this podcast was very long and frustrating. As I mentioned in my previous podcast, it took a while for me to get the footage for my podcast. After I got my footage, I had to cut it down to ten minutes. Initially it seemed like it would be hard to do but as I got through the logging process I realized that a lot of the conversation wasn't relevant or usable. In the end I was had less than 8 minutes of usable footage. The last step was adding in music which was the easiest part. In the end I'm glad we did this project, although I wish I had more time, I like the podcast making part. 

Final Podcast

My Artwork

I use my artwork to channel my inner imagination. It is not too often in school when you can express how you feel, and art is one of the few times. I am proud of my pieces and think that you will appreciate them also.

My "Blend of Music" piece is my personal favorite. It is a blend of covers from some of the songs  I listen too. I like it because it is simple, colorful, and means something special to me. The covers are placed in strategic positions that caught my eyes and I felt like it would help catch others also.

My next piece is "Il tessuto cade". Thats means the falling fabric in Italian. This piece was cool because I added a little extra to the assigned task. I wanted the make the fabric flow even more so I decided to use the fan to give it the flow look. 

My third piece is Kaleidoscope dreams. It shows a young girl through the eye of a kaleidoscope. Of all the filters, this was my favorite. It reminds my of looking through a toy kaleidoscope as a kid. 

My final piece was my quote from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It shows a camel in a place with feathers and the one feather on his back is broken. The quote did not literally mean this but it is what came to mind when I heard it.

Art 2: Quarter 2 Artist's Statement and Art Slideshow

Art 2, the second class of art offered at Science Leadership Academy is all about the deeper exploration of the different types of visual arts. This quarter, we started off the by getting an overview of all the pieces we were doing and all the options we had for each piece. For each piece there were three options for the workload that you wanted. They were Passive, for the student who was in the class just because, Middle for students who are interested in art but not sure if they want to pursue futures in art, and the Future Art Student which is pretty self explanatory.

Our first assignment of quarter was another Art History assignment. We were to research art from any country that we wanted on the list of the website we were assigned to. I chose France and a dress by Yves Saint Laurent. The dress is his timeless Mondrian dress.

The second assignment is the one I am most proud of this quarter. It is an artistic collage inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, as you can see the resemblance from the hands reaching out towards the diamond ring. I gave it a modern twist by adding the diamond and model cutouts form a Cosmopolitan issue. Dubbed “Girls love diamonds.” this piece is definitely the work that cherish most out of my compilation this quarter.

The third was a challenging one. Our job was to draw fabric. I chose to do something differently and draw draped robes on a made-up/fantasy character I created myself as well. I thought this was challenging because of the fact that I had to pay close attention to where the fabric was hanging and going on the model. Although it was difficult, I was still able to create good looking fabric and do it in a more creative way than just drawing the fabric alone.

The next assignment took us away from the pencil and paper and made us go digital. We were tasked with shooting a photo and professionally editing it. I did this plenty of times before and still do it even now so this was right up my alley. I shot a symmetrical photo of a mailbox which was shot using the rule of thirds. The mailbox was centered with beautiful flowers behind it which gave it the bright colors. While editing, I made sure to boost the vibrancy of the colors in order to make them pop.

The last assignment was an illustration of a children’s book, poem, novel. Being the person that I am, I chose to do an illustration of lyrics from rap songs. The songs were by Travis Scott and Kanye West, which explain my drawings which show Travis Scott and Kanye West performing actions that they speak about in their songs.

Overall I can say that I have learned a lot this quarter when it comes to different techniques and ways to go about creating pieces of art and I believe that this will truly benefit me in my future. For that I would like to thank my art teacher, Ms. Hull for just being there to help us on the journeys we go on every quarter in her class.