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Mi barrio es Mayfair. Mayfair es la casa de mucho de Americanos irlandeses. Los orgullos de Mayfair es las barras. La mayoría de barras son irlandeses también. Mayfair se estableció en 1930 por una comunidad de americanos irlandeses. Las problemas de Mayfair son las drogas y traficantes de drogas. Mayfair necesita más control en drogas porque es problema muy grande.

My room

I would put my mural on my wall in my bedroom located inside my house in Brewerytown. I would put my mural in my room because I could always look at it and be inspired/happy every time I see it. It would also be a good representaion of myself so anyone who visits and gets a chance to see it. It could be a conversation starter and just a good piece of art in general. I also wouldn't have to deal with any vandalism because nobody can get into my room and mess my mural up. My room is very significant to me because it's where I spend the most time. I lived here all my life and most of the significant events and memories of my childhood happened here. I value my room because I have my own space and privacy. 


La parte de Filadelfia que vivo tiene diversidad. Pienso la parte de la ciudad que vivo en tiene una buena historia debido a la diversidad y la gente como Harry Olivieri. Pienso una necesidad mi barrio tiene es diversidad. Una problema en donde vivo es violencia en la escuela de barrio. Hay muchas tradiciones en mi barrio y veo festejos a veces. Pienso un orgullo tengo es el bien en la historia de la barrio y la comunidad.


Un ​evento significativo es proyecto de Tasker housing. 
Porcentajes de la comunidad:
Black - 56%
White - 39%
Other - 5%
Una problema es Racial Tension por Irish Catholics y Afroamericanos. 
El mural de Peace wall es una comunidad unida. 

The Triangle

I would put my mural on the wall near the triangle between South and Bainbridge on 23rd. The triangle was turned into a place that people could gather for entertainment such as music, movies, and for the most part food. This Triangle was redone by the SOSNA community. They are currently trying to raise money for The Triangles On Grays Ferry Avenue Gateway Project. SOSNA wants to make the triangular intersections down Grays Ferry less confusing and safer for drivers and pedestrians by adding places for people to socialize and to have an attractive space in the community. Ever since the reconstruction they have put on a festival during the summer called Plazapalooza in that area where people in the neighborhood come together. There is live music and food. My mural would add to what the triangle is trying to do by presenting a song name introducing new music to the community and bringing art where there is hardly any.

Girard Estates Wall


The Girard Estates are a neighbourhood within the region of South Philadelphia. Stretching from 22nd St to 17th, the area is named after Stephen Girard, who once lived in the neighborhood in the 1800s. The story goes that when Stephen Girard, one of the most richest men in America passed, he left his estate of $6 million dollars to the city of Philadelphia. Because of his gracious donation, much of the neighborhood is shaped by the stipulations he left in his will. There once was a school for orphaned white boys named after him, however, it is now operated by the Philadelphia School District. Also, the houses in the area are much more different than the typical Philadelphia rowhomes in other neighborhoods and many residents describe it as living in a suburb, without paying suburban prices. The house where Stephen Girard used to live now resides in a middle of a park, where residents annually hold meetings and holiday parties. Other notable buildings in the neighbourhood are the Edgar Allen Poe School (now known as GAMP) and the Donatucci Library. The area boasts a strong Italian American demographic, with a few Asian Americans sprinkled in. Lastly, some notable events is that Rocky 2 was filmed in the neighbourhood , and crime boss Philip Testa was killed in a bomb planted under his door step.

Girard College Wall

For seven months and 17 days, picketing and marching happened along the walls surrounding Girard College. The intention of the protests were to make the school integrated since Girard College's founder, Stephen Girard, intended the school to be for white boys only. The protests were led by Cecil B. Moore and on August 3, 1965 Martin Luther King Jr. visited the marchers and said the wall would crumble like the walls of Jericho. The issue of the school being segregated became a court case that went back and forth. After the Supreme Court refused to review the case trustees of Girard College voted to allow African-American students to join their school. Eventually four black boys were attending Girard College.

Mural Localización

El localización es el parte de atrás de mi casa porque yo creo que es interesante. Yo no pongo encontró información de mi barrio, pero yo pongo encontró información de Filadelfia. Filadelfia había fundado por William Penn en el veintisiete de Octubre, 1682. Filadelfia es adónde el Declaración de Independencia había escrito y el localización de la Campana de Libertad.

