PAWS it's a bake sale

Hey I’m Nasya Ie and I attend at Science Leadership Academy. Welcome back to my last blog! If you did not read my first and second blog post, please do so. In both of my blog posts, I talked about industries harming animals. The first blog post talks about everything wrong about industries harming animals and how they don’t treat them right. That is leading up to my second post, how I made a survey. Experiencing people taking my survey and seeing the responses I got. Also, this is going to be my third blog post and this is about my Agent of Change. What is an Agent of Change? An Agent of Change is what I am going to do in order to solve this situation, how am I going to help.
My Agent of Change is to have a bake sale in SLA and outside of SLA, to fundraise for PAWS shelter. My bake sale was on June 5th. Why PAWS shelter? Well, PAWS shelter is a small animal shelter and it is an non-profit organization, which means that the government does not provide money to the shelter. They depend on the donations they get. I am going to step up and donate to PAWS. Every donation makes a huge difference. A picture below shows how much money makes a difference.
Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 2.23.11 PM
Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 2.23.11 PM

As you can see little amount of money counts and different amount of money can help these animals in the shelter. It can provide a lot for little amount of money. I want this to become a trend, everyone donating to shelters. This will help animals and the shelter, too. I am going to take the time and effort to fundraise for PAWS and hopefully more shelters.

Madison S. taking a picture of me and the bake sale

As you can see by the photo this was my bake sale. What did I make at the bake sale?  Advice from Betty Crocker website, “Bake and sell small treats like doughnuts and mini muffins while the sale is in full swing.” So, I baked Cake drops (cake pop without a stick), Brownies and cupcakes. We raised over $100! To be honest I wasn’t expecting to get over 50 dollars, but I did it! But I couldn’t do it without the people who supported me and my bake sale.

Madison S. taking a photo of me making an announcement about my bake sale

My experience of having a bake sale in SLA was nerve wracking for me. I was worried that people would not buy things from my bake sale, but people did! I am glad that I got to experience this to make a change happen. I get to do bake sale and provide money for PAWS, which is amazing.

I emailed PAWS about the donation

So as you can see by the picture above I have emailed Director of Development. I asked her about the donation and what I did to produce the donation for PAWS. I am so glad that I got to support PAWS and for everyone who supported the bake sale.

This project was an experience, is was enjoyable. I got to learn so much about industries harming animals and its horrible ways. Also, doing an original research, making a survey on what people know about my topic. Then, me having a bake sale to raise money for PAWS shelter. If I got to do this again I would be a bit more organized, so everything is smooth, also credits to my mom for helping me for my bake sale. Even though this project is coming to an end, I still want to raise awareness and try to solve this problem and I believe we can do this together to stop this problem.

(*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*) Please see my Bibliography for more information!



My element was Xenon and it’s atomic number is 54. The name Xenon comes from a greek word “xenon” which means stranger. It is a noble gas and it was discovered through the study of liquified air just like krypton and neon. You can find Xenon in flash cameras, movie projectors, car headlights, nuclear reactors, and oxidizing agents. Since Xenon is in flash cameras I decided to draw a camera because it seemed more different to do. Finding the right camera to draw was a little difficult until I found the perfect one. It’s kind of an old camera that you wouldn’t see as much today but, personally it went well with my element. Next time instead of drawing a camera I would draw a movie projector because that’s something I can get really creative with. The part I enjoyed the most was creating my print because it very different than most art. I love to draw and I just love art overall. This was something that I took serious and had fun with.

Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 Print/Matt

File_000 (1)
File_000 (1)


My element is Titanium. The atomic number of Titanium is 22. Titanium is one of the strongest metals. It is known as the metal of the Gods in ancient greek history. Originally named Gregorite, after the British chemist, Reverend William Gregor who discovered it in 1791. Titanium is usually used in Aircraft and Spacecraft. For my print, since Titanium is known as the “Metal of the Gods,” I wanted to portray that. My print is someone obtaining the power of the gods.


