Wes Midgett Project

Carlos es un estudiante de secundaria te gusta las aventuras y sorpresas. Él  creció Arkansas, pero ahora vive en Filadelfia. Un día pasó un garaje para obtener una buena vista de la ciudad. Una mujer se acercó y le dijo que dejar porque no enía un coche. Carlos esta muy enojado porque el cielo muy guapa. Él fue a casa.

Al llegar a casa puso sus fotos en el ordenador. Elimina los malos y envió los buenos a sus amigos y el profesors. Gustaron mucho las fotos. Carlos imprimir la fotos y colgado en la pared. Él mami y papi esta muy orgulloso.

Sara es una artista en Filadelfia. Una dia ella fue Sued Filadelfia porque inspiracion. Ella caminaba por el río porque el cielo es muy hermoso.  Cuando ella caminar ella vio mucho el arte. Ella vio graffiti, el mural, y el mosaico.

Otro dia ella fue Nord Filadelfia porque tomar fotos de el arte. Ella tomar fotos de el edificio, el escultura, y el patin parque. Cuando ella se hizo, ella fue a la casa imprimpir la fotos. Ella colgado en la pared. Ella es muy orgulloso ella misma.

Cuando Leví joven tomó clases de patinaje. Ahora Levi competir todos los meses con otras personas. Él quire ser profecional. Levi competir alrededor America del Norte. Él favorita lugar para patinar es Filadelfia.

Una dia Levi pelado su la pierna porque el talar. Levi es muy triste porque el no patín. Levi no puede jugar pero le encanta ver. Una dia Levi la voluntad jugar de nuevo.

Sara es el registro para sciencia proyecto. Ella te gusta fotografia y video, en une proyecto Sara tomó fotos de las plantas. Ella tambien gusta sciencia. Sara ir el experimento mucho con su amigos. Vosotros tener divertido.

Sara y su amigos fue a la muchas adventuras juntos. En la escuela vosotros trabajar juntos. Sara quiere ser a la científica o la fotógrafa.

Mario le gusta música. Anoche Mario fue a el concierto con su amigo Juan. En el concierto Mario y Juan escucharon Slipknot y Linkin Park. Slipknot es la banda favorita de Mario. Mario tiene todos Slipknot álbumes. Juan no le gusta Slipknot pero le gusta Linkin Park.

Anoche Mario no dormir. Él fue hasta todos la noche escuchar musica. Mario ir la escuala muy cansado. Él no aprende nada.

Spanish 2 Proyecto.

PlayStation 4 es mi consolar. Mi PlayStation 4 es mucho grande y a correr bien. Mi consolar es diversión a juego. Yo juego en ocasión.


Mi computadora es a mucho computadora. Es computadora correr mucho bien. Mi computadora es ayunar y ayudar hacer trabajo. Mi computadora es mucho diversión a juego en libre tiempo.


Mi favorita objecto es mi abierto letrero. Yo me gusta mi el abierto letrero. Es un regalo de mi familia. Yo siempre desear es abierto firmar.


Yo amor todo mi regalo. Yo a feliz con qué Yo tengo. Yo a mucho agradecido. Yo a no seguro qué Yo querer para Navidad.


Media Fluency#2, To

     I learned a lot from the critiques of my media slide. I made the changes that I made to my slide because my slide was not viewer friendly because I made the pictures all even and boring and that I changed my words because they didn't standout and the changes will make my slide better. I learned that I should change my words and make it into a collage. I used contrast colors like blue and orange because the colors stand out more. I made all the pictures different sizes. I also added two different fonts for my name and what I like to do because they are different.
Media Fluency#2, To (2)

Media Fluency Part 2- Seng, Meymey

1. From the critique of my slide, I have learned many things from my peers. One of the things that I learned was that I should have stuck to my collage theme fully, instead of committing to it half way. What this means is that on one side of my slide I had two pictures, while the other side had three. Another thing that I learned was that I should change around the font to make the "MEy" part look less distracting to the eye. The third thing that I learned was that while presenting, I should have known more about the background of why the color scheme mattered. 

2. The changes that I made to this slide was adding another picture on the left end of the slide. This allowed my slide to have an even amount of pictures on both sides. I wanted to stick to my collage theme, although I made the choice of not the adding pictures to the top and bottom spots in the slide. This is because those are small spots and I do not want to cram my slide, instead, I want to make it simple. Another change that I made to this slide was changing the font of "All About MEy" from Lato to Indie Flower. I made the font to look more hand, which will hopefully make the odd capitalization more appealing to the eye. I decided to make these changes to better my slide for everyone to see. 

