A Spanish Masterpiece - By: Andora, Shlio, Leo, & Jason

In the first month of Spanish 1 we learned how to order our food in a polite way. We are now putting our skills of ordering to the test. In this situation there will be 3 people ordering their lunch.

In the first month of Spanish we have learned how to describe what is happening in the weather. In this video we will show a weather forecast.

In our first two months in Spanish, we have learned a lot of things. One thing we learned was the different formality we use for certain people. We will apply our knowledge about this unit in our video. The video will be about Leo starting an interview with the boss of the company.

This past month, we have been learning about the days of the week. Now it is being used in a practical setting as professor assigns the weeks homework.

SLA XC Finishes Seasons, Runners Advance to States

The SLA Cross Country (XC) Team attacked the Belmont Plateau on Friday as they crossed the line during their last race of the season yesterday. We ran a lot of miles, ate a lot of granola bars and PB&Js, and shared a lot of memories this season. Runners Des O'Donovan and Jared Bauer will advance to the state competition in Hershey next week. Congratulations on a strong finish to the season!
PA290170 (1)
PA290170 (1)

Video Reflection

In class we saw a kid named Jack go about his life at school and get bullied a lot. Then we watched the video, but this time, we hit an emoji, which told the bullies that we see what you're doing and we don't like it, and they did the right thing. This shows that if you don't show the bullies that you see what they're doing and don't like it, they will continue to bully. I have a twitter account that I use, I have a Google + and Facebook, however I don't post on them, I do comment on Youtube videos occasionally. There are pictures of me from piano recitals that I did. I don't think that people will have any impressions of me based on what I do online. The goal of an Internet Troll is to get attention by annoying and saying negative things about a certain subject or person. If you respond to a troll, you are helping them in their pursuit of attention. If you are anonymous online, then people won't have any bad impressions of you, however, they also can't find any information about you. 

Home Network, Colin Taylor-McGrane

​I have a Optical Network Terminal(ONT) in my basement that converts the laser generated pulses of light to and from electrical signals. The ONT is connected to a cable that is connected to a router in my living room, which is connected to all of our devices via WiFi. I learned that there is a box in my basement that converts light pulses to and from electrical signals. I would like to tell people that they should understand how they receive and send information on the internet.

BPMN 2.0 (1)

Who is Paxton Wentzell Online?

Screenshot 2015-11-02 at 12.39.30 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-02 at 12.39.30 PM
Today in class we watched a video about cyber bullying ( you can find a shortened clip of the video embed into this post or you can go to the actual site at http://iwitnessbullying.org/ ). The video didn't really change how I look at cyber bullying, but it did show me that people are actually doing something somewhat substantial to prevent it. Afterwards we googled ourselves to see what came up. We also worked with other students and googled their names and created a five word impression of them based solely on what came up in the search. I am pretty proud of what came up for me. The result ended in a couple of my website accounts, video games, presentations, and awards. I think this shows people that I am a much better and more well-rounded person than I actually am. We also learned about internet trolls whose only purpose is to annoy, anger, or attack people on the internet. This probably happens because of the anonymity of the internet. A normal person could post anything he or she wants on the internet without any real fear of being caught as long as what they're doing doesn't break any laws. This anonymity can be good and bad in different ways. For example, it could be used as a good source of reviews, open debates, or creation because people aren't held back from embarrassment of someone finding out who they are. This could also go the other way. Someone could use all of the media just listed and end up with something terrible. These, trolls, will post lies, rumors, controversial beliefs, and generally anything to waste one's time. 

Also, I have a creative commons of my own here as well. You can find it at this link 

Kyianna Thomas

Kyianna Thomas

Blue stream

October 29,2016

Today in class i watched a video about bullying. I had to google myself. I didn't know myself but it was good to see what others with my name did. This video makes me think of when other get bullied or picked on. Online i appear to be a beautiful young lady that likes to write books on wattpad and is really active in basketball for girls. I would think that people would think of me as a active human. They just want to make up things about you or talk bad about you. The positive results of being online is letting people know who you are and having them think good things about you. The negative results would be having a bad image on who you are and what people may think about you.


