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I made this slide the way it is because I wanted something different. The text is pink and drippy because not only did I want it to stand out, I wanted it to connect with the background. The background is Dangan Ronpa. Dangan Ronpa is a video game that breaks all the laws of reality. In Dangan Ronpa their blood is pink hence the text. The reason behind me doing this is because I wanted to represent my way of thinking that reality is overrated and Dangan Ronpa was the perfect candidate for that. 



This site taught me how to not to fill the slide up with too much information but instead with a single point.


This site taught me to make my text Big , cut out half the words and then make the text even Bigger

Media Fluency

Why does your slide look the way it does?

This is a slide that depicts my nature in a limited amount of space and items. I took information from the websites provided and used that to help me design and add character to my slide.I used contrast, bleeding, and I made the slide straight to the point. I like the image of some geometric figures because it adds a cool element to the simplicity of the slide. All three of these items make up a simple yet intricate display of who I am, plus it adds a simple message that adds character and color to the slide.

What influenced your decision making?

Well, I pulled inspiration from websites like Tumblr and Pinterest where this type of look is used quite a lot. I wanted to use these different image styles to reflect the vision I had prior to the creation of this slide. Also, the videos and examples of different billboards helped me to design the slide.

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Chernowski Slide


When starting my slide, the first thing I had to do was come up with my idea and how I can convey it easily and efficiently to others. I came up with the idea of ¨Lost¨, based on my life and experiences, and immediately thought of a lonely trail in the woods. I found the picture I wanted to use and sent it to back, so I can write text on it. I used a font that would be unique and can catches the reader's eye, I also made it large to read and remember. I placed the text to the lower left so that the rule of thirds are followed. I also didn't want the text to be near the middle of the page, so I made it slightly below the middle mark. The text color was a difficult situation. No matter what I did the color did not go along with the message I wanted to convey. I finally had the idea that the color should be transparent. It gives the illusion of being lost, perfect for my slide. I made the text outlined in white because it was brighter and more attractive than the black outline.



Media Fluency~

Untitled presentation

I decided to make my slide pretty simple, because I was pretty confused and the websites kept saying that less words with bigger font was the way to go. I cut of about half of my original words, and just went with a medium amount. Apparently this is still too much, but i can revise it eventually. The little rhyme/ song i wrote a while ago for my instagram bio. It literally states what I meant and was feeling. the background was originally a color, but I wanted to have a picture as well. So, I decided to use an artsy photo that I really liked. This photo reminded me of a little island. Now onto the next topic! From the websites looked at, I learned that contrasting was important. Contrasting is taking whatever the message was or the item being sold and making it stand out more, while having the background compliment the item. I had to make sure that the text wasn’t overpowered by the background colors, which was happening before I changed the picture. I also learned about empty space. I hate leaving awkward spaces, so I had to learn how to make the slide..attractive. Because I used these rules my slide turned out much better than I thought it would.

Media Fluency

Tech Media Fluency
I made this slide look the way it does because I wanted it to be simple. I made my text large and white against a black background so it has contrast. In “Slide Design for Developers” by Zach Holman, it says to “worry about it” and I really to this to heart. I ended up completely changing my slide around because I decided it had too much text. As said in “Presentation Zen”, in the picture, the viola bleeds off the page so you only see half of it.

The main struggle for me was to keep it simple. I had a sentence quote and then a picture with a few sentences on it. In “Top Ten Slide Skills” by Garr Reynolds, it says to “keep it simple” and the slides were not meant to be the “star of the show”.

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Media Fluency

Untitled presentation
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Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

I created this slide the way it is for several reasons. One, I chose to to put my text size somewhat big since i dont have much things to put in my slide besides the two topics in the slide. I got this advice from Presentation Zen. Also the two topics i put up in my slide is the reason why i act the way i am. Also i kept my slide simple because as stated in a article i read its better to keep it simple, than to have it filled with text or information. 

What influenced your decision making?

