Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit we learned about Climate Change and how its effecting country's around the world. We were suppose to make three different monologues with three different people showing how they feel about Climate Change. The first monologue is about how a man who lost everything in the 2011 tsunami that happened in Japan. The second monologue is about a farmer complaining about all the bad things that are happening to him due to Climate change. The last monologue is about a teacher who is teaching her students about Climate change when something dramatic takes place.

Monologue 1# Video

"I lost everything"

Sitting down on reservation serving food talking to volunteers

I used to be the company manager of Intec the leading business in technical advances. We were making breakthrough discoveries when on march 11. The tsunami hit us i was in my office going through our recent results in a new energy source. The clouds were heavy and it was raining. I saw some big waves forming they were pretty far up shore. I mean my first thought was wow that's a pretty big wave Then the ground started to shake this earthquake was so powerful the building started to shake i could see some of the ceiling cracking.I tried to rush out the building but it started to collapse i didn't even know the tsunami hit till water started to leak in my space. I lost my arm that day. I had been pinned by one of the pillars in the building for five days. Till someone finally found me. That was the worst disaster that has every happened in japan I lost many of my friends thankfully my family took shelter. I lost my company, all my research and my arm. People need to realize that climate change is happening and even though it might not be occurring where they are at its affecting other people. I almost died that day. Once we rebuild I will make it my duty to bring notice to climate change. I am a survivor and a voice for all those who didn't survive.

Monologue 2#

"City Folk"

Hey bill (sits on porch) hows it goin wit you and the family… Well you know me i'm fine my momma raised a survivor. (grabs beer takes a sip) ahhh man nothing like a beer on a sunday. You know the kids been complaining lately talking about all this heat. I told them to suck it up. Man dis damn heat is killing me and my crops. Not even summer yet. Just yesterday I went outside saw all my crops are brown. The ground is hard as rock. Don't know where the water dun gone. Them greedy city-folk been using all that water. Mary been saving up all the water for the week. I don't know how much of all this I can take..( takes another sip) them bill collectors been circling my house lately they're like vultures.  Been threatening to evict me and my family.       They can try my shotgun right by my door let them step on my property. I've been trying to make money but my crops been all dying can't sell nothing all the money I been saving up to pay the electricity. Can't even feed my kids bill (starts sobbing) . All dis been happening cuz of dem city-folk wit all that smoke going up in sky. The news said so. They said umm.. it was climate change. If I don't see some changes in how the government see climate change I might go to New York myself and my shotgun tell them what to do. (Drinks the last of beer) Well alright bill I gotta go Mary will be looking for me soon.    Hey good luck to you to. (exits porch walks away)

Monologue 3#

"Climate change"

In today's lesson we will be learning about climate change. Climate change is important class because in recent studies scientists have found out it is occurring already. Alright Richard (points to student) could you tell the class what climate change is since you seem the most optimistic. That's right Richard did everyone hear him. He said that climate change is when the weather starts to change and have different weather patterns. Could someone some tell me why this is important (chooses student) yes  sally … thank you but that's not exactly right, climate change is important now because over the last century our world has become warmer this is resulting in melting polar ice caps, extreme droughts, and intense rain. There are more harmful effects to. (lightning flashes outside with a big boom as the thunder scares the class.) Ooh that scared me you see class look out side (teacher points towards windows) this rain is an example of climate change this is the most rainfall Philadelphia has ever gotten. Climate change is happening because of the pollution humans are causing. (load noise starts up) Some people are trying to get the government to take notice of climate change. That's why there will be a march in New York during a UN meeting to get them to talk about climate change and I having been thinking for the 9th grade field trip to everyone can march with them. Whats that noise?!!! (Storm gets worse) School starts to shake. Alright everyone leave your stuff and leave the room we have to get you to safety. (she leads the class in the hallway Roof comes off. Hurry up run.. its a tornado.(panting) (tornado comes through the building screams everything becomes silent.)

Climate Change Monologue Project

In our World History class we were learning about the impact of climate change on our world. Climate change is the earth's climate changing for a long time. I learned that climate change is mainly caused by what people are doing to the earth. We treat the earth as though it doesn't matter and that not only affects us but the animals and the earth as well. Due to climate change disasters are happening all the time such as melting glaciers in the arctic region which cause the polar bear population to rapidly decline. Another, thing is the natural disasters that are happening due to climate change. There are many horrid things that are happening due to climate change and we as humans are contributing to these problems. We need to come together and care more about the earth before its to late and then something drastic happens that we can't push to the side anymore. My three monologues tells the stories of certain characters  that are affected by climate change

Teylor Ellerbe

Iron stream

World History

Melting and Gone

( waking up for morning time) I can't believe papa hasn't come back from his hunting trip. He said we were going to play our favorite game “ walk like a penguin” but he hasn't been back since the last full moon, and that was 5 days ago mama says. I wonder why momma prays to the spirit gods at night every night, this must mean papa is in trouble. I really hope papa comes home tomorrow. My 12 birthday is coming up I’m becoming a woman soon papa has to be here he just has to be. ( walks outside) Finally the men are back from the hunting  trip, but where’s papa and what are they carrying. It’s look like a big seal or body. “mama what's that’s, what are they carrying where is papa.” “I don't want to be quite where is papa.” “ Papa ! ....Papa ! …. Papa !. “Where is my dad !” “ He’s what he can’t be I just …. You're lying stop Lying please wheres my dad ( starts crying). Why does this have to happen to me , I have been good I pray to the spirit gods everyday, I feed the dogs, I help mama around the house this is not fair. Papa can't be dead he can't we didn't sing our favorite song for my birthday. He always called me his sweet Etenia right before I blew the candles out. I bet this because of all the ice melting. He promised he would stay away from that ice. I just wanna blame somebody … This is all the stupid Americans fault they have everything to do with this. With their big smoke houses blowing gas in the air and the way they throw dirt and stuff on the ground is horrible. Now my beautiful Alaska  is melting and my papa is dead, who knows what else could happen. Momma may be right after all. These Americans have angered the spirited gods for to long and now they have really done it destroying our beautiful world and taking lives. They are going to pay, their all are going  to pay.

Your Are now Leaving Colorado

( watching the trees) Still till this day I don't understand why the spirit gods gave me the name Napayshni. For crying out loud the name means courageous. As I watch the colors of amber oranges and lust reds cover my friends head to toe I think am I next. For one thing I know I am not courageous, watching my friends fall bark by bark, leaf by leaf, and branch by branch I think Napayshni in no way are you courageous enough to save any of them. These colors seem to spread fast, I wonder what they are ? All I know is that they do something to my friends. It looks so painful. I want to stop hearing the screams of my friends as the colors swarm them swallowing them whole. There’s another life, soul even air taken away. My friends are what make up this place we are everywhere. We blend so well with the mountains and rivers. Why would anyone want to get rid of such a beautiful place that we helped create. These colors smell of the black clouds coming out from the big brick houses. Factories I believe thats what the humans call them I really don’t know, can't really trust those humans. They make the strange midnight clouds that cover me from leaves to roots. Now that I think about it, just yesterday a bunch of humans came out and started creating these colors. They never put it out, they just left it there and then the colors started to move upwards. I didn't know those colors could run so fast the way they did. I also wonder if the humans have to do with the temperature going up. The hotter it is the more colors you see, everything always has to do with humans they made these colors. They are killing off anyone now and soon they're going to kill off their self soon. The colors are getting closer to me now. This is all to scary I don't know what to do. I wish I could move but I’m stuck to the ground. “Your are now leaving Colorado” what a strange sign. The colors are close to me. I really wish my friend would stop calling my name. Courageous he calls, courageous he keeps saying but courageous I am not. The colors are swarming me now, they are turning me to the dust like they do my friends. This hurts really bad. Its killing me. “Your are now leaving Colorado.” I guess that sign is right, I really am now.

No More Fight Left

( walking to find food) “ Naga , Naga all the time she calls me.” I wish my mother would stop calling me. I know don't go near the sharp ice or don't go near the small ice. Stay away from the water. Sessh I’m old enough to walk on my own mama I don't need you babying me. I wonder what's so wrong with playing with the ice. Its so small and looks fun I just wanna touch it. the ice does stick to my white fur we can match, so why stay away from something that matches me.Mhmm when mama doesn't look I’ll go play over there. All I know is i'm so hungry I wish we didn't have to walk so far for food. Since the ice becomes smaller we walk long distances. All this walking isn't good for mama. It takes away all her energy and now she says my baby brother went to the spirit gods to fast because she has no energy. I really don't understand why all this is happening to Alaska. Momma say because of the temperature rising or because the earth is warming. I guess when it gets hot the the ice melts a lot . Its been shrinking a lot lately we haven’t been able to catch any seals for food. I haven’t had any food and 3 days thats to long for a me to go. I think mama hurts more than me though. When we do find some food, mama gives it to me. She is becoming more weak and frail by the second. Somebody has to to help my momma she can't walk any longer, the ice needs to get bigger again momma can't give anymore babies to the spirit gods any longer she needs rest. She needs somebody to save her. I always compare my momma to the earth. They both hurt , they both cry and they both are broken. The earth just has a little more fight then momma. Soon the earth and mamma are not going to have anything left to fight , then were really going to be in trouble.

Climate Change project

Peter Torelli

Monologue project on climate change. This unit in history we learned that climate change is a crisis to our weather. It has been making our seasons changing becoming more harsh. Also many storms have becoming stronger, our factories haven't been realize that we are making this worse. This project was designed to show that climate change is not  a joke and is effecting many.


filipino women talking to news forecaster about the storm. Arguing that this is our fault.  

Why?, why us, we do nothing to deserve this. Everyday I ask myself, when will another one come, and how will I prepare. My home destroyed, my village suffering from our “ina kalikasan.”  I listen to the news, overhearing the march on climate change. Then I realized this happened because of us, our factories, cars, global warming. This needs to end, our world needs to be healthy, our leaders need to realize how catastrophic this is. I gain hope because of the march, I pray if this march can be reflected on, to make it big enough to spread the word that fear is coming, just to ignore it! My sisters and brother were killed, this has to end now.

If ina kalikasan”  is dieing then we are coming with it. I know as human that our civilization will succeed to live, from our ancestors we have learned to fight for what is right, to adapt to our environment! If I have to die, for my kids to live in a clean healthy environment, then yes, let me die today. I will not let my kids suffer in this unhealthy, disastrous environment. I believe in faith, I believe that I suffer now for the greater being in the future. I dont know what the future looks like but I hope it doesn't look like this one. People might not know what it feels to suffer because they are in there nice homes, but one day there storm will hit, and it will destroy.

monolouge: 2

A middle age women

addressing: climate change to the fellow protesters.  

Tv turned on, mommy mommy look at all these people marching, Mom shutting off Tv,  where are you going mommy, “ sweetie mommy will be right back, I have to take care of a few errands.” “Jessica is on her way to take care of you while I am gone.” Knock knock, Jessica arrives. Hi Ms. hopkins says jessica, “hello Jessica, I will be attending the march today, but sophie doesn't know that, and I can't have her knowing.” “Why Ms, hopkins, Jessica said, well if I tell her the effect of climate change and what it is doing to the environment she will get upset and scared.” “Ok sweetie mommys leaving now you be good ok, yes mommy always sophie said.”

Ms hopkins arriving at the march, talking to the other protesters. “Everyone gather up”, crowed silent. We are gathered here today at this glorious protest, to prove that our earth is slowly dieing, because of us. Our factories are blowing out 12 gallons of smoke every minute, for what just to produce things that us selfish government needs. This all changes now, finally we get to fight for what is right, for the people that have already suffered from the catastrophic events. Lets make history at its finest, but before we start lets say a prayer for those lives that we lost and also the people that are suffering. “Our lord please let those that suffered the most from climate change to rebuild, like humans do and to adapt to the effects, also to make the best of what they got, amen.”   


monolouge: 3

characters: 2 brother squirrels/ older brother teaching little brother about smoke from factories.

1 squirrel speaking to the other about how the factory smoke can make them not breath also leading them to choke and waste all their energy on trying to breath. During the winter they have to find some wear else to conserve their energy and how the factory smoke can make them not breath also leading them to suffocate, this makes them waste all their energy on trying to breath.

Come on little brother this way I want to show you something, as your big brother I am going to have to show you a lot as you start to older. Little brother says, “Where are we going big brother.” Older brother says “you are about to see the monster.” Here we are, take a good look of what you see because this is the one place you don't want to be near, I show you this for the better. I call it the monster because it blows out so much smoke that can get into your body and kill you. This is how our dad die, Mom says that he was looking for nuts during the winter, and out of nowhere he gets a big whiff of strong poison that kills him.

Little brother, “So, cant we just stay away from the smoke.” Big brother, “No, it is not that easy, when winter comes around we have to be a consumer of energy, we can try to run from the smoke but the smoke spreads so much that I trap it into the forest where we live.” But little brother, I believe that as animals we are just like the humans, we will always thrive to live and expand. This is not just killing us but our earth, last year our winter was harsh and our summer was hot, I believe it is the monster that is doing this. Ok, little brother I hoped you learned a lot today, lets go home and tell mom what you learned.

Climate Change Monologue Project

This is the monologue Project of Harry Freed and Xavier Carrol. We worked together on five monologues that were meant to show the effects of climate change through five different pairs of eyes. We decided that most people would be thinking of their monologues from the point of view of the direct victims, but we decided to try and avoid what we assumed would become cliche. Our monologues seek to explore global warming from more abstract viewpoints, to get into the heads of the outliers in this situation.

Monologue 1:
Polar Bear Photographer:
Dear Alva,
It’s been two days, and there’s no land, not even an ice cap. I can tell its legs hurt, his paws move almost lifelessly. For the first time I feel dread. The assignment was easy, a four day shoot following the events of a dying polar bear. I’m making a lot of money too, 200 dollar for every picture they use. But it’s getting harder. Just watching things change. 
There use to be lots of ice. Ten years ago you could walk from one end to another without worrying about falling through. That was then, but the ice is melting now. I've been shooting for three days, and I haven't touched the ice once. It’s a liability issue. This whole thing is messed up. “we want sympathy” they said. “We're the direction that this company is moving People want a happy ending; they want something to remember.” they said.
We're dying. As a planet, we're falling into decay. I don't think our children will survive if the world keeps changing. Remember when Billy learned about extinction? I think the idea of it is scares him. He comes home reciting facts as if he’s searching for some sense of security. When he heard I was taking pictures of polar bears he recited everything he knew about them. There are 20,000 polar bears he said, not quite aware of just how small the five digit number really is, when compared to the magnitude of human population. I think he might be asthmatic.
I know she had children. Two if memory serves. The first one starved, and the second drowned. I'm still pissed at John, I could've made bank. $500 for every picture, what I could do with that money. I hate the fact that their lives are worth money. Man, if I could change something, anything. But besides that I wish I could see you, I wish I could have been there for Walpurgis day.
Your wife, Agnes
Monologue 2:
Protect Our Factory Owners:
Alright, looks like everyone’s logged in. And I’m sorry I couldn't be there in person; it’s just that I spend too much on gas as is, ho ho ho. Driving from this far up North to a press conference would be silly, so I’ve got you all on video-chat. Anyway, before I get to answering all of your questions, I'd like to ask a question of my own: ho-ho-how did the picketers manage to get here? And furthermore, what do they care? I provide a service! I provide an important service! It takes a lot to run, sure, but isn't it worth it? When your children play with their toys, isn’t their smile worth it?
I’ll admit, I definitely use a lot of resources in my factory. I’ve seen the data, yes. I know-ho-ho that my factory emits a lot of greenhouse gasses. We certainly drain the world of its fossil fuels. I know you want me to fix my factory, to make it greener. But let me defend that: changing a factory for the greener is expensive. Maybe someone who doesn't own a factory wouldn’t be able to understand, maybe that’s it, but I produce a pretty incomprehensibly huge amount. The amount of money it would take to clear that all to be environmentally clean? Ridiculous. Second, I work primarily in the winter. I benefit from a warmer Earth, so why are we trying to stop that?
The resolve of those picketers is incredible, but I'm not going to shut down my factory over something I don’t seem to have stake in. Ever seen the face of a little child of Christmas? We can't be cutting that away, now can we?
Santa Claus; signing off.

