ILP 3.31.16

So far I have been enjoying and progressing with my ILP very well. I no longer have to commute to and from places because my ILP is at school which is very nice. So far, we have most of the schedule for the club ironed out, we will start with graphic design in a digital format and then slowly work or way bigger with industrial and then maybe even city planning. All of this will educate and enhance the life experience of the students who join our club. We are also working on how to begin the club, trying to organize the right activity and how to make sure the club feels fun and loose, not like a class and super structured. Another thing we are working on for the ILP is a logo for challenge week and that is also going well. Right now we have three solid ideas and are trying to improve and refine those designs, as well as make sure they show both community service and Philadelphia. 

Gavin ILP ’16

For my ILP, I am enrolled a law class taught by Drexel University students, here at SlA. What we do is we learn about law, as well as take part in sitiuations modeled after real-life law scenarios. We learn how law works firsthand and through lessons, through activities such as mock trials. We have discussions which we are meant to take away knowledge about law from these. This is my ILP.


My ILP is at Chosen 300, a soup kitchen located at 12th and Spring Garden. I visit every few weeks on either Wednesdays or Tuesdays. The dinner starts 8. I am not given the same job every time. Sometimes I hand out food, wash dishes, distribute drinks, etc. It has been a learning experience. It shows me the different types of people in the world and how I should treat them. I like this ILP for the learning experience, but I will probably change it soon or next year. 

Theater ILP

My Theater Ilp I have enjoyed so much. My teacher has taught me many different acting techniques that I will be use forever and into my career of screen writing in the future. I have also many friends with different backgrounds and unique personalities. We performed  a piece last month that we had been creating  over several months on the school district and how student,teachers. and principals feel in it. It didn't have a lot of speaking in it but  no words could describe  our message so we made pictures with our bodies and used music and lighting influence our story, our message. It was a great experience to be able to perform at the Philadelphia theater Company, Suzanne Roberts Theater in front of different schools and in front of our parents. We also got to see the ideas of other schools . It was an amazing experience and some thing i will never forget. 

ILP Blog Post

My experience so far has been pretty well. I work with kindergartners as a teachers assistant. It is a cool opportunity to meet new kids, and being able to help them read and write. I also help out in the main office, bringing mail to different teacher's mailbox, and creating a bond between others. It's been a great experience so far and hope to finish the rest of the year well. 


For my ILP i did a program with Philadelphia Theater Company. The program was a really good experience. I was able to perform on the same stage that so many awesome plays were performed on. I'm happy that I was able to have that experience and be able to write a story with a group of very creative people.


Although helping at Chosen 300 is a rewarding concept and time, it has sometimes been hard because of the timing. Since they only serve from 5-8, it's hard to stay in the city so long and getting back can be hard too. That's why for the fourth quarter I have decided to change my ILP to help out with coaching younger kids softball. It's near my house and it's something I grew up doing so I'm excited to help out with the younger girls and the coach has always been so great. 

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I go to this program called Ace Mentor Program every other Thursday. There, we learn about Engineering, Architectures, and Construction works. Right now we are designing a building for Drexel University. While designing the building, we are also learning about many things that will be useful in our future and now. We also get to know more about the stem careers, such as how the designing process works, and what designing tools people use. 

ILP Blog

I've had my ILP since October and I still find it pretty interesting. Each week we do something different. Whether it is working in the office or exploring owned properties. I learned and and still am learning so many different things. Not just about real estate, but about constructing and surfing too! I enjoy my ILP because it's not the same as others. Every time I go back I know to expect something different.

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I'm volunteering at my elementary/middle school. I have a teacher there that I love working with. She's teaching sixth grade there and usually I help her grade papers and do errands for her. For me, helping out my old school is like giving back to them. Sometimes I also get to see my other teachers and lend a helping hand to them so I enjoy going to my ILP every week. 


I have been having a wonderful time at my ILP. Which is at my elementary school. I have been doing more paper work and filing now and have just been doing many different task with one of the assistants at the school. This is really enjoyable for me and I like having this experience. 

FReedom - Tony Brown

Tony's song #2

Soy nuevo

Soy hijo de el Americas

Alzo y vuelo

No quiero tu autoridad

Solo quiero caminar con dignidad

Cansado de estar corriendo

Hablo con dignidad en inglés

Naci en la encrucijada

De ser bebe de los noventa

Y un milenario

Yo soy sin categoria

Hablo inglés con pasión

Veo el marrón

Saboreo el arroz y verduras

Toco mi cama

Oigo la risa

Huelo cada fiesta

Mi gente de piel

Bailo con los problemas

Escapo de Africa

No soy Africano

Africa está en mi

Tenemos comunidad

Necesito mi madre

Somos productos de Africa y América

Somos Africanos-Americanos

Hablamos inglés

Soy completo

Poema de Boubou Magassa

Me llamo Boubou Magassa.

El hijo de padres inmigrantes.

Yo soy como él otros niños.

Me gustan los Videojuegos y las películas.

¿por qué soy diferente?

