Negative space and positive space cut out

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space around the subjects of an image. Negative space is basically the background of a photo.

B. Explain how you found negative space in your cut out?

My picture is an owl. One half of the owl is black with a yellow background and the the other is a yellow owl with a black background. Negative space is the background in both halves, but the two negative spaces are both different colors. This shows that negative space can be any color.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

Seeing in negative space can help an artist make the image focused on one thing. Negative space can be helpful for making the subject a specific size or distance away.

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

Yes, negative space helps bring balance to a piece of art and helps define the boundaries of positive space. The negative space makes us focus on the subject of the image, even if the majority of the picture is the background.
File_000 (10)
File_000 (10)

Negative Space Blog Post

Negative Space A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)  

Negative space in art is the space that surrounds and fills in every part of an image that is not the focus point. For example, if there were a cat in the middle of a picture, the negative space would be the space around the cat, because the cat is the focus.  

B. Explain how you found negative space in your cut out?

The piece of art I used for my negative space cut out was a tree. To find the negative space, I had to first  find the outline of the main focus, which was the tree in this case. I cut around the tree to make the stencil. When I cut the tree out, I had two different stencils to use. I used this stencil for two different types of negative space.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?  D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

Negative space is very useful when it comes to drawings. It shows the basic outline of a drawing, which can guide an artist when sketching. Once they get the basic picture, they can fill in more details afterwards.


Negative Space

Negative space in art is the space surrounding the subject in the image. It helps people to define the boundaries between negative space and positive space, also it’s will bring balance to a composition.  Negative space use to show the successful composition in art.
    I found the negative space in my cut out by cutting out the template and use it to cut the same thing but on different color paper to show negative space. It helps the artist to see in negative space because negative space makes the image more special. Mostly you only see one side, not another. Negative space helps the artist see both sides.
    It depends on the color that you pick for negative space and positive space. For me, I think that negative space looks good when negative space is the dark color and positive space is the light color. That makes the image show more detail. 

Artnegative (1)

Maya Kohl Negative/Positive Space Cut out

Negative space in the empty space around an objects drawn, but not the object itself the area around it.  Negative space allows to trick the eye into seeing whats seeing an object or image there that's not drawn out. The space around it creates the outline of the object or image to let you imagine the blank space. First you would cut out the outline of a shape and every line within it. Like for example if you were going to do a donut you would cut out the circle and the inner circle. And those would in a way mirror the other side. So whats black on one side is white on the other and what's white on one side is black on the other. It helps to show the negative space by seeing the opposite color mixtures switch to show where it didn't show before. Its training your eye to switch the colored areas. It enhances the imagination to it. Based off of how you cut the negative space will determine what the viewers eye will see.


Negative Space

Negative space is the space surrounding the main focus or subject of an art piece. It is known as the background or irrelevant space, that forms the outline and silhouette of the subject. Negative space truly helps viewers decipher boundaries, and find a balance in the art piece.

In order to find negative space in my drawing, I had to look for the part of the drawing that had more emphasis on it. Since the drawing was of a house and front yard, it was easy to see that this bolded and darkened space was intended as the subject. The background was also lighter, and did not contain as many details as the house. The light space in the background formed a silhouette of the house and yard as well, therefore, this was definitely categorized as the negative space.

It helps artists to see in negative space because otherwise, it is much harder to determine the main focus, or to find the boundaries of the positive space. Negative space also brings nice balance and contrast to an image, which are important elements of art for artists to understand and be able to present in their own works.

Seeing in negative space does enhance drawings, because without it, the drawing would be too abstract, with no set subject. There would be no way to tell the difference between the relevant and irrelevant parts of the drawing. Also, because negative space brings elements of art with it, this helps enhance drawings more.