Monologue 3:
I’m not OK with the business practices of Joe’s Toy Emporium. I will not stand for this. The recent expose on the Northern factory has opened my eyes to the evil strategies of Joe’s, and I won't sit idly by. Oh, haha, I won't stand for it or sit by it, haha. No! I digress! No healthy human can let this happen; no one could let your evil business keep at it!
Who could just sit or stand or even squat while our environment is destroyed? Inaction is terrible. Bad actions are worse. I can’t work for a company that spills so much waste into our world. The worst part of it all is that so many people in the corporate chain had the ability to break the chain, to just refuse, and they ALL leave the evil in place! People with more power than me are ignoring their duty as a human in favor of their duty as a drone.
So, I'm making the biggest, most final statement of my life: say goodbye to this toy store, because if I didn’t make a statement, no one would. I’m a prophet of the earth, and none of you listened. So you brought this extremist resignation upon yourself, I suppose. 
They'll jail me for acting.
To our lovely CEO: as your store burns, I hope you fat cats know that it’s your fault. You're too rich to feel the consequences! You don’t care!
To the consumers: filling their wallets will do you no good.
To the cops and the firemen: get ready.
​Monologue 4:
No Joe's:
That damn flower-child; that dog! Everything, everything is gone; and for what, environmental justice, I recycled. What about real justice? Doesn't he know what I’ve been through? My wife, we, we just had a miscarriage. I don't need this right now, she…. we’re, I'm a mess. *coughs violently* 
This smoke is disgusting. I can barely breath; it’s so thick. It’s like the whole of China’s in here. 
You know what the problem with these little hippy-dippy tree-huggers is? They think the entire world is ending. I understand the fact that things are changing, but then they go and overreact like this. These idiots don’t understand that the problem is higher than me!
I can't believe... I can’t believe that they burnt my store. My wife, what are we gonna do, I can't tell her more bad news, she’s already so hurt. I can’t watch her cry again.
Y’know what? Whatever they said about climate change, whatever they said, must be wrong. It has to be wrong, because burning livelihood can't be right. So the climates getting warmer? I’m gonna buy myself a God damn parasol, and some SPF 80. I’m not gonna let that joke of an idealist rule me! He thinks that he burns down one store, he burns all of the blokes higher up? Well that’s not how it works! Damn hippy, probably never worked a day in his life. I'm the victim! I’m the one who can't come back from this! He doesn’t save the world by hurting bystanders. He can't see that.
He can't see that he’s why his movement has a bad reputation. He acts like it’s all this, and then he goes and gives himself this reputation!
I will make sure that no one agrees with him.

Monologue 5:
(walks into office)
( only speaker is in view for the entire monologue )
I hate you.
(looks over at man in the sitting across from him) 
You’re not much better than me you know that.
What, no.
(coughs awkwardly)
Like I said I don’t have anger issues.
Just because I told that passive aggressive boss of mine, that the toys, that I designed, was unessesarily wasting plastic, he sends me to this b.s asylum for the whack o, s.o.b’s with daddy issues!
where do you get of saying that I have anger issues
I’ll tell you why I’m angry.
 All these fat cats are wasting this planet for what, money, pride, it’s not worth it!
What about my children, what the hell are they gonna do when the worlds just floating ball of carbon? These fat cats sure as hell don’t  give one, and thats why I’m here. The big man in the  factory, that son of a gun couldn’t tell his cookies from his elbow.
Hey, what are you writing
Can’t stand liars.
Mr.Nick does the same, 
He swears to the world that he’s reducing CO2, hell he even visited that cancer patient in china, but does he really give two cares. 
(pauses and faces the therapist)
What is the point of this again
I know that it’s not just his fault, and if I really cared I could do something on my own.
I guess we can all do things to make a change, really and it shouldn’t be all on other people.
I guess we need to learn to take responsibility. 

Tahmid's Monologues about Climate Change.

We have done several research in our World History class to see how climate change is effecting our environment and how things plays a role on causing it. We saw videos about people coming up to protest and stop climate change and did research ourselves to get a better understand on what's causing these climate change. Climate change became a huge factor in our world at this moment and it's going out of control. Now everything we do, probably plays some kind of role causing the climate change. My goal was to inform people what they are doing to cause climate change to happen. I wanted to inform others that not to expect the world leaders to minimize climate change, but to do something yourself to minimize it. I wanted people to understand that climate change isn't a small issue anymore, it's has gone wild and if we don't take any precautions now, we will severely suffer later on. My main goal was just to inform others in a formal manner that we can make a difference, a positive difference. If we come together in hand and hand, we can do something. We have to think about how small acts can effect someone else out there. Those were my main goal while creating these monologues and I believe you will learn something too from my monologues. 
Thank you. 

The Questionable Penguin.

( The reader act like they were waking up) Wow, what a beautiful day? Isn’t it huh? I wonder how long it’s going to stay like this… I think I will go on top of that snowy mountain so I can slide down the hill, maybe notice some of my friends, well dead friends to be more clear? haha, not funny but true. ( The reader walks to one side of the stage) Oh look, humans! Hey there! How are you doing? Why are you folding your two hands near your eyes? Oh stop, stop it. What’s that flashing? Stop it! Are you even going to listen to me? It seems like he’s moving as I am moving too and changing the motion of his hands like it’s deformed. Are you even listening to me? I said stop the flashing. Well I don’t care, you are going to listen to me now! What are you doing here huh? Aren’t you happy yet? You know what I was supposed to do now? I was supposed to feed my chicks, yea I said chicks! They were supposed to be playing with each other but now they are gone… They are gone, their soul is gone. Oh why? Did you ask me that by the flashing? Oh, not that big deal to you I guess but it’s all because of you, yes you humans! It’s all because of you. My chicks were starting to hatch from their eggs. Their eyes were about this see this beautiful world but before they even did that, the sea locked ice started shaking. It started shaking and rippling so hard that in 5 seconds it broke away. I ran after one, than another then another but before I couldn’t catch them, they all washed away in the cold freezing water. I couldn’t do nothing but watch them, hear them crying and needing help. I was helpless. Oh stop it!!! Stop the flashing before I jump in the water and splash this icy water all over your deformed arms. But I am not going to do that, because I am not that cruel like you are. You have done all these! My cousin from Cape May saw all the harm you all were doing. The fossil fuels that you are burning, the distributin and cusbustion that you are making, are those really needed? Are you even thinking what or who might be affected by those? All those methane you are releasing into the air, and then it causing greenhouse effect where the heat is getting trapped inside the Earth and causing the ice to melt here. Oh , I think you don’t care at all! Because you know, you got Air Conditioner to cool you and your kids off. But what about my kids? Aren’t they as precious as your kids? Am I not a parent just like you are? The other day my brother passed away because their were shortage of ice and he didn’t have places where he could store the food. After starving for several days, he past away. Went away far from us, and never coming back, just like my chicks. Well, you didn’t stop the flashing because you know you are humans, selfish, greedy humans.

The Giving Environment.

( Speaker starts at the corner of the stage with a happy face, then slowly get’s sad) I have never slept in the past, I am not sleeping now, and will not sleep in the future. But there are these group of ferocious factors that are causing me to fall asleep, slowly slowly, and slowly. But I don’t want to, I don’t want to fall asleep. Please don’t ask me what are the reasons but there are so much to even tell. It’s indubitable true on how many things out there that depends on me. Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you understand how precious I am? Don’t you understand that not only you, but there’s so much more that relies on me. God has given you me, so you and your family could live happily. You are supposed to take care of me but look what are you doing to me.., you are making me to fall asleep. If I fall asleep once, do you have any clue what might happen? Your children won’t be able to play safely outside, you won’t have any natural products to feed yourself, your friends and family are going to go far away from you and never come back and many more. Do you remember, when you climbed and played with the trees who used to grow in my heart? You remember those trees who used to provide you with yummy apples and mangoes which you used to eat? Remember the trees who gave you oxygen to breathe and live this long? Do you even remember them? What did you give back to them? Those trees are just like my children. They were living their life happily until you started growing up and started caring less and less about them. Don’t have any time to look after them because you know , now you are all big and busy minding your own stuffs. Why would you care right? If you don’t do any good for them, at least don’t harm them. What if I say because of your actions, my trees won’t be able to provide enough oxygen for your next generation! Let’s not forget you telling me stop stop this change. How am I going to do that if you don’t stop it yourself. You are telling the world leaders and complaining to them like little babies, that they should stop climate change. What are they going to do if you yourself using commercial and organic fertilizers to cultivate the soil and causing nitrous oxide? You have any answer for me? No you don’t because you are selfish. All you think about it money and money but money isn’t always the first consideration, you have to understand that all the climate change is affecting me, the environment. So please, please let your friends and family know that one person can’t make a change on this big factor. Everyone plays a role on it. If you all don’t commit to help me, the environment is going to fall asleep soon.

Confused Mother.

(Mother enters the stage from the corner, acts like tired as she was coming from the work) Hmmm, had a rough day today. Need some cold water to cool myself down, but where’s that going to come from since I am an uneducated mother who lives in Bangladesh in the poorest condition. (She sees her 7 year old laying in the floor coughing and runs toward him) Abdul! What happened to you my son? Can you see or hear me Abdul? (She starts to cry near him) Abdul, answer me please… ( She takes her son and runs at the corner of the stage, yelling doctor) Doctor, doctor!! Help my son please!!! What? Tk. 30,000? Where can I get that much from? I am a poor mother who works in a industry! Okay okay, I will arrange them soon but please look after him now, I beg you! (Doctor examines for 3 minutes while the actress lays in one corner and prays to Allah) Oh Allah, please save my son. He’s the only thing that I have left. (The doctor returns) What? He have a liver disease and malaria? But he’s only 7 years old doctor, how can he have those? ( The mother breaks into tears again) They are caused by Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) you said? And you also said CFC's mostly produces from industry? (The actress gets silent for 10 seconds) That means I caused all this? I gave my son liver disease? How you asked me? Because I work in that industry doctor, I do! My house is right next to the industry I work at, which means my son is exposed to all the CFC's the industry releases! My industry have these huge heat pumps and one day I saw on the back it says it had CFC. Those heat pumps are on 24/7 and generating all the CFC's which probably got my son liver disease. My industry also supplies refrigerator and Air Conditioner which contain CFC refrigerant. My son had a lover diseases because of CFC, and it’s all made by me because I work in the industry which produces CFC. But what can I do? (Mother yells out loud) I need money! I need money to keep food in the table for my soon. I need money because of his education. I need money to keep us both alive. My industry can eliminate the CFC refrigerant products but they won’t… I know they won’t. Because it’ll cost them to make CFC refrigerant products and people won’t purchase it. It’s the industry's loss. But do they even care who might be affected when those CFC's release? No they don’t, they won’t care about us. And more likely, they won’t care about us poor people either. They barely give us enough salary after working our sweats off for the whole day. I am bound to work in that man killing factory just because of money. I know the factory is also releasing CO2 because one of my co-worker told me the other day. Those fumes they are releasing from the top of the industry probably causing all the heat, which led my son to get malaria. What can I do to stop it? Nothing. I am just a poor mother who lives in Bangladesh where the upper class people don’t even care about us. We are like rubbish to them. But they have to start caring from now or soon their kids will face this deadly disease like my son is now facing. Well, I can’t afford that Tk. 30,000 and I know my son will die soon… but doctor, tell those rich people, to do something now and to stop producing CFC generating products, or else CFC soon will eat this whole world. (The actress goes crazy/wild) Hahahaha.

Climate Change Monologue Project

In our world history unit we were learning about the issue of climate changes. We read articles and watch videos about climate change and how we are directly connected and how we are a major reason. In these monologues I have written 3 different perspectives on climate changes. All of the characters that I have created in these monologue each live in different places of the world and thus different perspectives on climate changes.


*talking to the other members in the shelter*

I still can’t forget what happened that day. I was so close to it. I was sitting down

just watching and listening to the sounds of the city(village) and then a huge wall of water was coming at me prepared to swallow me whole. I ran for my life and just kept running and running until I couldn’t run anymore then I felt someone pick me up and took me to safety from the wave. Once everything subsided me and everyone else who survived walk out of hiding to see the destruction that was caused. everything was leveled. I heard people calling for loved ones even though they may never get an answer. families destroyed and having no place to sleep. And oddly...I was happy. deep inside of me now everyone felt what I felt. They all now are homeless too. Now people will pass them by and feel pity for them.I’m sick to my stomach for feeling this way but deep down I’m happy. Days later the people came as you all know and they seemed so helpful and were here to the rescue

and  showing it through those big boxes that those men carried around that they were talking into... a camera I think. Things were looking up for us but that soon passed. I overheard grownups getting angry that yeah we made steps forward but we still are stuck in shelters and still had debris on the streets. everyday I kept listening to the conversations of the grown people and learned so much about our problem. The wave was called a typhoon and the reason for it wasn’t even our fault. I was confused how  this happen and not be our fault. I see youre confused too but  those same people that were here to rescue us were actually the problem in the first place.


*talking to the board after getting fired from his job for speaking out against them*

I would like to start off with thank you for allowing me to speak to all of you today and secondly, you are all stupid cooperate jerks. sorry sorry dont kick me out(pauses)yet at least let me finish. This here plant in limerick needs to shut down. yeah gasp and be shocked as much as you want but its true. This plant is causing more problem than it’s worth. for crying out loud you cant even drive by this place without the radio in your car going fuzzy because of all the radiation, not to mention this is a outlet mall full of people outside right across the street. let me calm down. this plant cares nothing for peoples safety and i'm not talking about the workers no i’m talking about the people outside of this company.(sighs)I have a daughter you know. she’s turning 8 tomorrow. one day she came home from school one day after the events in the philippines and said to me “daddy what caused all of that”. This may sound like an easy question to answer but I only saw past the easy answer of saying the typhoon. I had to tell my daughter that people where we live caused it. that our carelessness with our pollutants and radiation caused so many people to die and many more to become homeless. All she did was look at me and walk away. Have any of you had that feeling.The feeling that you just had your entire world destroyed.The feeling of having your own daughter ashamed of you.The feeling of guilt for your actions(pauses) probably not. Anyway back to my daughters birthday do you know what she wanted for her birthday, to send a care package to a child in the philippines. Yeah. I already set everything up and the red cross told me that a boy named takai was going to receive this package and that my daughter is a saint. funny isnt it. My daughter has done more than you and you people on the board will ever do. so while you sit upon your thrones and not care about your actions I want to remember that. And lastly I am not sorry about speaking out against this company for I am only sorry that any bit of humanity has left your hearts. Thank you for listening and dont worry I saw you press the button for security so I’ll leave and dont worry about firing me because I quit.(exits the room).


