E1 U1 Diamond, William, Octavieon, Ivan

Our finale script is about the days of the week. William is student who just rushed into class for being late and has to do a quiz. He knows the date but cant remember the day and Diamond tells him the day and spanish and doesn't know what that means. Then I tell him to try and remember the days song in spanish. He starts humming the song and remembers the lyrics and the day.  


We could do it in the cafe. We talk say hi and stuff (Jayden, and Adil) then the waitress (Amira) comes we order the food comes back we say thank you then we eat and leave. Or we could we be at fast food restaurant and make it quicker.

E1 U1- Daeja, kishara, kennedy, kyle

Intro #1

In part one of four there is a Christmas Celebration. We include how to use the dates for this gunio. Or in similar words the Messes/Fechas/Cumpleasños.

Intro #2

In this video it talks about the date/days of the week, but one child doesn’t know what date it is. We marked the calendar to show what day it is. We included the Días de la semana song.

Intro #3

In this gunio one child sneezes then the rest of the characters discusses the weather. ¿Que hora hace? in espanol. To explain how could it is around Christmas time.

Intro #4

In this video another character from the gunio asks for the time. Go back to the time unit. ¿Que hora son, mi corazon?


Starting off at the door Amira, and Niya meet (already friends) say hi and ask how they are doing. Jayden comes (stranger) later and they ask each other what’s their names, how they are doing, and say hi.

E1 U1 (Sarah, Sean, Odilia, Mike)

Video 1- Restaurante- intro The scene starts off with a father and daughter into restaurant he gets ready to order. The father and his daughter both take a seat as the waiter takes their order. The little girl orders alphabet soup and the orders father a hamburger. As they wait for their food, the little girl begins to sing the alphabet. When their food arrives, they thank the waiter and enjoy their food. Video 2- Tu and Ud.- Grandfather A grandfather gets to meet his grandchildren for the first time in a while. When the grandfather opens the door they both greet each other, after that the grandfather get into a conversation with his grandson and granddaughter about the temperature. Video 3- Numerous- Math Class The teacher starts off the class by asking the students a math problem. The teacher calls on a student that has their hand raised to answer the question Videos 4- Qué hora es?- Temp In this scene, a teacher asks her students what time it is in different parts of the world. First she asks her student about Philadelphia, after they answer the teacher then asks about Cuba.

E1 U1 (Kai, Cianni, and Briannie)

Video 1 - ¿Qúe hora es?
Kai has to get to Algebra class, but he lost track of time.
Video 2 - Saludos Despedidos
Kai and Briannie both gain a new friend, because of Cianni
Video 3 - Numeros
Kai is a math expert, but Cianni isn't the best at it
Video 4 - Restaurante
Briannie and Cianni go out for lunch

E1 U1 Monie D., Assirem H., Lamar R., Charles L.

This video shows how you can ask someone for the time. In this case, Charles does not have a watch or phone to check the time. He stops and asks a stranger, Lamar. When Lamar tells the wrong time, another stranger, Monie, comes and corrects him.
This video shows how knowing the numbers in Spanish is helpful. In this case, a student is having trouble with his homework so he comes up with an idea to exchange numbers between the table. The students take turns saying their phone numbers.
This video shows how you could get to know a new person. In this case, a shadow comes to SLA to look around the school. Monie, a student at SLA, decides to talk to Charles, the shadow, and get to know him.
This video shows how you can use the alphabet in a real life situation. In this case, it will be used during an appointment at the eye doctors.  Assirem and her dad goes to the eye doctor to get her yearly check up. Charles, the nurse, will be assisting Dr. Monie.

U1 E1 Benchmark(Chloe S., Salvatori C., Nhu L., Alex Lee C.)

Nhu and Sal decided to go eat at a restaurant for lunch. Let’s see how it goes.
Have you ever wonder what a spelling bee is like in spanish-speaking countries? Well wonder no more! Here’s an inside of an Español Spelling Bee.
If you want to meet someone, you can introduce yourself. Here is an example of phrases of introduction.
Nhu is at the bus stop with no phone and really wants to know the time. There’s a stranger next to her on his phone. Let’s see how she ask him the time.

E1 U1 Serenity, Derek, Emmett, and Michaela

Emmett is really Barack Obama. Michaela is confused and speaks to him in a rude manner. What does his bodyguard, Derek, do in defense?
Emmet and Serenity both want to go outside even though Michaela warns them of the bad weather. Will they suffer the consequences?
Derek wants to invite Michaela to his game, but she can't get the day of the week right!
Derek and Emmett go out for some Coco Colas. Maybe they should have been more careful about who their waitress was...