Let's make a change!

My past work has led up to my Agent of Change, and making a change in the world. In my first blog post (passion and information) I explained and wrote about how anti-semitism was an issue in the world. I explained how scary and dangerous anti-semitism was, especially in places like Europe and the Middle East. Blog post one led to my second blog post. In my blog post two (original research) I met with and interviewed Holocaust survivor Rabbi Charlie Kraus. He talked about his experiences living through the Holocaust and his views about judaism now. My interview with him sparked my interests yet again. He said he was disappointed and sad at how the world is acting to Jews now.

In my recent research I have found new ways to help the issue of anti-semitism in the world. I have given a presentation to my advisory, and I plan to show it more until I have made a difference. Some places you can make a difference at are the Jewish Relief Agency and the Anti-Defamation League. These sites give you an opportunity to help Jews in the Philadelphia community or help make a difference in the world. I think that these two agencies are great for helping out in the issue of anti-semitism. I have volunteered with the Jewish Relief Agency on several occasions. I was making a difference in the Philadelphia Jewish community. I have not volunteered with the Anti-Defamation League, however it gives many options on how to help anti-semitism, especially in the Middle East.  

For my Agent of Change I made and presented a slide show. I showed it to my advisory. My presentation was also shown to the 8th grade class at Greenfield Middle School. I want to show my presentation to more and more people. I will make a bigger difference in the world and I will help solve the issue of anti-semitism.   

I learned a lot throughout this project. I have had change, more people know more about anti-semitism and more about jews after watching my slide show. This project has helped me in many ways. I can now coordinate with others and their schedules (to a certain degree.) This project has helped me grow as a learned and as a member of the Jewish community. I felt good about this project. When everything was finished, I felt proud of the work I had done and after working with others schedules, I feel good about my outcomes. However there some things I could change about the project. If I did this project again I would finish my presentation sooner and talk to more people about presenting to them and others. I would also have done more for the passion and information blog post. I would also take more time to work on my blog posts. I still have to make more of a change in the world. One fact that really struck me was that Temple was the 8th most anti-semitic campus in the country. I would like to change that and educate more people about jews and anti-semitism.

Stop Abducting

Hey guys I know that it has been a while since I last posted. So if you have forgotten what they talked about you can just click here to see the first one and here to see the second one.

In my first blog post I was basically talking about how much this generation's youth is not educated on what to do and what not to do when approached by a stranger and just the statistics. In my second blog post I talked about how I had an interview with Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane which is a man that specializes in child abduction. To raise awareness for child abduction I have created a poster that says “Stranger = Danger”. This small saying is going to be posted on social media. I am going to get friends to post the poster and use the hashtag  #StopAbductingOurYouth, hopefully this hashtag will spread like wildfire and get people to become more aware of child abduction. I also made a script that people would be able to act out and post on whatever social media site that they would like, if anyone wanted to post the video it would be nice if the could put #StopAbducting Youth so that way it will start trending.  

In the beginning  I had a different plan for my Agent Of Change. I wanted to use the script that I  made and act it out. The obstacle that I faced with that plan was trying to film on a day that would fit with the people that I had choose to film, so I basically ran out of time.

I am passionate about this topic but I think that if I could do this project over I would choose a different topic because I never thought this would be such a hard topic to discuss. Even though I am passionate out this topic I feel like I am somewhat giving up on it because it feels like I have bit off more than I can chew. This is a very cool project but it is project that takes time. I think that this was a project that should have been given more than one quarter to do. I think that I definitely managed my time better because I think that would have made it a lot easier to do. If I could start the project over I would change my PIC to helping the homeless. Everyday that I go to school I see someone that is homeless and it makes me ache with guilt that while I have a place to live, food to eat, and a place to bathe  they have nothing put the clothes on their backs.

To see the poster that I created that will be posted on social media click here.


The you and the world project was difficult for me because the topic I picked wasn’t a topic that the great majority felt as strongly about it as I did. My topic was immigration and even though it is a big problem it’s not something that students around my age think about. If I was going to do it differently I would pick a much more popular topic. By having a popular project the project will be easier for me. The research part of the project was easy the part that was hard was the agent of change part. Since people didn’t feel as strongly as I did about the topic people didn’t really care about my agent of change. I feel like if we could work in groups the project would of been easier and fun. I also feel like I could of made my topic more specific by focusing on immigrant children because that is a topic people would be more interested in because of the kids. In conclusion my agent of change project didn’t go as good as I wanted it to because I didn’t pick a good topic. Now that I’ve finished the project if I was going to do it again I would know what to do.