To start out, I had to come up with a sketch. So I drew steps that were to represent a temple, and the man obtaining the power, with Titanium in the background. I had to trace that to another piece of thin paper. With that trace out, I would trace the drawing into a styrofoam plate. That plate would act as the stamp. Once the stamp is completed, paint must be applied and stamp the drawing on a piece of paper.


For this project, I would change my drawing. I found that my drawing wasn’t as amazing as I thought. Although, I enjoyed pasting my drawing onto paper. I always loved working with paint, so it was a fun experience.



The element I was assigned was chromium. Its atomic number is 24 and its chemical symbol is Cr. Chromium derives from the greek word ‘chroma’,meaning colour. Chromium has 24 protons, 24 neutrons, and 27 electrons. It's a transition metal and was discovered by French chemist Nicholas Vauquelin in Paris, in 1798. Discovered it in a Siberian goldmine. It was bright and shiny which is how the chemist noticed it. It can be used to harden steel. Also, it can be plated onto cars and bikes.

To make this print, I had to make multiple sketches to find the right one. I then traced my sketch on a special piece of paper that had deep engravings. Paint was plastered on the engravings and was stamped onto paper to make a relief printmade picture. Since chromium can be plated on bikes, I decided to make a bike. Next time I would add unique color patterns to my pictures or style. I enjoyed pressing the picture with the paint on paper, it felt satisfying.

The End of my Experiences with Affordable Healthcare.


The context of the last post discussed what The Affordable Act and Obamacare was. The battle for affordable health care is being fought through Obamacare. Obamacare is threatened of being annulled by President Donald Trump. Even despite the fact that Obamacare opens opportunities to underprivileged families and middle-class families, Trump still wants to take it away. The Affordable Healthcare Act is equivalent to Obamacare. The Affordable Healthcare Act is called an act because it was an effort to strengthen the Healthcare market and making insurance available to more people (First Blog Post).

The content of the second blog post consisted of new information found by the interview I had done with nurse Jelysa. I picked up new facts on Obamacare and the goals of the Affordable Healthcare act. Some facts like the act’s three primary goals are to make affordable health insurance available to more people. The law/act provides consumers with subsidies (“tax credits”) that reduces costs for households with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level. Expand the Medicaid program to cover all adults with income below 138% of the federal poverty level. Support medical care delivery methods designed to lower the costs of health care generally (Second blog post).

IMG_4357.JPG.jpeg (Me, working in the labs of the clinic)

I enjoyed my experience with my Agent of Change. For my Agent of Change I did volunteer work at my mother’s clinic, the Abbotsford Family Practice (Abbotsford Falls Clinic). My mom works there as a nurse and she got me connected with another nurse. Nurse Jelysa took me under her wing. She was the one I interviewed about Obamacare and affordable healthcare. She gave me facts about the healthcare topic. After that, we scheduled a work appointment for me where I would be able to shadow her. Not only did I shadow, I also assisted Jelysa with interviewing patients. Jelysa’s main role at the clinic was to interview patients to see if they were eligible for Obamacare. I assisted her by interviewing patients myself which was my Agent of Change.

IMG_0981.PNG(Talking to Doctor Knowles)

Knowing that I actually did nurse work feels great. The job I wish to obtain in the future is to become a doctor, so helping out at a clinic was a cool experience. It felt like I was actually making a change in people’s lives. Being able to prescribe patients Obamacare felt good because I was giving them and their family a chance to make their lives easier. Knowing this makes me angry at the fact that president Trump wants to terminate Obamacare. This whole project made me feel important because of the changes I was making. I learned that life isn’t easy when your basic needs to survive in a modern society, is stripped away. Healthcare should be free for all because everyone should have the right to achieve a higher state of well being.

If I could change one thing, it would be my interview. I like my interview but I wish I could have interviewed more people. However, I really had fun with this project and this was one of the best projects I’ve ever done.

