My second simple slide

This new slide that I have made still embodies some of the same ideas as my last slide, contrast and simplicity. This time, I slightly decreased the text size this time, because for the text to fully fit, it had to be lessened in size.  I thought about bleeding the sky in some sort, but my conclusion was that bleeding would lose the grasp of the subject, just like the first slide. The colors were chosen with more thought now. Blue and white I felt were still good to have from the first slide, but people told me red didn’t work well on the last slide, so this time I chose yellow. I chose yellow instead of red this time, because the yellow stood out more,  this time standing out more than the red, blue, and white. The has more of a contrast which I think makes a better meaning to the quote than before. I moved the text to the middle at the horizon because its at the cusp now of greatness or failure. The text type was chosen with intention. The thought behind was that the semi soft text represents a sort of boundary how it can be straight (like the words) but soft (the individual letters). I made the text slightly different because although people said it didn’t really go well with the slide, I felt the text made the quote.While we see the text, you notice it is capitalized? Well I did that to show that each word is a part of a sentence like a minute is part of an hour.

These are two links that I found and used as guides outside of The links given to me:
my life (1)

Media Fluency Revised

After my fellow classmates reviewed my slide I came to the conclusion to remake my slide with the basis of my first slide. The reviews I received said that the concept was nice yet the pics were bury. Therefore I changed the picture but kept the same light and drakness theme. Without the words the picture seems to lean to the right but I feel like with the words it is more balanced.

Media Fluency 2.0 //Nadya

Slide--Tech (1)
For my slide I didn't  change much. When I was graded for my slide no one really said to change much but the quotations. So I changed the quotations and everything else is the same because I didn't get that negative feedback. What really sunk in from all the websites I used when making me slide is simplicity is key. In one of my sources it said to keep your slide simple but have it make a statement. That is exactly what I did and I got great feedback on that. 

Ethan Slide Improvements

I centered the text to balance it, because I got rid of the name of the person who said the quote, because it was unnecessary.  I also made the text larger, because there is less text, so the remaining text needed to take up more space.  I also moved the text down to the center, because there is no text below it, so there is no point in putting it at the top. Besides that I look the colors and layout of the slide, and kept it the same.

Media Fluency(take 2)

Growing up, I was always shy. I never spoke up or said how I was feeling. It all changed when I discovered musical theater, my gateway to music. I began to open up, and sing my heart out and express who I really was, finally breaking free from my shyness. After this, I was exposed to how powerful music can truly be. Now, music is what helps me through anything and everything. It motivates me and inspires me, and I don’t know who I would be without it.

I decided to dedicate my slide to the one thing that symbolizes who I am. A picture of a girl holding a record in front of her face symbolizes music, and also shyness. I liked the black and white aspect to keep things simple and to keep the mood calming and serious. It is a picture from Tumblr, because I wanted it to be artistic and unique. I made the font big and clear to see with varying font styles. The pink font made it pop and added a little bit of positivity with the contrasting “escape” to make that word stick out most because it is the end of the meaningful statement. This slide is simple like any good visual campaign should be. Sometimes, less is more and holds more value, but nothing like the value music holds to me.

Presentation Zen was a great source for me to use because it directed my presentation and gave meaning to it. I made the background white with a mainly black picture and bold, brightly colored lettering. I made the majority of my quote a pink color that seemed to fit my slide well. My last word, escape, which I find very symbolic, I underlined, changed the font, and made black to really stand out against the white. Presentation Zen gave the idea that having the one image used, to keep the focus simple, to have the image bleed off of the slide, which I chose not to do on purpose due to the fact my picture was a square and I liked the look better with having white bordering it. That’s my presentation!

music slide (2)

Net Neutrality

 Net neutrality is important for teens to know about because the decisions made on this topic affects them tremendously. The Federal Communications Commission is debating the laws that apply to internet service providers and the limits that are put on them. Depending on the actions taken by the FCC we will either have a free and open internet or an internet ruled by our internet service providers. Teenagers are soon going to be the people in charge of making these decisions for the public, so it is important that we learn about these things now. Teenagers are always using technology and are constantly online and using the internet so it only makes sense that we are informed about what is going on with these topics. 

