Home Network: Christina Santana

This unit expanded my interest on learning more about computers, their networks, and how they work. My Internet Service provider is Comcast. That I believe is the beginning of my network. My network includes a modem that is connected to my computer by an Ethernet cord. This Ethernet cord connects to a modem. Connected to the internet off of that modem are 3 IPhones, 2 Kindles, 1 computer, 1 wireless printer, 1 laptop, and 1 user. Which is me. In this class I learned that the world wide web and the internet were two different things. I also learned how to represent my internet router in a chart. I would tell other people to make their own homework because it is interesting to see how it looks in a 3D diagram.

Home Network, Ashley De La Cruz

My internet service provider is Verizon. My internet is connected to my modem/router by a fiber cable. The modem/router then sends off wifi signals to my SLA laptop and my iPhone. The modem/router also sends off wifi signals to our laptop, my sister's iPhone, my mom's iPhone, and my dad's iPhone. I learned that different internet service providers have different cables. I learned that when we search up something online, it goes through multiple steps, so depending on our internet, the search may come faster or slower. I also learned that I have a 2-in-1 device, because my modem and router are 1 device. I would tell other people to be cautious of copyright and what they're looking up because even though you may think you're not doing anything wrong, it could come back to get you. 

Jowon's Home Network

All the devices connected to my internet is my phone, parents' phone, computer, and two laptops. I didn't know about the modem and router I thought we just had extra things for our computer to go fast so now I know the different and it's important to have them. I would tell other people that they need to know the difference between the modem, router and the wires importance just if they want to remove some things from their computer.

Home network, Hood

Julia Hood Blue Stream

1. There are many devices on my home network. There are three cell phones, three kindles, three computers, and one printer that are all wireless and a house phone that is wired.
2.I learned a lot about networks, before this I knew nothing about my home network and now I feel like I know a good amount. I did have an OMG moment, my OMG moment was when I realized that the internet has a lot more to it than I thought it did. I knew there was a lot to the internet but not that much.
3.I would tell people that they should research their isp and home network before they get it. Also I would tell them to teach the other people on their home network about it so that they all know how it works and they don't take it for granted like I used to.

My Home Network, Suluki-Bey

My home network is different from others because all my family  members use wifi. We don't have a router with Verizon. My LAN has lots of devices. It includes 9 phones, two computers, xbox and wii. I learned a lot about how the internet was created. I learned a lot about closed and open networks. Closed networks are what we still use today although it is getting closer everyday to an open network. I know that every network is different, but the process is the same because each company has there own signature processor with the internet. 

Home Network, Petroski

This is my home network. At my house, the internet connects to the modem router through a Fiber Cable. We have three laptops, three phones, two 3Ds's, and an Xbox connected through Wi-Fi. In this unit, I learned how networks work, such as how Wi-Fi comes into my house, how URLs are sent between websites, and so on. I would tell people that they should be grateful they even have internet and to learn how it works so if something goes wrong, they can fix it.

Home Network, Rogers

My internet service provider is Verizon. My ethernet is attached to a switch on my wall. My ethernet is attached to the modem router. My modem is attached to my Wifi block(verizon Fios). My wifi is connected to three I Phones, two I Pads, Two Kindles, and a Chrome Book and an Apple Computer. I learned a lot about my internet that I didn't know before I looked into it more. I learned how everything is connected and how it works even though there is usually no wire connecting to the devices. I learned more about how a fire wall works and how messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc go through the process of reaching one device to another. I would tell other people how complicated the process is in order for a single text message to go to one device to another. 

Home Network, Becca Snyder

In this unit I learned a lot about my home network and how networks work. My network includes a motem that connects to a wifi router with an ethernet cable. Off of that router there is an internet music player connected by a cable and through wifi there are 4 phones, 4 laptops, 2 ipads, 2 tablets, and a wifi extender. There is also a switch connected to the router which extends internet to an xbox, a desktop computer, and another wifi router for my dads office with a separate firewall. The switch also connects to another wifi router which connects to a printer connected through wifi. I learned a lot about how different things can connect and not connect. I learned about how a motem and wifi come into play for providing internet and wifi to a house. I would tell people that you can connect devices to a router either by using the wifi connection or through an ethernet or fiber cable. 

My Home Network, David

This is my home network. Since my ISP is Verizon, my internet goes through a fiber cable to my modem/router. Through Wi-fi my internet goes to five computers, three tablets, a printer, a smart phone, and a Wii. That is my home network. I learned that there were so many things that had to happen before that page you clicked on could be revealed to your sight. The OMG moment was when we watched that corny video on the internet process. I would tell people that there is so much behind the scenes action to what happens when someone serfs the internet. To really understand the internet, you have to understand all that behind the scenes action first. 
My Home Network (2)

Home Network, Cantor

At my house, the internet connects to a fiber cable which connects to a modem router. The modem router connects to a wireless printer, a Bluetooth Speaker, 4 computers, and 4 phones. In this unit, I learned a lot about home networks and how they work. I never knew how my internet worked and now I take internet less for granted. I would tell people that instead of taking the internet for granted, see what trouble your parents do to get it and also how it works.