The two topics on my slides represent the way i act and why i act this way. It explains the way i think and who those two things changed the way it think. Also websites i read helped me make the slide look the way it is. I read that it is good to make it visual.  

My Simple Slide

My slide is all about the contrast and simplicity. I planed to have my text be big enough to see, but small enough to show the enormity of the idea. I thought about bleeding the sky in some sort, but my conclusion was that bleeding would lose the grasp of the subject. The colors were deliberate. I chose the blue and white to describe the sense of peace, but the red text shows how within peace there is conflict. I chose red instead of another color because the red melded and blended with the blue and white creating almost this harmony within the contrast of colors(Think of the US flag). Having my text at the bottom is supposed to be a starting point for curiosity leaving all that white (not entirely) space open to wander. Even the text type was chosen with intention. The thought behind was that the semi soft text represents a sort of boundary how it can be straight (like the words) but soft (the individual letters). While we see the text, you notice it is capitalized? Well I did that to show that each word is a part of a sentence like a minute is part of an hour. Lastly I touched upon emptiness to make this slide a full circle of my life by showing how much is left to be explored.

These are two links that I found and used as guides outside of The links given to me:

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?
I tried my best to relate to everyone who is going to be viewing this slide as a whole. I believe this type of situation happens to everyone and it would capture their attention for a good period of time. It also shows a very humorous side, instead of choosing regularly favored activities, they would trade it all in for the food. I do suffer from this problem numerous times, and I'm positive the audience can relate

What influenced your decision making?
After viewing a few more slides, other than the given ones, I have noticed that most of the slides that people like are slides that can give people a good chuckle. That will help advertise the slide and also help people remember the slide for future references. I tried to incorporate that into my slide. Also, I do have some traumatizing experiences with things such as this. 

Website Source (Link):

Slide assignment

I chose to make my slide have a blue background, with yellow font.  The blue and yellow created a good contrast, similarly to the IKEA sign.  I also thought the way the background design bled off the edge looked good.  II also kept the slide very balanced by having text on each side.  I also put the text next to the same color of the edge design on both sides.  I wanted to keep it simple, and not make a super complex background, because although it might catch the eye, it would take away from the message.  Also, my slide still has bright colors and is easy to read, which will make people want to view it.  

Media Fluency//Negron


The reason I made my slide look this way is because simplicity is key. Although my slide is very simple it makes a statement. I will first explain to you the picture. I made the picture huge because humans are visual beings as said on Presentation zen vision trumps all the other senses. I didn’t want my slide to only be a visual aid I wanted to make a statement that will be left in someone’s mind. I made the font size on my quote as huge as possible to catch someone’s eye. Although my text is huge I contrasted one part of the text to make it bigger than the rest. Kerning was definitely a difficulty since I used such a big font but since I used few words it all worked out.

What inspired me most was this website I found that’s listed in my sources below. It’s a ted blog and what stuck out was one thing that it said which was find pictures with meaning. The picture I chose has meaning to it. The picture is so strong and it will catch someone’s eye. The rule of the thirds is also another thing that inspired me because I have a lot of empty space in my design and I feel as though that either attracts the person to the text or the picture or even both. Empty space gets your slide noticed and remembered.


Slide - Media Fluency

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

I made the slide the way I did because I wear Hollister and I love their clothes. So put a whole bunch of the logo sign on my slide and some pictures of people wearing their clothes. I put I love Hollister because I do , I love their style , its like what I wear their clothes but I add my own style with their clothes.

What influenced your decision making?

What influenced my decision was that since I wear their clothes and I couldn't come up with anything else to do. I was going to do any kinds of clothes so I thought how about I do a name brand clothing line and I choose Hollister and choose pictures with people / models wearing their clothes.


Untitled presentation

When designing my slide, I had in mind the new concepts about colors and words I have recently learned.   For instance, I made my background all black so that the white words can pop out. I also made my picture bleed out of the frames of my slide because it is a technique used by designers of billboards. I added a few words that supported the main idea of my Me Magazine and a picture that depicted the information.

