Q4 Art Gallery

This quarter, Mrs. Hull garnished our weekly art assignments with a healthy helping of independence. In the first week, we had to sketch the figures we saw at the Rodin when we took a quick field trip to the museum. In the subsequent weeks, we had to create three independent projects of our own. I let my creative juices flow for each of them, putting in four hours of work into each. In her absence, I tried to make Hull proud before I graduate! We miss and love you and wish you a speedy recovery!

Darius Purnell Final Art Show 2016

For my final art pieces i wanted to keep it random but I ended but keeping a theme of superheroes when lost for ideas.

The first piece which wasn’t my choice of subject was of a replica of The Thinker in The Rodin Museum Garden. I wanted to make the piece my own so I purposely left out the face, feet and hands. I also tried to limit texture just to add a new look. I changed the hair but adding more to it and making it thicker.

My first 4 hour piece I did a character analysis of a villain from a story I write on the side; The Ghost. I drew a detailed sketch of his helmet, gauntlets, boots and clothing. I also took the time to point out each aspect of the pictures.

Second 4 hour art piece, I drew a ;lesser detailed picture of a hero that would appear later on in the story that my fictional villain is from; The Electron. I took the time to try to draw out his muscle features and I spent a long time playing with different costume detail designs and hairstyles. After I finished, I noticed I forgot the legs so i drew a quick sketch with my last ten minutes as well as a hand showing off his powers.

The last 4 hour art piece, I did a deadpool sketch out of memory. I did many layers. I first did an outline. Then I took another paper and drew his armor and pads. My third piece of paper I drew his under armor. Finally I added everything together on a last piece of paper and sketched a bear on the other side of the piece. I also added my own spin by putting a chimichanga in his hand instead of a gun.

Advanced Art Q4 - Katarina

This time I really wanted to be creative with my art. For the first 4 hour piece I wanted to do eater nature or abstract, so I combined the two concepts. I first drew a sun set, and then I made it look like there is a corner bent, and in abstract colors and shapes I made what it made me feel. For the second I wanted to do designed and poems, but not to use any color. And por the last I did an abstract painting I call "Heaven and Earth". I wanted to plant, so I decided to make it more artistic and use it for my project. Hope you enjoy!

Final Art Show

For the first project we were suppose to choose an area of the park that we liked. I chose the fountain behind the gates but found it very difficult since I couldn't get the best view. I liked this area because it was peaceful and elegant which is what I wanted to portray in my photo. I think that my work could have been cleaner but I wouldn't change the area I chose.
My next photo was inspired by a song that I really liked and my crush.  I also wanted to try something a little different and do block letters. It took me a while to get the letter the way I wanted by I wanted to add more so I wrote all of the lyrics to the song around a heart of the name title. I also included my crush's name in the picture.
My next picture is of a dress and a girl blowing a bubble. I really liked drawing a dress so I wanted to do it again but I wanted a face to go with the dress. I personally like the picture of the girl blowing a bubble because I think it was the best picture of a person I drew 
For my last photo I wanted to reflect over the pictures I drew over the year but I also wanted to try
drawing the letters again so I drew out Art in Art supplies and redrew the art I have created over the year

Q4 A2 Art progression

Through Quarter 3 to Quarter 4, I have been busy working on the continuation of my art collage on a big piece of paper. Everyday I had that class I would work on it. At the end of the week, I would upload my progress of the collage on the slide since I wasn't doing anything different the class was doing. When I finished, I started doing the last objective Ms. Hull never assigned me when she left and that was to sketch for 4 hours. I drew my last masterpiece before turning it in using a pencil. Not much is really said, but I drew a picture of a knight helmet.

See here.

Eleanor Shamble Q4

For my art pieces, I just generally did what I wanted? I can't say I had a specific theme this quarter. I also discovered that my drawing tablet is, in fact, useful, so I started using Firealpaca. It has this awesome brush called fluffy and I love it. (That's the digital art stuff in the last few slides.) I also did an animation, but I couldn't embed a scratch video in the slideshow so I attached it below.

Quarter 4 Artwork

Each and every drawing that was done in this class has had some sort of impact on what i do as an soon to be artist. My first drawing was of my name, I started with just bubble letters and then i started to put a little twist because i didn't want it to be super boring. So I added most of the things that I am really interested in which made a nice twist. I Also done the same with my drawing of my nickname. At the age of 13 I had a dream of starting a company that does a lot of the things i do for people now. which is basically fix phones and computers. Which is also things I enjoyed doing on so many levels. and last was just a drawing of the word Art surround by random objects to make use of the random space that was left on the paper. i was absent Week 1 assignment so i didn't really get a chance to sketch anything for that.

Q4 Art Gallery - Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

Wk 1

For the first piece of art that we had to complete we went to the Rodin museum to draw some inspiration from there. While there I chose to sketch a street lamp that I saw. Though it was daylight, I decided to draw the lamp as if it was dark outside. I tried to portray it as if it was emitting light, to do this I drew moths fluttering around it and attempted at creating shadows.

Wk 2 & 3

The second piece of art that I made was a collage. I took a canvas and painted it a solid orange color. I then cut out a few interesting pictures from magazines that I had and an old picture from home and glued them down to the canvas. After that I recycled some snapple bottle caps that were lying around my room and a broken artificial flower and glued them to the canvas as well. Lastly I draped a string of beads onto the collage using thumbtacks. I really enjoyed making this collage because I found a way to turn a lot of the stray, sort of useless objects all about my room, into something I like to look and and can hang on my wall.

