Aaron Tang

Reflection #8

Ms. Manuel

Ayer, un hombre fue muerto en Rio Piedras en Reading, Pennsylvania. El murió en son las once y veinte. Martiz y  Edwin también estaban heridos. Vasquez Quitcon con récord delictivo en Puerto Rico y de Reading donde las policías investigan el asesinato. Vazquez tiene récord en cinco de Junio de dos mil trece. Policías van a investigar la persona. Son las tres y treinta, un hombre encontrado baleado. Ellos se encontraron 17 casquillos calibre .40. Son las cinco por la mañana, un diferente hombre fue encontrado baleado.

Yo pienso, las personas no deben tener pistolas porque ellos van a disparar la familia y chicos. La comunidad es segura por mucho personas. Yo pienso las políticas deben caminar en la comunidad y hablan personas en la casa por asesinato. Yo sabo personas van a morir porque nosotros son humanos. A veces, es malo cuando personas matan.  Mi padre tiene un amigo y él murió cuatro años pasado. Su amigo bebió. Luego, él caminé y hablé estúpido a personas. Los personas estaban locos y mi padre de amigo murió porque ellos cortan su cuerpo. No me gusta personas deber muchos porque es peligroso. Mi padre fue a su funeral.

"Hombre Acribillado Anoche En Río Piedras Era Buscado Por Asesinato." El Nuevo Dia. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2013. <>.

Turmiso en China

Aaron Tang

Reflection # 7 

Ms. Manuel 

Hay los turismos en China. Una mujer de nombre Lin Xi no visita su país porque hay los días festivos quien cuatro mil personas van a el parque natural de Jiuzhaigou. El parque es por turismos van a China. En la plaza de Tiananmen, cien mil personas fueron la ceremonia y después la ceremonia, hay muchos tonelados de basura. Administración de China dijo hay mucho gente viene cada año. Cada año, el número de turismos, ellos van a ir popular países. Chinos gastan mucho dinero en ceremonias tener divertido. En Europa, Alemán visita diferente países.

Yo tengo familia en Alemania y ellos visitan en California. Ellos tengo mucho dinero porque sus dinero es más. Ellos les gusta Estados Unidos porque ellos quieran visitar la familia. Mi Alemania familia visita América casa dos o tres años en el verano. Yo quiero visitar Alemán porque me gusta visitar diferente países y aprendo cultural.  Yo fui China cuando tenía tres años. Mi madre y yo visitamos mi familia y celebramos una fiesta. China siempre divertidos fiestas y yo quiero visitar mi familia en el verano. Nuevo Chino año es popular en China y tiene muchos tradición comida. Yo estoy feliz quien yo tengo familia en diferente países.     


"China Descubre El Turismo De Masas." EL PAÍS. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2013. <>.

Looking for Alaska Review

“I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.” 

- John Green, Looking for Alaska 

Looking for Alaska by John Green is amazing written novel for young adults. It incorporates love and tragedy a combination that draws the reader in. It starts with a young boy  in his teenage years looking for something new and getting away from the life he's so used to. Looking for a great perhaps, and in looking for all of that he meets new friends and a girl that changes his life. Miles Halter enters a new environment where he's nicknamed Pudge because of his contradicting tall and skinny structure. Through out the book they face many challenges, The Eagle, their World Religions teacher, studying for finals, how to spend the holidays, and even pulling off the biggest prank of the year. They’re friendships still remain even when another team player is no longer in the game. They fight and argue, they make up, but most importantly they play video games with the sound off. No matter how bad things get they pull through. Looking for Alaska presents a group a friends that shows solidarity in their best and worst times. It gives an outlook on friendship and the value of life and the people you care about. Looking for Alaska captures a lot of feelings. It doesn’t leave out any real life details. You really get to grow attached to each of the characters as they reveal more about themselves. They each have little details that stand out, The Colonel’s love for his mother, Alaska’s fear of going home, and Pudge’s obsession of famous last words, and more of those little details become more aware to you as you read. Pudge’s struggle, Alaska’s struggle, and The Colonel’s struggle. All of their characters have something they struggle with individually and as a unit. As John Green’s first novel its also the best. “Will we ever escape this labyrinth of suffering?” was a question that come up that caught my attention, because it can mean something different to everyone. This book will affects each person that reads it differently, and how they connect to the story and each character. Pudge, The Colonel, Takumi, and Alaska will always share memories and experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 



She’s everything that makes my world stop

My heart skip a beat

My fingertips turn to ice

Alaska’s touch is as cold as the words that roll off her tongue

She tastes like cigarettes and liquor 

I long for that taste again

I’m hungry for a women I’ll never taste again



I’m in love with him 

And even though you’ll never hear me say it

I’m in love with you too

I’m so many things

But not enough of the right ones

I hate to kill you with my serpent's tongue 

But I’ve been hiding in the grass so long 

I forgot what I’ve become

Alaska: He knows so many last words but he will never know mine

Pudge: I know so many last words but I will never know hers

English Q1 Benchmark

To Kill a Mockingbird

I have never been to Alabama before, but in Harper Lee’s, To Kill a Mockingbird he makes me feel as though I’m reliving a part of life that I never got to experience. In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee decides to bring back the big thrilling situations into teen novels writing fiction based books. The story sets place in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama, which is going through a small crisis. Scout Finch, the narrator and main character narrates many of the adventures that him and his friends in 1935. As the group of kids go on adventures throughout the neighborhood they start to become mischievous.

The authors purpose of writing this suspense filled novel was to get across to the audience of middle school aged kids and teenagers about a story that evolves around kids the same age as themselves. Throughout the text the author uses many examples of propaganda and symbolism to give predicaments of what will happen next in the story. Boo Radley and Scout Finch was the authors goto person to show that the story reveals a more deep meaning background.

Scout Finch, the main character and narrator of events makes me feel as though I am experiencing the events with them. The characters evolved around him helps him get a point that the trials they go through makes her feel as though she is relating to me. This book is filled with many characters of different types of backgrounds. Go and read this book to learn the many untold stories and hidden secrets that this small town foreshadows. Characters like Boo Radley are a spark to why the story has suspense and unknown details. Many other characters like Atticus, Calpurnia, Jem, Dill, and more also play a big roll too.

One reason why someone should read this book is because it makes you want to come back and read more of the exclusive suspense of events. If you’re a person especially just like me who doesn’t really like to read a lot of books or doesn’t have the time this book will keep you in interest of finishing it. This Pulitzer Prize winning novel has multiple themes and life learned lessons that can be very useful to know about. 

This book effected me in a way that makes me want to read more genre relating books by Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird gave me the excitement that I never have had from reading books. I was inspired to read this book because growing up I knew many older kids in higher grades who were reading this book and saying how good it is, however it didn’t catch my attention until I read it many years later. You should check this book out near a local library and read it for yourself.

Lover’s Dictionary

Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan is a good book to read if you’d like to enrich things in your love life. In David Levithan’s first adult novel he decides to add a little spice into his books in which this one is aimed towards all age categories. This book makes you feel all kinds of emotions after you’ve finished reading it. 211 pages of new vocabulary, meanings, and descriptions of identity of love. Levithan’s goal in this book was to write dictionary entries in which was from A through Z explaining the different meanings of relationships, ups and downs, couple issues, and other things involved with love related topics. The author was inspired to write this book after he got an idea after a valentines day one year, then he decided to post his ideas of what love is on many levels and published Lover’s Dictionary sometime in the year of 2011.

After reading this book it made my mind expand to a different level that many people don’t know what to do in a relationship or reacting with ones they love until they read this book. 

Creative Response:

lov-ers {noun} \ˈlə-vərs\                                 

dic-tio-nary {noun} \ˈdik-shə-ˌner-ē, -ˌne-rē\      Lover’s Dictionary {noun}

: a very exciting and fulfilling book filled with tips and information on how to enrich your love life, which include dictionary entries on love, relationship tips, and more based related topics.

Book Information: 




Date of Publication

Number of Pages


To Kill A Mocking Bird 

Harper Lee

J.B. Lippincott  & Co. 

July 11th, 1960

296 (first edition, hardback)


Lovers Dictionary 

David Levithan

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

January 4th 2011

211 (hardcover)



Trife life is of lavish Book review

Everyone has their own preference in books.  I myself like the books that i can relate and have a special connection with. I like the books where there is drama from beginning to end. “Trife life of lavish” by Deja King is a perfect example of that. This book is about a woman named Teresa who is running from her past and meets new friends along the way.  She was living with, and dating the love of her life. He was a man whore, he literally slept with everything that walked. She put up with it for two reasons, she was in love, and he took care of her and her daughter Genevieve. One day she walked on him having sex with an unknown woman. She rages with frustration and curses him and the woman out. Her and the man gets into a heated argument that leads the man hitting teresa. After she recovers, she picks up a lamp and hits him in the head three times. He dies. She takes all the money she knows he has, and her things  and flees off.  With her on this crazy ride is her daughter that can’t let go of her mother’s past.

Deja King does an excellent job using dialogue and third person point of view to show how the mother and the daughter feel about the mother’s past.  From beginning to end this book will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next.