Negative Space

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 8.59.04 AM
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 8.59.04 AM
Negative space is the space in between the main subjects/focus of the image. For example if you had an image of a flower in blue and white, and the flower is filled in blue, and the background is all white, then everything in white is the negative space. And the positive space is the blue flower. You could also refer to them as foreground and background. I found the negative space in this image of a house by first identifying what the main focus of the image was. I saw that the house, the clouds and the fence were most important. It was also helpful that the original was in black and white, I could clearly see the negative and positive that why. After I identified the two just by sight, I began to cut the positive space out on blue paper. Once I had all of the positive space cut out, I was only left with the negative. This allowed me to see the difference between the two clearly. I then flipped the negative space onto the other side of the red page, this allows you to see how they fit together like puzzle pieces and see how they relate to create an image. Negative space also helps an artist to see the silhouette of their image. When an artist can see the silhouette of their image, they are able to create a better contrast and enhance the composition of their work. Good artists need to recognize the negative space just as much as the positive, if they neglect the negative then the art looks incomplete. Also seeing negative space enhances drawings because it allows me to see every side of the art. It gives me a new perspective on the drawings, and even helps me create my own images.

Negative & Positive Spacing


A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space around and between an object in a image. It’s like the breathing room around the object that determines how alluring it looks. Negative space helps define itself and bring balance to composition(Composition is used to describe the arrangement of visual elements in an artwork.). Usually negative spacing will be object itself. Just as you see on the left side of this picture.

B. Explain how you found negative space in your cut out?

The first thing I did was cut out the pieces of the picture, since negative spacing is usually cut up in pieces. So in the artwork I did, I cut out the outer part of the tree(the tree bark and grass) and the inner parts of the tree(middle tree, middle tree holes, and bottom holes). After I cut out my pieces, I flipped the cut out pieces over and lined them up to make a whole tree. After that, I glued them to the paper. Finally, I was able to identify my negative spacing is the left half of the tree and my positive spacing is the right half of the tree.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

One reason why it helps an artist to see in negative spacing is because it allows them to see if the image is too crowded or not. Also, it gives the artist a new perspective on the artwork. For example, Rubin’s Vase image. Without the negative spacing, it looks like a vase. With negative and positive spacing, you can see the vase and two faces facing each other.

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

Seeing artwork in negative space does enhance drawings because it allows to see different features to the artwork more than when it shows it regularly. The audience can see the detail for each shape of the picture instead of one big artwork.

Defining Negative Space

Negative space is the space around and between an image that can help create that image or make it pop out.  White and Black are the typical colors you would use for Negative space because they contrast each other so much.  You can use other colors, however, as long as they make the other visible.  

You can find Negative Space in my cut out thanks to the contrast of Yellow and Black.  By using these colors, you can clearly see the shape of an owl, which is how Negative Space is supposed to be used.  

By using Negative Space, an artist can more easily define what the subject of their picture, drawing, and/or painting is.   This “defining” is not limited to the artist, however, for it also helps the observer more easily define what or who the subject is.  

I personally believe that Negative Space does in fact enhance a drawing, mainly for the fact that it makes the image pop. When you can clearly define what is the negative and space is, the artist and the observer can more easily tell what the artist was trying to depict. It's also just a really interesting and fun way to make art. Using Negative/Positive Space takes a lot more intelligence than just drawing something which is what really grabs my interest in this technique.

17 - 1 (14)
17 - 1 (14)

Negative Space Cutout

Negative space is the space in a piece of art that is not filled with objects. The easiest way to think think of it is blank space.

In my cut out, I found negative space through the things I was cutting out of the image. Since the things I was cutting out would appear as part of the background of my image, I knew that it would be negative space.

In art, negative space is just as important as positive space in making an image work for the viewer. The negative space around an object creates the silhouette of the object, and sometimes the negative space in a busy picture can be more interesting than the positive space.  

Negative space enhances drawings. If there is mostly positive space in a drawing, you can use negative space to break the pattern. If there is mostly negative space in a drawing, the positive space will become the focus. Negative space enhances drawings only if you use it wisely.