Screenshot 2017-03-04 at 11.23.36 AM
Screenshot 2017-03-04 at 11.23.36 AM

Work and Wisdom - Racism in the Workplace

“It's scary to know that people still live like that in 2017...They don't straight out discriminate or say something racist, it's just the way they tell stories and emphasize that they have black friends among other things.” People face racial discrimination everyday and it is a big reality that a lot of people have to deal with, but it can be an even bigger issue when it happens in the workplace. I interviewed both of my parents on the topic of racial bias and their experiences throughout life at different jobs. I mostly wanted to hear about how things may or may not have changed through the years. Out of the interviews, my parents said that they did not really feel like they were being discriminated against at their jobs, but it isn't something they haven't noticed in small things that happen. Racial harassment is up to record levels in offices and factories across the country, and by that I mean racist graffiti, Klu Klux Klan propaganda and even physical threats. Racial harassment cases have more than doubled since the early 1990s, hitting an all-time  high of 6,977 in 2007, according to EEOC data and it's interesting because nine out of ten of race harassment charges are filed by Blacks. There is a plethora of reasons as to why racial harassment is escalating. Some blame the struggling economy that has caused major job insecurity to more people of color in the workplace while others blame violent video games. “I haven't seen it in it's ugliest form, but I do notice the bias. Some people were chosen to do tasks that they were not necessarily qualified to do, but because of their skin color, they got picked for the job anyway.” From the small things such as certain people doing tasks more than others to full on racial slurs at work or more, racial discrimination is still alive and well today.

Wall foto Eric V.

Wall de 17th st.
Wall de 17th st.
El vecindario en el que me estoy concentrando es en la calle 17, en el sur de Filadelfia. Es muy orientado a la familia, barrio italiano. Hay una falta de diversidad, algunos problemas de basura y un área mayormente católica.

Work and Wisdom - Working with the FDA by Gavin Lane (RT. 12)

For this project, I interviewed my Aunt Jane on her work in a company called Roche, and specifically the field in that company that she works in. Her field involves working with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to make sure the products that her company makes (medical devices), are up to standard. Since the FDA has regulations on food/drinks, drugs, cosmetics, medicines, and medical devices, companies that make these things need to have a regulatory department to deal with those FDA regulations. That is the position that my aunt works in, and that is what I  alk about in this interview.

Common Threads por Meg Saligman

Fotografia por Tom Crane
Fotografia por Tom Crane
Common Threads ubicado en Broad y Spring Garden. Este mural revela que la comunidad de Filadelfia es muy diversa pero aún estamos conectados de muchas maneras. Tambien, se nota los diferente culturas de el pasado y presente que forma la corriente Estado Unidos. Finalmente, este mural revela que la comunidad que puede aprender de la pasado.
Este mural tiene muchas personas y estatuillas representa diferente culturas. 
Una razón que es significado para la comunidad es que tenemos que estar unidos a pesar de nuestras diferencias, y este mural esto nos recuerda.

Podcast Interview


So this podcast was a very interesting I interviewed my mother whom was very open to being interviewed. The idea of work and wisdom can be a very debatable topic. My mother mainly talked about how certain struggles impacted her life, and how she ended up where she is today. I changed my mind as to how I made the ending, at first I was gonna end with a narration, or a my mother reading the bible, however I decided to have the ending flow because my mother began talking about me and how it's basically my choice on how to live my life. Based off of that I want the audience to believe that they have a choice no matter the situation. 
I think doing the podcast put my mother a I closer together, understanding her struggles, and what she goes through, throughout the day. This podcast also was difficult in a sense of how personal it really got, and how emotional it can get seeing someone talk about their struggles. However it was a good experience seeing another perspective other than my own. 

Philly Rowing (The End of the Race) por Jonathan Laidacker

Ubicado en Girard Ave. Bridge
Tres cosas este mural revela sobre la comunidad:
1. Las personas son orgulloso sobre sus logros
2. Filadelfia remo es famoso para estes ciudadanos
3. La artista gustas Filadelfia remo.
Dos objetos, imágenes, frases o palabras encontrados en el mural:
1. Dos o tres remeros
2. El Schuylkill Río es alli tambien.  
Uno razon que es significativo para esta comunidad:
1. Filadelfia remo tiene large historia en FIladelfia.

Watch towers mural

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.37.19 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 9.37.19 AM
The watch towers mural is located in 910 dickinson street. And it was made mainly by Joe Boruchow but he of course had help from other artists and specialists. This mural was planned out on plain black paper and it was said to be repainted 30 times it's original size on the paper to fit the side of the house. The scale was a lot larger than just a small mural, it had to be made to fit the whole side of a 3 story row home. 


Women in Progress

1307 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107

Artist: Cesar Viveros and Larissa Preston

-Reveal that women can do what guys can do -women are slowly reaching the top -women had to go to through hard times to get what they want

I think the girl in the middle wearing a mask is Amelia Earheart and on the bottom right there are flying airplanes so I think this have to do with Amelia being the first women to fly an airplane.

