Negative Drawing

​Negative space is the space around/between an image. In my drawing I found negative space by cutting my linoleum block with the linoleum cutters. It helps an artist to see negative space so they can see the space around the picture or drawing. I don't think seeing in negative space drawings because it still looks the same.

Independent Reading Q4: 13 Reasons Why

Written Assignment:

For my final Independent Reading Project I read 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This was a very and suspenseful novel. There were many things that intrigued me and hooked me onto this book. It tells the story of a girl by the name of Hannah Baker who killed herself. Clay Jensen, one of Hannah’s acquaintances, was the one who was listening to the tapes throughout the novel.

One thing that I loved about this book was the detail in each character. Even though all you heard Hannah from was her tapes and thoughts, you could cleary guess what was going through her head. She was a depressed and stressed girl that had “reasons” for everything. I liked how Jay showed her emotions and feelings and it was also very relatable to the mind of a young teenage girl. Even though all teenage girls can’t say they killed themselves, there are things that make them want to. The reasons Hannah had were all great examples of that. (Whether it was related to relationships, friends, or family.)   

This book was really interesting to read and I didn’t want to stop. Although I couldn’t relate completely, most of Hannahs reasons were things that have happened to me before. It made me feel like I’m not the only one struggling with the kinds of problems she had. Even if I didn’t have suicidal thoughts because of my problems, I was probably pretty close. This book just reminded me of how my life used to be. It felt good to read because it was a reminder that I overcame my emotions and didn’t resort to what Hannah did. Overall, this book was actually better than I expected it to be and I would recommend it to many people.

Creative Assignment (Playlist):

Stranger by Jhene Aiko:
This song is about the artist having a connection with someone she hasn't met or someone she doesn't know too much about, but they have the same type of feelings. It also tells the story of someone not knowing what they have done or who has done something. In the book, Hannah has all these feelings for people that don't even know what they did. 

Save Me by Nicki Minaj:
This song tells the story of a girl who is lost and needs someone to help save her. She needs someone there to help before she loses her mind and does something crazy. In the book, Hannah actually went crazy and committed suicide. 

Sad Songs by Melanie Fiona:
Melanie Fiona sings her heart out about how she has no one to share or hear her feelings with. She sings about all the sad memories she has with people that brought her depression. In the book, Hannah is telling these people that broke her down what they did on the tapes.

Lost by Frank Ocean:
This song is about a young teen that lost himself and didn't know where his mind was. He let other people control him and didn't know how he could fix it. In the book, Hannah has all these reasons (13 to be exact) why she did what she did to herself. The reasons were all about what people did to her, such as Tyler, who was "creeping" in on her while she was getting dressed. Things such as this built up anger inside her that made her lose herself. 

Ordinary People by John Legend:
John sings about how everyone is very different, but more alike than you know. This song sends a message that people should be treated equally and should never feel like they a beneath someone. In the book, this is obviously the main reason why Hannah plugged the plug on herself. 

Catch Me by Nicki Minaj:
This song by Nicki talks says so much. She delivers lines about how people used to tear her down and make her feel invisible. My favorite line would have to be, "It's funny how you could always make me feel small, I have given my all. Catch me, catch me, I think I am going to fall...." That one line, I think, basically describes the whole book. People always made Hannah feel like she was small and unimportant. 

It's Kind of a Funny Story Book Review

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a fantastic book by Ned Vizzini. It’s about this boy who finds his life so depressing or so he thinks; that is until he checks himself into a mental hospital and is admitted into the adult psychiatric ward. Once Craig gets a little tour of the hospital he finds that he does not belong. There are people with all types of problems there such as schizophrenics and psychopaths. Craig also has some personal problems. He has a really big crush on a girl named Nia. However Nia is his best friend’s girlfriend. His life seems like it sucks but he has things he also enjoys. He loves peeing. When he goes over to his friend’s house he’ll go into the bathroom and turn the lights off and pee. 

Craig has things that make him happy too. He loves drawing art. He likes to draw road maps. When he was four he lived in an apartment in Manhattan. The pipes were exposed and became very hot in the afternoon. Anyway his dad would take him out to breakfast and ordered him pancakes. The streets were sideways and the avenues were up and down. That’s how his dad would cut his pancakes and that’s how Craig learned where he lived. They’d name the streets and made their way to their address. This was a very happy time in Craig’s life. Now Craig is in the hospital and he’s enjoying the stay.