FullSizeRender (21)
FullSizeRender (21)

Negative/Positive Space

Negative space is a form of art where the background is in one color representing negative, and the rest of the drawing is in another color representing positive space. These colors can be flipped as well creating positive space in the background. In photos negative space can also be created by having the background of an image being blurry, while the point of focus is clear. The art style is somewhat simplistic, but have been used in many unique ways. The image I was cutting out and creating in positive/negative space was an owl. I decided the darker parts of the image would be the negative space, and the lighter parts the positive. After cutting these out into green paper, I layered the negative space cut outs on one side of the page and the positive on the opposite side.

Negative space helps artist draw focus to parts of an image, and can be used to create images without necessarily connecting the pieces. Artist use these techniques to enhance their drawing. Using colors that are opposites also helps enhance by creating contrast that draws reader to the image. Artist often use a technique of putting negative space within the center of the image to allow people to have a better understanding of what the artist is trying to show.

Owl split between positive/negative space
Owl split between positive/negative space

Printmaking and Negative Space

Currently in art class we are learning about printmaking and negative space. Negative space is when your drawing or carving something into a surface and the scratches and marks on the surface, and the space around the picture is what we call negative space. In my cut out we can see the negative space by looking on the left side of the cut out you can see that the outline of the tree. It helps artist to see in negative space because it can help them see the silhouette of a image and give their eyes “a place to rest” while they figure out what it could mean. Yes, negative space enhances drawings because you can clearly see what the artist was drawing because it really stands out on the canvas.



Printmaking is a form of art that dates back to 105 CE, in china. It was made possible by the invention of paper, which the chinese are credited with. Relief printing appeared in Europe in the 15th Century. Even though the form had been around for over 1000 years this is when artists really started to pay attention to it, because it was "mainstream" now. Engraving/etching were the first forms of printmaking. Printmaking has only been advancing since it was invented. With new forms being created up until the late 1900's. Japan was actually the first country to create colored printmaking, even though it had been around for 100's of years. The form only got more popular as time progressed.
To create a print you must carve the picture or design onto a plate or block, and then stamp them into a surface. The main reason printmaking is important is because of the different processes that are involved in creating a print through printmaking. Some of the reasons why printmaking was revolutionary was the fact that you could now mass produce prints that you create. You could also now create text print fonts and you could keep them. And finally the prints that you create could now be put together to make a coherent larger image. 
This image was extremely interesting to me because of the amount of detail put into the print without making it seem like too much. To me the warped curves of the painting really highlight the angst and confusion that the artist is trying to display. I like the fact that there are many lines going in one direction, but then that pattern is broken very abruptly. The landscape in the background also is incredibly detailed.

Negative/Positive Space Cut out

Negative space is the space between and around the main subject of an art piece. It is also known as the space that is blank on art pieces. It is not the main focal point of it, but it is more like I said, the space around it.

In my photo I used the white space as the negative space. When flipping the image to the other side you can really tell the meaning and how to find negative space. You flipped the negative space on one side and made it the opposite color on the other side.

Negative space allows artist to set boundries of positive space or the main point of their art. It also allows artist to show balance and contrast in an image by using two different colors to show the difference in negative and positive space.

I would say that seeing in negative space does enhance drawings. Like I said above, you can see the contrast in a drawing or photo when you see in negative space. Therefore it is more enhanced through negative space.

Negative Space Cut Out- Arthur LaBan

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)
Negative space is the empty space that is not used in your picture. You can utilize negative space to emphasize the positive space you have in your drawing.

B. Explain how you found negative space in your cut out?

The negative space used in my drawing was used to show both sides of the owl, I was able to use half a paper, and with negative space it now looks like a whole owl.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

An artist needs negative space to show the positive space they have put in a picture. The positive space only stands out if it is surrounded my negative space.

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

I do think that negative is effect, because to enhance the drawing negative space makes the picture stand out more and it emphasizes what you are trying to make.

FullSizeRender (28)
FullSizeRender (28)

Negative Space - Zivia

Negative space is the area around an object or person in an image that is, for the most part, empty. It is used in photography, drawing, and writing to provide breathing room to the main subject of the piece, allowing the viewer to focus in on the intent of the artist. With this focus, the main image sticks in the viewer's mind, as there are fewer things around in the piece to be distracted by.