Today in class we watched a video about a boy who was being bullied. We watched it two times. The first time we did not click the eye emoji which showed what would happen if people helped the person being bullied. The second time we did though. When he clicked the emoji he was happy and seemed to be enjoying life, but when no one was helping he was nearly crying and was depressed. Online there are pictures of me from instagram and pictures from my friends instagram accounts. You could also see a project I did on Prezi in 6th grade and a picture of me from a race I did a couple years ago. There are both positives and negatives to online anonymity. The positive is that you may be comfortable with talking to people over the internet then in person, but also people can stalk you online which can lead to cyber bullying.  

Who am I ONLINE? Nzinga

Tech project

In this class we watched a video about bullying. But in this video it told us how to be better than bullying and how to outsmart it. In this video it taught us about the eye emoji. The emoji tells that person that what they are doing isn't good and you see them. I know with this video it brung up children bullying other children in pre-k. You know how its that one student who is always in the front of the line and is the teachers pet. The teacher or the student may not see it, but that is bullying.

Online I am a good person. It doesn't show anything inappropriate because my name is Nzinga. Its stands for power, strength and brave. Under my name it pulls up my year at business school/class. I guess people would perceive me as accomplished and privileged because in the picture I was the only black person in the whole picture. It also shows how thankful I must be for my life as well. The goal of internet trolls is stay away from them or if they appear, stay calm. I believe the positive is only one thing, keeping yourself safe, I don't think there are any other reasons. If you aren't in trouble you shouldn't be hiding.

Reflection- Hinson

Today in class, we viewed a short interactive clip about a boy, Jack, who was being bullied by peers, both verbally and through the internet. We were able to stop the bullies in advanced by clicking the eye-looking button. This button was there to let the bullies know someone was watching them. After watching this video, lots of things ran through my mind. I really hate the fact that people are bullied and I never noticed how bad it can affect a person being bullied. Online I appear the same as I would in person. When I searched myself I didn't really find anything bad. I believe people think I am a nice and well conducted person. The internet trolls is to make you upset and very mad. A positive result of online anonymity are used to send positive messages. A negative anonymity is used to send hurtful and mean spam messages.

Help "The Rocket" Win a City Title! https://www.gofundme.com/k38k3n24

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.26.36 AM
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.26.36 AM

SLA Rockets Baseball Family and Bandwagon,

We shocked the Philly Public League last year by going undefeated in the regular season and upsetting the top seeds en route to the Final Four. 

Yet, we fell ever so short of fulfilling our mission of bringing home a City Title. Now the target is squarely on our backs as a team to beat, and every game we play this spring will be against the very best around.

Since the first week of September we've been building on the strong foundation of our recent success, but we're still up against teams and a system that favors the established and the fully staffed. We'll always be that scrappy, royal blue Rocket that believes and defies the odds but we need your help.

To this end, we're starting this GoFundMe campaign to ensure that our team is ready to compete against the very best the city has to offer in 2016. 

Your support will help us in the following ways:
-Professional Hitting and Pitching Coaches
-Indoor Facility Rentals
-New baseball equipment
-New Uniforms 
-Spring Training Tournaments down South

Help support the continued growth of the hottest team in the City Public League. 

City Title on 3, Family on 6!!!

Home Network, DeSilva

Home Network by Sean DeSilva

My Internet Service Provider also known as ISP is Xfinity from Comcast. The Comcast cable connects to my modem/router which activates the Wifi. Then the other piece of the cable connects to my laptop, so it's known as the Ethernet. My Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, 3DS Xl, PS Vita and my dads Nokia smart phone can easily connect to the modem/router which gives off wifi. During my Technology course with Mrs. Hull, I learned that when you connect your device to Wifi, you actually pay additional amounts of money for having that device connected to your ISP which I thought was very shocking. I will tell other people to not have your devices connected to you ISP all the time because they will have to pay more than they need too. Also, I would tell them to call their ISP to fix any issues with the Internet.  