Q4 Brandon Jones Art Project

For the 4th quarter, I have decided to go with mostly hand drawn pictures, the exception being a 3D shape created using geometric equations on the website TinkerCad. The inspiration for my drawings came from things that I enjoy watching. I chose Disney's Hercules as my first picture because not only was it the first Disney movie I watched, but I still watch it to this day. I chose Pocahontas as my 2nd drawing because she is my favorite Disney Princess. For my fourth drawing I chose Ken Kanaki from the Anime Series: Tokyo Ghoul because it is one of my favorite anime that I am currently watching. A technique that I was going for in all of my drawings was shading as it has challenged me in the past.

The End

The you and the world project was a very fun project. I enjoyed doing it because it made me feel like I was making a difference. The only problem that I had with it was that the time frame for such a big project was small so a lot of things had to be rushed. Overall I feel like one of my biggest successes was the bake sale because I was able to raise over $200. The thing that I feel like I could’ve done better is trying do my interview in person, because I attempted to do my interview over the phone but the autism society wasn’t picking up.  

My original research went very well. I was able to get a large amount of info from the website of the Autism Society, I was also able to get flyers from them. If I were to do it differently I would order autism awareness shirts and sell those to raise money instead. The reason why I would prefer to sell shirts is that I feel like they would last longer and would be better than the flyers since people most likely threw away the flyers.

I had a much better outcome than I thought I would. I thought the bake sale was going to be very unsuccessful because on the day that we had the bake sale the school store was having discounts, and some seniors were selling sandwiches. This caused me to feel like I would raise little to know money at the bake sale. But I was proved wrong when I was able to raise a decent $245.

Stranger= Danger

Hello everyone! It has been sometime since my first blog post. In my first blog post I was basically talking about how much this generation's youth is not educated on what to do and what not to do when approached by a stranger and just the statistics. I have dived even deeper into my topic and found lots of shocking information. During the time of my last blog post I have discovered a lot of different information such as the different tactics, the way that police deal with abductions, and how age relates to the motivation that the abductor would have to abduct someone. Not only did I find out new information but I got an interview with a detective that specializes in child abduction. I had an interview with Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane.

After having the interview with Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane I thought that it was really cool how I somewhat got to have child abduction broken down. I am very happy that I get to share my findings with all of my viewers because it is not everyday that you get the opportunity to have an interview with someone who is in control of all of the abductions that happen from Virginia to Maine. For my original research I was originally was going to interview a close family friend that was a police officer. That changed when I found out that my track coach had connections to a person that specialized in child abduction. It was very hard trying to get in contact with Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane because at first I never got to talk to him personally and I would always get whatever needed to be said, said through my track coach. Another problem that I had was trying to find time to actually have the interview because Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane is such a busy person.

Like I had said before I dived deeper into my topic by surfing the web hours a day. The most interesting website that I discovered was a website that had a lady named Rose Muara write about the time when she herself was abducted at the age of 7. It was so attention grabbing because she talked about the what she was thinking, how she was feeling, and how she planned to make it out alive. When you read her story you kind of get an insight on what it is like to be abducted but then again you still will never feel the fear like she did.

Having the interview with Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane really helped me with my PIC issue because it helped me narrow down what I wanted to do for my Agent Of Change, as Supervisory Special Agent Kevin McShane answered the question that I had my brain began to buzz with ideas. Even though I got the answers to the questions that I have I will always be curious as to how you could just snatch someone away from the rest of humanity and keep them held in captivity like an animal.

For my Agent Of Change I want to do an informational skit. I want to take one of the tactics that abductors use and at it out and then show what are the do's and dont's when you are in a situation where you are approached by a stranger.Image result for a stranger approaching a child with the lost dog tactic

  • This is a picture that shows a stranger trying to get a kid to go with him by using candy to lure him in

Image result for stranger danger

  • This is a really cool picture that is supposed to say that going into the van is scary because once you get into the van the only emotion that you will feel is fear.

Childhood Cancer Reflection

This was by far my favorite project that I've done all year. Not only was this my favorite project of the year but one of the most stressful. When doing a project like this there are gonna be many major glows and grows and I had just a few.