If an artist can see negative space, they are able to do two things that enhance their art. The first, like I previously mentioned, will give them the ability to choose what the main focus of their art is, and it’s impact on the viewer. If a piece has text and images, negative space can be utilized to change the focal point of the logo or advertisement. The second is that that artist can play with the relationship between positive and negative space. Two images can be hidden in a single piece, flipping back and forth as the viewer focuses on the positive or negative space. This adds an air of mystery to a piece, and a whole layer of excitement when one finds the picture the was previously hidden to them. (Try looking up “negative positive space logos” in google images and you will find a lot of fun logos to explore.) With their powers in hand, and artist can greatly enhance their piece to, not only please and focus, but excite the brain.

Tree :3
Tree :3
In my cut out, there are two two colors and two sides, each representing negative and positive space at one point. On the left side, yellow represents the negative space. The tree is the main focal point, so it becomes positive space, and the yellow background enhances it. One the right side this is switched. Green is not the negative space and yellow the positive space.

Week 3 Day 2 Negative/Positive Space Cutout

​Negative space is the space in an image that our eyes don't focus on first. It is the space around an image, not including details. It usually encompasses what is inside of the shapes or around them. Negative space highlights the shape of the image, and art embracing negative space is normally high-contrast. 
Negative space is evident in my cutout, as the shapes on each side are color-blocked by negative and positive space. When creating the image, I traced around the lines found in the template. From there, I cut out copies on colored paper using the template. I made sure that when putting the image back together, I put the opposite colors next to each other. 
When using negative space, it helps both the artist and viewer see images or figures that they didn't once see, in turn highlighting the content in its rawest form. By setting up boundaries, balance can be brought to the image, creating a cleaner experience. 
Seeing in negative space can be extremely useful and pleasurable. Sometimes drawing the eye to the areas that we wouldn't usually look at allows us to see more of the image than we could before. When drawing, this is a useful tool that is used by artists everywhere to create a specific mood and whimsy. 

Art - Cut Out and Negative Space

This is my version of the cut-out we worked on in Art Class.
This is my version of the cut-out we worked on in Art Class.
    Negative space is the emptiness around the main point of a piece of artwork. Artists will often color their negative space to their advantage so they can make their image stand out. By doing this, it is easier for the viewer to see the crucial component of the artwork. 
      In order to find negative space in my artwork, I searched the original paper we were given for light points and dark points. The darker points would be one color, while the lighter points would be another. This would help me to differentiate the two shades, creating negative points. I then began cutting the picture into separate pieces, and separated them by color. I traced the picture over a piece of construction paper, cut it out, and then placed all of the cut-out paper on another piece of construction paper. The darker parts went on the right, while the lighter parts were placed on the left side.
     It greatly helps artists to see negative space. If they can, they can use that space to their advantage to bring focus onto their main subject. Artists commonly utilize negative space in this way, and it seems more pleasing to the eye if the artists know how to use it. Seeing negative space also helps an artist because it allows them to understand someone else's art and appreciate more than someone who cannot see in negative space.
     I believe utilizing negative space can enhance a drawing when used correctly. Sometimes, and artist is able to use negative space to create an interesting or unique by surrounding the main point correctly. Negative space can also make a piece of art look more realistic to the viewer of an artwork. Usually, there is negative space around an object in real life, so adding negative space to an image helps to give off that feeling. 


Printmaking is a form a visual art that involves creating prints of an image by forming the image on a surface or matrix. There are many different variations of printmaking such as relief printing, Intaglio, mono-printing, lithography, etc. The invention of printmaking supposedly originates from China, although the roots of printmaking remain up in the air. The invention of printmaking was revolutionary at the time because it allowed for multiple prints of the same image to be produced from just one matrix of a material such as wood or metal. Additionally, with the invention of printmaking came the first printed books.