The style of writing she has makes you really want to open your eyes to the world, She writes about real life situations and altercations in a fiction state. She actually has a  whole series of books. They are called the King Productions. Books in her series are entitled, B*tch parts 1,2,3,4 and 5, Stackin Paper parts 1 and 2, Dirty little Secrets, Hooker to housewife, Superstar, Trife life to lavish parts 1 and 2, Ride wit me, and Princess paper. After reading Trife life to lavish part 1, I would definitely consider reading those other books. It’s something about Deja King that I can actually sit there and read her books and not want to stop.

The reason why I liked this book is because something similar happened to my mother. My biological father disrespected my mother sort of in the way Teresa’s husband did to her. Even though I was only two years old, I knew what was going on. My mother even tells me different scenarios of them getting into arguments and fights about the certain things. This book sparked my interest the most because as I was reading the back summary, I could make a personal connection with what the book was about. I love books like that. When you pull me in by telling me a summary of the book and in my mind I say, “Hey, something similar happened to me”, 99 percent of the time I’m going to read it.

Deja King was born in Toledo, Ohio but was raised in California, New Jersey, Maryland, and North California. She went to North California Central College and majored in Journalism. Her inspiration of writing was gained from her mother. She said that Deja had a special talent that she should embrace. Ever since then Deja has been righting books and climbing the charts as a best selling author. Her book “Trife life 2 Lavish” was released February 14th, 2009.

If I was a book critic I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a book with a lot of drama as soon as you jump into the book. This isn’t your ordinary book. This book has lots of drama, flashbacks, and jumps right into the plot almost instantly. And the language is so colorful. If you like confrontation this book is for you. Deja King’s use of dialogue in this story is very choosy. She gives you that mature audience language with a little bit of extra intellectual dialect to add on top of it. This book in my mind deserves a 8 out of 10. I could make a life connection, it used lots of dialogue, it had little bits and pieces of foreshadowing, figurative language, and suspense. The author also did an excellent job describing how each character was feeling at different points of the story. This book had you at the edge of your seats thinking and wondering what the characters are going to do next. So if you like a Action packed, drama, with lots of colorful dialect from a third person point of view, “Trife life 2 lavish” is the perfect book.

Q1 BM - Haneef Nelson

Life In Prison by Stanley “Tookie” Williams, is very inspiring. This point of this book is to educate the youth of the reality of of prisons and what prison life is actually like. Mr.Williams was on death row when he wrote and published this book, he was on death row due to his gang involvement and four murders during two separate robberies. After writing this book and a few others and having a movie made about his life, Stanley was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his literature and his attempts to reach out to troubled youth. Which caused a controversy because people didn’t appreciate that a man on death row, that has done hundreds of horrible things in his life, is now trying to right his wrongs and is being praised for it.

The Bloods and Crips are the two most notorious and dangerous street gangs on the streets of California. Yet not everyone knows the beginnings of these two group nor their intentions. The Crips were Originated in Los Angeles California in 1971. The groups original purpose was to join together and fight against the neighborhood gangs that were bullying them. Self Defense was the motive, the motive was never to be the bully it was to fight against the bullies, although that’s what the group which became a gang evolved into. Stanley Williams is a cofounder of the notorious street gang. In the preface of this book he speaks on his lack of good influences growing up in a predominately African American neighborhood, all of the people he had to look up to were bad role models and were in jail. Those “role models” gave false depictions of jail on how it was fun and cool so that’s what a young Stanley and all of the other children wanted for their lives. So in this book he is attempting to give the youth what he was not given when he was their age. Each chapter of this book speaks on a different part of the Incarceration system, and how inhumane and dangerous jail really is.

After reading this book and viewing his other work I understand why he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, he’s done horrible things in his life, and he acknowledges it but what makes him special is, he wants better for everyone else. I love this book because it does not sugar coat anything, and it gives straight facts. Unlike television and movies which portray prison as dangerous but also as fun, as a place you can go lounge around and workout. Throughout this book he refers to the freedoms you have as a free man and where you’re living with your parents compared to living in jail. An example being the section about “Clothing, Telephone, and Mail”, he says “Our mail is read by guards… I can’t stand knowing that some stranger is reading every letter and looking at every photograph that comes in the mail before I do.” I believe the purpose of this book is to inform the world of the harsh conditions of jail but to tell and show youth headed there that it isn't where they want to be. People who would love this book are prison reformist. This book points most of the flaws in the prison system and how it is designed to keep the inmates coming back. In this book Mr. Williams basically says when you’re in prison you either workout, you read and learn, is crazy, or is apart of a gang. The only thing people have in jail to better themselves to try and prevent their re entry to jail after their release is to read books, and even books are limited in jail if you don’t have family members who care enough to buy them for you. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was executed on December 13th, 2005. The last day he spent alive he told Ms. Barbara Becnel about how he although he lived all those years in that concrete cell on death row, his work with the youth provided him with joy inside his heart.This book should be an inspiration to all youth to stay out of trouble.

This book is nonfiction and was first published in 1998 by Morrow Junior Books a division of William Morrow and Company, INC., New York and then was again published in the United States in 2001 by SeaStar Books. This book is a fairly quick read it contains 80 pages of the horrors of what awaits inside prison walls.

Q1 BM - Brian Birkmire

The Mark of Athena is an outstanding book in the successful continuation of the Heros of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan. It is number three in the series that has grasped the attention of young readers for years now. The series is attached to Riordan’s first five part series he created, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, which flourishingly won multiple book awards. Riordan began writing as a young adult, writing short stories as well as writing for his high school newspaper. He made the attempt to publish some of his short stories but came out unsuccessful. His daughter, Haley, who was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia always showed fascination in Greek Mythology, it was a topic she could pay attention to. Haley asked of her father to create bedtime stories to tell her each night that included Greek Mythology within them. Riordan said, “I had taught Greek myths for many years at the middle school level, so I was glad to comply.” When Riordan created a new story, using the attributes of his oldest son Patrick, he was able to create the character Percy Jackson, the demigod with ADHD and dyslexia.

The story he told his daughter, about a boy named Percy who was falsely accused of stealing the almighty Zeus’s thunderbolt and required to redeem himself, took three days to tell her. Afterwards, Haley told Riordan that he should create a book from the story, and so he did. Today that book is well known as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief. "Making Percy ADHD and dyslexic was my way of honoring the potential of all the kids I've known who have those's not a bad thing to be different. Sometimes, it's the mark of being very, very talented. That's what Percy discovers about himself in The Lightning Thief."  

The Mark of Athena, although somewhat written for the young adult group, is another perfect example of a book I just can’t stop reading. The feeling the author gives through the whole book is incredible. It’s that “on the edge of your seat” feeling, the one that makes your adrenaline pump through every vein in your body, excreting excitement with every turn of the page. When opened to the first page, you find yourself aboard the Argo II, a hand built ship from a demigod named Leo, where Annabeth, who is Percy’s girlfriend and bestfriend, are on route to the Roman Camp to be reunited with Percy. Long story short, Greeks and Romans don’t get along well. Greek Gods at times, change into their Roman form, and during each form they had children. These children were called demigods, each possessing a certain power from their God parent.

Annabeth, who is accompanied by Leo Valdez and Jason Grace, finally arrive in the Roman camp. Military personnel at the camp of course do their duty and take no risk at what or who is aboard that ship. Percy, who was head praetor at the camp although he is Greek, came outside to the ship along with the head of camp, Reyna. The Argo II landed and off stepped Annabeth. When the Romans realized Percy knew Annabeth everyone stepped away while she ran and tackled her loving boyfriend. Later, after much talk between both camps, there was a compromise that although the camps don’t get along, they must fight together to stop the Earth goddess Gaea who was planning to destroy Olympus. Although there was friendship and trust being created, something goes terribly wrong at the camp, that destroys that trust in an instant. Now, escaping from the camp were seven demigods, both of Greek and Roman, destined to fulfill the prophecy they were told at camp. They don’t know what lies in store for them, they must make their way to Ancient Rome to stop Gaea and her children of Giants by following “The Mark of Athena.”

If you are into Greek mythology, this book as well as the entire series Rick Riordan has created, would be a thrilling read for yourself. Although, it can be said the books are an easier read for someone not of a young age, the book creates a massive amount of imagery for the reader. When I read the Heros of Olympus series, there is something about the way Riordan writes that helps me, and I’m positive other readers as well, create the world in our heads as we would see what’s happening. Riordan doesn’t describe the setting of each scene with much detail, just enough for the reader to create an imagination to turn into a reality of what they’d think was there. I enjoy his style of writing as well. With each new book to the series it only continues to amplify the outstanding work he has already created, giving him more kudos per page.

This book is a wonderful read for the young age and a perfect pick for anyone interested in Adventure. Riordan’s most famous character, the audacious Percy Jackson, is the ideal idol for most kids. When you think about him in depth, you see a trustworthy, protective, and insightful hero, who overcomes any obstacle thrown at him. In conclusion, the book The Mark of Athena can be placed in the same loved category all of Riordan’s book have been placed, creating a wonderful world full of imagination and learning for young readers everywhere.

The Mark of Athena by: Rick Riordan. Published: October 2nd 2012. 574 pages. (Fantasy/Young adult literature/Greek mythology/Romance novel)

Hunted Book review By: Jordyn Randall

Benchmark on book Review: 


You would think having telepathy would be great, but what if it put your life in danger?