Net neutrality is the idea that your internet, cellular, and television providers should treat all data the same. This means that an internet user is able to use any kind of application, service, content, or equipment without interference from an ISP. Big telecommunication providers and ISPs want to get rid of net neutrality, saying that it is neither practical nor desirable. In my opinion it is important that we protect net neutrality, otherwise our internet will turn into a dictatorship, with ISPs ruling over everything. The only people who would benefit from an internet without net neutrality is internet service providers. They could up their prices and charge both the consumers and the companies that own sites. 

So what I'm trying to get at is that net neutrality is important for everyone to know about, even teens. And if you have an opportunity to learn about net neutrality, take it. Because the choices that are made concerning this topic will affect everyone of all ages. 

My three sources are:,,
Search bar
Search bar

Net Neutrality: By Joseph Lee

Net neutrality is important for teens to know about because it teaches them why it matters to them. Without net neutrality, teens won't be able to go to some of the websites they want to visit because it will be blocked. Teens also need to understand how this affects their parents as well. Without net neutrality, certain sites will have to be payed extra money in order to access them. It doesn't make sense for people to have to pay extra money for certain sites when that money is already payed for when you buy internet service.

    Not having net neutrality can also affect a teenagers education. Their education is affected because these days most schools give the students laptops, and the students are then assigned homework that requires the use of the internet. Without net neutrality some sites will be harder for students to get access to. Plus it will be hard for the school to pay extra money for the blocked websites because most schools are on a tight budget or they're broke.  This can also affect a student if he is home schooled on a computer, then it will be harder for the student to access his online classes and other important pieces of information.

    Teenagers also need to know about the main people who are against net neutrality, which are certain I.S.P.s. The I.S.P.s against net neutrality are Verizon and Comcast. They think that they should be able to choose what people do and don't see online and charge content providers accordingly. They think that net neutrality hurts their revenue potential. Everyone deserves free access to all online content, it shouldn't be blocked by I.S.P.s.


My Opinion about Net Nutrality

Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.25.35 AM
Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.25.35 AM
So first of all, What is net nutrality??? I know most teens have no clue what it is; I mean i didnt know until october of this year!
Net Nutrality is when all data on the internet is treated equal.
Did you Know if we dont have net nutallity our ISP companys can control every website we are able to see and do???!! An ISP company is Tom Waner, Comcast, Verizon ect.
Why is it important for people and expecialy teens to know about net nutrallity?
Its important for people expecially teens to know about net nutrality because Teens rely on the internet for projects,  and  intertainment. Also, as many say we are the technolegy and internet generation

Net Neutrality


I believe that Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because it directly correlates to our future being that we are internet babies. There has never been a point where technologies have been unavailable to us. If net neutrality were to be terminated it would obviously affect the speed of our internet; whether it be faster or slower. In some cases not having net neutrality would be an advantage, purely because our internet streaming becomes faster but not without a price. Those who would possess the internet fast lane would be paying an outrageous amount of money and may be limited to certain internet service providers. Those who do not invest the extra money will have their internet pipe squeezed so that so little internet comes through and will become detrimental to our living and productivity.

If Net Neutrality is enforced then it potentially can exclude an entire market for those generations coming into the workforce. If an individual had an interest in working for an internet provider such as comcast, cable, etc then they would have to seriously evaluate the situation and their future. Having Net Neutrality will mean that providers will lose their incentive to continue investing in projects that improve their networks and expanding into areas with limited or unlimited internet access. Therefore they may be less willing to take on new employees when the ISP market will no longer be thriving. Many jobs will not be available in the United States because Russia and China will gain control over ISP’s, we certainly do not more overseas jobs than we already have.