Annotated Bibliography


My element that I have is Krypton, it has a atomic number of 36. It was founded in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers. It is used in energy saving lights and in some flash lamps used in high-speed photography. I got this ides for the picture because you can find radioactive krypton in the gases of nuclear reactors.

The first thing that we did to create this was draw an image on a paper that was 4 by 6. We the copied it backwards on a thin piece of paper. We traced it on a piece of styrofoam thin board. We dented any part that we wanted the be negative space. We put a thin layer of paint on it and pressed it down on a piece of paper so the paint would transfer to the paper. After we let it dry we cut it out and cut out a 6 by 8 piece of construction paper. We finally glued our piece int he middle of the construction paper. If I were to do this again I would ty to make a better piece that didn't have so many white spots on it. I liked making the drawling the best because I really like to draw and I'm very creative.

Artists Statement Final Print-Arthur LaBan

My element is Polonium and the atomic number is 84. Polonium was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie. It was named after where Marie Curie was born, Poland. Polonium is used in atomic bombs, and it was used in the Manhattan project to make the atomic bombs that were used in World War Two. Polonium has also been used as a lethal poison. The reason I came up with my image was because of Polonium's use as a poison. The Russians have used polonium to poison their enemies. So I decided to use an map of Russia to represent my symbol. Then I used the bio hazard symbol to make sure people understood it was a dangerous element. It was a long proccess to get to the print you are seeing now. First we had to learn how to use negative space in printing. It is a very important technique that you can use in print making. I learned about the history of printmaking and then I utilized my knowledge to make the print you see before you. If I did this print again I would make a more accurate outline of Russia, to make it feel more authentic. The part I liked the most about this process was the actual printing. There is something satisfying to see your creation come to life.
FullSizeRender (30)
FullSizeRender (30)

HIV/AIDS: The Last Blog

​Hey everybody, as you know my name is Shyann Davis and this is my last blog post about HIV/AIDS awareness. In Blog Post 1 I talked about the basic things you should know about HIV/AIDS. These are sexually transmitted diseases and can cause damage to your genital area. One major fact I found out was every 9 minutes and 30 seconds someone is infected with HIV or AIDS. In Blog Post 2 I talked about HIV/AIDS but from a perspective of the LGBTQ community. I talked about the importance for them to feel welcomed and are able to be open about it if they have HIV/AIDS because if they aren’t respected to do what they want the HIV/AIDS could do long term damage.
In this blog post I will be talking about my agent of change. On May 30, 2017 me and a bunch of students from school wore red. Red is the color of the ribbons for HIV/AIDS awareness. They also took pictures of themselves and posted it under the hashtag #HIVAIDSWOKE. I wanted to do this type of Agent of Change because a lot of people use social media these days so I thought that if I was able to get it out vocally and with the help of technology it would go far. My goal was to have 15 people wear red and 15 people post the hashtag. I achieved both of those goals. Exactly 15 people wore red and 23 people posted the hashtag.

Doing this was very fun. I didn’t expect so many people to participate in my Agent of Change. So many people got involved and I was so happy. Even one of my friends from California got involved and got her friends to participate as well. I was effective in making a change because I got my word out there. I put a daily reminder on Snapchat (a popular social media spot) and put a memo in the advisory memo. I walked around the classroom and asked students personally to be apart of my change and teachers were involved as well. I feel very proud of the amount of people that got involved in my Agent of Change. I did doubt myself in the beginning of the day on my Agent of Change. But then when all of these students started walking in with red on and I got back-to-back notifications about hashtags that were being put up I stopped doubting myself and I felt really confident.

What I learned about other people was that they have actual feelings. And when I say this I am not kidding, most people I believed in the beginning of the year I didn’t think had feelings or cared about how others felt. But over the course of the year I realized they do care about Orange stream and even though we rarely get along we always are family in the end. But after seeing their Agent of Change and project I see they care about the world as well. What I could have done better in this project was get my interview. My interview might have added into my project and gave a professional view to this. But overall I am really proud of my project and am glad that I got the awareness out there.

