Home Network, Cantor

At my house, the internet connects to a fiber cable which connects to a modem router. The modem router connects to a wireless printer, a Bluetooth Speaker, 4 computers, and 4 phones. In this unit, I learned a lot about home networks and how they work. I never knew how my internet worked and now I take internet less for granted. I would tell people that instead of taking the internet for granted, see what trouble your parents do to get it and also how it works.


I have an ILP set up at chosen 300, a local homeless shelter that runs coat drives and does dinner and holiday services often. I completed hours here in middle school for my community service and felt it would be a good community involvement to continue. I have yet to have the Head of the organization, a priest at a local church email SLA yet but I will get on that as soon as possible.

I do not have a ILP

I currently do not have an ILP. I have been waiting on an email back from 3 different businesses. I asked Jeremy for some help but he hasn't got back to me. I have talked to Jeremy and called different places and visited 3 day cares. I have plans on getting an ILP i will email Jeremy again and I will look into other businesses and see if they have any opens. 

I have an Ilp

Ilp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far. I enjoy not listening to the teachers I can do what I want... kinda. 


For My ILP I am working for a company that creates HFORD's (Handheld Fiber Optic Response Devices)for MRI scanners and researchers. I have part-timed with them over the summer, and they invited me back for my ILP. So far I have been there twice, for roughly 3 1/2 hours each time. I continued working with things I did over the summer and have also been able to use machinery that forms the products. It gives you a different point of view to put together a motherboard that will be used in a device later on. This will definitely be a great experience.


I am enjoying my ILP a great deal because it has allowed me to expand my knowledge on technology, whilst working with technology. Since the church has put me on Tech Support I have been able to have everything run smoothly. I am looking forward to learning even more about technology by learning how to operate the translators as well. The only thing that I find very important is how the church has started to rely on me greatly in terms of managing the technology.


for my ILP I am going to a program called The Hacktory, my first time there went extremely well. I am definitely looking forward to creating my own art-based science projects and making the myself with the help of my mentor Max. So far Max and I discussed what goes on at The Hacktory and all of the options that I have there. The Hacktory is a very chill environment and I'm super excited to start working with science and engineering tools to make art. 

Veterinarian ILP - MEOW!

kali cat2
kali cat2
At my ILP in the cat hospital I have worked on October 3rd, 7th, and the 10th. In total I had 16 hours. Everything went well, honestly. I was welcomed with open arms by Ms. Aimee Simpson (the medical director/vet), the other doctors and vet techs. They tell me exactly what they're doing during procedures, the certain symptoms of illnesses; I also learned how to put vaccinations into the syringes. I am looking forward to learning more medical conditions, learning techniques on medical procedures. I would like to know more medical conditions, and learn the names of different medical instruments. One of the things that I found exciting was observing a spaying. I didn't know fixing animals looked like that. I am proud that I have gotten in the hospital by myself. I believe it will be a fruitful experience for me and will be one of the many stepping stones until I meet my ultimate goal.


My ILP is organizing reciepts for my Dad's company(Lazorko Electric)
Since I have just started, I have to say that I'm learning about what my dad really does when he is working. I plan on getting the experience to be in the shoes as a electrical contractor.  Overall, I'm enjoying it so far!


My ILP is at Central Free Library which is right around the corner from school. I have met a lot of interestign people and helped with various activities. One event that I remember was help setting up Poetry Slam that was held there but was told that a poster that we worked for an hour on was not able tot be used. Luckily we found a loophole. What I think is important about this job is going around the library and making it a place where kids would want to hang out.


For my ILP, I go to Bridesburg boys and girls club. It is a day-care that I used to go to as a kid and now I am a volunteer. I pretty much watch kids, help them with homework, help out the actual counselors, and help clean up. Every week I go, I forget their names but by the end of the day I recognize everyone and they remember me. It's like making new friends every Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the end of the year to where I can see all of the younger kids I take care of get to grow and learn more because now they're in kindergarten. I think the fact that I actually know the kids and they know me is important so my time won't be bad and I won't have to make their time bad because they're kids and they just want to have fun.

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I am volunteering at my previous school Kearny Elementary/Middle School located on 6th and Fairmount. So far I have went there two times and things have been going great. Its nice to see some of my old teachers and principle and help my previous school's community out the best way I can. I am looking forward to helping Kearny's basketball team and other athletics programs involving the students. Maybe an assistant coach spot, which I have hands on experience with by previously having this job with my basketball unit outside of school. One thing that stood out to me while volunteering for these 2 days, was how much my school has changed since I left. With most of the teachers leaving and Kearny having to replace them with new ones, a lot has changed, but I'm prepared to adapt all over again during my time there for ILP. I feel its important for me to come every Wednesday and have fun doing my time with the school I attended as a young boy to a young adult! 


This past Wednesday, 10/14, was my first day at my ILP and I really learned a lot in the short time that I was there. My ILP is at the VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia, working with my host Dr. Aimee Simpson. Since last week was my first time there, Dr. Simpson had a college student that was also interning give me tour around the hospital and I got to meet a lot of the people that worked there. I’m looking forward to going back and learning more about what they do there, like with the dentistry. Something that stands out to me is how the cats acted around me and in certain environments, like the boarding room and when they are getting ready for surgery. Besides that, everyone there is really nice and the cats that I’ve met so far are just as sweet. I can’t wait to go back and learn about what vets do so that I can become one later in life.


