Art Portfolio

This Quarter's  art was the best so far. I say this with the utmost confidence for a few reasons. One of them is that if you look at my art last year and my art this year you can see the improvement. Another reason why I say this because I am more engaged in my projects then I was before. I have taken out more time to make my projects to the best of my ability.

My ceiling tile was inspired by Tv. One day I was watching NFL network And I saw patrick peterson and since he is one of the best players in the NFL right now I decided to use him as an art project. This project was a little difficult for me because I never did a ceiling tile before but since I had help from my partners the project turned out great.

My self portrait was the hardest project out of my art profolio. I say this because It was hard to envision myself while I was drawing. Also I didn’t know how to draw some of my features like my hair. I feel like it is very accurate because I got the same skin complexion and low eyes that I have. I also added the kmart tag that I wear to work as an extra touch.

My next piece was “allah” in arabic. I did this because I grew up muslim and in my home environment I was surrounded by all things Islam so when Ms. Hull gave us the opportunity to free draw that was the first thing that popped in my head . This was pretty easy because I have pictures in my house similar to mine so it was easy to visualize on paper.

The Art Benchmark

Art benchmark

Throughout this year, I have been working on painting, drawing reality images and self portraits. This year, has been a challenging year, I had to try new things in art class. Painting, Reality Images, and the Self portrait, it was challenging but not hard. At first it was hard looking at it from a specific point of view but after trying and see that it was a little easy, then I got into the zone. How was I doing? At first I was doing bad, but not bad. Yeah i had to redo sometimes, but once getting that feeling it became easy and took a different turn. I felt more comfortable in the things I did. For example the painting, that was hard, but not impossible. Before beginning the tiles, I tried to make sure that the color matched up with each other. Even when I was sure, I wasn’t position but I had to do it because it was a grade. Another example, the reality drawing - now that was hard. I miss up a lot of times. I’ve gotten frustrated so many things, that I gotten to the point to where I wanted to give up. Lucky within me, giving up wasn’t an option, well at least not for me.

Doing the things that I can’t normal do, push my old limits higher and my abilities into a different direction. Meaning that a one point painting, reality drawing and self portrait was hard. Doing the things that I couldn’t do was hard but I didn’t give in. I felt great, being able to draw reality object, people, animals, etc…, it was great. Self portrait was nothing different, but a little hard. Within this year, I had fun pushing my abilities forward and be on, but within a great artist, there is always/usually a person that influence the person to become better.  

Mali Fenning Quarter 1 Portfolio

Art has always been a part of my life. Everyone in my family is an artist in some way shape or form. Almost everyone has the ability to draw extremely well, expect me. I have always struggled with drawing and painting, which is why I wanted to take art class. I am still trying to find my artistic expression in drawing. I found myself being challenged by trying to find my own style while applying technique. One thing I am very proud of is my charcoal still life because I spent a lot of time really thinking about proportions and technique. My struggles are obviously show in the still life, but I am still proud of it because I know that I did my best. I can’t wait to continue to learn more and expand my skill by learning from my own artistic expression and my peers.

A1 Artist Statement

In creating my images I wanted to have a variety that I could feel proud about. One of the projects painting the surface of a ceiling tile. For that project I decided that I wanted to paint a sierpinski triangle on a ceiling tile using the colors blue green and yellow. I chose to create a sierpinski triangle because it represents what I like to draw. I like drawing shapes and I like drawing things with symmetry in them. I chose the colors blue green and yellow for my sierpinski triangle because those colors seem to both contrast and complement each other. They go well together and I found that they would make my painting stand out.

The second project we worked on was any drawing of our choice we. We could chose whatever we wanted to draw as long as it looked like we put in a solid effort. When choosing what to draw, I wanted to chose something that interested me, or something that was very vibrant in color and detailed. I immediately thought of Butterflies. There is some thing about them that is quite interesting and colorful. I decided to search for an image of a Butterfly online to get an idea of what to draw. So many of the pictures were so simple, yet when inspected, were so very detailed, and that fascinated me.

