Media Fluency

Me Magazine Slide

 I made this slide because I believe it reflects the hardship and pain that I went through and still go through. I thought of all that I shared in my me magazine and realized that the cover that I drew was what reflected my life. I also liked the theme of good versus evil as a background because it's been a very important part in my education and how I got to SLA in the first place. I also recognized the contrast of colors between the dark red and the bright white, so I used black and white text. The slides background also uses a lot of texture to give it a real life sort of feel. The Zen website explained that to many words on a slide would make it boring. So I chose to just keep the title of my Me Magazine since that's what the project is based on.


Tech slide(Gayer)

Tech slide (Gayer)

First of all I made the slide look like that because, come on why not, it’s funny. When would anything like this ever happen. Also if you see this on a billboard you’re gonna be like what the… and I’m going to leave it at that. Oh yeah that picture in the corner is what I and many of you like to do on the weekend. I chose to make my slide like this because I wanted to summarize all the crazy stuff that goes on in my head when I’m board into one picture and this was the best I could do. Anyway so what I did to create the slide was, I copied and pasted the picture into google slides then I gave it a dark background and made the picture transparent. If you double click the picture in google slides then go to image options and mess around with the settings you can do that. And that’s all I have to say.

Graphic Design Slide

Slide 1 (4)

When first researching about this project, I didn’t know much about designing. I knew a little bit from my dad, he’s a graphic designer, maybe that’s somewhat ironic because my slide is about him. But, I enjoy the way my slide looks. The slide contrasts, with black and white, which catches eyes, according to There is some empty space in my slide as well, so it doesn’t look cluttered, and the sizes of my words vary, so people mainly get key information. When we watched our video in class, the man said that it's important for people to only see what they need to know, that's why the euro sign was smaller compared to the price. I also added some low intensity color to the slide, to make my important words pop out, and keep it from being to dull. Lastly, I have a picture of my dad added to the slide. It's a medium size picture that isn't too intense, but captures the eye, it isn't a bleeding picture because I thought having the whole view of it looked better than having some cut off. That is why my slide looks the way it does!

Introducing Me - Karen Ossowski

Intorducing Me Karen Ossowski (1)

Hello. You already know my name, but i will repeat it again for the sake of profession.  

My name is Karen Ossowski.

My ¨Me Magazine¨ is called Introducing Me.

In the making of this project, i thought about not only the ¨Me Magazine¨ but i opened up to myself and thought, ¨who am i?¨ ¨what makes me, me?¨

I thought about it for a while, and i tried to put it in a few sentences.

What i didn't put in the slide, is my adventure with my best friend.

Some of you may have heard of this story before if you read my ¨Me Magazine¨

I won't tell the story for the sake of time, but if you really want to know i'll tell you later in the presentation.

I looked at how they put videos in frames, but i don't have any, so i went with the appearing. I also thought about colors, i thought to go light on the eyes and not make this too bright, i know that colors was a big thing and so was text fonts.

They said to go with lighter colors in the light and brighter in the dark.

One of the websites said something about a 90 something font size, and i thought, no way am i going to pull that off, i can barely get a 20 font.

I went with a smaller font because, well, i can write , but also, because it may keep some people interested, some maybe not, but with a lot of words it may hurt your eyes. I decided to do only some words but with a bigger font. I put a picture in the background because it represents my love for books and photography.

I tried to keep this slide simple, it tells you a lot about me, i'm simple, i keep things simple and that tells you a lot about my personality, the personality that you don't know very well.

Some things i'm not used to and i have to get used to considering i am going to be here for the next four years of my life.

Opening up to people is one of them, i told some of you about my anger issues, and possibly how i'm bipolar, so is most of my family.

Changing the subject back to the slide, it expresses a lot about me when it comes to the books. As you know from the slide i said that my adventures are on pages through my eyes. The photo also represents my love for photography, i love taking pictures and doing art in general, when it comes to things like art, i'll be up all night. Now that i've told you about my slide, i am concluding this presentation. Hope you liked some of it at least (i'm probably changing that last sentence)

Media Fluency

Me magazine for Technology (2)

Hello fellow classmates. I am here to tell you about how I made my slide. The first thing that I did on my slide is that I add pictures to my slide so it could describe the things that is on my Me Magazine. Another thing is that instead of providing details about my slide, I just add pictures so it could represent what I wrote on my Me Magazine for English class since the first week of school. The pictures that I put on my slides are soccers and friends. I did that because of my I have a passion for soccer and I really love my friends so I thought why not write about it. So now I made a slide that shows my passion for soccer and also explains how I really love my best friends. The background is bright blue because it stood out to me and it really cute too.

