My Single Slide Revised

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 8.49.02 PM
Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 8.49.02 PM
When I was critiqued I realized a number of things. For starters, my name was barely visible. My slide was also pretty dark so it wouldn't be as likely to catch someone's eye. When I changed my slide I wanted it to be simpler. In my previous slide there was shattered glass in the background which gave you something to think about but it was also a bit distracting. I re-did my entire slide and made it simpler, eye catching and I gave a clear message to my audience that would be easily understood. I wanted my theme of my slide to be black and white because simple colors like that are easy for people to look at and they will quickly draw the person's attention. The background of my slide represents my city. I grew up in center city for the majority of my life and then about two years I moved to South Philly. My name is in bold and capital letters and it isn't hard to read. My name is big and bright too. The two dates in the upper left hand corner have significance too. August 20 and 21 are the dates my parents signed the divorce papers. The announcement of their split three years ago had a huge impact on me and has helped me becomes the person that I am today and has taught me so many things that I wouldn't have learned. The dates are smaller and less eye catching because I wanted my name to be the first thing the person sees and then the two dates would give them something to think about afterwards. 

Who I Am? Pt.2 - Nzinga Suluki - Bey

Tech project 2
When being criteria I decide to change some of my pictures and enlarge all my pictures. I also decided to change the background to a different blue. I also made my slide background blue. I like this slide better because my pictures work better and I understand it more than when I first made my slide. The flow of the color background blends in with the words. Also people will understand the quote threw the pictures. Hope you like my new slide!

My slide Shamus Keough (re-done)

tech slide 2.0 (3)
Most of the people that recommended things that I should change said that they liked my design, but said I should change the sizes for some of the pictures I had. People were saying that I should have a little less blank space, so I made the car a little bigger and did the same with the cancer symbol and "Moose Man" logo. Besides that, I kept the slide mostly the same.

Kristian's Slide and Script


Kristian Ramos

I went for a more simple slide with a complex meaning. I only chose one image because I wanted the words to have more meaning. I chose this image because I felt that it accurately showed what training for some people might look like. I made the words sort of fade with the font. I made it this way so that the word would sort of linger in your mind just as they do on the slide. I wanted people to remember what I had written. When I was deciding I really wanted more emphasis to be put on the words rather than attention drawn to a picture. I understand that images definitely pop more but I just felt that the statements I had written were more important than what an image could display.

Slide 2 Brendan Hall

Tech 2nd slide
I learned from my critiques to have less images in my slide and keep it simple. These changes made my slide have more focus and easier to look at.  I decided to change my whole slide because I thought it would be too confusing and created this new slide. On this slide I wanted to make a slide of a colorful sky that represents happiness but I edited the original photo and made a darker feel to represent negativitity. I did this to show that there will always positives and negatives in our world but you can still enjoy life which is why I put the quote of What a time to be alive in there.  

Reflection Blog #1

Times: 1-3:30 (2.5 hours) 1-4:30 (3.5 hours) = 6 hours

My ILP is going very well. I am a film intern with Judith Redding, an independent film maker in Philadelphia. This month I worked mostly on editing my first video. In October I shot lots of footage with a Canon Vixia Judith lent me and started to choose my clips for the video. Then this past month of November I worked with those clips to arrange and cut them down. I had maybe 4 hours of footage and from that had a 2:45 video. Then in November after I arranged my clips and edited them it ended up to be about 1:30. My video currently is silent, but Judith showed me audio and song sites and gave me resources on Creative Commons and how to legally use sound clips. My video is due at the end of the year, so I hope to finish editing the clips and perhaps add some music to my video or audio. I am excited for my next project, and hope to get a better editing software for my videos, also!

Me Magazine Slide, Lucien Hearn

Me Magazine silde

When I started making this project,  I thought that I would go with a cinematic approach, but soon realized that as I continued making the project, I kept moving farther away from this, finally ending up with a product semblant of a flag. In the picture of the woman, it's bleeding on both the upper and right sides. I changed the opacity of each statement as to show the viewer what was more important to focus on. I’m happy with how this turned out because it looks good design-wise.

My Mother

I remembered momma, I told you how I wanted hands

and a simile just like yours because  

Your hands are strong enough hold mountains.

You have carried oceanic trenches filled with sorrows

between your palms

yet they never once shook

Momma your simile creates the laugh lines that form the bridges

that brings our family together

Now I may never may never know

how many of your demons are still clinging to your

fingers, but I still see the angels

you now hold

I still see the beauty in your

Imperfections. You are still what it means to home.

If Your hands are still holding together then they have

held no small mountains, they still keep the monsters at


Herstory: Strength

She is from a broken home in a broken time. 

She is from the row home in Port Richmond where much does not happen on the outside. 

She is from taunting, teasing and terrorizing. 

She is from love. 

She is from strength.

She is from  hard work, and totem poles of achievements that could never be hers. 

She is from a job that never pays as much as men below her own ranking. 

She is from broken times to shattered times. 

She is from prosperity. 

She is from not letting others get to her, and doing what she knows how to do. 

She is from working her hardest. 

She is from strength. 

HerStory Poem

She is from hand me down coats, bobos and Red’s Hoagies.

She is from  the two story house on the corner of Carpenter Street

She is from teaching, managing, and training, and graduating from IUP and Temple with her own funds

She is from Crab feasts and loud laughter, from Val and Sam, the Lawrences.

She is from the selflessness and determination.

From providing for herself and doing EVERYTHING on her own.

She is from bible study  and early morning sunday school.

She is from Newark, New Jersey, but raised in South Philly, with a strong pepsi and butter popcorn in hand.

