Q2 Art Work - Ilker Erkut

In Quarter 2 I was pushed more to my artistic limits.  This quarter was very successful because I put more time into everything that I completed.  They are all very unique.  I plan to continue drawing and see the amazing things I can produce with more time and effort.  

In the Collage I used a picture of myself from years ago and made a college out of it.  I used materials from trash that I was currently using and I thought it was a master piece because of how unique it was.  The fabric was an interesting task.  It pushed my limits of a drawer significantly because I chose not to trace.  I wanted to challenge myself.  I think considering I did not trace it is very good but I have to work on my shading.  The photo editing was by far my favorite because I find that I am most creative when editing photos.  That was a photo I took in New York City.  Originally it was quite boring with a nice view.  But with a new filter, a lot of saturation and more I was able to make it almost look like it was stitched or colored in.  The illustration was very difficult because my drawing abilities are not good enough to really draw anything other than very specific objects.  I also am not very good at drawing people.  But the message behind the drawing that connected with the quote is very nice.  I enjoyed this quarter and cannot wait to do it next quarter as well.  

Slide 3

For this slide i removed the guitar because it was bleeding out too much, and at an awkward upside down angle that distracts the viewer. I moved biggie's head image so that his head was not bleeding off the page and that his body was not blending with my name, the center attraction of the page. 
Untitled presentation
Untitled presentation

McCarthy Unabridged 'The Road,' Page 151

This is my interpretation of what might've been cut from Cormac McCarthy's The Road before the final edition of the novel was printed. 

He reached over to make sure the boy was still breathing, as he could only find reassurance in the gentle rise and fall of his chest. He counted each, as if it were the last thing he could do. His own were far too staggered, too protean, as the last phrase he uttered rang out in his mind.

What else could he possibly manage to lose? What else was worth losing in this world?

He had a purpose. To protect the only thing that held purpose to him. His own flesh and blood. But in the end, would it matter?

In that moment it happened, thoughts colliding too quickly, much like the rise and fall of his own breathing. He couldn’t keep doing this on his own. He was only one man. And he’d lost everything. She was gone. He was drifting away from the boy. His mind was losing him. And he couldn't take it anymore.

He couldn’t always keep looking over his shoulder. He couldn’t keep him safe, because he himself, wasn’t safe. There were dangers around every corner, but the biggest threat was his mind.  Maybe he should’ve taken his life right then and there. Let his son carry the fire. Things were too much and he was tired. He couldn’t always be the one looking out for everyone.

Looking down at the boy sleeping beside him, he felt himself tense.

I'm sorry I cant do more.  I know I'm not the best but I'm trying.


Below is the rationale to explain the choices I made for this project.

The Man is a very complex character. We don’t get to see how he’s thinking and feeling, considering the fact that he’s always focused on survival, and the safety of his son. There’s no time for him to think, because, in reality, there’s only one driving force in this world, being survival, and moving on, even if it seems impossible.

The connection to the plot comes in the form of foreshadowing. The man knows that without his help, he and his son will eventually die. The growing problem for him is being unable to predict what might happen next, because of how impossible it is to come to the next point. He’s scared, and he has no way of showing that, because he has to be the adult. The cycle continues, and the Man’s caught up between keeping himself and his son safe, while at the same time, trying to keep his sanity.

This follows through with the theme of survival. What sets apart the line between living and surviving? Should one’s mentality be a correct guideline? The easy answer depends on the person, but in this case, the Man’s physical survival literally meant the difference between life and death, which is why, in moments such as the one written, are hidden from the Boy. He can’t know that the world is finally breaking his father down. His father has to be strong and power, just as he sees it, regardless of the price it has.

Interestingly enough, the Man’s thoughts are constantly contained, and even the smaller bits we hear from his perspective, are very one-dimensional. His experiences have shown a very darker past than what meets the eye, and as he internalizes it, it makes the reader question what his actual motives are in this world, aside from the overall goal of making it out alive. The Man’s life is already challenging, we see this throughout the novel and through the choices he has to make, however, does he ever stop and try reflecting on what he’s done to bring him to certain points in his life? The Man is very complex, even at his highest points. That, however, doesn’t make him completely indestructible.

A Jeweler Sees Internet's Many Facets

​What is happening to small traditional businesses because of online shopping? Is there any way in which these businesses benefit from the internet? My radio piece is meant to portray how online shopping and the internet as a whole impacts small businesses. I wanted to display how the convenience of something as common as online shopping can effect our community in ways we may not think of. I attempt to show this through an interview with a local jeweler. My original goal was to emphasize the significance of being an aware and informed consumer, but I ended up focusing on an individual's narrative. Even though the topic of my radio piece is not as broad as I intended it to be in the beginning of the project, it is equally relevant to our everyday lives.

Click here to listen!

