Philadelphian Food Deserts

Philadelphian Food Deserts


Hi! During my last two posts, I talked about the food access in Philly. In my first one,I explained how social this issue was and how hard it was for someone who lived in a disfavored area or someone who didn’t enough money to get healthy food. In my second blog post, I commented the survey that I sent to people. All in all, I was nicely surprised by what the people told me because I actually thought the situation was even worst.


While doing more researches, I discovered really positive changes and actions in Philadelphia during the last couple years. The most relevant for me was a man named Jeff Brown who built big food stores in food deserts, like North Philly. For more information, you can click on that link which will lead you to a very interesting video that is describing this process. For me, this way to change is just the best, the most accurate and also the more logical: how to fix food deserts problem? Just build a food store! This helps a really big amount of people and is one of the best solution to this problem.

At the beginning, I didn’t know what I was able to do for my Agent of Change, but Ms.Giknis gave me a good option: giving a map in a Philly food desert with all the grocery stores near them on it. IMG_8050.JPG

This is the kind of spots that were present in this area


I went to a North Philly area with literally nothing around. I gave my papers to people in the streets while smiling. Most of them accepted my paper and asked me more about it. Although, I had an issue: nobody wanted me to take them in picture, I don’t even know why, they probably thought I was doing tourism because I have a pretty strong accent and I don’t live here. I still took picture of the place. Besides this problem, I really felt helpful and I knew that I was making a change happens, so this is probably the most positive fact about this entire project: we are useful!

I think that I made a change because while giving them this map, smiling and explaining what was my project about, I’m pretty sure that some of the people remembered me and were aware of my issue. Also, they knew if they didn’t already where were all the healthy grocery stores near them.


IMG_8059 (1).JPG

Me in the area with my maps in the hand, looking if the person is coming to me...

I thought that this project was very good and I am very happy to have completed it, even if this is late! It was the first time of my life where I knew that something related to school was actually useful in a way and was making a difference. I learned that I love helping people, even if I kinda knew it already. I also learned that the people in food deserts are actually just waiting for more help and feel unlistened (even if I expected that too!). I think something I could have done better would be to meet the timelines on time, as always!  

Final Print

​My element is Uranium. Its atomic number is 92. Uranium was found by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, who named the new element after the planet Uranus. In 1939, the first proven nuclear fission was performed in Germany. The nuclear fission of uranium resulted in the first nuclear explosion at the Trinity test site in New Mexico in July 1945. Uranium is also used by the military to power nuclear submarines and in nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium is a dense metal that can be used as ballast for ships and counterweights for aircraft. It is also used a lot in creating nuclear fuel. It is also used in ammunition and armour. I got the idea for the glass pretty easily. Uranium glass is very popular. It to me was a reminder that this element can create something extremely beautiful as well. The explosion coming out of the glass was due to the fact that countries learned how to exploit uranium, and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction. The reason why there is a second bomb is a little less obvious, this is because there were two bombs dropped on japan in 1945. I wanted to put this in here because it was really when people saw just how dangerous uranium could be. The last image is the planet in the top right corner. This is because the element was named after the planet. I started of the process by sketching some ideas of how I wanted to present my element. I the chose the sketch that I liked best and traced it as a final sketch. With my final sketch I traced it onto the foam we were using to print. I had to make sure it was backwards so that when I printed it it would come out with the correct orientation. The I took a roller and put paint on it. I then rolled the roller over my foam drawing. We made sure it was 4 by 6 inches and centered in the 6 by 8 matt. Next time I would definitely take more time to print, so that it would come out neater. If I would have done this it would have taken me less tries to get it right. What part of the project did you enjoy the most? Describe the step and what you liked so much about it. The part of the project that I enjoyed the most was drawing my ideas down. I just think that it is so important to make sure that your ideas are fleshed out as much as possible before you move on the the next step. I loved that we had so much freedom in these first steps.
FullSizeRender (13)
FullSizeRender (13)