My first blog post was very exciting to write but I was also nervous about say the same thing over and over again. When doing the research I had to look at different accredited resources that gave me great information. The problem I had with this is that most of the websites said the same thing over and over again. So it took a lot of research for me to get to 500 words in that blog post. I wish I could go back and go more into detail about different types of childhood cancer and which ones are curable and not curable.

My blog post number two was definitely the most exciting. My interview was one of the best things I've done so far in my life. I was finally able to show someone that they weren't forgotten about by the teenage community. When going into this interview I thought it would be very sad, but it turned out to be a really good teenage conversation. The person I interviewed was very down to earth and funny. This interview showed met that life is too short to walk around sad and mopey and to live each and every day like it's your last.

Blog post number three was the most stressful of them all. It was so stressful, I had to get an extension. First off my Agent Of Change didn't go exactly how I planned it. I planned on going to CHOP and visiting cancer, but that didn't work out so I decided to make care packages. The person I gave my care package to is a senior at SLA by the name of Matt. I was definitely surprised by his reaction, I thought he would hate it but he really enjoyed it. I guess I did make the change I wanted to. I just wanted to make people happy and that's what I did.

The Time Has Come...dun dun dun

 Through this project, I have been inspired to be active in my beliefs, rather than passive. I now see that it is very important to not only express your passion through words, but also by being proactive.  For my research, I found extensive information about the impact mental illnesses has on society(i.e suicides, bullying), I wish I would have found more information about more ways the mental illness is broken and unrepaired.This would have definitely enhanced my first blog post because it would show my readers that the problems I described in my blog post actually exist. For my original research, I stumbled upon some disappointments such as getting no response from a lot of organizations and people whom I reached out to. This was discouraging ; however, it was not enough to stop my determination. Initially, I wanted to interview Eleanor Longdin because I had watched her Ted Talk, "The Voices In My Head", where she explained her struggles with mental illness and the reactions of others around her. I figured she would have a lot to say on my topic( America's broken mental health care system). I google searched her, hoping she would have a website, by which she could be contacted, but I was not that lucky. I soon realized, after research, that I would only be able to reach her through social media, which appeared to be a long shot, due to the many farce 'personal' accounts titled 'Eleanor Longdin' on twitter. I decided to abandon my pursuit of Longdin and instead use sources more local. I called about five psychology professors at Penn, but got no response, which is expected looking back in hindsight.  After those attempts failed, I used one of the closest sources available: The teachers and students at SLA. I first created a survey that gauged the knowledge of my freshmen peers about the broken system. I decided to do this because I wanted to reach out to the youth because we are future leaders. Moreover, I interviewed Jevon Price and Ms.Menasion, my advisor, about their opinions on the dull mental health care discussion and how the discussions are resuscitated by tragedy(Newtown).  I decided to interview Ms.Menasion, not only because she is very supportive, but also because she is a special education teacher. Her responses were insightful and very helpful. Ultimately, I felt equipped with my 50 survey responses and two interviews, although that is not originally what I wished my original research to compile of. If I could change anything, I would have used sources closest to me(family, friends, teachers, etc.). My Agent of Change was trifold, including two collaborations.  I was not originally planning to collaborate, however, when I was aked by Opoku to help out with hi bake sale raising money for Autism Awareness, I knew I had accept because it was my very own autistic brother who inspired my topic for this project. Together, we donated $245 to an Autism Awareness Research office in New Jersey. I felt like we made an impact because we contributed to research, which will find new treatments and therapies. Also, we created awareness within our school by distributing autism informative brochures to those who bought our baked goods. Next, I decided to give a presentation at TFI to educate my peers and bring awareness to the gaps in our nation's mental health care system. I found this to be very successful, despite video uploading errors, because my audience looked genuinely interested in what I had to say and I received a lot of compliments afterwards. At last, I combined forced with Jae Regino and Jhazzelle Majarucon and created a social anxiety awareness website. I am really happy with the way it turned out. It is both aesthetically pleasing and educational. Jhazzelle, through her own research,  even discovered the already existing tongue twister challenge, which brought awareness to the complexities of the lives of the socially anxious.  I really enjoyed my three-part Agent of Change awareness-bringing activities and do would not change them if I had another chance.

Overall, in my opinion, this benchmark project was hard work, but time most certainly well spent.