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road Page 189

Below you will find a passage that I imagine was cut from McCarthy's original manuscript. But first please enjoy some photography inspired by the book.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.45.59 AM
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.45.59 AM
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.45.29 AM
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.45.29 AM
The man woke up to a still sky. The world around him was silent except for the movement of the boy’s breath next to him. The night around him was lighter than usual, there must be a full moon in under the thick grey clouds. The mans dream had been of a day that was hidden to him behind veils of time. He stared up at the silhouettes of barren trees, unglued by the knowledge his own mind had buried from himself. Once, long ago, he had been taught where the evil in the world was. The serpents that could crawl under one's skin, the devils that sat atop shoulders waiting to steer the right hand wrong,  and the demonic monsters that stood by in darkness to climb into the chest of even the purist sleeper, had been pointed out to him by soft wrinkled hands so that he would recognize them and know to avoid their will to harm him. Now, under the black veins that climbed towards the glowing grey sky, he could see that the bad in this world had no vessel. It never had. Evil was in the air around them, and could not be separated and done away with. The only use it had was when it manifested in his dreams, to remind him he must wake up.

The explanation for the choices I made in writing this passage are located below.

My choice of location for my passage was what most influenced what I did. I put my passage in the middle of page 189, because it comes directly after a passage that was the most meaningful to me from the whole book. The idea from that passage that impacted me was that we as people act as if things are evil, when they in no way are, because we want a way to fight against the bad in our world. I wanted to explore the man having this realization after having that memory as a dream. I also wanted to connect my passage to the passage that comes after it, which is about how bad dreams are good for the man and boy, because they allow them to keep fighting. As a result, the man realizes the evil in his world is the environment, it is what him and the boy are fighting to survive. But in a small way, it helps them to keep fighting, because they have bad dreams. The motif for this passage is dreams, because it is both a reflection on a dream, and a foreshadow to the next passage which also talks about dreams. This passage is also meant to further the plot by foreshadowing the passage that comes next where the man and boy talk about dreams, and how having bad ones are important to survive. It is also supposed to reveal more about the man's past, who he was, and how he has changed. My theme and essential question for this piece are closely linked and both deal with evil. The line between good and evil (my theme) is clear cut in some ways for the man and boy. They do not steal or eat other people, so they are good. But if evil has no real place, if it is constantly around them, then how do the man and boy stay good, when they can see nothing but bad? This leads into my essential question, where does evil come from? We see in his memory that the man once thought evil came from creatures that tried to overpower him and make do bad things. But he realizes this is not true. So then where is the origin of evil, and how did it take over the world that the man and boy struggle through? I don’t have the answer to these questions, but I wanted to focus on them for my passage because McCarthy had made me wonder about them, and I am using what I have written to further my own exploration.

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, Page 260

The passage below is something I believe should have been written in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road before the final edition was released.

•          •          •

The creature was watching their every move. A fearsome creature, from the certainty of there being that which was unknown. The cave was was dark. They could feel the very cold death creeping upon them. The black moonlight shined inward through a thick blanket of snow, slowly covering the entrance of the cave to the brim. The boy pulled the blankets over him. The man lie there, being the creature, and he was carrying the fire. The fire was the breath of the creature and it was a monochromatic grey, dying breath. A blanket of ice covered the cave. The breath was the only heat source for the creature and the boy and without it the boy would freeze. As the breath slowly withered away the creature’s heart beat slower and slower. A pitch black silence began to fill the room. The creature was dead. The boy held the creature in his arms and sat there crying for a long time. It was cold and dark. It was bright. A light shined from roof of the cave. Some misshapen creature, slimy, slick, uncertain fell through. It resembled the previous creature. It’s breath was fire and the fire lit the room.

The man woke up coughing. He didn’t check for the boy. He knew he was fine. He wiped the blood off of his mouth. The boy lie awake.

I had a dream

About what?

The boy didnt say anything.

I had a dream too it’s ok


Below is my rationale to explain the choices I made for my project .

My story includes the dad, the boy, and the man that comes after the dad dies. The boy in the dream is portrayed as the boy (naturally) and the two men are portrayed as the creature(s). I chose to portray these characters this way because throughout the book there are many “creatures”. The creatures are the things that bring uncertainty, which brings danger. These men are mortal, so they are nothing but unpredictable creatures placed upon this world. The boy however is not a creature, rather something closer to an angel. He is filled with motives that show nothing but compassion.

This section goes on page 260 of the book between where the boy said “but we did kill him” and where the book said “In the morning”. I feel like this is a great place to add a dream because it is evident that the man is dying more and more; further in the book we see the man slowly giving up until he reaches his death, and in the book dreams portray things that happen in the future. I wanted to make this the man’s dream (since the book is mainly through the perspective of the man), and a happy one because in the book happy dreams mean you are starting to give up (which the man is). The dream stylistically follows the general decrepit themes of the book, however for the man this is a very happy dream. This is because naturally the man is worried about what will become of the boy when he dies. This dream is reassuring him that everything is going to be alright (as far as the boy goes), and that his god will come through as he has many times throughout the book.  Presumably it is the god that will bring this miraculous coincidence of someone coming to carry the fire and protect the boy after the man dies. This explains some of the man’s actions later on in the book, and explains why he doesn’t check on the boy in this scene nor the scene after.