We also had to do a self portrait which is something I have done before. I wanted to take a picture that would describe how I felt when doing this project. I decide to take a simple picture of myself with focused face. I was focused on this assignment which is why I took a fairly standard picture of myself. I like it because there is not a lot happening in the picture it is focused on me in front of a window with light shining through, showing that this is a self portrait of me. Everything seems normal and how it should be which is what I like

Quarter One Advanced Art Artwork

This is my quarter one artwork portfolio. This portfolio is of all my work from the first quarter including halloween bats, a self-portrait, a picture of the eagles logo and a ceiling tile drawing of a tree representing the environment. These projects took a good amount of time to do, especially the eagles logo and self portrait, the other things were fairly easy. Overall, this quarters work was relatively easy and I had fun doing it. 

Artwork for Quarter 1

This Quarter in Advanced art I noticed that all my artwork took twice as much time as my classmates. I still tried my best and I am proud of what I did, which is the most important thing.

For the first artwork we made design and painted out ceiling tiles. In my original drawing I made the person try to escape the overwhelming monster, but its a a part of him. The drawing represents depression.

Next, for a free-draw I made my first fictional character. She is supposed to be weird and have fire powers. The hat is the source of the powers so that is why it is the only thing colored.

The Jack-o-lantern turned out better than expected, since it was my first time carving a pumpkin.

For my self-portrait I partly looked at a picture I took and for the other part I looked in the mirror. 

From these projects I learned many things like: how to carve a pumpkin, how to express things that aren't objects in an artwork, and how to draw a better self portrait. 

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the artwork!

Anastasia Petropoulos

The Art Gallery displays  the different pieces of art I have created over the past ten weeks.  The first assignment I completed was the ceiling tile. I chose to paint a replica of the Andy Warhol painting which was used as the album cover for the Velvet Underground and Nico. My choosing this piece of art in particular was to pay tribute to my love for the album.  The drawing of choice was a very spontaneous creation.  At the time I had a huge sheet of paper and no idea of where to begin.  Instead of agonizing over what to draw I decided to sketch whatever came to mind.  At the moment I drew an eye, however I began developing inspiration for my drawing from the features of the human face that I find beautiful and the idea progressed from there.   Utilizing different techniques of shading made the drawing of choice very fun for me.   Upon creating the pumpkin I decided I wanted to construct it from paper.  I soon discovered that the best way to create a pumpkin from construction paper was to cut the paper into strips and connect the ends of the strips to make loops.  The last assignment of the quarter, the self portrait, was quite challenging.  After taking a picture of myself to use as a model, determining the scale of features was difficult.  Though my end product was not true to my actual self, I learned the importance of drawing features correctly to scale, and the errors that can occur when you are not aware of this factor.

Kadija Koita Artist Blog

​This time last year, I would not be able to do the things that I can do now in art. When I first received our assignment, I knew that I would be able to really show my true colors. I remembered last year being that I had to do tasks, but this year, I feel that I can do what I feel speaks to me the most. 
With the ceiling tile, I thought that this would be hard, going off that this was a large piece of board and I would have too much space to work with, but I came to an epiphany that as long as you knew that you tried your best and put your creative minds on, then space was not an issue. This happened with a lot of my artwork. About how I thought that a lot of space symbolized not enough work or energy. This was incorrect. 
I loved the pieces that Hull chose for us, because it showed dynamic in the amount of creativeness we had. We could do something that involved cutting or we could do something that involved painting. All together, you would be able to show how much you grew as an artist. I know with me, I was able to see how I could do different areas of art, as where last year, I wasn`t to good in certain sections. 

Week 10 Slideshow

For this course, my class was tasked with creating 5 core pieces of artwork. The themes of these assignments were a ceiling tile, charcoal still life, jack-o-lantern, self portrait, and painting or drawing of your choosing. Going through this project I wanted to express my emotions a little bit more and show how i feel when I'm not a around everyone else. My focus for most of these projects was to carry a message through every art piece I created. As a result of this I was able to find myself in the things I decided to create.