*Glacier speaking to polar bears about what's happening to the climate*

I have been around a long time. I have seen a lot throughout my years being a part of this earth...well mainly ice and water but you know what I mean.I can feel myself dying.Let me rephrase that not dying just feeling the natural order of life and changing into a different form of matter.Which wouldn’t be so bad If it wasn’t happening so soon. My children I have helped you and your generations to ever be and to ever come but I fear that I will not be around long enough to help any longer, In fact I may become the reason for your demise. I’m sorry that it has to turn out this way but I feel as though this change is inevitable. I hear my brother and sister elements cry out in pain as well. the air coughs as it’s lungs are filled with smog and radiation and the sea cries out in agony as it becomes polluted but worst of all is grandmother earth herself. Everyday she heats up and boils as the sun’s rays get trapped.This why I’m melting and I am not the only one that feels the pressure of these climate changes. sadly I fear that you will feel it too for as I melt I become one with the sea and then the sea will rise and soon try to devour you. I am so very sorry. If you wonder who could have done this it is those beings that walk upright. They know of what they are doing and yet still choose to poison their own climate. They know that their actions have caused trouble for their own kind as they ravished their own with the wrath of a typhoon And yet still continue. Do not mourn over me or resent the ones who brought this nightmare to reality I just want you to make them realized their mistakes and show them that this is their climates as well every action that they make regarding it will affect them in the future whether it be immediate or gradually but let them know this it is their climate to change be it for the better or the worse.  

Rifah's Climate Change Monologue Project

Climate Change Monologue Project

Part 1:

During this unit in World History, we learned and discussed about the global issue of climate change. We started by learning about what climate change is, how it began and why it is relevant. Climate change is basically the earth’s temperature getting warmer. This is mainly caused by human activities that require the release carbon dioxide and other gases into the earth’s atmosphere. This is relevant because climate change is negatively affecting and causing destruction to the earth and all those who inhabit it. In my monologue, my goals were to show the reality and negative effect of climate change first hand and actually make people feel upset about being the cause of it. I also wanted to inspire people to do something to bring change. I hope that my monologues reflect my goals and that you like them!

Part 2:

“Saving the Turtle”

Dear Diary,

Guess what? While I was on a predawn jog down the beach with my dad the other day, I almost stepped into this random hole in the sand. Since I’m only at the shore for a month during the summer, I had no idea what it was. When I took a closer look, I saw eggs inside it! My dad looked astonished from behind me. He told me that those were most probably sea turtle eggs. The eggs were so small! While my eyes skimmed the area, it landed on a huge dark shape just a couple steps away. I slowly stepped closer and it was a sea turtle itself! My excitement grew as I got even closer, but it was almost immediately gone. The sea turtle had a plastic bag, wrapped around its neck. Bits and pieces of the bag were around its mouth, indicated it had attempted to eat some of it. Now it looked too sick to move. I motioned my dad over and he examined the turtle. He told me he was going to contact a sea turtle rescue team and told me to wait right where I was. I softly brushed my fingers across the turtle, trying to comfort it. I’ve never felt so bad. This honestly could’ve been anyone’s plastic bag. God knows it could’ve even once been mine. When the rescue team finally came, they took the turtle away for treatment and told us they’d send us updates about its health. As soon as I got home, I did my research on sea turtles. Turns out, its not only the trash in the water that’s been harming them. It’s also climate change, a topic from last year’s history class. I didn’t really care about it then, but this has truly opened my eyes. Now I care beyond measure and I want everyone else to care too. I’ve been up all night waiting for their call, it still hasn’t come.

“Too Late”

Dear Diary,

He’s dead. We got the call late at night, a whole day after we found him. They said that he was actually doing good when they first brought him back. In fact, he was getting better fast. Then the next second, he was gone. They said cases like this were probably the most heart breaking. They were absolutely right. I felt numb after I hung up and still do. I wish that I could do something, but there’s nothing I can do to bring him back to life. I remember so vividly, touching its slippery skin, looking into it’s glassy eyes, feeling its nervous heart rapidly thump. Now, its skin is no longer slippery, its glassy eyes are never to be opened again and it’s heart will not beat again. The rescue team informed me that the turtle was already half dead before it ate the plastic bag and they had confirmed my suspicions. This wasn't just a tragic death, it was a murder. It was insane to think, that I and just about everyone else played a part in the murder of this animal. The rising sea waters, rising temperatures, and so many other trends of climate are all things that are hurting them beyond repair, killing them even. We have to do something, right now. Or else we’ll be too late. Oh, what’s the use of asking? They haven’t done anything yet and probably never will unless... I guess I’ll have to do start the movement myself. I hope it’ll do at least the slightest bit of good.

“Let’s Make A Difference”

Dear Diary,

It’s been three months after the sea turtle’s death and I’m still not over it. To deal with my uncontrollable emotions, I've been putting all my effort into making sure an event like that never takes place. I started out by calling a couple of my friends over who had also agreed that climate change was an issue that we truly needed to shed light on before turtles became extinct. We started our mission by doing some research. Questions like ‘how does climate change affect turtles?’ needed to be answered before we could solve our problem. We learned that things like beaches where sea turtles nest were being eroded by rising sea levels, leaving little space for their eggs. Also, the rising temperature can be harmful to sea turtles too. The temperature of incubation establishes the sex of the egg. When the eggs are incubated in a warmer temperature, they are more likely to be female sea turtles. This will create an unequal ratio of male and female sea turtles. These are a few of the many problems they will face due to climate change. To solve this problem, we decided to get back in touch with the turtle rescue team to see what we could accomplish together. We've decided to hold a discussion at the next town council meeting, talk about our plans for the future and get feedback from the public and our community. We felt like our community was a good place to start, and we’d slowly build ourselves up and change the world. As I looked around the room at all of the hearts poured into this movement, I felt a little relieved. Maybe we really could save the sea turtles.  

Part 3:

Password to watch video: climate

Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit we learned about climate change and talked about how it is the next big global crisis. In class we had discussions and watched movies about the issue. In the monologues that I have written, they show the different perspectives people have on the issue of climate change and its affects on people around the world.

First Monologue:                                     
The Sea

West Africa, 2014. Tim Owusu

(Walks through the door, he’s pissed off)

We didn't get anything. There’s nothing in the area or out outside it.

We’re trying as hard as we can sir

I understand we're not catching anything but I don’t think it’s our fault.

(paces back and forth)

Waters are getting darker , fish are leaving the area…..I’m not making up things!!, you think I like this?! I have a family of 4 to feed and I’m not making any money. It’s been a year since we've made a big catch, the planet is changing, the fish don’t come here anymore!

Sir, just listen to me, I've seen it myself, so have all the other boys, it’s the reason why no money is coming into your pockets and into mine.

You can’t do this sir….firing me won’t do you any good.

If you don’t believe me then ask some of the other boys...whispers, I can’t believe this crap.

It’s not just that we’re not getting any fish, the quality is terrible. No one is buying our products.

This isn’t the only place it’s happening, it’s happening Guinea, it’s happening down the coast in Nigeria. Damn it!, it’s probably happening everywhere!!

(walks to the window and gazes for a moment)

....Hiring someone to replace me isn’t going to do your business any good, what we need to do is raise awareness. It’s happening because of climate change, I’ve seen them talk about it on the news. They keep saying water levels are rising, more natural disasters are happening. That it’s also affecting the water quality. I didn't believe it at first but I've seen it myself now. My family is struggling, we can’t afford anything, we’re living on a minimum!!

I understand you're not making any money! but you have to hear me out, I want to help you sir….just give me another chance.

Thank you so much.I will do everything in my power to bring your business back, I will try.

Second Monologue:

New York City, 2014                             For a Cause

Michael Smith

To Stranger: Excuse me, excuse me, would like to take a  moment to help support climate change?Have a nice day!

Excuse me, would you like...have a nice day

To Self: I've been here standing like an idiot for 4 hours trying to get peoples attention. What’s so important that they can’t just stop and help our cause for just a minute or two, or are they just that ignorant to what’s happening to our planet. (tries to hand a flyer)

People need to snap to reality and come to realize what is actually happening, I know people have other issues but this is a pretty big one.

To Stranger: Would you like to take a moment and help and support our march to help raise awareness on climate change on September 21st?

no? ok then…

To Self: These people remind of my dad, ignorant and self centered. He never takes the time to listen to me when it comes to my rants about climate change, think it’s gibberish and nonsense and that there is no possible way it’s our fault that all this is happening,

I’m just trying to raise awareness, trying to help the people, the planet.

Some people don’t even believe it’s happening because of us, humans! I just think that’s absurd, how ignorant could you be, there has been data to back up it’s our fault for the longest time, or is that just not enough.

I really hope after this march then more people will join us on our fight against global warming. Because if they don’t our future generations will not have a world live in.

Third Monologue:

A Different Mind Set

Brooklyn, New York, 2014

Jack Smith

Bye, see you soon!(slams door)thank god he left I’m tired of all his rants.

Climate change this, climate change that, blah blah blah. Doesn't he see I’m busy with other things. My mind is somewhere else, somewhere more important, on my family.

(sits on sofa, then lays down)

I don’t know if he think living on minimum wage is easy, especially with 3 kids. Heck he doesn’t even have to pay bills, he’s got his mom for that!

(Gets up and walks into kitchen, pours himself a cup of coffee, spills it)

Damn it!, nothing good happens in this house, nothing good happens to me!

(walks back over to sofa)

I can’t believe he has gotten so far just by talking about all this climate change stuff! It’s just unfair, I work my ass off all my life just to make sure I can feed my kids and send them to school!

He’s always telling me to help his company’s cause, with a small donation when I’m the one living on a minimum wage salary, who the hell does he think he is?!

Tells me that global warming or whatever it’s called is our problem, the people fault. Tells me that I should ride my bike to work instead on driving. I don’t know how he expects me to believe all this stuff!

But if he’s happy doing what he does then, go ahead do it, just don’t let him come running to me with his little stories and facts. If he thinks that’s he’s doing something positive than ok. He should just atleast bring me some money to help me out.

I just hope he doesn't end up like me, with no money.

We should've known

First monologue: The Philippines 2004.  Tao King. He is a farmer in a small town. The disaster left him without food. At the same time,  he became responsible for feeding everyone in the town.

Before we knew

Tao: I’m so so sorry.   We are short on everything from vegetable  to chickens.  The typhoon took everything.

No.  You do  not seeming to get it. All we have is contaminated food.  I don’t make enough to get food for everyone right now.

We do not have the supplies or the money for aid.  We are 10 kilometers from the closest town.  First, we  need to find any supplies to aid our children and find our missing family members.

No, don’t go in there.   That’s… Stop him he stole all the tomatoes we have left!

Dear God!   I’m fed up right now. I haven’t slept in 3 days, haven’t eaten in 1 and haven’t even had time to mourn for my brother who died. Please,  everyone, continue to help the community.  I have given all I have.   We have to survive with the food and water that is left.  We have next to nothing.  I’m deeply sorry.

Keep throwing rocks and see what you represent to our community.  I might be destroyed physically but not spiritually.  I knew this was gonna happen. Business’s and us have been polluting our planet for too long. This is only the beginning.  Who knows, we could lose more than our homes.  We could be underwater.

Well sir your greed and non consideration for the rest of us won’t help.  I have enough food for 20 people but have to feed 550 people.  How do you think that makes me feel?

I will try and feed everyone but first let’s work on finding our missing family and friends.  We need to build them caskets with parts of our destroyed homes.  Aid will come.



It was November 22nd.   My family and I just woke up. I felt a sharp pain in my arm. It felt like my arm was separating from my body. My wife, Sandy, sat in front of me, my son Marty to the left and my daughter Jessica to the right. After I realized what was happening,  I now understand why all these polar bears are sobbing and why people come by to “try” and help.

It’s been nearly an entire year since I’ve seen my family. I miss them dearly. I told them before I’d never leave but I had to  say goodbye. Remembering them gives me hope and a desire to go home. I might be an ice glacier but I have emotions, feelings and feel pain. I just want to return and hope they aren’t melted or depressed and hoping they can get through the pain. If I had hands, I’d send letters or if I could dial a phone,  I’d try my best but I’ve been ill for a while.  I melt too fast for my structure to be maintained. I come to you the world leaders today to help me find them once again and to prevent this from happening ever again. We need to stop polluting our planet with extra parts per million of carbon dioxide so our ozone doesn’t hurt me or others. I don’t have too much time left so I’m asking to just talk to my family if they are alive again. Please restore our ozone. Please help me say goodbye one last time to my family before the ozone kills me and them.

Hurricane Katrina victim: We should’ve known

I grew up and lived in New Orleans my entire life. My parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents were all New Orleanians. Before Katrina, my family and I just moved into a new home. We had a lawn, a white picket fence and a backyard barbecue. Growing up I never had any of that. I was so excited. A month before the “hurricane came our way,” I saw what happened in the Philippines but did not take it seriously. I didn’t know much about climate change until I researched the Philippines’ typhoon.

I learned  power plants smoke is very harmful. Carbon dioxide from the power plants, car exhaust and other ways of burning fossil fuels heats the environment.  The heat can’t escape and earth warms up.  This has caused the average temperature in the U.S. to increase 2 degrees  and increased precipitation by 5%.  When I saw the Katrina reports, it all came together.  What i learned from studying climate change and the Philippines typhoon was happening in New Orleans.

During Hurricane Katrina, I lost my dog, my white picket fence, roof, first floor, thousands of memories, my lawn and backyard barbeque.  I learned the pain of loss from a natural disaster.  I also witnessed the loses of  my neighbors and friends.  While I did not lose family members, I grieved with friends who lost family members. I then decided I had to do more than grieve.

This Sunday there will be a march. My sons, daughter, husband, and friends from my block will all attend the march.   The governments of the world must do something to turn around climate change and  global warming. We need a future where my great grandkids aren’t 50ft underwater.  I want them to grow up in New Orleans on dry land.  Please join us!

Climate Change Monologue Project

During the second unit in my 10th grade World History course, we discussed climate change. My class and I had long discussions and though processes on the issue of why climate change isn't always seen as real and the 2014 UN Climate Change Summit, and its affect. ​This monologue project included we all write three monologues on points of views that we believed were important or needed to be heard on the climate change discussion box. My hope was to approach my classmates with ideas from a signature leader and regular people struggling with the subject. I hoped to bring new and international perspectives to my classmates to have a larger view on climate change and its combat on the world. 

Monologue #1 (Hamesa Nirmana): 

A Indian man living in Dubai writing a letter to his father.


Nirmana. Bana’. Build… Hamesa (always) It never stops. I get paise (money). I know you want more paise but I don’t have any more to give you. I need to survive, as well. I have places to travel every weekend, a new apartment in France, a new house in Dubai, I need to go out to eat every night and hang out with friends. I need something, I jina (live) in Dubai! One of the richest countries in the world.

To say I have not worked enough, father, is beyond false. I work more and longer here in Dubai than in Patna. Baraha (twelve)! Yes, can be twelve hours sometimes. Father, I have helped build the tallest building in the world, the only hotel in the world with 7 stars and so much more.

I told you all those sala (years) ago that I would stay in Dubai for a bit to learn about architecture design. I keep on pushing it but you must trust me, father, I need to push that flight home more and more. My company has asked me to start planning for the greatest project ever to be made.

I stand here and am making the plans for Dubai’s indoor world to be completed in 2020, building would start a year after in 2021. The temperature is changed to a perfect temperature for all. There will be 100 hotels and 20 apartment buildings. It will hold the largest mall in the world and perfect restaurants. Health resorts will be all around us with parking spots for a good 50,000 cars. The 48 million square foot giant dome, where thousands will live. 180 million are projected to visit every year.