The conversation is also very important. It adds yet another scene where the boy is distancing himself from the man. It also hints that the boy knows the man will die soon (through this distance). The man is tried relating to the boy when he said that he had a dream too. Stylistically I’ve found the book to use single quotes, but mostly just not in the contractions, so I’ve tried to match that with the word “didnt” (as well as match a few other stylistic choices).

Identity to Ideology

Identity to Ideology
Toby Mast
Thirty some teenagers dressed in basketball attire where sitting in a crooked semicircle of chairs around a short, overweight, and graying man. The man introduced himself by explaining that because gym space was so limited we would have these additional character lessons. The teacher meandered into the point of the lesson, declaring “I came here today to ask you about your identity? What makes you, you? How do you define yourself” then gesturing to the whole group “We will go from left to right, each saying what makes your identity, or what makes you you., If you do not want to talk right away we will come back to you when we are finished, alright?”. We took turns declaring our  identities. 
The first student mumbled “Uh, I’m a basketball player, and uuhh and black and uuhh a dude” This statement became the format for the majority of the group. This format included race, gender, one or two thing you enjoyed, and sometimes character traits. The big exception to this format became the few, even in a program titled “Ball for Christ” where this could be expected  and accepted,  who declared their purpose “to live for Jesus’ or “to be a good christian”. I having no desire to be their displayed the great maturity so often found in bored rebellion, and tauntingly stated “I am Toby”. While I believed it was simply antagonism at the time, that declaration marked a subconscious change in an identity that had remained static since childhood. 
The core of my ideology and identity was found in the fact that Jesus is my Savior and that I will live life for him and his father through the holy spirit that they generously bequeathed me through the crucifixion and resurrection. The majority of my life I would in a ministry such as “Ball for Christ” joined those in declaring my purpose for god, however animosity building towards the idea of my life being the satisfaction and glorification of one being prevented me. I proceeded to confront this with prayer for a more dedicated spirit and continuing to serve against my inward desire. 
The realization that identity is the sum of one's desires has allowed me in reflection to understand this change. The apparent contradiction is that I is that I at that time like so many others do, was acting against  my desire of self ownership and instead conforming to my past. This contradiction was simply a representation of a greater desire for security and stability. This change is desire therefore was a change in identity. 
This definition encompasses all, because at our core humanity always pursues satisfaction. The means vary, whether religion, morality, fame, power, or euphoria, the end remains pursuit of satisfaction. This pursuit defines everything we have done, are doing, and will do.
The change in identity brought its first major change in action one late Wednesday night. The youth pastor was describing how he overcame his doubts by choosing to stop having them, reading off the verse:

“Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?
Romans 9:20 Kings James Bible

The dam of security I had held for months cracked from an emotional maelstrom brought from a changing identity. I still desiring conformity thought to myself “ How is a God so perfect and great that he cannot explain himself to his creation”. Then my doubts on predestination, scientific fact, and the impossibility free will shattered the damn . This great change in ideology has been directly linked to a simple change in identity. Ideology is created through Identity, and identity is the sum of your desires.The applicable truths are that this pursuit of satisfaction will always matter most to us because it defines us. The pursuit of mathematical and scientific fact is no exception, because truth becomes the object of satisfaction.  
This basis allows us to successfully evaluate our actions and beliefs. Then only once we understand our desires can we move forward to addressing them.

Q2 Artist's Statement

For my collage I wanted to keep it all in the same color scheme of greens and blues. So I flipped through a few magazines 
and arranged some picture I cut out by their color.For our fabric drawing assignment, I chose to draw a big sweater because I knew that there would be a lot of folds and overlapping pieces in it that would create shadows. I drew it on a hanger because I felt like there would be more folds and shadows since it is just hanging there and it doesn't have to conform to the shape of anyone's body. For the photo editing assignment, I used one of my favorite pictures that I took for my photography class. I used Photoshop to edit it instead of the website that was provided for us, I hope that's okay. I liked the picture before, but I like the edited version even more because I really like how there is a lot more color in it. Before doing the illustration assignment, I looked up some children's poetry and found one that I liked. The poem I illustrated was called Teddy Bear and it was about a stuffed bear that was self-conscious about his weight. I chose to draw that image as a representation of the poem because it said that when he fell off the ottoman, he could never get back up again. 

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, Page 143

The following passage​ is what I have imagined was cut from Cormac McCarthy's The Road before the final edition was released. It takes place on page 143, in between, "There was no gun and there wasn't going to be one," and, "When he woke the gaslamp overhead was hissing softly."

As he sat on his bunk, he listened to the high winds that surely signaled the start of another storm. Minutes later the rain began. It created an odd noise. It sounded nothing like the familiar sound of rain on the roof of a house. It sounded more like footsteps on the soil above. Thousands of footsteps hitting the ground over their heads. The sound of thunder was muffled, a thunderhum. It was unsettling but also kind of calming. He liked it, so he sat and listened.

