My Fantastic Print/Matt

My element is iron and it’s atomic number is 26.\

The word iron derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "iron" or iren" the origin of the symbol Fe comes from the Latin word "ferrum" meaning "iron. Iron can be used to make a lot of other useful materials like steel which is used often in manufacturing. Iron is one of the most plentiful elements. It comprises about 5.6% of the earth's crust and almost all of the earth's core

I decided that I wanted to make my print about steel because iron is a huge part in making steel and steel is a huge component to us as a civilization so I thought that would be cool to write about and that’s why I put the steel beams holding up the world.

I know at first I made something stupid because, naturally. But then I came up with the design and the word to go with it and I liked it a lot.

If I could go through this process again I would probably make a more concise picture if that makes sense just try to make it smaller and look a little cooler.

My favorite part was definitely transferring the picture onto paper and then being able to look at it that was tough.

IMG_20170609_101608 (1).jpg

Artist Statement

This is the last quarter of the years art work. I am missing a few assignments. The assignments that I did enjoy doing the most was the figure drawing. I think that I put the most work into the drawing. I did a digital drawing, it took some time to create especially with the specific site that I had used. The last drawing I did was the texture drawing. I didn't do well on it, I couldn't get it to look like it has texture to it. The drawing just looked like a plain drawing. 

Q4 Art Final

This quarter was a good quarter for me. I enjoyed the project we did but could have done better work. This quarter we did things regarding the Elements of Art. The first assignment we did this quarter was Advanced Photo Editing. I enjoyed this assignment. We had to remove a background completely from an image or alter the colors in the original. I think that I did this assignment well and I also enjoyed doing it. The second assignment we did was figure drawings. I like the sketches that I did but I am not proud of how my final drawing turned out. The third assignment that we did was the line drawing. This was one of my favorite assignments this quarter. I really enjoyed making it. The fourth assignment that we did this quarter was the digital drawing. I also really enjoyed doing this assignment. I had fun making it and I like how it turned out. The fifth assignment that we did this quarter was the space of illusion. I do not like how this turned out. I could have tried harder and made it look more realistic. The sixth assignment we did was tecture. I had trouble with this assignment. I am not good with drawing shading or textures. I could have tried harder and practiced some before doing the final drawing. The final assignment we did that quarter was the element of art. We had to combine all the things we learned how to draw this quarter and put them into one image. For this I could have tried harder and not tried to finish it at the last minute. Overall this quarter was a good one and I am proud of how I have improved during this year.

Artist Statement - Final Print

Neon Cat Print
Neon Cat Print

My element is Neon. The atomic number of this is 10. Neon was first discovered through the study of liquefied air. The name comes from the word “neos” which means new in Greek. The main use of Neon is advertisements and lights. I got the idea for the imagery I chose is because Nyan the Cat is also called the Neon Cat. Since neon was in this cat’s name and it’s the name of my element, I decided to make this my image so people could infer what my element is. To start off this print, I had to sketch down three ideas. After that, I then decided to go with the Nyan the Neon Cat idea. Then I sketched my print reversed on a 4x6 trace paper. Next, I carved the reversed image on a styrofoam tray in order for it to be ready to be printed. Then I coated the tray with ink and the parts of the tray that were carved did not take in that much ink. I placed a paper on top of the inked tray and applied pressure everywhere in order to get the print on the paper. I did the inking process a couple of times and all of the prints came out the original way I drew the image. What I would do differently is how much red ink I put on my paper and also make the carves on the tray deeper to get a better image. My favorite part of this project was inking the print and printing it onto the paper. I liked rolling the ink onto my tray because it just felt to smooth, and I also liked when I printed the images on the paper because they came out looking good in my opinion.