Dubai is building a dome father. Yes, a gumbada (dome)! I know you can’t believe it, compared to what you and mother live in. I think it would be wise of you and mom to come live here in Dubai with me. I know you believe in that global warming thing, but if you want to be “protected” come to the Dome! Come to Dubai! You can have everything you want.

There are the greatest cars you will ever see, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche. I even have three porsche’s have to in Dubai. Father, I was thinking about buying you one. How does a red ferrari sound for you and mom on that farm? Better yet, why don’t you just move here to Dubai! You can everything you want, go anywhere you want and much more. It all comes without consequences!

Love you Pita,

Your son (Bishen)

Monologue #2 (Favela):

Thiago, a young boy from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we need to meet this challenge together." "Climate change is a fact. Its consequences, damages and costs are already being felt around the globe." -- Heinz Fischer, federal president of Austria

Davi can’t help you, Mr. Silva… My brother is tried, he has worked on the World Cup stadiums, nonstop. He’s worked long days and usually would not return home until dinnertime, once I had returned home from school… Because I enjoy school! I get an education that I can’t get anywhere else… I don’t learn anything from these streets… All there is are drugs and prostitutes, Mr. Silva…  I dream of being an engineer, sir…  Someone that changes the world by creating things… Well yes cars are an example but I want to be a environmental engineer.

Ok. How can I explain this?... Well you have seen the stadiums right?... Well, even though most have solar panels or a form of solar and renewable energy, these stadiums have taken billions of dollars to build just so they can play four games… Yes, our government spent over ten billion dollars on stadiums that won’t even be used anytime in the future! Plus, we had to input all this equipment which were flown in from all over the world, just so games could be played… Exactly what everyone thinks. Fifa made us build all those big stadiums instead of using one’s we already have… I know Mr. Silva, you don’t like President Rousseff at all, little do.

"Brazil is a major food producer. We are aware that low-carbon farming practices both reduce emissions and increase productivity in the agricultural sector. Similarly, agroecological practices in smallholder farming help reduce rural poverty in the countryside. " -- Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil.

Now discussing climate summit in class

I didn’t know what to think of the climate summit Mrs. Santos… It was important to have these people come together and discuss but that’s all the do, discuss. They talked for a whole day in all different types of meetings but never came to a plan or any sort of commence of a plan to embark on our challenge to fight climate change… President Obama did go to the summit, as did Prime Minister Cameron, President Hollande, and many other important head leaders. But, Putin wasn’t there, Xi Jiping wasn’t there, Chancellor Merkel,  Australia, Canada or India head leader representatives weren’t there either. Developing countries barely had a say on what their country needed help with on the topic or contribute any plan for the UN to combat climate change. It was just a bunch of talking, no action.

"Climate change is the defining issue of our age. It is defining our present. Our response will define our future. To ride this storm we need all hands on deck. That is why we are here today. We need a clear vision. The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is fast becoming unbearable. We have never faced such a challenge. Nor have we encountered such great opportunity. A low-carbon, climate resilient future will be a better future. Cleaner. Healthier. Fairer. More stable. Not for some, but for all."  Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon.

How can I explain it to you Marcelo?... The climate change summit was almost like the world cup. Leaders from all over world came together and discussed global warming. They talked about how bad it was and very few gave points to stick with to battle it… During the world cup, there were countries that everyone paid attention to; Germany, England, Brazil, US, France, as examples. There were countries that very few thought even had a slight chance to win; Ghana, Cameroon, Bosnia, Costa Rica, Iran, as examples. It was similar during the summit. Sure some leaders didn’t appear but the people with the largest speeches and most speaking time were those from the US, France, Germany, England, Brazil but countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Guatemala, Gabon, as examples barely did.

During the summit there were certain people that held the power. Obama, Hollande, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Cameron. They were the Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi of the day. Sure they had a thing to say but it didn’t mean they were the only important ones.  

"Climate change serves as a threat multiplier and contributes to escalate conflicts over natural resources, hinder the economic development and increases pressures on international governance. The cost of not addressing climate change consists a serious threat to the stability of impacted states, as well as undermining progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals." -- Bujar Nishani, president of Albania

The whole point of the summit was to get a picture for the UN in order to fight the global warming right now. Our leaders failed to do that. It was just a field day for them, a chance for them to take photos with one another and shake hands, act as though the world is perfect but we know better Marcelo… We, the normal people, the poverty struggling people in places like the favelas around the world who don’t have a form of leadership titled to their name are the Costa Rica of the world. We have a small amount of cash but once our skills are heard and seen, the story of our world may just be heard.  

But let me be honest.  None of this is without controversy. In each of our countries, there are interests that will be resistant to action.  And in each country, there is a suspicion that if we act and other countries don't that we will be at an economic disadvantage.  But we have to lead.  That is what the United Nations and this General Assembly is about.” President Barack Obama.

We can come together as a world to combat global warming. We saw the world come together for the world cup only two months ago. Football can connect the world, why can’t climate change? As Pele says, Brazil eats, sleeps and drinks football. It lives football! But we also live through climate change.

Monologue #3 (The Inner and Outer Angela Merkel):

Angela Merkel is about to make a speech to the UN General Assembly in the 2014 Climate Summit, she is thinking to herself.

Never have I ever witnessed a world so distraught over one simple fact. Climate change. At the height of my life, I am chancellor of Germany. I go here to the UN, I talk to other leaders and still view people that conclude that climate change isn’t real. As a former physicist and environmental minister of Germany, I know beyond a doubt with the help of the ever flowing data from more than 97% of scientist stating that global warming is completely real.

Since taking my seat as a politician in Germany, I have been a person to uphold a lot of responsibility in the environment sense. I was part of the group of selected officials and key leaders drafting Kyoto Protocol in 1997. During and after my work as environmental minister in 1994 to 1998, Germany has become a leader, if not the most impactful nation, to combat climate change. One of the largest elders in renewable energy and reductions of emissions over the past two decades.

Germany has the ability to guide the world, including developing countries and largely  industrialized countries, to take in a role to thwart global warming by creating jobs, improving the environment, polish education especially in STEM areas, promote women’s rights in STEM fields and meliorate our nation’s communication. I know for certain that now is the time to agitate global warming. We have time to modify our story before climate change takes it from us. Regulation of simply things like CO2, will bring jobs but also care for our earth.

Angela goes up to speak at the united nations climate summit

Ladies and gentleman, leaders of the world, normal human beings, it’s time to act. Our world is calling for us. We must come together and take action. We are called here to come up with plans to react. We are the terrorist in this situation, lets obey our call to action before we are all gone.  

Climate Change Monologue

In our World History class we have been focused around the topic of climate change and how it has affected the world as we know it. My monologues are centered around the idea of three different types of views on the issue. My first topic is around people who fully support the environment and do their part to not only help save the environment but to make the public aware of the issue, which is climate change. Another point of view that comes up in my monologues are people who do not see climate change as an important matter that should be put first as a priority over things like the economy or foreign relations and such. The last point of view that I really wanted to emphasize were those who are neutral or those who do see climate change as a issue in society but do not put forth any effort to help save the environment around them. Overall through my monologues I wanted to connect a lot of the information that we have gotten from the sources they we have either watched or read about that focus around the major issue of climate change. 

Banks Oil Company

(This take takes place on the phone while Stanley Banks reads his speech out loud to the CEO of the company in the home of Stanley Banks)

I am not here to beat around the bush or anything we all know why I am holding this meeting. This oil company is being run into the ground as you should know...Geez it’s amazing, to see how many people are hypocrites nowadays. Those who are trying to enforce the protection of the environment are using the very products that contribute to it.

Think about it, by stopping oil production what is going to happen to the same people who worked hard to get an education to work in the oil business? They will be out of a job. A lot of the government officials and environmentalist are saying that the people that lose their jobs and others can get jobs as an engineer to work on creating wind turbines to power cities but my question is how? These working class citizens who have no experience with this type of field will may not have the expertise with this. In order to educate them either they will have to go back to school or the government may have to take more of the tax payers dollars to fund these programs.

President Obama you want to get Americans working, thats great and all, I have been all for the bills that have been passed by Congress to accomplish this. However correct me if I am wrong Mr. President those bills that you passed were for the benefit of Americans and now you want to take away not only the jobs of Americans in the country that you want to lead so graciously but the energy as well? Taking away fossil energy would be going against progress. But people please do not think of me as a rude man trying to mock his nation’s leader. I am just trying to let Americans know the consequences of the Government passing these bills and acts that could set America and maybe even other nations who maybe follow the U.S down a path of no return.

Fifty or so years ago this wasn’t even the biggest issue in our nation was it? No, the Civil Rights movement was our biggest concern. The civil unrest of Americans at the point in time and centuries before was idiotic, and it was all based on the pigmentation of someones skin. Congress people shunned a whole race for the color of their skin, what do you think people will do when you take the use of fossil fuel based energy away from their lives.

CNN Newsroom

(An Environmentalist Leader is making a speech on the CNN Newsroom about Climate Change)

I don’t want to sugar coat anything that I say after this point but I have to speak my mind about this topic. Climate change is the most important issue that human beings as a whole should be focusing on. It is not a matter of what country this affects, who has the power to do something, how much time we have, No...It is all about do people understand that we are all contributing to the downfall of the Earth that we have so graciously taken away from for centuries?

I don’t care to hear from people that I have interviewed that say: Oh I don’t litter, I recycle, I see it as a problem, someone should do something. First have the people who have given me these invoices actually thought about what they are saying you are criticizing people about not only littering or contributing to the issue of climate change but you people who don’t take any actions to save the Earth are making yourselves out to be hypocrites. Are you actually giving awareness to the public and making people understand that they need to not only read about what the human civilization is doing to the mother of us, but are you taking the little steps to save the Earth.

There is a famous, well not a famous, well its famous to me thats all that matters but anyway there is a quote that speaks to me and should speak to everyone. And I quote: ¨Change doesn’t happen because you click like on Facebook.¨ That should speak to everyone who doesn’t take any actions to do something to save the Earth that we all live on. This should inspire those who are active members of climate change groups to at themselves as role models in order to get other people to take action.

It is spectacular to see basically every single nation leaders around the world who are role models to the public make idiotic speeches about how important the environment is but yet they do not emphasize the significance of how everyone needs to do their part to stop this monumental catastrophe in the world. Most people who are listening to my speech may be offended or moved or angry but obviously from everything that I have seen so far has proven to me that mankind will not take action to fight against climate change until it is already too late.

The World Awareness Show

(A World Awareness show that informs the public on global issues that Americans should be conscious about)

Is it on?...Push the button on the right (feels the microphone for the button). I don’t see it, you said the right side right?...Sorry folks we will start in a few seconds. (Walks to off stage to turn on the mic) All right I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Now I am going to talk a little bit about the show first we are going to have a question section to really key in the audience here and those who are viewing at home about the main issue we are focusing on for the week. Then the heavy stuff will start to come in. This is just pilot so I want to thank everyone in audience for coming your invoices on our online web page has given me the opportunity to come up on stage to talk to all you fine folk today. (Looks to the stage director and starts his show)

Okay now I want to start off with a question, what is the greatest issue that the world is facing and has been facing for a while? Yes you in the third row...Yeah white shirt what are your thoughts...Wars and terrorist yes that is a very pressing matter at this day and age but no. Can we get another. Purple shirt in the 7th row what are your thoughts...Education huh, good guess and while it is it is not the answer we are looking for. Um how about another... (Looks to the director who tells him to hurry it up) Okay because we are running out of time here lets get three more. You, you, and you yell your answers out...Government Policies, Poverty, and... Climate! Ding Ding Ding we have a winner correct. Climate change is the most pressing matter that everyone should be looking into at this point in time. Now before you all walk out of the room or change the channel at home hear me out for a second. We all saw how only one person out of five gave me the answer of climate change when I asked my question in percentages that is only 20%. That is a small percentage when you think about it and that is basically the amount of people who are climate change aware and take their time in order to make a difference not matter the significance from what I have seen so far. Although these are not real percentages these should speak to people who feel as though climate change is a problem but yet do not take any action.

Let me ask people in the audience and here as well is the plastic from a Reese’s bar worth risking the lives of our children who will inherit the world in years to come. It doesn’t matter how much people try to justify whether they are doing their part in saving the environment. All people do is take and take and take from the Earth yet we do nothing to try and save it.

Climate Change Monologue Project

​In this unit in World History we discussed about the global issue of climate change. We read many articles and heard about many opinions concerning the issue, and even talked about our own opinions toward climate change. We learned about protests concerning this issue, and even read stories about how climate change is affecting people all around the world. All the characters in my monologues have the same opinion, climate change is bad and something needs to be done, but they all have different perspectives. There's a scientist whose opinion is ignored, a boy whose home was destroyed by a hurricane and flood, and a bird who lives next to a factory. I wanted to show how people think differently in different situations, yet still share the same general idea, that climate change is bad.

Monologue #1:

The Scientist

(The scientist arrives to his home from a meeting in the White House. The year is 2012.)

What do they mean they help the world by created this XL pipeline. They’re ruining the environment, they could kill people. Okay, yes this would create lots of jobs, but people could die making this pipeline and many people will lose their jobs because once the pipeline is finished, it will be doing their work for them. And what if one day there’s a leak in the pipeline, what then? It could happen, and I warned them. 7 billion dollars, why even waste that much money on something that might not even work, stupidity that’s what it is. Use those 7 billion dollars for something that will help your country, the environment. “We’re only considering this plan, we haven’t agreed to it yet” CONSIDERING! They called me to ask for my scientific opinion and I gave it to them loud and clear...maybe a little too loud. Use that money to help for the climate change issues, that’s what I would do. I mean not just the issue of climate change, but the millions of people who have been affected from it. This year, more than 31.7 million people had to leave their homes because of severe floods and storms. Help those families, you have shelter, they don’t. There have been so many hurricanes these days, now I’m not saying that climate change is affecting hurricanes, but when I gathered with some other scientists the other day, we saw a trend. All this talk is making me hungry.

(He pours himself a bowl of cereal and milk).

Then they have the freakin guts to ask me why do I even think climate change could be affecting hurricanes. So I started to explain the basics of how a hurricane works, and of course I explain it like they’re little kids, because that’s what they seemed like, huh, they should leave me to the science, I’ll leave them to the politics, it’s not like they’re doing a good job. Anyway, I explained to them that a hurricane is like a engine, smart right. The temperature between the sea and the air above it is like the fuel for the engine, and the warm air near the surface of the sea, rises to the cold air above it. Once a little bit of the warm air goes up to the cold air, more and more of that warm air begins to go up. That warm air condenses creating clouds that produces and releases warm heat that makes the hurricane process go even quicker. As more of that warm air goes up, the earth since it rotates, helps the mixed cold air and warm air move around, and then everything starts to spin. The warmer the sea, the warmer the air above it gets, and the difference between the cold air and the warm air is bigger, making the hurricane bigger, and then BOOM, they interrupt me. They asked me to explain what I mean. I needed to explain the hurricane process to them for them to understand me. I've been a scientist for 19 years, and never has my work and research, not even my opinions and facts been second guessed, none the less, by people who don’t understand science.

(Takes a bite of his cereal)

I tried to explain to them after the interruption, that we can help with climate change, and agreeing to this pipeline isn't going to help. I told them there are two climate change threats, one is created by human vulnerability to dangerous weather, and the other by human actions. And then POW, they interrupt me again (speaks in a deeper voice trying to sound like the government), “That’s not a fact, it’s your opinion, and we only asked for your opinion on the pipeline, nothing else.” I try to explain to them that humans are the reason for most of this climate change and that most of it could be prevented. And just like that, they kick me out, saying that I’m useless, and I better get my mind straight when I come in for work tomorrow. The only reason I’m going to work tomorrow is because they pay me darn good money.