My favorite pieces in this collection would have to be Sleeping socialite and my Hello! X - RAY. These, though they might not seem like it, were inspired by what I actually find interesting about the world. I find it amazing how social media can enhance and discard beauty. It is a vessel that disconnects you from your surrounding but connects you to the world. In Sleeping Socialite, the girl is sleeping or closing her eyes to the world around her, pressing the dislike button on it so that she explore the world inside the internet. For Hello! X - RAY is more a piece that shows that we are all the same on the inside. Hello Kitty is an icon and seen as more important than the other characters in her line, just like how celebrities are seen as superior. I believe that no matter how different someone is, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or social status, we are all the same.

This project as a whole as given me a different outlook on my artwork. I know that I can create whatever I want and I can be confident that I will be proud my work.

Q1 Art Portfolio

As someone who seeks to find their artistic passion and means of expression, I found my work during this first quarter to be helpful in that journey. At the beginning of the quarter, I found that I'm much more comfortable drawing digitally and illustrating, which inspired my ceiling tile. My freed drawings are also digital illustrations/sketches. Toward the midpoint, I began experimenting with pencils, pens and markers on paper and trying new mediums and I did so with my jack-o-lantern. At the end, I found that I'm terrible at drawing myself and resorted to an impromptu illustrative portrait of one of my closest friends during a homework date. I have a lot to work on, but I've done a wonderful job this quarter starting to mold my path for the year.

Mp1 Art Work

For my ceiling tile I wanted to draw something that gave me a feeling of peace, thats why I chose to paint a sunflower. I think sunflowers are one of the most incredible flowers. They have so many unique qualities like growing towards the sun, and being made up of tiny flowers. When I look at a sunflower I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside and I feel at peace. 

For my drawing I made several different pieces instead of one big one. What inspired my art was my grandmother. My grandma loved to doodle and so when creating my art I didn’t make it have a common theme, instead I decided to doodle.

For my pumpkin I drew a scary looking tree. I drew a tree because my family has a tradition: we watch scary movies until halloween arrives. In every movie that we have watched there is always an ominous looking tree and thats what inspired me to draw a tree. 

I’m not very proud of my self portrait, I’ve never been able to draw people but I worked hard on it and I feel good about that. I modeled this drawing on a photo I took last year. 

Art Gallery

My inspiration of art is very unique and random at the same time. I spent a lot of time contemplating on what do draw and what medium to use. I started off with making a logo of OVO (October's Very Own - a Canadian record label founded by Drake). I've always wanted to make something related to that label and I ended up making an intriguing piece which is eye-catching and unique. My next step was to pick my drawing of my own choice. Since I'm a nature loving person I decided to do something related to animals and nature and tried to capture the essence of both of it. My third step was to make bats out of paper. My final step was to make a portrait of myself. I made it very simple, I started off with sketching and then edited my artwork on Photoshop to color it and give more details. I was expecting it to be something different. Overall I learned a lot in this quarter regarding how to manage my time,

Q1 Art Portfolio

My overall goal for each piece of artwork was to express a different part of myself to who ever views it. I wanted to portray small snapshots of my personality and dreams.

My first two pieces of art were the sketch for the ceiling tile and the final ceiling tile. Though my design for the ceiling tile changed from my sketch, the ideas and feeling in each piece are similar. The sketch depicts various treble clefs in a circle which represents the variety of music in the world and how they all relate and bring people together. The ceiling tile shows one large treble clef with various designs that to me represent the creativity and individuality that people achieve through music and the tree in the design symbolizes the liveliness and joy that it brings to people who need it.​ As for the

For my drawing, I sketched a woman and a man in an hourglass. For me, this symbolizes how important it is to have some sort of companion throughout your lifetime whether that be a partner, friend, or family member. This is an important subject to me, because one of my biggest fears is being alone or unloved. In this piece, I also tried use shading to the best of my knowledge and ability.