Reduce These Number Now

Hello and welcome to my second blog post on gun violence. My name is Sierra Radford and as you know from my first post about gun violence or if you didn’t read it yet, you can find it here. These numbers are getting worse and worse. Gun violence is one of the most talked about subjects in politics and there is still nothing being done about it. In my first blog post titled “Hands Up, Guns Down”, I talked about the statistics on how many teenagers die and commit suicide using guns found around the house. The number of teens that kill themselves is sinful. How can people who commit these crimes go to sleep knowing someone’s child is hurting or dead.Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 8.40.19 AM.png I believe we need to make a change but first I have to have enough people aware of how bad this is getting. In order to do this, I conducted a survey for Science Leadership Academy's rising sophomores. My survey is based on how many people are affected by gun violence, what promotes gun violence the most and how can we make a change. Most people said that black men are mostly affected by gun violence. I wonder why this is?  Why are mainly black men targeted? Could this be from only one perspective of the story?Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 8.40.04 AM.pngThis survey put in perspective what other people thought about this project and it was very interesting to see how many people actually wanting to make a change. I made a survey because I wanted to get an overall vision of what people thought or had to say about this topic rather than one person. Since gun violence has a lot of information about it, I decided to do some more research on this topic.I found two really great sources, and is a website that has stats on school shootings.The school shootings is one of the many reasons why there needs to be a change and it needs to happen now! According to, “Since 2013, there has been over 200 school shootings.” This stat includes universities, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. The fact that students are being affected this should make you feel like you want to make a change. Imagine if your child was in one of these many schools and got injured or worse, died, you would be heartbroken and many families are. It should not take a tragedy to make you want to make a change because day, it’s going to be too late. The second source mainly focuses on stats on guns. According to, “60 percent of homicides in the United States is caused by guns.” This is more than half. These numbers just keep increasing. If we don’t do anything about this now, there is not going to be a later. 

If you want to know more check out this page.

Neon Print

This is my homemade print about the element neon. First of all, I'm going to talk about neon, the tenth element of the periodic table. Neon is the second noble gas on the periodic table and was discovered in London in 1898. The name neon comes from the Greek word, neos, meaning "new". This is why I made my print of a laurel with neon's sign in Greek letters, representing the Greek background of neon's name.

Now I will go through the process for making this print. First, I researched the background of neon, and chose to do a laurel for my print. Then I drew my idea, among other ones, and chose the best. I then transferred my design onto tracing paper, and then to a foam plate. When I put the design onto the foam plate, I had to do the design backwards so that the print would come out with the letters the right way. Next class, we rolled the ink onto our plates and transferred the design onto paper by putting the paper on top of the plate with ink, and pressed down on it with a spoon, smoothing it out. Finally, I made a perfect 6"x8" square and put my final design in the middle, with an inch of room on each side.

Copper Cu Stamp!


IMG_7861 (1).JPG

Hi my name is Orlando Aguayo and I'm a upcoming sophomore. So this project has taken place in my Biochem class and Ar class for a final mini project. We all got different elements of the periodic table, my element was Cu which is copper. So in art we had to create a stamp for our element with its atomic number, name, and what's it's used for. For my element which is Copper the atomic number is 29. For my stamp I drew a wire and a outlet because the two tails that hang out is made out of copper.

My element was found in Egypt by the egyptians and was used for Ankh. But later on was found in iraq because the egyptian tribes. Over the years people used it in mechanical engineering, they make electric heaters, Air conditioners, and car engine parts.

I chose to make a wire and outlet  because I used chargers all the time and it's amazing how things work so fast thanks to copper because it connects to energy faster than any other metal. It also is different from others because they usually make things that is very common to draw but I actually researched cool things that are mad out of copper and that was the best piece.

The procedure I followed to make my work the best it can be is by making sure I have great back ground knowledge on it and what things it made with. Than I started to make a couple drawings to see which one was best than made it 4X8. Last but not least I traced it on a piece of cooking paper, than traced on to a foam paper. Finally I chose a color and painted my foam stamp and put it on a paper 6 times and chose the best 3.

