Maggie's Artist Blog Post

I really enjoyed the assignments this quarter because I was able to play around and develop my skills in creating pictures out of simple shapes and colors. I have always enjoyed coloring. It’s something that I find very relaxing. I decided to use bright colors in all of pictures, because I think that using bright colors help make an image stand out more. I chose to color a sheet covered in flowers, a painting by Picasso, and an Indian woman. For the self portrait I took inspiration from a picture that I took last year on halloween. I used this photo as inspiration because halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. The basic shape assignment was the assignment I liked the best, because it forced me to draw something in  a new light. It allowed me to put my own spin on the drawing,  like the animal shape and valve assignment did as well.

Advanced Art Quarter Three

This portfolio is a collection of my artwork for this quarter and it represents my skill and hard work and effort through out this quarter as well as how I have grown as an artist over these past few quarters and most of this year. This quarters portfolio consists of several drawings that include coloring, finessing skills in shading and using basic shapes to draw complex figures, and as well as a self portrait. We also continued learning more about art history and different techniques that very famous, very important, and iconic artists used in their work. 


Q #3 Benchmark
Throughout this quarter, the art that I have been drawing I feel that my skills have been increasing throughtout every assignment. I've gotten better in mixing colors together. I feel as a student and as a young artist, feel that I am capable of creating a masterpiece just like every other artist that I have read and seen. My creativity has been getting better it has opened my mind into different things he has made me see things in a different way that I would have not seen before. I thought at once , that reading the history of the art was going to be boring and not very interesting to me , but sometimes it just takes time learning their every move the way they've got educated and what has inspired them to do what they did. I was once told nothing is easy and you've got to try hard to get there, this can be compared to an artist especially a young artist.

Q3 Art Work

This quarter was one of the tougher quarters for art this year. In it were about nine different assignments. Many required close attention and others research, and a few both. This quarter I believed I completed decent artwork, however I was not very sharp on getting everything in on time.

I completed a self portrait of myself which was one of the hard drawings to complete because it took more time. however it was easy to understand because I was just drawing myself. I have done self portraits in the past so it wasn't too hard.

Next, I completed a drawing of a bunny. I felt like, since my art skills are not very high, a bunny would be ideal for my skill set. I admit, I needed some online help to draw it, but it is original and I am proud of the overall outlook of this drawing.

Then, I completed a shading exercise in which I had to draw different shades, from lightest to darkest, in a row to show the different values of shading. This helps artists understand what to shade and what to not shade as well as what values to use. Then I used this knowledge to draw a drawing of a tea cup using the shading values, which I believe turned out fairly well.

Lastly, I finished a drawing of basic shapes in which I used shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to draw a robot. Robots are supposed to be basic shapes anyway, but in my second drawing I added a little flare. I drew some curves were edges were in the original picture and just made the robot look more real, and the shape drawing exercise helped.

In conclusion, this was a successful quarter for art for me and I hope to finish strong in the fourth quarter!

Q3 Art Portfolio - Huzaifah Malik

Throughout this quarter I experienced many different challenges. However, I learned new ways to draw and color sketches that I had never done. Being a color blind, I had trouble while coloring the printouts, so I decided to take a next step and tried turning drawings into colored sketches on softwares like Photoshop and CorelDraw. It took me some time to turn but I’m proud of myself that I overcame that problem. Furthermore, I learned how to make realistic things using basic shapes in the Basic Shapes assignment. I found it intriguing so I decided to make a cat out it. Overall, this quarter was pretty interesting and informative at the same time. 

Quarter 3 Portfolio

This quarter I was met with many challenges. I found the wire sculpture the most challenging. In the future, I would like to work with wire more and sculpting to become better and advance my skills. My favorite unit was the metamorphosis drawing because I felt most confident about it. I went much slower with the process than I usually would which was helpful. I am more successful when I spread out my time in creating an illustration. Overall, I enjoyed each project with my favorites being the metamorphosis drawing and the watercolor painting. I plan to continue to create art and be patient with myself rather than rushing through projects and being disappointed. 

Quarter 3 Artwork

This quarter has been my favorite so far and I have enjoyed completing each assignment. I have learned a lot this quarter about the different components that go into making a realistic drawing such as value and basic shapes.