The print I chose is “ESSEBI” by loose-ends (Source: This print is the profile of (seemingly) a woman with rather long hair flowing behind her. She doesn’t seem to be wearing clothes. Her eyes are open, staring straight ahead. The background of the print is yellow, along with the outline of the woman. This print has plenty of contrast considering the only two colors used are black and a bright shade of yellow. Most of the space in the print is taken up by the hair, which is the focal point of the print.  I notice that the artist uses both thick and thin lines to draw the hair. Personally, since the person in the print seems to be a woman, this print screams empowerment. I think her hair flowing behind her portrays her as heroic and/or almost god-like. Additionally, she is the only object in the photo which I interpret to be a symbol of independence. I wonder whether or not that was the artist’s intention. I like the photo a lot because of this. I also think the yellow and black contrast is lovely. The swirls and waves of the hair are very pleasing.



Printmaking is the act of carving an image onto slates,plates or blocks. Then you fill the crevices that you carved, and then places the ink onto to paper or other surfaces. Printmaking allows you to make multiple pictures or designs from one image, its very important because you can use it to make copies. Printmaking inspired the means of printing we have today in newspapers and artwork copies.

Printmaking first began in Egypt in the 15th century, where Egyptians made prints by painting on fabrics. It wasn't until, people in china used stone and wood to carve their prints. Although printmaking did originate in Egypt, china made it more widespread after the invention of paper, other countries followed the Chinese into the world of printmaking. It was believed that Daniel Hopfer officially invented printmaking in the art when he used the style to decorate his armor. Originally printmaking was invented, and used by Chinese scholars read old scripture. Now, there are many different types of printmaking. In relief printmaking you etch your design into a material and it creates a raised surface that the ink won't fill, it is the only printmaking style with a raised surface.  Lithographic printing doesn’t etch a design into its material, in this printing method you use water and oil to make your print. In Mono-printing you can only make lines and images once. Besides those three, there are many other forms of printmaking and art styles involving prints.

Printmaking is revolutionary because, as I said before, It changed the way we mass produce things,  relief printing allows us to copy a print exactly without having to remake the original. It is also is revolutionary because it reinvented the art world, allowing artists to decorate and recreate the work through reusable prints, it inspired modern day tagging and graffiti. Back in the middle ages printmaking was extremely important because it allowed people to make detailed and amazing textiles, for their clothes and other materials. Bringing more life to everyday objects.

The print I chose was Ishiyama Moon by Yoshitoshi. This image shows a woman sitting on a mat on a balcony, she is looking out onto a cool toned mountain landscape. The image is very candid, there is a wall covering part of the woman and the sky. I chose this image because it has a strong contrast, the background is very pale and pastel, while the subjects hair is dark and black. I notice that the artist was very smart with the space they used and the levels they created, the pole is in front of the woman, the woman is in front of the landscape and so forth. This space creates depth. I wonder why the artist chose to include a lantern in the center of the image, I enjoy the aesthetic it creates but it can also throw off the vibe of the image. What if the colors used were harsh and bold, I believe it change the tone of the piece, making it more sinister and less emotional. The pale palette allows the viewer to interpret their own sky and it leaves room for imagination.

Ishiyama Moon by Yoshitoshi

What's Wrong with Immgration

Hi my name is Alina Seing and for my English project, I will be researching about immigration. Immigration has been a big problem in our society and I think that it’s important to me too because I know many family members and friends who are immigrants that come from a different country to the United States. There are a lot of consequences for being an immigrant and there are a lot of dangerous things that could happen to them. One of the consequences of being an undocumented immigrant is that you get sent back to your country, you could never be able to see your family members again, and also get convicted of crime.

The reason why I chose immigration was because it is a big thing in our society. The reason why people come to America is because that want a better lifestyle. Their lifestyle is having to pay lower income tax, better jobs, equal payment as others, and being with family. Immigration is so important to them because it helps them learn new things such as the language that they speak and the way the society is. To be able to come to America, immigrants must have legal documents. If immigrants do not have any legal documents saying that they are allowed to come to the United States, then they are going to get sent back to the country that they came from or get sent to jail. I think it is important for immigrants to legally come to the United States because they want to have a new experience with society and a better opportunities. It is also important for immigrants to come to the United States because they want to be independant and find jobs that are secure enough for them to work in.

