Observations about end of Lotf

​1) As the conch shattered so did civilization.
2) Jack was willing to do anything to be the leader, even kill people.

3) Deep down, they all really cared about Piggy.
4) The fire that was meant to kill Ralph actually saved him.
5) Reality hit Jack, because in reality they're all just kids.
6) Ralph calls Jack the beastie.
7) Percival can't even say his full name by the end of the book.

write poem Journal entry

i wish we could go to a park and sit back to back

and talk until the stars go away

because when I look at you

my voice shakes, my knees grow weak

im not exactly sure what to say

when im distracted by your eyes, and smile

like a tidal wave that washes away the foundations of a

barley built sandcastle for

i am a child of the ocean and the land is my second home

but darling everything is simpler than it looks

like how you have the best music taste by far

or the fact you don’t see how breathtaking you really are

i can't quite put a finger on it so please 

don't make me find words that fit

no combination of 26 letters could do it 

History Journal 9/12/12

What is the best way to adress global inequality?

The best way to adress global inequality is to give every race the same oppurtunity and pay. Another way is to not judge people by their religion, or their beliefs, because they could be jsut like you, but just a different religion. Also, places that are over populated should have more that what places that ae less populated have.

I wish I could...

I wish I could be rowing right now...
I wish I could change the world, travel everywhere,be exceptional, witness a miracle.
I wish I could be someone's hero, save a life.
I wish I could experience every single emotion a person can feel.
I wish I could stop being heartless, and emotionless.
I wish I could go back and say things I never did, like goodbye.
I wish I could trust people, and let them in.
I wish I could get rid of my walls, see an alien, hear the beautiful mlodic hymn of the ocean never stopping to kiss the shore no matter how many times it goes away.
I wish I could be in the olympics, or be good enough in Crew to pursure it in life.
I wish I could have a groovy car.
I wish I could change people's perspective to see the good in the world, and how much precious life is.
I wish I could stop saying bullshit like that, because to some people life has only been bad to them.
I wish I could have an epic water gun fight. 

Jordan McLaughlin Capstone Project

This project was a blog which explored the in and outs of a massive multiplayer online game called World of Warcraft. The reason that this topic of study was chosen is because the major I will be studying in college is computer science, with a concentration in game development. I think this project was a good idea because it helps me understand what the developers do, and the numbers behind the decisions that are made. In these blog posts I also talked about other things more related to the game in general and not so much calculations. There were a few struggles that I had while completing this project, some of which include not having anything to calculate thus leading to non-quantitative work. These articles also made me understand the decisions that developers have made. For example talking about the differences be 10 and 25 man have made me come to the realization about how sometimes you try to make things the same but it naturally can’t be, this doesn’t just apply to programming, but applications of real life has affects on the game itself.

Amy Chen's Portfolio

​English Journal #28

Poetry is a poem where you express your emotion. It is written in figure language. It expresses emotions and feeling through figure language and written in any style that begins out the purpose. 

- Emotions/Idea
- personal 
- action/ work 
- Rhythm

Journal # 38 
 Never shall I forget....
Never shall I forget the first kiss you stole from me. 
Never shall I forget the lies you told to me.
Never shall I forget the meaning toward life.
Never shall I forget the big giants hands and warmth in your body that help me sleep at night. 
Never shall I forget on how it felt like to be happy, sad, betrayed, mad and angry. 
Never shall I forget the tiny words I use to scribble on my paper. 

​English Journal #15

In your life, what are the compromises you are willing to make? What are the dreams or beliefs that you will never give up?

My compromises are taking risk by challenging myself and helping people who need help. I care for my friends so they can have a better life. I think about my life, but I also want to help my friends. I would also try to chamllenge my education by working on my homework and organize my work for different subjects. I am willing to move on from the past because everytime when I think about my problems, I always stress about it. My dream is to have a better life so I can have a occupation to help my family. i want my self to succeed in college and never give up. I can see that I will stress out, but its worth it. 

Janie's struggle

: Grandma's death
: Family Members
: Husband Logan
: Wash his feet/male's job
: Marrying Joe (Jodie)
: Racist during childhood
: Making own decisions 
: No resources
: Love

Justin Pullins Capstone

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.08.08 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.08.08 PM

From a very young age, I became greatly aware of the power of great storytelling, and how it can truly resonate with me. As a person who considers his true passion to lie within the arts, I grew up with an amazing fascination for film, television, theatre, and music. However, age has taught me that the true reason for this fervid, passionate interest was because of the core element and common thread that unites all works of art: the story. All of these early experiences have taught me the power of the story, and have instill upon me the passion for creating and writing works that hold great power. I believe that a story can truly change the world.

One of the most durable and impactful mediums in which to express and tell a great story is the theatre. The incredible connection that can be made through live interactions is astounding. Ultimately, it is the staging not just of a show, but of an event.

For my Capstone, I decided to write a play, harnessing the ever-changing ideologies and beliefs of my mind. The play, entitled Prophesy Landing, is the story of a dystopic, anarchist, decentralized world set many years in the future. Due to the ever increasing influence of humans doing "unnatural" things, a great event has happened, causing the world to be unable to support the modern way of life. In this new world, our characters are only regulated to acts that are deemed "natural", as not to disrupt the earth again. Ultimately, they must question their own natural moralities and understand what "normal" truly is.