Orange Is The New... Black? // Dennis Blog Post #3

In my Blog Post #1 and Blog Post #2, I gave a tiny overview on Leukemia and what I did to learn more about it. Blog Post #1 was why I decided to do some research on the topic and my ties with it. Blog Post #2 was where I went to develop more information on the topic and explain even more facts to those who are concerned. And now I have reached my third Blog Post, and boy was it depressing.

Originally for my Agent Of Change, I was going to apply to the Ronald McDonald House of Charities to try my best and volunteer at a Family Room at The Children's Hospital to entertain and provide hope to different leukemia and cancer patients. Unfortunately for me, even when they promised a reply from their office in three days via email, I have yet to receive one. With my hope slowly deteriorating, I fled to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's website to submit another application for a one-time volunteering option. This time, the response time was a day at least. I believed that I had found my Agent Of Change yet again! Instead, I was emailed back almost instantly, stating that options was "No Longer Valid for Volunteering Options". I hope scattered, I believed my chances were slim for getting an uplifting grade on this project. I had only one option left, and I needed as much help as I could get. So I emailed my fellow classmates in Orange Stream and asked them to wear an orange specific shirt or accessory to show support for this cause.

And I was surprised by how much cooperation I had received!

Paul-Ann Whyte, Avery Measely, and Chuckie Copeland, all supporting Leukemia by wearing orange

I will definitely give special recognition when the post is drawing to a close. I asked different people in Orange Stream to show how much they cared for Leukemia by wearing orange to support the cause. Some were my closest friends, some people were even those who I have never met. Even some upperclassmen supported me and my Agent of Change.

Of course it's not enough people to end a horrible type of cancer like Leukemia. I mean, wearing shirts won't save anymore. But the reason for shirts is that they're just a STEP in the huge flight of stairs. This is awareness. The next step will be getting more people aware of Leukemia, and the next one will be attacking it head on. Sure that's a big leap, but the flight isn't done with just attacking. There's funding, supporting, and way more research.

Zoë Chernowski and Claire Byrnes, both rocking orange while in Art class.

After explaining to these people the situation my friend was in before being diagnosed, and how it compared to her personality AFTER being diagnosed, my friends were very sympathetic to me, and understood how hard it must have been to go through such an experience. My participants didn't want anything like this to continue in the world, and I am so very grateful for those who participated.

This was a last resort for me, and I feel like if it wasn't, I would've had WAY more participants. After a failed attempts at numerous businesses and charities, I feel as though this was a little second rate. But hey! It worked for me, and I raised a little awareness for those who didn't know much about it. If I knew that I was going to be rejected by multiple charities, I would've went with this obviously. Next time, I should try my best to go for something as simple, yet welcoming as this option for my Agent of Change. For now, I will continue to tell people the story of my beloved friend and hopefully get them on the side of fighting against Leukemia.

Thank you to the following people for your participation:
  • Paul-Ann Whyte
  • Chuckie Copeland
  • Zoë Chernowski
  • Claire Byrnes
  • Jamal Hampton
  • CJ Irwin-Diehl
  • Jhazzelle Majarucon
  • Kawthar Hasan
  • Jessica Guarino

Labeling Women Project Reflection

For my research, I wish I had found sources outside of my school, to add more information to my survey results. I also could have gotten adults to fill out my survey, because I mainly got students from the school to fill it out. I want to know to whether certain individuals reacted in a way that was different from doing nothing. Were there any physical or verbal fights, because one was simply labeled?  I only want to know that, because in the survey, I just asked how they felt, but now I want to know whether they reacted out of those feelings they had.

For my original research, I did I survey and sent it out to the girls in the school. The sad part about it is the fact that not many people took it, and ever since I added a question, some people retake it. If I were to it again, I would first make sure I have a draft of the survey, before I send it out to people. The good thing is that people took it, otherwise I would have nothing for my research.

For my Agent of Change, I sort of got the impact I wanted. When people were wearing the shirts, people only realized the bold words that were on them. What they didn’t see is that it had a hashtag and twitter on the back and even ¨ask me about it¨ on the bottom. Sadly, not many people asked about it, they simply just commented on it, because of the word they saw written across the front of the shirt.

3rd Annual Rough Cut Film Festival- Tues, 6/9 630-830p

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 1.27.36 PM
Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 1.27.36 PM
Rough Cut Productions proudly presents our 3rd annual Film Festival to showcase another year of original content production. Come Join us for an evening of amazingly funny, thought-provoking, exciting and award-winning films, as well as a few blasts from the past. 