Final Art Slideshow

During the Fourth Quarter of Advanced Art, I created dozens of pieces of work from 6 collective assignments. They are all featured in my slideshow, going from oldest to newest.
First, I edited pictures my youngest brother, which I am unable to post for familia reasons, and myself to make it for the backgrounds were transparent. I edited two amigurumi animals I had made and photographed so that their colors were altered. Then I edit two photos I took from offline so that one was recolored and the other was made transparent.
Second, I sketch and later drew a figure drawing of a nude woman sitting on a stool. This assignment was tricky for me since I had no real prior experience dealing with proportions. I think the final product came out alright though not realistic.
Third, I decided to draw out 29 timed sketches for the Line Drawing assignment. Surprisingly, I found the experience very enjoyable. The pressure to draw the animals in a limited time meant that I couldn't focus on detail too much and had to go with the flow.
Fourth, I made 4 digital drawings using the website that Ms. Hull provided. I wasn't  a fan of the website at first but once I got the hang of it, it was fun to use. My favorite piece is the neon rainbow basket.
Fifth, I created a sketches of a neighborhood street that gave the illusion of space. Not one of my favorites assignments to work on, I felt as if more guidance could've been given.
Sixth, I sketched out a photo and used texture to fill in every aspect of it. I went into his assignment thinking it would be more difficult that it actually was and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Element Art: Print & Matt

My element is Mercury, which is element 80. It has a mass of 200.59. Mercury is the only metallic element that is a liquid at room temperature. It is used in fluorescent lighting, thermometers, and certain types of medication. In Ancient Rome, it was used in cosmetics. This is unfortunate, as it is highly toxic. When choosing what images to incorporate into my print, the first thing I noticed about Mercury was its reflective, silvery surface. The imagery I used ended up being a hand with mercury dripping onto it from a broken thermometer. The process of making this print involved sketching out a plan, redrawing my final design, transferring the design to tracing paper, etching it onto a styrofoam sheet, and using the styrofoam sheet as the plate to print off of after using the brayer to coat it in ink. If I had to do the print again, I would have put in less detail. This would have made it turn out a lot neater. What I particularly enjoyed about this project was that it involved chemistry and art, which are my favorite subjects. It was interesting to be working on the same thing in two classes, as well. Perhaps this helped to reinforce the lesson.

My Print Making Experience

File_000 (5)
File_000 (5)

This element is called Calcium, the abbreviation is Ca and the atomic number is 20. It is the 5th most abundant element in the earth, it’s compounds is oxygen and water so it’s not found in nature. Metallic calcium was founded by Sir Humphry Davy while he was mixing lime and aluminum. So when he named calcium comes from the latin term calx means lime. Now you can produce pure calcium metal by heating lime and aluminum. The metal reacts with water vapor, oxygen, and nitrogen and it creates a yellow coat of oxide, hydroxide, and nitride. Calcium is not only a chemical element, it’s also a natural vitamin. Raw milk, cooked kale, sardines, yogurt, broccoli, cheese, etc.. is rich in calcium. Calcium helps your bones even your teeth.

When I was making the print my image was to show that calcium comes from milk so I drew a cow. My first ideas was bones or drawing a lot of cows. But I kept it simple just drawing a big adorable cow. I feel like by seeing my print you can know right way that my element is about milk and milk is calcium. If I’m able to do this again I would create more design around the cow, to make it more obvious the message. The part I enjoy the most is I was able peeling the paper of the foam stamp because it was smooth just like permanent tattoos that you put on with water. The paint was smooth on the foam stamp by using the rolling tool, you had to have a small layer on the foam paint to make a nice layer on the paper.

Quarter 4 Artwork

In quarter 4, I learned a lot about the different types of art and I incorporated those into our artworks, For week 1, I took our own photographs and used the editing website called "pixlr" to transform the image into a different one. For week 2, I chose one of the pictures on the website and drew it on a blank piece of paper. For week 3, I did the blind contour drawing by picking objects that I want to draw in my surroundings. For week 4, I did a digital drawing online using different shapes and colors. For week 5, I created an illusion of space drawing. For week 6, I looked at an image that was provided and drew it. For the last and final artwork, I incorporated the whole elements of art on a piece of blank paper and added some colors on it.