For the third piece of artwork that I made I did another collage on a canvas. The first thing I did was paint it, this time it was not a solid coat but had more variation, I used blue and black paint. I went through much of the same process with this collage as with the last, looking through magazines for pictures that caught my eye and browsing through old photos that would work with the feel I was going for. I used duct tape for the picture and watered down glue to paint onto the backs of my magazine images so that it would produce a more thin and even coat. Lastly for an extra touch I used markers to create a few designs on the canvas and on the images and I cut out clouds to stick onto the image of the man by the train tracks.

Wk 4 & 5

The next piece I made was a painting of a nebula. I used watercolors because they do a good job of expanding on the page in a way that looks natural as opposed to the deliberate strokes of a paint brush that would come out using another type of paint. I restricted my mini nebula to a circle shape so that it is more compact and it looks like its own mini universe contained inside a small space.

After that I used colored pencil to color draw a picture of an alien. It is based off of a picture of my little sister.

The next drawing is based off of a picture that I saw. I really liked the picture because the stripes on her cheek show that she’s a warrior even though it may not look it. I used chalk pastels to color her in.

I based another drawing off of a picture of Jennifer Lawrence. Again I used chalk pastels to color. I used mostly muted colors save for the blue of her eyes because I wanted them to pop more.

Wk 6 & 7

In the 6th and 7th weeks I got really into drawing butterflies. I filled up this page with various drawings of butterflies that I drew throughout the weeks. They’re really beautiful creatures and I tried to capture how delicate they are by applying less pressure to the page when drawing creating a fainter, more subtle line than I normally would.

This next drawing is a depiction of a girl hiding her feelings behind a veil of material things, wearing a mask of indifference. At a time when I was feeling somewhat down on life I began to doodle in my notebook. I tried to channel my feeling through drawing and ended up personifying the feelings that I had at the time. This picture was created with pen.

I drew a picture of a man in a spacesuit and behind him were planets and other planetary objects. I used a combination of pens, markers, and pencils to complete this drawing. I think that space is a beautiful thing and this drawing reflects my desire to learn more about the mysteries of the universe.

Brian's Q4 ArtWorlk

This is definitely going to be my very last assignment ever submitted for Art. I've got to say I had way more fun than I thought I would end up having when I first started this course back in September. But going to this past 4th Quarter, we were basically given freedom to do what we wanted. The first week the class drew a picture from the Rodin Museum, and then the rest of the way we did 4 hour art pieces. I centered my 4 hour art pieces around the sport of baseball. Mainly because my first 4 hour art piece is a painting of the Reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper and my second 4 hour art piece is a picture of the SLA Rockets symbol with the Letters SLA, and a baseball inside the rocket and a baseball bat going through. I did this because I am on the baseball team. I had the most fun with the Bryce Harper painting because of all the detail that went into it, from making sure I illustrated where all the shading was to showing the wrinkles in his jersey. I just had a lot of fun with it. Overall I'm happy with the effort I put into my work. It wasn't the easiest stuff considering art isn't one of my hobbies, but I learned new things and it helped with what I did.

Sean Morris: The Biological Factors of Crime

Sean Morris

The Biological Factors of Crime

While we typically use the terms “bad to the bone” or “bad blood” as a figure of speech for someone we don’t like, it turns out that the terms might be more literal than what one might assume.  Recently the new science in the world has allowed for studies to be done into the biological factors of a criminal's body to determine what factors can cause someone to become a criminal.

Some of the research that has been found into this subject involves chromosomes. Essentially what chromosomes are threadlike strands of DNA in the cell that carries the genes in a linear order. Alternations in the chromosomes are part of what can lead to disorders in the body like down syndrome. In regards to how this relates to criminal behavior is that having an an abnormal number of chromosomes can be causation for a dictator. With some diseases that are further added in their toxicity based upon environmental situation some people can become a powder keg of crime waiting to go off. Alternatively it becomes up to the legal defense team to prove that their is a direct correlation between the disease and the actual crime, otherwise it's just spectral

Another biological factor that becomes a component into crime is addiction. Addiction is basically and typically when someone takes a certain kind of drug that activates the reward centers of the mind so much so that people have an insatiable desire to recreate and keep that “reward” going. Within the biological underpinnings of this condition is a trait that causes addiction to happen  more due to inheritance from a family member, most likely a parent. However the law will still arrest and prosecute individuals but without seeking any medical assistance for them.

In conclusion the law and neuroscience are still a road from which much distance must be traveled on. While we need to prosecute people who break the law to ensure a more productive society, we must also know when the prisoner of the system may be just as much a prisoner of his body.

Lie Detection

Lie Detectors


Lie detectors come in many ways to detect that someone is lying. Telling someone is lying can be judged on sweat or nervousness. Lie Detection can also be based on the study of the brain and getting wavelengths that spike this is a polygraph. Does looking at the brain instead looking at physical appearance more accurate? The answer to that question would be no it’s not as accurate as looking at a polygraph and examining the brain. A lie detector lets you know the physiological changes considered to be associated with lying. These studies of lie detection only started studies on this last year. The fMRI is not accurate because of course some people will be nervous being there and running tests. The machine will just make them even more nervous causing the machine to spike and incriminate themselves. The court system isn’t allowing the lie detection methods as evidence just yet due to the chance that it’s not accurate and stable.

The background info that the audience needs is that lie detectors aren’t accurate machines and that's why they aren’t brought into court just yet. The viewpoint of the person getting tested is that they are already nervous that they can have a chance to go to jail. The other point is that they are “accurate” but in most cases they aren’t. On the other hand people think that the people are nervous because they are wrong. Imagine being in their position.. First, being on trail would make a person nervous even if you didn’t do it. Then on top of that then being tested on would of course would make you nervous. I believe that these testing have to be further improved before they are used in the courthouse.