For the first time, RCFF was open to submissions from other video production programs in the city in an effort to unify our growing film community. Amazing films from CAPA, Edison, Roxborough, North East, Kensington CAPA and W Philly will be in the lineup. 

This event is free, but seating in Franklin Theater at TFI is limited to 250, so book your ticket here
Doors at 6p, Show at 630p. Note: Direct access to Franklin Theater via Winter St. entrance.  

It's not over until MS is cured...

This project was the most interesting of them all, You and the World project actually changed my views on a lot of different things and it was because of the different project that everyone did. Some glows that I had were the presentation that I did in class, I thought that doing this project was the biggest glow because this project was so personal I feel like I'm helping my Mom in so many ways possible that I didn't think I could do. Some Grows that I have would be to continue this project outside of class because it become something that I enjoy doing. I enjoyed doing the Original Research, but lets start at the beginning of the project, I’m not talking about the Research part of the project I’m talking about the proposal. Coming up with a topic to actually research was a little difficult but the way I actually got my topic was from my Mom, she thought that doing this would raise awareness to the topic and get people thinking about it and though the entire project that was what I went by. Now the Research part of the project I was easy but I wish I could find more infomation on my Mom Ms so that I could share with all of you. It’s a lot still to be discovered and I will continue you update you guys if anything changes.

My Original Research was interviewing a doctor, which was scary. I thought that I wasn’t asking the right questions and getting enough information, but then I thought well it's good enough to actually write about. Things that I would do differently is maybe not have a bunch of kids there in the background making a lot of noise. I enjoyed doing the Original Research I thought that part of the project was most interesting part.

For my Agent of change, Me and My Family took part in the MS walk in late April to Early May. The walk raises money for research and new medicine, things like that maybe even finding a cure. I also did a presentation to the class, I was going to do it for advisory but plans got changed. I thought that it went well I just wish the entire class was there to see it. I hope to have a bigger impact and I’m thinking about doing something similar for capstones my senior year at SLA.

Q4 Art Work Antoinette Hiller

This final year of art, I wanted to make sure that I did something that I can remember for myself. I wanted to take something with me to show all of hard work that I did, not just for this year of art but for all 4 years of it. Art became a regular thing after doing it for 4 years straight and I don't think that something that I can just forget about. I really do feel as though I have grown and built greater confidence as an artist. For the future, I do hope that I progress more and keep art in my life. I'm sad that this journey has come to an end but the ride was fun. 

Fast Fashion// Glows and Grows

For this project I focused on garment sweatshops which is the most common type of labor exploitation in factories. I want to know what other types of jobs poor people living in third-world countries have that also violates labor laws

and treat workers incompetently with insufficient pay. For example, I remember seeing a few years ago, a documentary about how little kids no more than ten years of age were forced to toil all day every day in South Africa for the Hershey company. I love chocolate just as much as I love getting insane deals on trendy clothing, but the whole fashion industry runs on exploited labor which is NOT okay. I also still want to know what actions our government has made regarding this issue because it is a global concern, but every one seems to continue to shop unethically even after knowing about the people who work in sweatshops in other countries making our clothes.

I originally sought to do an interview for my original research, but the organization I contacted ended up not being a real organization at all. Next time, I would have started researching people I can talk to about my issue with earlier. Because I was not able to do an interview, I followed Ms. Giknis's suggestion which was to do a field observation instead. I walked around Center City taking pictures of tags from clothing stores that were most notoriously known for having their merchandise made in sweatshops.

As most of you know, I hung up a clothing line in front of the office and got people to sign my pledge agreeing to only purchase ethically made items for the next thirty five days. I received more than twenty signatures which is not a lot, but that was my goal because I know that most people love their cheap deals on trendy clothing even if it was made by children. I think that if I were to do it again, I would have gone around to the different advisories including my own to collectively present my project and take pledgers, This way I think that I would have gotten much more signatures, saved time and breath because I wouldn't be repeating the same thing to every one over and over again.

