Radio Piece Interview

​For this project I wanted to have a polished interview piece that sounded good and was very informative and engaging. I encountered a lot of struggles throughout the course of this project. First was finding an overall message about the interview based on what was said in the interview. Second was a lot of technical difficulties including a lot of the dialogue in the piece was not usable due to soundtrap messing it up and I had to make weird cuts in the interview. I learned how to think more in depth about something as well as how to write an interview script with narrations. What went well for me was the interview itself it was easy to do and interesting. 


E1 U4 Elijah, Chandrea, Odilia, Sierra

  !Esta escuela es impresionante!                                        

Paragraph 1-

Bienvenidos a SLA. Hola somos Chan, Sierra, Odilia y Elijah. Somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy. SLA está 22nd y Arch. Es muy divertido y aventurero. A veces la escuela está metido pero está bien. Los estudiantes son muy simpáticos y cómicos. Hay cinco niveles pero el cuarto nivel es muy misterioso.   

Paragraph 2:

Las clases son español, historia, bioquímica, inglés, algebra, ingeniería, y estudios independientes. En estas clases, usamos lápices cuadernos, hacemos experimentos, y resolvemos problemas. Nuestros clases favoritos son ingeniería y drama. En drama actuamos. Para tener éxito en esta clase trabajamos duro, trabajamos, y hacemos los deberes.

Paragraph 3:

            Nos encanta ingeniería. El sénor Kamal es interesante y chévere. Los estudiantes sociables y cómicos. Nuestra clases son tranquilas y interesantes. Tomamos apuntes, trabajamos duro, y somos responsables.

Paragraph 4-

En SLA los estudiantes son simpáticos. La cosa favorita de Sierra es la almuerzo y gente. La cosa favorita de Odilia acerca de SLA es la comunidad. La cosa favorita de Elijah acerca de SLA es el largo almuerzo. La cosa favorita de Chandrea acerca SLA es los deportes.

Radio Piece - Interview Script

For this project I wanted to interview someone who I could really learn from. So, I chose my mother. I obviously knew she immigrated here and the backstory behind it all, but I wanted to learn more and how she felt through it all. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she's made, that I didn't know until I conducted this interview. I didn't really have many issues recording the interview, it was editing that stomped me. Soundtrap wasn't working at all and deleted my whole radio piece. I think the flow of my interview overall seemed really genuine, and I learned a lot by interviewing her.  

You never stop learning, this is true for me at least. I thought I knew all there was to know about my mother, but little did I know. She’s lived and endured through so much before I was brought into this world. Leaving her family behind in Sudan and immigrating to the U.S. Learning a new language, culture and a way of life that was so foreign to her she was confused when other people referred to her as so. When I asked her how this great change affected her she replied with, “At first I was very scared, I knew nothing of American culture, all the things I’ve heard made me scared. But I had to come, I hated leaving my father, me and him were so close. I still miss that the most.” I didn’t realize how much living here made her long for Sudan and her family. I never really stopped to think about how she felt, being thrust into a world you’re an alien in. It must have been really hard for, and I often take that for granted. I asked her if she ever regrets moving to America she said “I don’t think I regret it. But I would have done some things differently, like visit family more often and be more connected with them. It’s good to be with your family always, but I made a new family here, so I could never regret that.” I could only imagine how she felt, I see my mother and father and siblings everyday, and could never fathom life without them by my side. But coming to America also came with its benefits, “If I stayed in Sudan, I wouldn’t be working or able to drive. I probably would get my Bachelors, get married and never go back to school or look for work. Many of my cousins and sister are in this state, I am grateful to be give an opportunity to test my limits and go to school.” Even though it was hard, coming to the States allowed my mom to explore and have control of her own future.  

This is just one of the many challenges she’s faced, but one of the hardest she said was learning to adjust to American lifestyle, “Everything was so different. In Sudan it’s normal for you doors to be wide open throughout the day. It’s normal for your front doors to be open and your neighbor can walk in for tea or lunch at any time. It was not like that at all here. There the whole village was family, even if you weren’t related. Here, everyone is strangers.” I can definitely see the difference in the way people interact with each other in America versus Sudan. “It was also hard at work too, some clients would call my boss and as for a different special instructor to work with their children. It was because of my accent, and hijab. I looked different than them and they were scared. When it happened at first, I was shocked. I got my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Education, just as qualified as any of my co-workers, nothing sets me apart from them. But people’s fear controls them more than their sense of morality.” I didn’t fully conceptualize the life of an immigrant until now. My mother had to endure so much pain and hardships to give me a better life and more opportunities, and for that I am forever grateful. This just goes to show that immigrants are more than the job-stealing bunch America defines them as, they are hard-working people who want to simply live better.  

