Griffin Gallagher Advanced essay #2

In grade school I had a friend named nick. Teachers would always call him out because he was scared to read in front of the class. From the beginning his self confidence was low. He was very shy and didn't talk to many people, and if someone new tried talking to him he would take a long time to feel comfortable with them. Nick had a stuttering problem. Whenever he was in front of a large group of people his voice would lock up and he would shut down. His self confidence was destroyed in the 8th grade when a teacher made him stand up in front of the whole grade, all 225 of us. He was alone and he shut down completely botching his graduation speech. I talked to him afterwards and he said he had never felt so sick before in his life. His confidence was no longer existence, he shut eve the people who were closest to him out.

People with speech impediments and other problems with speaking and writing have severe problems with their self confidence. They feel as though they are not normal. But what is normal? Is there a direct definition that labels these impediments as not normal? Normal is defined as standard, usual, typical or expected. But how do we define normal? Society's normal is, if people are all the same they are normal. Any defining feature or change to their personal, or physical appearance warrants them to be “not normal.”  There is a story written by Mike Rose called “I just want to be average,” And that is a direct quote from the story that points out how people who are not seen as normal feel about their surroundings. People who are not “Average” or “Normal” can feel like somewhat of a group of outcasts. They are separated from the mainstream classes and put in their own “Vocational Track” which means d-level learning which does not help. In d level classes you are not treated as a human being, and you are certainly not respected by the people who are teaching you. This very easily make these students feel like they do not matter. This is why many of them act out or show off, in an attempt to get the attention that they so desperately need. If people took their time to sit down with these students and try to help them, they would not feel the need to act out and do bad things to get someone's attention.

My older cousin Nicky had a speech problem when he was younger. It was hard for him, he was teased and put in a special learning class. A teacher sat down with him one on one and walked him through how to cope with stuttering. He told me it was one of the hardest things he has ever done, but having a teacher to help him and calm him down when he got annoyed or angry with himself, helped push him through the problem. Today he is an officer in the United States Navy, and has no problem whatsoever with speech.

With proper learning strategies and help, people with speech problems and other disabilities can feel like they are part of this so called normal society.

Media Fluency- Darlenny Rodriguez

Untitled presentation
I learned from critic of my slide that I don't always need to insert my name. Also, I should take into consideration my audience too. If they can't read my slide or the don't like it I need to change it because the goal is to make your slide appealing. The only thing I actually changed was cropping the water mark from the bottom right corner of my illustration. I also took my name out because the way my slide was set up, it had no purpose being there.

Powers edited slide

Untitled presentation
I learned that a lot of effort goes into making something simple, and moving a word just a couple of centimeters would make a huge difference. I also learned that you cannot add shadows on google slides.
I kerned the word "Travel" by adding some small spaces between the letters to make the word bigger and easier to focus on. I moved the word farther away from the darker dots on the picture so that place wouldn't be unclear.

Media Slide Reflection Naima DeBrest

I think that I learned a lot from the critiques from the class. I saw things from a new perspective. I also saw how other people saw what I put out. I feel like this was a good experience because I had the chance to listen to other peoples opinion.

In my slide I got rid of the be happy at the bottem because it was unessesary. I also tried to fade away the blue lines on the sides.

Slide Reflection; lilly roman

Tech Me Magazine
I learned that although I had a good start, I still had some things to work on. One of them was that passion and art had not been capitalized, so I did so in this slide. I also had stretched the image and the fingers were cut off. I was not able to correct the missing fingers sadly, but I enlarged the image instead. Due to this change, the words did not have much room and I had to shove them to the side.


After the feedback from my peers, I changed a few things about my slide. One piece of feedback I got was that my font was a bit to small, so I made it bigger. The other piece of feedback I got was that my name was a little too close to the white blurry part on the top right of my slide so I slid it a bit to the left.

Media Fluency part 2. Sean Johnson

Tech all about me
I changed the font of the Letters and I added some shadows to make contrast in my newer version. I also made them all the same design to add repetition instead of a lot of different fonts and designs. I chose these words because they represent some essential parts of me and I can bring up many stories from each design and word that I inserted in the slide.

Media Fluency Reflection- Majd Bostani

I have learned a lot from the class critique of my slide. Not only did I learn the strong points and flaws of my original slide, but also a lot of feedback on how to make better slides at SLA and in life! Originally, my slide was built around the concept of of an IKEA billboard. It followed the colorful, powerful, yet simple design of it. However, the black background with the white and red letters was rather distracting. The picture's angle was angled way too far up. I intended for a 5 degree tilt, but it looked more like a 25 degree tilt.  