Q4 Artwork Micah Henry

Art this year has been both up and down. At the beginning of the year I did not care for it much at all and my work showed that. However as the year went on, I realized drawing is actually very fun if you put some effort into it. I believe anyone can draw well and make someone's day with a beautiful piece of artwork. It just takes the right amount of effort and heart to make it happen. It is sad to know that I won't be drawing for a grade anymore, yet I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed drawing in Art class this year, it has been fun.
Artwork Q4

Q4 Art Edgar Pacio

I spent a lot of time this quarter working on my capstone which required me messing around with features on photoshop for a while. Luckily my capstone produced two art pieces that I decided to include in my art portfolio. I also spent time painting a ceiling tile but I am not that proud of how it turned out. I used a grid but somewhere along the way while painting I messed up the proportions. Overall the last quarter was fun because I was able to paint more than I ever have.

Chaveliz Nieves Q4 Art

My art consisted of a lot of pencil work. I thought I would wrap up the year with something different. My style in art is very colorful and vibrant. This quarter I decided to use pencil to create different shadows that I thought would compliment the drawling. Most of my drawling were of things that I thought of on the spot, and these drawling are what I think.

Melanie Harrington Q4 Art Portfolio

As an artist I use painting as a way to cope with my everyday life, especially situations I find stressful. I find the stroke of the paint brush calming and I am filled with a sense of pride whenever I finish a piece. My favorite way to paint is by using acrylic paints. I like to paint solid pictures or pictures that don’t involve a lot of blending with these. When I use water colors, I’m better at blending. I normally paint scenery whenever I use watercolors. Currently, I’ve been really interested in landscapes and fantasy paintings. I try to use these elements in my current work. I hope you enjoy my fourth quarter portfolio.

Reflection Post // Sex Slavery

Something I wish I would have been able to do is having actually been able to do an interview with a victim though there was, and still is, a very slight chance that could be possible. I think that if I was to be able to do this, I would of found a lot of more personal information that would of been very interesting to my audience. So what I do want to know is basically just the other side of the story. The more detailed, more visual side. But I do think that what I accomplished with interviewing an expert on helping victims, was a great addition to my findings. This gave me a sense of what goes on from the personal researcher’s point of view and I believe that was what made my argument strong.

I think my overall performance was pretty great. With the resources I had and time frame, I feel that I did well with dealing with this Sex Trafficking issue. If I had to change this, like I said before I would see if I could actually meet a victim or listen in on a conversation of an expert with the victim because of the different type of information I would receive.

My audience seemed to have a positive response towards my project and seemed to have learned a lot from it and fairly enjoyed reading about it in my series of blog posts. I will not be able to know this information, but I hope that the people who stop to read my stickers actually visit the website that is being promoted and inform themselves on the issue going on around them. I also hope that they share the information with more people so that more of the community are aware of the situation.

Q4 Final Art Project

Thank you. :)

My last quarter was tough. With classes coming to an end and all my work having to be done, it was a stressful time. Nonetheless I went to my art class and did what I enjoyed the most. Thanks to all my friends and teachers for making my senior year. Without you guys it would have been even tougher. 

I focused on things I liked with my art projects, took what knew knowledge learned and created something different with it. It's how I like to translate information, through visuals. I collaborated with my friend Emily Jenson on small projects and a large piece that we decided to allow everyone to join in on. It was a lax time but I completed what I wanted and had fun doing so. I hope you enjoy my collection and maybe it will inspire you some. 
finial art

Lets Keep It Up! Even Though We're Not Done Yet!

This is it! My English Benchmark is over! I won't have to submit another Blog Post until next year!

This entire project was definitely a growing experience for me, as it taught me a lot of things. It was AMAZING! I thought it was such a wonderful experience to understand the concepts of Leukemia and then be able to pass it along to anyone I can. An experience at different places and seeing how they all react to the problems of Leukemia is very inspiring.

First off. WHY I choose Leukemia as my topic to attack. I have had a brutalizing past experience with Leukemia, as it was diagnosed to one of my closest friend and brought their life to a close. And that definitely changed the way I think and feel about Leukemia. I hate it. VERY much. It gives me a reason to try my best and change the outcome of its patients. Not so they end up like my friend, but so they can end up living their life to the fullest,, without any real worries. I guess it gave me a reason to attack this topic head on and get everyone else to know what happened to my friend, so they can support it too, and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else anymore

Second, my research. Oh my. Was it was filled with trials and tribulations? Yes! It was hard to contact the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, but after getting a tour of the building, I have had a wonderful yet very emotional tour of the building,  and got insight on how they treat their patients. After a wonderful tour with Dr. Green, I had made my second blog post, ready to be seen by the public.