“Hunted” by Cheryl Rainfield, is a thriller suspense book intended for a teen audience. The book is about a teenage girl named Caitlyn who is  telepathic and lives in a world where having any paranormal powers is illegal. Caitlyn is on the run with her mom away from the government troopers,who are people without paranormal powers who are called normals,they enslave, torture and kill Paranormals. Caitlyn and her mom stop in a city to settle for a while. Her mom finds a job and she attends a regular high school to blend in with the normals. She became friends with two normals named Rachel and Alex. She begins to  fall for Alex. Caitlyn is very scared to become closer to him because of how dangerous it would be if he turned her in. She begins to realize that  there are Paranormals that want to destroy all the Normals, the exact same way the Normals are trying to destroy all the Paranormals. Caitlyn has to decide if she wants to stay in hiding to protect her mom and herself, or take a stand to try and save the world.

The author of “Hunted”, Cheryl Rainfield is a canadian author who has written many books like “Scars” and “Stained”. Cheryl Rainfield has been abused, raped, bullied, tortured, has had her life threatened repeatedly, and has been mistreated because she is queer. “I’ve seen what people are like when they let hate twist them. And I know what it’s like to be in so much pain and feel so alone in that pain that I want to die. I want to lessen that pain for others if I can. And I want to increase compassion. I think the best way of doing this is through books.” Cheryl says that books help us get inside another person’s soul, thoughts and emotions and helps us understand another person and we begin to have more empathy and kindness not just for ourselves but for others also.  We begin to realize their’s more to why a person acts the way they do. 

To write Hunted she thought back on to some of her abuse experiences. Just like the main character Caitlyn, Cheryl knows what it’s like to have her life threatened, to be tortured, and having to decide whether to hide her true self or to be herself even if it means putting herself in danger. Cheryl says a lot of people can relate this book because many people struggle to be who they are because they are scared society will not accept them. Cheryl also had a strong love for fantasy, and she read a lot of books growing up. Fantasy helped her escape from the real world. Cheryl wished that she had telepathic so she could know what her abusers were going to do to her before they did them. Another thing that inspired hunted is the cruelty in the world with sexism, racism and homophobia. Cheryl tried to put a correlation of those types of things in all her books. 

I like Hunted because it was based in another world with different ruled and laws but still somehow related to the real world. It makes me mad and sad that people feel that they have to hide themselves to protect themselves because they’re scared of what people would think of them or what they would do to them. The same way Caitlyn has to hide herself from the Paratroopers. The book made me think about how cruel people in the world are. I agree with Cheryl and Caitlyn, I just want their to be more kindness in the world, so people can understand peoples situations. 


Rainfield, Cheryl. "Cheryl Rainfield: Teen Fiction Author, Reviewer, and Book-a-Holic."Cheryl Rainfield: Teen Fiction Author, Reviewer, and Book-a-Holic. Cheryl Rainfield, n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.

"Cheryl Rainfield." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Oct. 2013. Web. 25 Oct. 2013. 

Bossypants Review

In Bossypants by Tina Fey, you will find very intriguing stories. Stories from how she has a scar on her face, how much she loves and hates her job, and even stories about drunk babies! This book is not a classical romantic novel, or an all jokes book. This book is full of personal events that just make the moment funny. This book indeed is an autobiography. Everything happening in the book is about Tina Fey or related to to her in some way. If you want to know about how someone worked their way up a later, read about someone’s personal life and think hey, I am not the only person going through this, some sketches about Sarah Palin or just get a good(GREAT) laugh then this is the book for you!

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey also known as Tina Fey, was born on May 18, 1970. She is from a town right outside of Philadelphia named Upper Darby. The entire book is about personal to not so personal events in Tina’s life. She explains her childhood, her teenage years and her adulthood to a certain extent. In Bossypants, Tina Explains her childhood. She was very intrigued in the theatre. Everything she did revolved around the theatre. That influenced her life greatly because as a teenager, she work at theater as a cashier. She would like to see everyone perform and one day she performed too. She knew that is what she enjoyed doing. As she grew up that was her support. While going to school, She had a job at a YMCA to be able to pay off classes for theatre. By working and dedicating her life to her job and family, she has received many achievements and is where she is today. Throughout the book, she displays how she worked hard to get what she wanted. By being very detailed when talking about how she went from point a to b and so on, she gives the reader the opportunity to experience what she went through in some form.

This book takes you to a very similar place that Forever by Judy Blume takes you. They are both completely different genres and both have a different purpose too, but they both have one goal; to work for what they want. “Forever” was about a girl who went to a party and  fell deeply in love with a guy she met. The feeling was mutual and were going out for a while. At first everyone was happy for them, but then as time went by, they thought that if they gave each other some time, they would be able to experience new things and would be able to work through anything and everything. The only thing different between Forever and Bossypants is that the main character in Forever gave up her love because she realized that in the time she spent alone without him, that she was not truly in love with him she was just used to having him. Tina Fey was not like this. When she worked for something she workers through it all. In her book, she explains how some nights she had to stay up to finish a sketch for Saturday Night Live. (If you saw some episodes before the 2008 election and a few months later, then probably one of her sketches were in the story and you got a good laugh out of it.) Tina Fey, was the person who impersonated Sarah Palin. Although she got a lot of negative criticism for impersonating Sarah Palin, she kept moving forward and kept making new sketches.

Also, this book gives a very insightful view on what she did at work. She loved her sketches the most. With that being said, if you are really into acting, you should read this book as well. The introduction to this book was strong as well as the other parts of the book.The only downside to the book is the ending. The books ending could have been stronger. It just seems that everything was rushed. Thats like baking a cake. If the most delicious condiments are added to the cake, then a great cake is expected. But if you put it in the oven and leave it for 20 minutes because you are trying to work fast than 35 to bring the cake to perfection, then the cake will not be as good. Or maybe if you add lemon frosting to a chocolate cake. Lemon cake is good but when you mix it with chocolate it isn’t the best cake at least that is in my case. If Tina Fey added more details to the ending like she did to the rest of the book, then the book would of been better. More of a cliffhanger would of been better as well. Maybe when she hits 70, she could’ve written another book and her cliffhanger would of been the completed version of the book.  This book ending was not what I expected. Everything was tied together too quick. More details should have been including. Regardless of the ending, this book is one of the best books  I have personally read.

The life of the actress, script writer and charming Tina Fey is really down to earth and hilarious. Bossypants reflets that all. It lets the reader know that sometimes in life, many lemons will be tossed at you. And you either take the hits negatively or make lemonade.

Bossypants-Tina Fey-April 5,2011-277 pages- Autobiography

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Ben Carson: Gifted Hands

Ben Carson: Gifted Hands

The complete autobiography of the famed African American Neurosurgeon. This is his tale of grit and hard work in a time where the odds were in the complete opposite of his favor.

Spanning the from the late 1950’s up to the late 2000’s, Gifted hands covers more than 55 years of Dr. Carson’s life. At a young age, Carson’s mother and father split after the revelation of his father’s second family. Carson’s mother battled with a lack of education, mental disorders, and finance as she struggled to raise her two sons in the city of Detroit at the peak of the civil rights movement. Although today we know Dr. Carson as one of the most talented surgeons in America, he was consistently the bottom of his class throughout his elementary years of schooling. His mother, working under successful caucasian families, drew inspiration from her employers on values to instill within her own children. By the time Carson graduated from the eighth grade, he was the top of his class. Of course, his successes at his all white school were not met with approval from his peers. On top of racial discrimination, Carson struggled with a severe anger management problem. However, he didn’t let these obstacles hinder him. He continued to excel through high school, reaching achievements high enough to earn him acceptance to Yale University. There, Carson met his wife, Candy. Drawing from the values of hard work, integrity, and his strong belief in god Dr. carson has achieved many successes in his career.

This is an autobiography, allowing the reader to feel more of an intimate relationship with the author. Along with relaying the events of his life, Carson also gives us insights on his thoughts throughout each event. Considering the level of education and knowledge Dr. Carson possesses, the book reads very much at a basic level. The book has a very relaxed and informal tone, almost as if you are sitting in your quaint living room having a conversation with a man probably miles away from your home. By doing this, you can vividly see the way the Dr. Carson matures as he ages.  

Whether you believe the book was written well or not,  it has a certain value to society’s youth. Not just African American youth, but to any young person who aspires to do anything great in his or her lifetime. Observing the way that Dr. Carson overcame adversity, not through natural talent, but pure grit and hard work is one of the biggest inspirations a child can receive. It reinforces the hackneyed message that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. I believe that actually seeing this played out is extremely valuable.

Gifted Hands
By: Ben Carson
Published: Review and Herald 1990
This is a photo biography of Ben Carson's life. The music playing in the background is Fur Elise written by Beethoven which represents Dr. Carson's fondness of classical music.

Q1 Benchmark: Book Review for The Martian Chronicles

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.36.58 PM
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.36.58 PM

Above is my alternate cover to the novel The Martian Chronicles. I decided to do it from the point of view of the Americans before they're even able to travel to Mars, when it's just an idea that some can't even fathom, and when it's finally a dream that's able to come true, the sky becomes a little brighter. 

Jaime Christmas

D Band 

Book Review 

Ray Bradbury’s novel The Martian Chronicles was inspired by some of his favorite writers, including L. Frank Baum, Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs. As he was growing up he spent 3 days a week for 10 years in libraries, investing his time there immensely because he didn’t have the funds to attend college, for he was growing up during the time of the Great Depression. Being a fan of magicians and adventure as a child, sheds light on his style and genre of writing, which he described as “not science fiction, but a piece of fantasy, the depiction of something unreal”. Other pieces of work by Ray Bradbury include, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Dark Carnival, a series of short stories. He later went on to win the 2004 Pulitzer Prize. 