Oszain's Slide

All about oszain (1)

I included the green, white and blue background because it’s the Sierra Leonean flag. I put the lining of Africa on it because Sierra Leone is a country in Africa.

In the middle I included 2 inspirational quotes that I really like. And then it has my name in a grayish color because one of my favorite colors is gray.

"Dream Chasing."


I made this script because it embodies everything I’m doing right now. I like it because it’s glance media you can look at it and there’s a message you just have to think about it a little bit. My whole magazine pretty much tells the story of how I’ve loved basketball and how I moved here to pursue it.

I like this slide because of the big font creating contrast with the world. and the clear (I think) message of how on top of the world I want to be with basketball being the platform to get there.  

Pretty much if I can reach my goals of playing basketball at the highest level I’ll be on top of the world, that’s the biggest dream I got. I moved here with that being pretty much my only motivation. Right now the only thing I’m doing is ‘Dream Chasing.’

Media Fluency

Alejandro Guerra



I designed my slide to look like the iconic kanye west album “the life of pablo”

I was influenced to make my slide like the albums artwork ,because I really like kanye as a creator and artist

I added a Colombian flag ,because that is where my family comes from.

I also added a soccer ball ,because I have a passion ,and love for the sport

ME Slide

Media Fluency

The slide you are now looking at describes me in many ways. The quote you now see is my favorite quote by a youtuber. He’s funny, sad, serious, and so much more. I chose this quote for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is because this is something that's going to help me throughout my years of high school and college. It has a giant impact on me in a lot of ways. The lion to the right isn’t just my favorite animal, but also because the background is black which means I am a lone lion. Lastly is the meaning of the flag of where I am from. This is something very big in my life and will stick with me forever. The dollar at the top means I have a dollar and a dream. The dollar doesn’t just mean I have a dollar and a dream, it also means that you can do very big things with little things. And also the flag is just to represent. At first I didn’t know what to do at all. I was confused and I did not know what I have to or could put on the slide. So I started to think about what I do everyday and what I like to do and my influences such as the quote by my favorite youtuber.


Media Fluency

The assignment was to simplify my Me Magazine into one picture and present it. This task wasn't as easy as it seems. It seems like it, but not really. The fact thing that made everything really difficult part of this whole project was thinking of an idea for my slide, without going overboard. The goal i went for was to incorporate everything i put in my Magazine to one picture, but my problem was i talked about something that was completely different from each other. Till i came to the conclusion that the Mag. was all linked together by one thing. They all tell my emotion in a different way. So that's when i came up with the quote, “The construction of music is like the construction of art; there is no such thing as a first try. But at the end of the day, you express emotion in a different way.” I decided to pick and choose word to make a differnt color so that it sticks out to people reading. At this point i then tried incorporate music and art in one picture. That's when i thought of putting graffiti and a piano in the picture. And all of these show my qualities from my Me Mag.

bill board presentation

Media Fluency

Slide-Rujano (2)

What you see here is the most important and mostly my whole life. Amarillo, azul y rojo the colors of my flag, I represent this flag and myself and my family.

My value of background is white like blank to stand out for understatement of importance inside my life. It represents the priorities in my life, that is me and my family. And the color of my picture is black and white because the black represents of my self-care. Meaning that I need to love myself before I love anyone else and my family is helping me fill the white spaces with love. The space is negative with me and I have to try to be in the positive side with my family, slowly I’m getting there.

The movement of the the flag is representation of the ups and down my native land has been through and still is. It shades because the texture is darkness and all the corruption and struggles people in Venezuela suffer.