Mi familia ésta hablando de sus dia.

Veo a la gente con un potencial mucho.

Yo como la comida que recuerda mis padres de África.

Huelo arroz y salsas

Toco el corazón de mi familia con mi comedia

Mis padres son de una tierra muy, muy lejos

donde tienen el verano

Yo viajo a el patria de mis padres

Somos Áfricanos

Music: I Mean It by G-Easy

Boubou's song

Divertido - Ashton Reigner

Soy afortunado

De una familia muy loca

Una familia muy amorosa

Nosotros somos alemanes e Italianos

Veo perros ponerle los cuernos

Saboreo papas platano panqueque

Mi gato suave

Huelo madre proceso cena

Oigo menor hermano videojuegos

Ayudo en casa

Mi hermano y yo jugamos

Escapo de mal vecindario

Escucho música tranquilo

Somos productos de Filadelfia

Somos Italianos

Hablamos inglés

La lengua pasta y abuela

Nuestra familia es muy divertida


My ILP at TFI has been going great. I've been working with the freshman by doing things like going to exhibits with them, IMAX movies and keeping them organized and put together. I've also been helping Allison by putting back all the tools used for mini courses and walking the kids over from school. I like my ILP and I'm excited to finish it up before the end of the school year. 

SLA JV- "Real DeaLEO" Cassel-Siskind Shuts Down Boys Latin 6-1, Fans 14 in Debut

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.23.14 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.23.14 PM
For years Boys Latin would best SLA each Spring in a scrimmage. The team their own coach claimed "wasn't very good" had always been a step ahead of their CC rivals, but times have officially changed. SLA has consistently had the upper hand for both Varsity and JV contests, and today was no different as SLA JV opened their season with a convincing 6-1 win for their 2nd year coach and former Rocket Ace Brandon Williams. 

Shaion Denny got it started off by driving the first pitch Latin Ace E. Coates had to offer deep into the left center gap for a ground-ruled double. Moments prior to the at-bat he asked the umpire "what happens if the ball rolls onto the concrete in deep center?" Smiling from 2nd, Denny had his answer and remained hot the rest of the way going 3-3 with 3RBIs to fuel the Rocket offense.

Then Lefty "The Real DeaLEO" Cassel-Siskind made his debut in Rocket Blue and totally dominated with a 14-Strike Out, Complete Game performance. Scattering just 3 hits over 5 innings, the Warriors couldn't phase him even when they had runners in scoring position. A feisty side of the freshmen came out when it mattered most, and timely hits by fellow freshmen Kristian Ramos and Kenny Carroll ensured he had a comfortable cushion.

Next up for SLA JV is their home opener in Mt. Airy vs North East on Fri, 4/1. Come out in support and be able to say you were there way back when the next star Rocket players took their home field for the first time. #rocketsbaseball4life

Photo by Rough Cut Photographer- Ijustice Avery

ILP Blog Post

So far in ILP, I am getting used to being a positive role model for the younger kids that I am around when at my old school. I am a big helper with a organization that is called “PlayWorks”. PlayWorks is an organization that sends PlayWork workers to different school throughout who helps with the active part of the children’s day. Letting the kids get a break from class and come outside and have fun. Play games, laugh, run around but most importantly learn how to do all that in a mature manner. Helping the kids play safe is the key. A lot of the children I work with look up to me since I’m older. They watch how I act and I see some even try to copy the things I do so I have to make sure I set a positive image for the younger kids to follow. Also, many of them remember me because I use to attend this school throughout K-8, also I have many family and friends that live around the neighborhood. It’s been a great experience volunteering at my old school and I look forward to go have fun with my old family at Kearny every Wednesday!

Soy Yo-Ahmed Ahmed


Ahmed Ahmed

Soy Yo

Tengo quince años

Fútbol y nadar son mis pasiones

Hablo inglés y árabe con pasión

El hijo de padres árabes: loco, inteligente, cariñoso

Producto del medio este

Soy yo

Veo los árboles y palmeras hermosas de arena del desierto del Sahara
Oigo llamada a la oración

Huelo el aroma relajante del río Nilo
Saboreo Shawarma de mi mamá

Siento las gruesas cuerdas de mi hermosa laúd


Bailo con la música de mi laúd

Hablo con dignidad en inglés y árabe

Escapó de América para dos años

Necesito vivir en el medio este


Somos productos  del medio este

Somos árabes

Hablamos Arabe:

La lengua de shawarma y dátiles

No somo Americanos. Vivimos en America.

No somos Arabes. Arabia está en nosotros,pero allí no tengo hogar

Mi mamá y papá llegaron a un nuevo mundo


Lo están haciendo muy bien

Service-learning trip to the Dominican Republic 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.41.39 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.41.39 PM
This spring break, 6 fabulous SLA students and 3 teachers organized another service-learning trip to the Dominican Republic. Below are words from the students, as well as pictures from our trip. Click here and here to see more pictures posted on our DonorsChoose pages.