Printmaking Elements-Silver

My element is silver and the atomic number is 47. Silver can be fund in antibiotics to stop the spreading of an infection. I got the idea of drawing a cream by looking up where can silver be found in everyday life. I explored with the different colors of paint doing solid color to gradients as you see in the picture above. I would use a little more paint to fill out the white spaces. I enjoyed the stamping part the most because this is where your picture really gets so character.

Little Things make Big Changes

Hi, it's Orlando again! Today I am here to talk about Cyberbullying and how it impacts this generation as well. I am also going to talk about my other two blogs which explains how my friend Sara was affected by Cyberbullying and bullying in general, and how cyberbullying is a big issue for teens in high school. My recent blogs mostly explained cyber bullying and why it's important for it to be prevented at all costs. It's also a big part of my grade in English, “The You & The World project”, where you can choose a big issue in the world that you think is important. Cyberbullying is a big issue, because over the year it has increased in schools. Cyberbullying has ranged from bullying about race to sexuality to body type to so many other things, and could lead to self-harm. It's an issue in the world because it isn't getting enough attention. If cyberbullying received the attention that it needs, it could be decreased by 80%.  It's also very important to me because in an article about facts on cyberbullying, it says “95% of people think it's easy to get away with cyber bullying because it's on the internet.” I strongly disagree with this quote because things that are posted on the internet never get deleted so it they will evantually get caught.


In an article by Kaplan University, Cyberbullying and bullying aren’t anything new as long as there is internet, school yards, malls, etc. But y’know, let me tell you something. I think Cyberbullying did get worse, in this generation with the internet and places we love to go you can't get away from it. Bullies will find any way to bully, and the internet isn’t new anymore. People know how to use it against others.  Cyberbullying is always towards young children and teens. If adults are involved in online harassment or intimidation, it is referred to as cyber harassment or cyberstalking. While not all cyberbullying results in suicide, it often can lead to self-destructive behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse due to the stress, and can cause depression, according to Kaplan University. This is also a great reason why social media tends to have an age restriction, because kids can be immature and harass others.Since teens start to drugs and alcohol because they can't handle the pain so they havea replacement to numb them from it, I think schools can prevent that. I think schools can get involved by providing information to students about legal ramifications of cyberbullying and how it affects their classmates. They can also add it to the policy and code of conduct, because this nonsense needs to stop. We can't have kids keep committing suicide, they’ve barely begun their lives. I think it's a great idea for the school counselor to see each kid who isn't performing their best in school, or becoming nonverbal in schools, so they can feel like they have support.


As for my final part of this project, which is my agent of change, I made a basket of happiness. It contained hard candies, a mason jar with notes, tea packets, a small bottle of nail polish, and some hair ties. I chose to give Sara this “basket of happiness”, because as we text she mentions she doesn't feel happy or loved and this basket contains all that. It's an amazing gift because the notes are categorized by color. Yellow sticky notes are from orange stream, blue ones are from teachers, pinks are from me, and the green notes are from people in other streams. My experience creating this gift for her was very joyful because I got the students and teachers to write positive notes so she can feel as important as she is. I think my project was a success because she was overjoyed with the notes and some of her favorite things.


Overall, my project was very an amazing experience because Sara was very happy. I showed her that she is important to others, not only to me. It was an amazing journey for this quarter, because it's really from the heart and I love when people pitch in and help out for a special somebody in our stream! During this project, I noticed that orange stream can be very judgemental, but they can also be very caring. Therefore, I agree with Ms.Giknis, that we should never underestimate orange stream. If I could do my Agent of change again I would have started my gift a week before grades close because I could have gotten all of my gifts and made my gift even more precious than it already is.


Link to Animated bibliography

Print/Matt and Artist Statement

My element is Chlorine (Cl) and it's atomic number is 17. It's a gas named after the greek word for greenish-yellow. It was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. It was discovered when He combined pyrolusite and hydrochloric. Scheele had thought that it contained oxygen but it was later discovered by Humphry Davy that it didn't contain any oxygen so it was called Chlorine and considered it's own element. You see it used in swimming pools and it's often used in drinking water also.
I got the idea when I read about how it's used in drinking water. At first I was going to make a bottle of water with Cl on the label, then I read that it wasn't used in bottled water and just drinking water so I decided to make a water fountain that said Cl on it instead. I looked around at some water fountains to see how I was going to draw it. If I did this again I would definately practice drawing water fountains more and work on getting better detail. I really enjoyed drawing the bottle of water with Cl on it. I thought that it looked cool and I really think it's fun to draw water bottles.