After a while it was difficult to keep his eyes open. He had just begun to drift off, but the repetitive nature of the thunderhum and the rainfeet was interrupted and it caught his attention. Actual footsteps? He walked over the the steps and put his head up to the ceiling. Footsteps. Against his better judgement, he swung open the door.

Is anyone there?

There was movement in the dark. He saw a shadow and a pale face. Their eyes met his. Her eyes met his. Her eyes met his. It was her.

He was drenched to the bone already and re-entered the bunker to grab a tarp and the battery lantern. He decided to wake the boy. He was shaking him.

Your mother.

Now the boy was shaking him.

Papa, wake up.

He jolted upright.

She’s out there. I need to see her.

Papa, there’s no one to see!

Realization struck. The man, embarrassed, said, Go back to bed.

The boy did.

(250 words) (McCarthy-esque words: thunderhum, rainfeet)

This is my rationale, explaining why I made these choices for this project.

In my passage, I wanted to focus on the boy's growth over time and how the man acts in contrast to him. I was really interested in the motif of dreams that McCarthy used and decided to give another peek into the man's dreams. The man is constantly dreaming about his wife so I definitely had to include her in it. This reminded me of the incident with the little boy, on page 85, where the man tried to convince the boy that he was imagining things. I thought it would be interesting to have the tables turned this time and make it so that the man is the one who is convinced there is someone there when he is only dreaming. The man is sleep-talking and his voice startles the boy out of his sleep, so he immediately wakes the man. Once the man realizes that the whole previous ordeal with his wife was a dream, he is embarrassed and tells the boy to go back to bed.

When the boy saw the other little boy the man said, “There’s no one to see,” so I made sure to have the boy say the same exact thing to the man. The man remembers that outburst and is not happy that now he is on the other side of the argument. What makes the man even more embarrassed is that in this case, he was most definitely having a dream whereas the boy very well may have actually seen someone else.

The boy springing right into action and knowing how to handle this situation shows his growth and maturity. This passage also highlights the man’s deteriorating mental state. He said that good dreams are bad news and he has been having so many dreams about his wife that it’s clear he isn’t doing so well. The man’s poor health and state of mind is dangerous to the boy since the man’s judgement is not very reliable.

I placed this passage in this location of the book because I wanted there to be no mention of it when they both wake up again. The man completely brushes that off his shoulder and hopes that the boy has forgotten it too. he doesn’t want the boy to be worried about him or realize how unsettled he was by the dream.  

(388 words)

State Farm Grants SLA a New Maker Space!

The State Farm Youth Advisory Board has granted Science Leadership Academy - Center City $99,007 to build a new MakerSpace in support of the inquiry-driven, project-based curriculum of the school. The MakerSpace will support both the Engineering program at SLA and the overall academic program, enabling students to create artifacts of their learning in new and powerful ways! 


McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, Page 287

This is how I imagine the ending should have happened. I begin with an excerpt from the final pages that serves as the end of a chapter. The chapter after, indicated by the 3 dots, is my new ending for the book.

Nicholas LePera

27 January 2016

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, Page 287

The woman when she saw him put her arms around him and held him. Oh, she said, I am glad to see you. She would talk to him sometimes about God. He tried to talk to God but the best thing was to talk to his father and he did talk to him and he didn’t forget. The woman said that was all right. She said that the breath of God was his breath yet though it pass from man to man through all of time.

. . .

It had been several weeks on the road traveling with his new family. The boy had still not fully accepted the passing of his father and he often woke in the night looking to see if he were there next to him. Each time he quickly brushed off the sadness knowing that this is where papa would want him to be.

The days lived out had hardly changed and he and the others ran the same procedures as before when scouring the wastes. Each creaking door, rustling leaf, and supposed footstep was analyzed and each item surveyed for use. While food continued to be scarce the group still found ways to make miracles out of each closely portioned meal. From time to time they encountered small bands of bandits, but only once were forced to take action.

As each day passed they settled the night in another town, village, or brush of foliage. The days slowly began to get warmer, signifying they were getting closer to what may be salvation. While hopes arose, they also had to prepare for the worst. For if there were to be salvation, there would certainly be villains ready to fight for it.

The boy sat for supper on the side of the road, as was customary. With nothing to clear his mind the boy looked to the sky once again and spoke to his father for the last time.


While Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” is deemed a masterpiece by many, I feel as if the closure of the novel is not in an optimal state. The new family adopted by the boy is mysterious. The kindness shown by them goes to show trust, but can also be used for deception. As a reader I felt as if it was left unclear as to whether or not the boy was with a truly moral group. The state of their resources and whether they would make it or not was a topic that would often pilfer the satisfaction given by the book.

By rewriting and continuing the ending I was able to better tell the possible scenarios that they would encounter and their chances of surviving said encounters. This is something I know many may disagree with, but it is an acceptable uncanonical ending that still maintains the grim themes, and tone created by the vocabulary of McCarthy. The continuation of the basic survival procedures the man taught the boy go to reinforce one of a few motifs touched on in my piece. The tactics and caution of searching the environment for resources is one that buffers the proof that this world is almost certainly devoid of moral.