It's hard to put our experience into words. Our trip was amazing, yet at times, heartbreaking. We all experienced some level of culture shock. Before our trip, we read articles and talked with a social justice advocate about the humanitarian crisis created by the Dominican government stripping people of Haitian descent of their citizenship; but nothing could prepare us for seeing children living in bateyes. We could not fathom how the government could intentionally deprive humans of their access to clean water, work, land, and education. At the same time, it was exhilarating to stick our hands in plastic buckets of cement and work alongside people to literally build the walls of their future houses and community center. We also played soccer with the kids in the batey, used our Spanish to connect with locals, built bee boxes (to replenish the bee population needed for a healthy environment) and learned about the seven elements of Human Security. We grew so much from this experience and have new insights to seek practical solutions and to continue investigating pressing questions. Thank you, everyone, for believing in us!

With tremendous gratitude,

Trinity (12th grade), Bella (12th grade), Avery (12th grade), Amelia (12th grade), Kia (11th grade), Rifah (11th grade)
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.41.49 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.41.49 PM
After a 3 mile hike up to the top of Brisón Mountain.
Learning salsa, bachata and merengue with community members.
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.43.10 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.43.10 PM
Building bee boxes


Since last year, I have been interning at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Although I like what I am doing, I don’t think I will go intern there again for junior year. I feel like i’m getting nothing done and although this is helping my resume, I don’t think it’s a perfect fit for me. For junior year, I shall be getting a head start on my  career by interning at St. Christopher’s Children Hospital or C.H.O.P.

New Season, Same Results- "Rocket" Beats Mastbaum 13-0; Lukas Supovitz-Aznar throws 1-hitter

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.02.13 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.02.13 PM
This time last year it was snowing and no one thought an unknown team from a small startup school like SLA would do much against the traditional "big boys" of Philly Baseball. Most minds have been forever changed after an undefeated season, Division Title, trip to the Final Four and just one hit away from the Championship game. 

There's a chip on their collective shoulder after the way the season ended just short of the ultimate prize, and it showed on Opening Day 2016. Lukas Supovitz-Aznar's curve was down right dirty and the Rockets' defense was stellar turning two beautiful double plays, one on a bullet back to 1st by Left Fielder Tony Brown to catch an aggressive runner. 

The boys did it with the stick as well as the glove. Doubles by Lukas S-Aznar, Tony Brown and Aaron Watson-Sharer led an offense that relentlessly put the ball in play and took advantage of errors by Mastbaum's nervous defense to score 13 runs on 12 hits. Kevin Courtney went 3-4 with 5RBIs, Aaron Watson-Sharer went 2-3 with 3RBIs and Tony Brown also went 2-3 with 2 RBIs and stole home on a passed ball. 

But all that offense wasn't even needed because Lukas held Mastbaum's entire line up in check and took a no-hitter all the way up to the final out before a single finally left the infield. Lukas retired the next batter to finish a gem of a Complete Game 1-Hitter over 5 innings, striking out 6 and walking 3. 

Clearly a fun way to start the season, but everyone in royal blue knows there is more work to do and no time to rest. Up next, King on Thursday for the Mt. Airy home opener. Come out and support The Rocket's campaign for a City Title in 2016.

Photo by Rough Cut Photographer- Micah Henry

Sharron Norton- Enraizada en mi patria

Sharron Norton: Enraizada en mi patria

Soy Africana,

La hija de los padres trabajadoras,

Tengo seis hermanos,

Producto de África,

Un ave de Dios.

Veo libertad,

Saboreo la comida de mi abuela,

Oigo la voz de mi mamá,

Toco el pelo de mis hermanos.

Practico deportes con pasión,

Corriendo como el animal de mi,

Le senga de África está en mi,

Aceptado en la historia de mi patria.

Somos productos de África,

Somos Africanos,

Hablamos inglés:

Somos como el depredadores en tiempos de cacería,

No somos uno somos muchos,

No hablamos de uno, hablamos juntos,

Mi mamá yo somos uno


somos hermosos y libra.

Nate's ILP

Nate’s Ilp

I personally think My ILP is going really great. I spend time with my mom learning about her job as an Massagist/Chiropractor, and learn different methods and massages. I always had an interest on my mom’s job because I get to say hello to her clients and it allows her clients to come back into her work of business which increases her income. Usually on some Wednesday when my mom is working, I go around Philadelphia and hand out her business cards and tell her about what she does, having a few clients giving her a call because of me, she was able to grab their interest of getting massages. My best experience for me was probably watching different kind of videos for massaging, there are all types of massages for people who needs a specific and that’s something my mom masters in. The purpose for me to experience that so when some one ever have problems, I would know which type of massage they actually need and they can go to one, It’s part of who I am for helping others.

My ILP Blog Post

As previously stated, my ILP is at an after school program at the church I attend. I am very familiar with a lot of the students seeing as I used to attend their elementary school. I quite enjoy it there. The staff is accommodating of my needs regarding school work and scheduling. I have a great time and I feel right at home. It's nice to reminisce on the homework I used to have and it keeps me on my toes and helps me remember.