Reflection and Change

Picture of me holding a basketball waiting for my WNBA career.IMG_7606.JPG


Hello readers! This is Diamond Wallace and I am back with another blog post! In my first blog post, The Forgetfullness of the WNBA, I talk about the under recognition that the WNBA recieves. Women in the WNBA work really hard and they do not get equal payment. The $25 million that the WNBA is getting from ESPN is a small fraction of the N.B.A.’s average $930 million payment from ESPN and TNT. There is an issue with equal payment in the NBA and the WNBA.

In my second blog post, Responses and Feelings of Basketball Fans, I interviewed two men who love basketball. One of the men were Maleek Griffen, a basketball youth coach, who told me that he loved the WNBA because they follow fundamentals. Douglas Wallace, a former basketball player, had a different opinion towards the WNBA. He explained how the WNBA is not interesting or fun to watch. Even though they both disagreed, they said something very similar. “This world is sexist!” Both men explained how men think females can’t do anything as well as men. Women are expected to be nurses or teachers. When men hear things such as women's basketball, they automatically assume that the game is going to be less aggressive and interesting than an NBA game. That is what I want to stop!

I raised awareness by making an instagram hashtag. With that instagram hashtag, I sent it to all my friends and told them to post and share the hashtag, So far, a guy named Charles Ethan has 40 likes on my WNBA post. If he keeps the most likes, he will win $20 from the WNBASuppotIt page which is ran by me. I decided to make an instagram page and hashtag because words can be spread around quicker.I believe raising awareness on social media is the best way for people to know whats going on. Most teenagers don’t watch the news or read newspapers. They gather information through apps like instagram and snap chat.

Many people are reposting the WNBASupportIt page and I gain followers every day. There are also a few hashtag reposts. My experience was pretty challenging. At first I was skeptical about the instagram because I didn think it would get around. If I would have started earlier, I would have had more followers and hashtag reposts.

This project was very eye opening for me. It helped me see different perspectives on womens basketball from other people. I really hope that people start to follow the WNBA and  i hope that they recieve the equal payment that they deserve. I learned that some people watch basketball for fundamentals because they have a love for the game while other people watch it for amusement. For my annotated bibliography, click here.























This is a screenshot of my instagram page.


Tieing It All Together

Hello and welcome back to my third and final blog post on gun violence. My first post can be found in the link here, and my second post can be found in the link here. For those who don’t know me, my name is Sierra Radford and I am in the 9th grade. In my first blog post, I gathered information from multiple resources such as websites. The information I collected was based on teen suicide. One of the ways teens commit suicide is by using self-defense guns found around their own home. Having these gun around the house is very dangerous, especially if the gun is not hidden. It provides easy access to them which is not safe. In my second blog post,I gathered information based on  school shootings. These school shootings includes middle schools all the way up to colleges or universities. School shootings is another reason why gun violence need to be stopped. Innocent children should not be a victim to this tragedy. They go to school feeling like it’s a safe place and to have something like a shoot out at their school, really leaves them paranoid forever. To get people more aware about the severity of this tragedy, I decided to make a website for my agent of change. You can view it here. The website that I created is to have people be more aware of how bad this topic is. I decided to make a website because I felt like making a website and being a student will probably have people really see how bad this is. I feel like people who visits this will really join the organization and finally things will start to change.  Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 3.05.48 PM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-09 at 3.05.36 PM.png

My Print: Magnesium

My element is Magnesium and my atomic number is 12. My element was discovered in 1755 by Joseph Black. A fun fact about my element is, it was obtained from seawater. Magnesium is also in multiple foods and in medicine. It is an important mineral for keeping the body strong and healthy. I went through a lot of research and time in drawing my print and element. I wouldn’t do anything different if I had a chance to do this project again. I enjoyed making the print with the ink. It was fun to actually do real art in art class.