Finalized Slide

1. What I learned from the critique of my slide was that simplicity is sometimes better then making something more complicated, and since my slide was very simple they enjoyed that aspect of it, so I decided to keep it that way. Something I did learn while presenting though was that I should pick a different color soccer ball, or one that would not blend in with the background since it was hard to see. One more thing that I was told to change was the way my word were placed. I was told to make them outline the soccer ball, so that it would look nicer.

2. The reason why I decided to make the soccer ball have a black outline is again, so that it would not blend into the background. The reason why I decided to make the words that describe me outline the soccer ball was to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Untitled presentation

Media Fluency 2, Johnson

When the critique process was taking place, I had a lot of good comments about my slide and only a few minor adjustments to be made. By being told these corrections, I learned how to make my slide look more believable that a professional did it and how to make kids and adults look at the slide. One of the suggestions was for me to make sure that my mickey mouse wasn't in the way of one of the flags, because the castle is just as important of the idea of Disney as mickey mouse is. The next thing I did was brighten the picture a little bit, to make the slide look more excited and colorful. Once I did that, it made the slide look like it was having fun and it wants to be seen by many people. The last thing I did was that I fixed Mickey Mouse's bow ties. I was told before that the Mickey Mouse heads were a good addition to the slide, so I wanted to make them well noticed. I played around with the shapes and I found a circle and put it onto the bow tie to add just a bit more color to the Mickey Mouse head.
Tech (1)

Media Fluency Part 2 Koffi

Untitled presentation (1)
I wanted to keep my message the same but make it more clear and simple. I basically started over entirely because I felt that the initial idea got lost in the creation of my previous slide. This is why I chose a different background. I wanted to use something that was more related to the message. The road that leads into the sunlight works because though one may not always know what lies ahead they should always keep moving. I made the message move across the road because I thought that it was more eye catching. The color scheme works better together. And though there's a lot less on the page the slide works better. 

Reflection Tech "Me Mag" Slide!

After receiving the constructive criticism from my classmates and Ms.Hull I came to a few realizations. The challenge of the project is to be clear what I'm generally about in a very clear concise message be it through images and/or text. As well a big part in this is the color scheme making sure that everything flows together and is consistant so that  the product is both eye catching and that the audience focuses on the message without imperfections serving as distractions. I also learned that putting in an original piece can also help a lot too. As well the background image also has to follow the rules of design too and should be symetrical.

I basically started over completly. I decided that the first thing to address is simplicity so I made the background black.  Then I addressed my priorities in the billboard and went from there. For my unique piece I chose my name and added it with a priority:photography, so I edited and cut out my name from a photo . Then I edited and cropped out four other symbols representing multiple priorities and placed them where it seemed appropriate to fill in the space.
chiken12-46 (1)

Final Slide Design

1. What I learned from the critique of my slide was that my old slide didn't look clean or nice because the pictures weren't aligned. The slide had spots of my background everywhere so I had to cover those up. They also said that I should give the background a color so it can blend into the pictures. I also make the words bigger and aligned it directly in the middle of the slide. They also gave me recommendations for anime pictures to add. 

2. I agreed that the slide had some problems. The aligned of everything was so off and looked very sloppy. I also agreed when they said that the color around my name was bland so I changed the color to make it look nice. 
Boubou Media Fluency Final

Reflection and Second Slide

For my first slide, the majority of critiques I received was mainly about how I had too much going on in one thing. People said that I should've stuck with only a few pictures or just go ahead and make a collage. People also said that having photos of myself was redundant, since I was presenting.

For my second slide, I decided to just use one picture of my favorite singer, Lana Del Rey. She has inspired me to do a lot and I wouldn't be the person that I am today without her. I decided to put words that described me on the right side of my slide instead of all around because they would be too distracting. I also decided to stick with a black and whit theme, since it's really simplistic, yet interesting. I didn't use a default template as my background because they lack originality. Instead I made the entire background black and out in a black and white photo and made my words a white font.