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For my capstone project, I decided to create individual makeup styles/looks that were inspired by different things in the everyday world that stood out to me. These inspirations range from the beautiful colors in the skyline, different types of fashion trends and stereotypes, movies and even just things that happened to catch my eye as i walked down the street. As an aspiring makeup artist, I love mixing it up and creating new funky looks, why not use the array of things we see around us everyday for that inspiration? 

Imani Johnson Capstone

Advisor: Zoe Siswick

Mentor: Susan Butterwick

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There are many questions that people have because not many know about rowing. To help increase the knowledge of rowing and the struggle of being an African-American, female rower, I’ve created a blog. This blog answers general questions non-rowers have, it shares my own personal thoughts on rowing, my growth with rowing, and more. Creating this blog has helped me think back to how I’ve grown as a person thanks to SLA and rowing for providing me a supportive environment and learning what it means to be responsible and have dedication with a positive attitude. My research for this project begun the second I joined PCR back in 2010. I knew nothing about rowing when I first joined and it’s literally taken me 3 years to completely understand rowing. 


1. Kitch, Bryan. "Rowing Related." Rowing Related. Bryan Kitch, 2010. Web. 31 May 2013.

This is a blog that comments on huge rowing events  such as the IRA National Championship Regatta and Dad Vails. Going through this blog helped showed me what is going on in the rowing community outside of PCR's bubble. This also gave me a general idea of what a rowing blog should look like.

2. "Rowing Journal." Rowing Journal. N.p., 2013. Web. 31 May 2013.

3. ScullerX. "The CrossFit Rowing Blog." The CrossFit Rowing Blog. N.p., 24 Feb. 2010. Web. 31 May 2013.

This blog is very similar to my own. However, this one touches more on the actual workouts ScullerX does. This blog encourages me to add video and pictures rather than just words on my own blog. This also showed me how I should type my blog post. Like how to phrase different things.

4. Fay, Devin. "The Bates Rower." The Bates Rower. N.p., 18 May 2009. Web. 31 May 2013.

This is another blog used to influence how I phrase different things in my blog. This blog was a little different than the other blogs I looked at because it allowed a couple of people to post on the blog. So the wording changed between different blog posts. This blog also includes the race results from the regattas Bates competed at. It was interesting because my coach rowed for Bates.


5. "Philadelphia City Rowing." Philadelphia City Rowing. Philadelphia City Rowing, 2011. Web. 31 May 2013.

This is the website for my team. I took some information about PCR from this website whenever I found it hard to explain a certain thing.

6. Peters, Libby. PCR First Season. 2010. video. Youtube, Philadelphia. Web. 31 May 2013. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3O4Og6yla8>.

This video was created by my original coach when PCR first begun. I remember watching this video when it first came out and getting excited by seeing the results from my first year of rowing. This video also makes me happy because I find it inspirational that we've come so far in the past 3 years.

7. Philadelphia City Rowing- Fall 2011. 2011. video. Youtube, Philadelphia. Web. 31 May 2013. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJDXhf3aMek>.

This video was created by the girls novice coach, Annie, last year. 

8. Slack, Peter. Philadelphia City Rowing (short).mov. 2012. video. Youtube, Philadelphia. Web. 31 May 2013. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2baUhyG2UqU>.

I remember when this video was created because it was the first time an outside person actually wanted to make a video about us. This was used with a goPro and it only films the boys.

9. "Rowing Terminology." T.C William High School Crew. Alexandria Crew Boosters Club, Inc., 2007. Web. 31 May 2013.

Non-rowers always have questions about rowing terminology because I agree that rowing gets pretty complicated. It was difficult to define each term in my own words without being confusing. 

Canvas Scene/Drawing

      ​I chose to build this drawing because it seems very unique. It is similar to a scenery rather than a drawing. It was a drawing at first but then I played with the codes a little. Then it turns out to be a sunset-like scenery. In modifying this code, I used my knowledge from building the HTML codes. HTML coding and the canvas is almost similar but different functions. The section of the canvas code that I would like to point out is modifying the speed of the circle. It is followed by the following code, c.fillStyle = "white"; / c.beginPath (); / c.arc(posX, posY, 340, 90, 0, TWO_PI, false); / c.fill(); / }, 30); This part of the code modifies the speed and the flowing direction of the circle. The X and Y position modifying the direction and the 30 represents the speed. The lesser the value is, the faster it goes.

Canvas drawing/scene --> http://knguyen.rockethacker.com/index.html

Maggie Long Capstone


This project was inspired by my love for bikes. Biking as a youth helps provide a safe, fun, and relatively cheap ways of venting and getting around your city! Initially, I wanted to make a club in SLA where kids can come to learn about bikes and possibly even help build one! After realizing the cost and equipment we would need, I had to figure out another way I could promote biking. When a freshmen told me about the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, I just had to learn more. A week later it was my new plan to enter the club into the derby and figure out what we would create on our bikes. This process taught me a lot about leadership and how important it is to lead by example and provide direction for the group. I learned this the hard way in many cases. I forgot that any participant 17 or younger would need a parent or guardian. After I realized, it was already too late to get the signature and mail in the form. That is when I got motivated to bring the competition to SLA. By hosting SLA Bike Week, it encouraged kids to safely ride to school instead of taking public transportation or getting a ride by car. This sets a positive tone on exercise and well being.  

Annotated Bibliography:


Process Paper:


Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.58.08 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.58.08 PM