As his stay in the hospital continues he realizes that he has other things that make him happy. He finds that art such as music and drawing makes him happy. He also meets a girl named Noel. She turns his whole world upside down. She makes him feel happy and he likes her. She likes him too but they’re are kind of shy. Noel is in the hospital for cutting herself multiple times in multiple places. They learn from each other that life may get difficult but at the end it’s not worth killing yourself over. Things get pretty rough in the hospital because Nia comes and visits. While Nia is there she flirts with him and tells him that she and her boyfriend just broke up. Some things happen in the bedroom and he disgusts her so she runs out. He say something that Noel over hears and makes her mad. They soon forgive each other and fall in love. Craig gets out of the hospital and reduces the stress building up on his shoulders. 

I would recommend this book to someone else because I really enjoyed it. It’s pretty funny and it makes you stop and think. I think about my life and it could be so much worse. I’m thankful for the life I live and I’m glad I read this book.


They help you get to and from


It’s like a map but a voice

Make a right turn in a quarter mile

Make a left a the next corner


A boy who took the wrong turn

Right for happiness

Left for depression

Craig’s life wasn’t so good so he took a left

As he made that left he saw a beautiful young lady


It was like love at first sight but he then saw a boy holding her hand


They went right because they were happy

Craig continued down the left road

and came across a hospital

He went in but this time he made a right

In the hospital he discovered some interesting things

Art like music and drawing

Oh yeah and Noel

As he stay went on 

he realized right was the way to go

He fell and love with Noel

and she fell for him

it was beautiful young love

And that’s basically the end !

Independent Reading Project: Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury

Unlocked is meritorious novel by the Christian author, Karen Kingsbury. It is a modern day story into the lives of the two families. This story contains issues that take place today, such as autism, bullying, and acceptance. Unlocked is a tale of family struggle, but also miracles in the simplest things. This novel is a story of love, faith, struggle, and the supernatural. Unlocked was first released back in October of 2010. 

My book review below in pdf format:
English BMQ4 FINAL

For my creative piece, I made PECS cards. PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. PECS cards are used as a form of communication for people with autism and special needs. The person just simply holds up a card that explains what he/she is feeling. For instance, if that person is sleepy, he/she would hold up a PEC card with a picture of a bed. In Unlocked, one of the main characters, Holden Harris, used PECS cards to communicate. When he wanted to watch a movie, he showed his mother a card with a picture of a television on it. When he wanted raisins, he held up a card with a pictures of raisins on it. I made several PECS cards that Holden used in the book, such as ones that said, “I love music, I see, I hear, Movie, I pray, and Dance.” 

My PECS cards below:
PECS cards
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.13.33 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.13.33 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.13.06 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.13.06 PM
Here's the trailer of the book (P.S. Not made by me): 

Or click on this link

Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Throughout the year in English and history class, I would not say I found myself exactly because I do not think you can ever really find yourself, but I am admiring the person I am becoming. Before this year I used to be affected by media, and society’s ideas of who I should be, but I have found that you cannot be just another brick in the wall, you must strive to outsmart the society you are brought up in. I have been more rooted in identity. In English the biggest things that affected me were writing a descriptive essay, reading Passing, finding out how language plays a part in my life, making an interview, and understanding poetry. In History writing a play, and being a U.S. consumer during sweatshop trials. Also, our journal entries have inspired me as well.

In the beginning of the year, when I first transferred to SLA I was a bit vexatious, being the new girl, but the first day I was required to write a descriptive essay about anything I wanted to. I took out my pencil and paper (no laptop yet) and vigorously let my anxiety and emotions out to convey an essay about rowing. Rowing is my passion, my life, and being able to write about it gave me a certain peace in a different, uncomfortable environment, and that was something you cannot just give to a student, but they must find themselves. I wrote, "Sometimes, you do something you regret, or wish you didn’t, but sometimes just by chance you find something that shakes your world upside down. It was as if my heart finally found what it longed for. Crew is a sport that controls your mind and your body. It’s a dream where pain and pleasure collide. I didn’t choose rowing, rowing chose me." Being able to connect to my outside passion in school, in a certain way helped me adapt to SLA.