Media Fluency

Untitled presentation

I had many thought to do for my slide. I went back and forth on I should do. At the end I ended up choosing, what I love the most about myself. And that is being the fact that I am Puerto Rican. I love being part of the Puerto Rican culture and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I first thought of putting my background as the Puerto Rican so that it would be obvious what I’m talking about. Then I had decided to add in my family. I took some pictures from my phone and added them onto my slide. I have my brothers, my stepmother and my grandpa. I also added in something that my grandma always made for me, Arroz con habichuela. And if you don’t know what that means, it means Rice with beans. Finally, I added in a quote that my grandma told me once I moved to the US. The quote is ¨I might be far away but I will always be close in your heart¨. Obviously, my grandma told me in spanish so I translated it for this slide. This is what I think show well about me because I really just love being a Puerto Rican

Media Fluency Slide-Jeremiah

The Taste of the Future Slide

  1. Wording:

  • My slide is entitled “The Taste Of The Future”, because I feel that being the next generation in everyone's eyes we all have a say in what we eat and what we contribute to the world, weather that’s good or bad.

  • I believe that taste is everything in the world of food and we can’t go wrong by passing down bad examples of food to the next generation.

  • The wording was chosen based off of what I have to offer to the world and how I will impact the flavor of food in the world.

  • I made sure that my font had a difference in size, to really catch the viewer's eye so that it opens up the viewer's eyes to the actual bigger picture of my ad.

  • I also, included a website link that leaves the viewers getting an idea of what they’re missing out on. The website builds a realm of imagination that opens you to what this ad really has to offer.

  • Especially the wording of the link itself. The key word KITCHEN gives you almost the idea of this ad being a interest dealing with cooking or food. Which is important, for a viewer to know and just pick up quickly when read.

  1. Background:

  • My background has a lot of open space with a white background.

  • The reason for my background being white is because I wanted a simple contrast with the different color ingredients I have. White suited the different ingredients very well because it’s a plain cover.

  • Also, the color is the first thing a person will notice about your ad. so it’s important to decide a color that’s eye catching and contrasts with your wording.

  • The empty space in between each ingredients is present for a reason! It shows repetition because some ingredients are smaller than others, which shows the real life effect of the vegetables as it’s real size. I don’t know exactly how big every vegetable is, because it does vary but my estimate of each vegetable size made all the difference in the background space in my ad.

  1. Images

  • The images of ingredients I choose really have a color contrast that shows what I’m proposing to my viewers.

  • Also the bowl on the bottom left corner bleeds off the slide to seem more engaging for the viewers. The ingredients also, bleed off the screen to show that there is vegetables that are being thrown in the bowl almost. But really that’s left up to the viewer’s imagination to conclude.

All information was found from the following sites:




Media fluency

What I learned from the website that were provided for us. The main “theme” that I interpreted on all the sites was that the slide should be very colorful and interesting to look at so I made my slide to be very colorful and exciting. I used vaporwave art  as the background because it's so colorful and i also used other, smaller images which correlate to the text and other things that I am interested in. And some interesting facts about me. This is like what advertisers do. They make their poster board so that people will notice them with larger text and colorful colors.

Zeniah's ONE Slide

Zeniah's Movie (1)

When I began my slide, I did not know where to start. I had what most people might call ‘writer's block’ but instead of ‘writer's’ it was ‘designer’s block’.

I knew the project had to be about our ‘Me Magazine’ so I automatically knew that I had to include my passion, my problem at an old school, something that shaped who I am today, and something that we are proud of.

Here, you can see which is which, and if it is not clear I will tell you about it and why I chose everything.

First, I chose the gif for heartbreak. Heartbreak is the thing that shaped me into who I am today. I chose it as a gif because I wanted to emphasize how it shaped me and I want there to somewhat literal visual on how a heart would look if it was breaking.

Second, I chose the simple and plain Netflix logo for my passion. It’s just the plain logo for a plain passion. There’s not too much to say about it, but I also did make sure it was the same size and in the same line as the heart gif.

Third, I put the problems image. I had a lot of options for this, but chose this because math is the subject that I had the problem in. It was hard to find something that could describe school and math at the same time. When people think of school they usually think of an apple image or a school building. I automatically that of the apple so I put school problems and found this imagine. I chose its size according to the size of the previous two things.

Furthermore, I needed to chose something I was proud of and in my magazine I wrote about me being from Puerto Rico. I wanted another gif for this one because it would have looked weird if there were just one. I did it in pairs, two gifs and two regular images. I, also, made sure one was at the beginning of the line and the other was at the end so it wouldn’t look unpaired. I continued to make sure the sizes were the same and that it went along the lines.

In continuation, I wanted to put Philly in there somehow. I am a proud Philadelphian so I wanted to input that. I, then, put the Philly skyline with the different major things that we have here to represent. I made sure it was kind of the biggest thing but went along with the line of things I had under it. I made it black and white so that the “featurings” under would stand out.