This continuation of procedures not only adds to the motif but also serves as evidence that the man succeeded in training and preparing this boy to live on without his father. While the boy is apart of a new family, he is not helpless and tasks himself with continuing life as his father taught him. This new group “carries the fire” despite not understanding the meaning of it. As a reader, fire is the hope, and ability to move on against all odds which is what they had done. The fire they held in their hearts allowed them to trek endless miles and scour in the hopes of finally catching up to what may be the last of the sane people left in this world.

When bringing the story to a close I use the boys speaking to his father’s spirit as a means of furthering the idea that the boy has rapidly matured and can survive on his own. Something that is mentioned often in the story is that thinking of the good ol’ times, or the past, is simply a means to your downfall. The boy had this pressed on him many times, and while he still loves his father, he finds it necessary to move on by removing these sentiments.

Gender Identity

The topic of our radio piece is gender. We wanted to show how its definition is largely up to interpretation, and people have different views on it. We interviewed teens because we felt that they had a lot of interesting ideas into this topic. Our hope is that the views presented by teens in this piece give the listener a new understanding of gender.

I worked with Alex Wroblewski and Des O'Donovan.


U2-#8-Slate Post

The TV show we watched in class was called Digital Nation. To me the most memorable thing about the show was when the boy would go on social media and talk to this boy who made a website on different ways to kill your self. So the boy would get bully like everyday in school, so he planed to study this different ways so when the time comes he can kill him self. His father saw it coming so he kept a sharp eye on his son. And a couple day later he was reported that his son was hung in the boys bathroom from the school. Then the dad tried to cummunicate with the boy who gave he the way but he never text the dad back. I think it's important to watch shows like this because it show kids and adult what be going on in a child's head when stuff like this is happening to them, and sometimes they don't show it on the outside around friends and family. The way I would keep my future family safe online is first not to expose them to the wrong type of information online such as certain social media's. It's important to talk to family about internet safety because they may put the wrong type of information on the social media and that's unsafe for them. Such as email, address, school address, or where you work sometime because there can be a creep coming after you. What I would say to family's that don't know how to keep there children safe online is to check there phones and get there passwords to the social media's and only use it when something is important or something really dangerous happened. 

Discussion Controversy in a Classroom

Wilson Biggs, Brandon Yam, William Derry, and I decided to research the question "How are controversial topics discussed proactively in a classroom?" We conducted this research by creating a radio piece of a mix of different people's opinion on the topic. We interviewed a professor, a teacher, and a student. Controversial topics range from the shooting in Ferguson to creationism vs evolutionism. We discovered that not only is it possible to discuss controversial topics like these in a classroom but also necessary in order for students to grow within their community and be aware of the world they are a part of. We find this topic to be really important because we feel that proactive discussions about controversial topics should be practiced in all high schools. 

Click here to listen to our piece!

Q2 Art Slideshow

   This quarter in Art saw a shift to more experimental forms, and because of that, it challenged my more simplistic, feel-of-the-moment style to move to places that need to incorporate more abstract ideas. To that extreme, I think this quarter that I was reasonably successful.

    With projects this quarter such as the collage and illustration, I was able to take the vague inspirations that usually are the driving force behind my art and make them come to life, in ways that I usually were satisfied with.

From the first piece of art shown in this slideshow to the last, various amounts of reworks, both inspirational and technical are going on behind the scenes. I don’t ask for the audience to understand all of my work, in fact, most of it is beyond the understanding of anybody but me. What I ask for is interpretation, whether for myself or my artwork, so that the work I’ve put in won’t go to complete waste.  

Racism/Stereo Types on Black

100.0.0.Racism and stereotypes towards African American human beings.

Now I could sit here all day and talk about the “facts” that this world has created on African Americans on stereotypes. The reason in the last sentence that I put facts in quotes is because they aren’t facts they’re just people who are still following the stereotype, and it’s sad to say because even after years of African Americans doing well and spreading great music,acting,producing,directing,painting etc. A good amount of African Americans have made historic songs and one I’ll name right now is the man who created many pieces that brought the world together or on the same page and he was named Michael Jackson. The man was a phenom and now he’s a legend, but some people don’t even know that he’s actually black but think he’s white and it’s sad that he bleached his skin because he gave the wrong impression to others of why he did it. Many white people were then given opportunities to throw shade on African Americans because they would say harsh things like “You should change like michael” and that hurts to a black man because he could’ve had a skin disease just like michael did, but people don’t think about others and feelings and that was used for when white people treated African Americans like trash because they had the “Upper hand”. They actually didn’t have the upper hand but they kind of did because of the color of there skin. If the world was focused on the importance of people like it is now then I don’t think White people would’ve started or created any type of revolution because African Americans would’ve took the spot of control and would’ve been grateful for the opportunity that they were given. The reasons of why White people didn’t think African Americans were smart was because to be quite honest it wasn’t that they weren’t smart it was that the white people were giving them old books from the 1700’s or hand me downs from when the White people were done using their books in school, but it just wasn’t school even the water the African Americans used wasn’t fresh or even as close to being as fresh as the White people water. If a African American were to even think about getting White people water or use their fountain they’d get beat up terribly and that’s just sad to even think about because it’s kind of silly if you think about it now because they were about to get beat up because of the color their skin and being thirsty… Again it’s very sad to think about something so silly that was taken so serious like wow that’s messed up. If White people were treated like that it would be the whole Army on the African American Guy but even if it was a woman they would’ve been used as a maid for eternity that’s why everyone should celebrate Martin Luther KIng day like it’s their last day to live because he changed all of this and it sheds a tear to this eye to see that he’s gone and couldn’t see his accomplishment because 1 of his accomplishments ended up multiplying and spreading toward billions of people and the message of peace for everyone is still being shown today. The picks of these sections weren’t from sources they were knowledge a thing that some people still don’t think we have today and it’s very sad to say and think that. Other stereotypes are whenever and African American walks in a store it doesn’t mean we’re going to steal anything.

