Spanish Assignment, no sound..

Sean:  Mi Nombre es Sean John - son

Yo creci sin Padre.

Mi vida no es linda.

No tengo valiosos- uh.

Necesito encanto un-o man-ero

asi-> aprendi a bailando

Bailo como-> los es-tre-llas

Yo hago lo que-> quiero

Mi vida no pue-de comparar

A algo mejor… (  fast )

pero mi madre…. Ha hecho todo mejor ( getting loud )

Contrar mi padre URG ( loud )

Quiero huir! ( loud ) y dejar los globos detras ( fast )

puedo correr porque no dejo mis rootas detras  ( fast )

No puedo correr… mi corazón está aquí!...

Because mi madre, padre and everyone else is here ( fast )

Look I can’t rap. I’m gonna have to end it here…

Don’t have much left to say. This raps done from here.


My experience with my ILP is great. My goal is to visit more places around Philadelphia and my host is doing a great job helping me find these places. I also love the kids that also go to Mighty Writers and they are really helpful and friendly. And even though im only there once a week, every time i go back to the site, they are doing a new activity that i can join in on or if they are doing a workshop, i can help people with essays. Its only been amazing since i started and i cant wait to go back.

E1 U5- La Familia De Alyssa

Alyssa Eastwood

La familia de Alyssa

Soy hija de padres irlandeses e italianos

Soy un niña con un hermano y hermana

Producto de Italia y irland

Salgo mercados

Las calles son de adoquines en Italia

La gente irlandesa del paso baile en la groenlandia

En casas italianas se ve un montón de gestos manuales

el aroma de la pasta llenó el aire

Somos de Italia y irland

Hablamos italiano

La lengua de la pasta y la salsa en Italia

La lengua de maíz carne y pan de soda

Ilp 2

​I enjoy my ILP as much as ever! I really like teaching the children and watching them grow. This semester I didn't do as much actual teaching, because they're much more experienced than they were at the beginning of the year.
Even with that though, I think I have a deeper knowledge of scratch because of how I explore the stuff they are learning at a more advanced level.

E1 U5 Todos somos uno

​Todos Somos Uno - Por Andora Robinson
"Latin Dreams" by Ritchie Hernandez 

Soy yo

Andora Lonita Robinson.

La hija de padres mixtos

Niña con tres hermanos

Producto de Texas y Filadelfia

Veo a los dramas coreanos en la televisión

Saboreo champurrado

Huelo muchos alimentos

Oigo lenguas no comprendo

Toco mi caballo

Viajo desde muy lejos

Actúo en el escenario y es mi destino

Busco la verdad en un mundo de mentiras

Me encanta el amor de mi vida

Somos productos de Texas

Somos puertorriqueños, afroamericanos, Cherokee, coreanos

Hablamos inglés

La lengua de diversa comida y música

No somos una cosa

Somos todo

Todos somos uno


The ILP that I currently attend is called the ACE program, otherwise known as Architecture, Construction, and Engineering program. This program has widened my eyes into the world of construction, architecture and engineering, allowing me to learn about things I never thought possible. This ILP has also allowed me to meet people who work in these respected fields, therefore, helping me to further understand them. Overall, I enjoy taking part in this ILP and I look forward to broadening my view towards engineering, construction, and architecture in the upcoming future.

My ILP Experience: WPEB

I found out about my ILP the summer before 10th grade. My mom and I were looking for ways to make it about my interest in media. Our family listens to a lot of this american life, serial, radio journalism basically. That kind of reporting has always been interesting to me. So with the contacts my mother has in our west philly community, she introduced me to Renee McBride. Renee is the owner of WPEB 88.1, a mostly jazz radio station that wanted to expand out in youth radio. Now, through this, Radio Journalism was what I was able to do  through this program. Now, I am able to say that I have definitely learned a lot from my time with WPEB. Through that time, I have learned the various laws that are important to consider and take into account when reporting and collecting interviews. For me, I feel like the progress I have made can be seen in the way I talk to others and in turn listen. In radio and in journalism in general, you are listening and n some ways telling, the stories of others. It's important not to overshadow others and their narratives, even when just listening. My process with Renee has taught me to appreciate that and take that into consideration, even with just my daily life. 

ILP Semester 2

My ILP has taught me a lot about the adult world, and also the early education field. The teachers are kind and the students are also very pleasant. My internship has also given me an opportunity to be hands on in classrooms and to be able to see the kind of education the young children are receiving. I also learned the components that are required in the growth, development, and care of a child. 

ILP Check in

For my ILP I'm in a law class that is taught by Drexel students. It's going very well, I'm learning a lot of new things that are very helpful in my everyday life. I've been learning about the different laws and debating skills. I may do it again next year as well because it's interesting. There is a debating competition but I did not do it this year but if I take the class again next year I will be participating in it.