After the class critique, I took everything that my classmates and Ms. Hull said about my slide into account. I made the background light blue so that the white letters could pop out better, as well as symbolize the color of the sky! That turned out to be a big win on the term of contrast. I moved the letters according to the rule of thirds so that it would look neat and organized. I also changed the font and color of my letters. Originally, my quote was in a white cursive font as they are now. However, Leonardo da Vinci's name was written in red and in a Times New Roman font. I changed that so it could match with the quote and not be so distracting. Like I stated above, I reduced the tilt of the picture so it would maintain a 5 degree pitch better. Over all, I changed and learned a lot after the class critique.
Tech Presentation - Majd Bostani

Media Slide reflection Hamidou

Me magazine slide #2 (1)
I have learned a lot from my group and classmate the  critique was so help. The  critique they gave my classmate say that  I need to fix the font and the the word. They also said that i should make the word fit with the background.I change the font to gaming so you can see the picture as what i say.I also made the font large so it can show out.  

U1-#3. Reflection & Second Slide on SLATE Milligan

Media Fluency Me Magazine Slide

I decided to make some major changes to my slide. When critiquing my slide, many people told me that my image that I used was pixilated and a little to difficult to see. Looking back on my slide, I agreed with what they said. I also thought that my slide had too much blank space in a way that did not look appealing to the eye. I decided to just get rid of my image altogether and replace it with a new one. To keep my slide from looking too empty but still not cluttered, I decided to make an image my background. The image still pertained to my passion, which is reading. I changed the color of my words from red to white so that they would contrast better with the image as suggested by one of the sources we had. The source said to have a color palette that contrasts, which is why I had white words on top of a darker image. I stilled used kerning to fit the words “my passion” on top of the “read” section of the word “reading” in a way that is visually pleasing. I also slightly moved my words so that they did not touch at all, since that was one concerning to some viewers. The rule of thirds still applies because I  positioned my slide so that the image catches the viewer’s attention first.

Second Slide Reflection Eastwood

What I learned from the critique that my peers gave me is that I should make some of the pictures and the writing more center. So I put two pictures on each side and put the main one in the middle with Alyssa's Life above it and I put the emoji under it. I also added a bold red background so it wouldn't be plain. I made these changes because I wanted my slide to be more eye catching and i wanted it too look like I really did listen to my peers.
Untitled presentation (2)

Reflection & Second Slide-Coney

Tech Slide
From the critique I learned that I should not have a large box just to separate my slide into thirds. I also learned to attempt to make my text contrast with my image. I made my text line up with the stairs and match the color of my bowl of cereal. As result of this large box that i made the first time around, I enlarged it to fit the slide.

My new slide

My first slide was pretty good. I worked really hard on it and it expresses my love for basketball. I was truly interested in what my classmates said I needed to improve on. They inspired me to make those improvements. There were a few things I fixed instead of leaving out of my slide like my name, the jordan logo, and the LeBron James quote. Overall I changed a lot to make my new slide more appealing to my auidence.


My tech slide
My tech slide

Reflection for Slide - DeRock

Me Magazine Slide (1)
​I learned that I need to make my slide simple, and make sure the audience can understand and read the things on my slide. The words on my slide were small and couldn't be read by the audience. There was a distracting blur in the corner of my picture. The big flaw with my presentation was the lack of knowledge. I didn't use any words from the websites that were provided.

When editing my slide, I wanted the words to pop out to the audience, so I highlighted the words in yellow because its a very bright color, that is easy to see. I took a screenshot for the part of my image that didn't consist of having that annoying blur that was in the corner. The picture bleeds a little bit as well. The words on my slide are easier to read now, and my slide stayed simple.

Final Slide Design

Untitled presentation
1.) From the criticism I had received I had learned a lot more about what my slide should look like and how I was to present it. The first thing that I was told was that the color on the slide where far too bright and did not go well together. I had two colors as my background and I was told had it should only be one which is why I had changed that. Also my slide had multiple pictures on it and was all over the place and I had to stick with a single topic which is what I did. In my old slide I had many pictures that were all different colors which brings me to the last piece of criticism. I was told that it would be much simpler and neater to have one big picture that shows my topic quickly instead of having multiple ideas on the slide.

2.)The first change I had made was the color because before it was bright and slightly difficult to read so I had changed it to something darker so if I put white writing it would stand out more. I had gotten rid of all my pictures because I felt as if they didn't go with my main idea. My old slide did have a title but I saw that it was better to put large words that had meaning to them because it gave to the reader something to think about what kind of person I am.  

ME Megazine

After hearing from my classmates i changed a lots of  things. I have changed the slide from information to collage. and no text. I did that because if i wanted to put a lots of pictures then i thought of putting no words and just create a collage. And i resided my pictures so they are all the different size. I also used pictures that are different filters and so they can pop on the slide.
Untitled presentation (1)

Media Fluency Part 2- Lor, Autumn

Pictures that covers the whole slide, makes it less eye catching. When it’s a big picture, it takes away the main focus. On my slide itself, I felt like it was a bad picture to put as a slide shows. So instead of making it a plain picture, I changed to texture of it.

I changed the color of the fonts and I also changed the positioning of the word “photography”. I kind of had made it follow along the line at the top of the building and then moved the words “me magazine” to a different area. The last thing I did was taking out my name.

Copy of Me Mag. Ad

Tech Slide Changes-Benamara

What did you learn from the critique of your slide? 
I learned that I should have changed the way the text looked  because it was somewhat distracting to the eye because of the square shaped highlighted theme around the quote. The edges didn't match the round spoons in the background and covered half of the image and bright colors that bring out the meaning of the quote. Also, my name at the bottom was unnecessary, so I could just delete that. 

Why did you make the changes you made to the slide?
A change that I made was take away the white highlight behind the words because it is distracting to the background. Instead, I added a white surrounding  around the letters as like a shadow so they will still be able to see, yet not distracting for the rest of the slide. Also, I removed my name that was at the bottom because it wasn't important in the power point. 
Tech Slide

Edited Slide Reflection

After receiving criticism from my classmates I found that the size of the chocolate picture made it hard to make out, to fix this, I made it bigger. Also, the picture of the butterfly turned out pixelated because I had to widen it to fit the slide, so I made it longer to balance out the alterations. The title of my original slide was “ The Wonderful World of Waverly”, but after consulting with my peers I found that the inconsistency in words beginning with “W” caused a subconscious discomfort. In response I changed the title to “Waverly’s Wonderful World” to eliminate the unpleasant vibe. I’m happy with my edited slide and think that the little changes made it all the better. The next time I see a sign I will be able to appreciate all the planning, science, and critical thinking behind the advertisement.

Untitled presentation

Reflection + Second Slide - Gerber

From my critique, I learned that my font was off. Some people also didn't like the white background or other small things about the literal photo, such as flipping the picture, but we all agreed that there wasn't anything we could do about them (the word NIKON would be backwards etc). I did know that I could change the font. I decided to do a little research. I looked up what font the NIKON logo is, and found out it was basically just Arial but bolded and in italics. The only difference is that the "i" is an oval. I put this font onto my words, and initially it looked very odd. I had to kern my lines and space them out using even spacing. I kept my first letter the biggest to balance out the largest camera, and I made sure the quotation marks were the same size as the rest of the letters. Overall, I didn't have huge changes to make, but I think that they made my piece much easier to look at.
Untitled presentation

Me magazine slide #2 -Vivian Pham

ME  magazine in one sLide
Something that I learned through the critique from my fellow classmates is that in the previous slides, the color and contrast schemes wasn't really eye catching or uses the technique of glance media very much. Sure, it had the pink color to distract the person who sees the slide or if it were to be on a billboard in the middle of a highway. And along with trying to make the theme more appealing, the color of the text in my old slide was pretty plain and boring and also pretty jumbled up. The text color was all black and some letters were bolded for specific reasons, and that's pretty plain considering the background was white and the text was white. And along with the text being a problem, my initial idea was to put words within words like a letter in a word could also fit in another word with the same letter and I learned from the critique that it made it really confusing. 
I made quite a lot of changes to the new slide, I changed the whole theme of the slide like the colors are different from before. Before it was just white and pink which were pretty subtle and simple tones. I changed it into a brighter color which is yellow and the blue complimented the yellow and the colors don't clash either and I also changed the style change as well. And I took out a picture that didn't really make sense with the colors of the whole slide in general and separated the pictures so that they weren't so close to each other. And as for the text I kept the text all black because I didn't want to overcomplicate the colors so I didn't want the text to be all different colors that wont match the background. I also boxed al of the words and letters with a white banner so that it was easier to see and I boxed my name as well so that the text was all boxed and not just some.

Ashley-Slide #2

​I learned that I should take away the text because they take away from looking at the pictures. I also realized that I should make my slide more of a collage with the pictures. I learned how to layer pictures on top of others, thanks to Maciej. I also tried not to make any of the pictures symmetrical or line up to each other.