If net neutrality is enforced then we have control of what we can view on the internet without any restrictions. There are currently no restrictions on areas and content on the internet that people can access unless directly enforced from the government. All IMing, emailing, sharing files, etc are not restricted and without Net Neutrality that freedom is potentially at risk. No capitalism, throttling, censorship, and restrictions are all available using Net Neutrality and imagine what the internet would be like without those privileges.  In conclusion Net Neutrality is in favor to the people and not favorable to the alternate.  

My opinion on net neutrality

Net Neutrality is basically the principle of an internet service provider that helps you access anything on the internet without being blocked. If it goes away, you’ll get blocked from websites that you go on everyday for no reason. And you’ll probably have to pay for speed. Which is really ridiculous. Because people should not be block from any websites, sometimes, those websites that are blocked are really useful in daily life.

When you pay more for it, you get more data; But when you pay less, you don’t get as much data. Data throttling is used by wireless carriers to help make sure that their networks are working good and efficiently and as quickly as possible for everyone. But the wireless carriers will slow down connection speeds for users who use more data than the average customer. And it is happening. Have you wondered why you phone is so slow? Well, that’s the work of data throttling. And what can you do when you are in an emergency that you really need to send something to someone, or do anything? Nothing.

European countries, like France do not have open internet. And the UK government are trying to “close” the internet right now. I am really wondering why? May be they don’t have as much freedom as us, the U.S.A.? Anyway, it is unfair. Government want to make laws to keep the peace, okay then. But they want to control what people can see or no online? No, that is so not what the government in UK should do.
Drawing my net neutrality people vs gov and isp
Drawing my net neutrality people vs gov and isp

Why Teens Should Know About Net Neutrality - Poree

Well, I know that NET NEUTRALITY isn't a topic that most teenagers want to hear about, but it is in fact, a very crucial thing to be educated in! How would you react if you found out that the government was trying to censor everything you can, and take away one of your born, god-given rights: FREEDOM OF SPEECH! This company called the FCC, is in charge of what people can or can't view on the web, and they can prevent you from using the web if you violate certain rules. But the whole point of Net Neutrality is to get people to understand that all ISP's should be treated equally. Those who provide a pipe to the internet should not be allowed to censor what flows through the pipes!
Now with Net Neutrality, there is a thing called fast lanes. Fast lanes are speed at which data  is connected to individual internet users, which sounds good right? NO! The part that they don't tell you is that the providers can manipulate it whenever they want and if you are looking at something that they don't agree with, they can sabotage you usage! Now this is not the case for other ISP's which is some form of discrimination right? This is just another casein which a form of people are not being treated equalluy.
Also, there are other big companies that think that their content on their browsers are better than other bits that have 'lower class content'. Therefore, they think that the bits in which the information travels on should be on a different level than others. Big companies like Netflix and other media corporations, were so mad that they had to share the same streams, that they tried to put their content into a fast lane, which completely just makes the idea of neutrality pointless. There is no equality among us and what we choose to view or upload on the web as long as the FCC and whoever else is trying their best to censor this! 


Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.35.25 AM
Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.35.25 AM

Net Neutrality

Some teens don't know what Net Neutrality is. An exact definition would be, ¨Not discriminating or charging deferentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication¨. This means that we can use a certain bit of the internet and the rest is held in the safety of some people. But now the problem is that people want to decide what we should use for the internet, and control our freedom on the computer. Also people are trying to get faster internet but are being tricked into getting ¨faster internet¨.

-Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu

Critics of net neutrality say high-speed Internet providers need flexibility to innovate and that new revenues from premium pricing could help broadband providers upgrade their services.High-speed Internet service providers say not to worry, they don’t want to play favorites. We get to use what we want on the net, especially hard information we cannot find here. So its important for teens to know about this so they don't get tricked into buying something for faster internet. They can get tricked into buying ¨faster internet¨ but it will actually turn out to be worse than they had before.