Laptop Collection - Friday 6/16


11th -

report to school at 8:15 for college workshops

1:00 - laptop turn-in, in the cafe, then locker clean out


9th -

report to school at 9:00 - go to the cafe for laptop collection (find your advisor), then to locker clean out with your advisor


10th -

report to school at 10:00 - go to the cafe for laptop collection (find your advisor), then to locker clean out with your advisor


My element is lead. The atomic number is 82. My element is used in your pencils that mainly some people use. My element is also poisonous, but we don’t ever think about eating it. The function of my element is to get the job done and along with that you can use lead in different types of pencils and it is erasable too. My idea kind of just popped up because I thought it would be nice to have a unicorn (eraser) for the mistakes and a pencil at the end to show that pencils are always the way to go when writing something or drawing. The process that I went through was drawing a lot of different ideas to fit my element. If i could do something differently it would be to change where I put the atomic number on my stamp. The part where i was stamping was my most favorite part.

FullSizeRender (1)
FullSizeRender (1)

Final Stamp Design

This Stamp symbolizes me because, the letter A stands alone, and i stands alone. the letter a is a basic and simple letter, it's not trying to prove something or stand out with something else. I Adil is never really trying to make someone look stupid, or trying to stand out with someone. the letter A can be put together, and work together with another letter. i can work together perfectly fine with someone. i got my final design really easy, i got this idea because, one one of my friends told me before that i stand out. they also told me that i work together, so that's why i got that idea from. the importance of the negative and positive space of this image is, the Letter A is popping out, and eye catching. i got stuck at where i didn't know if i should have put the border on, because, i did not know if it was important to have.  
IMAG0220 (1)
IMAG0220 (1)


Oya es un diosa de tormenta y vientos. Ella consiguió sus poderes porque un dia cuando ella tenía 9 ella tiene succiono en un tornado. Ella estaba vistiendo un borgoña y púrpura vestir. Fue golpeada con muchas piezas de cobre. Ella fue lanzada 2 millas de la clase. Ella fue eliminada del impacto. Se despertó a los residentes a su alrededor. 2 de los dioses en la familia se convirtió en sus hermanas fueron yemaya y oshun. Se sintió extraña después de despertarse. Se siente más viva. Nunca encontró a su verdadera familia. Asi que se convirtieron en su familia. Ella pasó a tener una gran familia propia.

Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 print/matt

Neon has an atomic number of 10.It was discovered by Scottish chemist William Ramsay and English chemist Morris Travers in 1898 in London, England. Where did its name come from?[edit] Neon gets its name from Greek neos, meaning "new"Like krypton, neon was discovered through the study of liquefied air. The largest use for neon gas is in advertising signs. Neon is also used to make high voltage indicators and is combined with helium to make helium-neon lasers. Liquid neon is used as a cryogenic refrigerant. Cryonics meanings the freezing of corpses so that they are preserved, in the hope these people will be revived by future medical technologies and able to live again.
Since I was getting my nails and the project was to think out side the box i thought that the it should relate to me.
My process was fairly simple. I came up with a couple different designs then decided which one respresented it the best. After doing that it was the same as everyone else.
if were to do this project agian I would consider suing real nails posilsih so it could pop out.
Something I enojyed about this peoject was that fact that it was combined with bio-chem which meant wen had more time to work on it.


Vanadium Stamp

FullSizeRender (10)
FullSizeRender (10)

My element is Vanadium. The atomic number for Vanadium is 23. Vanadium is a metal element. It can be used as an additive to steel to prevent it from rusting. When I was doing research I found out that Vanadium was discovered in mexico by Andrés Manuel del Río. the element was named after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility.

At first I wanted to create a stamp of mexico with a V in the middle, however that seemed kind of basic and boring. I then decided to look up what a fertility goddess looked like. I decided that it was a creative way to show the element Vanadium. I then tried to draw the fertility goddess as a stamp to the best of my ability. It took me a few times to get the stamp that I wanted, but I liked my final sketch.