            After reading Passing, we had to write a reflection on how it affected us and what we can conclude to connect to the real world, and our lives. I wrote, “The truth is, we’re all broken sometimes. Whether it’s race, beauty image, or anything holding us back. We’re all fighting our own battles. The truth is you can’t be just another brick in the wall you must strive to outsmart the society you are brought up in. The truth is, it’s just like stating facts- marketing and advertising makes us insecure, convenience is the bane of democracy, and it’s easier to strive for someone else’s idea of perfection than to be our self.” I think re-reading what I wrote I learned a lot about myself, and realizing who I want to be, rooting my identity. That the hardest thing in the world is to be yourself, but it is worth every second of it. I really liked reading a book about race but connecting it in a different way to my inner conscious.

            Learning about language and how is shapes us into unique individuals really broadened my perspective on the world. I can be a stubborn person, but I am very willing to changing my perspective and learning new things. After hearing everyone’s story about how language is sincere to them, I had an opportunity to see the world through the rest of my classmate’s eyes, and my god it was breathtaking. The things that Mr. Block taught us in this unit I will never forget when I go forward in life, because whether we like it or not, we all are judgmental to everyone, but now I am a little more open minded to things I could never quite grasp before. Especially opening my classmates’ minds to my language; music.

            Making an interview about crossing boundaries was very helpful to me as a student, but also as a person. Hearing interviews about how everyone has their own struggles and how they overcome them, or cross their boundaries, shows that you are not alone. I interviewed my aunt about something she overcame, and it let me see a different side of her, and realize that when someone tells you you are not good enough, or no, it’s your job to turn around and prove them wrong. Our identity gives us the power to change the world, and a boundary should not change that. “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” 

            I used to hate writing poetry for school. I hate getting graded on my writing because reading what I write is like peeking into my soul so, why are you grading who I am. Somehow, though, by writing a ton of poetry this semester, I have come to actually adore it, and let people in. It is a way to express my emotions or memories through words maybe only me understands. I tend to find myself writing with a style of grammar light-ness, and not many capital letters. In a way that is sort of free and not constructed like school is, or any other formal writing. You're told to do this or it's wrong, but poetry, is yours.  I got to make a video on my rowing poem. Also, here you can find a found poem I wrote, by writing down lines I heard in one week at school.

            In History, I got to be a United States consumer in a Sweatshop Trial. I learned so much in this trial by watching a video about forever 21, and how they treat workers, something you would never except because we live in the US, and we’re under the lies and 'protection' of our government’s brainwash. I realized that when people say that you should not be complaining because people have it worse, you still have every right to feel bad about your problems because they are big and significant to you. I wrote “we feel bad because we compare them to ourselves. We feel bad because we have something better. But in reality, in the poor world, they don’t. The uncomfortable truth about sweatshops is that everyone works there by choice. So next time you buy something made in a sweatshop, you are funding the evil operation, sure, but at the same time, a bit of your money is going help one of the neediest people in the world survive another day. How bad can that really be?"

            I also got to write a play in history about finding yourself, and how media and society affects us as teenagers, and our generation is labeled the “reckless generation” but we’re only reckless with ourselves. I wrote "Our society has lost touch with reality. We find fault in everything and everyone, including ourselves. I see now that society feels that it's all about presentation. The way you look is an indication of social status. Less and less people seem to care about things such as intelligence, humor and loyalty. The media we are exposed to changes the perception of the reality." A lot of classmates personally came up to me and said they really connected to my play, and appreciated that I said it like it was, and it touched me inside that I could reach out to others.

            Our journals were a big part of my learning this year. I got to express everything and anything in one little book. One day a journal prompt was “I wish I could” and there are so many things in the world I wish I could do, that could take up my whole journal, but I just impulsively wrote down the first thing on my mind, and after reading it I realized it is the most important things within me. Another journal we wrote was supposed to be a haiku, but I started writing what I thought was a haiku but turn into a full out sincere poem about this kid I just started talking to. It is crazy how this point of the year my unconscious was thinking about this particular kid, and it came out in my writing.  

            In conclusion, I learned so much this year in English and History. I absolutely adore the way Mr. Block teaches, with theater, real life connections, and personal experiences. It has been the best way I have ever learned, and I learned a lot about myself, what I’m passionate about, what gives me stress and anxiety, what relaxes me, and what inspires me. I couldn't have had a better year in English and History, and I am going to miss these classes very much. 


Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 5.21.47 PM
Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 5.21.47 PM

Negative Space- Joie Nearn

Negative Space is when you draw the outline of an object on one side and the other side is colored in. 