ILP Blog Post

During my time volunteering as a junior Counselor at Bridesburg Boys and Girls Club I found that getting to know the kids and Counselors and being able to fit in smoothly with everybody went very well. There was no period of awkwardness or negative attitudes from the kids. I'm looking forward to getting closer to the people there. I only volunteer on Wednesdays for a couple hours, every time I go back the next week it seems like starting over each time. I think making sure the children/campers learn from the camp and making sure they enjoy their time is important. If they have to stay in a place for a couple hours to wait for their parents I imagine that the time they spend should be joyous. I cannot wait to keep volunteering there, I not only get credits for it, but I enjoy working there.

Finney Dazzles in Debut; Strikes out 12 in another 1-Hitter for The Rocket as they knock off King 12-2

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.45.17 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.45.17 PM
In his debut as a Rocket, Leon Finney was in total command striking out 12 and only surrendering one earned run to an overmatched squad from King. For the 2nd game in a row a Rocket Ace held the opponent to just 1 hit over five innings and let the offense beat up their counterpart. 

Tony Brown got it started off by smashing a double down the right field line and he would score off a classic Kevin Courtney rip single. It was 6-0 when Courtney came up for a 2nd time in the 1st with the bases loaded, but another hot shot was barely snagged by King's SS to temporarily stop the bleeding.

Leon got in on the action too with 4RBis of his own to add to Courtney's 3 and Brown's 2. Freshman Catcher Avi Cantor, who fearlessly caught Finney's heat and dealt with his last second movement, also had a great day at the plate going 3 for 3 and reaching base in all his plate appearances. Yet for all that offense, Finney was simply dealing, making their better hitters look silly swatting at balls ducking out of the zone or scaring them back by 80+mph laser beams in on the hands. Couldn't ask for a better debut in Rocket blue. 

SLA (2-0) faces Bodine on Mon, 4/4 in Mt. Airy. Come out and support a Rocket run at a City Title.


My ILP is consistently fascinating. I and several other students receive a law class instructed by two student teachers from Drexel University. Each week, we learn about a new area of law. Touch on new concepts, amendments, and legal ideas and discussions. The environment is very open and casual, making it a perfect learning environment for someone at any understanding level. Since we have to actually discuss, push, and put serious thought into each and everything we are taught, I have actually learned a great deal from this class. A few months ago I would not have been able to tell you anything about Tort Law, or the numerous nuances of the 4th amendment. Yet now, I can keep up a conversation about these topics with ease, with the ability to cite examples and cases from memory. This ILP presented me with a wonderful opportunity to compete in a "mock trial" of sorts, I was given a case, brought to a competition, where I proceeded to the semi finals and won 4th place. Recently, due to a drop out from the national championships, I had an opportunity to enter the competition on a national level. Sadly, due to the timing of the drop out I would not be able to prepare for the event in any way before it took place, so I had to turn down the opportunity to compete. It was still a great, learning experience to reach that point, and I can't wait to have what I hope will be many more in this ILP. 

ILP Semester 2

Finding an initial ILP was pretty tough, considering the fact that I have a lot of interests, and lots of things that could’ve made for really engaging internships, but weren’t readily available for me to take on. I started out testing the waters of a few, only to figure out that none of what I was finding was a good fit for me. Sure, working at the library was fun for awhile, but it got lonely really quick, and there was too much instruction, and not enough ways for me to actually be engaged and have fun with what I was doing 
It got really hard for awhile. My search was put on halt for a bit, due to the fact that I’d been trying to find somewhere that had the best fit for me, and a place where my interests could best be put to use. I had emailed around, when one day, my mom suggested that I talk to my middle school and ask if there was anything I could do to help out. I was pretty hesitant at first. I wasn’t really sure what I’d be getting myself into, plus I had no intention of returning to the same old cycle of boring ‘you have to do this and exactly this,’ routine. I emailed one of my old teachers, and after a little time, he agreed, and right away, we got the ball rolling.
Fast forward almost four months later. I love my ILP, and it’s something I constantly look forward to every week. I help my old science teacher in his classroom, and it’s one of the most enjoyable and engaging experiences I’ve had thus far in high school. I love being able to help kids get excited about learning new concepts, and giving back to a school where I’ve had tons of positive memories. The kids there are absolutely wonderful, and I love making new friendships with the kids I help teach! Looking back on it, I’ll admit, it has been pretty challenging, but after all the struggle and trying on things, I’m glad to say I ended up where I did. I’m giving back to a school that has given me so much, and I’m able to make even the tiniest difference in other kid’s lives. It’s a worthwhile experience, and I cannot wait to continue moving forward with this!