(Door to his house open).

Hi honey was your day better than mine?

Monologue #2:

The Lost Boy

(A red cross disaster shelter)

Hey mom. I was wondering if I could leave this place and go for a walk outside. I can’t stand it in here, there are too many people, and it smells like dirty old socks because nobody could save any of their things after the...the… incident. I know I’m over reacting, but it’s true, this shelter isn't our home, and I miss home. I just need some fresh air and a walk to clear up my mind. Please! Mom! Please?! Thank you! It’ll be quick, I PROMISE. Bye, I love you too. (Opens door).

Ahhh, it’s nice to be able to breathe, I've been in there for weeks. (A box a couple feet from the boy starts moving) What’s that?! (Lifts box and finds a dog under it) Oh, haha, did you get stuck there buddy. It’s okay, I’ll keep you safe. If you lived with me before, you wouldn't have been safe you know. Hey, you know what? My mom told me that I should probably talk to someone about what’s happened to me, about the incident. She was never specific on who I should talk to, so I’ll talk to you, and you don’t seem to be running away from me, so I know you’ll be listening.

My old home was destroyed by a stupid hurricane. I don’t even have a new home, not yet at least. I have nothing left either. I wish I were like you, you don’t have to wear clothes. I have three pairs of clothes, I've been wearing this pair for six days now, and I have no clean underwear left. You know, it’s only me and my mom. I’m an only child, and my dad was never found after the hurricane. There was a flood too, which is why we haven’t gone back yet to go through our… well it’s not a home anymore, so I guess I could say… uhhhhh….. property? Yeah yeah that’s a good word to use, property. I've never had a dog before. My parents always told me it was a lot of work, but you’re a good dog, you’re a good boy! (The boy rubs the dogs stomach)

I want people to understand that even though climate change is bad, for example hurricanes, the results of it are equally as bad. They've never been affected by it, and they say the government doesn't do anything about it. Well guess what, they don’t do anything either. All they do is march up and down streets, yelling and screaming hoping that their actions and demands will get them what they want. It makes them seem like spoiled brats. You know what buddy, after college, I’m going to start my own organization. One that raises money for the people affected by disasters, or any type of climate change. I’m going to organize marches, but ones that have meaning. We’re going to march until something is done. Yeah that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to change the world, I’m going to change peoples lives!

Anyway back to the disaster. My mom and I were hiding in our attic, my dad wasn't with us though because when we went up to the attic, we heard a woman scream. My dad decided to go see what was the matter. He said he’d be right back… he promised… he promised (Tears start coming down the boys face). My parents prepared for the hurricane for days. They brought blankets and clothes and food up to the attic, so my mom and I stayed up there for three days, until we heard our neighbor outside our house. The blinds were closed the entire time, so we never knew what it really looked like outside. The water was right under the window of the attic. How crazy is that?! Our neighbor said that we wouldn't get help for two more days because of all the damage, there was no way to get to us. He had a canoe, and told us he was leaving to stay somewhere more safe out of the city where there was no damage and that we should tag along. We weren't allowed to take too much, or the canoe would sink. Heh my dad always told me that you can never take too much, guess my dad wasn't the brightest man (Boy looks down to the ground, then back to the dog).

Are you really listening? (Dog barks) Haha. I still don’t understand though. The weather was beautiful all week before the hurricane, and it’s like it came out of no where. Some of the houses on my street were just gone, destroyed, disappeared… gone. I’m going to call you Buddy, because right now, you’re my friend, you and my mom are all I have left. You know, I haven’t talked to anyone about the incident, not even my mom. We try to talk about anything but that, because talking about just reminds us of all we have lost. Oh, that’s my mom. C’mon Buddy, my mom’s calling me and I want you to meet her. You must be hungry, c’mon boy! (The dark barks and follows boy).

Monologue #3:

Life in a Dark Hole

(Two birds sitting on a tree branch next to a factory)

Hey Jack, do you want to move. The smoke is making me sick. I know if we move we’ll fly right into the smoke, I’m not stupid. What I’m saying is that we’d be around less smoke on the other side of the factory. I know mom is not here, I can see that. Not being able to fly shouldn't be an excuse Jack. Mom doesn't have to teach us how to fly, how hard can it be. Just flap your wings up and down, and BOOM, you fly. No, I’m not going to go first, you try first! It was my idea to go to a more comfortable place, so that means you go first. What do you mean it’s not a good excuse, it’s a great excuse. Look, the reason mom leaves so much and so far is because the worms and bugs are all gone and dead here because of all the bad chemicals this thing produces in the air and ground. Don’t you want to finally be able to eat well, and fly yourself to any place you want. I want to be free and not stuck here, especially with a whiny bird. It’s hard to tweet when we’re here because when I open my beak, all the smoke goes into my tiny body. Smoke surrounds us 24/7. I don’t even know why mom decided to lay the eggs here. What do you mean she was in a hurry. Ugh, sometimes it’s difficult to talk to you, did you know that. Of course you didn't.

We need to get out of here, not just for ourselves, but for other animals. Remember last week, we saw those two squirrels come under the fence and up this tree? Do you remember what happened to them Jack? They suffocated! That smoke killed them. Either there’s too much, or there’s something in that smoke that is dangerous, who knows, it could be both those things. It’s a miracle we’re still alive! All the animals have to be warned to not come near this area. Think of it, we’d be heroes for saving so many lives! Heroes!

Okay how about this. We can either die because of the smoke, or trying to go to safety. No Jack, that was great reasoning! We’ll come back for mom, don’t worry. It’s time for us to start a life where the sun shines bright and the sky isn't dark. We need a break from this dark hole, and how do you know that you can’t fly if you haven’t tried yet. Please Jack! Think of it like this. When mom sees that we taught ourselves to fly, she’d be so proud of us and you’ll still be mommy’s little bird, don’t worry. You’ll do it? Yes! Fine I’ll do it on your condition, together.  Ready, on three. One, two, three….

Below is a video of my third monologue, "Life in a Dark Hole".

Climate Change Monologue Project

In our World History class this unit we have been learning about the how unfair the world is in terms of education, and wealth or poverty. We followed that up with learning how different some culture seem especially the Nacirema. It was certainly weird to think of ourselves as different, but we learned not to immediately judge other cultures because the seem different. We then were assigned to make a meme that educates people about the pressing problems all over the world. Now we are finishing this unit off by learning about how climate change is effecting people, places, families and villages all around the world. We were assigned the task of making monologues about climate change and how they are affect the earth and effecting people. While writing these monologues are main goal, as a class was to inform people of the devastating catastrophe that climate change and global warming has on families all over the world. My goals for writing these three monologues was to enlighten people on the different views and arguments on climate change and why some people are not rushing to save the our planet.

[Eric Schmidt the chairman of google in an interview with Diane Rehm]

Thank you for having me on the your show Ms. Rehm, I really appreciate it. (WAIT FOR HER RESPONSE) Well as I am sure you are aware, climate change and global warming are both quite problematic at this day and age. We here at google are certainly aware of how this is an issue and how it is affecting children and adults and families around the world. Everybody understands that climate change is an issue, (THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID) well most everyone is aware, and we here at google also understand that climate change isn’t something that can go away. If we want it to not be a problem we have to do something, which is why we here at google feel that we need to do our part to try and prevent climate change from becoming more of an issue. We also know that many other people feel the same way and people are in fact trying to do something about it which is great and we are all for that. (SHE ASKS A QUESTION) Ahh yes the big controversy in Partnering with the ALEC corporation. Just quickly, for those who don’t know What ALEC stands for, they are the American Legislative Executive Council. You asked me about partnering with ALEC and the controversy that arose due to climate change. To answer that question, I say this.

The reason we originally partnered with ALEC was for a political campaign for something totally unrelated to climate change, something that happen a long time ago. (PAUSE) When we realized how much of an issue climate change really was we decided to cut funds with ALEC. It turns out that partnering with ALEC was not a good idea. They are what people would call climate deniers, they do not believe that climate change is an issue. They don’t believe that it will ever be an issue, and they are not worried at all. It doesn’t make sense, but that is just the way they think. We do not agree with ALEC. We do not agree with their thinking, and we, just like anyone else, would not be happy to be associated with a company like ALEC. This is why we will not be partnering with them anymore.

We realize our mistake in partnering with them and we are very ashamed of ourselves, but we know now what not to do. Everyone makes mistakes, but the biggest mistake is not learning from what you did wrong. We now know what to do and what not to do and because we want to prevent climate change, and because we know it’s a problem, we will do the best we can and we will do our part to prevent what is happening.

[Jasper Pannini an average person ranting about the news on climate change]

God climate change is getting worse. (PAUSE) Everyone says they care but no one actually cares. I mean if they did we’d already be on our feet racing to solve the problem, like first one to put an end to climate change wins something, (PAUSE) but no, it’s not like that. What frustrates me the most is when people say “climate change is a problem and we need to fix it” but then do nothing, or become more interested in what they call “more important problems.” Yes, climate change does not seem as pressing, as problematic, or as important, as your mortgage or you family that you need to take care of, but let me tell you, people are paying with their lives because you are not willing to admit to your mistakes, or not willing to fix them.

When you’re frustrated because you’re stuck in traffic, your car is letting out exhaust which is polluting the air, and killing the environment. So you got to work late and your boss is screaming at you, well on the other side of the world families and homes are being torn apart by hurricanes all because of climate change. (PAUSE) Anyway climate change, is an outrageous issue that we need to take care of, but we’re lazy so we don’t keep in mind the their have been disasters that have killed thousands all around the world because we won’t take care of our earth.

We also like to blame other people for causing global warming, which is another way of being lazy. The government or world leaders get a lot of heat for this problem. This just blows my mind, the stupidity of people who are like “oh climate change isn’t my problem I’ve already done what I need to do, now other people need to do what they can.” What? Obviously not, if there are still disasters all over the world, you still need to do your part to prevent these from happening. Everybody needs to pitch in, and everyone needs to stop being lazy. Everyone needs stop blaming other people for climate change, and everyone most importantly needs to stop talking about how much of a problem this is, and start doing something about it.

[Paul Weyrich founder of ALEC taking stand by saying climate change isn’t an issue]

Okay. Hold on just a minute. Yes climate change is an issue, yes our ozone layer is getting thinner. Yes this causes more heat from the sun to get trapped in our solar system or causes our atmospheir to be vulnerable. Yes this causes storms, floods, and heat waves, (PAUSE) but I mean honestly is this what I should be worried about all the time. (PAUSE) Should I really be losing sleep over this issue. (PAUSE) I mean I have other things to worry about. I have to worry about my health and well being, I have to worry about my family’s health and well being and I have to worry about my job. I have to make sure that our organisation doesn’t collapse into shambles and I have to make sure they are all healthy and capable to do what they need to do, and I need to make sure I can meet my goals and expectations. So with all that in mind, I feel as if climate change is not an issue. It’s not affecting me, or the people that are important to me, and on top of that we are all fine and healthy, so I think it is pointless to worry about something that seems so invisible or so far away.

Secondly, we are not even sure if climate change is an issue or not. There is still much debate on whether this is a catastrophe or whether this is just a natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon for those who don’t know is something that happens naturally kind of like the ice age. It is something that was bound to happen anyway and it will eventually go away. If it is a natural phenomenon, it just going to happen and we might get over it or we might not survive, but either way, there is nothing we can do.

Finally, we here at ALEC are all for trying to create better ways to live and be happy, but when something just costs to much and if don’t get the money or the outcome we deserved for the amount of money, work, and effort we put in we are not huge fans of that. We want to do what is best for us and others for a good deal and for a good outcome. Helping the world prevent climate change is an expense for us and for others. It is just not pleasant for anyone, and while we would love to help, it does not exactly seem plausible or probable.

Home Network, Hilton

1. Our internet is provided by Verizon and comes through a fiber optic cable placed in our basement, this then goes to the combined modem and router on the third floor. This is then sends a wireless connection to our two Roku televisions, our Vonage phones, our three laptops, one desktop, and our wireless printer. 

2. I had several realizations over the course of learning about my home network, I had always looked at it as this complicated, and almost, magical process. Now that I almost fully understand the steps involved I feel a refreshed sense of preparedness for the upcoming years in technological advancement. 

3. I think it would be best to inform people about the complete process. How it comes from the internet service provider, through your house, and through a wireless connection that enters into your array of devices. To allow people access to this common knowledge will lead to less stupidity and mistakes when going through choosing an ISP.

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Climate Change Monologue:

During this course we focused on climate change it's issues with our environment and animals. We watched videos, read articles, and did warm-ups to get a better understanding. My monologues are made up, but include factual things. My goals for this project were to catch the readers attention, give them some insight as to how serious climate change is, and do whatever they can to help us. These three monologues show exactly what climate change has done and what’s going to happen if we don't all take part in helping resolve this problem.

We Have a Purpose-First Monologue:

I am a large white bear. I live in Antarctica in the wild and in order to survive I need ice and food. Lately, it’s been hard for my babies and we've been struggling. There’s not enough ice for us it’s constantly melting, less and less food is becoming available. We know were perceived as dangerous, but really we just need all the help we can get. My family is dying and soon will be extinct.

Think of us as people in a way. Maybe we can be able to help you if you help us in some way. I know we're animals, but we also have a purpose in life. We need to be here as much as humans need to be here. We also strive to protect our loved ones we swim long distances, hunt for places to live, find prey and store for when its needed, etc. Were really dependent on our ice like humans are really dependent on each other and their jobs in order to survive.

Our lifespan shouldn't be cut short just because people won’t help us. We don’t affect anyone or harm anyone unless we’re threatened. Were actually quite interesting animals. We have strong legs and are white fur blends in with the ice. Underneath my skin is the color black which only appears on my nose. The paws on us help us to walk on the ice so that we don’t break it slip and fall. We have a bulky layer of fat that keeps in the heat it’s used mainly for swimming. Look at all the good qualities you're robbing from us.

Right now the ice is melting from underneath of me and there isn't anything I can do. We need the people or will be gone for good.

Our Animals-Second Monologue:

Hi guys, my name is Malika Johnson and I’m making this public service announcement for the entire community hoping one day someone will notice and take action on this situation we call “Climate Change.” I've been living near the rainforest since I was a little girl with my father and I've raised my family close to here thinking this would be the best place, but things have changed since my childhood. MAJOR THINGS- Our house is surrounded by trees and lots of land. Construction workers are now chopping down trees including the ones that surround our house. The rainforest is falling apart and we can’t take much more of these oil companies drilling into it. They are turning the space for animals into new neighborhoods. The government has a lot of control over preserving places like the rainforest and more. On top of that we have people who are currently hunting for the animals that live in the rainforest. The rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate. It’s affecting our eco-system. There are several species becoming extinct like toucans, parrots, golden lion tamarind monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, etc. because of the destruction of the rainforest. The rainforest is also necessary for the survival of us, our people. Golden lion tamarind monkeys are the most endangered animal species in the rainforest. Workers are using the monkeys fur to get money on the black market that can get up to 20,000 dollars. All of these species are threatened and we aren't doing enough if any at all. We can’t just be bystanders we have to help.

School Paper-Third Monologue:

Hi my name is Nicole Whitaker and I’m writing this paper to prove how climate change is affecting us (humans, the environment, and animals.)