Addison's Podcast

I interviewed Jun-Jie, my goal was to let him talked about his company that he is launching and why he decided to make this company. What went well while doing this project was the interview and some struggle that I came across was editing and making the interview 8 minutes long. Overall what went well everything. I made it 8 minutes long and I did the interview. 


Radio Piece - Learning is an attitude (with Alex Gilliam)

My goal for this radio piece is to explore the stories of Alex Gilliam and Renee Schacht, who created the Public Workshop and the Tiny WPA. 
One of my struggle is that when I interviewed Alex in the workshop, there's not really any quiet place that we can record. But those noises had made the piece more interesting and lively. 
Another struggle was when I was editting the piece, I did my best to reduce the length of the piece, but since the Alex's story is so interesting, the piece is 10 minutes instead of 6-8 minutes. 
I learn that learn is an attitude rather the knowledges.

Saamir's Radio Jawn

My biggest struggles with this project has been everything to do with technology. My conclusion was deleted, and as of right now I cant correctly upload any audio to submit my project. As far as everything else goes, I had a great time interviewing my stepdad and being able to look into more of his life and his personal struggles with change. I also appreciated how the way we did prework to help keep us organized that was key in making my final project.

Sound trap version until tech error fixed:

Nate's Podcast

My goal for my project is to talk with my mom through the podcast. I know some things about my mom but I wanted to ask some questions I don't know about her and that made a big impact throughout the podcast. What I have experienced working on this project is the way my mom's transformation happened through 52 years of her life and so on. It was amazing hearing the people that influenced her and the who was a role model in her life. Her development is something I rarely knew either and that was very cool to learn that. So this project has made a big impact on me. What went well is the sound quality and the flow of the whole interview and merging it into a podcast made it seem perfect. The struggle is when sound trap said I was "out of memory" so it deleted 25 min through the interview and it was really annoying because it was useful time I can use in the podcast.


Change and identity podcast
My goals for this assignment were to uncover something about my mother's life that I could carry with me throughout my own and utilize it to my best ability. I also wanted to emphasize or better clarify how much something minor can have greater long-term impacts on the mind. What went well was the interview itself, mainly because it wasn't initially difficult to talk to my mom but also because of her willingness to open up so easily being the circumstance it was in. I was able to tell that she seemed pretty happy that I wanted to know about her life, and that resulted in a lot of useful content. My struggles were editing and shortening the podcast. I used WeVideo and forgetting I could only publish my work if it was under the time limit, I ended up having to record what I had using another app. The trimming was quite tedious. Overall, I learned new podcasting skills, some interesting aspects of my mother's past and what to look for in a good story. 

Radio Piece: Her America

This project for me was very stressful. The night before it was due all my stuff deleted and I was forced to restart my entire project. But in the end I finished it and I´m proud of what I got. I feel like my recordings from before might have been better but I´m happy that I pulled through and got it done still.

Work For Your Work Podcast

My goals for this assignment to explore what drives people and inspires people to work besides the money. Where they influenced by their environment or their family? Do they love their job or do they hate? How long did it take them to realize that career was their career? My biggest struggle was writing open ended questions that could have varied responses. Although this was a struggle, it made my interview better. The material of the interview was better and had a more personal touch to it. Overall, I learned that you do not always have to decide right away what your career is going to be. But, once you figure that out, if you set goals for yourself and make it happen ultimately, you’ll end up happy.

Experiences and Environmental Changes

Intro: My goals for this assignment were to have a larger idea that I could incorporate throughout my whole story. Things that went well were having enough information to use throughout the entire project, finding music that fits the mood and having the story flow without the clips sounding irrelevant to each other. Some struggles that I had were making sure that I got all of my information into a short amount of time(the story is longer than 8 minutes, but not by that much), trying to find a way to upload my interview because nothing was working and making sure everything was saved and didn't delete. Overall, I learned how to use the resources around me to figure out the solution to my problem and how to incorporate my larger idea throughout my story.