Artist Statement Q4

I think this was a good quarter for me. I actually liked the art that I created. The photo editing was helpful because I take a lot a detail oriented photos and knowing how to edit them is essential. The figure drawing was difficult at first; I had trouble finding a model and translating that image on to a larger scale paper. I think the only areas that I would redo are the neck and one of the feet. Both the figure drawing and the line drawings were difficult because the focus was human anatomy. The practice was definitely helpful though. The illusion of space was my favorite. I tried a new art style and I really like how it came out. I wish I had more time to add to the scene and draw the monster better. The texture drawings were very helpful, and I used one of the patterns in my final Elements of Art piece. I also really like the last piece even though the anatomy of the chest is rough and the snake took a long time to draw. Overall I really enjoyed this quarter.

LGBT Bullying Final Project

In my previous blog posts, I talked about what I wanted to do in my You & The World project. Which was focus on the topic of bullying towards LGBT+ students, you can find that blog post here. In my second blog post, I conducted a survey asking people about what they thought of the LGBT+ Community if they’ve ever witnessed bullying towards an LGBT+ member, and why they think people do this. I got lots of helpful and honest responses from my peers, you can find that blog post here. 
For my agent of change, I and my two friends Olu and Mike held a bake sale. We were going to raise money so we could donate it to an anti-bullying foundation. Our first step is setting up when and where. We decided to do it on a Wednesday, during our lunch. Students asked us what it was for, and when we told them, they were more likely to buy food. In total, we raised for than $40. Next, we had to donate the money, but how? We are too young to have credit cards, and sending money through the mail isn’t the smartest idea. So, we had to give the money to our English teacher (Mrs. Giknis). She donated it to the website for us!
I feel like our agent of change was good. We could have baked more to make more money, but overall it was a success. Olu, Mike, and I decided on this for our agent of change because we wanted to do something that would impact people, and help others. We educated peers about the effects of bullying, and we donated the money to an anti-bullying foundation. 
In doing this project I realized how something some people make fun of every day and minuscule can be, can hurt others a lot more than we realize. I also learned that lots of high schoolers think that LGBT+ bullying isn’t that big of a deal. And learning about myself, I realized how serious something I joked about was. Being completely honest, I used to make jokes like that because I'm part of the LGBT+ community, and I thought it was okay. But I realize how much these words and actions have an effect on certain people. I feel like I could have raised more money in my agent of change, but I'm content with what we did raise. 

Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 print/matt




This is my print/ matt that represents the element Gallium. Gallium has an atomic number 31 and I choose to draw a bike because some bike frames are made out of gallium. I will tell you that search and thinking of things the draw for this element was difficult to me but I choose the bike. Gallium was discovered spectroscopically by the French chemist Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875. Gallium also melts so in room temperature or higher it will turn into a liquid. AT first, for my print, I was just going to draw a bike frame but when I looked at it, I told myself that people might not know what is is so I added the wheels to make a complete bike but I wanted the main focus of the print to be the bike frame . If I were to do this again, I would do more research about the element to see where it comes from and what object of today are made out of gallium.

Print and Matt Procedure

My element is Rubidium, the atomic number is 37. Rubidium was discovered in 1861 by Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff, in Heidelberg, Germany. The reason I choose a rocket ship was because Rubidium is used in vacuum chambers and engines in space. My process was first to draw an image on a piece of paper. Next trace it onto trace paper. Then you have to put this onto a plate backwards, meaning that the picture should be reversed. Then put ink on the plate on the and put a piece of paper on the ink covered plate. Press the plate lightly on the paper and transfer the image. Let dry. My favorite part was when we drew our image. 