So, there was a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 2010. It was the worst oil spill in history. The government has tried to have some control over the oil traveling to the beaches and other places, but they haven’t had much success. This spill has a major impact on communities, marine life, etc. It is now 2014 and oil still exists in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill has gotten all over things like rocks, sands, plants, etc. and it makes it unsuitable for people to be there. Once the oil settles in the water it starts to contaminate the water and kill the fish and other creatures living in the sea. Sea birds are at risk the most because they have to go into the water to get there food which causes them to get covered in the oil that is deadly. It affects their ability to fly and they can die if they swallow the water. This has also affected bald eagles and shore birds. Sea turtles lay their eggs near shore and if they're infected by the oil then it’s a strong possibility they won't develop properly.

There are different amounts of oil in different areas and some are heavier than others. An oil spill is dangerous and harmful no matter the amount,kind, etc. So, if you would like to help please lend a hand, tell others, purchase dawn soap dish detergent to help the clean the birds covered in oil, and lots more. We all can help make this a better place.

Climate Change Monologue

In this unit we have studied, learned and reviewed the impact of climate change, equality from more developed countries to third-world countries and the challenges they can cause. Before we began this unit I knew about climate change but I didn't care much for it. Nor did I care about how it will effect our future because I was aware that some major worldwide outbreak or etc. could possibly end our humanity as a whole. Once I began to learn more about it I noticed that there was a much bigger problem and it also impacts others and not just myself. Watching videos from girls my age and seeing how they have to live on a daily made me really see how different we are. In addition to how different our lifestyles are. Leading me towards my goal in my monologues, no matter your age you can have a opinion on our world and how we handle it. However, it's how we handle it to better or worsen our future that matters. With this goal I tried to capture the readers' attention from writing in 2 different age groups and also even from an animals perspective, because they matter too! Having an open-mindset to different things can lead you to a new perspective in life and how you hope for your future to prosper as. 

Monologue #1​:

-Charlie; China (Smog/Air Pollution)

(A 12 year old boy in a hospital Shanghai is clutching onto, half of what would’ve been, a small teddy bear drenched in tears)

There wasn’t much of nothing left of Barry. I see a reflection of this* bear in our humanity, in our future. Not only my people but everybody. Everybody can slowly but surely deteriorate. There is no way we can survive as a humanity if we are killing each other with violence but also within the air we, at least try to breathe. I have cancer. Lung Cancer to be exact. Well Susan, there’s no way around that. Okay well maybe I can change the ramifications of my answer you suggest.  I think that we can begin to show awareness you know. Listen to the information being said to us. Okay so you don’t seem to be listening. There is a problem in our world. It began with us so it will end with us. I know I’m only 12 and dying but I know a thing or two about our world and how we treat it. This air was semi-clean before we put pollutants and toxics everywhere and into everything. Compressing it and spacing it into the beautiful thing called air. (Coughs) Do you know how it feels to be unable to Hold your breathe for 10 seconds. Okay now add 10 more. You passed? Well keep on doing the math. There will come a point where you will become numb. That’s your lungs not working. Your body is reacting. What you felt is what I felt walking to school that morning. I just thought maybe my mask was too tight. The small strands of thread were apart of this system of more threads and they got together and planned on taking me out. Wait, or maybe that was just our current fossil fuel leaders adding more pollutants in the already present and blinding fog. You're looking at me. Why with such amazement? A young boy can take on the attitude of a man but his actions matter more than just his words or small emotions towards a situation. I was raised with that quote in my home. I knew about global warming from my parents introducing it to me however it wasn’t as bad then as it is now. It has grown 40% from Human society.What are my goals for the future?... I mean well. I’m not sure exactly. I just know that we really need to save the systems that make the earth compatible with humans. How are those goals? Anything you put your mind and motivate yourself towards can become a goal. (Coughs) Final words? “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” -Frederick Douglass.

Monologue #2:

-John McCormick - Chicago, Illinois (greenhouse effect)

(A slim around 5’7 man is meeting his wife and daughter at a eco-friendly restaurant until they come he is in the foyer on the phone with his assistant.)

Monica, I’ll call you back.. No, no, she’s calling me again. Yes! I said that I wasn’t alone. Well okay I’ll see you in the morning. Oh yea, M? Just uh make sure you take a list of all my appointments. Yea thanks. (Walks towards table) Hello, beautiful number 1 and beautiful number 2. I would give you two hugs but I smell like gas. Why do you look so angry Amy? My job.. Is there a problem you have with my job? Oh so there is. Well you minus well take that up with the CEO. Haha and it seems to be that he has an open appointment to meet with you right now. Yes now. At this very second sweetheart. That’s why we are here. I got promoted! Thank you and thank - why do you still have an attitude missy? It’s more money. Money matters right? That’s how you eat. That phone that’s in your back pocket probably is paid to be turned on with these dollar bills in daddy’s pockets. How else do you think that it happens? No offense sweetie, but your mother? Women aren’t as equally great in political debates or discussions so how could they lead a city? A nation? A world? A company. It’s the little people that matter the most yes. So no I’m not saying you don’t matter. I’m saying that you don’t matter as importantly on a scale as - Oh yes a menu for three would be delightful. Ladies, drinks? Avoiding the topic of conversation? I would never. It’s simply that the waitress came over and asked about our order. Which really brings me back to my point, money. Everything has to deal with money in some type of way. Nothing comes free. Remember that. Our earth came free without pollutants in the air? that’s what you're saying. Now you know Daddy goes to a conference downtown every four years or so to discuss matter like this. Small belittling silly matters. It’s not silly? Oh but I believe you're wrong. It is very silly. The challenge for climate change is how we change it but it doesn't exist. There was period where the earth was too cold. You think people would’ve cried more about receiving hypothermia from touching a metal teaspoon but nope. (Smacks Air) You’ll are crying over a myth. Not only is it a myth but it’s a constant contradicting subject. All of those who are so quick to jump on another human about climate change you are also one of the few bystanders but more of contributing towards it as well!  But we can change that? Are you flipping serious?! Change doesn't happen because people click like on facebook but change happens from people like us. Not me. Like you? No. You drove here earlier. How Amy how? That’s a contribution. Those who don’t believe in it seem to have more understanding on why than those who choose to believe in this mess. It’s hard to perceive it as a threat if we are still alive. Right? So the message or goal here is not for you both to become hypocritical to the subject but to open your eyes and see that there is no way to go around it so you minus well join it.  You sound displeased but there is no way to control a natural thermostat. What’s that? Well that would  be Co2 and it is trapped, which is scientifically proven. For some of you who thinks it’s unfortunate, you just have to get off your high horses. Place your feet in the warming sand, under the blazing sun and every rising temperature level of this beautiful warming oven called earth.

Monologue #3:  

-Marty the Parrot -Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Co2 in our atmosphere from our own natural resources)

(Colorful as the rainbows In the skies, a small parrot is resting at the very top of a tree in a nest, along the new grounds of a construction site)

Goodmorning, beautiful morning after a night full of rain. Everything is happy now. It's a better start and a celebration towards new beginnings after rainstorms. That's part of the reason why I move to this lovely city. I'm originated from El Salvador. However they weren't taking care of their trees and other natural sources to see the importance of it. Everything works as a system in the wild. One bigger animal ears a smaller animal and there's a chain. In addition to the system of our ecosystem. Trees give some of us shelter and even food. However lately, that hasn't mattered. We've went from adoring us to not even caring if we are extinct. Until exactly every single last one of us is gone there won't be much talk about "Saving our animals of the Amazon." We don't matter as much they’re fossil fuels or large corporations. However, this place is different, (Interrupted by the sounds of sawing wood) I wonder what that is. Wait! Woah! Sir you can’t do that. I live here as well as many other animals. I knew that this illiterate man couldn’t hear me because he had these big black upside nests on his ears. SIR! SIR! I’m telling you to stop this instant! I’ll just go up to him than. Looking from above I don’t see anything except my family falling apart. My community dying. Uh, you just don’t understand man. When do you guys ever understand. It’s about how we handle the problem! Since 2004 our forest has decreased 40%! That’s a la… this is large. The look of the forest from up here. The amazon is vast of trees and it’s our lungs of the world. This isn’t the time for changes! Lately all of our changes haven’t been working in the best of all ways. this world needs a change... For the better! Not a change that’s causing us to lose more animals or changes that’s killing each other. We have to be alive to change the future or else there will be no future.

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Climate Change Monologue - Flood in USA By: Aaditya

Antarctica Monologue

I am hearing applause  Mr, Thamid is calling me to the stage to talk about “Climate change” in Antarctica. I can see that my heart is pumping really hard and I started sweating like everytime I get frustrated. The applause is still going till I walk to the stage. When I started talking, I didn’t hear no sound.

I started explaining my life to the audience, “ Well, my name is Steven C. Amstrup. I am American zoologist who studies bears, especially polar bears. I was  born in Fargo, North Dakota and I was interested to learn about polar bear. I graduated from the university of Idaho with an masters degree with an wildlife management. In 1980 i started working for united states fish and wildlife in alaska and wyoming and I have also worked for united states geological survey in arctic during his 30 years of career primarily studying about polar bear” Since, the ice is melting in the antarctic, the population of the polar bear is going to decrease each and everyday because of climate change in antarctica. The state of the global climate is shifting dramatically out of proportion with the natural balance of the earth. The Antarctic ice cap is melting and losing mass at a drastic rate. This means that we will see more drastic weather changes and more species of living organisms going extinct. The primary cause for this shift in global climate is the increase in greenhouse gases. Thank you folks and I got a round of applause.

USA Monologue

I was sleeping on my bed, I heard people screaming and shouting I thought that it was on my dream but not really. My mom called me - Aaditya Aaditya, Aaditya…….I abruptly got up and I was told to look at outside. It looks like my house was middle of lake. I saw lot of firefighter’s trying to save people using  boat. We were safe since we lived in second floor. I asked my mom why we were middle of no where, as I was 8  years old I didn’t know that we had flood last night. As I was tired last night because I Worked really hard to help my mom to clean home which took me more than 2 hours . As I was in the room with my mom a firefighter came to help me and my mom like an angel I went to the living room to get my phone so,  I could contact my aunt. He used an boat to help to get to a safe place. When I got to a safe place with my mom I saw many people who were in the flood crying that their house is destroyed. I  asked my mom “Why is happening here? Why is this world like this?” After sometime I called my aunt and told her that we need help…...Our Area is getting destroyed because of the flood. She got a car to pick me and mom to her house. There me and my mom took some rest and ate food. Finally, I realised that “Why can’t I fix this problem when I get older?” I went upstairs to my aunt room to read books about climate change in US. There had an peaceful time.

India Monologue - Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Spring holiday,  me and my cousin were travelling with my grandpa. We were asking him, where we were going. He said ‘surprise,. Yes, it was a surprise , pleasant and wonderful visit. Finally noon, we reached that place. It was a big lake. I asked my grandpa, where we are, he said, it;s “Vedanthangal “ in India exclusive for bird’s  sanctuary. We were happy and jumping up and down.  He said in spring climate from Nov to feb, birds from different country migrate here  and build nest to breed . I saw lot of diverse birds that I ever seen before like pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal, common sandpiper, etc. We were there till  they close the place and with heavy heart we left from the place. I never forgot that spring in my life. Since, There is always climate change in australia, at the month of Australia, New Zealand and other countries

Climate Change Monologue Project By: Kwame Johnson

This unit was about climate change and how it is affecting the world. I thought the whole unit was very interesting and fun. I appreciated how we were able to come up with are own ideas and was able to use them. I believe that projects were very meaningful and cool. For my first project I came up with was a meme that represented what the news want to show compared to what they need to show. My second project was 3 monologues that all had to represent global warming. This whole unit was very fun and I would like to do something like this again.

Monologue #1

Hello this is my first time writing to a legislature but hello Ms. Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, my name is Vladimir Vladimitch. Back in Mother Russia I was the most famous butcher there, but it grew tiresome all the fame and fortune, so I moved to America to find a greater challenge. I moved to 99th Street in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Back in Mother Russia the weather was always cold so our meats were always frozen but in america it is too hot and form what I heard it is not suppose to be that way. All of my meats are melting because of the heat. I did a little research and talked to some professors and I learned that the reason for all this heat is from this thing you americans call “Global Warming”. In Russian its called “global'noye potepleniye”.
I believe that we can stop global warming in its tracks by using simple solutions like increasing the use of bikes and electric cars. We could tax companies that produce toxic waste and we could fine companies that pollute the air. Another,reason I am writing this to you is because of all the smog I have seen in the air lately for the past 2 years. I really want to now way haven’t the city and the state hasn’t done anything. Everyday I see men, women and children coughing up a storm everyday because of all the smog in the area. I love New york as much as you do and we have to protect it and build it instead of destroying so we can preserve our lives.

Monologue #2

Dear Future Charlie,

Hello my name is Charlie Wilson. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am 16 year old and go to Fort Lauderdale High School. I am in the 11th grade. I am the top student my class of 2016. In have a of 168. Over the past 3 three years of my life I have realized that it has been getting hotter and hotter. I already knew about global warming so I decided to try to figure out how I could help slow down the epidemic and I thought it would be fun. I sat in my room a thought of solutions for about an hour. The solutions I came up with were: Boosting Energy Efficiency, Greening transportation, Revving up renewables, Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Electricity, Managing Forests and Agriculture, Exploring nuclear, Deploying new low-carbon and zero-carbon technology & Ensuring sustainable development.
I feel I should explain some of these things. When I say “Boosting Energy Efficiency” I mean using methods or products that produce the same or higher quality without using a lot energy. “Greening Transportation” means using other methods for powering machines besides gasoline. “Exploring Nuclear” means instead of using gas or other methods we could explore more into nuclear energy which could be the future of clean energy. “Revving up renewables” means using more renewable energy like using more solar, wind & geothermal. “Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Electricity” means trying to stop any more power plants and switching to better sources. After I came up with some solutions I decided to give up because it was very boring so bye.

Monologue #3

Blog post #37

Helllooooo San francisco, if you don’t know me already, my name is Rebecca Seinfeld and I am a single mother of five. I am the owner of chain restaurants called “Rebecca's Rib House”. We are located all over the San francisco. As you all know or haven’t known there is a growing drought problem in California and millions of people are being affected. So instead talking about the latest fashion update or how to breastfeed your baby I will tell you about what is causing this terrible epidemic. Global Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temperature. Global Warming is caused by the “Greenhouse Effect”. Many of you who are reading are thinking, “ Like OMG were like totally about to die”. LOl don’t worry you will be fine. The wonderful workers at have given us 10 ways we could save the world and ourselves one step at a time. . Some things that they talked about were simple things like Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year or driving less because you'll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don't drive! Even every gallon of gasoline saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. And, one thing that everyone tells you to do: Turning  off  your electronic devices actually works. Simply turning off your television, DVD player, stereo and computer when you're not using them will save you thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year. So remember San francisco if you don’t want to be burnt to a crisp just follow these steps and you’ll be fine.


Climate Change Monologue Project

    In this unit we talked about Climate change as the next big global crisis. We read articles and saw videos about how we directly affect this issue through the choices we have made. My monologues show three different people who are willing to take action against this crisis that threatens their future. 

(A environmental scientist looks onto the construction of the of the Keystone XL Pipeline. He is devastated and slightly angry to see his homeland become industrialized by the line. He decides to approach the pipeline and talks to one of the workers).