, my agent of change. After many failed attempts to reach out to CHOP once more, I've been forced to make my Agent of Change very short an unsuccessful, although I did spread my knowledge to some people who knew nothing about Leukemia

Did we make It?

Throughout this project, I feel that I've out my best foot forward to produce an accurate and all around high quality work. When looking back, there are things that if I had the opportunity to do over again, I would change. Starting with my initial research, I'm very pleased with what I had done, and the information I found. Being that it was the first stage I think the facts I got were good, but not as good as they could have been since I eventually did want a more complete illustration of this topic. I wish that at the time I had not only focused on the negative side of Affirmative Action, and try to advocate for the other side. I did do this in blog post two but it took time out of the other things I could have been focusing on. Adding this entire viewpoint would have without a doubt made my first blog post better. Being that the topic is so broad, I did not get to cover everything in this blog post and there are still questions to be answered. I did very little looking into this, so I wanted to know why the advancement of Affirmative Action for the physical and mental disabled has been so slow. The miniscule amount that I do know about it states that much is being done unlike the significant gains for African Americans and most frequently women.

When it comes to my original research, I believe I did an even better job than in the first stage of the research. I think it went very well due to me developing both a new idea of Affirmative Action, as well as really understanding the pros and cons of the issue. I used my original research to get a more personal understanding of the topic, and try to stray away from the facts and statistics that I used in the first blog post. Because I had set two exact opposite stances in one blog and gave sufficient backup to support both sides basically trying to really make a reader decide which one was good proved to be successful in this blog. The only thing that I would do differently is explaining the Bakke vs. California case which was a big event that promoted Affirmative Action into the public light. It would have been great to add one of the founding reasonings for why this became such a big thing, and use aspects of the case to support the negatives of Affirmative Action side. This would have breathed new life into that argument, and could have made it better than the side opting for Affirmative Action.

Out of all three parts, the Agent of Change was probably the hardest. Because we had to fit a lot in such a small amount of time it was hard to find an option that would be good enough a bring awareness. It was difficult not only coming up with an idea, but carrying it through. Making my website was very hard due to me trying to get all of the information I needed, and making it look like a legit website that would look good to the public. I feel that I did what I intended because people are looking at it and that's all I asked for. For me the best contribution was to create something that would always be there and would inform people, educating them, and getting them both talking and thinking. It's the best I can ask for. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my work as a whole.

Emily Jenson Quarter 4 Art

Emily’s Q4 Art
​Quarter Four was my most creative Quarter. I really started experimenting with cardboard, cutting into it to see to insides. The closet door in the art room looks amazing, I love just staring at it. Every time someone asks the room or Ms. Hull who did that she points to me or I get to proudly say, " Me. " I've found that working with geometric shapes and triangles especially give me such a sense of calm. Aesthetically, it's extremely pleasing. i also worked on a sculpture of a shack which was awesome because I haven't worked in 3D since over the summer when I took a class at Tyler. The pot I made was one of the pieces that meant the most to make. It's for Ms. Echols, the ocean theme of the glaze is for her new adventures with oceanography. I hope she likes it. The last thing I worked on was the huge cardboard piece with Jenny Cruz. We're going to ask Mr. Lehmann if we can hang it up somewhere so people can add to it. I also added a few pieces that i've done over the past quarter, my personal favorites. I am going to miss this class more than anything. I've learned so much, I've broadened my artistic horizons. I'm beyond excited for college, and to come back and annoy Ms. Hull :-)

Quarter 4 Artwork

Quarter #4 was a blast! I was able to create and do my own projects. I wanted to go back down memory lane and pick my favorite projects I did in the past. First two of the projects are from grade school and the other two are from high school. I wanted to express myself and show my creativity of why I like these projects. I knew in the past that I always wanted to redo these projects just for fun and this quarter was my opportunity to show it. My favorite piece of art work I did this quarter was the third one. That was the photo scene. I remember doing the photography piece back in the second quarter and that was one of my favorite projects. I wanted recreate that project by having myself in the photo a creating a photo that can tell a story. Literally the photo looks like I'm in a dark place and theres many things you can write about that. So that being said I feel proud of myself for that specific photo, and all the projects throughout the year. It felt great to start doing, making, and creating art once again!