From the “good child” who always had to help her siblings out of trouble, the one who may have cared “too much”.

She is from being scared hiding in the closet, the nervous middle sister

She is the woman to be the first to graduate from college in the family

She is the woman I aspire to be at least half as great as

She’s my mommy!

Herstory Poem: "Shell"

Her name is Michelle,

But call her Shell.

She is from the red brick row home

On the top of the hill

In Roxborough,

The town of generations.

Her sanctuary from harsh reality.

She is from the accounting department

Where she does her boss’ job

And he takes all of the credit.

But she perseveres to take care me

And show me how hard being a working woman can be.

She is from the amalgamation of unheard voices

Who are silent for the sake of themselves

And their families.

Who see the injustice

But do not have the means to fight it.

Herstory Poem:

She is from strength and beauty

She is from Brooklyn, New York

She traveled to start her own life in Philadelphia

She is from balancing her first born and still going to school

She is the child of Ruth and Robert Watson

She is from wise people

Who believe in Christian Faith and know that god is forgiving and we are thankful

She is from the projects where you had to be aware of your surroundings

She has traveled many places and faced many hardships

To now be a mother of two and married with a PhD

She is from power, love, care, dedication, and intelligence

She is my mother

Herstory Poem

She is from hairbrushes, from Dove, and nail polish.
She is from cold, unjust places.
She is from teaching, and hard work.
She is from family dinners, and unwelcoming walls.
She is from smiles and laughs.
From equality and injustice.
She is from christianity.
She is from Illinois.
She is from bravery.

Herstory Poem

She is from compassion, and beauty.

She is from the sweet, familiar streets of North Philly.

She is from teaching, and long grueling nights at St. Joe’s, while she was raising a family.

She is from love and life and respect

From Nelia and Roland Thompson.

She is from the strong and honorable .

From the kitchen of 1952 and the boudoir of injustice.

She is from the Christian faith. Trusting in a fair and forgiving God. One that sees all his children as equals.

She is from easy streets of Logan , where people cared and looked after one another.

From the hard working black family that strived for nothing less than success, the family that valued education for all it’s children. Willing to sacrifice to help one another succeed.

She is from love, devotion, intelligence and strength.

Herstory Poem

She is from homes, from tiny one room houses in the middle of nowhere, row-homes in the bustling city, condominiums in the insignificant but not so insignificant towns.

She is from the small, quiet, backwater town.

She is from Nurses, and the hours of hard work at school then more work at home

She is from half  birthdays and one sided dimpled faces, from Gretchen and Bambi and Trevor.

She is from the Dedicated and Fun-loving.

From girls can do anything and girls should wear appropriate clothing.

She is from christianity. Going to church every Sunday, rain or shine. Holding on to her beliefs like a lifeline.

She is from Mississippi and back breaking work, grits and bacon.

She is from New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia. Places she followed those she loved so she could catch them if the fell.

Free Verse about my Grandmother

My Grandmother, who I call Granna

Grew up Virginia, and has many brothers

She had a lot responisiblity as young girl

She was a single mother, and raised my mom and uncle

To my surprise, she has not experienced sexism

She also doesn’t know people who really dealt with serious sexism

Very interesting opinions she has about gender

She believes that boys and girls should be raised equally

That they should not be raised based on stereotypes

She believes women have gained a lot, but have more to gain

Like equal pay

She accepts the LGBT community

Including transgender and gender non-conforming people

She has lived a great life

And raised 2 wonderful children

And has 4 grandchildren

She believes in God, but has no particular religion

She is very against inequality

This is my Granna

Herstory Poem

She is from the intelligent and crafty.

She is from an Irish Catholic family. Torn between church and science.

She is from Philly and Ireland

She is working, a young mother, uninhibited by the gender boundaries other provide.

She is unbothered, unfazed, and uninterested. 

She isn't held back. 

She is my mother.

She is by Crystal Taylor

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She wonders if she will ever have the same rights/ opportunities as men

She hears the laughter of men and women constantly throw themselves at them

She sees the world constantly changing around her

She wants for her husband to still be here with her, so she won’t feel so alone

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She pretends to be a basketball star, but knows it won’t happen because she’s supposed to be a “lady”

She feels like wearing sweatpants, but doesn’t because she knows her mom would give her hell

She touches her rough, gray hair and wishes it was longer

She worries about if her daughter, my aunt, will have to struggle how she did

She cries when she she finds out her son got divorced, it was never in the plan

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She understands that women and men will never be equal

She says things like “If women were to listen to men, I bet you more marriages would last”

She dreams about her entire family being together again

She tries to make her grandchildren have the same views that she does, but it just won’t ever happen

She hopes that men will continue to be superior, which I will never understand

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

Media Fluency- Alyssa Eastwood

Untitled presentation
I choose to design my slide like this because I feel strongly about my friends. I decided to put most but not all of my close friends in it because I think they should be appreciated. I choose to design it this way because my friends literally make me. Without them I wouldn't be me. When I was thinking of what to do the first thing that came to mind is friends because they are so special to me. Also I put " MY LIFE " in the top left corner because they are my life. I also put the emojis because who doesn't like emojis. I always use them with my friends so its something that symbolizes that.  

Herstory by Imani Weeks

It was never about us 
Us girls that dreamed to be something 
Dreaming of a fairytale, wearing bright colors, and playing with dolls 
People saw us as nothing.

It was never about us
Nobody pushed us to further our education
To change the world for the better
We fought against discrimination 
We went unnoticed 
Because it was never about us
Jobs didn't come as easy 
Promotions didn't come by being the best 
Working hard didn't matter
We were seen as weak, emotional and domestic
It need to start being about us