New Slide pt. 2

It´s all about me -tech

I learned from all the critique I had gotten back was that my slide was good but very bright. Also, that the abstract I had on the side did nothing for my slide. People also said I should stick to one color with the words and not overdo it. I noticed people saying that I should align my pictures or take some off. Also, I was told to either do a collage or stick to maybe two pictures to keep it simple and elegant.
I made these changes to my slide one because of the critique I had gotten back. Also, from looking at other people's slides they kept it very simple and didn't have as much and did a good job. Next, looking on the websites it said bleeding pictures are good which I did. Then, I used the rule to have a picture or something completely on the left and the words on the right. I made the color of the words and the background sort of have a cloud type resemblance. Also, for the colors I made them match the background colors of the pillows so it won't throw people off. I tried to make it appealing to the eyes and not too distracting.

New and Improved Slide 2.0!

I learned a lot from the critique of my slide. First off, I learned that I didn’t have enough of my saxophone player. During the critique, Mrs. Hull stated that more nose was needed in the photo, so I decided to move the image slightly towards the right. Also, Mrs. Hull stated that the white background of my image blended in with the white slide background. To avoid this, I added blue borders around my photo to make it pop and to give it distinction. What I also learned was that having different size fonts in a sentence isn’t good. I was told that the different sized fonts of my photo hurt the eyes and made the quote hard to read. To fix this, I decided to make the font size 60 for each letter, and I also made sure all the words were on the same line. Lastly, I learned that empty space (which was prominent on my slide) is not pleasing. So, I decided to make my picture bigger, and to space out my words in a way that allowed for equal empty space.



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I learned from my critique that I should have used more contrasting colors and bigger letters. I used black and white because they are contrasting colors, I deleted pictures that I felt were crowding my slide, and I enlarged my name so that it would be more eye-catching.

(Updated) Slide - Matt Reed

I learned to make things more unique. Even though my I didn't really change to make my unique, I still did learn it. I only made two very minor critics. I moved the words down a little, made the picture wider, and cropped the picture so you could only see half of the skulls face. Now, that I am looking at the picture I like it a lot more.  
Slide - Tech - Matt Reed

Finalized Slide

From the critique of my slide, I learned that simplicity is the key to presenting slides. You must keep your stuff simple, but still interesting to view. I also learned that you don't need your name on slides like this and that too much stuff on a slide is really distracting. One last thing I learned is how to create a slide for presentation the correct way.
I made many changes to the slide. For example, I removed most of the words, changed the background a bit, and removed my name on the slide. I removed most of the words because I realized you didn't need them. It was also distracting and too much on the slide. I changed the background because it wasn't as visible, so i made it a bit darker also so it would compliment the pictures on my slide more. One last change I made was removing my name because you don't need it and it isn't appropriate for the slide.
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Second Slide Presentation - Mindy Saw

From the critique of my slide, I learned that some of the fonts that I used on my words should be bigger and more visible. 
The changes I made to my slide were the size of some of the words and the color of all the words. I changed to the size to make the words more visible and easy to read. I changed the color of all the words to to let it pop out and appear more than the color I used on my first slide. 
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Second Slide

I learned that we need to take time and realize what truly looks good and what we can try and get rid of. 

After the critiquing I knew that I had to change a few things. There was geometric shapes in the corner that I couldn't get rid of at first, and then when I went to redo my slide, I figured it out. I knew that i had to get rid of this because people didn't like it during the critique. The other change that I made was that I got rid of some of the space between the words because people advised me to do so.

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New Slide

From the critique on my slide I learned that simplicity is key. I also learned to make every photo and every text visible to the naked eye. The last thing I learned from the critique was that I should have my photo pop out from the background to make it easier to decipher each photo. 
I made the changes I did to this slide, so that my entire slide could be visible and easier to get the message and to understand what I  was trying to get across. Also because I wanted to not complicate the slide with not needed text or photos
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