I have an ILP set up at chosen 300, a local homeless shelter that runs coat drives and does dinner and holiday services often. I completed hours here in middle school for my community service and felt it would be a good community involvement to continue. I have yet to have the Head of the organization, a priest at a local church email SLA yet but I will get on that as soon as possible.

I do not have a ILP

I currently do not have an ILP. I have been waiting on an email back from 3 different businesses. I asked Jeremy for some help but he hasn't got back to me. I have talked to Jeremy and called different places and visited 3 day cares. I have plans on getting an ILP i will email Jeremy again and I will look into other businesses and see if they have any opens. 

I have an Ilp

Ilp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far. I enjoy not listening to the teachers I can do what I want... kinda. 


For My ILP I am working for a company that creates HFORD's (Handheld Fiber Optic Response Devices)for MRI scanners and researchers. I have part-timed with them over the summer, and they invited me back for my ILP. So far I have been there twice, for roughly 3 1/2 hours each time. I continued working with things I did over the summer and have also been able to use machinery that forms the products. It gives you a different point of view to put together a motherboard that will be used in a device later on. This will definitely be a great experience.


I am enjoying my ILP a great deal because it has allowed me to expand my knowledge on technology, whilst working with technology. Since the church has put me on Tech Support I have been able to have everything run smoothly. I am looking forward to learning even more about technology by learning how to operate the translators as well. The only thing that I find very important is how the church has started to rely on me greatly in terms of managing the technology.


for my ILP I am going to a program called The Hacktory, my first time there went extremely well. I am definitely looking forward to creating my own art-based science projects and making the myself with the help of my mentor Max. So far Max and I discussed what goes on at The Hacktory and all of the options that I have there. The Hacktory is a very chill environment and I'm super excited to start working with science and engineering tools to make art. 

Veterinarian ILP - MEOW!

kali cat2
kali cat2
At my ILP in the cat hospital I have worked on October 3rd, 7th, and the 10th. In total I had 16 hours. Everything went well, honestly. I was welcomed with open arms by Ms. Aimee Simpson (the medical director/vet), the other doctors and vet techs. They tell me exactly what they're doing during procedures, the certain symptoms of illnesses; I also learned how to put vaccinations into the syringes. I am looking forward to learning more medical conditions, learning techniques on medical procedures. I would like to know more medical conditions, and learn the names of different medical instruments. One of the things that I found exciting was observing a spaying. I didn't know fixing animals looked like that. I am proud that I have gotten in the hospital by myself. I believe it will be a fruitful experience for me and will be one of the many stepping stones until I meet my ultimate goal.


My ILP is organizing reciepts for my Dad's company(Lazorko Electric)
Since I have just started, I have to say that I'm learning about what my dad really does when he is working. I plan on getting the experience to be in the shoes as a electrical contractor.  Overall, I'm enjoying it so far!


My ILP is at Central Free Library which is right around the corner from school. I have met a lot of interestign people and helped with various activities. One event that I remember was help setting up Poetry Slam that was held there but was told that a poster that we worked for an hour on was not able tot be used. Luckily we found a loophole. What I think is important about this job is going around the library and making it a place where kids would want to hang out.


For my ILP, I go to Bridesburg boys and girls club. It is a day-care that I used to go to as a kid and now I am a volunteer. I pretty much watch kids, help them with homework, help out the actual counselors, and help clean up. Every week I go, I forget their names but by the end of the day I recognize everyone and they remember me. It's like making new friends every Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the end of the year to where I can see all of the younger kids I take care of get to grow and learn more because now they're in kindergarten. I think the fact that I actually know the kids and they know me is important so my time won't be bad and I won't have to make their time bad because they're kids and they just want to have fun.

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I am volunteering at my previous school Kearny Elementary/Middle School located on 6th and Fairmount. So far I have went there two times and things have been going great. Its nice to see some of my old teachers and principle and help my previous school's community out the best way I can. I am looking forward to helping Kearny's basketball team and other athletics programs involving the students. Maybe an assistant coach spot, which I have hands on experience with by previously having this job with my basketball unit outside of school. One thing that stood out to me while volunteering for these 2 days, was how much my school has changed since I left. With most of the teachers leaving and Kearny having to replace them with new ones, a lot has changed, but I'm prepared to adapt all over again during my time there for ILP. I feel its important for me to come every Wednesday and have fun doing my time with the school I attended as a young boy to a young adult!