The pipeline

Hey, you… yes, you! Who else would I be talking to? Now get your lazy self over here, now! Could you tell me what this is?... Keystone XL Pipeline… okay. Being an enviromental scientist, I could write a novels on why that’s terrible but, ways of getting power are scarce so continue please… I see. And who might be . Ugh, I’m sorry but, how are your lungs not rotting right now. That oil is so freaking crude! I feel like my lungs are decaying right now!... Oh you’re sorry for the inconvenience? You treat this like you just stepped on my foot. Do you not know the gravity of this situation?! I live about two or three miles away from here. I know families of people who live in this area, families with children mind you. If this is built and begins to be operated, then they could be killed by the carbon intake in a few years at least. The only possible way to apologize is to get this sh-(interrupted) do NOT interrupt me, I hate it when people interrupt me! Ugh. Where is the oil coming from anyway? The Canadian Tar Sands... It’s going up to Canada all the way down to Houston?! Okay that’s all I can take thank you for your time sir… Where am I going? Going to spread the word about this mess… The Tar Sands don’t contain just any oil. I did a study up there one time. Tar sands oil is heavier, more carbon-intensive, and more corrosive than any other oil. If I had to describe it one thought, then I would say it would be like pumping spider venom throughout all of the U.S.. I would have let this be but, between that poison that your going to be pumping through this rig and the fact that it’s spanning across the entire nation is just ludicrously terrible. Climate change is bad enough as it is but, if this thing is built then we might as well hang ourselves now. And I guarantee you right now, when I come back I won’t be alone. More people who share my opinion will join me and we’ll tear this thing down… Not your problem hunh? How about when I spread the word about this mess, people begin to act and speak out against this thing and the outrage grows like a wildfire. Will it then be your problem.

Agent of Change

(A boy decides to walk through a park after returning home from school. He sits down on a bench and reflects on the previous events of the day)

    Well, that went unbelievably bad. Went to school, discussed the horrible crisis of climate change, and then I am blessed with the knowledge that I can lend a helping hand to preserve the Earth so I do not have to see it go to hell when I grow up. This chance being the gigantic climate change march that takes place a few days before the United Nations’ climate change summit. Then I bring this up to my father so I can seek his approval and what do I get? A whole half an hour lecture about how climate change is just ¨propaganda for the media stations to feed off of¨. He then says ¨Stop worrying about problems that have nothing to do with you!¨ I cannot believe what he said at that moment. All of the morale and excitement inside of me was flickering uncontrollably like a candle’s flame but, then immediately extinguished like one. Stop worrying about problems that have nothing to do ewith me? Is he dense? I had discussed today that the carbon dioxide we put in the air covers the Earth in a very thick and invisible blanket that traps heat inside of the atmosphere along with us. This creates problems that can be catastrophic and even apocalyptic. Ice caps melting, sea levels rising, massive human displacement, extinctions, and possibly an Ice Age. This can lead everything on this planet into a dramatically ironic end of our world. Humans killing the very thing that they inhabit and the Earth paying it back with the same deed.(He stands up) You know what, I just go anyway. I would have asked him to come with me but, since it seems as if he does not care for the future of our home, our family, and more insulting, me I won’t bother. All of those changes are going to happen when I reach 40 or 50 years old and if I have children, then they will see the slow and drawn-out desolation of their own planet. I will not stand by and allow myself to be subjected to that fate. I will stand up along with the tens of thousands in New York in 10 days time and become an agent of change and save our Earth and only then will I rest easily.


(November 8th, 2013; The Filipino Climate Change Negotiator, Nadarev ¨Yeb¨ Saño, sits in his office one week after Typhoon Haiyan passed over the Philippines).

   15 million affected, 4 million of which displaced. 6,000 of which are fatalities as well as another thousand reported missing. These were the effects of Typhoon Haiyan. It has been only a little while since our last storm Bopha which had happened over a year ago but, this had double its strength.However, this does have some positive effects. I now see this as a wake-up call to the whole world to realize the madness of the climate crisis. Countries like China and the United States have done absolutely nothing to stop this crisis as of yet. This baffles me especially when the U.S. experiences extreme tropical storms as well, some rivalling the power of even our typhoons. It is almost as if they have no sense consequence in this situation. This angers me immensely. I wish I could make any American witness the horrors that I and all of my fellow citizens have experienced. Only then would they understand the gravity of this situation. I am very fortunate however. Soon the United Nations shall come together and discuss the climate crisis. That will be my chance to show everyone in the world our next and most challenging task for humanity. (sighs) I still fear for the Earth. Because of the Greenhouse Effect bouncing heat around our atmosphere, water is evaporating quicker. Convection then allows those heated water molecules to rise up into the atmosphere. This not only makes storms more intense but, more frequent. This means that the next storm probably isn’t that far behind. This is the most difficult task humanity has ever had. In the next coming years we must act on the knowledge we have about how we affect this world. It will be up to us to choose our planet or our end.

Below are the videos for my second monologue

Brandon's Monologue Project

In this unit of World History, we learned about climate change. We read and talked about countries all over the world who are affected by climate change. My goals throughout the project were to portray different peoples opinions and thoughts on climate change, whatever they may be. I wanted to portray the thoughts of a timid business man, a successful company owner and an environmental activist.

Ichabod Cheeks

(To peers)Umm, yes.. my name is Ichabod Cheeks. I am a succesfu.. no an average business man. I...I think that with...with the help of our government we can put an end to global warming! I mean if that is okay with everyone. Not to step on anyones toes or anything. Well, maybe they need to be stepped on!.....Or maybe not! Heh Heh. Actually, no this is an important issue! I am tired of our government constantly lying to our faces. It doesn’t take a man from Fresno to see that! Even stevie wonder could see that. It is appalling that our so called leaders are not doing what they need to to correct this impending issue. They are carelessly wasting money on irrelevant things for no reason at all.(Pause)They even spent 750 thousand dollars on a soccer field for inmates at guantanamo bay! Yet the US complains about not having funding for schools. But what do I know? I am just a lowly man who has an opinion. Even though my opinion won’t be heard. But I won’t be ignored! I will do whatever it takes to make my voice heard! Never again will my opinion be neglected. I’m sick of people constantly taking me for granite. Well, will they not listen to me when their whole words are turned upside down?(Pause)Not again will we not help a country who will suffer at the hands of a hurricane! They will hear my voice and the will feel our wrath. The people's wrath!

Florida Stevens(Video)

Your Honor, Jury, climate change is more fuss than harm! Sure there have been natural disasters and thats sad and all, but I don’t believe it’s reason enough that I’m in court before all of you now.(Pause) Yes I know my company is a big fossil fuel burner. I don’t see why that has to do with anything. (Pause) So what if a few people get hurt in a natural disaster. That’s not our problem! They need to toughen up and strive instead of babying about a small amount of property damage.(Pause) What do you mean I am out of order? We aren’t the ones suffering because of a little rain.(Court banter, Judge calms everyone down) Pfff...order in the court, you wouldn’t know order if it hit you like a tsunami. At this rate, your honor, I do not have time for this. For some reason, you can’t get it through your thick skulls, that climate change isn’t that deep of an issue! You’re a pack of fools! Every last one of you!(Pause) I’m being sued for how much?
But...but why? You are blowing this way out of proportion! Please, I’m begging you! Don’t do this!
I was just trying to own a business and now I’m being sued for it?

Jermaine Flowers

(To the crowd) Hello! My name is Jermanie Flowers and welcome to the 3rd annual San Diego Envo-Con.(Crowd cheers, Jermaine guides the crowds attention back to him) Yes, I know all of you are as excited as me but we should all give thanks and pause to our dear mother nature(Pauses for moment of silence) Alrighty then! Our first order of business is to go to congress! We need them to pass a bill to incriminate everyone negligent on climate change. And if they refuse, we will unleash our master plan!(Crowd gasps in anticipation) We will block all traffic in San Diego, New York and Washington DC!(Crowd cheers) Then congress will have to pay attention to us. We’ll see then how they like it when they can’t get to their jobs. Then they won’t be able to burn anymore of those horrible gasses into our precious air! All hail mother Nature!(Crowd cheers)

Monologue 2 video

Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit in history we've talked about a lot of different things, such as the distribution of wealth and food throughout the world, education principles and statuses around the world,  and recently, the topic of climate change. In vain of this, we've been assigned the project I'll be posting below. We had to write three "monologues" from three different people's points of view. Who they were and what they stood for on the topic of climate change was up to us, the only requirement being that it had to be at least 250 words long. We could have written from the P.O.V of a powerful political figure as he dressed his people, as a young child in the aftermath of a natural disaster caused by climate change, or even something supernatural like the ocean's view on things or a cat. The video below is the first monologue in video form, because just had to be a requirement.  

First Impact -The London Smog

Dear Jonathan,

Perhaps asking how you are doing might be a little horribly ironic under the present circumstances, but I it is necessary to ask, because I need to know that everyone is OK. I have already sent a letter to Daniel, with no response, so I need to ask, so once you get this letter, please send me a response immediately. Please let me know that you’re fine, because right now not only am I scared for you, and Daniel, and Mama and Pop, I’m scared for myself, and this entire city.

I’m not entirely sure when this smog rolled in. I awoke on the 5th like any other day, and how I reacted to what I saw outside the window, I imagine was similar to yours. Do you remember that smog in 1892 when the three of us were boys, the one that blanketed the streets so completely that you could hardly see the other side of the street? You remember, Mom boarded up the windows and we nearly lost Daniel on the way to school? We had to give on that though, it was too hard to see, and we couldn’t even stop for sweets on the way home because “Donielli’s” was closed.

This isn’t like that smog though. This is so much more thick and choking, when I stepped outside to go to work this morning I couldn't even see the street in front me, and I nearly got run over by a damn cab. I didn't try much after that to go to work, not like I’m that eager anyway, especially after the recent lay-offs….

You hear what the people on the radio are saying? This smog is killing people, they’re just lying in the streets. Not that I’d be able to see them until I tripped over them in the streets, but when you see these shapes in the fog, you aren’t able to tell whether it’s a bench or body... I’ve been coughing up blood since I went outside on the 5th, and my lungs feel like gravel, so if you’re thinking of going outside, just don’t, and don’t let Mary or little Emily move either. Just stay inside, please, and reply when you get this letter, if you d assuming I can find the mailbox in this damn fog.

-Sincerly, Taylor

London, December 6th, 1952

Second Impact -Nyos “Volcano”

Journal Entry 12#

Lake Nyos Disaster Investigation

Dr. Geitnier Armistead

September 3, 1987

Arriving on the scene now about a year ago, as I may have made the prominent focus view of my last entry, was a day that rendered me perturbed and perhaps, for the first time in my scientific career, positively dumbfounded. But that day was rather exciting as well, because I had a chance as a scientist to discover the secrets behind one of the strangest disasters of recent memory, one that will be warning sign for the future, and a a sort of foreboding landmark when looked back on decades from now. As you can imagine, every country aware of the impending situation has sent their “best” scientists, and during those first few days, as I recapped in my first journal ,we needed to find out what mysterious anomaly had killed nearly 1,800 people in the village of Nyos, Cameroon, practically overnight, and vanished without a trace. There wasn’t much to go on, the victims had all apparently fell and over and died for all intensive purposes, with no head trauma or bleeding found, but our major clue was that the number of fatalities seemed to be larger around Lake Nyos, a lake that the inhabitants of the surrounding area seem to think holds some, supernatural power of spirits or ghosts(which is of course is porposterous) . Now, over the course of this past year, we have finally solved this mystery, and in this journal, I wil take all the data we have found and form a hypothesis. The first clue to go on was upon testing the waters of this lake, we found some interesting discoveries. It appears the lake holds an abnormal amount of CO2, levels that only climbed steadily higher, only to quite literally off the charts and burst our test tubes once the depth of the lake reached 600ft. Now of course, all lakes contain some amounts of CO2, that is unavoidable considering the amount now in the atmosphere, but water is usually able to churn out the gas due to constant movement of waves, but in Lake Nyos’s case, it is almost the stillest in the entire world, due to several variables like the hills surrounding it and Cameroon’s consistently painfully hot weather. This allows the CO2 to accumulate and when triggered with a catalyst which could be as something as small as a tree falling into the lake or a landslide, releases all that decade-worth of CO2 in one moment, and, well, you can imagine the rest… Some of the other French scientists are discussing with the Americans whether we can harness this CO2 for other purposes, but I’m personally going to be moving out soon enough. Let them do what they will with all this extra gas.

Third Impact - The Disaster

“Hello world leaders of this summit, I am Hamza Jensen, representative from His Majesty of Belgium, who hasn’t had any dealing with the issue of climate change in the past but in light of… recent events, has sent me in his place. His Majesty firmly believes that any world leader available to attend this summit with knowledge of how this past week has come to pass, absolutely should, if nothing but for sending their deepest, most sincere condolences for the people of Australia, Chile, and Finland and the other countries who have been affected. With this in mind, His Majesty would like to thank President Gavino Acciaio of Italy for volunteering his country at such short notice for the location of this summit, and I would personally like to thank President Johnson for that powerful speech only moments ago. I won’t be talking too long, since I know the president of Ireland wishes to speak about a potential disaster relief plan that could start to undo the damage of something this global and grave, but His Majesty… and I, have a few things we must talk about. Nothing will be held back, if the last week as taught us anything, the time of civil and polite little conversation around a table is truly over, and action is the only course to take in order to now potentially save our countries and planet. I will be as critical as I need to be....

What must be talked about first is our own blindness. Climate change has been a world issue for many, many decades, not even discreetly so. The signs have been there for a long time, the London Smog of 1952, the Lake Nyos disaster in 1987, the several hurricanes in the Philippines and other countries from 2014 to 2016. Yet despite all this, no real action has been taken by any of us. Perhaps it was always a distant threat, a thing that would happen in the future, not important when compared with what ever present problems our countries were facing, whether it be petty war, a faulty economy, or recovering from natural disaster that were usually a direct byproduct of climate change. Well, I hope we can agree it isn’t anywhere close to being distant anymore. The death tolls of this disaster are still being calculated around the world, but currently we are close to passing the seven and a half million mark, but no, that’s not all, since the number are still coming in, I’ve been told we might be adding a third of that number by the end of the month… Excuse me… It’s important to remember that I… His Majesty isn’t going to blame any particular person, or even faction or country. The responsibility of causing this disaster is on all of our shoulders, whether it be because you were directly responsible for polluting and taking the planet for granted, or simply yelling from across the planet for them to stop but not actually doing anything…

I remember back in 2019 when we held a similar summit about addressing the increasingly dire problems caused by climate change. You were there President Acciaio, and you Emperor Jinjo, and I’m sure you remember that we sat around the same table for two days, but without the motivation of millions of people’s lives on the line, we agreed on absolutely nothing. We were all focusing on our own selfish goals, and not concentrating on the very real threats, that we ultimately overlook.

And now I’m tired of disagreements and stupid politicians and lack of action, by everyone, including His Majesty. I fully realize I’m probably going to be fired after this because of my outbursts, but I hope that from this terrible, terrible day, we can all at least learn from this incident. No. We need to learn from this. The world is changed forever, and I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it if the world continues on like nothing has happened. Thank you. You’re up Prime Minister.

Monologue 1#(Video)

Climate Change Monologue

In this unit of World History we talked about climate change and how it affects everyone all around the world.  We read articles about families in different Countries such as Malawi, which was recently flooded, and we also learned about protests that have been occurring.  My monologues were in the perspective of a factory worker, a child speaking to her mother, and an actual coal factory.  All of the characters in my monologue were aware of what Global Warming is doing to the world.  My goal was to show how although 3 people all know what is happening with climate change and are against it, they still have different views and opinions within that.

Monologue #1

Patrick R. Linton Monologue

(Patrick walks into his bosses office looking very nervous.)