I found negative space by looking in between the spaces in the objects. Then I shaded the negative space. 

I think it is important for artist to use negative space so they can see the whole object. 

I think negative space enhances pictures so you can see the outlines of the object. 

Elemental Project: Calcium

Inquiry: I had to find information on my element for 2 reasons.  I needed to know what has calcium in it and its background.
Research: I had to look online for some facts about calcium.  I also had textbooks in Bio-Chem to help me.
Collaboration: I asked a few friends what they thought of my sketches.  I also gave feed back on others' sketches.
Presentation:  First I made sure to post my work on SLATE.  That way my peers and others can see my work.
Reflection: I reflected on my by posting my work on SLATE and doing this assignment.

Process Paper

Ryan Harris


Capstone Process Paper


For my capstone, I decided to work closely with 7th and 8th graders at Independence Charter School to help them create better National History Day Projects. Originally this was not my idea. My first idea was to create a class/club centered on what the children wanted to learn. I thought that this idea was perfect since it fitted perfect with what I wanted to be when I was older: a teacher. Here I could put myself into a position much like a teacher, while also engages the kids I worked with because they would learning about things they enjoyed like: sports, videos games, books, etc. After discussing the original idea with my mentor, we realized how cumbersome of a project that would be. With a project like that, I’d completely dependent on what the students wanted to learn. If they weren’t putting in any effort, I’d be out of a capstone. I would also be dedicating too much time to creating projects/lesson plans for the class every week. After discussing alternatives, we decided that I would help on existing process going on at the school: National History Day. This was definitely a better idea for me because I still got to be in a teacher-like position while having a better focus on my capstone. During the process of about 3-4 months, I learned how my capstone relates to the five core values.

With inquiry the students and myself had two major questions above our heads: “How do our NHD topics relate to the current theme of 2013?” and “If not, how can change our ideas so that they fit into this year’s topic?” Before getting into any serious work with any of the students I’d ask the kids to explain their theme and overall project in a couple sentences. This way the students can see for themselves whether they have a good idea on their hands instead of just me telling them. For research, I would try to help the students by introducing resources that can possibly collect better sources for the kids. Being that they are 7th and 8th graders, they collect almost that looks like a credible source. That’s where collaboration comes in. I’d be there to help distinguish between what’s “good” source and what’s a “bad” source. How something from a random website on the Internet is definitely less effective source that a source from something like an accredited newspaper. In addition to that, I also helped by showing the differences between primary and secondary sources. For many of them, it’s their first introduction into dealing with primary and secondary sources. Using my four years at SLA, I tried to demonstrate more effective ways of presentation a final product. I tried to show the students I worked with the idea of CARP (Contrast-Alignment- Repetition-Proximity), something we always try to implement in our final products at SLA.

The process of my capstone first began when I pay visit to some the students while they were in school. As introduced myself as an alumni of Independence Charter School and that I was once in their position with NHD projects. I told them about my experiences with the National History Day competition and even how my years at SLA have made much more proficient in creating projects. I tried not to come off as too demanding and that I was resource that they had the choice of using. When my mentor compiled as list of groups that wanted to work with me, it then transformed to weekly sessions where I would work with the groups. Although I was very optimistic about the process, I began to notice major issues even after the first meeting. I was just one person in a room full of kids that wanted my help. I quickly realized that I had to divide my attention between six different groups in only a relative short amount of time. Thankfully, my mentor was there to help me out. After one our meetings we decided that I would only work groups who were really invested in the process, but even that had problems. Every week I’d be meeting with a new group so there would be a constant dialogue between the students and myself. Even when I could meet with a group on a consistent basis, these groups already knew what they were doing. I couldn’t really add anything to the overall project. Also a lot of the time, I felt that input wasn’t even being taken into account. I would suggest something to a group and they either completely ignored it or just do it without even considering how it might affect their project.

I’m certainly proud of the fact that I stay with something like this. I was always ready to work with the groups even when it hindered my normal senior workload (benchmarks, projects). I also got to experience what a lot of teachers deal with on a daily basis. Most teachers, especially ones that teach grade school work with kids that are scatterbrained and don’t necessarily pay attention all the time. It’s certainly a difficult thing to deal with that I have to take into consideration when I become a teacher. If I could do this capstone all over again, I’d certainly recruit other people to also work with me so I wouldn’t be dividing my attention amongst so many different groups. I believe that SLA is better place for letting me attend because this is where I got to use all the things I learned in middle school and actually apply them to tangible and worthwhile things. I also believed it’s a better place because I became more invested in global issues and SLA has motivated me to become a much more globally minded citizen. 