My internship is at the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC).  ARC is an agency that helps parents who have had their children removed from their home for various reasons by DHS, to get reunited.  They have a number of services that are aimed a helping parents to get reunified with their children.  In my Internship, I am part of the administrative team.  I help out by answering the phones, filing out paper work, and entering data into the ARC database.  My daily assignments will be given to me by Ms. Renea Lawrence, the Office Manager. So far, I am enjoying what I do and I feel very comfortable in my environment. I'm hoping to have a great time interning there and having experience in the business world in the months to come.


My ILP situation is a little bit weird. I had not start it yet, but I already have one. 
Just like Luis, I also applied for the ACE Mentor Program. It's for Engineering, construction and architecture. Which is what I am interested at. 
Jeremy sent me the link to the website, so I can sign up. I did, and got a replied and welcoming email from the manager. And the program will start at mid November. 
I am excited!!!!

Filmography Internship

Filmography internship with Judith Redding - Dates and times: 09/15/2015 from 1 PM to 3:30 PM, 09/25/2015 from 1 PM to 3 PM, 10/03/2015 from 2 PM to 4 PM, and 10/11/2015 from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. TOTAL LOGGED HOURS: 8.

What went well?: What went well in my ILP with Judith is the fact that she has given me so many tools to succeed in my filming and editing process. She gave me a video camera, a book on camera shots, an iMovie manual, and some other odds and ends- for example, a list of films I should watch. Something also incredibly helpful is that she always explains to me how things would be in the real world of filming, or tips for scenarios I might be in or forms I might need to fill out. She has helped me both with my video editing, and how to include audio and music legally in my videos, with the proper copyrights.

What are you looking forward to?: I am looking very forward to when I have edited all of my footage and I can show Judith. I only have snippets so far, but it is great discussing how I might achieve my next scenes or edit the footage to tell a certain story. iMovie gave me trouble at first, but then I figured it out and I am really looking forward to spending a ton of time turning all of my random clips into beautiful art. I also look forward to my meetings with Judith every week (obviously) because she is really cool and the best ILP host EVER! She is so knowledgeable and her work is amazing.

What stands out that has happened so far?: What stands out to me that has happened so far is how practical my ILP is. When Judith first brought me the video camera I am using, we went through the whole thing like I would if I were renting one in real life. She had a mock form for me to fill out and everything. She also emailed me permission forms some film contests require for the people you may happen to have in your videos. What also really stood out to me is how she asks me challenging questions like how can I do a scene if I don't have access to this or that or I can't shoot in a particular place. I have learned some very helpful tips that way! And lots about my video camera, too- like white balance and the other settings on the camera.

What you think is important: I think it is very important to recognize the fact that Judith is only a filmographer, not an educator, but that she has given me so many resources and taught me so well already. Taking time out of her schedule each week, she always brings papers for me or lesson plans she has created to ease me along the filmmaking process. And, whenever she has shoots I am allowed to come, too! All around, I am just so appreciative and lucky to get an ILP that will really help me advance in my film career and my skill, too.

Wellner- ILP Checki-in (10/14/15)

​Wednesday, October 14th, was my third day at my ILP at the Center City branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. My first day was a simple introductory day where we learned what we would be doing at this ILP, which was recording and documentation of different parts and events related to the library. The second day, 10/7/15, myself and Tito, who is working on the same project as me, began work on our first documentary, a short 3-4 minute piece on the restoration of the paintings in the children's department. So far, I think this is going to be a very good ILP, because it focuses on video and editing, something that I'm interested in learning about. I'm looking forward to working with other people at the library 

Samuel Dennis: ILP w/ Technical.ly Philly.

I recently landed an ILP with Technical.ly Philly, a news source website that connect other organizations and companies by writing different stories about them. My mentor, Juliana Reyes, has been guiding me since I started 4 weeks ago. Reyes is a committed writer to Technical.ly, and writes for multiple media sources. It has been a blast, and Technical.ly is moving to another location soon. With one story published already on their website, I am looking forward to publishing even more, and becoming a skilled writer along with everyone else I work with. With Technical.ly, I will be able to understand more about rh Philadelphia tech community, and I'll be able to change in ways that will benefit my writing and social skills.

Home Network - Ameer Johnson

My home network is composed of a Verizon FIOS router that is connected through a coax cable from the bottom of my living room floor. That router connects wirelessly to every device in my house. I have 2 smart phones, 2 game consoles, one handheld, a printer, and 2 laptops that connect to my router. I learned a lot of stuff about the internet and home network. One of the biggest things I learned is what the difference between a router, a modem, and a modem-router was. Prior to this, I had no idea that they were different things. If I had to tell someone something about their ISP/Home network, I would tell that person that everything you do on the internet is tracked and so technically, you don't have any privacy online.

Home Network, Long

This is my L.A.N internet diagram. It begins with the modem being set upstairs. The modem/router has a coax cable since my provider is Comcast. The modem/router allows things to be connect by wire or wireless. Then the modem/router is connected to a smart TV. As well as my other devices which are a wireless printer, 2 ipads and 3 iphones and 4 laptops. I already knew some things about the internet and my modem/router. But I never knew anything about it in full detail. I learned that the wire connected in my modem/router is a coax cable and that different service providers use different cables. I don't really know what I would tell other people about having a home network, maybe that nothing is actually on the internet. 

Home Network, Hughes

  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

Home Network Murray

  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.                                           My L.A.N is Comcast - I have # laptops, Four phones, two ipads ,two smart tv's , and an alarm system.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.                                                                                                 I had an OMG moment when I had found out about how packets are sent from a building to my device so I can get on the website or download something.    
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?                                   I would tell them to be very careful about the sites they go on and what they download or upload because you can get into a lot of trouble. The reason why is because nothing is safe everything is public when you search or download something.