Mostly the texts influenced my decision making . For instance,  I decided to make my text huge because the article titled “Slide Design For Developers” emphasized that this will help capture the attention of my audience. I knew that this advice was credible because it came from an experienced designer. I chose my picture because it did not feature a human, which gives off the notion that I still have a purpose, and my purpose is presenting. It features two hands holding a globe. It is a metaphor for the way my roots help bolster my identity.

Media Fluency

Media Fluency (1)

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

My slide looks the way it does because in order for a slide to stand out, it needs to be clear, simple, understandable, and straight forward. According to the websites, think whether your slide could be understood within seconds. Basically, whether the slide is clear in just one glance.

What influenced your decision making?

What influenced the decision making in this slide are the websites and the video that you showed the class. The websites gave tips and tricks on how to make a noticeable and understandable slide. The websites really helped the decision making in this slide.


Media Fluency

HWellner - My Slide Tech
Image from this site. (The link is WAY to long to enter plainly.)
I created this slide with the idea of simplicity as well as deepness in mind. I didn't want it want to have an overly complex slide for this, because, as we talked about in the Presentation Zen website, it should be visual, and it shouldn't be filled with text. However, I also wanted the slide to have a deeper meaning to me, and about me, which is why I chose to say what I said in my slide. The words "Living my Legend" are something I created with my head, and to me it means that I'm the one who's creating my path. I'm making my story with my choices and decisions. I'm forging my own legend. Just me, no one else. The image is kind of a double meaning. The more simple meaning is that it's from a video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which I play, and I like video games. The other meaning is because of the fact that the game is all about making your legend. I was influenced into this design because making the slide visual makes it catch the eye. The text is meant to contrast with the big empty sky in the background. I tried to keep the Rule of Thirds in mind when placing my text, because there are a lot of things on the bottom right area, so I put the text in the top left to even out the weight of the slide.

Media Fluency

My first slide for Ms. Hull
Why did you make the slide look the way it does? 

It wants to influence others to express and not be ashamed of where they're from. This slide is a Moroccan flag with a quote that I made.

What influenced your decision making?

The link gave influenced the decision making by watching the tutorial giving examples of, color, texture, mood, etc. Therefore, the mood that I intend people to be motivated and happy about themselves and their culture.


Why did you make the slide look the way it does?
My slide looks how it does because there is a general theme of good and evil. I believe that by using this theme my slide is very appealing to the eye. As you can see one of my pictures is cut of by the sides.This is intentional in an effort to show good and evil or yin and yang.

What influenced your decision making?
My decision making was influenced by having unity in separation. As you can see the pictures located at the upper right and left are really just one picture. By separating this picture in half I have given the thought of two opposing forces yet unity fot they are one picture.

Media Fluency

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Why did you make the slide look the way it does?
I made my slide look this way because there's always a point in time where you fall, and you just give up. You don't know how close you are to where you want to be, so don't give up. Get up and move forward. And also the reason why I made it like this is so that when someone reads this, they can feel motivated in life and live it to the greatest.

What influenced your decision making?
What influenced me in this decision in making this, is all the things I've done that I regret. Although I got up and kept moving forward, that is why I am here in SLA. If i gave up, i wouldn't been in SLA been giving it my all, working hard, and helping others. That is the reason of why I was influenced of my decision of making this.

My First Slide

Me Slide

This slide I created with the idea in mind to keep it simple. I tried to bleed the photo off the page, but it didn’t seem to help the visual much, leading me to leave it fully on the slide. I also shortened the quote to allow for bigger fonts but also to give the audience less to read. Another thing I did to make room for larger text was cut the quote into two. This gave me the ability to use two colors while still making sense as well. Just in case you were wondering, that’s an original quote.

Copyright Christopher Irwin-Diehl 2014.