Home Network, Silverman

My ISP is Verizon fios, so I have a fiber cable connecting to my router.  Connected through WiFi I have a tablet, six cell phones, two laptops, a TV, and a wifi extender.  I also have two hardwired desktop PCs and a printer that is WiFi connected as well.  An OMG moment for me was when we watched that video in class and I learned about what happened behind the scenes of the internet.  I would want others to know what they have connected to their network and how expensive it can get.

who am I online

Untitled drawing

1:This was a class project on how we are perceived online, and we watched an interactive video on preventing cyber trolls, and this blog post is about the questions associated with the video

2: This video brings to mind cyberbullying, and its very similar to it too

3: Online I don't use my real name, but my user names are usually MooseMan, or DriftRacer88

4: I think people perceive me well, since I usually try not to be mean if i'm online, for example, I don't start fights while playing games online

5: To get a response, and then get enjoyment out of your suffering

6: Anonymity is good because people can’t find you in real life, and possibly hurt you. It's bad because people could post things that are really mean, and you wouldn't know who it is, and not be able to stop them

Who am i?

I searched the web and i found many pictures of power rangers. Apparently Theres this kid from the power rangers that has the same exact name as me. But thats not the only the only pictures i found on google search. I found many pictures of Criminals. Mostly drug dealers and murderers.

Home Network, Ortiz

On my home network I have 2 laptops, 1 iPhone, 1 tablet, 1 Wii, 1 Dsi, 1 wireless printer, and 1 iPod. I learned that ISP's are Internet Service Providers and they are the ones the provide us with our wifi, of course as long as we pay them. I also learned that some people can have a modem, router, or a combination of both to get their internet. I also learned that by connecting a device to your modem, router, or a combination of both with an ethernet cable you can make your device receive the wifi faster, this is mostly recommended for gaming systems. I think that people should be aware of how they get their wifi (modem, router, or a combination of both). 

Girls Soccer Advances in Playoffs

Congratulations to the girls soccer team who defeated Olney 3-1 to advance to the quarterfinal round of the playoffs. Senior, Hannah Nicoletti, knocked in the first goal after the goalie bobbled her shot, making the score 1-0 at the half. Second half goals came from sophomore, Emma Schwingel-Sauer and senior defender, Bella Beato. The Rockets take on a tough opponent, Franklin Towne Charter School on Thursday at 5pm at Northeast HS.

Who am I Online? - Ayala Silverman

We watched I Am A Witness in Tech class about Jack, a boy being bullied by his classmates.  We watched the video two times, once without clicking the button to help Jack, and another to see what happens when we did help Jack.  The video sort of showed how bullying can happen anywhere and in any form.  It also showed how many people don't step up and help, even if they see what's going on.  

There's not much on me online.  A few of my old projects and another girl's website for becoming Bat Mitzvah are what appear right away.  I doubt people who search up my name would randomly click on the websites that feature my name nonchalantly, so I'm not sure whether I would be perceived as anything. 

The goal of internet trolls is to get a reaction, usually a negative one, out of other people on the internet.  This is made easier because of anonymity granted by being online.  Anonymity online makes the internet trolls' jobs easier, but it also allows for people to have conversations and opinions without giving too much of themselves away to strangers.  

Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.10.26 PM
Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 12.10.26 PM

Q1 Benchmark - Contemporary Kafkaesque

Mia Weathers-Fowler & Deja Johnson

The theoretical piece of work we chose was a short story. We focused on a couple themes. One was the way that we are so drawn in by our technology that we forget to look at the people around us. The second is that all of the information we have access to often isolates us instead of connects us further. As the authors we created a fake blog with our Press Release (book cover, summary), Author Bios, Audience Response (podcast), and Cultural Fabric (buzzed article). Link


Inside of class we watched a video made by the I Am A Witness Campaign. The video was about a child, named Jack, who was being bullied and what you can do to stop it. The campaign was trying to get people to use an emoji to respond to cyberbullying. The video reminded me of when I got bullied at my old school. I remembered how I felt and I really related to Jack on a personal level. I don't really exist online and no one has my exact name but, when I google my name a lot of white people and people that live in Andorra show up. If you googled me and didn't know what I looked like or how old I am then, they might think that I am most likely a elderly white person. The goal of an internet troll is to make you mad and to get a response. The positives of online anonymity is that it gives you a sense of privacy but some people abuse this. Because of people like this it makes online anonymity dangerous for others.

#IamAWitness - Gregory Tasik

Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 11.36.22 AM
Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 11.36.22 AM

In tech class on Friday, my class and I watched an interactive video on bullying, titled #IamAWitness. As the video progressed, it allowed us to make a decision; allow the kid to be bullied, or to stop the bullying. The first time we watched, we allowed the kid to be bullied, however during the second time, we stopped the bullying. Then, we had a classroom discussion and every student did a typed reflection on Canvas.

What this video brought to my mind is that cyber bullying is just dangerous as physical bullying because every person takes things differently. It also reminded me that I have to be careful of my image online as much as I have to be careful with my image in real life. I realize I have to be careful with what I say over the internet. In my current state, I do not interact much with people online besides social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Based on what I’ve done on the internet, I believe I am perceived as a troll in a funny type of way(only to my friends). Hopefully, I am not perceived as the trolls that are described in this article - https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists -

which describes them as narcissists, psychopaths, and sadists who try their hardest to get a response from the victim. Lastly, there are positive and negative results of online anonymity. The positives is that the average “joe” wouldn’t know who you are without some research and that you can remain anonymous. However, the negatives is that, if someone does enough “digging around” a person can find out who you really are.

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Attribution Some rights reserved by wentongg

Ahmed Ahmed, Who Am I Online

1. The video we watched in class today was about bullying.

2. This video gives me the sign that bullying is wrong. No one should be bullied and no one should be bullying.

3. When I searched up my name online I found pictures and facts about an Actor/Comedian also named Ahmed Ahmed.

4. I don't think people will perceive me because I have nothing of me online.

5. To make all of them stop being trolls.

6. I really don't think there is a good thing about being anonymous online but a bad thing is you will never know who the real person is which could be a really bad problem.

Imani's Blog

What comes to my mind is someone hurting someone else mentally and physically. I also think about broken down homes because most bullies come from a broken home with parents fighting and unstable people that are living with them. 
I don't appear online I have pictures of baby dolls and a famous person named imani. People would think that maybe I am not really out there and don't have social media because I am not appearing on google. The goal of internet trolls are to beat you down and break your confidence and hurt your feelings. The positive thing about it is that you don't know who it is and that you can't get hurt because  you don't know who it is. The negative thing is that some random person is talking about you and you don't know them and they are saying these things about you that are hurting your feelings. 
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.15.23 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.15.23 AM

"Who Am I Online?" Reflection - Matt Reed

​1. We watched the video about Jack and him getting bullied. Then we had to search ourselves on Google, and respond to the information/pictures we found.

2. This video reminds me of my childhood, and how I got bullied a lot. They made me feel really bad.

3. I really don't make that big of an effect online.  I really just go on YouTube and a lot of Social Media.

4. When people look at my Facebook, they may think I'm sweet boy that loves my family.

5. The goal of internet trolls is to make others feel bad. They want to get a laugh out of others pain, even if it was a joke.

6. A negative of online anonymity is not knowing who if this person is messing with you for fun or actually trying to make you feel bad about yourself. A positive part of anonymity is doing things without the target finding out who you are.
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.38.43 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.38.43 AM