Views from a Muslim Woman

For this assignment, my goals was to address the issues about Donald Trump and his executive orders and to see the views and emotions from a Muslim woman who is enduring the discrimination that is being brewed up by his dictation. Overall, it was a really cool experience to create a podcast. I have created podcasts in the past and they weren't as thorough as this one. It was intriguing to understand the views from someone completely different from me. It was a struggle to cut short the interview because there were so many parts that were very insightful. Using sound trap was easy and it's a program that I will be using more in the future. I learned a lot more about podcasting and scripts.

Succeeding as a Black Man in 50's-60's: The Story of my Pop-Pop

​My goals for this podcast were to learn as much about my grandfather as possible, try and add 50's to 60's music that my grandfather liked, and pull and interesting story out of the long interview. I was able to accomplish all of these goals but the music one due to slow internet. What went well was downloading the podcast onto my laptop. My struggles were the with my recording. At one point a had to redo the whole thing because it got deleted. What I learned from this project is how to work sound trap properly, and I learned new things about my grandfather.  

Na'eem Post

For this project, I decided to interview my cousin. My goals were to show wisdom and work through the eyes of a child. I experience many challenges and ended in a tragedy.  My podcast kept deleting and I ended up doing the same thing over and over again. I'm sorry that soundtrap deleted the last part of my interview so you wont get hear the main idea of my cousin dreams and whats she wants to be when she gets older. 

Work and Wisdom Podcast, Randle

                                                                                                           Jaszmine Randle 
                                                                                                         February 17, 2017
                                                           Work and Wisdom


The goal of my interview was to end up with a clean , clear interview. I tried my best to have clear sounds and recording , I made a lot of cuts and edit before I had made my final copy of my interview. I also interviewed 3 people to see who woud provided me with the best answers and I used one interview as my final interview piece. Some struggles I had faced would be working on sound trap , considering I had never used soundtrap before I made a lot of mistakes I later on had to fix. If I was to do this project again something I would do differently is not ask so many questions so I have time to add narration and add extra sound effects in my interview.

Link To Audio: ​

Adoption and Foster Care Interview

I decided to interview a close friend about his life. Growing up he went home to home in the foster system and was adopted twice.  It always intrigued me going into the field social work.  I think this interview taught me more and made me even more interested.  I didn't share all of his stories from the different families he was with but shared a summary and one story in depth.  There is a part of the interview that is echoey because I didn't realize it was on orchestra but it's only a section. Over all I had a good time interviewing him even though the editing section of the project was complex.

Kuzonza Barnes: Wisdom and Work

My goal for this podcast was to get an idea and view on my mother's opinion of work and what it means to have had work or to work in general. Although she does not work a paid job, I was interested in her definition and how it shaped her and what it meant not only as someone who worked in the past but even as a mother. I also wanted to get her opinions about work, wisdom, and satisfaction and how you need both to balance out each other out. During this project, there were a lot of things that went wrong and a lot of things that went well. The things that went well, was getting my mom to not only cooperate  but also her engaging answers, that allowed me to learn even more than I thought I knew about her. It was a really enjoyable thing to interview her and I enjoyed it. However, some things that went wrong was editing and that entire process. I stressed a lot but in the end I am proud with my finished product.  


Sandra Watson Podcast

My goals for this project was to create a meaningful podcast about the misconception of house work and people who work in the home. I deleted those misconceptions by talking to mom who has been a house wife or her words a domestic engineer all her life. The thing I stuggled with in making this podcast was trimming and uploading. i learned that making a podcast isn't easy and getting your person to warm up and make it sound like a regular conversation is quite hard but in this process I learned  how to make compelling questions and how to  take major ideas and themes from simple conversations that  could lead to much bigger things

Fatoumata Camara Interview

My central idea was death and how it impacts people in different ways. Death can either change a person about how they live life and make them love it more or put people in dark places. In my interview I interviewed 2 of my cousins who talked about death and how it can impact a person really quickly. I had a lot of of struggles because I couldnt find a central idea and soundtrap wasnt working. After getting help it all worked out in the end !


Imani Williams podcast

​Introduction- My goal for this interview was to communicate the importance of education. I interviewed my mom and she has a great story with telling others how she overcame certain complications that she had to achieve her goals and how she became the women that she is now. I feel as if I learned a lot about her experiences and important events that happened in her school life and knowing how she discovered what she wanted to be.

Self development

My goal for this podcast was to go in depth with my interviewee and showcase something he was passionate about. He felt strongly about making himself a better individual. A lot of factors play into becoming a better person, growing, and changing for the better. I wanted to express how he felt about this and that's what I made the main focus about.