Now that I had my sketch I had to draw it on transfer paper and flip it so that my stamp won't be backward when I use it as a stamp. I then used a 4x6 card to imprint my flipped sketch on transfer paper to the card. I used a pencil to indent my stamp. The indentation would be the positive space for my stamp. When it came time to stamp, I rolled the blue paint evenly on mt card/ stamp and placed it on a piece of paper. I then pressed on the stamp with a wooden spoon to distribute the paint on the paper. I removed my card/ stamp to reveal my element stamp. If I was to do this stamp again I would make sure that my indentations on the card were deep enough so that all of the parts that should be negative space were negative space and all the places that should be positive were positive.

My favorite part of this project was printing my stamp. It was nice seeing my stamp come alive with color. The positive space really pops and represents Vanadium the way I wanted it to.

An Emotional Roller Coaster Plus a Final Result (Agent of Change)

An Emotional Roller Coaster Plus a Final Result (Agent of Change)

I am a SLA, secret, English 1 agent and here is my change. 


If you’ve been following my project you would know that I am studying and learning about Masculinity and Self-Esteem. In my studies, I have discovered in my first study Masculinity is “The possession of qualities, traditionally associated with men.”  The only problem with this is that people of the world today take this meaning way too far and just use it as almost an emotional weapon. They take what these “possessions of a man” are supposed to have and apply them to every male that they encounter. If the person that they meet does not have these possessions or live up to the expectation they are immediately judged and set as an outcast towards the rest of a group or society.

For my second part of research I did a survey with a series of questions that asked people’s opinions on Gender Roles today.

The things that people are doing nowadays are helpful but few. They advise and plan trips for people with disorders as such, involving Low Self-Esteem. There are also organizations such as Good Therapy who do Psychotherapy for people with these type of issues. Like I said, the ways that they are using to help establish change are ways that will surely help but there are some problems with them. First of all, in my opinion, I think there should way more ideas that people should have came up with by now to help people. Secondly, What if there are people who can not afford things such as Therapy and vacations? Will there be a way to help them for free?

Being only, a freshman at SLA there wasn’t much that I could do like planning vacations or having Therapists. So, I did what I thought would be best. I made posters somewhat like flyers and posted them around my community and my school. On them there were quotes about gender roles and confidence, along with words of encouragement. The posters also allowed the people who saw them to write questions and comments on them. This idea originally came from me seeing something like it around the school but they all promoted their own causes and clubs. So, I thought that if they could do it, why couldn’t I? Although it was a really late decision it was pretty easy to create these posters. Thanks to Canva. To be honest, the experience wasn’t really that exciting. Although, I did get some friends to help me put up the posters where I thought they would serve their purpose best. The effect of change was half good, half okay turn out. The posters that were posted at my school didn’t get quite the reaction that I was expecting. I think that may have been part of my mistake on where I put them. Considering that the stairwell and fifth floor aren’t exactly the most used areas of the school. But when it came to outside the school, my flyers seemed to be good help to people around the neighborhood. Although, some people who told me in person that they saw my posters said that they didn’t feel comfortable with sharing their feelings and opinions.

With this combined with all the other work and projects that I had to have done all at the same time it was extremely stressful for me when doing this project. I learned something about myself, which is that, when it comes to helping the people I care about and love I usually don’t let my emotions get to me. There were many times that I almost gave up on this whole thing, but then, I remembered the people I was doing this for and that this should be about more than just a grade and that’s it. I also learned that not everything isn’t going to just come along right away, You always have to be willing to be patient and wait for a success to be fulfilled. The one thing that I could’ve done way better was having management over my time. It took me way too long to get this done and I was not putting things that mattered the most first and kept putting other things on the backburner.