The Martian Chronicles was more than just a story of martians and space exploration but the analysis of man kind and human nature. The novel is set on Earth and Mars, starting in 1999 and ending in 2026. It begins with various expeditions to Mars, which all end in peculiar and mysterious ways. Soon after all of the expeditions prove to fail, people being migrating to Mars looking for work or a better life, because it’s almost like being “halfway to heaven”. They’ve learned that they can completely reconstruct their entire existence with a simple one way trip. As more people arrive on Mars and embark on colonizing different parts and turning it into essentially, a second Earth, Mars starts to lose its values that it once had when the original Martians inhabited the land. Ray Bradbury tackles the idea of mankind with such brutal honesty by showing how destructive humans can be when it comes to their personal comfort levels. He cleverly displays the act of the Earthlings going to these extreme lengths to move their entire lives millions of miles away to create exactly what was on their previous home. This makes you wonder why they would even leave in the first place. If they basically recreated what they already had, whats the point? Well, the two paragraph segment that separates the book in two sections, space expeditions and immigrators, explains it all. It states how everyone is leaving something behind on Earth and looking to replace with something grander on Mars. These men were experiencing what is known as “the Loneliness” which occurs when you finally realize that you’re most likely never to return what you no longer call home. Ray Bradbury makes this connection with his own life because, even he was born in a small town in Illinois. He goes on to discuss how even though the numbers of the men traveling grew, it was understandable for the first men to be traveling to slightly frightened because “There was comfort in numbers. But the first Lonely Ones had to stand by themselves...”. I had never experienced such vivid descriptive writing until I encountered this one chapter in this novel. Even though it was in the middle of the book, it tied together everything that had happened and everything that was to come. There are magnificent sections in the book where the writing certainly makes you question and really consider  who we are as a human race, but in spite these significant ideas there are a couple of gray areas where you wonder how it ties in. An example would be when they’re in America during June 2003, set in an incredibly racist town somewhere in the south. I was obviously confused why this town seemed so underdeveloped compared to the rest of America in 2003, and why a man who was an employer of a couple of young African American men could blatantly say the N word. Usually I would just pass it off to them being apart of their time, but that was just not the case here. I think because Ray Bradbury was writing this from his perspective during the 50’s that had some influence on his writing but it was kind of sad to see how he perceived our country would look in 50 years. There was absolutely no growth in his eyes, and that was slightly disappointing. 

Although there is a lot of adventure and excitement in Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, it’s not the upbeat, one shot that some may be looking for. It’s a constant build throughout the entire novel. Every chapter is about a different person; it’s a different story from a different perspective following the same path, slowly completing the tale. I would recommend this book to people who are more focused on the actual people themselves. What their motives are and what influenced their personalities and decisions. This book would be great for anyone who’s looking at the more philosophical side of things, because when considering mankind as a whole, there’s a lot that has to be taken into consideration. 

All and all, The Martian Chronicles had everything I wanted in a book, and I would read it a thousand times over, but since I don’t have the time to do that, I’ll let my peers discover the secrets and fears that lie within this novel. 

Book Information: 

Title: The Martian Chronicles

Author: Ray Bradbury 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.

 Date of Publication: May 1950

Number of Pages: 181

Genre: Science Fiction

"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" Book review

In this beautiful, spiritual, and poetic #1 bestseller Maya Angelou writes about her childhood and recalls many situations that happened within her black community that changed her perspectives on life. Throughout the book Maya speaks on the triumphs,losses, dignity and courage of the black community. “I know Why The Caged Bird Sings” is filled with many anecdotes that are almost like puzzle pieces that fit together so beautifully that you not only understand her life, you love her life and each and every word speaks to your soul. Maya Angelou is one of very few authors who can write a story so inspirational, powerful and compelling that you build a bond with each character. Allowing you to cry for their hardships and smile at their accomplishments. “I Know Why The Caged Birds Sings” is not only uplifting to the many people in the black community but also,  other communities of people who have had many losses and victories in their lives.

Maya Angelous was born on April 2, 1928 in St.Louis, Missouri and was raised in Stamps, Arkansas by her grandmother. As a child Maya loved poetry, reading books and even obtained a scholarship to study dance and drama at San Francisco's Labor School. After giving birth to her first and only child, Guy Johnson, Maya began working as a waitress to support her new baby  However, Maya’s love for literature and civil rights changed her path in life and she became a poet,novelist, historian and civil rights activist. Maya has been married three times and won over four award including Presidential Medal of Freedom. “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is not Maya’s only book. “And Still I Rise”, “Letter to My Daughter” and “Mom & Me & Mom” are just a pea size amount of all the books Maya has written.

“I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” opens with a three year old Maya and her four year old brother, Bailey moving to Arkansas with her grandmother whom she called momma. Maya lives with her grandmother for many years in a primarily black neighborhood. She grows up as a A student who loves reading. After many years of living in Arkansas with her grandmother something that seems normal but is actually a very life changing event happens. Bailey and Maya get a present from their parent who they originally thought were dead. Then one year later Maya’s dad shows up and decided that it is time for Bailey and Maya to live with their mom. Maya’s dad takes them to St.Louis where their mother, Vivian, lives. While there Maya meets her mothers boyfriend Mr.Freeman. Although Maya’s life with her mother was not perfect, she gets used to it but then the unimaginable happens. Mr.Freeman rapes Maya at the tender age of 8. This experience changed Maya in more ways than one and left behind scares that will never be healed. Through out the rest of the book you can see a difference in Maya after the rape.

For people who are sensitive to rape,murder and racism this book might not be the book for you. Maya Angelou goes into explicit details on her rape and how it affected her as a person. Also, there are stories of pretty graphic murders. However, if you can get pass the harshness of these topics, you will love the book. I would recommend  this book to anyone, of any age who loves reading poetry or enjoys reading books about the lives of people over fifty years ago. This book has historical and social value. “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” was published in 1969, there is 289 pages in the book and there was even a movie made about the book. However, the movie did not do very well because people felt that it could not deliver the same emotion that the book did. Overall, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” is a 10 out of  10 stars. The raw emotion in this book is overwhelming and the compelling stories are more  than  enough to swoop a person off their feet.


Maya Angelou’s  Life

For my Creative portion I wanted to make a collage showing different portions of Maya Angelou's life. My pictures on the neon green papers represent Maya’s life when she moved to Arkansas at three years old. Maya lived with her grandmother and her uncle in Stamps, Arkansas where her grandmother ran a store thats customers usually consisted of cotton pickers and lumber workers. At a young age Maya had the importance of education embed in her. Maya grew up loving to read, especially Shakespeare.In the green picture the pictures represent the racism that was present in Arkansas and they also represent her father who lived in California. When Maya was almost 8 years old her dad came and decided she should live with her mother. The orange picture represents Maya in St.Louis with her mother Vivian. Vivian had a boyfriend named Mr.Freeman. Mr.Freeman ended up raping Maya when she was only 8 years old and told her that if she were to tell anybody he would kill her and whomever she told. The darker orange pictures represent Maya being silent for many years. She wouldn’t talk to anybody but her brother and her family in St.Louis decided to send her back to her Grandmother where she meets Mrs.Summers. Mrs.Summers starts Maya’s love for poetry but also, more importantly, gets Maya to speak again. A few years later Maya moved back in with her mother and that summer Maya’s dad says he wants Maya to spend the Summer with him in California. In California with her dad Maya meets his girlfriend Dolores who has an immense hate for Maya. Maya and Dolores gets into a physical fight that results in Maya running away for a month where she stayed with homeless kids in a car lot. The pink paper represents Mayas life when she goes back to live with her mother and her mother's husband Cliedell after running away from her father. Maya thinks she is underdeveloped  after seeing many other females her age with more voluptuous bodies. She even believes that she is possibly a lesbian hermaphrodite. In order to lay her fears to rest Maya sleeps with an attractive boy in the neighborhood which end up in an unplanned pregnancy. Maya is able to hid her pregnancy for months but soon decides that because she is due very soon that she should tell her parents. They accept her situation and at the end of the book Maya gives birth to a healthy son named Guy.

Q1 Benchmark - Review of Grow Up

photo (4)
photo (4)
Above is a drawing I did of an alternative cover to Grow Up by Ben Brooks. In the bottom left corner, there's a cigarette giving off the smoke that spirals in the center. In the right bottom corner, there's a black book with lines of Ketamine, which is their choice of drug, forming the title. Inside of the spiral there is different important elements from the book, including Wu Tang, Crystal Castles, a dead cat, marijuana, cigarettes, beer, etc. 

     Grow Up

Who better to write about the youth than the youth themselves? Ben Brooks captured modern youth flawlessly in his 2011 novel Grow Up. This brutally honest novel stars Jasper Wolf - the 17 year old version of the author himself. While writing the novel, Brooks’ publisher tried to sway him from adding his own characteristics to his character. Brooks disagreed, and adding his own traits to a fictional character proved to be successful. In the end, it enabled the storyline to be more relatable than the majority of young adult literature out today.

