Hannah: Slide Part 2

Most of the people who I presented to mentioned the size of my text and pictures were small and difficult to read. I noticed I didn't space my side really neatly either. All the text was sort of in one section of the slide. So, I added a larger font and made the pictures bigger. I also tried to use up more space on the slide so it would still have negative space, but wouldn't be empty. 

TOMMMY (slide-02)

As opposed to the first slide, I chose to make a more simple design, utilizing more negative space and less images. I wanted it to be simple to look at, notice the donkey, read the quote, and be done. Then you can turn your attention to me, the speaker. Like PresentationZen said, I want to have to be there for you to understand the slide.

Part 2

Updated Tech Slide
​In my updated slide I tried to follow a lot of the suggestions that I received. I had a lot of feedback about fixing the edges on my image, getting rid of the excess black bordering the picture, so I cut it down a bit, so that those spots were no longer as disturbing. I positioned the image up a little higher like was suggested. I also increased the text size some and made the red text a little darker to better match the red in the picture. I visited http://www.slideshare.net/edahn/10-tips-for-making-beautiful-slideshow-presentations-9210564 as an extra resource in creating my slide. 

Sydnye Misero slide part 2

slide part 2 (1)
I chose to add in small details to my slide because someone told me along the lines that my slide looked like an advertisement for coffee. I chose to make my design more personal and try to convey the message that it is an advertisement for myself and not the coffee. I still chose to keep the design simple and to the point so the text was more eye catching with one focal point (the coffee).

Jessica's New and Improved Slide

Slide creation #2
I changed my slide only a little bit. I changed the picture so that the head of my dancer wasn't cut off. I also extended the picture of the dancer to take up 1/3 of the slide, to use the rule of thirds from presentation zen. I chose for my slide to look like this so I could play with the contrast of colors. The picture is black and white so it pops against the background, and the purple text makes an even bolder statement.  I chose this font because I was advised by this website: http://www.lamar.com/HowToAdvertise/DesignTips  to not use a "thin stroke" or "ornante font" so that the it would be easy to read. 

picture source: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/dancer-kira-rubtsova.html

Justice Slide Part 2

My Slide of using the Internet (1)
To start off, I moved the word justice higher to allow viewers to look at the figures and not see the word overlapping the pictures. I also changed the left picture to one that wasn't as blurry as the previous one. This contributed to the viewer not being distracted by the picture's appearance. By moving the word "justice" up, I created more negative space for contrast with the pictures. This created a bit more balance and space for thought than my previous slide.

Asher Slide Part Two

Slide (9)
First off, I took away the white highlight from the text, since it was chunky and created problems and didn't look good and didn't add anything to the color scheme or anything else. I rescaled and repositioned the text to line up and look better relative to the picture, which I also rescaled and repositioned, just for an overall better aesthetic. I balanced the text color to better match the color of the ribbon. I made the top of the picture brush and overlap a tiny bit of the bottom text letter, so they tie together better. All the other things I changed were tiny adjustments,that don't actually matter, I just wanted to make them.

My Slide pt. 2

My Slide
My slide is almost identical to my first one. All of my graders agreed to my points of why my slide works, they just recommended things to add which I did. First was the picture of me. Everyone was saying I should make it look nicer and get rid of all the background in it. I should also take a more serious one they said. Also I added a period after "NERD, STUDENT, GAMER," so that it looks like a seperate sentence.

Nisa: Do You.

I created this slide the way I did because It shows that you can pretty much do anything you desire, no matter what people say. its only going to affect you in the end, not them. I also chose this because the font is the first thing you would see. Its big, bold but simple- something that would catch your eye. It then leads to the pictures, and the background, which is in good contrast with everything. The pictures tell a few things about me, what and who I like, and it is pretty self explanatory when it comes to how the slide is original. I didn't make a slide with anything too overbearing, just something original but with depth. The pictures are also not too small, as that causes you to forget what the slide was supposed to be about, because you are too engaged in what's happening the sides and bottom and middle.. and stray from the topic. The pictures also do not interfere with one another. They are all coloured and hold meaning, and they all correlate with the concept.
Untitled presentation (2)


Tech Slide
My original concept for my slide was to base it around contrast and making things stand out. I started off with a green-almost-black background and put atop of it neon colored words that stand out not only because of the background's dark color, but because the words contrast each other. Dots around the words simulate isolated thoughts, but are also an excuse to make the words stand out even more due to them being either darker toned versions of the words' colors or a contrasting color. The arrow piercing through the slide can catch the viewers eye for three reasons: one being the fact that it's bleeding off of the slide, two being the pink neon "WHATEVER" plastered across it, and three being that it is considerate of the rule of thirds, being placed in a position that would be more likely to be immediately noticed by the viewer, forming an eye-catching setup to the slide.