Kennedy Coverdale Q4 Drawings + Project

​This quater we continued using Drawspace to help us improve our drawing skills. In the unit we did, (H13-I08), we learned how to sketch figures and draw fur-related things in different textures. We worked on a lot of shading with hatching lines. During this quater, we had to do an outside project not related to what we were doing in class. I decided to create a ceiling tile in the art room. It's a picture of a the Aperture Science logo from a video game called Portal.


Q4 Blog Post - Art

Since this will be last blog post for Art... ever... I would like to take the chance to get a little sentimental. Art, has always been a passion of mine but not exactly in the way that it may be for other artists. I lack inspiration, and I've lacked it for quite awhile, so my focus as an artist became improvement and growth. I focused on becoming one of the best and making realistic, beautiful pieces that I could be proud of. Freshman year I took advantage of learning the basics i.e depth, shading, and lighting and began working on pieces that put those concepts to use. I started out with anime pieces. Sophomore year I continued to work on those anime pieces and my shading technique but I found myself getting a little more cartoony here and there. Over the summer, before Junior year, I found myself getting more serious about my art. I was looking up photorealism techniques and how to sketch portraits. I recall getting some of the most amazing advice from Ms.Hull and taking it to heart. I credit her for the outcome of my very first portrait. That summer is when I fell deeper in love with art and decided to start putting together a portfolio. 

Throughout my high school career I never considered pursuing art professionally, although many people insisted I should or that it was a waste of my talent, but I always knew that I wanted to, at the least, minor in art in college. Knowing this, I chose to take art my senior year. Although the lesson plans (I felt) were slightly too cliche or easy, I did take the courses as a way to, if anything, exercise my abilities. Some were challenging (or took a lot longer than I was used to) simply for the fact that were not things that I was used to drawing and some were in color. I'm not particularly fond of using color, it's never been my strong suit, but I am fond of expanding my abilities and learned a few things from working with colored pencils. 

This year I have created my most treasured works and sketches. I know that this is partially due to the years I have spent at SLA, surrounded by encouraging, interesting, inspiring, and creative people. I also know that I would not be as confident as I am in my art if it were not for Ms.Hull and her personal encouragement and advice throughout the years. She has always pushed me to not to only do my best but to exceed my own expectations. She has given me the courage, confidence, and skill that has brought me to the place that I now am with my art and I appreciate that beyond belief. 

Hull, Thanks for introducing me to a whole new way of thinking, opening my mind, and helping me to unlock my talent. It means the world to me. 

Below is a slideshow containing the pictures I have done since my freshman year (at least the ones I'm truly proud of). I created an album on my Facebook dedicated to the things that I have drawn (not all of the pictures are professionally/correctly taken, forgive me). These are in order from oldest to newest and the last one being the most recent painting as well as my most recent favorite.

Process Paper - Natalee Schiavoni

My choice for my capstone was very selective. After going through many fantastic ideas I knew that I had one passion that I wanted to pursue. My final choice was to produce and develop my art skills. Before entering Science Leadership Academy as a freshman I knew that I wanted to involve myself in the Art extra curricular class. In this class I wanted to become advance with my artistic abilities and find my ability to explore the world in the view point of a growing artist. I believe that there is no better place to learn art than in an art class room. I had the opportunity to learn not only about the world and its cultures, but themselves and their own communities. Art introduces ideas about how other artist and people live, worked and though, whiles nurturing an appreciation of their own way of life.  

I chose this project mainly because of my extraordinary love for art and how developing it became over time. My sketching and artistic abilities have immensely improved over the years and art having become such a standing point in my life that producing an art portfolio to show only felt right. In order to begin my work, I kept a close sketchbook near by.  As an artist I wanted to show my processed work and how I developed ideas by also showing how my work has matured. I also created a website to show case my finished work online as well as other information that I used such as a variety of youtube videos and resource pertaining to beginners to advanced art lessons/videos.