Women aren’t afraid to do what men do

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 6.57.32 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 6.57.32 AM

Finding Home por Josh Sarantitis & Kathryn Pannepacker


-Ludlow & 13th Street -This mural shows how the community it is placed in is like a family. The mural gives a warm message about feeling at home in your community. The community is very accepting of its residents and welcoming to those who want to join it. -The pictures on the side -The hand holding the word ”Family” -It is a symbol of the togetherness and acceptance of the community

"Walking the Wissahickon" por Brian Ames

​Ubicado en Germantown Avenue, Mt. Airy

3 cosas que este mural revela sobre la comunidad
  1. El Wissahickon es muy importante para las personas de Mt. Airy
  2. Las personas de Mt. Airy son muy personales.
  3. Las personas de Mt. Airy encanta los parques y otras cosas naturales.
2 objetos, imagenes, frases, o palabras encontrados en el mural
  1. El hombre que camina a la calle.
  2. La calle es Forbidden Drive, una calle qué no tiene carros (es solamente para caminar). 
1 razón que es significativo para esta comunidad
  1. El Wissahickon es muy importante para la comunidad. Es un cosa linda que es solamente en nuestro barrio.

Secret Book- Mural- Maciej Pokora

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.37.45 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.37.45 AM
The mural is located at 19th and Callowhill St.

This mural reveals how important education is for the young minds of the community. It shows a student who looks like a minority so maybe it reveals the population. The mural may also reveal that the community might have a problem with education as well.

On the mural you can find a unicorn on the bottom right which represents imagination. You also see very bright colors which just shows happiness.

I would say this is a very meaning mural, it brings color to the community and tries to send the deeper message of imagination in youth. 

A Taste of Summer- Ann Northrop

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.34.40 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.34.40 AM
Ubicado en: Ristorante, 1312 Spruce st.
3 Cosas que este mural revela sobre la comunidad:
- Diversity
-community coming together
- children and adults working together hand in hand
2 objetos, imagenes...
-Farmland ( Intricate Background)
-shared meal
1 razon que es signifactivo para esta comunidad:
-The community of all ages of people coming together and sharing a meal and conversing together as well. 


-Mercado Italiano -Gente Famosa -Tipo -Muchas caras https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjo5pWMsLDSAhVFZCYKHaGDBegQjRwIBw&url=%2Furl%3Fsa%3Di%26rct%3Dj%26q%3D%26esrc%3Ds%26source%3Dimages%26cd%3D%26ved%3D0ahUKEwjo5pWMsLDSAhVFZCYKHaGDBegQjRwIBw%26url%3D%252Furl%253Fsa%253Di%2526rct%253Dj%2526q%253D%2526esrc%253Ds%2526source%253Dimages%2526cd%253D%2526cad%253Drja%2526uact%253D8%2526ved%253D0ahUKEwjo5pWMsLDSAhVFZCYKHaGDBegQjRwIBw%2526url%253D%25252Furl%25253Fsa%25253Di%252526rct%25253Dj%252526q%25253D%252526esrc%25253Ds%252526source%25253Dimages%252526cd%25253D%252526ved%25253D0ahUKEwjo5pWMsLDSAhVFZCYKHaGDBegQjRwIBw%252526url%25253Dhttps%2525253A%2525252F%2525252Fwww.google.com%2525252Furl%2525253Fsa%2525253Di%25252526rct%2525253Dj%25252526q%2525253D%25252526esrc%2525253Ds%25252526source%2525253Dimages%25252526cd%2525253D%25252526ved%2525253D0ahUKEwjo5pWMsLDSAhVFZCYKHaGDBegQjRwIBw%25252526url%2525253Dhttp%252525253A%252525252F%252525252Fphiladelphia.cbslocal.com%252525252F2015%252525252F06%252525252F01%252525252Fgroup-aims-to-keep-south-philly-entertainers-mural-from-fading-into-oblivion%252525252F%25252526psig%2525253DAFQjCNEBMjVo4jHW7MruB6ydpHr3BVh1UQ%25252526ust%2525253D1488288228922303%25252526cad%2525253Drja%252526psig%25253DAFQjCNEBMjVo4jHW7MruB6ydpHr3BVh1UQ%252526ust%25253D1488288228922303%2526psig%253DAFQjCNEBMjVo4jHW7MruB6ydpHr3BVh1UQ%2526ust%253D1488288228922303%26psig%3DAFQjCNEBMjVo4jHW7MruB6ydpHr3BVh1UQ%26ust%3D1488288228922303&psig=AFQjCNEBMjVo4jHW7MruB6ydpHr3BVh1UQ&ust=1488288228922303


Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 7.55.37 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 7.55.37 AM
2803 N. Broad Street

Revela sobre la comunidad 

Importanate porque muestra la propiedad de la comunidad
los ancianos, dice que el mural les recuerda lo que hizo en la historia del deporte
Robinson ayudó a destruir la línea de color en la Liga de béisbol

El bate de beisbol y cara de Robinson
Signifacativo para esta comunidad su legado

Jackie Robinson

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.04.11 AM
Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 8.04.11 AM

“The mural has been a blessing to our community’s sense of self-eseem. Our residents who signed the petition for the neighborhood improvement now feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. Also, with the mural there, the elders who remember Jackie Robinson now have gotten together to talk about him…He opened the door for other sports players of Afrikan ancestry.: