Reflection On Media Fluency

Technology Assignment - Slide (2)

The only changes that made were at the bottom of my slide. I attached the arrow line to the female cartoon fighter. This adds significance because the quote has to do with the fighter. So now people understand that they are together to finish a story. The story is that there’s only one winner in the end so that’s why there’s only one fighter. A fighter must never give up and keep going. So that’s why the quotes goes with the female cartoon fighter.

Reflection on Media Fluency

Tobi Adebayo Tech

Some things I learned is that there is a guideline to follow in creating a visual display. To make sure you take take all the rules into consideration when creating a billboard. Another thing is you must not to clutter your space with many things because then your audience will start to lose focus of the message you want to get to them. Lasly, things I took away from doing this project was that not everything is going to be perfect you wanna play with it. Also things like color choice, empty space and tangents are like a no no when creating a billboard.

The changes I made I feel were all necessary for my process. From looking at my old slide one can tell that I started fresh and used nothing from my old slide. Being that I wanted someone to see this and know exactly what my billboard was about I decide to have less things. The big change I made was the fact that I added a border so it emphasises the picture in the middle. I also decided to change the gymnastics move that the girl was doing. Being that my slide now is very basic I decide that I would use this picture to show the complex within the slide. The last change I added was playing more with the empty space.

It is important to do research  when beginning a project because it gives you a sense of knowledge on the task at hand. In doing this project it would not be what it is today if not for research. Also in doing this feel like research helped me to put my thoughts all together.

Revised Slide

Presentation(After Criteques
1.I learned that my slide didn't have a good contrast before but adding shade to the picture made it better.
2.I out the myself in the middle because I wanted that word to mainly be viewed by the eye. I put the other words on the sides but not too far for the density of the space.
3.I realized that research is really important because the words you use to explain your slide are important and unique in how you pick them to exactly describe how you made your slide.

Media Fluency: Reflection

I learned that you should be very careful with the design. For example, in my last slide it wasn't properly centered. In this one I made sure everything was even. That's why I put the pictures where they are so it would be well centered. I also learned not to add so much text. I decided to focus on the visual aid because of this, which is why I added pictures and had less words. In my last slide I feel like the color pink didn't really fit me and made the slide more childish, so I had more empty spaces and chose white for a more mature theme. I tried to separate the colors within the pictures because 2 were colorful and the other 3 were black and white. This is why the color is more to the top and the non-colorful is towards the bottom. I did a lot of research before starting which helped me plan out my thoughts well but I feel like if I would've done more research it would've helped me to be more organized. 

Simon's slide

Simon Slide (2)

Reflection on Media Fluency

I learned that my slides shouldn’t include the “price” when it’s not useful, like here, or a product argument, like here also, because that takes some place and we need the letters to be the biggest as possible. Also I feed a blank on the corner, between the image and the corner, so the whole slide is more “united”. But, all in all, the people of my group found it alright so I didn’t have a lot of stuff to improve. I learned that my slide needs to be very very polished to be really clean, visual and sweet.

Media Fluency V2: Shaheed W.

Tech-Media Fluency (1)
This is my new slide after receiving well-spoken critiques. The biggest change to my slide was the background because my previous one wasn't interesting. My new background contains various blue colors to compliment the font while not stealing all the attention away from the words. My second change was the amount of words I had in my poem which I reduced by half. The reason for this change was due to the fact that the poem was too long to keep anyone's attention which was said by the audience. I learned that so much idea and expression can be told by one well designed slide. Doing research is very important on a project because knowing what to do and how to do it will make things a whole lot easier. 

Reflection on Media Fluency

Through this project, I learned how to take constructive criticism, and some common elements of design. I also learned how to better critique someone’s slide. I made a lot of changes to my slide, but I think the essence of what I wanted to get across is still there. I kept my name really big because I  wanted it to pop. My name is a big part of my life so it seemed only fitting that the eye was drawn to it. Before, my slide was sort of all over the place, with things here in there with no real purpose except to convey my interests. I did not use my space effectively. My new slide is much simpler, with the text at the bottom and one interest of mine in each column following the rule of thirds. I tried to even out my spacing. The green and blue sections are used to draw your eyes to the text. They cut the page in thirds as well. Overall, I just wanted to make my design more purposeful the second time around. Research is very important when beginning a project. If you do not research, you will not be able to back up your opinions with facts. Research is about being prepared to show what you learned.

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Media Fluency: Donald Moses V.2

Google slide for tech (3)

I found the feedback I got from my peers helpful but one of the things I couldn’t change were the images as I couldn’t find a high resolution picture of what I used in my first slide but I did do what I wanted to do and make it “bleed”. Another thing that was pointed out was that I had a bright green line that made it stand out and wanted more attention and also remove a bar I had the color black. Another thing I changed was I made a part of the text very small and the exclamation marks way big at first so now the part of the text is bigger and the exclamation marks smaller so it's more visible. One thing I didn’t notice until editing was that the boxes I colored for the slide showed the lines of the box so I fixed that so you don’t see the lines of the boxes.


Lando (tech)  (3)

Doing the tech media project was great. I learned that it’s always good to have ideas on what you wanna do and why so if somebody asks why you did your slide it this way. I say this because when I presented my slide to my group they asked why was my slide was made like this and I said because I took out the main important parts on my Me project. I learned that if the teacher asks you to research you better research so when you present you have evidence on what you did for the design. Some changes I made to my second slide was the background color because my main colors are white and gray so it will contrast better. Another change I did to my slide was Making my words horizontal so it would take more of the negative space I had around my pictures. I made my pictures in a pattern because when I was doing my research I had read that your slide or any project should always have a pattern so for my slide I made my words and pictures in a pattern.


I learned a lot. Presentation is important and symmetry is liked by the human eye. Glance media should be used with rhythm. What I changed was the color of the question mark because it didn’t add to the rhythm. So I asked one of my friends to change it’s color to black and white, which is the color of my whole presentation. I also had to stop so much of my pictures bleeding because it didn’t look right and all the bleeding was unnecessary. It was really important to look up the information because one you need to know what you did and why you did it. Also you need to make sure all of your information connects to the way you did your project.

Cheatley's Slide Part 2

I didn't make that many changes but the things that were changed were the ones people told me to. One thing that I changed was the font color. At first it was a salmon pink color now it is a honey yellow. Research is a very important thing in this project. This is because this project isn't about how well the slide looks, it's if it makes sense and it all works well.
Some things that I learned with this is how to really work on design. Not just the work. I made about two or three changes in my slide. The first slide had an salmon pink color for the font word. I thought that because it is a different color than usual it would help stick out. But my audience said it should be a different color. A brighter color. So I made it an light yellow. My other change was an seperation bar I had in there. They were right, it served no purpose. So I took it off. If you didn’t research you probably would’ve lost a lot of extra points. Some that you would've wanted.

The Internet Control (5)

Media Fluency part 2

#5 - Reflection on Media Fluency

I chose the way this slide looks because in the articles  it said to make the slide noticeable. With the red background and the word ‘Netflix’ in the middle makes the readers know it has something to do with Netflix because those are the theme colors. I tried to make the text big because it said that big text should grab people's attention and it should get straight to the point. I placed a lot of things on the slide because I didn’t like the empty space rule. People might not notice the slide if there is a lot of empty space.

I chose to have all of the pictures on the slide say Netflix because that’s the main focus of the slide. The website said to make the slide easy to read. I thought it would look good if I clouded the slides with the word ‘Netflix’ because it shows that I’m passionate about it. It shows that my slide is connected to me in a real way. It shows that I care about Netflix.

I learned that you should contrast your colors on the slide. You shouldn’t make the colors blend in because people won’t be able to read what it’s saying. I changed the changes on my second slide because my first slide was kind of plain. I wanted to make this slide pop out. Research is very important when you’re doing a project because you need to understand what you’re talking about.  

Media Fluency Project Part 2; Gold

Copy of Tech Slide #2 (Revisions)

Throughout this project, I learned how important the process of research is. I never thought that when designing something, research was needed, but it is. When one researches for design, the research shows what contrasts or what goes well together. If it looks messy or neat. And when I was finished with my first slide, I realized that it looked somewhat messy. The pictures went past the edges and overlapped each other, but I fixed that. Now in my revision of my first slide, I cropped the pictures so that they didn’t touch the corners and so that they did not overlap with each other. I also added some words, because I received feedback that some words would complete it. As a result, I am really proud of my second slide.

Payton McQuilkin's Approved Slide

tech slide #1, Payton McQulikin  (2)

While doing my slide I realized that the picture for my phone was not as important as the other creative ideas on my slide. I kept my typography with my name in the same place, I also added some typography. I added a few adjectives I thought that described me. I kept the pictures of me and the softball field. This kept the idea of one slide one point. I learned that when making a slide you must be creative, you must do research, and supported reason behind every move you make on your slide. This at first was hard because I was nervous and don’t enjoy speaking much in front of others. I also learning a lot about taking in criticism.

Media Fluency Reflection

Google Slide (1)
In this project, I learned more in-depth about some things I already knew. For example, I knew about the rule of thirds, but I didn't know exactly why it wasn't appealing to the human eye. I didn't change much about my second change, but I feel like the change I made changed the slide drastically. I wasn't given many things to critique about my slide, but the one thing that seemed crucial was the text. I was told that my text should be bolder, so I chose a similar, but thicker font. I was also told that my former location of the text wasn't as great as it can be, so I changed it to appeal to the rule of thirds. To conclude, research is something that's incredibly important for this project, as is practicing what you'll say. Without research, knowing what to say and how to answer questions will be very difficult, and it'll definitely be evident that you didn't research or practice.