Quarter #2 Artwork

The second quarter of art was a success. I feel it was completely better than last years second quarter. I did the same exact projects. This year I took even more time into my work because I wanted to feel more successful than last year. These are my projects from the second quarter.

Art Collage: This just happened randomly. I went to the school library of the school and found one of Ms. Owens old magazine. I looked into it and I saw what you on the collage. There is many logos on there but they are actually t-shirt designs based off of scientific and mathematical terms and I thought it was cool, funny, and usable for my collage. 

Fabric Drawing: Last year I did the fabric drawing based off my arm sleeve. For this year I did what the class was doing and that was the piece of fabric over the wooden stool. I actually liked how it turned out. I enjoy how your able to see the outline/layers of the stool under the piece of fabric.

Photo Editing: This picture was taken over a weekend when I went my awesome girlfriend’s hockey game! I actually wanted to get a photo of her but my camera got this really cool close up of the net that sounded the rink and I loved it. My girlfriend was very happy to be featured in one of my art projects. This was my favorite project!

Illustration: This was a funny drawing because the first that came up into my mind was spongebob squarepants. I basically drew what goes through the mind of spongebob. I drew random shapes because that is what spongebob does in the show. He thinks and does random things. This drawing made me think of my childhood and made me laugh. 

In conclusion I enjoyed doing my projects again for the second quarter and I hope the third quarter is a success as well.

Q2 Advanced Art-Lukas Supovitz-Aznar

​Throughout this quarter of advanced art I wanted to focus on a specific theme throughout my artwork. That theme was happiness in the mind of a child. I think that being a child was a much simpler time, so when I was given the opportunity to express those thoughts in the form of artwork, I did. For my art collage I had a boxer who was thinking in the piece of art. In the fighters thoughts were things that I thought of as a child such as Calvin and Hobbes, Aliens, and Dwarfs. For week 6 and 7 I edited a photo of the SLA baseball team winning a playoff game, and the pure happiness which followed. The reason I did this was because I think that it showed what I thought about as a kid, which was baseball. For my final piece of artwork I picked a poem which spoke about happiness, and then drew out what I thought happiness looked like to me as a kid. The theme of being a child carried out through the whole quarter and brought me back to my roots of what truly matters.

Q2-Artist Portfolio-Lindsey Jones

When creating these pieces, I wanted to stay true to what I like but also combine with something new. One of themes we had to stick to was “nature” and we had to make almost everything according to that.

Apart of my style is keeping everything as consistent and simple as possible. I only want to do just enough so that the audience will know what I’ve made. I add details later on in order to give the piece context and a voice. This can applied to pretty much all of the pieces made.The fern drawing was simple, but also showed a part of the fern we usually don’t see. Most ferns are large and under soil, but I wanted to show the fern at it’s roots. For the golden ratio drawing/collage, I made an elephant that followed the ratio (its less obvious because it isn’t a collage and there are no guidelines). The negative space drawing, block print, and final piece all are centered on emphasizing the animal and color. These pieces means a lot to me because they were thoughtfully put together and are something that I’d never done before. I was able to use my love for bright and eccentric colors, draw in my style, but also do something different.

Senior Art was a blast for me so far, especially with the new assignments and art mediums. I can’t wait to try more and learn new things. 

Q2 Senior Art Portfolio

Confidence is key. You may start out completely hating what you do. You might rip it up, throw it away, and try to start over again. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad artist, or your work isn’t the absolute best it can be. You have to keep trying. It won’t always come out perfect in the end, but it’s how you see it is completely different than how it may perceived in the outside world. I had a lot of trouble this time around, because I constantly kept doubting what I could do. In the end, creating art shouldn't be about how much skill you have. It should be fun. You shouldn't stress so much about how amazing it turns out, because overall, being able to create something that others could enjoy is actually pretty epic.

Summertime Fine

Jamira Terrell


A few days had passed since I left home. The house’s aura was dull and draining. Words can't explain how excited I was to get a text from my best friend: “Yo Jamira, I gotta show I’m performing at this weekend and I really want you to come.” I replied, “Sure Quil.” Finally some plans! I couldn’t take being in the house for another boring weekend.