Lastly, I added the words. I knew I wanted to make it like a movie so I asked around what my movie name should be. I came up with “Finding Zeniah” just like “Finding Dory” because she was finding herself in the movie. In my ‘movie’, you are finding out who I am. I put that at the very top so you could know it was my title. I added the “featuring” because it would have been weird to just have those images at the bottom. Also, many movie billboards have “featuring” for the different actors that are going to be in it so I put that as a symbol for the different things that would be in my movie. I put the “coming to a classroom near you” because obviously it was not going to come out at a theater and I knew I had to present this to a class so it was going there. I added the words at the bottom of the image to make sure you knew which was which. I made it was the same shape, font, size of font, and in the same line as the thing above it. I needed everything to be in order and right under the image above it so it would not be confusing.

In conclusion, I chose every shape, line, form, color, rhythm, pattern, movement, and value with a purpose.

Media Fluency

I choose the texture of title to be large, pixelated, and blocky like because it reminds me of videogames which I like to play on my free time. Also, where it says my name "by Christina" in small cursive, I choose that font because of how smooth it was without barely any sharp edges. The balance of the text was equal because it was put into the center. The color that I choose for the slide is a mixture of dark and bright to make things pop out and make sure that there is a mixture of both dark and light colors. The form of some of my pictures that I choose is somewhat 3D and pops out to me and some were just in a regular 2D shape. I made sure that every space is filled with a picture that could fit or a text that I needed. I made a mix of gradation with light and dark and small and large. The variety of colors I combined was a dark background and then I placed light images on top of my background and a few dark pictures of my liking.
Tech slide (1) (1)

Media Fluency

I designed my slide to look like the iconic kanye west album "the life of pablo"

I was influenced to make my slide like the albums artwork ,because I really like kanye as a creator and artist

I added a colombian flag ,because that is where my family comes from.

I also added a soccer ball ,because I have a passion ,and love for the sport

ME Slide

Media Fluency

Untitled presentation

I had many thought to do for my slide. I went back and forth on I should do. At the end I ended up choosing, what I love the most about myself. And that is being the fact that I am Puerto Rican. I love being part of the Puerto Rican culture and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I first thought of putting my background as the Puerto Rican so that it would be obvious what I’m talking about. Then I had decided to add in my family. I took some pictures from my phone and added them onto my slide. I have my brothers, my stepmother and my grandpa. I also added in something that my grandma always made for me, Arroz con habichuela. And if you don’t know what that means, it means Rice with beans. Finally, I added in a quote that my grandma told me once I moved to the US. The quote is ¨I might be far away but I will always be close in your heart¨. Obviously, my grandma told me in spanish so I translated it for this slide. This is what I think show well about me because I really just love being a Puerto Rican

Edwins slide

Edwins Slide

When we first assigned the project I did not think much of it. I thought it was was going to be easy and a walk through. When i started my research i learned that there was a lot more to creating a slide than i thought. I read that the colors should be very vibrant to catch your audience’s eye. My first slide was very vibrant but when i looked at it i felt that there were too many colors and images going on and it hurts the eyes to look at. I decided i wanted to subtle withy my slide so that the colors wouldn’t hurt the audiences eyes. I chose a white background to contrast the black and gray images. I edited a photo and changed the filter to black to contrast the white background. I put the picture in the corner to have people’s eyes focus there and then move on to the rest of the slide. I faded the flag in the back so that people can see it but not focus on it too long. I chose black white and gray because i wanted to have the colors to be subtle but still bold. I chose black for the most importants parts because i wanted for it to be the most bold spot.

Media Fluency

Life of Zey

I made my slide the way it is because I take great pride in my culture and I wanted to make sure my slide had a lot of clarity in that department. My slide might be simple but it’s  clear. I think my pictures on my slide says a lot and sets up my structure. I didn’t want my slide to be to complicated because I feel like the person who is checking it out would be  to overwhelmed. I’m black so I put black in the background and then all the remaining races in the center so the viewer can know my variety of my races. What inspired me was my love for  basketball and my race.  I had a lot of patience and thought into my slide. I thought how can I get my message across? How will people understand my slide the best way possible? Some things I said what shapes me? I kinda eliminated things that really didn’t shape me as the person I am. I made a quote that really I heard all my life the center of attention because it really was a quote that really changed my perspective of life. “Which is do everything with fire.”