My capstone addresses the “presentation” core value because within my portfolio it documents visually my process of how well I developed over a course of time.  This project also involved the other core values that made my final project into a finished visual product. Though presentation best fits the representation of my project it also involved a lot of research. In order to do the research portion I needed to conduct some questions. What are some important aspects to improve as an artist? What other techniques and drawings can I challenge myself to? I needed to come up with a portfolio that embodies my ideas, research, innovations, skills, and work process. I also had to dig deep into the research to demonstrate good technical skills by making sure that I have the basics down such as anatomy, color, lighting, etc. A creative art piece without proper proportions is not going to impress and well slow down the process of improving. I collaborated with my peers and other outside sources as well as feed back on artist blogs. This feed back helped me when any questions I had on certain topics that related to art techniques and advice. For the reflection part of my capstone I was able to go to the free library of Philadelphia and get a couple books based on the fine arts and art techniques. I made sure I used all my research from the book and incorporated it into my final portfolio. 

In order to complete my final product I needed to start sketching what I learned from the research and begin my process in my sketchbook. As I began to start using all my open time into sketching I found it becoming fairly easy as I was familiar with beginners art techniques. The process started to become more and more interesting to me because I found myself coming across videos using online resources that helped me learn newer techniques and that is what gave my sketches a realistic feel.  To begin my process I first did some preliminary research on basic art techniques and art history. I then made a timeline to plan out the days I would be working in my sketchbook and updating my website, and also meetings with my capstone mentor Ms. Dunn. The videos that I research refreshed my memory on techniques that could help towards improving skills. 

One obstacle that I faced was coordinating with my set timeline and getting the right amount of time in for finishing up certain sketches. If I wasn’t done one of my sketches, it would become frustrating because I would not able to start another sketch until I was completely done the one I was originally working with. This problem keep some of the days of track and held me back from doing more sketching in little time. Obstacles as such gives a heads up for future awareness that time management can play a role in your art life. 

The thing that I’m most proud about my capstone is that I am about to represent myself as a learning artist. After finishing up anything that took you awhile to a complete, you have the greatest feeling of accomplishment. Looking back into the process of this capstone there were a lot of trials and errors due to the fact that this wasn’t my original plan and I started the portfolio idea later into the months because of my other idea not going through as planned. I feel proud of myself that I stuck through and choose something that not only helped me grow as an artist but also as a person, by finding myself through my art work. 

A1 Q4 Drawings

​Some of the few things that I learned in Q4 of art was the various different ways in which lines, circles and shapes can combine and form pictures that can look to be as real. Though the Q4 art assignments were based off of realistic detail, many of the draws came easy to me such as the turtle, the rat and the feather. These were one of my strong pictures that I thought I did. But when it came down to getting into full detail, some of my work didn't come out as strong as I thought and wanted to, this would have to be my weak point. 
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.53 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.53 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.56 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.56 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.56 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.56 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM #3
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM #3
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.57 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM #2
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM #3
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM #3
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.58 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.59 PM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.59 PM
​For my super awesome project, I drew the batman symbol on a tile from the art room. Doing a tile for the art room was very fun and made painting a little more interesting. 
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the tile but here is what the sign looks like. I will be sure correct this once at school. 
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 12.10.18 AM
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 12.10.18 AM

Process Paper

In the beginning of senior year I was still very unsure of what I wanted to do for my senior capstone. I had considered a mural or something of that nature because of my passion of art, however, I was torn between art and science. I felt that it would be beneficial to explore something pertaining to science, since that is what I would be studying in college, but I was having a hard time finalizing an idea. Luckily, Stephanie Dunda, a teacher that has helped me to indulge in my interest in the sciences in the past, came to me and offered to connect me to an organization called Palms Solutions that was looking for a volunteer to introduce a science program to their after school program TIMBA. 

I took the opportunity and met with both the founder of TIMBA, Jean Marie, and his wife Dr.Mecky. Jean Marie explained that in addition to being a volunteer tutor for his program that I would possibly have several other responsibilities. These responsibilities would include starting a blog on the TIMBA website where other volunteers would be able to talk about their experiences at TIMBA and introducing the kids to some science based experiments while incorporating the math that was being reviewed in the tutoring sessions. I gladly accepted the offer and began my internship with enthusiasm. 

I was paired with another tutor/teacher and we worked together tutoring the children in our small classroom. I worked closely with the children, getting to know them personally and learning their math levels. I began designing a project that could work with what I had learned about them and tat could work around the time frame that I was given. I researched and surveyed the kids about what they wanted to do. Ultimately, I decided to help the kids perform the very classic volcano experiment, with a little twist. I was going to use fractions, the math the children had been working on, to exemplify how math is important in a real life and fun way. The goal was to use different fractions of baking soda and vinegar and see which pairing of fractions gave the best fizz. However, through some conflicting opinions the experiment that was performed in the end was a petri dish experiment. This experiment was meant to also show the kids the importance of fractions, by allowing them to count the colonies of bacteria, as well as teach them a few things about antibiotics, bacteria, and scientists. Once again, do to timing complications this experiment was not performed fully or as throughly as I would have liked. 

Overall, the experience taught me a few things about working with different people and working in different environment. I learned a lot about time management, when third parties are involved, and working with children. 


Jean Marie 













































​INQUIRY- The element I was assigned by my Bio-Chem teacher was sodium. Throughout the project I was supposed to find different cool facts or discover something about my element.

RESEARCH- Through the process of my research I found out that sodium was a type of metal, but also it is salt. Sodium was discovered by Sir Humphry Davy. 

COLLABORATION- My table mates in green stream of art class helped me through the beginning of the project. They helped me come up with some cool ideas as you see in the picture below.

PRESENTATION- To the end I choose the color red because red is my favorite color and I want to express the feeling of the color red for sodium. The picture you see at the bottom was my favorite that came out to be the best.

REFLECTION- In the end of this project, I found, plus seen that it takes a lot of skill ,accuracy and time. If you take your throughout this project your tile would come put to be amazing. I enjoyed this project!!!!
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.07 AM
Photo on 6-7-13 at 11.07 AM

Elemental Print Reflection

The element print required inquiry to learn about the element. Without researching the element, you would not have known what to illustrate in the stamp.
Research has to do with inquiry. It is the physical act of researching the element, to find what you can depict it with.
Collaboration was the clean up procedure. The only real collaboration was when everyone had to clean the work areas.
Presentation was the production of the prints. They are created for people to see, and present themselves without the need of words.
This is a reflection. You look back on what you did in the project, and how you learned from it.

Element Project- Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

inquiry: For inquiry I had to ask questions along the lines of what is neon found in? How can I portray neon in a unique way? What are some facts about neon that could be important to my design?

research: For research I basically found out what type of element neon was and the different objects it was used it. For my print it shows cryogenic refrigeration; which neon is used in.

collaboration: Collaborating for this project involved asking fellow peers their opinions on my design and getting advice on how to carve the linoleum. I collaborated with peers on matting my prints; the best way to get it perfectly even and centered.

presentation: Presenting my final project involved posting a picture and reflection on SLATE. It makes my design available to anyone who wishes to see it and shows what I have created during my final quarter of art.

reflection: I have reflected quite a bit on this project because during the project I had to focus on negative space a lot and at times messed up so I had to redo certain parts until I got it right. Negative space really enhances this print and makes it stand out. My piece was more focused on the negative space rather than the intricate detail because I felt that it gave the piece a more interesting look.  
photo 1
photo 1

PrisonSystemErThangHasUhHist. Long, Aye?

​Link To Second Site:

Link To First Site (It's starts all the way from the beginning):

(I couldn't log into my tumblr.. I lost the paper that had all my pass word and information in it. So I just said, I put everything I had on a second website.)

Project Statement:

The globalization of Prison Systems. As a world, we are raised to understand that crime is punishment and punishment is the reasonable action for crime. If someone commits a crime, such as anything which is against the law or unmoral to the community, one sent to trial in which sentenced to whichever happy ending is chosen. We were all raised to understand, don’t do wrong. Bad happens to those who do wrong. Have we always lived in the idea that we go to jail and serve time? Has the Jail system always existed? Not at all.  Everything has a history, especially the dawn of imprisonment and punishment. This system as grown rapidly into what we call Jail and labour. Socially this system scares us, Culturally it affects everyone around the world differently, Economically it is very expensive, Politically there’s a debate about a new prison change, Military play roles as enforces for Jail, and is very important to understand how the creation on the Prison System, is and has affected our world Globally to be enforce the laws that it has. Every country has a Prison system, and every country handles the crime of immoral human behavior very different. But yet it’s so similar, that Globally we may need to remember our own morals in how to treat a human being in truly being productive in the sakes of other lives!