There were a few issues. One, finding something to wear and two, getting permission to even go. Finding something to wear was not that difficult for I had remember about the new dress that I bought for my best friend -Nia’s, party. Now asking my mom for permission was another issue in itself because depending on the work day, my mom can sometimes come home with quite the attitude. I had to remind myself that just because I was excited, it was almost too good to be true, so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up just in case my mom tells me that I can not go.

My mom usually gets home at five o’clock. I hoped that her day at work was pleasurable because I wanted her in a good mood before I popped the big question. I didn’t feel like listening to another one of her lectures about “those boys” and “how to act when going out places.” She always comes home mad and takes the anger that she has amassed from work out on me, lecturing me about “teenage stuff.” I hope she just answers me a with a simple “yes” or “no” and just leave it at that.

I wondered what songs Aquil was going to perform. I love his voice and when he sings it is simply amazing. I remember when he invited me to his last show. It was a night to remember and I will never forget how he brought me up on stage and sang my favorite song to me.

Now that I think about, I really hadn’t heard from him in a couple months up until he texted me. Well at least I’ll get to see him soon.

That day, it seemed like it took forever for my mom to come home. It just felt like the day was trudging by and forgot that I needed my mom to get home. My mom got home around 6:15. I waited for her to get settled to see if she was in a pleasant mood or not. She hadn’t called me down for my lecture yet, so I guess she had a good day. When she sat down on the couch and started watching Jeopardy, I thought it was an opportune time to ask her. I decided to start slowly.

“Hey mom, how was your day?”

“It was actually good J... How about yours?”

“Mine was cool. Aquil invited me to his show this weekend. I know how you feel about  me going out, but mom…..can I go, please?”

“Yeah sure, I love Aquil and his family. You can go. So when and where is this show? How are you getting there? Who else is going to be there?”

“Aquil has to send me the rest of the info, but he did say that his mom would pick me up and drop me off.”

“Okay cool...just keep me updated.”

“Thanks mom.”

I really didn’t expect her to give in so willingly, but I guess it’s best not to question it. I walked up the stairs pleased that she had not attempted to give me yet another speech. I figured that I should text Aquil to inform him that I could go and also to get my mom the information she wanted. He texted me back a couple minutes later, and I relayed the message to my mom. My weekend is most definitely about to be eventful.

The next day came, and I slept in until about noon. I then rolled out of bed, showered, dressed, and walked to the salon to get my hair and nails done.

I walked 2 hours later looking “fleeky.” I should take a selfie because I look really cute right now.

A couple selfies later I walked home so that I could finish getting ready. Aquil asked if he could take me somewhere before the show. So I went back to the house and threw on something cute, and I left my dress hanging up so that it would be ready when I came back.

My phone rang, it was Aquil, I think he’s outside. I answered and he said, “Yo I’m outside come out so we can go.”

I almost tripped walking down the steps. Then I opened the door, and I saw Aquil.


“Haha yeah I know”

“I haven’t seen you in forever”

“Yeah I know hahaha that’s why I wanted to see you before we went.”

This boy is like 6’3. He wasn’t that tall last time I saw him. I was super excited to see my best friend again.

He said, “We gotta take the trolley because my dad is using my car today because he had a meeting in New York.”

“It’s cool…don’t stress it.”

To be honest I didn’t really care I was just excited to be out of that house. We got on the 34 trolley at 61st & Baltimore, and then we got off at 48th & Baltimore. We walked into this small cafe for late lunch. Hours went by as we sat and caught up on life. Then Aquil’s mom called. He said that she was 15mins away and that we were about to head to the show. I didn’t notice how much time went by.

“Aquil I left my dress at the house.”

“Okay we can take you back to the house, but you have to hurry up and change.”


His mom pulled up, we got in, and then we rushed to the house so that I could change. A few minutes later I ran out the house in my heels, dress, and I got back in the car.

“Yo you look amazing,” he said.

“Thanks Aquil”

I was kind of blushing, but not only because of what he said, but I really thought I looked cute. We had to drive all the way down Drexel campus to get to World Cafe Live. During the drive, we didn’t talk that much except for the few questions his mom asked me about school, life, work, the usual. For the most part, I looked out the window as the trees whisked past and people ran by in a blur. I kept thinking about the time I had first met Aquil during a summer program around four years ago, and silently laughing to myself because he had the biggest crush on me back then. At the time I was living in California and we never lost touch, but when I moved back to Philly things seemed to just fit into place.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as I jumped back into reality.

“We’re here!” said Aquil’s mom.

I’ve never seen Quil move so fast in my life, he jumped out the car and ran backstage to prepare for his show. I knew then, that not only was he excited to perform, but that it was going to be one hell of a performance.

“Good luck tonight!” I yelled after him, but I doubt he even heard me.

His mom and I walked into World Cafe and as I looked around I noticed the large amount of people just mulling around, waiting for the show. I took a moment to take everything in, the scenery, people, colors, smells, etc; anything that would help me remember this very moment.

