Hip Hop's Influence

My name is Jada Terrell, a senior at Science Leadership Academy. This project is about hip hop music (incorporating both the lyrics and videos) and how influential it is upon the younger generation. I am passionate about uplifting the younger generation but I feel as though sometimes, hip hop music degrades our true value. In this podcast, you will hear from three young women, (Jackie Dawson, Joie Nearn, and Angelica Owens)  as well as myself covering how we feel about the portrayal of women in hip hop. I hope you enjoy!
Hip Hop Radio Piece

Podcast Michael Thayres

Podcast (1)
My main goal with this podcast is to show how someones outlook can change with the experiences they have, and how this impacts identity. My brother who has had his fair share of setbacks at one point had a pretty optimistic view on life, but now it's more realistic. He dreams less, just wants to get to a point where he's independent. The work was actually getting him to say something interesting during the recording, which was more difficult than I thought it would be. 

I definitely learned a little bit about what it's like to deal with interviews and try and get interesting material from people. Since my brother was very indifferent about his answers (and I was also interrupted by my cat more than once) it was hard to get a story arc, or even anything interesting at all from him. He seemed like he just didn't have much thought at all put into the topic. So that's kind of the tone of the podcast. He's indifferent, and this is likely due to how his experiences changed his identity, whether he acknowledges that or not. 

Advanced Art

The work that I did was based off many others. I thought that maybe I could reflect like a mirror image of what people do daily. What it means to be an artist to me is showing how you feel on a simple piece of paper. I used many different tecniques to make my work the way it is. All of my work was inspiration, I felt like I had to make the things I did, take a picture. I drew what I saw and I thought was worthy and was very different something no one would have though of doing. I was inspired by many but only I knew what I wanted to do.

Senior Art Quarter 2 by Brittany Atkinson

This quarter in our senior art class was built on balance and nature. I choose to take that as add my own twist with social media and how it plays art in our every day lives. The golden ratio collage is something I had hardly ever heard before this class. When I was was assigned to make something out of it I couldn't decide what. After a while I made the decision to make the swirl of the ratio the "likes" of instagram going into the brain. The next project which is the block print, I kept my theme and did snapchat. Snapchat can be used to show the world temporary moments and flowers don't live forever. I wanted to express that and am proud of the final product. My favorite out of the all the projects would be the fern. The fern took a long time to create. From getting the shape right, adding the leaves, texture, and then inking it, it took about 4-5 hours to do and it came out beautifully.  Overall this was a short quarter but it was short and sweet and well appreciated.

Advanced Art Quarter Two

This slideshow is a culmination of my past artwork assignments that range from art history to an illustration of our favorite childhood book, story our poem. For the two art history assignment we learn about and analyzed several different works of art, figuring out what statement the artist was trying to make with their creation. For our other assignments we created an illustration of a children's book, a drawing of fabric, and how it folds creating wrinkles and shadows, we also used a photo editing online software to edit a photo, and we created a collage. With these art assignments, I felt as if I have begun to learn a lot more about how I am able to express myself though my artwork, creating pieces that interest me or have at least some sort of special connection with me. I also feel as if I am becoming a much better artist through all this practice of creating and turning in an assignment every week or so.

Q2 2-Day Art

​This quarter I decided to choose a different reach on my art. There was a couple pieces that were motivated by black history month, which is next month. I decided to add some aspects and influence it for my work. I have always went with freely inspiring my work, but this time I actually used something to motivate and guide me. 
For my fabric drawing, I actually designed it myself, by using a chair that I had at home. I actually got better at the fabric since last year. I learned the balance between the shaded and the lines. I decided to go a little smaller in the paper size so that I would be able to add more detail int the fabric. 
The next was my photo editing,which I used from when I was at graduation. I think I wanted the editing to look as if it had texture on it. I then wanted it to be recognized, but then easy enough for someone to tell a difference. Also with the collage, I didn`t want it to be clutttered so that people would not see it, but have enough, so you don`t see any background paper. This was also inspired by black history month. 
The last was a drawing inspired by the speech by Martin Luther King which you can find below.

Growing Up Online Reflection

      Growing Up Online
1. What was this show about? It was about how kids in the era of the beginning of internet were being taken over by it. It was also saying that kids were also influenced bad by it.

2. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? When there was that girl who was an "ana" person. She had a disorder which make people think their fat and fast and starve themselves so they can look perfect. 

3. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It is important to make people aware of the dangers that are in things that we eat, see, and use everyday. It makes us more cautious so we don't make horrible mistakes.