Adult coloring was very fun and relaxing. I had a lot of fun picking the colors I wanted to use. I tried to create variation in the shades. My favorite of the three was the coloring page with the sailboats. I enjoyed coloring in the water and the reflections in the water.

The self portrait was one of my favorite assignments of the quarter. Watercolor is my favorite medium so I enjoyed this project a lot. I didn’t try to make the portrait realistic. Instead I wanted the colors to all blend together and have a very simple face that was brightly colored. I used a lot of cool colors because I find those types of colors more visually appealing and soothing. I wanted my portrait to feel calm and serene.

The value assignment helped understand shadow and light a lot better. Before this assignment I hadn’t ever really thought about the shadows when I drew. This assignment helped me understand how important they are to creating lifelike and three dimensional drawings.

Basic shapes was probably the most educational and helpful of all the assignments this quarter. This assignment helped me understand shape and form better. Breaking up a complex form and turning it into simple shapes helped me understand perspective and complex shape a lot better. For this assignment I chose to draw a cat and I was better able to understand the biology and form of cats when I broke it up into the basic shapes.

Animal shapes was my favorite out of all of the assignments. I chose to draw a giraffe, which is my favorite animal. I tried to put a lot of detail in the giraffe’s spots and I am pretty pleased with the result. I didn’t add that much texture to the drawing and I didn’t add any color so if I redid it I would make sure to make the fur more visible and add color.

Darius Purnell Q3 Art Slides

Throughout my works of art, I use multiple different shades to represent color and texture. When it came to my drawings, I did everything in steps and layers by shapes and flows. At the end of this quarter I was looking into basic shapes and shapes hidden in animals. I then used those shapes to draw those animals. For my self portrait I did everything in layers; from shapes to form, then to shades. Another method of layers I used was for my advanced coloring art piece. One of the famous paintings I recolored required a lot of uncommon colors. So I had to layer multiple shades of one color to form another.

Q3 Artwork- Eleanor Shamble

This quarter, most of the serious (colored) art I did was Undertale. This is because it's probably my most major fandom at the moment, and drawing it makes me incredibly happy. Most of the other things I did were purely experimental. 
I did all of this artwork more for my sake than anyone else's. Most of the things I did, even, weren't the exact assignments I was supposed to do. I can't bring myself to regret this, though. I draw best when it's on a whim, not a deadline. These things are incredibly fun to draw, I can't not draw them.
Also, this quarter, I discovered crayons. All five of the pieces of art in the slideshow use them because of how nice I find them. They're really useful for blending and coloring in large spaces. As a result, much more of my art is colored now. 

artist's statement and blog: Amelia Stuart

Week 2: For the abstact painting, I simply dotted a canvas with different colors and called it abstract. My technique for the dots was very specific, I gently pressed the paint against the cabinet, watching the color expand over the white surface, and I pulled the color along, then the hardest part, I carefully yet quickly ficked my wrist, leaving a perfect tail behind. Each dot took approximently 5 minutes.

Week 3/4: I chose three mandalas that made my heart sing. The calm I feel when I fill in each outlined space is indescribable. I reached such a zen feeling as I colored, I became copletely unaware of the time and the worries of my day. 

Week 4/5: I wanted to create a portrait of myself, without actually showing my face. So I drew a young girl, weirding a bold, beautiful dress, but still nervous and uneasy. Which I feel is representative of my self character. 

Week 6/7: I used charcoal to create this piece. It got my hands really dirty and was hard to control. I usually like charcoal, but when I don't have to be inside the lines. I dont reccomend charcoal.  

Week 8/9: I made a dog, and showed my process of making said dog from shapes.

Week 10: I made a raccoon, he looks like a Sal. I made a raccoon cause I think they're cool and weird. I started it as a pencil drawing, but put charcoal on top of it. Because the pencil was giving me the fur-like look, the charcoal made it look a lot better. 

Q3 Artwork

This quarter, the work was less free-form and more structured (either through researching art history or coloring or instructions with things like the value drawing), but I was nevertheless able to explore my inspirations. I enjoyed the creativity of abstract art touched upon last quarter, and was inspired by a beautiful sunset I saw to recreate myself in abstract sunset form for the self portrait. The approach in the last two assignments (beginning with simple shapes and filling in details later) was incredibly helpful, and will influence my work for Q4 and after. 