There are many problems with being an immigrant. If your are an immigrant, depending where you are at for example, Cubans come to the United States by train. They go through more than just bumpy roads, there are more than just a couple of families that want to immigrate so people fight for the room and sometimes people fall off from the trains to go to the destination they want to go. There are also a lot of people who need to go to bathroom and so they carry illnesses with them along with new ones. To come into the United States, you must have a green card, visa card, and a legal document. Once you have entered the United States, the first couple months are very isolated and unbalanced. The reason why it is unbalanced is because you must become an American Citizen to stay in the United States. If you don’t past your American Citizen test, you must retake it in the next year or you must get sent back to the country you are from or get arrested.

If you want more detail on immigration and how undocumented people back in the day, was able to pass, you can learn more from my annotated bibliography.

Immigrants are protesting to make immigration legal

Every Baby Deserves A Chance

Hi, I’m Kai Payton a Freshman at Science Leadership Academy, and I’m doing my You And The World project on Premature Births. The You And The World project allows you to pick a topic you want to make a change about. I got this idea because my aunt had a premature baby about three years ago. It was a very hard time for her and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to experience hoping their child will survive. While doing this project, I hope to increase the awareness of premature births because it can be very stressful for mothers.

My aunt had her premature baby 3 years ago on February 4th. He was one pound and 11 ounces when he was born. He had to stay in the hospital for about 4 or 5 months. He had many surgeries during this time and it worried my aunt very badly and I didn’t like to see her like that so we just had to hope and pray that he would recover. I couldn’t even visit him when he was in the hospital because I wasn’t his sibling. When he first came home he had to be on oxygen for a couple months since he couldn’t breathe as well as other babies due to his premature birth. The medical attention needed for this was very expensive and we used to call him the million dollar baby. Thankfully my little cousin is now fine despite the many things he’s allergic to.

Since she had him we’ve been doing this walk that was started by the March of Dimes Foundation called the “March For Babies,” that raises money to help premature babies stay alive. A lot of family members come out to do the walk and it’s nice seeing everyone come out and support. The walk happens in many states over the U.S including Pennsylvania. The walk this year is on this Sunday, April 30th and I will be doing the walk again. I do the walk not only for my aunt and little cousin but because it’s fun seeing other people that also want to help the struggle mothers have after they’ve had a premature baby.

Image result for march of dimes logo

This picture is the logo of the March of Dimes Foundation

There are “about 380,000 premature births every year.” These premature births can be caused from smoking cigarettes or using other drugs. They could also be caused by multiple children, stress, not gaining enough weight during the pregnancy, and many other things. You can try to prevent premature births but they can happen to any female that’s having a baby. Once you have the baby and it’s premature it’s placed in an incubator to help it maintain its body temperature, but many problems can come up when the baby is growing. Premature babies tend to have weaker immune systems than other babies, and can be born with disabilities at a higher rate than babies that aren’t premature.

Overall, I want to bring awareness to Premature Births due to what can happen to the baby and the mother but also because I have a personal connection to watching my aunt go through it. It can happen to any mother having a child and it can be a scary experience.

Annotated Bibliography

Take it Like a Man?

           Masculinity and


Blog Post #1:

Have you ever heard the phrases “Take it like a man” or “Real men don’t cry” or have you ever been told that for someone to like a man he has to be wealthy, physically fit , good looking or highly intelligent? Well if so, whoever told you was most likely misguided or even blinded by these deceptive morals.

page_1.jpg (1169×1500)

My topic that I am studying Masculinity and Self-Esteem, in a way expose the truth behind these theorems. I would like to try and decrease the amount of low self-esteem in at least the freshman class at SLA. I want to do a poll for the current freshmen, that asks if they have any self-esteem complication, and if so what is the reason for it.