To see all of my resources and sites I used check out my Annotated Bibliography here.

Printmaking: Arsenic


Arsenic was obtained by heating soap together with orpiment by Albertus Magnus. Arsenic has three common allotropes, gray, yellow, and black arsenic. Yellow arsenic is the most unstable and the most poisonous. The element name arsenic comes from the ancient Persian word Zarnikh, which means "yellow orpiment". I put the word arsenic in grafitti to give it a good look. A can of spray paint is toxic and it contains certain chemicals that arsenic have. I also have a jar of arsenic laying down that is spilled as if it was just used. I made three different drawings. After I found the right one, I started to print. At first I had to draw over my drawing really hard. After that, I painted over my drawing with the right amount of paint. Once I finished, I took paper and put it on there like a stamp, when I removed it, it looked nice. I repeated this multiple times with different colors.I would do more rainbow colors if I was to do this assignment again. I enjoyed painting the drawing the most. It was fun.

Singing about drugs and its ok

English 9


                                                  Singing about drugs and it’s ok

Hi there. My name is Josiah Mast and I have been attending SLA for freshman year of highschool. While there my class was given the assignment of trying to impact something that we are passionate about. I decided to do Medical and recreational Marijuana. I went with that topic because I feel that I have a real connection with the idea of marijuana being legalized so that my state and city can become a better place. Earlier in my slate post #1 and #2 I had written about how I want to be able to really change this schools view on marijuana because they believe that promoting the illegal substance should not be tolerated. I wanted to be able to show the school that by enforcing this rule that they were trapping people identities beneath their surface so that they couldn’t express their true identities. I conducted a survey and got phenomenal results from it(see slate post #2). I got help from Ellie siegel a woman that is fighting in the state of pennsylvania to make marijuana legalized for medical and recreational use. She gave me a few pointers on my first doc and then we lost contact somehow. I was wondering how I was going to come up with a slatepost 3 when I hadn’t changed anything. Than that's when it hit me that  I had changed SLA in a way. A not so long ago I had written a song about marijuana and sang it in the hallways while walking to the next class. People would run over and sing the songs and I would talk to them about how I really felt that it was wrong that medical and recreational marijuana were illegal in the state of Pa. People would agree and talk to me about how they felt. These little conversations here and there might impact them for the rest of their life. I have always said that talking to someone who is older and has made up their mind about this topic as not as useful as telling someone now when they have the next 3 years of high school and college were when they enter another conversation like the one they had with me they can think back on it and try to change others minds as well. People might just remember me while they are eating dinner in like 10 years from now and tell the story about me and use the knowledge I gave them to give to others. I am already looking back and am glad I didn’t write a letter because it probably would have been boring. It has been proven the things that are boring have less of an effect on things that are entertaining. Besides I didn’t want to do something that I wasn’t passionate about. This freshman year was all about who you are. I am not a person that writes formal letters. I write letters that are songs and that can change a freshman class’s minds on  a topic that I am passionate about.


Annotated bibliograpghy (I have been having trouble uploading the pictures)

Transphobia Final Project

In my previous blog post I stated that I wanted to work to stop Transphobia, I was having trouble coming up with ways to stop it seeing as it is social. My teacher Ms.Giknis offered me the opportunity to work with my friends Kenzie and Mike seeing that we had projects that focused on similar problems. While working together we brainstormed on a way to change or improve our problems. We decided that we would hold a bake sale to raise money and donate to an anti bullying foundation.

We all agreed  to hold a bake sale to raise money to donate to an anti bullying foundation. We decided on a date and what to bring. Kenzie planned to bake cookies and bring them in school. Michael planed to buy a box of donuts to bring in the day of the bake sale. The day before the sale I spent the night baking about five dozen cookies to sell at lunch. The day of the bake sale we sold all of our donuts and all of Kenzie’s cookies. During lunch I sold the cookies I baked for 25 cents a piece. The cookies were received relatively well and I sold about four out of the five dozen.