Lets Stop Bad Policing

Hello once again, my name is Adil Shamsuddin, and I will be taking you on another journey. This is my final blog post, I will give you more information, and try to persuade you to come together and stop Bad Policing. If you wanted to see what I did on my last post, click here. In my first blog post, I talked about why this incident happens to appear all over the world. Police brutality “is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. Blog post 2 was maybe one of the most informational blogs yet, I was explaining why body cameras are important. One sample of information regarding that is, police forces are trying to get more and more districts to stop wearing body cameras. Some police officers are were trying file reports on people who were recording them during a time of police brutality. Police officers are trying to not allow people to see what's really going on. Info from blog post 1- Not only people faced it around new york and etc, the highest rate of homicide are Hialeah. This bar rate is on an average on how many homicides were faced on African Americans, by themselves. This is also rated by per million, so these statistics are pretty full of an amount. The passings of Garner, Brown, and others on account of police are not by any means the only purpose starting mass dissents. The day after the Garner shows began, low-wage specialists strolled off their employments in more than 190 urban communities, requesting a living compensation and the privilege to sort out. They, as well, droned, "I can't relax." Workers from fast-food eateries, for example, McDonald's were joined by those from low-wage retail and accommodation stores and carrier benefit occupations. “Police killed at least 303 black people in the U.S. in 2016”. Through the Board of justice, the supreme court has no approval of this. Info Blog post 2- Despite the numerous deaths of unarmed citizens, massive public outcry, and the outgrowth of the Black Lives Matter movement, constabulary brutality against Brown and black people continues. One of the reasons why this still happens is that as a smart set, we have focused on being reactive rather than proactive. Reviewing video from trunk cameras, having grand juries, subsiding civil rights typesetter's case and the like will not ultimately prevent these deaths or restore what families and communities have lost. The retired Cook County Judge, Andrew Berman was deeply disturbed by this television, so he handed it over to the media. This video footage shows police officer Marco Proano shooting at the moving elevator car full-of-the-moon of six youngsters. None of these teens had a weapon on them nor did they acted aggressively toward the officers. Before the accident, two other Chicago police officers had stopped the fomite full of black teenagers. My interview did not go as planned, the police officer that interviewed told me that police brutality is not a big deal. Once he told me that, I was heartbroken. I constantly ask him why he thinks it's not a problem, his response was what threw me off the most. He stated that only 2 out of 10 police officers are doing it, so it's not really a problem. He said because only 2 out of 10 are doing it, it's not bad at all. He said “yes” police brutality is a bad matter, but the majority of police officers are doing good, and saving lives. I asked him several questions, his responses were all over the place, he was telling me that some questions he can't answer because of the district safety. I asked him about how he felt about police officers wearing body cameras, he said that he think it's the ok idea, but his district does not allow them to wear them. The police officer that I interviewed was African American, he felt that his own Brothers and Sisters of race are being killed for no reason. One reason why recording is better than stepping in is that, if you step in, that's breaking the law. For example, if I would step into a brawl against several police officers and one man, I would get hurt and maybe lose my life. "The cameras help defuse some of the tensions that might come up during encounters with the public," Chitwood said. "I think that 98% of the time, cameras help improve relationships with the community. This source was explaining to me why body cameras would work, but why most districts don't want it to work. I think that Police Brutality MUST BE STOPPED!! Our own Brothers and Sisters are being beaten for no reason and harmed because Police have some sort of power. My Agent of Change was very helpful for me and my participants, we discussed the death of Eric Garner. We Also talked about why recording is more reliable than stepping in. the reason why I chose to do a meeting is that we all can learn from each other thoughts. I think that this was a really good project, we all were able to do our own topic. I think that I learn a lot by doing research and watching documentaries. I think that I could have put more information in my own words, and Also do more than one interview. I originally wanted to interview two police officers, I was going to compare and contrast their thoughts. I think the best thing that anyone to be included in this Agent of Change is by, realizing the most powerful thing, which is your voice.

  If you want to see my bibliography, click here  
The pictures below are representing the people who all came out and participated in the conversation that was held during class. Thanks!!



negative/positive space - cut out

1. Negative space is the absence of space in a photograph
2. I found the negative space in my photograph
3. It helps an artist to see in negative space because negative space exists in the real world.
4.Negative space does enhances drawings because it makes them more realistic.    