Finally if I can do this project again I would make different objects instead of just one object because I could have made my element more look more interesting that's the only thing. But my favorite part of this project is the painting because we chose a color, painted the foam stamp, and added pressure to get the stamp to make the but stamp!

Lead Print/Matt

My element is Lead, Pb. the atomic number is 82. My element is used for many things, it had been used in pencils and in water pipes. It is poison to be digested. The history of lead goes way back, it is unknown who discovered lead but it was used in things like makeup for Queen Elizabeth. It was a popular fashion in the 16th and 17th centuries it was called "whiteface" or "mask of the youth" that made your face the desired color of the time, but since it was poisonous it was not a trend that lasted very long. 
My inspiration for my print come from another time period where ancient rome in the 18 century put lead into wine to make it sweeter but ended up killed them. I thought drawing wine glasses in celebration, while packets of lead were poured into the glasses would be a good representation.
The process of making this print was first sketching many ideas of how I wanted lead to be represented. I them took sketch paper and traced my normal final sketch. With the final sketch on sketch paper I drew it onto the foam used to print my form, I had to make sure it was backwards so that when I printed it it wouldn't be backwards. The we took pain cover roller and put paint on it, and printed it. We made sure it was 4 by 6 inches as well to fit perfectly in a 6 by 8 matt frame. 
If I were to do this project again I would make my lines on the foam bolder so they were more distinct when I put pain on them. Other then that I am proud of my work. I would also make the element symbol more incorporated in my wine glasses.


Q4 Final Project

This last quarter was very fun in art. There were alot of fun and cool assignments we had to do. My favorite being the last one where we had to combine all of our skills to create one piece. I love drawing because it clears my head and Im proud that I had a class to do so. This quarter was so successful for me because not only did I enjoy the class but I feel like I worked real hard on these assignments.


My element is Strontium and its atomic number is 38. Strontium was founded by Adair Crawford when he analyzed a mineral sample from a lead mine near Strontian, Scotland. Strontium is mainly used for flares in fireworks. It makes the color red more vibrant in fireworks. I got the idea for making the a firework because strontium is mainly used for fireworks as I stated above. The process was fairly simple. I had to figure out what I wanted the print to be; a firework. Then, I had to copy it onto a thin piece of paper. After that, I turned the thin piece of paper backwards and traced the design onto a foam type of material. We had to turn in backwards so the final design wouldn’t come out backwards. I then painted and matted my designs to get this final look. If I could do this print differently, I would try to make it neater because the neater my work is, the more professional it looks. I really enjoyed painting the foam type of material because I love to paint. Even though the area that I was working on got messy, I still enjoyed doing it. There were so many people trying to get their foam type of material painted which actually made the situation pretty funny.

FullSizeRender (21).jpg


Payton's Phosphorous Print


Hello, my name is Payton McQuilkin. I go to Science Leadership Academy High School.  One of my classes I take is art, in this class we went through a printmaking project. We connected this project with biochem by making a periodic table. We were each given a element and had to make a creative design. I was given Phosphorous, atomic number- 15. Phosphorus was the first to have a history on how it was discovered. You can find phosphorus in the tip of a match, also in fireworks. The process we did was: we made a design, then we traced it on tracing paper, after traced that on a plate, then after we made the trace on the plate we rolled color paint on the plate and printed the finals out. I would probably trace better if I did this again. I enjoyed rolled the color on my print and printing it. I t was exciting and I enjoyed it a lot. FullSizeRender.jpg