Of all the pieces, the sunset self portrait and animal drawing were the most fun. The free will granted to me during the self-portrait enabled me to look at myself through a new lens and capture another side of my features in a radially different way that I was used to. The subject in the animal drawing was my favorite, as I love cats and thought it a stimulating challenge to attempt to draw one. 

The shading on the animal drawing and the coloring pieces (surprisingly) were the most difficult, since I have trouble using the correct values when shading and the coloring process was so arduously long and tedious. The basic shapes assignment was the easiest for me, as I prefer to make smaller drawings. 

Q3 Artwork - Ilker Erkut

This quarter in art was like all of my others.  I adventured through each assignment exploring my own artistic path.  I have to say that I found coloring a lot of fun.  Some of the assignments were a little complicated in what it asked for.  I found myself doing 1 part of an assignment and later realizing that it wanted more.  THe documents that we downloaded had very confusing directions.  But all that aside it was a nice quarter.  

Advanced coloring was one of my favorites.  It was very relaxing and peaceful.  Once I finished it I felt good about what I did.  I focused on making my coloring even in shade of brightness.  I also focused on making the coloring seem like one.  My goal was to use one color for the base of the paper and then other colors for more minor parts in the picture to really make it pop.  

The self portrait was an interesting experience.  I did not focus on the sharpness of myself portrait.  This time the focus was on how accurately it could look like me.  I think I nailed it better than I ever had before.  If my hair was a little sharper and some of my facial features were a little sharper I think this would be great. 

Value was a fun one.  It was not as easy as it looks to make this.  I had to start in the middle to get a measurement of how hard I was pressing.  If I started to dark to early I would ruin it.  But in the end it turned out perfect. 

Basic shapes was very easy.  It also made a lot of sense.  I found that things that I used to draw when I was younger came out looking great using basic shapes.  The cat on the right is not really proportional but I wanted to give an attempt at the drawing in the document.  THe vacuum cleaner on the other hand looks like a photograph.  I think it is a step in the right direction.  

Animal Shapes was the biggest struggle because as you saw in basic shapes my cat drawing was not so good.  I decided to choose an easier animal.  As animal with less complicated shapes.  An owl was the perfect animal.  It had enough shapes and turned out looking like an actual owl.  

Overall this quarter I think I am making headway in my passive art career.  I plan to continue putting effort into my art and hopefully grow.  Next quarter I want to end strong and hopefully make something that I can show off.  

ILP- peter torelli

My ILP is at Optimal Gym. I picked Optimal Gym because it is one of my favorite places to be. Besides doing my LIP I also go there to work on my fitness. I consider Optimal Gym my home it is a place where you can relieve any stress you have and just clear your mind.

One of my jobs for my ILP is to give tours to people around the facility. Giving tours to people really helps me with my conversational skills. My other jobs that I do is moping and re racking the equipment. I believe that both of these jobs are teaching me responsibilities. Optimal gym provides me with a lot of responsibilities, to maintain a internship, my training as a boxer and to keep my body in shape.

Optimal gym is a place I enjoy being like I  said it is like home, there is so much positive energy i am always happy. If i'm ever in a bad mood someone notices and talks with me to see what's up. More jobs that I do at the gym are vacuum which helps me with responsibility at home to clean my room. Painting, I help paint walls at the gym because it is soothing, I enjoy painting. I recently painted my room not to long ago and I painting at the gym really helped me know what I was doing.

Faculty at Optimal is great. Eric is such a cool guy, he understand what its like to be a teen I enjoy having him as my ILP coordinator. Hishum, another faculty worker, Hisum is from Morocco and gives me good advice with life. Days that I have spare time at the gym, I sit down and get work done, Hishum notices I trys hard and would see if I need help. Andrew, Andrew practices Reiki he is all about the earth. When I feel down or am mad he notices. He is kind of like a life counselor. Struggling with some anger issue Andrew has been teaching me to control the anger and think positive. He teaches me to think before I act.