Can We Stop Police Brutality

Hi again, my name is Adil Shamsuddin, and today i'm here to inform you again about the problem of bad policing. Police savagery is not just about people dice during interactions with natural law enforcement. Brutality goes beyond the use of unjustified physical force that might cause Death . It includes emotional and verbal assault and intimidation that ultimately dehumanize the victim. Brutality can occur regardless of the conscious intent of the officer. Enquiry shows that police barbarism has wellness consequences for individuals who are victimized, and that those who live in disproportionately policed communities have poor health as a direct result, regardless of whether they themselves are dupe of police brutality. But let’s human face it, when people who are unarmed dice directly from police interposition and when the videos go viral, we wage more attention. Despite the numerous deaths of unarmed citizens, massive public outcry, and the outgrowth of the Black Lives Matter movement, constabulary brutality against Brown and black people continues. One of the reasons why this still happens is that as a smart set , we have focused on being reactive rather than proactive. Reviewing video from trunk cameras, having grand juries, subsiding civil rights typesetter's case and the like will not ultimately prevent these deaths or restore what families and communities have lost . Instead, addressing the antecedent cause of law brutality is a preventive strategy that will be more impactful and have positive degree ripple impression across various sectors of the American society. Boodle law office holder shooting towards unarmed inkinesss teenager was released few mean solar day ago. This incident occurred in 2013, but the picture wasn’t released until the civil ailment was filed against the city of Chicago and several ship's officer . The retired Cook County Judge, Andrew Berman was deeply disturbed by this television , so he handed it over to the media. This video footage shows police officer Marco Proano shooting at the moving elevator car full-of-the-moon of six youngster . None of these teen had a weapon on them nor did they acted aggressively toward the officers. Before the accident, two other Chicago police officers had stopped the fomite full of black teenagers. This happened near 95th and Sieur de LaSalle Street in Chicago. One of the teenagers went out of the car and run away. The eternal rest of them stayed in the car, at the time Proano approached. Friday  around sextet :35 p.m. at Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive south of Griffith Common , police shot an unarmed piece in the back of the fountainhead , because he had a towel in his hand.The adult male had a towel wrap around his hand. The incident occurred when he raised arm so police thought the serviceman had a gun for hire . The moment a man extended an arm wrapped in the towel, ship's officer exited the vehicle and said: “Drop the gun, drop the gun!” The next matter , the man was shot in the back of the head. Most constabulary officers are committed and ethical. “They work a difficult, life-threatening job, and their days are extraordinarily stressful. However, police officers also exercise a great lot of control over the lives of the hoi polloi they interact with, and an ill-usage of this power is particularly egregious. The personal harm attorney at The Cochran Firm have experience helping the innocent victims of police brutality pursue Department of Justice and compensation”. My questions towards my interview was answered really confusing, something that had made me think twice was, the police officer said that only 2 out of 10 police officers are doing it, so that's not really a problem. The interview went ok, we talked for almost 1 hour, i learned somethings that i never would thought a police officer would say. My questions were answered also confusing, he was trying to go around the bushes. He was telling me that he is not allowed to answer all of them because of his department safety. I was still wondering about how he said that police brutality is not bad. I personally think that police brutality is really bad.  If you want to see my bibliography, click here The pictures below shows you images of how people were being arrested and beaten up.

images (2)
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Catcalling Needs To Stop

Catcalling is a form of street harassment that women have been disgusted with since the 20th century. Catcalling is when someone calls out at you randomly and comment on your looks and appearance. It is usually something sexual such as “HEY MA, NICE ASS!”. Women find this vile and annoying while a few women like the attention given to them. When someone catcalls you, they are saying that they want something sexual from them. They are usually looking for someone was has issues or low self esteem they thinks it gives them a better chance of getting laid. Men think they enjoy the compliments and should not make a big deal about it. They don’t realize how scary it is for women, they are so scared that some women are afraid to go out at night or anywhere alone. This happens all over the world and the way they dress isn't a big factor. Women who are fully dressed uo have the same chance of being catcalled as a women wearing less clothing.