Media Fluency

Growing up, I was always shy. I never spoke up or said how I was feeling. It all changed when I discovered musical theater, my gateway to music. I began to open up, and sing my heart out and express who I really was, finally breaking free from my shyness. After this, I was exposed to how powerful music can truly be. Now, music is what helps me through anything and everything. It motivates me and inspires me, and I don’t know who I would be without it.

I decided to dedicate my slide to the one thing that symbolizes who I am. A picture of a girl holding a record in front of her face symbolizes music, and also shyness. I liked the black and white aspect to keep things simple and to keep the mood calming and serious. It is a picture from "Tumblr", because I wanted it to be artsy and unique. I made the font big and clear to see with varying font styles. The pink font made it pop and added a little bit of positivity with the contrasting “escape” to make that word stick out most because it is the end of the meaningful statement. This slide is simple like any good visual campaign should be. Sometimes, less is more and holds more value, but nothing like the value music holds to me.



original music slide

The 4th Floor Publishes Chapbooks

Science Leadership Academy's Literary Magazine, The 4th Floor, has partnered with The Head and the Hand Press to install a chapbook vending machine in our 3rd floor ballroom. The vending machine is filled with chapbooks from local authors, including SLA's own Ruby Anderson and Alex Marothy. Be sure check out the vending machine next time you are in the mood for a tasty short story!

Be sure to read CBS Philly's story about the kick-off event!

"What We See is What We Are" SLAphotolab: The Six-Week Run at MetropolitanGallery250 Starts 12/5, 6-8pm

Seasons Greetings,

SLAphotolab has been busy!

Fresh off the success of our summer indiegogo campaign, we've been cranking out work all semester and are ready to show some of it off. Thanks to the continued support of our generous sponsors, our students have the unique opportunity of setting up camp at Metropolitan Gallery 250 in Rittenhouse Square from December 5th until January 18th. 

Our show centers on a truly piercing quote by legendary Magnum photographer Ernst Haas, 

"There is only you and your camera. The only limitations in your photography 

are within you, for what we see is what we are." 

We've taken this to heart, explored his work and have interpreted this as a challenge to continue our push forward. 75 new students are embracing the medium, and those who pioneered the program last year have continued exploring via independent study. Their work is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Come join us on First Friday, Dec 5th from 6-8pm for Opening Night, and learn more about the ground-breaking public photography workshops our students will lead throughout Dec/Jan.

Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun from 11-4pm from Dec 5th until Jan 18th. 
(250 18th St. Rittenhouse Sq, directly across from the Art Alliance). 

Student work is available for sale to the public throughout our stay to continue to fund the growth of our dynamic program. For more info on the show check out BreadHead Blogand get in touch if interested in volunteering/participating in our weekend workshops (promoted on the blog).

Hope to see you on the 5th and beyond! 

Douglas Herman

Laith on a slide

tech slide

My slide is called Laith on a slide. It’s obviously about me. The lion in the background represents my name in arabic. Not only that it’s my favorite animal, and I love nature and animals. My font is play ball. The reason it is there is because when i was looking for fonts I saw this one and it reminded me of my favorite sport, Basketball. As you all know ball is life. I put the Michael Jordan there because he is my favorite basketball player, and he is the best Basketball player of all time. I hope one day I could be as good as him. The title colors are all of my favorite colors. These colors also represent the colors on the Palestinian flag. I combined all of my slide decorations and options with my personality and likes.


“Why do you always want to go out for diner anyways?” Said I, Mohammad.


“You could just come over and I can cook you dinner then we can have fun and you know what I mean when I say fun.” (Chucks)


“No just come on, I don’t want to feel like going out for dinner”


“Go out with your other so called friends then”


“The boy you always on the phone with”


“What girl is you talking about”


“I nev…..errr ever talked to a girl named whatever her name is…”


“All we do is argue all day and everyday….”


“I don’t think this is going to work out anymore… sorry”


“We jusst argue to much for me, I can’t stand this anymore, we are done.!”


“What you mean we not done?”


“We are done… I don’t even want to be with you anymore. The only reason I stayed because I didn’t want to break your heart and now…. I just feel we need stop this now”


“You always want control and I just don’t feel right with you. I’m sorry …”


“All this arguing and screaming all the hell time”

“Hello, Hello, hello”

Pause (Long)

“Are you still on the phone… answer me”


“Stop playing with me with all that quiet shit”


“I’m not playing yo, you better answer me now”


“Can you just respond back now please”


“Hello, hello, hello”


“I’m really not playing with you now, can you stop joking for once?”