My ILP is going GREAT! I currently intern at a school in the School District of Philadelphia. I assist the Dean of Students and the Principal on whatever needs to be done in the building. Most days when in the building I am walking the floors and assisting with disciplinary issues. 

My other internship is with a political and event consulting firm. While going to this internship I am able to grow my network and work towards my goal of becoming a Public Servant!

ILP Blog Post

My ILP is at the School District of Philadelphia in the Gear Up Office. I am an intern for one of the people who runs Gear Up. While interning at the Gear Up office I learned a lot of stuff relating to internships. While working at the the office I met a lot of influential people and I learned a lot about the schools in Philadelphia. In all my ILP is really influential and beneficial.

ILP 3.31.16

So far I have been enjoying and progressing with my ILP very well. I no longer have to commute to and from places because my ILP is at school which is very nice. So far, we have most of the schedule for the club ironed out, we will start with graphic design in a digital format and then slowly work or way bigger with industrial and then maybe even city planning. All of this will educate and enhance the life experience of the students who join our club. We are also working on how to begin the club, trying to organize the right activity and how to make sure the club feels fun and loose, not like a class and super structured. Another thing we are working on for the ILP is a logo for challenge week and that is also going well. Right now we have three solid ideas and are trying to improve and refine those designs, as well as make sure they show both community service and Philadelphia. 

Gavin ILP ’16

For my ILP, I am enrolled a law class taught by Drexel University students, here at SlA. What we do is we learn about law, as well as take part in sitiuations modeled after real-life law scenarios. We learn how law works firsthand and through lessons, through activities such as mock trials. We have discussions which we are meant to take away knowledge about law from these. This is my ILP.


My ILP is at Chosen 300, a soup kitchen located at 12th and Spring Garden. I visit every few weeks on either Wednesdays or Tuesdays. The dinner starts 8. I am not given the same job every time. Sometimes I hand out food, wash dishes, distribute drinks, etc. It has been a learning experience. It shows me the different types of people in the world and how I should treat them. I like this ILP for the learning experience, but I will probably change it soon or next year. 

Theater ILP

My Theater Ilp I have enjoyed so much. My teacher has taught me many different acting techniques that I will be use forever and into my career of screen writing in the future. I have also many friends with different backgrounds and unique personalities. We performed  a piece last month that we had been creating  over several months on the school district and how student,teachers. and principals feel in it. It didn't have a lot of speaking in it but  no words could describe  our message so we made pictures with our bodies and used music and lighting influence our story, our message. It was a great experience to be able to perform at the Philadelphia theater Company, Suzanne Roberts Theater in front of different schools and in front of our parents. We also got to see the ideas of other schools . It was an amazing experience and some thing i will never forget. 

ILP Blog Post

My experience so far has been pretty well. I work with kindergartners as a teachers assistant. It is a cool opportunity to meet new kids, and being able to help them read and write. I also help out in the main office, bringing mail to different teacher's mailbox, and creating a bond between others. It's been a great experience so far and hope to finish the rest of the year well. 


For my ILP i did a program with Philadelphia Theater Company. The program was a really good experience. I was able to perform on the same stage that so many awesome plays were performed on. I'm happy that I was able to have that experience and be able to write a story with a group of very creative people.


Although helping at Chosen 300 is a rewarding concept and time, it has sometimes been hard because of the timing. Since they only serve from 5-8, it's hard to stay in the city so long and getting back can be hard too. That's why for the fourth quarter I have decided to change my ILP to help out with coaching younger kids softball. It's near my house and it's something I grew up doing so I'm excited to help out with the younger girls and the coach has always been so great. 

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I go to this program called Ace Mentor Program every other Thursday. There, we learn about Engineering, Architectures, and Construction works. Right now we are designing a building for Drexel University. While designing the building, we are also learning about many things that will be useful in our future and now. We also get to know more about the stem careers, such as how the designing process works, and what designing tools people use. 

ILP Blog

I've had my ILP since October and I still find it pretty interesting. Each week we do something different. Whether it is working in the office or exploring owned properties. I learned and and still am learning so many different things. Not just about real estate, but about constructing and surfing too! I enjoy my ILP because it's not the same as others. Every time I go back I know to expect something different.

ILP Blog Post

For my ILP, I'm volunteering at my elementary/middle school. I have a teacher there that I love working with. She's teaching sixth grade there and usually I help her grade papers and do errands for her. For me, helping out my old school is like giving back to them. Sometimes I also get to see my other teachers and lend a helping hand to them so I enjoy going to my ILP every week.