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

I am really interested in this topic because of personal experience that I have had with it. My personal connection is that when I was younger people always told me things that made me their eyes. The false rumor that “Real men don’t cry”, I believe is extremely misleading. I think this because people always told me not to cry when I had to experience burdensome events. For an example, all of my grandparents passed away within a span of 3 months. Every time I thought of them I would always want to just cry. A lot of times people would tell me that I shouldn’t cry and that I should “take it like a man”. So, without knowing any better that’s what I did.

When I look back at it now, I realize that the longer I held it in the more independent, lonely, and even self-conscious I became. These emotions affected me big time because they were starting to show in my grades. I began to think that I wasn’t good enough for school or even life.

I think that it is important to know my story and how this relates to me because it shows how things that are natural in life can really affect you emotionally. And those emotional effects can be displayed physically.

This dilemma is significant because this is an issue that is widely spread across the world but, not many people are doing anything to solve it. This is also an important issue because if an individual lets the emotions that they get from this issue get the better of them a lot of the times it leads to suicide or suicidal thoughts. It’s not only good for people who struggle with this to know about it but it’s good for everyone to know about it. It is important for others to know about it because often times the thoughts of not being good enough randomly cross through everyone’s minds and it’s better to recognize it now than to have the thoughts and not know what to do about it.

ccb40a7e71b23863757e7640123f5220.jpg (1520×855)

This topic has really affected me because I always thought about self-esteem being an issue but I never thought about where it might have came from or why it was such an alerting issue. I just would like to know why boys and men always judge someone and or themselves based on their outward appearance and why they start doing it at such a young age.

For more info and all of my resources check out my Annotated Bibliography.

The Importance of Exercise

You probably already know or at least heard about how important exercise is for you and your body. But what you don’t know are the facts behind that importance. Like, did you know that exercise can help prevent heart diseases like, diabetes, low and high blood pressure? My project is about exercise, how we don’t get enough and why it is important. There’s more for you to know so if you’re interested please read the rest of this blog to learn more.

First we will talk about the benefits of exercise. As mentioned before, exercise can prevent heart and other diseases  like diabetes, low and high blood pressure and even some forms of cancer. Exercise is really important, especially when you’re younger. If you start an exercising routine when younger it will be easier for you to keep up with it as you get older. Children nowadays don’t get enough exercise. Now I know what you’re thinking,”kids don’t get the exercise they need because of the TV and new technology of today”. Although that plays a factor, that's not the entire reason. Some of issue simply they may not know what to do or have anybody to do it with. If you’re a parent/guardian it is part of your job to help them stay active. If you are asking yourself why is this so important please visit this site to learn more about the importance of child exercise. Exercise isn’t just for kids, it’s just as important for adults to get exercise. To learn more about click here.

Image result for adults exercisingadults working together

Now lets dig deeper into the benefits of exercise and staying healthy. I’ve already mentioned that can help prevent diseases but did you know that it can help the mind too. Exercising causes the body to produce endorphins, chemicals that can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy, It can help people sleep better, and help people with mild depression and low esteem. Exercise can give people a sense of accomplishment when they achieve a goal like scoring a point in a game or finish a morning run. Now there are different types of exercises that help your body. There are three components to a well-balanced exercise routine are: aerobic exercise, strength

training, and flexibility training. Aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that gets the heart pumping and quickens your breathing. Strength Training is when you basic things that you’d do in a gym that builds your muscles. Flexibility training includes stretching exercises for the purpose of increasing one's range of motion. For more information on the benefits and how these forms of exercise help your body click this link to learn more.

This shows the difference a person who exercises regularly and a person who doesn’t result for strong healthy muscles

Now you can just go outside and go for a run but there are also cool routines and specific exercises that can help your body in whatever way you need. This site suggest a few of those.

I choose the issue of the importance of exercise because not a lot of people know how important it actually is. As an athlete I take my body seriously and like to keep it healthy and in shape. I want to spread the word about exercise so that those who want to become lean and healthy now have the knowledge to do so. Now you have no excuse.

For all my sources and a brief description about their content take a look at my Annotated Bibliography. Thank you for your time and please tune in for more about the importance of exercise.

Teenage Depression Surviver

Being In A Confusing Stage Of Depression - This photo is about the pain some survive and others don't survive.
Being In A Confusing Stage Of Depression - This photo is about the pain some survive and others don't survive.