Autistic people are different but not less

Hi, my name is Amira Gouri. And my topic is about ASD also known as autism. Which is a developmental disorder that can be noticed on children at early age, generally between two and three years old. It’s when the child start showing poor social skills, trouble of communicating with others, speech delay and/or difficulty of learning. Till now, scientists don’t know the exact causes of autism which makes it hard to invent a medicine that will help cure autistic people.
According to my last post, I interviewed a mother with an autistic son, she shared really important information about her experience with her son, and the adventure she had from the diagnosis of her child when he was 2 years old until today. Her journey is an inspiration and a hope for all mothers with autistic children. In the beginning, I decided to do a presentation but then I changed my mind and wanted to do a poster instead because I want the whole school to know about my issue not just my advisory. And making a poster would fit that criteria. After doing my research I discovered that the percentage of autism is dramatically increasing, but many people still don’t know much information about it, I want to spread awareness by making  a poster that presents information about autism that most people should know such as the definition of autism, facts, causes, symptoms, and the best treatment. I feel confident and proud about this project because I was able to share a lot of information about my passion issue with many people. I chose to do a poster as an effective way of raising awareness about autism among people because it is a permanent method that can last for a long time so many people can see and read it. I also chose to hang the poster in the hallway because that's the place where a lot of students and teachers have the ability to learn from it. I feel like I should have done more posters, so I can hang them everywhere at school, or make brochures with information about autism and give them to people in and outside the school. I learned many facts about autism that I never knew before, for example I never knew that there is a strong debate about whether vaccines are the cause of autism or not. I also learned that some treatments can be beneficial for some autistic people but not for others. In my opinion, autism is a serious issue that affects innocent children and their families as well, so me and others in the community should spread awareness everywhere, accept these people in our society, ask for their basic rights in autistic support schools and colleges where they can learn, have degrees and have jobs in the future, we should also donate to many non-profit organizations that offer them free activities such as sports, art and music, and most importantly, support their families and offer them help, love and hope.

A picture of the poster I made
A picture of the poster I made


My element is radon, and its atomic number is 86. Radon is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is used to cure cancer and predict earthquakes. It was discovered in 1900 by Friedrich Ernst Dorn while he was studying radium, though it wasn’t called radon until 1923.

I chose this imagery to represent radon because when I looked up radon, the toxic/radioactive symbol came up a lot, so I decided to do a geometric twist on it, with a circle in the middle and curved shapes surrounding it. The process to make my print was extensive. FIrst, I had to research radon in order to come up with ideas for my print. I sketched a lot of very different things but eventually landed on my current design. Then I made a final 6 by 4 drawing of my print, and transferred it onto parchment paper. Then I carved my design into foam, and finally I rolled ink over it, pressed it onto paper, and cut it out.

If I were to do the print differently a second time, I would have made the lines I dug in thinner. Since I had such big wells, everytime I pressed down another piece of the part that was not supposed to get ink on it would be lifted up. When I actually printed it, There were crevices that should have been filled in that were not, or places that shouldn’t have had ink in them that had. I enjoyed the sketching of print ideas the most. I liked it because it was a very laid back class and we got to think really creatively about it.

Untitleddocument (20)

Final Print

FullSizeRender (3).jpg My element is Germanium and its atomic number is 32. My element is mainly used for electrical engineering. It can be found in wires, transistors, and circuits. It can also be found in many camera lenses. That is where I got the inspiration to draw a camera and do my print. First I did the initial sketch for my print. Then that sketch was transferred onto the foam plate and outlined. We then put ink over the imprint of our sketch and we transferred that onto paper. We then let them dry, then cut them out, and matted them on construction paper. I would try an put some more detail into the sketch if I had to do it all again. I enjoyed doing the initial sketch because I like to do drawings. This whole project was very interesting and fun to complete with my peers.