I also had bright text on a black background to give the slide contrast. The slide is set up the way it is in attempt to balance that huge 72 pt. font with a small picture and some 36 pt. font. The picture in the far left corner is a representation of my fascination with both computer languages, but also Japan and its marvelous culture. This also is shown in my color scheme choices, as the big text is green, which is commonly the default text color in older coding terminals, and the red and white colors representing the Japanese flag.


The Work

 Man, I can't believe this sh*t bruh. I make them all this damn bread and they wanna pull this off?! What do he mean they want my damn head? Ha, f*ck that bruh, I'm the main money maker in this jawn. It wasn't even a dime. Man, I just gotta get my money and dip cuz. I can't be putting my family in danger like this fam.

   My brother walks out into the alley. He starts ranting on about how what I do is bad. (Chuckle) But I'm the reason that we livin' in this single house with three floors, a big ass yard and a damn pool. I'm the reason why they never go hungry in this house. He starts talking about how I could have done good without the drugs, without the drug money. He said I could have finished college and got a good ass job. As what though? A damn boring ass lawyer? Nah I'm good. I just look at him like if I was Kanye staring down the crowd of the Kris Jenner show for laughing at me. "Are you stupid?" I ask. He tells me to watch my mouth because he's my older brother. He lightly pushes me and I ball up my fist. "Ayo Bobby", I hear from the end of the alley.

   I look at my brother and run as fast as I can. I heard that voice and recognized that jawn as soon as I heard it. I look and they started running too, so did my brother. He knew who they were too. I hid behind a car hoping that they will keep going but I hear their steps slow down and eventually stop. They asked me where I was at. They were dumb as hell for thinking I was gonna act out. I heard them cats pulling out their straps, I heard them cock them jawns. POP POP! It's my brother who started shooting first. He came out of nowhere. POP POP! That shit continues, my brother was shot. He was holding his leg right above his knee.

   I grab his strap and black out i start shooting with my eyes closed. After a while I could feel it though. The cold, numb, emptiness right below my right shoulder. I keep blastin' though. These cats ain't taking me today. I blast, I blast... I BLAST! POP POP! I close my eyes and can't remember anything after that.


 I wake up and see all these cops. I was scared as shit. My damn brother is all that was going through my head. I must have been thinkin out loud cause one of the cops told me that my brother was right in the next room...he was gonna okay. They told me that they have to take me in after I recover. They allow me to leave the room and walk right to the doorway of my brother's room. "I'm sorry" I say. He just looked at me and I smiled then ran for my life.

We Will Bury You

“You do not have the funding required to produce such an automobile.” The sentence echoed between my ears. We had worked on a modern design for quite a while now, only to be shot down. We even had working prototypes driving around Mlada Boleslav. The Skoda 120 was to be our first modern car since the occupation began. It would have shown the world what Czechoslovakia was made of. I started to think about the factory. I have friends who are foremen there. In fact, I’ve been there many times. We have the capacity, I know it. Our workforce is among the most highly skilled in all of the Socialist Republics. The Skoda 110 has been highly successful. We’ve turned a profit for as long as I can remember. We've done internal research to ensure that we can mass produce a front wheel drive car.

You know what, it isn’t about the company. It’s about power. The revolution scared them. Dubcek scared them. Now Moscow knows what we’re capable of. We aren’t like the other socialist republics. We have capabilities that they don’t. We were industrialized before the war. They don’t like that we aren’t the others, who depend on the Soviets for resources and money. We could easily sustain ourselves without them. Everyone in this country knows it, but the Soviet implementation of fear keeps us from talking.

They don't care about us. They want us to wish we were them, but we're better. We fought with peace, they brought it to violence. They're no better than schoolyard bullies. We will need to beat them with industry. Violence would bring us down to their level, which is just what they want. If the car is built, we will have a world class small car that we can make large amounts of money exporting to the West. However, doing this is nearly impossible without going through Soviet hurdles. Since they already don't like us, the chances of the idea being approved or funded are infinitesimal. If we don't build it, the Soviets will know we are willing to lay down and take punishment until we are just like the others. Despite the potential issues with that, there's still a positive side. By accepting our punishment without retaliation, people like me will not need to fear imprisonment or death.

