Macbeth and His Lady Macbeth

1.  This project is about the emotionally roller coster of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth ‘s emotions. This is a creative extension of the quotes for the book Macbeth. 

2. I decided to do something simple. Something that would be easily understandable. I used a all white poster board & free hand drew all the pictures such as the crown, the snake and sword, and the bloody hands. 

3. Just making sure everything matched up was difficult because certain quotes were hard to describe through drawling. I had to take my time and not rush. 

4. One thing I am most proud of is the fact that I was able to actually complete this project. I was not confident in this at all nor did I have a solid paln. 

5. One thing I would have done differently is I would have done a board game. I think it would have been a more hands on with the auditions. 

6. I learned that almost everybody had very similar quotes. Also ideas on the structure of there projects. 

7. I learned that I actual enjoy doing hands on creative projects. Yes it’s a lot but, for me it was very relaxing. It was something other than typing on a computer.  


Beyoncé- Guernica

Esta obra de arte representa los aspectos positivos y negativos de ser cantante. La puerta de la fotografía representa que muchas oportunidades para ser creativos. Sin embargo el fantasma representa a los numerosos problemas que un cantante puede tener porque a los medios de comunicación. La paloma representa esperanza y fuerza para futuras cantantes que lo que es el mejor. La madre y el niño representa el amor que yo tengo a mi mamá porque ella es una fuerte y independiente. 

A Tragic Hero

Macbeth Reflection
  1. In my movie it’s just a summarization of Macbeth growth to from Thane of Glams to a dead king.
  2. The process in creating this piece went into a state of confusing, first I was going to work with a partner at first on a dance piece but then that couldn’t happen because that person was going away for the weekend. So then I decided to do a dance piece by myself but then I couldn’t because there wasn’t enough time for me to put together a combination. There a just decided to create an iMovie showing the progression of Macbeth’s life. 
  3. As previously stated, the process was difficult for me because nothing really worked out with my partner and by myself so I decided to just change it all up by making a movie. 
  4. I’m most proud of the tone of the movie, the tone describe how Macbeth’s life transition to a life full of misery. 
  5. As always with all my projects, I have to plan fully out mainly with collaboration and time periods. 
  6. I didn’t have a chance to view my classmates’ projects so I didn’t really learn anything from them. 
  7. I learned that my abilities to do a creative piece are challenged each time I do this because what I think I’m strong may be the total opposite. 

English 9, Dunn, Macbeth Creative Piece.

​This project was about a novel written by Shakespeare called,, "Macbeth." My ninth grade English class had to write about a character in the book and explain the journey of that character. Once we finished that portion, we had to create a creative showing the journey of that person. For my written part I discussed the downfall of Macbeth. I said, “Macbeth”, MacBeth is a noble and innocent man, until he learns his fate and tries to define his own destiny." My creative portion is a poem describing his journey and how he go to his downfall. For my process, it was somewhat hard. I only say that because I really didn't know what to do until about two days before. There weren't really any difficulty except starting my paper. I couldn't chose what I wanted to write about. I overcame that by asking my teacher for some help. I am most proud of my hard work because I know that I put time into both portions. If I could do anything differently, I would chose Lady Macbeth because it would be fun to tell her story. I learned a lot from my classmates presentations. I learned that there is a lot of ways to express the same opinion and that taking time out to do something is very important. I learned that I like to think a lot before I do anything. I realized I do this because I know that I need time and I want everything to be right. Overall, I really loved the project and I would do it again and again if I had to.
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English 9, Dunn, Macbeth Cole Hinton

This is my creative piece to the Macbeth quote analysis that we did for English class. My project is showing the journey of Macbeth to achieve the crown that he desperately wanted. The process to making this project was kind of easy to make. I chose some words from the book and words that reminded me of Macbeth when he was going through this quest for it. Some problems making this project was having the website crash on me when I was trying to make this. I also struggled with trying to make this project look good for the teacher liking. What I like most about this project was finding this outline as a crown. I like this because this whole story is mainly about Macbeth and how he did some much things to get a crown and loyalty of a whole nation. What I would change about this project would do something much creative than this. What I learned from other people's projects, were what they learned and took in from this book and how they interoperate Macbeth in this book. What I learned about me in this project was that I can do more than this creative wise.
Macbeth Creative Piece Cole Hinton
Macbeth Creative Piece Cole Hinton

Lady Macbeth in Silhouette

This video is intended to portray the evolution and progression of the character Lady Macbeth, from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The video illustrates the hubris with which she is originally presented in the play, and the way in which her character crumbles with each murder she or her husband commit. Throughout the play, the woman gains a sense of humanity which she lacks at the outset. The cost of losing her strong facade, however, is the guilt she is saddled with. In the video, her character simulated through her posture. With each name that flashes on the screen, another life is taken, and Lady Macbeth is crushed, until, completely deflated, she is gone. 

To achieve the silhouette effect, I used a set of broad construction lights, an unused bed sheet, and a startling amount of duct tape. My mother, Arden Kass, was drafted as Lady Macbeth. Between each shot, I would model for her the poses she would go through to pantomime the character. Some difficulty arose in the editing stage, and as a result the final video is not nearly as elegant as the original footage. I have been instructed to tell any viewers that my mothers is not, in fact, as wide as iMovie ’09 shows her to be. 

At the outset, supplies were hard to find. After prepping to begin filming, the camera broke, and the rest of the process was completed using an iPhone. Unfortunately, iPhones are a bit of a pain. Next, the tape, the sheets and the wall refused to cooperate. In between each shot, much time was spent re-hanging the sheet, re-applying the tape, and even re-filming shots in which the sheet fell. The lights nearly burnt a hole in the floor, and the sheet was discovered to be spotted with large, mysterious black spots. Finally, the video was shot in a doorway, so I was forced to use the vertical video function of my phone. Apple products are not nearly as compatible as you might think, and the final movie is irreparably distorted. 

This project is certainly as dramatic, intense and communicative as I hoped it would be, if a little poorly edited. A good first attempt at silhouette filmmaking

Given more time, I would find a way to tile the video, so that I could use it without distortion. I would also put a little more time into the editing, as the transitions are a little funky. 

I was very impressed by the creativity of the other projects. People saw Macbeth in a very different light from me. 

I learned, unfortunately, that I am capable of handing in a project where I’m not 100% proud of the aesthetics of the final copy. I hope this doesn’t have too much of an impact on future projects.