  I made the slide that way because I think soccer is a good sport and you can tell what the slide is about from the first look of it. Soccer is the best international sport ever and everyone like it so I thought it would be very interesting to make a slide about it. I really enjoy watching soccer and play it because it’s easy to understand. I made the background black so that the only thing people can focus on is the soccer ball picture and I also made the letters red so that people could understand or notice the description.


this is my identity

Lil westbrook
ms hall

The reason why i choosed the way i decorated the slide was because, everything i put on it was something that i love or enjoy using. My slide included a basketball,icon of instagram,snapchat,and youtube. I put youtube because, i vlog on youtube, what it means to vlog is to, either react to funny vines or anything people enjoy, and to record yourself during daily activities. I made my slide  simple because, too much design can mess up your slide. If you're just truthful on what you really use every single day, it should just followed up with facts and opinions. The things that influenced me to become a youtuber is, Adam Saleh, he is a muslim just like me, he has over 1 million subscribers, and he tell people too never give up, he just my role model. Also social media is involved on all of these apps, i love to communicate to other all around the world. its our responsibility to absorb our thoughts,enjoy and to learn new things about social media at a early age. Technology is a huge thing that can affect you in a positive and negative way, you always have to be careful. Even though the internet is a fun thing to explore, there will always be hackers who are trying to ruin your fun and play.

Daddy Duties; The Birth Of Seahorses

Science- Seahorses are one of a kind. Like all species, before starting a family, they have to chose their partner. Once doing so, a female and male will part take in a dancing ritual which they must swim in-sync. A female, with a rough and pointed abdominal area meets with the male, smooth and round area (recalled to as a pouch). When it is time to mate, the female will deliver/hand off the eggs to the male's pouch, which he will carry for 45 days. At this stage, a female is capable to have 1,500 or more eggs. Once the eggs are handed off to the male, the female leaves to produce more eggs with another male, yet still comes back to check up on the male daily. While the father is carrying the eggs, his body begins to change. Similar to a human's body, his stomach will expand due to the production of embryos. Just when it is time, the male's body will release (sort of pop) the young seahorses right out of their pouch. In that process, like a woman whose water breaks, a seahorse's 3,000 genes are broken down. Soon after birth, the youngs are left alone to care for themselves. 

Society- This is a unique style of birth, that many are not aware of. We are so consumed of this idea that females are the one who carries a child. Clearly, the birth of seahorses show wrong. We are similar to many other species that many would not believe to be true and it is fascinating that a male is capable to carry their child/children. 

Self- Some time in my life, I've always had this idea that some kind of male creature was able to give birth to their child. I had not really looked into it because in reality or from what many and I have been exposed to, a woman is typically the one to carry a child. So I thought what better way to look into this theory and find out on my own. This was fascinating and it really answered my thoughts. 

Seahorse Reproduction. (n.d.). Retrieved December 01, 2016, from

Camilla Whittington Postdoctoral Researcher in Comparative Genomics, University of Sydney. (2015). The secret sex life and pregnancy of a seahorse dad. Retrieved December 01, 2016, from

Why Do Male Seahorses Give Birth? (n.d.). Retrieved December 01, 2016, from

My Slide

My name is Janiya Collins but I prefer to be called Jay C, and that’s why the center of my slide says ‘Jay C’. i know that for people to see my name, it needs to be huge. I chose a light pink because I know that black and white look good on pastel colors. i put music notes to fill the empty space, and i made sure it didn't look stretched. the justin bieber and ariana grande tours were put on my slide because i feel like it fit my theme. Also I want to see them live. As you can see, I tried to keep a theme of black and white on a pink background. I added the 3D camera because the shape of the camera was kind of cool which I found fit nicely onto my slide.  The last two are a heart and a quote. I honestly just put those two because i felt like i needed to fill the empty space.

Jay C.

Musically Talented

Untitled presentation (1)

Musically talented describes who I am. I play viola and I wanted to express that in this slide so I included that in with the title. For this slide I used the rule of contrast. The rule of contrast is when you a have an ongoing theme and then you have something a different color that is on the other side of the color wheel. For example, if I choose to have a blue background and one thing that is red. The red would stand out from the blue background which would cause a powerful statement. I choose to include this rule because it made my title stand out and it becomes very eye catching.