There's no way just accepting their decision is the better option. I would disappoint my entire research and development team. All the work we did would have been for nothing. All the 15 hour workdays and all the company's money, for nothing. The designers even already have a body built for it. I can't let them down. We have to build the car.

Flash forward, 1983: I regret what I said. I have been reformed. There is no reason to improve something that isn’t broken. The Gulag system has shown me the truth. I thank the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for re-educating me. I should not have doubted them.

Just Let Me Stay

Principal Brown come on don’t do this to me. Please you can’t! You  just can’t...we go way back. I was there when this place first opened, I know who pulled all the pranks, I remember the first graduation class back in 94’, and it just keeps going. I am the backbone of this school. Me and others, all have put so much time and effort into this place, so that the students can feel like home. Each and every year when new ones come, they come to us and start the next chain of stories to be held. It’s our job, it’ our life, and you want to replace us with me ones.

What if we replace you huh! You wouldn’t like that at all so why you doing this to us?

Remember back in 96’...when we got that stink bomb. You remember that and guess what? I know who did it. His name was Chris. He was a Junior, one of the bright ones too. He was a pretty good student too, but he just got in with the wrong crowd. You remember them, the so called thugs back then. They were bullying him, everywhere he went they followed. They were making him do whatever they wanted him too, and they told him to make and plant it into your office. And so when it went off, you remember how he came to you and told you who did it? You remember principal.

You believed him too easily, and expelled the student that he told you, but all the evidence was planted on that student. The students that bullied Chris planted all the supplies, and plans in his locker, so of course he couldn’t explain why it was there. A complete set up. He couldn’t do anything but accept the fate that was for someone else.  

The thing that made it worse is that you were so filled with rage, that you never considered the fact that he could have been framed, and maybe he didn’t do it. Don’t try to lie. The case was just too easy and you never thought twice about it. You punished the wrong person for a crime he didn’t do, and the bullies had a great laugh. After you expelled him, Chris came back to me got his stuff, but he couldn’t leave. The bullies came back, threw him in me, and thanked him for doing their dirty work.

Before they left they told him, “Tell anyone and you’ll regret it.” I can still hear their painful words, still see how badly Chris shook with fear, and I was the only thing around that could help. I was the only one who knew what really happened, and that’s just the start of my memories.

What about in 2000, when you thought the school was going to close, and all your hopes were in a students project being picked as the country’s best. You remember that girl? Her name was Amber, and where did she house her winning project? In me. I was the lucky locker to keep her project safe. I had all her notes on how to build it, produce it...I was the one that had the inspirational words on it from previous years that motivated her the entire way. I was always the one that was the first to see her, and the one that always said goodbye. I was the one that was always with her, and always knew what she thinking. I was the reason why she succeeded.

Now let’s not forget about the 2006 senior prom. You remember what happened, they couldn’t decide on who to pick as the ‘Queen’ but really, there was one true winner but they felt bad for the other girl who got into a car accident the day before. She was going to be the winner, but because of her accident, she had to stay in the hospital. So they went down to the hospital and crowned her there. They even came up with the idea to make a nice little video of it, and that got shared with the school the next day. They made that girl so happy, and she needed that for her recovery. I saw it all, heard it all, watched them get all excited about it, and saw them put it into action.

I grew as this school grew over the years. I know who steals the pretzels from your office, I know what the teachers do once all the students leave each day, and I know so many secrets from almost every student in this school. They never think that I’m listening to them while they walk past, but I am. If I told these secrets I could ruin so many lives. What I know can never be forgotten. What I know must be shared, but if not, at least let it live on in my memories. So I’m begging you, not to replace me with that new crap. Let me stay and be with the family that I grew up with.

I want to see how it all goes down. I want to see my family grow. I want to spend my last days rusting away watching them grow up, and go in the world.