“I’m tired of all of your bull shit yo, just respond and it over and you and I will never talk again”


“Oh well I’m done with your games.”

(Hangs up)

(Mother calls back)

“I don’t know where your daughter is, Ms.Johnson”


“I ain’t do nothing, I tried to break up with her and then that was it”


“She ran away? Huh? What you mean she ran away?”


“No she couldn’t noo, noo, noo”


“You found her? Where? Tell me now!?”


“Can I speak to her please”


“Give her the phone now now now”


“What you mean wait don’t let her kill her self”


“I’m sorry, don’t kill yourself”

(Crys over the phone)

“I’m sorry, I never wanted this to happen..”


“I just want you back now….”

Ms. Martin Wins the Be Well Philly Award!

Congratulations to SLA's incredible Health and Physical Education teacher, Pia Martin! She has been named the 2014 Be Well Philly Health Hero! Thank you to all the SLA families who voted for her - Ms. Martin designated the SLA Home and School as her charity, and because of her amazing work, the SLA Home and School will be receiving $3000! 

And thank you to Ms. Martin for all the incredible work you do for SLA students and faculty! 

Media Fluency

Sources for image: http://vths.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/mobile-photo-jan-1-2010-2-53-50-pm.jpg

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?
I made this slide the way it is because i wanted to make it unique and appealing. When we went over the “Presentation Zen Link” it said to make it bleed, make the word big, and the color should pop out. After that, i learned new ways to make the slide better in ways i never imagine i could and that what i did. I made the picture bleed of the slide and the word in all kind of fonts and different colors to make it pop up. I wanted the audience to see it and know what i mean by the quote and see do you relate.

What influenced your decision making?
The influence that made me make it this way is when you you show us that link, you went over it and taught us things which encourage me to make it have these thing such as making it bleed, making the word big, making it pop out. You gave us advice which helped me find idea of what to do to make it better. I used those and made it the way it is as shown in the picture above. I also found a link that gave me some tips on blogging for beginner. http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/beginner-blogger-mistakes in this link it said write like you talk. This help me influenced my writing by making the words be like it is talking.

​Wed. Dec. 3rd Schedule & Thursday Dec. 4th Schedule

Wed. Dec. 3rd schedule for conferences

D: 8:15-9:10

E: 9:15-10:10

A: 10:15-11:10

B: 11:15-12:10

Advisory: 12:15-12:45 (read narratives)

12:50 lunch

1:30-3:30pm ILPs and TFI

3:30pm - 8pm conferences


Thursday Dec. 4th schedule for conferences

C: 8:15-9:05 
D: 9:10-10:00 

X/Y class: 10:05-10:55  

E: 11:00-11:50

A: 11:55-12:45 

lunch: 12:50  

1:30pm -4:30pm conferences

¡Viva México!

The picture I chose for my slide has a nice complex view of the mexican flag. I decided to make this slide simply because in case you didn’t know my family is from México and yes I’m mexican! In my me magazine that I created for english class I wrote about my family trip and their struggle to get to america.So with this background it shows how proud I have become of my race. The controller is their because I play videogames so I looked for a picture that was able to combine the mexican flag and a controller.Combining two things I love dearly.

Technology Assignment (2)

SLA Featured on PBS NewsHouse

Esteemed education reporter ​John Merrow visited Science Leadership Academy recently to look at how what our school is doing is part of the larger School District of Philadelphia discussion of innovation. Part One of Mr. Merrow's report aired last night on the PBS News Hour. Part two will air tonight, December 2nd, at 6pm. 

Lily Palmer Slide

This slide includes a few things I like. I like diet coke alot, and I also play the ukulele. I really enjoy the ukulele, it makes me happy when i play it. I used negative space to influence my choices of putting things where I put them. I used nice looking text to bring the audiences attention into the slide.  

Media Fluency

Me Slide

Why did you make the slide the way you did?

The primary goal for me was to make sure that the picture being displayed would capture the attention of an audience,but would also clearly state the message I am trying to deliver. Makes things happen was put as the message and it means that you should not wait around for people to give you an opportunity or to just wait thinking that something will just happen. You have to go out there and do it yourself. My picture is supposed to represent the spark that begins the journey that you take on the way to your goal. You have to be the spark that ignites what is your life. The text is in large letters at the bottom so that you can see the picture in its entirety,but also notice what is being said. Because the background is primarily black, I chose to make the letters white so that they could stand out. The word happen is most important and it should stand out most so I made it red. The overall point was to connect an interesting eye catching picture with my message while making them balance each other out and over shadow one another.