As for my bats, I used black, purple, and orange construction paper to make the bats. For each bat, I drew and cut out a large and small one. I tried to make the smaller ones about half the size of the larger bats. After I cut them out, I glued the smaller bats onto the larger bats in 4 different color patterns. I wanted to add color to this piece, because I noticed that my portfolio was very grey. This symbolizes my personality in the way that I seem quiet and maybe boring to most of my peers but when I become close to people they see my weird, fun, and outgoing side of myself that most people don't see

Lastly, for my self-portrait I drew a picture of myself from when I was in about 5th grade using pencil and charcoal. I chose to draw a picture of myself when I was younger to show people the importance of keeping child-like spirit and excitement through their lives. Without their inner kid, people would all be boring, strict adults because people forget to loosen up and live a little when they get caught up in the stress of daily life.

Fodie Camara Art blog

I’m in 11th grade and in the class of art. I love working on art pieces even though I’m not good at drawing. This quarter I did about 4 major projects. The first one was the ceiling tile which I drawled the NBA logo. Then, I did the three batmans. After that I did my free drawing. For my free drawing I drew a traffic light. Lastly, I did my self portrait. It took a little bit of extra time and and hard work but I think I did a great job on all of these 4 major projects in art class. I will people to know that I’m not a good drawer but I’m a hard and successful student. I don’t like negative attitudes so in all my drawing I want the people to be viewing my stuff to feel good and positive about they self.

Q1 Ten Week Art Project (Jordan Meriwether)

I wanted to try something new. In the wake of feeling powerful emotions it is best to react on them artistically, for me I had a lot of strange days some were great and others were lonely. I worked on these emotions and tried to wide them into my works to truly make something special. We instructed to draw a picture each week of this quarter, in no specific order, I chose to test myself and see how it works out. I went forward and started on a high note making the Infinity Gauntlet, which was featured in many Marvel comic books. I had a comic for reference and in my sketch came out better than I had hoped, it was very detailed though so I would need to be careful about the transfer to ceiling tile. In the transfer there was a small problem the original image was much too big for the tile, so I had to make some minor adjustments. Overall, My tile came out Clean, I feel like I was able to capture a variety of colors and give the object a bit of dimension. To complete the more open-ended task of choosing my own drawings I chose one to be and emotionally interpreted piece (dread) and the other to be a based off of a famous scene in the classic horror movie Nosferatu. Next we move on to largest of the projects the still life, it was simple yet detailed from my view, I wanted something that gave a new point of view to the idea of a still life. Then there is the Jack-O-Lantern, which I made a bold choice on; I did not color in the face. The choice was made since naturally the human eye is attracted to the White of the face giving it a bit of emphasis. The Halloween costume was simply a zombie in a tattered suit and a top hat, I think it had really gives him some character. My self-portrait is probably done less professionally since this is the first time I ever worked with chalk, it is bright and happy to emphasize the proudness of my completion of it. Overall I feel this first quarter was quite successful, I hope to try twice as hard in the next one.



Quarter #1 Artwork

Ceiling Tile
The ceiling tile was a very challenging project to work on because of the many details that were on the painting. Working with Matt in the ceiling tile, the first thing that came into our mind was to paint this piece. Cars are something that we have passion for, and that is what inspired us to paint it. At the start of it we didn't have any challenges, and everything was smooth sailing. As the process went further it became more difficult. As soon as we started to paint over our sketch, our painting became something that we didn't enjoy as much as we did in the beginning. In the end we were happy with our turnout, but we could have done much better with it. 

   Chose Your Own Drawing

As people we all have our own places or things that we like to calm down and relax, and for me nature is one of those places where I can relax while looking at nature. All people have different opinions and for me nature is not beautiful only during sunny days, but everyday not matter what the weather is. Which is why I chose to draw a forests with mountains in the background, but not in a sunny day, but a day where the weather shows rain. By adding different shading to different areas of the drawings it made it more realistic and gave a better vibe of the weather being rainy. Overall I tried to capture the beauty of nature in every type of weather.

As there are millions of ways to design a jack-o-lantern, I was looking for a design of my own. It wasn't easy to pick a design that I liked, but by looking at many different types of designs I finally decided to which one I was going to draw. As I started to draw it, I could not get the design to look like it did in my inspiration. So to complete the drawing I changed the original design to something that I would be able to draw. That lead me to the design that I have now. The shape of the pumpkin was the most difficult part, and after many tries I got what I wanted. 