Being an Optimal member and intern is awesome. It is really a nice place to be. I would also like to thank Jeremy for letting me have this ILP. It shows me a lot of responsibility and Jeremy has made this happen. Jeremy thank you for letting me enjoy an experience that makes me a better person. You get on me a lot but you only do it to look out for me and I appreciate it thank you sooo much.



Quarter 3 Gina Sorgentoni

This quarter was very challenging for me. With the exception of the watercolor, I struggled creatively with the assignments. I am proud of the progress I am making with my watercolors, and cannot wait to compare my first quarter work with my fourth quarter work. I enjoyed the creative challenge of the metamorphosis drawing and would like to do more of them in the future. The wire sculpture was the biggest challenge for me this quarter. I believe that since we only had paperclips it was much more difficult to make the sculptures.

Q3 Art Portfolio

This has been one of the most challenging quarters but also the most enjoyable. During this time I was challenged to learn new techniques and do different styles of art that I never heard of before. The different pieces I did were mosaic, coat of arms, metamorphosis, wire sculpture, and water color. Out of the bunch the hardest for me was the wire sculpture because it was hard for me to bend the wire the way I wanted it to go. My favorite was the watercolor becauseI learned how to mix and shade colors nicely. Overall I think I did a great job this quarter.  

Q3 Art Portfolio

Looking back on this past quarter, the art pieces we were assigned were some of my favorites by far. I enjoyed the watercolor, coat of arms, mosaic, and metamorphosis. I replicated a common look/theme throughout each creation, bright colors, plants/flowers, and cute animals. Out of all of the pieces, the watercolor was my favorite, as I got to use/try techniques I had never used before. After the watercolor, I really enjoyed the mosaic. I used cut of pieces of plain white paper instead of colored construction paper because I wanted to use specific shades of green and red. I wish the wire sculpture wasn't so difficult to make though.

Overall, this quarter was great. Looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is known as one of the prevalent figures in the midst of the Women's Civil Rights movements. Born March 25, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio, grew around her encounters of the discrimination of women. On the brink of Steinem's birth, her mother, Ruth Steinem, went through the motions of a "nervous breakdown".  Long after the birth of her daughter, Ruth never reverted to her old personality becoming unstable for actions as great as carrying a job. Throughout her childhood Steinem observed the mistreatment of women through experiences with her mentally ill mother.  After the great amounts of travel Steinem experienced as a child, the divorce of her parents, at age ten, ended the chaotic cycle of life for her. Gloria and her mother settled down in Toledo where she finished out the last six years of her schooling prior to college.

After graduating from high school, Gloria attended Smith College, pursuing studies in government. She completed her degree in 1956, graduating at the top of her class.  Aside from graduation, Gloria dealt with an illegal abortion after learning she was pregnant.  Upon finishing school, Steinem delved into the field of journalism. Throughout the 1960’s she aided in the creation of the New York magazine where she wrote a column on politics.  Surrounded by the atmosphere of journalism it came to Steinem’s attention that there was a bias towards women in the workforce.  However she continued on with journalism, going undercover as a “bunny” at the New York City Playboy Club in 1963.  This project resulted in the publishing of an expose on her experiences as a “bunny”  in Show magazine.

Steinem’s interest in the feminist movement did not fully develop until 1969 when covering a story on abortion hearings presented the feminist group Redstockings.  At this time she realized that all of her experiences of discrimination and harassment were not isolated incidents; women everywhere were experiencing the same nature of mistreatment and hardship. At this point Steinem began writing essays expressing her feminist views with various titles such as, “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation”.  Then in 1971 she joined fellow feminists to form the National Women’s Political Caucus,  “a pro-choice, multicultural, intergenerational, and multi-issue grassroots organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the political process and creating a true women’s political power base to achieve equality for all women.”

In ‘71 Steinem took it upon herself to pursue the launch of a feminist magazine, making a first step with the publish of an insert in New York magazine.  The following year the first independent issue of Ms. magazine was released, with Steinem as a co-founder.  The magazine gained popularity, continuing to be a resource for women today.  Steinem continued with her spread of feminist agenda making appearances to deliver speeches and continuing on to progressively publish new writings from the early 80’s to the 90’s.  In 1986 Steinem was diagnosed with breast cancer, yet had a brief treatment process which eliminated the illness.  As of 2000 she married the late David Bale, a feat she swore since her younger years that she would never comply to.