The reason for the words on my slide is because they are all things that represent me. I am all of the things that are posted on my slide.
Slide #2

Tech Media Fluency Eli Zimmerman

1. While I received feedback from the class I realized the most minor details can completely change the opinion of someone, about your slide.
2. The main thing I changed with my slide was the text size and the spacing between the letters. I made the font a bit smaller and I made the phrase one line shorter. I also cropped my image to block out a object in my image that was taking away from the main focus of the picture. 
Tech Media Fluency

Nile Ward Reflection and Second Slide

After taking in the critique, I learned that having a slide full of pictures is distracting to some, so I decided to use a picture with a plain background, and then, because the original solid white background hurt my eyes, and the eyes of others, against the gradient grey/black background, I took out that background all together.  This will offer more focus on the clean, sparkly car instead of the background of my previous image. The transparent image will also allow for more empty "breathing" space, so you don't only see the background with the lawns and driveways and the hose... I also received critique on the call-to-action font, which was dark and hard to see before. In this slide, I used a brighter font for my call-to-action, so it was visible against the dark background. I removed the testimonial and moved the call-to-action up where it would be more visible. The blue font also hints at the fact that this slide is about car detailing. Blue was a cool color, and car detailing is a "cool" activity. The blue could also mean water, and car detailing uses water, too. 

Tech assignment

Me Magazine Of Me

Changing the slide was a thought process for me to rethink about the way I can change the slide better. Reflecting on the critiquing from my colleagues, I took notes in my mind to think about the way I can the slide more about the resource than just based on the way I thought about the Me Magazine. The first thing that I changed is the photo I used and cropped it out to just focus on the three of us. Second, a lot of the classmates said that the word "Me Magazine of Me" should just be in a different font and not in slant where it makes the image irrelevant. The words in white was changed to being the the center rather than have the words in the corner which will disturb the whole slide itself. One thing that disturbs myself is not able to get rib of the lines around the red words. I added a text box and it just stayed there as it is. I was hoping to have the dark background to pop out the white and red words so it is clear to the viewer. I tried as much to keep the image to fit in instead of having it to be stretched out, which will make the image more disturbing to look at.    

New and Improved Slide

Screenshot 2015-12-11 at 6.47.33 PM
Screenshot 2015-12-11 at 6.47.33 PM
I was told that i should get rid of some pictures because there was too much going on. I got rid of pictures and kept what i felt was most important to me. I was told that the quotes were hard to read so I typed them instead of having them as a photograph. I made these changes to my slide to make it easier to look at and and make it a bit more organized. Also from looking at other peoples slides I noticed that they kept it simple and to the point, so i decided to make my slide simpler.

New Slide pt. 2

It´s all about me -tech

I learned from all the critique I had gotten back was that my slide was good but very bright. Also, that the abstract I had on the side did nothing for my slide. People also said I should stick to one color with the words and not overdo it. I noticed people saying that I should align my pictures or take some off. Also, I was told to either do a collage or stick to maybe two pictures to keep it simple and elegant.
I made these changes to my slide one because of the critique I had gotten back. Also, from looking at other people's slides they kept it very simple and didn't have as much and did a good job. Next, looking on the websites it said bleeding pictures are good which I did. Then, I used the rule to have a picture or something completely on the left and the words on the right. I made the color of the words and the background sort of have a cloud type resemblance. Also, for the colors I made them match the background colors of the pillows so it won't throw people off. I tried to make it appealing to the eyes and not too distracting.

New and Improved Slide 2.0!

I learned a lot from the critique of my slide. First off, I learned that I didn’t have enough of my saxophone player. During the critique, Mrs. Hull stated that more nose was needed in the photo, so I decided to move the image slightly towards the right. Also, Mrs. Hull stated that the white background of my image blended in with the white slide background. To avoid this, I added blue borders around my photo to make it pop and to give it distinction. What I also learned was that having different size fonts in a sentence isn’t good. I was told that the different sized fonts of my photo hurt the eyes and made the quote hard to read. To fix this, I decided to make the font size 60 for each letter, and I also made sure all the words were on the same line. Lastly, I learned that empty space (which was prominent on my slide) is not pleasing. So, I decided to make my picture bigger, and to space out my words in a way that allowed for equal empty space.



Untitled presentation
I learned from my critique that I should have used more contrasting colors and bigger letters. I used black and white because they are contrasting colors, I deleted pictures that I felt were crowding my slide, and I enlarged my name so that it would be more eye-catching.

(Updated) Slide - Matt Reed

I learned to make things more unique. Even though my I didn't really change to make my unique, I still did learn it. I only made two very minor critics. I moved the words down a little, made the picture wider, and cropped the picture so you could only see half of the skulls face. Now, that I am looking at the picture I like it a lot more.  
Slide - Tech - Matt Reed