Catcalling just doesn’t happen to women but also teens and kids even younger, it happens to kids as young as 11 years old. This is very disgusting because men call out sexual thing sto little kids which is very vile. The things that makes this vile besides that it’s catcalling is that men are inferring that they want something from then now or when they get legal (18 and older). Catcalling has been around since 200 B.C but it had different means. It was first called the “Wolf Whistle” which was a way to show male lust. Then came the term “Catcaller” in the 1700s, it was used to show anger and disapproval at the actors during a play. They would show this by whistling and sneer. The way it is used now came along in the 20th century. It is used in a sexual manner to try to get a woman's attention.

For my agent of change I made a instagram account and posted pictures and stories of catcalling. I did this because I wanted to spread awareness and I thought a good way to do this was with social media. I was affected greatly while doing this because I learned that I have friends who have been catcalled and my mom has also been catcalled. It disgusts me that this has happened to people who are close to me. That is one of the reasons I chose to do my project on catcalling. I also did it because I wanted to get a better understanding of it and I feel like I need to spread awareness about it and educate people. While doing this I learned a lot more things about catcalling, how it affects people, and why people feel like it is okay to do it. I’m disgusted in how men feel like it is okay and that they think that all women like it. For my agent of change I made a instagram account and posted pictures and stories of catcalling. I did this because I wanted to spread awareness and I thought a good way to do this was with social media.


I really liked doing this project and I feel like I became a better writer because of it and I learned a lot of new things. Doing this project I learned why men do this and why think it it is okay. I also learned that some women actually like and some women are afraid to walk alone for the fear of a random man coming up to them. I learned that I really care about this topic because before this project I never thought about catcalling and it never worried me; now it does a lot. I feel like I could've tried to do an interview with someone who catcalled someone and interview more than just one person.



Final Artist Statement

This final quarter I believe I did some fine work but I will be honest and say it wasn't my best. The first assignment due I could not complete because I did not have a laptop. My figure drawings artwork was really special to me I worked hard on it and I believe I did a good job on it. I choose a picture to draw that had a nice position for recreating it. My line drawings were my personal favorite this year I believe I did some amazing work with them. I think line drawing is fun altogether so this assignment was especially fun for me. For my digital drawing I tried really hard because it was difficult to make. I had to create it 3 times because every time I tried for some reason it would delete. I think my final was the best one though. The illusion of space drawing was also a very fun one for me. I did a fish and i decided to play around with the shadow of a fish and made ripples on the page to make it seem as though the paper was a pond. This was another one of my favorites this quarter I thought I did good work on it.  The practice texture drawing was very hard for me. There were so many items and textures to capture in the picture so it was really hard to get it done but I tried and I succeeded. For my last piece of the year the element of art drawing i decided to keep it really simple and just draw a tree. I think I did an ok job on it I could have done a lot better but I tried. In all I think this quarter just helped me realize that art is a very fun form of expression and I am very lucky and grateful that I got to attend the class this school year. 

Element Print

The element that was chosen for me was Chlorine which has 17 for its atomic number. In 1774 Chlorine was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Chlorine is one of the elements that isn’t just found in free nature. Scheele combined MnO2 and HCI to get Chlorine. In today’s society Chlorine is used to help drinking water be safe for humans and for pool water as many people may know. It also has to do a lot with the production of paper, plastic, dyes, textiles, and paint. I didn’t want to be basic a draw a pool because everyone knows the chlorine is in pool water. So I used bamboo trees because chlorine is found in that. From making this print it took plenty of patience and creativity. First I to sketch what it should look like. Then I went on the the template. After that I went the styrofoam which was a little tricky because it had to be drawn backwards. Once I got to print my element it was coming out great. If I were to do this project over again I would crave in the styrofoam a little because sometimes the paint would get in the shallow parts. The final print process was the most enjoyable for me because once I got to see my final project done I was statisfied.