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This side of Paradise (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

This Side of Paradise

F. Scott Fitzgerald

a review by August Polite

The story of Amory Blaine is an interesting one; though not an immediately gripping dialogue, it does not fail to interest the reader in a way that most books simply cannot accomplish. The story of Amory is relatable, but mysteriously captivating, and funny at times. The story is an American classic and it holds up surprisingly well, offering a different style of writing that isn’t really used much today. The story doesn’t begin with a proper exposition of the characters, instead it starts by dropping you right into the story of this peculiar character, letting you get a feel for what is happening in the world.  Throughout the first sections of Amory’s life it feels more like a biography instead of a novel. The character seems so real and is described in such a realistic and detailed manner that at times, you forget that he is in fact a piece of fiction. He comes across as a conventional advantageous and affluent young man in the twenties, striving to get ahead in life; a very relatable format, although some may find lulls at points in the story.

Many have claimed that “This side of Paradise” is not one of Fitzgerald prize works, but that it was a necessary step for him to find his rhythm. I have only read some fragmented sections of “the Great Gatsby” (one of Fitzgerald’s most prestigious works)  and somewhat agree with the book’s critics, however “This Side of Paradise” has a different appeal. It feels more like a window into Fitzgerald’s past and offers a look at his climb to fame.

My Process Paper

I knew exactly what the topic of my capstone would be by the time that I entered high school. I have had an interest in animals ever since my first pet dog named Rex. However, it did not stop with him. I was fascinated in animals of all sorts. I remember that my family would buy my books about animals. In particular, I would enjoy reading about reptiles. My interest in reptiles came about when I went on a kindergarten class trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, a place that would eventually become the headquarters of my capstone project.

After entering the Reptile and Amphibian House that first time, I noticed that it contained a variety of animals that were like nothing that I had ever seen before. All of its inhabitants were scaly. Some were legless, and others had shells. I had always seen pictures of reptiles, but finally being able to see how unique that they were in person gave me a lifelong curiosity. After leaving the zoo that first time, I was eager to go back and observe things that I was not able to notice the first time, given my young age. As such, when high school gave me the chance to volunteer at the zoo, I eagerly accepted it. This happened when I chose the zoo for my tenth grade Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Being able to finally wear the zoo uniform to the zoo took my already present excitement about my internship over the top, as the animals would now look to me not as a visitor, but as a keeper.

After I had finished my internship, I felt emptiness in my body. I knew that for my life to once again be complete, I had to find a way that I could incorporate the zoo into my life. I quickly realized that the perfect idea was to have my capstone project have something to do with the zoo. Although I wanted to use it to learn more about what the zoo does behind the scenes, I knew that I could make a more productive use of my time with the zoo. Instead of being selfish, I thought that it would be a good idea to work with the zoo to make the already amazing experience that each zoo visitor has even better. While I was thinking about how to achieve this, I remembered what I did when I volunteered at the zoo in the tenth grade. Then, the idea came to me to improve the zoo’s already valuable education program in any way that I could. This one thought helped to shape how I was going to do my project.

I knew that although the zoo did educate its zoo visitors about the animals in its care, it did not really get the chance to take notes about how each zoo visitor responded to the information that was being presented to them. I knew at that point that it was my obligation to take observations on the engagement level of each zoo visitor that I came into contact with in locations throughout the zoo. This led my project to a halt, as I had to decide what my definition of engaged should be. However, after collaborating with the zoo, we decided that the best way to accurately judge the engagement level of a zoo visitor was by counting the number of questions that they asked. If they asked more than two questions, I would assume that they were engaged. If not, then I would assume vice-versa. To go with this, I would also record the expression on zoo visitors’ faces, the amount of time that they spent with a zoo presenter, and some of the questions that they asked. Taking the data was the activity that took the most of my time to do, as the zoo required for me to volunteer for at least eighty hours.

After I had taken data for months, I compiled it all together to come to a conclusion. I had originally planned to educate zoo visitors myself, but I ran out of time. However, I was pleased with the findings that I was able to gain. I concluded that the best way to present information to zoo visitors was by way of a visual presentation, as more questions were being asked under these conditions. I shared this information with the zoo in hopes that it would help them in any way possible.

Looking back, I am happy to have had the chance to work with my favorite place twice in my life to do something that I enjoy doing. Although doing a capstone may have seemed like work to some of my peers, for me it brought sheer enjoyment. This experience is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, proudly bringing it up when I feel the need to do so. It is my hope that next year’s seniors will have an experience as wonderful as mine.