Lamar Reed - Media Fluency Reflection

Lamar Reed's Tech Slide

I learned that the rule of thirds really has a big impact on how something looks to the eye. When I had made my slide, it looked weird because of where everything was. The changes I made to my slide was getting rid of the picture of myself, moving the words over, and changing the font color of the word “draw.” I also changed the font of “fire spitting” and my name “Lamar Reed”. I removed the picture and moved the words over because the way they were placed made my slide look weird to the eye, so when I changed it up,the slide became more comfortable and easy to look at. I changed the color of the word “draw” so it can pop out more and font the font so it can a more cooler effect to how people see the slide. I also purposely kept “fire spitting” red so it can have a fire type color to it. Researching before a project is so important because if you do enough research, you can be prepared and know what to do instead of guessing and trying to improvise when you don’t have an understanding of the project and it’s requirements.

Tech Slide- Briannie Matos

Tech Slide Briannie Matos (3)
I've learned many new things during this assignment for example there is something called glance media which is when as soon as you see something, you know what it is right away. Also there is typography and serif. Typography is text on a paper or screen and serif are little extra strokes at the end of a letter. Rule of thirds is when you can split the slide into 3x3 and no empty space will appear. White space is when there is a negative space or dead space where there is really nothing and it is just boring. I decided to change my slide to the way it was because my slide had pictures bleeding off the corners, my color palette I felt wasn,t just there, and I felt like there was two much going on. So I decided to go with one big image and typography to add with it. I chose to do a big image of SLA volleyball team so as soon as you seen it, you would know what it is about which is called glance media. No one would probably know that this is the SLA team but th y would know it is volleyball. My wording on the slide is serif because there are extra strokes at the end of my letters. Also the rule of thirds is in here because in you put this in a 3x3 grid, there wouldn't be any empty space. It is important to do research because when you are presenting you want to know what you are talking about right away and have a flow with everything you are saying.

Reflection of Media Fluency

tech bilboard  (3)
I learned to not put my images very close to edge of my slide because it is very uncomfortable.
I also learned and changed the color of my images because my slide was very plain with only black and white, so I added some blue. Another change I made was changing the positions of my pictures because everything was leaning to the left and that made it feel to heavy on one side. It is very important to research at the beginning so that when your peers are giving you feedback you know what they are talking about and you know what to change. Also making changes will be easier.

Media Fluency (Revised)

Tech Q2 #5

During this project I learned a lot about design, especially that used in advertising. One thing that is key is to have color contrast. If the colors of words on a slide are similar to the background or image that is behind those words, it can make it very difficult to read the words. I also learned that when designing a slide, as few words on the slide as possible makes it more appealing. Meanwhile, too many words makes the audience not want to read the slide.

Some of the changes I made to improve my slide were that I made the title of my slide bigger so that it is the first thing you see when you look at my slide. I also changed the font of the title because the original font I used made it look as though there was a space in the middle of a word when there was not. Originally, my slide included, in words, the topics featured in my Me Magazine, as well as images representing those topics. I removed the words representing the topics because it seemed pointless to represent my topics in multiple ways. Lastly, I replaced the image that represented music. Originally, two of the three images on my slide were outlined, and one was filled in. I changed it so that two of the images are filled in and one is outlined, and relocated them to make the slide more symmetrical. I also made each image larger so that you can see them better.

The research I did at the beginning of this project was extremely important. Had I attempted this project without knowing how important color contrast, large text, empty space, etc. are, I would have tried to cover my slide in writing that would have made it incredibly boring to read. Research is a crucial part of any project because it gives you background knowledge that you may not have otherwise had.

Media Fluency(Second Chance)

techpresentation (3)
From the critique of my peers that I presented my second slide to, I made a few key changes. One of the changes that I made was all of the spacing between all of my pictures that made it distracting to the eye with the already moving gif pictures and the multi-colored, moving background. The actual change that I made was a more basic background, and only one gif image, Which balanced the movement by being unbalanced. What I mean by this is that the Moving image was in the middle of two non-moving images.
Another major change that I made was making big wording with multiple colors that contrasted with color of the background behind them.

Reflection on Media Fluency

Tech Q2-Bradley Gutierrez de Teran
Tech Q2-Bradley Gutierrez de Teran

I learned a lot from seeing what mistakes my peers made and my peers pointing out the ones I made. One of the many things I learned is that it does not look good when a photo is touching the edge of a border. However,  I learned that touching an edge/border is different to bleeding off or on. I also learned that if I have a pattern with colors or designs that I should not break it by adding different colors because it can be disruptive and unpleasing to the human eye.