Gloria Steinem is 82 years old today and still sharing words on feminism and equality through interview and writing.



  • 1934, Born in Toledo, Ohio

  • 1956, Graduated from Smith College

  • 1963, Writes expose for Show magazine on the New York City Playboy Club

  • 1969, Reported on abortion hearings conducted by Redstockings, a feminist organization. This lead to her increase of involvement in the feminist movement

  • 1971, Formed the National Women’s Political Caucus

  • 1972, First independent issue of Ms. Magazine is launched

  • 1983, Published “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions”

  • 1986, Diagnosed with breast cancer

  • 1993, Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame

  • 2000, Steinem married David Bale

  • 2013, Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom



Science: Humans are very social beings. In our life we form different kinds of relationship with people. However, some relationships don’t last and can lead to heartbreak. People may not know that the reason they feel such pain during a heartbreak has a lot to do with their brain. A study done by the Journal of Neurophysiology showed that the area where physical pain activates in the brain when people see pictures of the person they broke up with. A break up is much like withdrawal of cocaine. Our physical and emotional parts of the brain share the same neural pathways. That is why some people experience difficulty sleeping, weight gain, stress, depression, and less critical thinking. When we feel physical pain the anterior cingulate cortes is stimutaled and also happens when we feel emotional pain. Therefore, the brain tells you that this breakup is physically painful or is causing you to feel physical symptoms. We as humans evolutionary evolved to be a part of things that keeps us strong and helps our survival. As we form these social relationships as an important part of survival.

Society: A lot of people don’t really relate anything scientific to the idea of heartbreak. They just think that certain behaviors after a break up is normal due to the nature of the situation. However, many people don’t realize that a break up in a long term relationship has a lot of neurological aspects that affect us. However, it does take time to recover from a situation like this because our brain also has to get used to it. Depending on how deep the relationship and how much the brain was “addicted” to the person in the relationship can affect how a person behaves and changes. According to ASAP science, there are studies that show people would rather be physically hurt than be socially excluded. We are more likely to reproduce and survive than being alone.

Self: I know that in movies and TV in general breakups are shown to be bad things. It also happens in real life where you can see these sypmtoms of heartbreak happening but you don’t realize how this really impacts you in the long run or in the moment being. In my religion, it is though that if someone is not meant for you they won’t be in your life or they will for a short amount of time. It is believed that you will find someone better and someone who is meant for you. I think that heartbreak is a real thing and that it really does impact a person but it is something that can take some time to get over.


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Q3 Art Slideshow

    Quarter 3 was a somewhat frustrating quarter for me in art. On one hand, this quarter contains some of my favorite art-work that I've ever done, maybe not as inherently "good" as some of my art in Q2, but still things that I consider creative and can be proud of. On the other hand, there are a couple of pieces of art this quarter that I'm really not very happy with, that are sloppy with their execution, and not really something I can say I want to present as a representation of myself.
     This juxtaposition is mostly due to this quarter being the most emotional turbulent for me. That has drastically effected the quality of my art, and, for the first time, has made me miss assignment dates. In the midst of everything that's been going on in my life, my art has suffered and because of that become less passionate. I hope that this is something I can redeem in the final quarter. 
     In a quarter of ups and downs, I hope that the final product is at least something that can be considered good work. Despite the difficulties to getting motivated to create interesting art, I have tried to at least produce consumables. Things that can be looked at, observed, and maybe appreciated, and I think that's all anything can ask for their art. 