Self Portrait 
This assignment was the most difficult to do, because I am not used to drawing myself or doing portrait of people. It was something really hard to decide from which angle to draw the portrait from. After many tries and a lot of thought I finally decided what angle to draw it from and what picture to use to draw my portrait. I tried to reflect on how I usually am, and how I usually act. It is open to interpretation, but I am usually happy, and there is always playing music in my head. As for my shirt that appeared in the drawing, I tried to have a blank shirt with no writing to show that I don't have much fashion taste, which is also why the lines are really sharp, and there isn't a lot of shading. 

Art 2: Quarter 1

Art 2, the second class of art offered at Science Leadership Academy is all about the deeper exploration of the different types of visual arts. This year, we started off the by getting an overview of all the pieces we were doing and all the options we had for each piece. For each piece there were three options for the workload that you wanted. They were Passive, for the student who was in the class just because, Middle for students who are interested in art but not sure if they want to pursue futures in art, and the Future Art Student which is pretty self explanatory.

The First assignment was to do either a ceiling tile painting or 5 contour line drawings. I personally chose the contour line drawings because I prefer drawing over other mediums of art. My first drawing is a contour drawing of a paintbrush. You can tell it is a contour line drawing because there is no shadow. The shadow is expressed with thicker lines which make the line drawing more dynamic. My second drawing is of a skull, the third is of a pencil on paper, the fourth is of an eraser on pencil, and the final contour line drawing is of one of my icons, Luka Sabbat. The process of the line drawing was pretty easy and I did not have any real changes to any ideas that I came up with.

The second assignment of the quarter was a free drawing assignment. This assignment allowed the student to draw or paint whatever they liked. Me, since I am personally an anime fan decided to draw one of the most famous anime characters of all time, Son Goku. This drawing was especially difficult because of the amount of shading that had to be done. Drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters are usually very detailed and I wanted to capture the detail as well, therefore this drawing took me a pretty long time due to the detail that I decided to add to it. But overall I could say that I enjoyed doing this drawing the most because I had the freedom to draw what I wanted.

The assignment after this was a Halloween based assignment. I decided to do a middle student assignment for this one which was design and create a jack-o-lantern in any medium. My jack-o-lantern is not a realistic jack-o-lantern but more of a spooky cartoon type jack-o-lantern. I chose to do this because I thought that I would enjoy the drawing process more than having to worry about getting every single detail correct if drawing realistically.

The final assignment for this quarter was a self portrait. This is really where I wanted to get creative and I took the term self portrait and twisted it... Combining my ideas with ideas of other artists whose work I enjoy. For example, my self portrait is a dark and twisted sketch of me from another fantasy type world. This sketch is heavily influenced by George Condo who is known for his creepy but beautiful portraits of strange characters. This was by far my favorite sketch to do because I was able to use ideas from famous artists and incorporate their art styles into my self portrait.

Art Blog

For my self portrait, I decided to make a cartoon like picture of me. It was hard deciding how to actually make him look tho. I wanted it to be as close to be as close to me but creative as possible.

My ceiling tile may be my favorite piece of work. We took a lot of time to paint the picture, and I think that it came out really well. It turned out to be better than I expected.

For my free drawling. I wanted to do something that was slightly challenging. I decided to try and draw my favorite basketball player (Paul George). I like that this piece is full of bright colors. 

The last piece is the thank you card for Whole Foods. We visited the store in Environmental Science and had a great time. We took pictures while we were there, and these were perfect to add to the card to remember the event. 

Waverly O'Neal's Home Network

Waverly's Home Network
My ISP(Internet Service Provider) is Verizon. In my house I have a modem/router that connects to a desktop, 2 T.V.'s, and a printer. My wi-fi connects to 4 tablets, 3 phones, and 2 laptops. During this assignment I learned all the components of a home network, such as the modem/router, Ethernet Chord and Fibre Cable, and what it really takes to give the internet connection I take for granted everyday. I think everybody should know what their home network looks like and what is connected to what-that way if something happens you don't have waste time trying to figure it out and you can get right into fixing the problem.