Trying to convince everyone that his stepfather murdered his ex wife, passing school exams, and exempting himself from fatherhood are only some of the challenges Jasper faces in Grow Up. He and his friends just barely get by each day with the help of cheap alcohol and drugs, along with numerous tobacco breaks in between. Although you may not impregnate someone after a one night stand on ketamine, you will definitely find a way to relate to Jasper. Grow Up is written as if it were an insiders view into Jasper’s (Ben’s) mind, and you can’t help but fall in love with him as the book goes on. Jasper sees himself a perfectly fine and normal teenager, until he realizes that he isn’t who he thought he was. Dealing with his classmates suicide, his best friend’s relationship ending, and his unborn baby cause him to reconsider who he really is. Although some people may only see this book as nothing but sex and drugs, it does have a deeper meaning to it. It is about growing up, and the ups and downs that come with it. It’s written in a way that makes you rediscover yourself over and over again.

Brooks grew up in Gloucestershire, England and began writing at a very young age. Grow Up was his first mainstream novel, which was written when he was only 18 years old. His inspiration came from well known American writer Tao Lin, and Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. He mentions Murakami in his writing, saying “Murakami makes me feel safe and positive. I wish Murakami was my stepdad. Murakami would never murder my mum.” He incorporates both of their styles into his writing, which forms the unique inner monologue feel of Grow Up. Brooks is also the author of books such as Fences and the newly published Lolito, which is a spin off of the famous novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

One common comparison is between Grow Up and the British TV show Skins. Skins features a group of teenagers that are portrayed to be partying misfits, but are actually all fairly attractive and well off.  That same stereotype is often applied to Grow Up. People often feel as though he’s following in the same footsteps as many young authors - trying to be unique while still being a cliche. The rebel group of partying teens is long played out by now, but Grow Up has a certain touch to it that makes it feel as though it were the only (and most important) book of that matter.

Brook’s taste and style is somewhat concerning when first reading this novel. His use, or lack thereof, of consonants emphasizes every emotion individually along with the short, simple sentences that are used. Although his writing seems simple and amature, it contains a depth that unfolds throughout the reading. His comparisons are often questionable, such as when he describes his best friend Tenaya’s house. “It is huge and victorian, with ivy curling up the front  like a pedophile’s fingers.” These uncomfortable comparisons keep the story interesting, as if you never know what he’s going to say next.  His use of detail is often, keeping the story alive. It’s as if this were a true documented story rather than a work of fiction.

After reading this novel, I’m left with the feeling of wanting more. Although it would of been great to continue this story, it was perfect timing to end where it did. Grow Up should be a staple in every young person’s reading list. It was written about teenagers by a teenager, so it’s realisticness is unbeatable. It opens up new doors to what life could be like, and provides a sense of hope for even the worst situations. I would highly recommend this book for people who enjoy young adult literature, realistic fiction, or just gritty coming of age work. Brooks is still young, and I predict his work will be getting better with age.

Grow Up / Ben Brooks / Penguin Group / 2011 / 260 Pgs / Fiction

The Thief Of Always Book Review

photo (1)
photo (1)

Clive Barker, horror and fiction mastermind, tells a riveting journey that delves deep into the themes of utopia and mystery in the work of fiction “The Thief of Always”. Clive finds a unique balance between paradox and ordinary as 10 year old Harvey Swick lives out a wondrous life in his own utopia, called the Holiday House. However, sheer perfection has its low points, as for what Harvey will soon find out, utopia cannot truly exist, and behind all good, there is some bad. The Holiday House serves as a true test to Harvey’s wisdom and knowledge as he is subjected to the countless illusions that comprise this phenomenal tale.

The concept of the Holiday House seems very simple and direct: The house serves as a safe haven from all that isn’t what it shouldn’t be, offering homemade cookies made fresh from the oven, a couple nice children who serve as the ideal buddies, and endless activities and fun. The somewhat chilling effect that is given off by the story is the severity of the perfection occurring in this reality. For every day that passes by at the Holiday House, back in reality, an entire year passes. This goes hand in hand with the fact that for each day that passes at the house, all four seasons occur throughout each day. The Holiday House’s extremely deceiving facade is a perfect challenge for the mature and wise mind of Harvey Swick. The seemingly perfect environment, where every morning is Christmas, everything has purpose, and not a dull moment exists, was simply too perfect to trick Harvey. After consulting with a fellow resident around his age named Lulu, he realizes that she isn’t really happy, at all. He discovers that the owner of the house, Mr. Hood, is imprisoning the children with this false utopia. The fact that Harvey is so intelligent and can process such mature and adult-level thoughts makes the read very satisfying, as rarely do we see a ten year old doing the things Harvey did.

The recurring theme in this story is the comparison between what is real and what is illusion. These main topics incite deep thought and deeper meanings under the plot. The sense of otherworldliness within this seemingly ever so normal environment is a prime example of paradox and illusion. This characteristic of the book makes it only more alluring, as it becomes almost effortless to lose yourself in the realms and layers of the story. This strong trait that the book possesses makes it a fantastic read for the more mature audience. This asset brings along another powerful comparison to the novel, which is the comparison of audiences. The book remains simple enough for rather young individuals to thoroughly enjoy the plot, while the deeper meanings will satisfy the needs of the more mature, deep thinking reader.

Low points in this story are scarce. The only ones realistically fathomable are the writing tense (the story is written in third person, some people may much rather prefer first person), the fact that the book had no successor or series along with it, or, complimenting that flaw, that the book was just too short. However, it is still an impressive accomplishment to fit a story of such thought provoking themes into 225 rather small pages. The writing is superb and has a classic flow that allows the reader to forget their surroundings and find themselves immersed in the plot. Clive is a very naturally gifted writer; having been a writer since the 1980’s it’s an understatement to say he’s had some experience in the field. Being an adept horror writer, this novel is strongly influenced by that trait of Mr. Barker. The vibe that is given off throughout the story is a chilling, eerie vibe, and I believe that comes directly from the author’s past experiences in writing.

I would recommend this book to just about any reader who is looking for a great, well rounded story. The length is suitable for most audiences, and within this length are incredible new thoughts and ideas to be explored. Clive Barker has done a fantastic job weaving and intertwining realities in this book. The blend of what is real and what is illusion will captivate any reader, age seven or seventy, and leave them reflecting upon their own reality, what is real and what is not, and other philosophical theories. This thought provoking novel is a wonderful read, but beware, just like Harvey, you may lose track of time after entering the realms of the thief of always.

Title: The Thief Of Always

Author: Clive Barker

Publisher: HarperCollins

Date of Publication: Nov. 18th, 1992

Number of pages: 225 (first edition), 240 (newer edition)

Genre: = Fiction

My creative piece is a drawing made by myself. When reading this book, I got a sense of trippyness, mystery and illusion. In this picture, I drew the house (one of the main subjects of the story), and incorporated many trippy images and designs. On the bottom in the pathway towards the house, I have a double headed creature. The top is a monster and the bottom is a perfect girl. I used this to show the comparison between the good and bad that comprises the Holiday House.

War Dances Review

Short stories are the souffles of literary work; quick and short, rush and it will flatten, leave too long, it will burn. Sherman Alexie is truly a chef who has mastered the art of creating characters that we meet for about a half of an hour, yet are able to savor for a lifetime.

Alexie, a Native American who grew up on a reservation, is an author renowned for his writing skills just as much as for his controversial and personal topics. The Native American writer is so rare, his perspective, a crucial part in the making of American identity, is renowned in the literary community, as well as the world. Racial and cultural notability aside, Alexie’s writing has earned him more than 15 awards. He has written and directed 4 movies included in the Sundance movie festival.

Through his “War Dances”, a series of short stories and poems, Alexie not only questions what it means to be Native American in the America, but what it means to be a person, anywhere. Son of an alcoholic father and a victim of seizures and bullying, Alexie gives us this piece, “War Dances”, that melds lines between fiction and bone-chilling autobiographical facts and moments. Through snarkiness, laughs and an occasional session of somberness, Alexie allows the reader to fully his word for word, masterpiece.

These stories, some told in first person, others in the third, are like dreams. You can’t really tell how long you’ve known the character once you’ve flipped the first page .You don’t remember when you started, but you know exactly where you are. Alexie’s short stories have their readers afraid to turn the page, for fear a connection with the character would be over, like a friend you met during a week-long vacation.

There is something relatable in every character. I, an African American girl felt akin to the Native American man who killed a black teen. Alexie doesn’t just convey the pain of the main character. In every story, he shows how the entire world around them begins to crumble, and at times with a hilarious prose.  

