Law Class

I am really enjoying my ILP. We have been discussing current problems and we went through all the amendments and learned about them. Also, we've been arguing different real cases which helped with our debating skills. I asked the mentors if we could start doing mock-trials with real cases and they said that that was a great idea. I recently received an email with a case and I am working on writing something to argue it. Overall, I really like my ILP.


I am interning at a radio station in West Philly called WPEB. We learned about radio equipment and mics. It was pretty cool. I went on air once with an update saying the channel number. Other students from charter schools just interviewed to intern at the radio station as well and I was there to interview them. I am currently learning more about the equipment and recording. 

Theater ILP

​My ILP this month has been working on creating a piece for the Theater Philadelphia Company. We have been focusing on going behind the school district and going into the minds of students and teachers and in between. We have also been discussing the topic of what would you fight for even if you knew you were going to loose and connecting it to the school district theme. We are having a show in Tuesday at 6:00 p.m and just going over Tech on Monday at 1. I have enjoyed creating this piece because it expresses how student feel and give the students a voice they never get to have . I like it because it represent all of the different voices instead of one.


For my ILP, I still help my dad around his office. This consists of me cleaning, shredding, and organizing files for my dad. I enjoy it very much because I can sit with my dad and talk to him also by working for him which is great. I am learning a lot about the working process and my experiences are going well so far. Can't wait for what I a doing new in the next 2-3 months!

ILP #3

In my ILP we have been learning about how to measure the amount of energy a room requires when it is being used by the public. We also took a trip to the Filmer to learn about renovating and what the benefits of renovating is. We also learned about the challenges of doing a large renovation and how to control the price and make sure it doesn't get out of hand. We also finalized what we want out building we are renovating to be. We have decided on making a theater for bands and such to perform. 

ILP Post #3

Since my last post, I have changed my ILP. I used to work at Greenfield with the 8th grade math class, and I truly value that experience and I am glad I had that opportunity. Currently I take a law class taught by law students that takes place at SLA after school on Thurdays, and I am loving it. We do different things every week. Sometimes we have a mock trial based on an actual case, or sometimes we go over an amendment of the constitution or something like that and talk about what that means and how it applies to real life. I'm learning a lot and it has actually made me consider a career as a lawyer later in life.

ILP- March

My ILP has been incredibly fun. The people who work there are honestly so incredibly. They are really funny, open and, they don treat me different because I'm younger. Also, there is a guy there who goes to Mastery who is doing an internship as well. He's really nice and we are the same age and in the same grade. I really enjoy because it's like working in a real retail store getting experience. I get to hang, tag, and organize clothing. This will be really beneficial when I'm trying to get a job. The only thing is that it is a little bit far so it's so tiring getting back home.

ILP Update

My internship with Project 440 has been productive. I have been working on a list of All-City Orchestra alumni and have contacted a variety of people to learn about their experiences. I have helped organize the seminars for this year's All-City students and have created reports reflecting on the seminar survey results. Overall, my experience with Project 440 has been interesting and inspiring to see these people devoting themselves to their work for music.

Kopf ILP

I am working with Nat on creating a design club at SLA where people can learn about various fields of design. We are currently trying to set up the structure and content of the club and who we can bring in. We have been talking to other people in the school and in Philadelphia who have experience in design to see if they have suggestions for the club or availability to teach. So far we have been working out the schedule and trying to make sure everything flows smoothly. Recently, we talked to Leo Levi, as senior at SLA, about how he could help teach the club about programs like Illustrator and possibly Photoshop. We have also been planning activities to teach to the students about how to think about the world through a design lens and how design is present throughout our daily life. My homework is to watch the Helvetica documentary and see how we could use it for the club.


My new ILP is with a photographer on Saturdays. I go out on his shoots with and he teaches me the different skills with the camera. I decided to switch from my old ILP because I feel like will really benefit from this one more. I would be interested in pursuing a career in photography and these skills will really be useful. 

Nat's ILP

Kate and I are starting up a design club, which has been moving comfortably. We recently met with a fellow student named Leo to see if he could teach any classes on Photoshop or illustrator. We came up with a list of helpful meeting ideas ranging from movie watching to introductory design lessons. We are currently working on a way to build up design skills at a steady pace, we don't want the participants to feel flustered or anxious at the speed of information. I am also trying to meet with C.H.A.D. to learn more about their design club, I left several voicemail with my contact information.