Its important for teens to know if Net Neutrality can hurt you.The people that get ¨hurt¨ from ¨Data Equality¨ are the service providers, because they lose money mostly from having data equality. In the video it said they usually also provide phones and cable but the internet can do that too so to cover the money that they lose by charging for ¨faster¨ internet services. One of the problems you can run into is getting ¨faster internet¨ but having to watch a lot of ad's. That sucks, no one likes that. Sometimes you should stick with what you have instead of getting this ¨better deal¨.

-Source: Youtube Video Mrs.Hull showed us


Net Neutrality & Teens

Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about?
        Net neutrality is very important for teens to know about because teens rely on the Internet so much for research, projects, school work, and social media that we should be able to access an open internet and not have to pay extra for certain content. When the net is not neutral, it is very hard to come up with creative ideas because you're limited to certain sites. When ISPs charge more to customers to get some services, it makes it really hard for people to communicate. Students at SLA can really relate to this because due to our benchmarks, it is mandatory to communicate, and much of it happens over the web. Majority of the projects, homework, and other assignments take place on the web. 
         Net neutrality helps our future because it has to do with our education. Without the resources we need to succeed, we will not be able to accomplish future goals for ourselves. We will also not be able to become as successful as we want to be because we weren't able to use the Internet to it's full possibilities. Many teens don't know what Net Neutrality is, and if they do, they don't care for it that much because they believe it doesn't affect us in any way, but it definitely does. Our future depends on Net Neutrality. 
        Our speech and our voice is definitely censored without net neutrality because we cannot speak on those certain websites that are blocked for us. I believe that us teens have a right to view the content we need to view because it's so important to our lifestyles and how we work. Teens should know about this because without net neutrality, a little bit of our freedom is being taken away, as well as our opportunity. We can't let ISPs take over the Internet because yes, we do pay them for our Internet, but we do not pay to be blocked from sites and not have equal access as others. Being knowledgeable on this topic will allow us to fight for our rights. 


    Net neutrality, the idea that ISPs have to treat all data the same. This principle, which is key in maintaining internet costs and safety, is at jeopardy. It is very important for teens to know about because theyŕe leading the internet charge. They’re going to lead the way for the next long while in “internet years,” changing everything that happens. Teens need to know so they can make the right choices and understand why net neutrality would be bad.

    Young people are also the main users of the internet currently.[1] This matters because they are going to be the main users of the internet for a while, perhaps. Eventually, hopefully, there will be 100% of usage of the internet, and it won’t matter, but for now, it does.  Therefore, teens need to understand why it would be horrible for everyone but the ISPs if net neutrality is dropped. Suddenly, everyone will be paying loads more for the “fast lane” which would just be the same thing that we have now.[2] Students may get hurt as well; if you’re trying to learn and just get told “NO” because the website owner didn't pay the fee, that could be a huge boon to you education gone. Just like that.[3]

    All in all, it’s very important that teens understand net neutrality. It will help the ISPs, but only in ways that would involve the citizens paying more for something that really doesn't need to be payed more for.  The future leaders of the internet should be educated. The internet is beautiful and extremely useful, and it would be worthy to keep that way.

    More and More Net Neutrality Opinions

    My opinion on Net Neutrality? Everyone needs to know about it, teens included, especially even since we are the ones who are going to have to deal with this. We will be voting soon, and we will have influence on the government so it is important for us to make smart, deliberate decisions on how the internet will work. As seen here (, Obama wishes to address this, and even though we wont be able to vote for him, we could vote for someone with similar ideas.
    Even though internet as a utility might have its own problems, it is still better than an internet that is controlled by mega-corporations. Though internet as a utility may cost more, at least it won't be controlled and have the cost vary and be terrible and have everyone suffer. The head of the FCC Tom Wheeler ( is and has been involved in ISPs, which are completely biased towards net neutrality. That may affect the way he decides, which is important to know. Make good, informed decisions based on facts.
    ISPs are negative because they act as middlemen. Middlemen are always bad because they raise raise prices, which is bad for you. Since they want to make money, they will find the ways to make money best. ISPs could get money from you to get internet, extort money form a website for a fast connection, and then that site charges you more money. This ( Wikipedia article talks about Dumb Pipes, which are internet lanes that just transmit data. ISPs want pipes they can control, so they can get money. It is important to know about this because it gives you information about what they want to do.