Alexie’s satire is not overt. Every sentence does not blame America for the Native American people’s condition. When he chooses to address the situation (in about 3 stories), there is a subtlety that challenges the reader as a person to criticize the character, as well as themselves. Any reader who enjoys a book that does not answer questions, but rebirths age-old ones and challenges the world around them, as well as their universal truths, should pick up “War Dances”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.16.51 PM
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.16.51 PM
​Artist's Note: This picture shows an artistic comparison of a Native American dancing and a skeleton. Notice the placement of the images, the contrasts. Comment what you think it means.
"War Dances", Sherman Alexie, Publisher: Grove Press,Year: 2010,Pages: 214, Genre: Fiction

Ashley Spells Book Review: The Dirty Divorce

The Dirty Divorce
By: Ashley Spells

The dirty divorce is such an amazing book! It takes place in Washington D.C.From the time you start till the end you are on the edge of your seat. You are always wondering what is going to happen next. This is the type of book where you don't want to sit it down you have to keep reading.Miss K.P. did a awesome job keeping the readers attention and not making the book boring.The book is full of drama and it makes you think and it makes you feel as if you were there. I myself am not a fan of reading books a lot but this book was different I really could not sit this book down thats how good it was.Love,trust,lies,deceit,money,family and sex are the common themes in the book. Pregnancy,rape and abduction hit the family all at one time.
The main characters of the book are Lisa and Rich. Lisa and Rich are married and have two children together,Juan who is the oldest and Denie who is the baby girl. Lisa is a stay at home wife and mom.Lisa gets any and everything she wants and loves to go shopping! I first realized that I was going to love this book when I made a connection with Lisa’s character.Lisa loves to go shopping she is very chill and loves to have fun.When I first were reading about Lisa I pictured myself being with her because we like doing similar things. Rich and Lisa are complete opposites, I guess its true that opposites attract.Rich is a sexy drug pin and he runs the city of D.C! Rich is a gangster and is well respected In D.C. Denie which is Lisa’s and Rich’s daughter is a daddy’s girl she and Rich have a great relationship  but Denie never had a good relationship with her mother Lisa. Denie is a spoiled brat she gets everything she wants.Juan on the other hand is a mommy’s boy he would do anything and everything for Lisa,Juan hates Rich with a passion. Lisa and Rich live the fab life in the suburbs of D.C. They have the nice cars,Big house etc.Rich is top drug dealer in D.C. he is very attractive and girls love him.
Lisa grew up in the church.She went to church every day of the week well until she met Rich. He was the bad guy,she was the good girl it was love at first sight. Lisa fell in love with Rich only because he was the bad guy that’s what she loved most about him.She loved that we was into the game because she grew up in the church she never experienced a “bad boy” Only Lisa didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Lisa is the type of chick that was be like “What am I going to do without him” She was so use to having everything handed to her that she forgot all about being independent. I really hated that Lisa depended on a man.
Rich has the money and the look and girls would just throw themselves at him. Rich always cheats on Lisa with other women. Lisa is so naive about the situation! Lisa really got on my nerves when it came to Rich and his infidelities. She knows Rich cheats on her but Lisa loves him so much and have been with him for so long that she could never see herself ever leaving Rich for good.When she tries to walk away when she has had enough he would always shower her with gifts to make her stay.Rich knew exactly what to do to make Lisa not mad at him anymore.Lisa is so blinded by Rich’s infidelities that she always comes back to Rich.We all have that boy who we love and can never give up.We know that he is doing wrong and that we shouldn't be with him but we stay because of our love for that person.Even when we do leave that person alone we know at the end of the day we will always be there well that’s how Lisa feel about Rich but how much can a person take before they are done forever? I understood that Lisa didn’t wanna leave Rich alone because she really cares for him and love him but Lisa really made me so mad when she started to make up excuses for not leaving. She would always use her kids as an excuse to stay with Rich.
I think a lot of young girls  would love to read this book and can relate to this book. I believe that anyone who does read this book would love it because it touches on things that are going on in the real world and also because its a suspenseful book, keeps you interested and also on your edge of your seat. Overall this is my book review on The Dirty Divorce by Miss K.P.

The Dirty Divorce

By: Miss K.P.
Publisher: Life changing books
Total Pages: 233 pages
Date published:May 14th 2010

Two Boys Kissing Book Review

it was a story nobody was telling

there are boys lying awake hating themselves.

there are boys who clutch secrets at night the same way they clutch denial in day.

our humor was our compass our humor was our shield

when we kissed, we know how powerful it is

ignorance is not bliss. Bliss is knowing the full meaning of what you have been given.

our happiness had defiance our happiness had fear

when  we feared being too open meant opening ourselves to attacks

you spend so much time, so much effort, trying to hold yourself together just for it to all fall apart

if you put enough closets together, you have enough space for a room

it is not darkness we fear but our own dreadfulness in it

the fewer connections you’ve made in the world the easier it is to leave

our lives were short and we never would have wanted them to be shorter

If you play your cards right, the next generation will have much more than you did

I am not wrong. Society is wrong.

The poem above is written using different quotes from the book. I was trying to magnify his poetic use of words. In the movie the people are saying the poem along with different pictures that go along with some topics in the book.

The non-fiction book Two Boys Kissing is a story that travels through the life of gay teens who are discovering who they are and their many different struggles. The author, David Levithan takes you on a journey through the very distinct real stories of teens who share very different stories in their lives. He shows the perspective of what to many of us seems something so normal to in the 21st century be gay, but from the perspective of a gay teen you begin to realize how recent it is that being gay has been ok, if it even is yet.

The author David Levithan is a New York Times best seller, who is known for many other realistic fiction and nonfiction stories for teens. Some examples of his work are Invisibility, Every Day, Every You Every Me, Lover’s Dictionary, and Love is the Higher Law. He decided to write this book when a man named Michel Cart asked him to write a book about LGBTQ life today. His whole life he has seen struggles of being gay;for example his Uncle almost died of aids, or his best friends got married in Washington DC. The title of the book came from a David Hockney painting named “We Two Boys Together Clinging” which was from a Walt Whitman Poem. In his author's notes he says, “This isn’t a book that I could have written ten years ago. And as much as I’d love to credit that to my growth as a writer, I know it’s not really that. Instead it’s about all the people I’ve met and talked to as an author.”

The story is narrated by two adult gay men who follow these other boys through their journeys as teens. The premise begins at a gay prom where kids travel from all over because many of them live in towns where they are not accepted and this is their night. You meet Peter, Neil, Avery, Ryan, Craig, Harry and Cooper. The book switches back and forth through their stories.         

Through the book the main story that connects all of the characters is the telling of two boys trying to break the record for the longest kiss. These boys are Craig and Harry, they are ex boyfriend's who decided to take on this challenge of a 36 hour kiss. Through the story you will see their struggles through the kiss physically and emotionally as their feelings run wild. Craig’s parents do not know that he is gay while Harry’s parents are big supporters of the kiss and him. Peter and Neil are a fairly new couple whose journey through their relationship is laid out in the book. There is another couple that begins to appear, Avery and Ryan who met at the gay prom. Avery is a girl and is transgender, their new relationship endures many hardships even though it has just begun. The last boy in the story is Cooper who has a much harder time than the other boys with his identity. His story is one that is not like the others.

The book is interesting because it gives you a whole new look at what it means to be gay in our society. For people living in an urban setting being gay has become something that is typical. When you hear the stories of these boys though you get a whole new look on what it means. Our society is still ignorant and the stories of these boys will change your life.

The poetic writing grabs the readers attention and drags them into a whole new realm of connection with these characters. In one part of the kiss when he talks about the book he says, “this is the power of a kiss: it does not have the power to kill you. But it has the power to bring you to life.” He intertwines a very typical teenage writing style into one where there is more depth. It magnifies that it is a love story that still has many ups and downs in it and that is shown through the writing style. The book is written with two narrators who follow these boys and for a lack of better words comment on their decisions and their journey through being gay. It flips between their narrations and dialogues between the characters.

Although the book was very well written and I enjoyed the writing style some parts could have been done a little better. I understand that this is supposed to be a vignette of different love stories displaying a struggle but I feel that there was not an appropriate use of dramatization in the correct places. David Cullen in sometimes presented certain parts too over and under dramatized leaving the reader annoyed by giving up so many chances he add to add many key scenes to the book.

If you enjoy teenage love stories that are not so average then this is the book for you. I would recommend it for a young adult audience who is also aware of social issues.

Title: Two Boys Kissing

Author:David Levithan

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Date of Publication: August 27, 2013

Number of Pages: 200

Genre: Teenage Realistic Fiction

Book Review on 50 Shades of Grey


There are many characters in the book 50 Shades of Grey. The main characters’ names are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. They meet and suddenly become attracted to one another.

Christian Grey is a very intimate man with a huge secret. He is tall and attractive with dark, copper colored hair and intense, bright eyes. Christian is outspoken and speaks his mind about everything, but when it comes to his personal life he is extremely secretive. He is the CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. which means he is very rich and confident about himself.

Anastasia Steele is a senior and a literature student at Washington State University. She is awfully shy, especially when it comes to Christian Grey. She gets unnaturally nervous  around him and is very self conscious about how she looks and what she says. She is an intelligent woman with a terribly big issue.

In the book, Anastasia is given a document that makes her think twice about whether she wants to be associated with Christian Grey or not. She can not tell anyone about the document, so she can’t even get Kate, her roommate’s, opinion on the whole situation. If Ana doesn’t sign the document, she will never see or hear from Christian again, even though Christian really cares about her. Kate has her suspicions about Christian Grey, but she just can’t quite put her finger on it.

Christian Grey is a immensely manipulative towards everyone. He can get anyone that he knows to do things remarkably easy, especially Anastasia. She is so attracted to Christian she stumbles on her words and when she walks. They get to know each other very well as the book goes on, but Anastasia still doesn’t know what shes in for. She is sucked into his lifestyle easily by his intriguing eyes and mixed between happy and serious emotions. She sees that he is mysterious but she wants to pull him out of his shell and see what Christian is hiding. She tries getting in his heart, but quickly realizes that he won’t let anyone get that close to him.