After the bake sale Kenzie And Michael and I raised 42 Dollars.After doing some research, we decided to donate the money to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation. The foundation allows access to professional speakers and counselors to stop bullying the short term. For the long term they aim to raise awareness

about bullying of all sorts. This means that they also offer help for bullying for LGBTQ kids . I feel that Mike, Kenzie and I could have raised more money if we had sold everything.  

In retrospect I wish that we had announced the bake sale so we had more people buying cookies. My entire project was rushed in the end and I wish that I did not procrastinate. But plan to do better work in the future, and I am happy that Mike Kenzie and I could come together to make a good project. I wish we had more time to make posters or generally present in front of our classmates, but i think as a group we put in effort to some sort of a change and/or raise awareness in our freshmen class and I am proud of what we did.

In Conclusion, my You and the world project was regrettably rushed. I feel like if I had put more work into it and had got my blog post finished it would have been a better project in the end. I appreciate my friend Joshua for being so open and letting me interview him. I also appreciate Mike and Kenzie for being good group members and  bringing in food for the bake sale. Hope that this project has made an impact and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to do it.  

stop bullying now foundation graphic
stop bullying now foundation graphic

Tungsten Print

  1. What is your element? Name and atomic number

My element is Tungsten. The number is 74.

  1. Tell the reader about your element, history, function/use and so on.

Tungsten was first discovered by two brothers name Juan Jose and Fausto Elhuyar when they were living in Swedin. Since tungsten is heavy, they named it tungsten because it means heavy stone in German. It was made out of minerals and tin.

  1. How did you get the idea for the imagery you chose?

As I was doing research for tungsten, I came across diamonds because when diamonds were first discovered, it was heavy. So that’s when I started to draw diamond as my imagery.

  1. What process did you go through to make this print?

There was a lot of process when doing this print. The first process was that drawing the diamond was hard because I have to make it perfectly semetrical. Then when it was time for printing, it was easy because there was no need to turn it backwards. While drawing it on the foam, the only thing that need to be backward was the number and the letter. While printing it, I evenly rolled the paint and then rolled it to the foam. After that, I layed a paper on top of it and then evenly rubbed it on to the paper. After that, your picture will be perfect.

  1. What would you do differently if you did this print a second time?

I would try and draw another picture that is similar to tungsten

  1. What part of the project did you enjoy the most? Describe the step and what you liked so much about it.

The part that i really enjoy most was printing it on paper. I enjoyed this because I get to roll the paint evenly and then stamp it on to the foam. After I rolled it on to the foam, i stamped it on to a blank sheet of paper and then received a final product.


Final Art Jawn

In my final quarter of art I have completed 6 assignments, here they are in the slideshow embedded below.

In the first assignment, though I hated the website, I used it to recreate and edit photos I found online. The second assignment I made ten sketches of a portrait I found online, then drew one large portrait of my sketches. For my third assignment I made a online drawing of an island because it was something Ive never done before. For my forth assignment I made a road on a hill becaue I wanted to create an illusion of space. For my fifth assignment I did concepts of different textures then I recreated a still life that was given to us. On my final assignment I wanted to do something that represented what I learned so I did a haunted house

print making

Carbon and the atomic number 6It was first recognized as an element in the second half of the 18th century. Name: A.L. Lavoisier proposed carbon in 1789 from the Latin carbo meaning "charcoal."I got the idea by just looking up interesting facts about carbon. The process we took was draw it and then put some ink in. Something I would do different was to get a more creative design. I liked the ink part the most.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Scandium Print


  1. My Element is Scandium. Its ATN is 21

  2. Scandium was discovered by Lars F. Nilson in 1879, in Uppsala, Sweden.He extracted it from euxenite, a complex mineral containing eight metal oxides. He had already extracted erbium oxide from euxenite, and from this oxide he obtained ytterbium oxide and then another oxide of a lighter element whose atomic spectrum showed it to be an unknown metal. Scandium is mainly used for research purposes.  An aluminium-scandium alloy has been used in Russian MIG fighter planes, high-end bicycle frames and baseball bats.