Hello, yes, thanks for seeing me Mr. Ross, I just have a few things to talk to you about.  Uh yes, I am aware that you’re a very busy man but I feel like this issue is pretty important.  Well uh, I don’t know how much knowledge you have on Global Warming and you know the release of Carbon Dioxide...No, I don’t think you’re stupid Mr.Ross I was just curious, anyways, since we work in a factory that contributes to the release of CO2 I thought we could inform our workers about what was going on and maybe see if we could look into making changes in the future... Mr.Ross, I really don’t think it would cause as many problems as you believe.  We could bring in an organization like 350 to explain to everyone what’s going on… I know you think that changing how we do things would cost us a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to what we’d be doing to save the planet...We’re one of the Countries that are contributing greatly to the release of CO2 in the atmosphere but it’s effecting people in places like India, Malawi, and the Philippines.  Do you remember the Typhoon that happened in the Philippines?  So many people lost their homes and loved ones and it’s because of Global Warming!  This is a repercussion of things that the U.S. are contributing to.  You can’t just sit there and think only about yourself!  Please Mr.Ross, try be reasonable, No I really need my job, I just wanted to see...I understand.  (Begins walking out) You know what, I actually don’t understand. Why are you so against the idea of change? Or the idea of you changing what you’re used to, and might I just add if you don’t want to change now, are you going to feel differently when the weather and environment are?(Pause) You know what Mr.Ross, I’m sorry that you’re so blind to what’s going on around you but I refuse to participate in something I don’t believe in.  So good day!  That’s fine, I was going to quit anyways.   

Monologue #2


Cough, Cough, Cough,  It sucks to know that you’ve assisted in the murder of thousands of men, women, and children.  It sucks knowing that you were a part of the destruction of someones home and life.  It really sucks that you can’t do anything about it.  There is no one I can talk to, not that I could move from my “beautiful” piece of land in Texas.  My whole life I have been working and working, creating coal and spewing out smoke.  The smoke is awful.  It causes so much sickness and death.  I am literally a disease, and no one likes diseases.  I see what’s going on, all the other coal factories are releasing the same disease that I am.  But no, shut me down, and guess how many people will lose their  jobs?  Too many, shut me down and “how on earth will we find another way to supply our coal? because this is the way we’re used to doing it.”  Oh, I guarantee you that you’ll find a way.  Humans need to think more along the lines of, “Shut me down and how many people’s lives will we save?  Shut me down and the future generations could see what it is like to live in a world with no pollution, less sickness, and more happiness.  I am in no way a human being but at least I can act like one.  I’m done hearing about families who have to send and sell their children to factories because after the flood or after the drought, they didn’t have enough money for food.  If I can sacrifice myself, then you should be able to sacrifice your comfort zone too.  I’m ready to be shut down, you just need to be ready to do it.

Monologue #3


Mom! I’m home!!!  School, was fine.  Mr.Johnson gave us a pop quiz in math and we did an experiment in science class! Oh, and Ms.Smith taught us some really cool stuff in social studies.  Did you know that were violently killing the planet?!? No really, I’m serious, we’re murderers (draws out murderers.)  OK mom, you obviously don’t understand, carbon dioxide, which is CO2, we learned that in science class, gets all in the atmosphere and that would make our planet go from livable to not so livable.  Yeah, isn't it crazy!  Oh, and apparently, hang on, let me check my paper(rummages through book bag)  Apparently to keep the planet livable we have to keep the amount of CO2 below the level of 350 parts per million but right now we’re at 400 ppm!  That’s at least 50 parts per million more than what it should be at.  I thought the same thing mother, what a great question, what exactly will happen when too much CO2 gets into the atmosphere?  Well Ms. Smith said that we’re already seeing some of the outcomes.  Like the drought in California and the Typhoon in the Philippines.  If you don’t know what a Typhoon is, it’s just a hurricane that happens in the Northwest pacific.  I found that one out all my myself.  But a lot of people in the Philippines during the Typhoon lost their homes and families.  Isn’t it! It’s so sad, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose our house or you and dad, even losing Grace would make me upset and she’s a terrible sister.  Dad is home!  Hey dad wanna know why you’re a killer?

(Video is Monologue #1)

Opoku's Home Network

Opoku's Home Network
This is my home network. It consists of four devices. My television,laptop, my cell phone, and my Ipod. All these devices are connected through wifi. The WiFi comes from my router which for some unknown reason is located in my basement. My service provider is Verizon Fios that allows my whole household to be connected to the Internet by a coaxial cable. Throughout this whole project my eyes were opened to how i was completely wrong about how wifi works. At first i just thought my router emitted a signal(called WiFi) that gave me access to the internet. Now I know it is much more complicated than that.

Climate Change Monologue Project

Part 1

For this unit of our History class, we focused on climate change, and man's effect on the globe. In order to express this, we wrote three monologues from the point of view of people affected by (or affecting) the world's climate. This can mean anything from global warming, to deforestation, to habitat loss. My goal while writing my monologues was to show how large corporations damage the environment for their personal gains.

Part 2

Metaphores Dear Mayor Johnson, It's frank from school, remember me? I work at a coal plant in New York now, but I’ve got the week off. I kept meaning to write to you. Today, I went to the doctor because of a recurring cough and chest pain, and I found out that I have lung cancer, despite never smoking a day in my life. It couldn't have been hereditary, because my doctor said that it looked like I was smoking a pack a day for 20 years. This was shocking and confusing, but when the doctor started talking about my job it started to become clearer. I always used to love the smell of burning coals, but I didn't even know before today that it could be that harmful to your health. I asked around among my coworkers, too, and they said that they were always coughing and wheezing too, even when they were off-duty. This seems like a bad trend, and I’m puzzled because in the 15 years I've been working in this plant, the system has barely changed at all. I'm starting to think that I should've gotten that job as an accountant. While I was thinking about the effects on myself, I started thinking about the effect that it has on the ozone layer. If we only breathe in some of this stuff and it’s doing this, just imagine what it’s doing to the atmosphere, which is getting the full force of the smoke. According to NASA’s website, the ozone layer is already depleted way below normal levels, and scientists also say that there might not be a way to make it grow back, and the consequences could be catastrophic! So please Joe, as a favor for an old friend, start cracking down on pollution soon! Sincerely, Frank Smith.
Oil Spill Man, it sure is great to be a duck, not having to deal with all the problems the humans have. (Breathes in) Yeah, today’s gonna be a great-- Hey, what's this? Eww, it's all sticky! I just took a shower, too! Wait a sec, is this oil? Man, those humans are at it again, spilling their oil everywhere, on our food, our beaches. It's so infuriating! And look, there’s more washing to shore! Who do they think they are barging in here going completely by their own agendas? To me, that just seems selfish and immature. I mean, how would they like it if a whole bunch of bears busted into New York and started leaving their droppings everywhere and eating everyone? It’s unjust, and I want representation! It’s just too bad that animals can’t go to law school. If there was an animal lawyer, he would make tons of money. The polar bears in the arctic would probably make millions from their homes being destroyed, and maybe we could get some humans to clean up their mess here. Hey, it could actually be really simple. We could get together a team of animal lawyers. I could be one, we could get an elephant, maybe some deer, then we could all go to Harvard and get law degrees! This is the best plan ever! (Transition to college admissions office) You're going to accept all of us? Great! Thanks so much Mr. Superintendant, you won't regret this. (Transition to court room) So your honor, these elk were recklessly injured because of these two delinquents and their assault rifles. We request the amount of 500 trillion dollars in compensation and 100 million hours of community service. (Transition to the Oval Office) Well, we did it. We sued the humans out of all their money and now they all work for us. The world is greener than it ever was before. God bless the United States of Duckmerica!
The Lie detector Hi everyone, I’m Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP. I’m here today to address the tragic incident on one of our oil freighters yesterday which left the Mexican Gulf crippled by oil pollution. Now, in response to the public’s view on the honesty of big corporation executives, I’ve decided to wear this lie detector on my head based entirely on my own free will. (BZZT) Ok, some of it was from PR, but only some. (BZZT) Jeez! Can’t you guys make this thing a little more lenient? No? Ok, well our first question comes from Mike Sanchez from Florida. He asks "Dear Mr. Dudley, what are your opinions on climate change?" Well I obviously think it's our biggest concern. (BZZT) I mean Besides orphans! (BZZT) And homeless! (BZZT) I mean money, alright? Is that really so bad?! Next question comes from Billy Matherson from Missouri. He writes “Mr. Dudley, can you tell everyone your main reason for starting the repairs so fast?” Well Billy, it was because we at BP care so much about the animals in the gulf, and… (BZZT) I mean because it’s harming the fragile ecosystem… (BZZT) Ah! Well it’s definitely not just to turn a profit… (BZZT) Ok, ok, next question! This one is from Mr. John Davis from Idaho. He asks "Mr. Dudley, how do you feel about the oil's effect on undersea life?" Well, there's definitely not going to be an issue with the fish. (BZZT) (SIGH) Well, looks like that’s all we have time for tonight. Thanks for watching everyone. We at BP are trying our hardest to repair the gulf, I guarantee it. (BZZT) Ow, dangit!

Part 3

The password is "SLA".

World History Climate Monologue Project from Colin Pierce on Vimeo.

Note: The last sentence was cut off. He says "Sincerely, Frank Johnson."

Climate Change Monologue Project

This unit in world history we talked about climate change. In class we discussed the New York climate march and it’s impact on the global movement. The point of the march was to bring more attention to climate change. We also talked about people who had no interest in helping to improve climate change. For the unit project we were assigned to write monologues from three different points of view. The people you chose to write from could be for climate change, against climate change, real people, or a character you made up. I chose to write from the perspective of Bill Nye, a working Canadian man, and an African American father. All three of these people have different stories of how climate change has affected them and how they choose to help or not help.

Monologue #1

Bill Nye

[A scientist addressing kids on climate change in 2014. Bill Nye starts off on center stage in the background there is a fun lab table.]

Bobby Learns A Lesson

Hey kids, welcome back to a special reunion of Bill Nye the science guy with me Bill Nye!! (kids clap) This episode kids we’re going to talk about climate change. It is very important that everyone pays attention because this is a very special episode. Can someone tell me what climate change is?… very close John good guess but an interesting factoid is that climate change is not just when the world gets hotter it can also be when places get colder, or have really big storms, or no rain at all. The full definition of climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns. In fact that’s just what we’re talking about today three different people from all over the world who have been affected by climate change in one way or another. The first place we’ll be visiting is a man from our northern neighbors in Canad (Bobby interrupts) yes Bobby? Well here’s the thing Bobby we may not always feel it, but believe it or not the climate around us has been changing and we are here to stop it! (Bobby interrupts) This planet is at the top of our to take care of to do list because young one without the earth we wouldn’t have anywhere to live. Now to continue we are going to meet Gary fro (Bobby interrupts) See now it’s not nice to interrupt people Bobby but what’s your question (Bobby interrupts) I know that the sun is warm and you like to play in it, but our fun comes at a price. It may be sunny in here but in other parts of the world people are dying and need our help to protect them. The only way we can do that is to make the world a healthier place. You want to live in a healthy happy place don’t you Bobby (Bobby replies) that’s why today we’re going to talk about climate change ALL over the world (Bobby replies) Around the world many people are like you they don’t know what to believe and they think that we have more important things to pay attention to. Even though climate change won't do anything really bad for many many years we want the people of the future to have a safe planet to call home (Bobby replies) Exactly Bobby, there is so much more to climate change, and now you can go home and tell your friends and family to protect and preserve the earth. Alrighty now so lets move on and do some fun weather experiments.

Monologue #2

Sylvester Burton

[A middle aged man who has lost faith in the effects of climate change. He’s in his house talking to his daughter. She has just heard a lecture on the coming effects of climate change]

Bring the Community Together

No no no that’s not what I said. I know that climate change is something that’s affecting our world, I don’t deny that. All I’m saying is that the earth has gone through so many changes and fixed itself. Take the ice age, the world froze over in ice and then melted itself and no one is completely sure why (daughter interrupts) I get that a sheet of ice isn’t the same thing as us destroying the ozone but you have to consider… Yeah pop pop did die from black lung disease due to air pollution what’s that have to do with anything? Anyway, the air pollution is dangerous yes but we wont feel the effects of that for years. You know when I was in school about thirty years ago, teachers always said that Delaware was going to be in the ocean. Something about our pollution was going to cause the water to rise, then most of the middle of the east coast was going to sink. They always rambled on and on about how bad climate change was getting but then nothing ever happened.

Coming from a small black neighborhood people would get worried. Everyone would be all riled up waiting for Philly to fall straight into the river. That’s another thing, why don’t you educate people before you start saying that we’re going to end up like freaking Atlantis. Black people start getting all worried and don’t even have all the information. People get ready to move to outer space… My whole thing is that if scientist really believe in this stuff they’ll do three things: educate the people, rally the people for change, and eliminate the problem. The three keys to success. Leaders never realize that black communities know how to stay together. If they took enough time to listen to their opinion, there would be a new group of allies that would be squad deep. Black communities want to be involved just like the rest of the world. If you isolate them they’ll just add to the problem. They’ll continue to pollute or litter and that’s another problem in of itself. So before you start telling people what they have to do, explain. All anybody ever wants to do is understand.

Monologue #3

Gary Knope

[Gary is in a courtroom on the witness stand]

The Confession

I did it okay, I confess! I don’t know why we’re here, please cuff me. Throw me in a cold hard cell with no windows, I don’t deserve to see the light… No I will not calm down, I will not be quite, and I will not move! I killed my wife okay, I take sole responsibility… Maybe I wasn’t the one who got her sick but I might as well have pulled the trigger, you know if there was a gun… Fine I’ll tell you what happened from the beginning. About 10 months ago me and by wife were blessed with having a child. And this was really a miracle you know (get’s excited then quites down). Our own little baby, we couldn’t have been happier! But you know with all little miracles a new burden comes. You know what I’m saying, the almighty dollar shows mercy to no one, am I right? (chuckles). Anyway I knew I had to get a better job, cleaning up a the local high school wasn’t going to do it. Then lucky me, an opportunity presents itself. Trans Canada was going door to door in my neighborhood and handing out jobs. They said they needed help on this Keystone thing. Pretty steady gig, said it would last about a year and a half, and the pay was good so I thought you know what the hell. The first couple of months it was going pretty well, I caught the bus into Toronto everyday, got paid once a week and my wife… well she was doing great (heavy sigh.) So about 8 months into the job, when my wife was nearing the end of the pregnancy, we went to the gyno… And that’s when she said that everything with the baby was fine but my wife was... she was a little shaky. So doc put her on some antibiotics before the delivery. That’s when she got worse. Every week she was sick.. it seemed like just a cold but I could tell it was something more. Then we found ourselves back at the doctors office days before her scheduled due date. This time, (chuckles) yeah.. the news wasn’t so great. She said that my wife should go in for a ct scan because something was happening in her lungs. Obviously that wasn’t possible because of the baby and all but she said that a ultrasound will give us some information as to what was going on; even if it didn’t show all the details. So we got the ultrasound and from what the radiologist could see there was build up on her lungs… Then she um said that it could be black lung disease. I have been bringing home silica dust from the site and she was breathing it in… thank god my baby was okay. But they said they’d have to do a c section on the baby before any harm got to her. Then after my wife got stronger they would try to fight this… but um she died while having the baby (crying). After that my in-laws  insisted on suing Trans Canada but they should really be trying to send me away. I killed the only thing I had to live for. My daughter has to be under the care of her grandparents in the states where my wife was from. They said I have to find a new place to live and new employment before I can bring her back home but I, I just don’t know what to do. So throw me in jail I have nothing left.