Christian cares about Anastasia and wants her to part of his crazy lifestyle, but will she say yes to him?  He asks a lot from Ana. He wants her under his terms with very little compromise. Anastasia doesn’t know if she is ready for the affairs Christian wants her to be a part of. The problem on her mind is that if she doesn’t agree she will never see or hear from Christian again and she doesn’t want that to happen because she is really falling for him, but she still needs to think extremely hard.

The book, 50 Shades of Grey is intended for mature audiences only. Mature audiences means people that are comfortable with reading scenes that are very erotic and descriptive. Most people like to call it “Mommy Porn” because it is immensely erotic and  extremely descriptive. There is a lot of controversy over the book, and E.L. James, the author didn’t think it was going to get so popular so for her first print, she went to Australia and only got a few print outs of the book. Word spread about the book quickly, and millions of copies have been sold all over the world. 50 Shades of Grey is a trilogy, and you will fall in love with the first book so much that it will make you want to read the second, “50 Shades Darker,” and the third and final book, “50 Shades Freed.” This book is an erotic romantic novel will have you on the end of your seat the whole time you’re reading it.

E.L. James, the author of 50 Shades of Grey is a British woman who was born on March 7, 1963. This would make her 50 years old today. Her book came out June of 2011 which means when it was published she was 48. This was her first time writing a trilogy, and I loved the first books so much that I am definitely going to read the other ones. Her birth name is Erika Mitchell, and she just uses E.L. James as a pseudonym. James didn’t expect the book to get so popular. She won 2 awards in 2012 for 50 Shades of Grey and they were, Popular Fiction Book of the Year, and Book of the Year. The book is also nominated for a GoodReads choice awards finalist for best romance. It is also a number one New York Times Bestseller.

Get sucked into the erotic and romantic novel that will take you further than you have ever imagined you could go in a book. Get attached to Christian, find out why Anastasia gets nervous around him, and see if she takes the offer he gives her or turns him down. Or walks away forever?

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Will Amari

Señorita Manuel


Kate Moss, Johnny Depp y Meryl Streep

protagonizan el nuevo vídeo de Paul McCartney 

El ex Beatle, Paul McCartney tiene mucho amigos que era muy famosa y importante. Incluso la modelo británica Kate Moss y el maravilloso actoras Johnny Depp y Meryl Streep protagonizan el nuevo vídeo de Paul McCartney. Johnny Depp, es en un largometraje de Queenie Eye.  

El músico genio, de setenta y una años, es en necesitas de un promoción de su último álbum en solitario. Sin embargo, para mi, Paul McCartney no necesita un promoción. El es muy famosa por su vejez banda de roca, El Beatles. Ellos hacen millones y millones de dólares. También ellos hacen mucho fama. ¡Sin duda Paul McCartney es una de la mayoría importante roca músicos en el mundo!

Es grande que sus amigos era celebridades. Por ejemplo, Meryl Streep y Kate Moss. Yo quiero amigos famoso. Sin embargo ellos necesitan para ser uniqo y cómico porque estoy uniqo y cómico. Yo leí el artículo porque el artículo dije Johnny Depp y Paul McCartney. Ellos son llamativo. Me gusta la musica de Paul McCartney y Johnny Depp es un buen actor. Yo aprendí que Paul McCartney tiene un nuevo vídeo y el tiene un nuevo álbum. Mi favorita álbum es Paul McCartney es Ram. Yo quiero más álbumes de Paul McCartney.

word count: 206

Benchmark Book Review Crank

Book Review 

The book Crank was recommend to me by my Student Assistant Teacher Alisha Clark.  I really wasn’t sure that this type of novel told in verse form was anything I would like, since normally it’s not my thing.  So, imagine my surprise when I started reading it and found myself sucked into the story to the point where I could not put this book down. 

Ellen Hopkins wrote Crank in 2004.  She once said in a interview that her book is somewhat based on her life and things that she went through. I always thought that when writing books, a lot of authors really don’t like to express their feelings too much because some feel like they don’t want to be looked down on or judged.  I feel like we learn lessons from reading books like this, and even though we go through things doesn’t mean others have not lived it.  From reading this book, I’ve seen how families can overcome things for the better and the worse. The book was written from the point of view of Kristina, which sounds like the point of view of the author.  I liked how the author didn’t use a lot of characters and told it mainly from Kristina’s point of view. Each and every night, Kristina sat down and expressed her self about the “monster” and how it made her feel when she was not at her highest point, like how she felt when taking the drugs.  It made me have an understanding about the people who take do crack and pop pills. It showed me that they would do anything just to get high and feel like the person that is inside them would only be expressed when they are high.

I had a few opinions on the plot of Crank.  I didn’t understand why the mother let her child go stay with her father knowing that he was addicted to crack and smoking anything that can get him high. It’s funny because it stated how the mother left him just to get away from it and then to put her child with a person who has a tough time dealing with their own problems. The main character Kristina seemed like she is trying to be someone that she is not. I believe that the author gave her a alter ego name Bree, Bree was the other person inside Kristina’s mind, she was the loud mouthed one and she didn’t care what anybody had to say about her. Then Kristina started talking to Buddy, a boy she met when she was with her father.  I didn’t like how she seemed so easy, it seemed like she’ll do anything for him just to make him happy.  Noticing how Buddy introduces Kristina to drugs, It made me think that the father wanted to have his daughter and her friend on drugs, so that he could join them or have company. I didn’t like that at all. It made me look at him like he is a drug freak and would do anything just to get high. Then for Kristina, who thinks it was okay to do what any man tells her to do. It seems like Kristina wanted to find love, but just was looking in all the wrong places.

This book was written for young girls who think they are out here alone and feel like there’s no one that they can talk to.  Even though we look down on and say that people who do drugs are wrong, I believe that it just some way of how people express their ways. For example, if someone feels like an unwanted child, they may turn to drugs.  People need to have a better understanding of what is happening when it comes to reading books.  Some of us read books just to read them and other read books to learn how to overcome their problems. From reading this book, I came to the point that I learned how to deal with things and I don’t have to do drugs or take anything because from learning what Kristina went through, I know what these types of drugs can do to you.

I would give this book four stars out of four stars because I love how Ellen Hopkins writes some of her book in poetry form.  The overall mood of the story was relieving because of how Kristina grew from being a young teenager to a an adult.   There is a surprise at the ending for the reader that is unexpected.  Throughout the story she overcame her struggles.  After reading this book, I think Ellen Hopkins told a good story and did a good job doing it.  I think the way Ellen Hopkins ended the story was a good setup for the reader to get the message across that the mistakes that Kristina made so that other young girls would not make the same mistakes as well.

Works Cited

Hopkins, Ellen.  Crank.  New York : Simon & Schuster , 2004 . Print . Wikipedia, Crank.  Website.




When the winter came , I felt you calling my name. didn’t  know how to express the pain. Your was controlling me, would let me be the person I am when I feel the monster inside,
 I feel like this person taking my body but controlling my mind . and I like it.
 I didn’t care who see me, I didn’t care about what anybody to say, I just wanted to get high. 
So hard not be able to express me. Good girls ain’t no fun, and the bad girl are just trying to fuck.
Knowing me Im trying all I want to do was be a bad ass and get high. 
The emotion I feel cant no one take it way from me. I was just a fool. 
Knowing that I should go  even when I PACK MY BAG SOMETHING ALWAYS HOLDS ME BACK.

English Benchmark


Book review of “Crash ( Vision #1)”

The novel “Crash” written by Lisa McMann is the beginning of a book serie which is called “Vision”. It is also a kind of love story and kind of mystery

The main character of this book is called Jules Demarco ,her parents are the owner of an italian family restaurant. She lives together with her parents and her two siblings,Rowan her younger sister and her older brother Trey, in the apartment over the restaurant. After school they help most time their parents in the restaurant because it was always in her family that the children have helped their parents in this. Also her parents thinks that her brother Trey drives Jules and her little sister with a truck which has meatballs in the top, every morning to school. But Trey don’t really want to do this so he gives her every week 10 Dollar to drive the truck to school.Her parents thinks that the meatball truck is a good advertisement but it’s more a kind of embarassing for their children. To the normal stress which comes when you owned a restaurant comes the fact that her family is since years in a big fight with the Angotti’s family which also owns a Italian restaurant and which have stolen a special recipe from the Demarco family. Another problem from here is that she loves Sawyer Angotti since she is little and that she is not allowed to love him.  To all of her teenage and family problems comes on really special problem: She see the Vision how a truck crash into a house and after the accident they are laying seven white backs with deads bodies in the snow.

After a short time it starts getting really personal for her because she see the face from one of the dead bodies, it is her big love Sawyer. The boy which has start stop speaking with her from one day to the other day in seventh grade. The boy which she will never be allowed to love.

This vision following her always. She see it when she is sitting in the car on the way to school and look on a screen or if she just want at home and want to see TV and nobody else can see this vision. After a short time she decided to do something to stop the accident but she no idea where she can start or how she get anyone to believe to her. So she start try to figure out where it will happened or why and what she can do to stop it.

This book is more about the love story between Jules and Sawyer than about the accident and the Vision which Jules has. I had hoped more that it would be a more mystery than that it would be a love story. But on the other side I loved her kind of writing a book. She has written it so that in the book where some really sad moments but there were also some moments where you was really excited and also there was some moments where you just had the book in the hand and can’t stop laughing because some parts was so fun.