Final element print blog post

IMG_0627 (1)
IMG_0627 (1)
My element is iron the atomic number is 26 and the atomic symbol is FE. 
Iron has been around since ancient greece, since it has been around for so long no one really knows how it was discovered, there is a theory that when a meteor hit earth there were bits of Iron in the meteor. Iron is needed for blood production, It can also be used to strengthen appliances.  I looked up products with iron, but I realized most products do not have iron so my options were limited.
What process did you go through to make this print? 
          In the process of making this print, I brainstormed possible designs, then I chose which one made the most sense, then sketched that one out and added detail and then carved the design into foam, then went over the foam carving with ink, then I transferred the design onto an 8 x 6 piece of paper. 
           I enjoyed going over our designs with ink the most because it felt like  the only time I think that we got do the stuff we were learning about hands on. When we printed in class, previously we had carved our design into a piece of foam then the next class we rolled ink over our design. 
           If I could do this project again I would try to think of what else has iron, possibly something with the human body, I feel like I could have made my design more original.

Au (Gold) Print/Matt

File_000 (2)
File_000 (2)
My element is gold with the symbol of Au and the atomic number of 79. The origin of the name is the Anglo-Saxon word for the element. It is located in a lot of places around the world such as South Africa, Russia, and India. They can be found as nuggets or particles in the bed of streams. People also mine for gold. Seawater contains about 4 grams of gold in 1,000,000 tonnes of water. Gold is also known to be one of the softest metals. It is used in jewelry, coinage, gears for watches, artificial limb joints, wiring, etc. Dentist sometimes use gold as fillings and gold can be used to treat some cases of arthritis. Gold was also used in royal graves. The death mask of Tutankhamen, who died in 1323 BC, contained 100 kg (220 lb) of gold.The imagery for my print was inspired by the Greek myth "King Midas and the Golden Touch." The myth was about a king who can turn whatever he touched into gold. He loved it until he touched his daughter who he dearly loved and turned her into gold. To undo his mistake, he had to pour water over her from the river Pactolus which would turn her back to normal and wash away his golden powers. My print was capturing the midway point of her father throwing water on her. First I had to look for inspiration for what part of the myth I wanted to capture. Then I decided to draw King Midas' daughter in gold and water being thrown on her. I sketched out the picture in my sketchbook and then traced it onto tracing paper. Next I traced the tracing paper onto the foam stamping piece but I traced it on backwards so when I stamp it onto paper, the letters and numbers would come out correctly and not backwards. After I traced it, I used a dull pencil to retrace the lines on the foam piece so I know it would be detailed enough for when I stamp it. Then I used a paint roller and paint to roll over the foam piece covering it completely. Next, I place the paint side of the foam onto a white piece of copy paper and pressed it on firmly. Then I used a wooden spoon to go over the foam piece to ensure all the paint had transfer. After that, I peel off the foam piece and wash it under water so I can repeat these steps with different colors to make more prints. When the prints have dried, I used a ruler to rip all the white sides off and pasted it onto a 6x8 piece of constructed paper as a board. That's is the process I went through to make this print. If I were to do this print again, I would change the border of the imagery because I think it kind of threw off the main image of the print. Also, I would use different colors to paint my print of do a number of colors onto one print. Lastly, I would decorate the matt border to make my print more attractive. The part of the project I enjoyed the most was stamping the print because rolling the paint onto the foam was fun. Also, after rubbing all the paint onto the paper, peeling the foam off the paper was so satisfying because I just see all the paint transferred onto the paper and my print was nice and clear so that's why I enjoyed that part the most. 