Hi I'm Angelyque Oquendo, I am a Teenage Depression Surviver. This is my You & The World Project. My project is about Teenage Depression and What are the symptoms?, How it occurrs and things that can help it make it less lonely. Teenage Depression is serious concern for most of half of America ( the world also). Teens that suffer from self-harm thoughts and low-self esteem become more in danger to self being , being able to getting better. Especially when things at home and school are stressful in a person(s) life, especially when it concerns the people who become more and worried about loved ones.

Teens during adolensences go through many changes in their teenage years. And things become more and more difficult to do when emotional and behavioral problems occurr while things go on in there lives like high school and realationships with friends, also at home. Most teens that go through depression become more distant from things they use to be passionate about and socializing is definity off the recored, being in your mid- teen years; teens become less aware that things in thier lifes, like firends and family activity’s pass right by them.

Being a teen is hard it’s like being a little toddler trying to climb the stairs for the first time and is terrified to climb right back down. In this article this young girl, she is about almost 20 years old, her name was Faith-Annn Bishop, she gets up at 2 o’clock in the morning while her parents are asleep and had a blade and she then pierces her soft skin and starts bleed right out on the bathroom floor of her parents house. The pressure was way to much for her handle most of these things that had kept her from being in a better and healthier state of mind.

Self-harm is a big concern with teens who choose to have thoughts and being where they become in a not strong state of mind. Teens in this stage don’t realize how these things affect themselves, others in such a far along stage. In 2015, about 3 million teens ages 12 to 17 had had at least one major depressive episode in the past year, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. More than 2 million report experiencing depression that impairs their daily function. About 30% of girls and 20% of boys–totaling 6.3 million teens–have had an anxiety disorder, according to data from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 5.02.34 PM
Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 5.02.34 PM

Being in a self harming state of mind is really difficult for some people with depression to really understand that self-harm is a really serious condition, preventing that from happening is reading between the lines. Really-really look right through your teen and see what is it their going through something very hard  for he or she understand and to go through by themsleves.I had almost done some damage to myself as a young teen, self-harm was on my list of a last resort to being done, I’d had thought maybe if I were to just leave things and people would forget, it would be for the best; But yet again I was wrong.

Signs of symptoms with teens suffering from depression, Emotional symptoms are sadness, tiredness w/ Low self-esteem and Fixations on past failures or exaggerated of self-blame. “When I was 12 my mom had sent me to a therapist to see if I would talk to who at least someone because I had not want to talk to her or and anybody else”. “She was awfully worried about me and of my health, she did’nt stop she would pressure me to get out of the house go to the kitchen and eat , socialize with others.” “And my mind was completely blank during these request, she’d ask me what was wrong bascially questions regarding me and if I were still inside.” “Maybe even calling for some type of help deep down maybe or somehow even getting back to my type of silly normal.”

Behavioral symptoms fluctuate frequenely, isolation occurrs when your teen becomes more detached from others.

Helping your teen to becoming more activite is good start especially socializing with others. Asking for mental help froma doctor to prescribe things to she or he.

Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 5.03.36 PM
Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 5.03.36 PM

Doing things that can help with teen depression is having a low level of stress, having less stress in your life can reduce problems and be more relaxed with things and go with the serene flow.
TeenageDepression Happens with all ages and stages of these age groups with (Teens). 12-13, 16-20 of teens being a part of the worldwide contagious act called Depression. If there would be no Depression many would not die and many would not be gone by freedom of happiness. Depression comes from emotion, with attitude and behavioral situations that make things a bit more harder to handle in life. Knowing things of Depression with different ways of Depression is expressed, most common are of a Depressive disorder which is is not a passing blue mood but rather persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness and a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities. A complex mind/body illness, depression can be treated with drugs and/or therapy. Ways of knowing that your teens(s) are either having depressive mental disorders or are they more of delusions and hallucinations? By preventing that keep your teen associated with you and your family members also become more evolved with the teen (s).