All in all she has written in a really interesting  way which was for me the reason that after I have start reading the book that I couldn’t but it away.

You will really enjoy to read mystery books which have a big touch of love stories and which are written in a varied way.

Lisa McMann was born on February 27. 1968 in Michigan U.S. . Since 2004 she lives together with her husband Matt and her two children Kilian and Kennedy in the near of Phoenix, Arizona.

On of her most famous book is Wake which is the beginning of a trilogy.

The book “crash” is the beginning of another book serie and was published on January 8 2013.

Lisa McMann writes in general books for children and teenagers and short stories which are more for adults.


Girl saved lives

Yesterday the 13.2 one day before Valentin's day Jules Demarco which is a really amazing Girl have saved many lives. Her older brother Rowan report about it in an exclusive interview what exactly was happened. She was on the way to deliver food to customers when she has made a break to pick him up. This break was in the near of Angotti's and it was also their look because when she was on the parking lot she has seen the truck driving with high speed on the street on the direct way to crash into the restaurant. So Jules had a really good reaction and has taken their truck which has big meatballs on the top and has driven backward into the other car to stop him. The driver of the other car had a heart attack and died which was the reason why he lost his control over the car. All in all Jules has done it and have stop the truck and have saved many lives with this action but she was for a few in the hospital. 

But she didn't risk her live to save the restaurant from anyone no she has done this to save the restaurant from the biggest competitor of her parents restaurant. 

Book Review: Macbeth

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Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 11.35.09 AM
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The world of the legendary storyteller William Shakespeare is at his best when he tells the breath-taking story about a Thane and his betrayal of honor towards the unlikelihood of him becoming the king. The themes of ambition and ruthless power bring out the true colors of the anti-hero.

William Shakespeare, the profound writer, poet and playwright is considered the all time best English language writer. Macbeth was just one of his many classic plays. Shakespeare has written many renowned stories from Romeo and Juliet, the story of two lovers from different worlds, to the story of Othello “The Moor of Venice”, as he brings classical themes together like racism and jealously. He died over 300 years ago and his plays are still related to the present issues we have in our culture today. The format and genre of the book is written as a script, in which the characters and the plot is given through the characters dialogue. The book was published in the year 1623 in a folio. Folio is a Shakespearean term for a series of collected literature.Blood and tears follow him, and the guilt of his unworthy deed costs him his companions lives. The wild grass hides the snake in its charlatan schemes. The two have a zealous soul and little do they know they can’t withstand the ramifications of their dishonored act.

Macbeth is said to be brave and honorable, but he struggles with these characteristics throughout the entire play. Three witches give him a prophecy that he will become the King of Scotland. Lady Macbeth, his wife, wants the prophecy to become reality. Her masculine ambition yokes that of her husband’s. She concocted a devious plan to allow her beloved Macbeth to become King. Lady Macbeth is introduced already planning the death of Duncan, the Scottish King. Macbeth questions himself, when he realizes he must take his own king’s life. Lady Macbeth then manipulates him by questioning his valor and spirit. Macbeth, now in a power struggle feels he needs to prove himself. So he puts all his objections to the deed aside and performs the “manly task”.

The play meets my various expectations. Such as having great dialogue, its ability can to pull me in and catch my attention, starting at the first page. It grabs your ideas and thinking to make you imagine. Another expectation I have is there beautiful words and detail. It gets a kudos for the descriptive details and great usage of words. Shakespeare a genius at work who encourages you to analyze his work.  The book is for readers that have some ideal thoughts on life and have many questions about what's right and wrong. I questioned ideas and themes in the play. For example, a controversial theme in the play was the lust for power and strive to make that power possible. In Macbeth's case, he was willing to kill to advance himself to the throne. Other themes that leave readers puzzled is the masculinity of the woman in the play. Lady Macbeth and the three witches that gave Macbeth the prophecies all jolt a act of violence in his actions. These actions in a woman are uncommon and that's why it puzzles so many readers. The play is full of pages with pure accuracy and detail, giving the reader a new perspective of regret. Which leads to aggressive power. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth feed off each other and that’s how they completed the task of killing Duncan, the Scottish King.

The novel reveals ideas and details that you can never imagine. It’s a classic play that’s is renowned around the world. It teaches you things you would never know about yourself. After reading this play I knew how I was going to approach the world and what flaws i needed to make about myself. Because like Macbeth everyone has ambition or goal. But you can not let it lead you into the valley of darkness and evil. The book can help you make decisions in the future about power and ambition; to teach you how these qualities work together. The book may be a hard read for people who are not use too old readings. For example, the book uses words that are not used in the modern day text. In the book that the play is in the book is organized so that if you understand the dialogue. So there is a nice way you can understand the plot. Macbeth is wonderful plot that you should give a chance.




Date of Publication

Number of Pages



William Shakespeare

John Heminges

and Henry Condell




The Fault in Our Stars


This is a redesigned book cover for the book. I put my favorite quote from the book in the background, and just reformatted the lettering.

I’ve always wondered what the hype was about this John Green guy. I’m a regular on tumblr a blogging website. The links and ravings about his books and the author himself were just flooding my dashboard a mile a minute. This wasn’t the first time something had blown up on the website like this, especially something about books. Of course with the majority of Tumblr being avid readers, there was bound to be one or more book reviews. But this was alarming, the amount of praise this guy got. The book I saw the most buzz about was The Fault in Our Stars. So of course when it came time to pick a choice book, I had something to look forward to.

The Fault in Our Stars, or TFIOS for short, is about the life of a girl who has lung cancer. She can’t attend school because of her sickness so her friends soon become obsolete. She has to attend this meeting/group with other kids who have cancer. There she meets a boy who had his leg amputated because of bone cancer. Soon they become friends and then fall in love, the standard plot for a young adult novel. But the way the author went about it was captivating and completely different from what I have ever read before.

With most reviews I read about The Fault in Our Stars, a lot of people mentioned that this wasn’t John Green’s story to write. It would of made more sense for a cancer survivor to be talking about being a teenager and dealing with the harsh realities of cancer. But I did some research and found that he actually worked in a hospital for sick children. This inspired him to become an author, and those experiences formed the The Fault in Our Stars. This made me have so much more of a love for this book since it was unbiased and came from actual experiences, seeing how these kids lived with one foot in the grave.

Overall the book was beautifully written, keeping me interested through the ups and downs of the plot. It’s hard for a book to keep me interested for so long; that’s why I don’t tend to read things unless it’s a short story or a news article. But this book surprised me completely, with it’s complex characters and realities that aren’t saccharine. What really kept me reading was the limited amount of description. I tend to doze off when I read three chunky paragraphs about how the wind affects the trees. The outside description was kept minimal and focused more on human interaction and inner monologues, which I tend to appreciate more.

I especially loved the characters in this book. For teenagers, they were complex and interesting, their personalities and quirks not seen in most teenagers. Usually young adult novels about teenagers depict them as hormonal, unintelligent beings that live off of drama and the media, influenced by absolutely anything. To be honest, it’s not that far from the truth, but only a small population of teenagers are actually like that. Most of us are actually smart and have a lot more common sense than what we’re credited with. But here, the teenagers were actually decently intelligent and acted like mature people. As a fellow teenager, I really appreciated this and felt like we as a whole were being respected as human beings. However, they only thing that threw me off was the amount of complex and poetic conversation that was going on. We may be intelligent, but we don’t use poetic and novel references. Let’s be honest here: none of us talk like that at all. Yes, we have serious conversations that might dwell into some bigger issues and actually come out with an epiphany about the human race and society. But that doesn’t happen during every single conversation, especially to other teenagers. However, the romance that blossomed between the two main characters felt pretty realistic. Most teenage romance is full of awkward glances and awkward times together. But these two had a special connection: they both had cancer. I’m sure that connection made their romance a bit different, but strong than the standard teen romance.

What really made me love this book was that the reality of cancer was real. I’ve personally never knew anyone with cancer. It’s always been diabetes and heart problems for me, since both run in my family quite frequently. The deaths feel the same, since the death of anyone no matter the way the went feels horrible. But what I find different with cancer (or what I’ve heard about it) is that you can just see the person deteriorating from the inside out. They look absolutely fine one day, but then they get deathly sick the next, their cancer coming back to haunt them once more. In this novel, the threat of dying was always felt and was completely real. Most novels about sickness and disease tend to downplay this, focusing on how strong and happy the characters are, like their lives wouldn’t end at any moment. The characters in this book however always recognize that their lives can end at any moment, and live accordingly. They don’t ever talk about hope, in fact they’ve stated that they are hopeless and always expect to die at some point. They weren’t strong, they were real.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes young adult novels with a  twist, especially a grim one. I think this book would suit teenagers and adults alike. For teenagers it would be a relief to see that someone actually treats us with respect and depicts us somewhat realistically. For adults it would be nice to show that kids can be intelligent human beings with complex emotions that have meaning behind them. The twist and turns will keep anyone interested for a long enough time to finish the book and crave more. Similarly, Green’s Looking for Alaska is amazing as well, with the same complexity revisited. Honestly all of Green’s novels are amazing, and great for anyone to read.

Title: The Fault in Our Stars

Author : John Green

Publisher: Dutton Books

Publication : 10 January 2012

# of pages : 313

Genre : Young Adult