Print/Matt Reflection

What is your element? Name and atomic number My element is Germanium and it’s atomic number is 32.
My element, history, function/use and so on. Germanium was discovered in 1886 in Freiberg, Germany by a man named Clemens Winkler. Its symbol is Ge. Germanium is a metalloid. Germanium is used to make transistors for use in electronic devices. Germanium is also used as an alloying agent (adding 1% germanium to silver stops it from tarnishing), in fluorescent lamps and as a catalyst. The element is non-toxic. Fun fact, Germanium is another element that was predicted by Mendeleev in 1871(His predictions for what would be the atomic number, weight, and properties were very close to germanium actual characteristics.). The origin of its name come from a Latin name for Germany, ‘Germania’.
How did you get the idea for the imagery you chose? To get the idea for my print, I had to think of a picture that can relate to my element. Since germanium was used in lamps, I did the design of the candle lamp. Also it the transistors gave me the idea of sketching a phone.
What process did you go through to make this print? Well first I did some research on my element. Next I sketch some drawings and pick the best one that can represent germanium. Then I had to finalize my sketch on a 4x6 paper. Then I had to transfer my drawing onto tracing paper. Next, I did negative and positive drawing onto the styrofoam plate. Finally, I print the image onto paper by printing the image onto the plate, transfer the plate on the paper, rub it into the paper with a wooden spoon, and slowly lift the paper from the plate, leaving the image onto the paper. Then I cut out the image and paste it in the center of a 6x8 inch construction paper.
What would you do differently if you did this print a second time? For one, I would do a little bit more research on my element to get a better understanding. Also, I would redo my negative and positive with my plate, I kind of messed up a bit.
What part of the project did you enjoy the most? Describe the step and what you liked so much about it. The part I like the most was the paint transfer. So first, I had to paint onto the plate and roll it out with a roller. Then I laid it down onto a piece of paper and press down onto the paper with a wooden spoon. Finally, I slowly lift the paper from the plate, leaving the image onto the paper. I really like seeing the outcome when it’s separated. Also, it was quite easy.

Final Matt Print- Indium

Hello! My name is Asnain Khan and I am currently a freshman at Science Leadership Academy. In my Art class we did a 4 weeks long project, called “Element Prints.” To complete this project, everyone was assigned a element. Then, we did some research and sketched some pictures that relate to our element. After that, we finalized our sketches and picked a final sketch. Following this, we traced and transferred our sketch. Then, we printed it and matt printed.


The element I was assigned is indium. Indium is a chemical element with symbol In and atomic number 49. Indium was discovered by the German chemists Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Theodor Richter in 1863. Reich and Richter had been looking for traces of the element thallium in samples of zinc ores. A brilliant indigo line in the sample's spectrum revealed the existence of indium. Indium is about as abundant as silver but is much easier to recover since it typically occurs along with zinc, iron, lead and copper ores.


Indium is used to coat the bearings of high speed motors since it allows for the even distribution of lubricating oil. Indium is used to dope germanium to make transistors. It is also used to make other electrical components such as rectifiers, thermistors and photoconductors. Indium can be used to make mirrors that are as reflective as silver mirrors but do not tarnish as quickly. Indium is also used to make low melting alloys.


I chose an image of a TV because indium is found in the screen of TV’s. I didn’t know this, so I thought it would be interesting to do a TV. I explained the process I had to go through to make this print, in the first paragraph. If I had to do this all over again, I would probably change my image to a tool. That’s because indium is mostly used to make tools.


I really enjoyed working on this project. My most favorite part was when we actually printed our image. That part was really enjoyable. It was a great project!  

Copper Print/Matt

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My element was copper, it has an atomic number of 29. Copper is a really old element and has been around since the beginning of times. It was thought to be used in the middle east sometime around 9000 B.C. Now days copper is used to make electrical equipment. Copper is a good conductor of electricity and heat, therefore copper is mainly used to make wires.Back then copper was also used to make pennies before it was replaced with zinc. Since I knew cooper was really old I wanted something to represent that. I knew that a timeline is used to represent time and the words B.C (before christ) and A.D (anno Domini) means era’s that are really old and new. So, I decided to make a timeline with the words B.C and A.D on the ends and the symbol of copper in the center to represent how old Copper is. When it actually came to making my print, it was fairly simple. First I sketched out my drawing, then I transferred it to tracing paper. After, I transfered it to the actual stamp board and outlined my sketch, then we put the ink over and transferred it to paper and set it to dry. After, we placed our print on a matt. If I could do this print a second time, something I would do differently would be adding more detail to my actual drawing. I feel like my drawing was fairly simple and I would want to elaborate more on it. In conclusion, the part I enjoyed most about this was inking my print, when we rolled the ink on it and then transferred it to another page. I liked putting color to my sketch and making it come to life.