“I’ll be right back.” someone said, barely audible.

I turned around just in time to see Aquil’s mom heading backstage, mostly likely prepared to give him a quick pep talk and word of advice. Not used to being in this type of setting, I maneuvered myself so that I was close enough to the stage to be able to enjoy his performance, but even closer to the door so that I would not be bomb rushed on the way out. Just as I was about to drift back into my thoughts, the ground beneath my feet started to quiver and everyone around me became a silhouette. It was then that I looked up and noticed that the lights had been dimmed and the spotlight was on Aquil, standing center stage.

The show was about an hour long and once it ended, I went backstage to meet Aquil an congratulate him on his outstanding performance.

“Quil! You did an amazing job out there! Did you see the crowd?”

“Yea, I did, but the only person I was focused on was you.”

In that moment, I felt a rush through my body. I was highly unaware of my surroundings at the time and could only focus on the warmth of his hands as her grabbed me by my lower back and pulled me towards him. I didn’t know how to feel in that very moment because all I could focus on was how close in proximity we were. All the sounds around us were muffled and my vision slightly blurred, but what I knew for a fact wasn’t blurry was the image slowly coming towards me. He kissed me.

The ride home was filled with common conversation and awkward laughter. I knew I was not the only one feeling the weird tension. It could not be more excited to get dropped off at home. It wasn’t that I was unhappy about the kiss. I just did not know how to feel about it and wanted to go home and clear my mind. With what felt like an hour, within fifteen minutes, I was being dropped off at my house.

“Bye Mrs. Dantzler! Thank you so much for the ride!”

“No problem sweetie. I enjoyed your company.”

Aquil got out the car and walked me to my door. Even though the walk was short, we walked

in silence but deep down I knew that he would not just let me go inside without mentioning something about what had happened earlier that night.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yea. Perfectly fine. I just need some time to think”

“I didn’t mean to put you in an awkward position.”

“I know.” I replied. “Thank you for inviting me to your show. I had an amazing time.”

With that, I gave him a small kiss on the cheek and left him outside as I walked into my house.

As I closed the door behind me, I let go a huge sigh of relief. I great breath I felt like I had been holding in for the last hour. I knew from then, that the relationship between Aquil and I would be more or less than mutual, but nothing from that night on would be the same.

Polson December/January ILP check in

I have been doing things pretty similar to my ILP as before but I have done some new things.  I sewed up some triangles for a banner, I had to research middle schools in the Philadelphia area so that the Give and Take could have possible gigs.  I also had to look up jewish schools because they have money.  Earlier in December Eric, Alison and I looked at a tape from the Give and take and cretiqued it to see what should stay in and what should be removed because they had a gig a few days later where I sold merchandise for them and it went really well.  My ILP accurs in a place called the fanicular station its near queen lane train station and after I do financial things for them I get rewarded by getting to juggle for the rest of the time.  I have been trying to come up with a cigar box routine for this upcoming philly folk festival or possibly spring thing which if you don't know (which you probably don't) both are folk music oriented but also have other things going on at the same time like my parents do juggling workshops at both and it is also where the give and take perform a lot.

Quarter 2 Senior Art

This quarter in Senior Art was very different, and for me I struggled, which I was not used to. Normally, I dive deep in the projects we are given, and while it takes a while for the product to be finished, I am ultimately satisfied with my work. This quarter the projects were harder, and weren't the same style of art I usually do, so I was not as satisfied with my work as I usually am. This type of art took a lot more patience which I have to come to accept to do more often. 
The theme of art that I chose to do with these projects I wanted to be detailed, but also be interesting to the eye. I wanted something to look at, so while I was going through the process of these projects which was boring to me, I wanted to the end result to be enjoyable. One piece that really resonates with me is the block print. The cherry tree and the Japanese style house resonates with me because I signify peace and tranquility with that, and I have been trying to become those two words. I need more of those two things in my life. 

10% Time Project

I was interested in viruses and what the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection is. So for my 10% time project, I researched all about viruses and created some infographics about them. 
10% (1)
10% (1)

Q2 Artwork 2016

This quarter my artwork was focused on me and things I like and enjoy. Starting off with creating a collage that is all about me. For this college, I put everything from soccer, to food, to family, to my religious beliefs on it, everything that makes me, me, with theme of this quarter's artwork, in my opinion, being what makes you, you. For the next few assignments, we had to edit a photo, which many teens are good at nowadays with all the social media out, and that was rather enjoyable. Then there was project not really about yourself, but it helped show your drawing abilties, that being drawing a fabric. Then the last project included drawing an illustration of some type of writing. This shows the viewer what you are interested in, for this project you could honestly draw anything and relate it to something already written, the choice is yours, so this really shows what you enjoy reading or just drawing. 
This quarter we were given plenty of time to complete our artwork and this quarter has been one of the more enjoyable quarters for work. As a student, I believe I finished most of my art work diligently and completed my blog post and slideshow efficiently, as I completed it early. Of course, there is only room for improvement. For I hope to improve upon what I have done this quarter and make it even better next quarter.