The big thing that I changed is the colors of the SLA logo and of the photo of me. I did this because one of my peers suggested it, and many others agreed with her suggestion, so I decided to give it a shot. After I changed the colors I put the photos back on my slide and saw how they looked and I thought to myself, this could work out but first I had to play around with the colors and make it work. I also changed the size of both of the pictures because someone commented on making the photo of me bigger. After I had changed the colors I did that and made it to where it was partially bleeding off. When I made the photo of me bigger I knew I had to make the SLA logo bigger so there would be a better balance between it and the photo.

The last change that I made was the placement and size of the text. I was given advice from many peers to make the text more centered and to make the equation of how I got into SLA smaller. So after I moved them around to have it more centered  I made the text of when I got into SLA bigger because that was something I thought was more important. But I still needed the part of when I came to Philadelphia so I decided I would make it smaller but not too much. Finally I decided to make the text the same shade of purple as the photo of me and the SLA logo which was #540a5c. I had to then customize a color for the text so I typed in that color number and then I had my color for the text.

I personally believe that research is very important for just about every decision you make in school and in life. In this project I found research very important and helpful for me because it helped me learn a lot about a topic and skill that I knew very little about. Before starting this I knew very little about designing so research helped me learn many new skills and take notice of what would work and what would not.

In conclusion I believe that peer feedback is always some of the best feedback anyone can get.

Media Fluency (Revised)

tech slide

I learned not to add too many pictures onto my slide and to keep the slide looking simple. I improved my slide by changing my background to a darker color and putting lighter pictures that pop out along with the title to draw it away from other distractions. The pictures are supposed to represent the main idea and by keeping the background simple the viewers will see the big picture and what I’m trying to set out for the readers. The research is very important in the beginning of the process so it can set an idea of how your slide is supposed to look after you read the instructions and tips on how you should make your slide stand out.

Media Fluency: Revised

I learned that you should be very careful with the design. For example, in my last slide it wasn't properly centered. In this one I made sure everything was even. That's why I put the pictures where they are so it would be well centered. I also learned not to add so much text. I decided to focus on the visual aid because of this, which is why I added pictures and had less words. In my last slide I feel like the color pink didn't really fit me and made the slide more childish, so I had more empty spaces and chose white for a more mature theme. I tried to separate the colors within the pictures because 2 were colorful and the other 3 were black and white. This is why the color is more to the top and the non-colorful is towards the bottom. I did a lot of research before starting which helped me plan out my thoughts well but I feel like if I would've done more research it would've helped me to be more organized. 
Untitled presentation (1)

Reflection Of Media Fluency

Copy of ME Magazine Billboard (1)

This was a far cry from the strenuous side of the spectrum but in the end, I took away more than I had expected.

I learned that there is a proper way of creating a visual display that not only your audience will digest but you as well will be pleased with when it is completed. Balance is important when creating a billboard. You must be careful not to clutter your space at the risk of losing your audience’s interest. Patterns are welcome, as well as bold text to draw the viewers’ eye to a specific region on the board in order to bring notice to the point that you are trying to convey. Going into this project, I knew very little of these tips and tricks, however, reflecting on the piece I can say that these are ideas that I will use in future projects.

As you can see, or barely, I have made changes. Due to the peer review I’ve received pointers on how to correct the imperfections of my slide but there were only a few that I absolutely needed to change. Those being the type of font of my surname and the alignment of the center cluster of media. Because it was merely impossible to depict the word just by glance as I would have liked, I felt it appropriate to change it to a slight wider font. As for the symbols, for the audience to be able to notice the symbols’ entirety, I moved them up about an inch away from the dim mountains that filled the background.

Research was the most important factor in creating the picture that you see above. There would not have been a finished product had there not been research done before hand. Prior to the design part of the project, Ms.Hull required green stream to research elements of design and vocabulary on various websites and also watch videos that could prepare us for the hands-on element. I thank my obedience in the long run because now I am able to take away more than I bargained for, for the benefit of myself in the projects like this one to come.

The Incredible William Magazine (revised)

The Incredible and Creative William Magazine (5)
After receiving some feedback on my Google Slide, I made a few adjustments and arrangements to my slide's structure. First, I cropped my picture to take out the meme phrase at the top of the picture because the phrase, ¨I NEED DIS¨ had nothing to do with what my me magazine was about. Second was that I moved the title and the subtitle over to the bottom left corner so that it would not block the otter and the ice cream sandwiches from view, and I shank the text to help it fit. Third I shrank the picture so that it would not touch or go beyond the boredrs of the slide box, so that the picture would not bleed. Last I changed the name of the title to be exact to the actuall name of my me magizine.