  3. As I was reading about it they said my element was hard to find and that they had to scavenge for it and when I hear the word scavenge I think of the bird scavenger, better known as the Vulture.

  4. I first drew different versions of my vulture and picked the best one. Next I redrew it but on a bigger scale. After that I got transparent paper and traced over it.(there’s a lot of drawing and tracing) Then  using the transparent paper I traced my print backwards on an impressionable piece of material. Finally I got some paint and rolled it onto my impressionable material and stamped it onto a piece of paper.

  5. If I could do this differently I would have made a more detailed vulture and used different colors.

  6. I enjoyed drawing out my ideas. It gave me a chance to use my imagination.



Let's Make A Change

Hello again to my blog post readers. How are you guys doing? For all my new readers for my I had been assigned a project that is supposed to be talking about problems in the world. I had to choose a topic that I had to do research on and had to do a agent of change which basically is like how was I going to get people's opinions. . After we choose are topic we had to do research on the topic for our first  blog post. So, for you all know that I’m doing stop and frisk for my you & the world project. Previously I did my interview with a cop about stop and frisk  to get their opinion on it. During the interview this really made me be surprised about this cop’s opinion because he told me that “stop and frisk is unconstitutional so that's why he doesn’t use it.” So that  showed me how some cops don’t want to use it because they know that they are wrong for that. So, what I am still going to do for my agent of change is that I am going to donate to an organization called ACLU. I am going to raise money and make my donation.  Hear is a picture of the organization home page.

Screenshot 2017-06-10 at 11.25.13 AM
Screenshot 2017-06-10 at 11.25.13 AM

This project was very interesting to me because I got to learn more and see great sources for stop and frisk. My favorite part about this project was interviewing my because I got to see an actual cop opinion on this.

Annotated Bibliography

"Let's Picture It"


Hello, to my faithful blog readers. Also, If you aren’t one of my faithful blog readers go check out post number one and two. I’m back again. My first blog post informed readers how ballet is known to be dominantly white sport. I also stress how the black community of dancers is slowly growing but still fails in being showcased in big productions. In blog post two I got to interview my friend, Sabree Primus. In this interview I asked her opinion on the dance world and the black dance community. She also gave suggestions on how to fix problems in this community.

After doing long research on my topics, I had to do something to make a change. I wanted to know what I could do to make a difference in a topic I resonate with. As you know, I interviewed a friend not too long ago. To close this interview I asked what she believed was a good idea to help do anything about keeping the dance world diverse. Sabree thought a good approach would be to have more integrated dance school, dance products that come in color, and more people spreading the word. I would would also love to see these changes, but there’s only so much you can do (especially when it’s a school project and you have deadlines).

As an agent of change in this topic, my goal is to create a hashtag for social media. I gathered members from my dance team, to take professional dance pictures around the city, to spread the word. I did this because I was inspired by a page I found not that long ago on Instagram. The page is called, brown girls do ballet, and they have hashtags and all. It is a page where they repost many aspiring colored ballerinas and dancers in general. This page is very well known. Many dance studios follow this page to support what they stand for. This organization stands for everything I believe, being a dancer. They also have there own website with propaganda.

This is one of the individual photos of me during the photoshoot. This is also a picture that is similar to pictures the page posts, that's why I chose to send this in. I also chose this one because it was a ballet photo.

My goal in doing this photoshoot was to send it to the page on instagram so they’d post my picture as apart of raising awareness. I also asked the participants in the photoshoot to do the same with their individual pics and post them. The page hasn’t gotten back to us yet, but I have no dont they wont.

THANKS FOR READING! Check out my citations!




