Family Does whats best

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I think by doing this project I learned that crossing a boundary has many different meanings.I think that my project mainly focuses on emotional,physical,and racial boundaries. The Emotional was my mom having to go against what her parents wanted,the physical being her getting moving out and living by herself with three kids,and the racial being my grandparents not wanting my dad to help raise the child because he was black.Some times crossing the boundaries weather its by yourself or with someone it has good and bad effects.Take my moms story for example the emotional boundary was crossed when deciding to have my sister.My grandmother and grandfather did not want to talk to her,but it all paid off in the end because it was right for her made her happy and today they love my sister and my mother.While I was doing this project I was surprised with the answers that I had gotten, and even the two views on the situation.I really did enjoy working with them both because even though you didn’t hear my voice because I cut it out I was having a conversation with my parents, its like the mic wasn’t even there we where just having a normal conversation.My dad at first didn’t want to do it because he didn’t really want to tell me the story, so it was hard to get him to talk but when I did get him to finally talk it was nice because me and hime do not really talk about things like this.It was the first time in a while i was able to get his point of view on things.While I was interviewing my mom I found out that my grandfather's brother was really his nephew.I found It interesting how my dad said my grandparents where crossing a racial boundary and my mom didn’t really seem to think they where. 

I , Yo

I dance in English 
Yo ayado en casa en español 
I go shopping in english 
Yo estadio en español 
I hang out with friends in english 
Yo leo en español 
I talk on the phone in english 
Yo corro en español 
I sleep in english 
Yo escribo en españiol 


I sing in English,
I laugh in English,
I dream in English,
I shoot for the stars in English.
Leo en español.
Estudio en español.
Hablo en español.
Español es no soy yo,
English is me.

I Would Rather

​I Would Rather

Yo nunca jugo videojuegos, así que yo activa
I'd rather practice sports a lot
Yo a veces estudio
I'd rather sleep instead
Yo bailo terrible
I'd rather just listen to music and dance only at my house
Yo depende del día veo la tele
I'd rather hang with friends

I am comforted by English, for it will always be here



He writes english
He eats english
He draws english
He listens to music in english
He reads english.

Pero, él habla en español
él baila en español
él vera la tele en español
y él cocina en español.

Poema de Hannah

    Yo estudio en español,
      trabajo en español.
However, I go to church in English,
   I talk to everyone in English    
        Nado en español,
          Leo en español.
     I play sports in English,
   I sing and dance in English.
          I live in English!


I read in english.
Escribo en español.
I relax in english.
Estudio en español.
I run in english.
Hago la tarea en español.
I surf the net in english.
Tomo apuntes en español.

Shaion Poema

He sleeps in english
el como en español 
He swims in english
el voy a la escuela en español
He relaxes in english
el escucho musico en español
He likes to hang with friends in english
el practico deportista en español

Poema - Jada

"Jada" by Jada Terrell

She speaks. English.
She dances with English.
She talks to and hangs out with friends a lot. In English.
She listens to music. English.
Pero, ella ayuda en casa en español.
Ella estudie en español.
Ella lee en español
Y ella dibuje en español. 
Ella vive SPANGLISH. :)


I feel in English,
I think in English.
Estudio en Español,
hablo en Español.
I think in English,
I laugh in English.
Practico vocabulario en Español,
hago la tarea en Español.
I live in English.