    Net Neutrality

    ​   Net Neutrality is a difficult idea to get across to people, especially teens. However, teens should know about this because they are, quire literally, the future. The internet is becoming more popular among people today and ISPs are taking advantage of that. They are slowing down lanes which in turn make people want to buy fast lanes, which don't even speed up the lanes. By doing this, ISPs are gaining money for manipulating the consumers' internet.

       Net Neutrality can easily put a stop to this. If everyone "treated each bit as any other bit," then all internet lanes will run smoothly. Everyone will have the exact same speed for internet. But if ISPs are manipulating lanes and defying Net Neurtral, then no one will have the same internet. In turn, citizens will not be treated equally.

       Generation Y are the people born from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Generation Y is also the generation that is using the internet today. This means that teens today, at this very moment, are definitely affected. Net Neutrality is a serious matter that will force teens to go on cites the ISPs want them to go to. This is why teens should be concerned about Net Neutrality.

    NN blog, Sell

    ​Net neutrality, the rules that keep the 'World Wide Web', free and available for everyone to use, for a small fee.
    Net neutrality is what makes it so that any regular Joe with a bit of technology knowledge can place their thoughts and ideas out for the world to see. Preserving net neutrality is preserving free speech. Do we want the right of free speech? I think you have your answer why we need net neutrality.

    Net neutrality is simply the rich(ISP's) not being able to censor the information that we gather or spread. 
    We always talk about how countries such as North Korea and China are so awful for censoring what their people say, but aren't we just walking down that path by potentially destroying net neutrality? I think we are. We have the right of free speech and free press. Lets keep it that way.

    'We' as teenagers live so much of our lives on the internet. Imagine if the whole internet was like the school filter, we tried to access one of our favorite sites and low and behold its not accessible because of our ISP. Also imagine if when we were on our computer using the internet we had to pay for the amount of data being used and it wasn't just a flat rate. For those of us who stream or play online games or even just watch Netflix, be prepared to have no money in little time. Imagine paying for Netflix and then paying for every minute you were actually using it. Not fun.

    Net Neutrality Opinion Seyni Ndaw in Tech 9-016

    Net Neutrality is extremely important for teens to be aware of. It's no secret that teenagers and children growing up in this age are the most frequent users and consumers of technology and the internet overall. It is important for us to be aware of the controversies behind our number one resource for nearly everything we do, ranging from communication to consuming media such as tv shows and movies, and how we do our research for schools and other things. 

    Economy and class status is one of the biggest factors that goes into Net Neutrality and how it impacts others. If we as internet citizens were to lose net neutrality, it would be one more thing to add to the list of injustices and unfairness towards those in the middle and lower class. To ask for those with lower wealth to pay more for faster internet is ridiculous. It's obvious it's not the companies' obligation to genuinely care about internet citizens because all they care about is money. Internet providers tend to advertise so called ¨fast lanes¨ as though paying more is the equivalent of faster internet. However, more times than not internet citizens are actually paying for the exact same treatment as before. 

    Seeing as we are the Net Generation, also called Generation Y, it will soon be our responsibility to control and adjust the internet and how we use it. We must first educate ourselves and others to accumulate and understanding of our internet and how much control we dont have over it. There is the overall misconception amongst teens that as long as we're careful, our personal information belongs to us. But this is far from true. Our internet and everything we choose to include in it is under the ultimate control of the government.

    Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.21.43 AM
    Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 11.21.43 AM