Logan Quarter Three Art Show

 For the first project we were suppose do adult coloring. I chose pictures that I found interesting and fun to color. In my photo's I tried to keep the color light and not overpower the picture with harsh colors. My favorite is the flower in the middle because I like the mix of colors and how the colors look together.  
My next photo is my self-portrait done with paint. I don't really like this picture, I think that I made some mistakes and the paint was very hard to work with on such a small piece of paper. I tried to recreate a simple picture of myself so I tried my best to copy this picture by choosing the paint that would best represent my clothes in the picture. 
My next picture is a shaded picture of a ball. I tried my best to have different shading colors, having some parts of the picture to be lighter than others . I also wanted to give my picture a little angle so I tried to shade a small table to make it look like the light was coming from a certain angle.  
For my basic shapes I wanted the shapes to be evident in the picture but I also wanted the picture to involve something that I, which is mario video games, so I choose one of the smaller characters in the game. In this picture this I tried to have as many shapes as possibly could but I also wanted the shapes to be rounded so it would look identical to the character. 
Lastly for animal shape I created a puppy. I drew a puppy because I tried to draw on earlier in the year but I had some difficulty. So for this quarter I wanted to challenge myself with drawing a puppy. The hardest part was drawing the ears on the puppy, so I may try and  draw another puppy to see if I could improve on it even more.  

Q3 Benchmark script: Hall, Hardin, Gilbert


Mario: Levantate!

Mario: ¡Senoritas, vamanos! Vas a llegar tarde.

Catalina: ¿Qué hora es…?

Pilar: ¡Ay dios mio! Cata, no estudiamos anoche.

Mario: Que lastima.

Catalina: Yo estudié un poco antes de ir a dormir.

Mario: Pilar,  ¿Qué hiciste ayer por la noche?

Pilar: En la noche, Yo siempre ducharse y estudió.

Catalina: Yo tambíen, pero llegamos tarde a casa.

Mario: ¿necesita ayuda?

Catalina: Por favor.

Pilar: ¡Si!

Mario: Vale, pero primera, levantarse y preparar.

Scene change, walking to school as he helps us study

Mario: Vale, este es facíl. Catalina, Cual es tu ruitina de la manana?

Catalina: Por la mañana, yo lavarme cara, y cepillarme los dientes.

Mario: Bien, bien.

Pilar: ¡entiendo! Después de la escuela, salgo con amigos.

Mario: Rutina de buena, pero no por la tarde. Mañana.

Pilar: Oh.. Por la mañana, yo aplicar maquillarme.

Mario: Bueno pilar. Catalina, habla mas lentamente.

Catalina: Vale.

Mario: escribes reglas a ayudas ustedes estudias.

Catalina: yo tengo..

Pilar: Primera, No ver la televisíon, estudiar antes de dormir, trabajar en libre tiempo,  No estar despierto tarde, y no consigues a escuela tarde.

Catalina: ¡Si! Buena suerte, Pilar.

Pilar: Tú también.

Catalina: Adios.

Pilar: Hasta luego.

Quarter #3 Artwork

This year's third quarter was different from last year’s third quarter. This quarter seemed more relaxing than usual. Some of the projects made me feel less stress from doing projects and any other school work. I was actually kind of glad to have that relaxation throughout the quarter. These are my projects from the third quarter.

Advanced Coloring: I had to pick out three pages to color. The reason why I think it is called advanced coloring because there is so many little details that need to be colored in. I picked those three designs because I like the designs and I wanted to be creative with them. This was probably my favorite project because I was to be creative and feel relaxed in general because I love to color in pictures just to keep my hands moving.

Self Portrait: Now from the first quarter I was able to draw myself again. This year was totally different because one I had longer hair, and two I’m wearing a hat in the photo. Personally I like this portrait better because I think I look better with longer hair. Now my hair got to freaking long so I had to cut it. Funny thing when this assigned to the class that was the week I cut my hair and as I think about it after drawing it I look so much better with short hair. 

Value: Last year on this project I drew my cell phone. This year there was an orange sitting on the table. I pulled it over towards me and I decided to draw that. I liked what I did because it seems the orange looks a little realistic to me.

Basic Shapes: On this projects before I drew anything I wanted to draw I had to do a basic layout by drawing basic shapes. For this project I drew the cartoon character Brian Griffin from family guy and it looks pretty cool by drawing the basic shapes and I would like to do that more cartoon characters.

Animal Shapes: Now this project is very similar to the basic shapes project. I had to do a rough draft of the animal shapes then draw the actual animal shapes. I basically chose two random animals and they were a cat and a bunny.

In conclusion quarter three was a success and it was a very relaxing quarter and I cannot wait for my very last quarter of art class.