Printmaking: Bromine

The element I had in focus for this assignment was Bromine. Bromine is 35 on the periodic table, which is the atomic number. Bromine is based on the Greek word bromos meaning stench. Mix of chlorine and iodine. People can used promise as a water purification system. It can control the algae and bacteria levels in pools, and or hot tubs. Since, Bromine can be used to purify water in pools, I chose a design that reflects that. In my printout I drew a dropper dropping into a pool of 10ft. To make this print I traced it from my sketchbook, then traced it backwards on my printing pad. After all the tracing was complete I got paint and rolled it on my design. After rolling and even amount of paint on my printing pad, I laid it paint side down on a piece of paper and applied pressure. Since, I was absent Thursday, I wasn't able to take a picture, but if I had the chance to do this assignment over I'd make a design were once you trace it on the sketch pad it's easier to make out. In my design there were parts that were difficult to make out what it was

Putting It Together(African Culture Appreciation)

Hello I’m Daeja Richardson, back with another blog about African Culture Appreciation. From my two previous I have educated on the event Odunde which has plenty to do with the African Culture. I have also gave you what the student of Science Leadership Academy had to say about Odunde. Now you are here finding out about my Agent of Change. For my Agent of Change I wanted at least 50 students from SLA to come join in the Odunde Festival. I didn’t reach my goal for fifty but I had thirty people. However only twenty-five propels were students of SLA. The other five were my personal friend from my previous middle school. All the people that came first met up at Science Leadership Academy first at about 1:30. Most people arrived in dashiki shirts and so did I. Then we waited about a half hour for everybody to join. Then we headed off to the Odunde Festival. We were all headed to 23rd and South Street. We took the 7 bus (Route to Pier 70). Once we got to the location I lead everyone around the event. We first walked around to the vendors. For myself I picked up some jewelry, hair products, and food of course. We got there just in time to see the stage performances. We only watched the performance where there were people dancing. The people who came that had never been to Odunde seem to be very amazed about everything. I posted plenty more on my Snapchat story. Once it hit 5:00 it was time for everyone to go. But I wanted to stay because family had came so I wanted to see them. Some people just went to Taney Park afterwards. Most students said that they would definitely want to come next year and the year after. One person even mentioned that this was a great idea for my You & The World project. When I saw smiles on everyone’s faces I knew in my heart that I have reach my goal and made a difference.


Finally done work.

Slate post #3

For my agent of change I asked my classmates to help design a poster that showed what they feel this generation means to them. I picked the poster because i was inspired by ben and his poster. I chose to have my classmates draw on it instead of me because I wanted them to show everyone what they think.

The experience was fun, everyone, everyone was interested. people drew pictures of social media and hashtags. I hope that people will see this poster and decide to dig into this some more.



This entire project has been a variable Whirlwind of confusion and sheer pain and annoyance. I struggled a lot to stay on top of my work and to balance this project with the 20 other projects I had this quarter. I have learned nothing from this project and it has nearly ruined a friendship I had spent this entire year building up.



This photo shows the various things people drew and wrote when I asked them what do you think about generation z.

Iodine Print

My element was Iodine, element number 53. Bernard Courtois was trying to extract potassium chloride from seaweed. Then he added sulfuric acid to result in a purple vapor. That's where the name iodine comes from. The origin of it's name is from the greek word iodes. Iodes means violet. Iodine is a necessity in your body. Some things it is used in is medicine, photography and used in table salt. For my print I did a salt shaker. I decided to go with the salt shaker because iodine is put in table salt to prevent thyroid disease. The first step was to make a the design. Secondly I had to trace it onto wax paper then foam. When tracing it on the foam I had to make it backwards so that when I printed it , it would come out the right way. The last step is putting paint on it and putting onto white paper. If I were to do this project over I would trace it onto the foam better because I had issue with everything coming out the way I wanted it to. Overall my favorite part was painting the foam because my favorite thing to do in art is paint.