4. How will you keep your future family safe online? I will teach them to be more cautious and watch out for scams. If I'm able to I will teach them to know code so they can see if sites are scamming them. I will also have filters to block out most of the bad sites. But, for the most of it I will let them have fun.
5. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety? It can help a lot because it will prevent rape, murder or even bankruptcy.
6. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? To first learn how to use the internet and find the best blockers and find games that are fun and interactive for your kid so they will play that then going on the web. I don't know because there are many things you can do, but first just know your child. 
Screenshot 2016-01-29 at 11.21.22 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-29 at 11.21.22 PM

Art Portfolio - Huzaifah Malik

  • For this quarter, I wanted to make my art pieces unique and simple at the same time, that’s the reason why I decided to come up with things like collage and photo editing.

  • Since I’m passionate about music, I decided to make a collage of my favorite artists. I tried to keep the pictures symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

  • My fabric piece is pretty straightforward as I did not want to make something complicated.

  • I have a thing for clear sky and clouds, and that’s mainly the reason why I always take pictures of clouds. I decided to edit one of my favorite picture that I took this summer.

  • My final piece is all about love. I tried to give a bit of hint to TFIOS as well as some other romantic novels.

Slides- Eleanor Shamble

This quarter I didn't really have a specific focus. I just drew what I felt like drawing. So naturally, two of the pieces (the collage and the illustration) were fandom related. I tried a few new things. For example, for the photo editing, I edited my cat and didn't make her rainbow (which is what I usually do with this app...). But mostly, all I did was express myself and what I was feeling at the time. 

Q2 Senior Art

During this second quarter in Ms. Hull’s senior art class, everything has been excellent. In this quarter we had to create a golden ratio collage, a fern drawing, design a block print, and lastly do a negative space drawing. All of the pieces were given 100% of my time and effort, which can clearly be seen through the work. I believe that this quarter has been my best yet. I loved making every single piece because they were new things that I never did before.

My favorite piece of art work was definitely the negative space drawing. It featured nature, and I love nature. I personally enjoy drawing/painting anything that deals with nature because it gives the viewer a sense of freedom, liberty, and it’s also relaxing. I like the fact that it was black and white because it made the scene of the bird look very dull but intense. Overall, it was one of my favorite drawings so far.  

Quarter 2 Advanced Art - Slideshow and Artist Statment

This quarter I tied to keep the artwork simple. The first was the collage were I cut out different backgrounds and animal fur, in shape of feathers to glue to the bird. The next was a fabric drawing, were I drew only the fabric near the floor next to the leg of the chair. I also drew the shadow of the leg. For the photo editing, I darkened the buildings and made the colors of the sky more extinguished. LAstly I drew the illustration, specifically in black and white. I wrought some words that I felt were important to the poem, without realy quoting it by writing, "evermore".  

Anastasia, Q2

I use my art to express the things I see that I can't describe with words, yet I have an artist statement to write none the less...

The Collage...
When I create a collage, the final product is usually quite scenic.  Beginning this collage I simply choose and assortment of images that caught my eye and went from there, being extremely precise when cutting. The assortment of images transformed into a mystical "city" in they sky with a pastel color scheme. I am extremely satisfies... :)

The Fabric...
I found drawing a texture to be very challenging and in the end I settled with the one thing I know how to draw, fabric with a rippling effect. The outcome was simple, but sleek.

 The Photo...
 This image is one of the most professional shots I have ever captured on  an iPhone.  Every detail is clear to the bare eye.  Since the image itself has "a lot" going on in it I wanted the edit to be simple.  The picture seemed washed of color so I increased the vibrance.  Proud to call it my own!

The Illustration...
I had not a clue what to base my illustration off of.  I knew music, but there is an incredible variety to choose from and I was very indecisive.  I was quite stuck until I heard the Beatles song, "She came in through the bathroom window".  The idea of that image was so bizarre but would make for a very unique creation.  So I began.  I am not good at drawing legs though, the initial plan was for there to be a leg sticking through the window, yet when I got to a certain point I decided that I liked it as it was.


Identity and Belonging Podcast

My goals for the project, originally, was to have a very strong and meaningful piece about identity and how it can be misinterpreted, turned around and downright painful. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the hard hitting piece that I wanted. Instead I turned to my parents, I wanted to explore how identity is shaped in your early life and how that leads to a mutual generational identity. My parents grew up in vastly different communities and economic groups, but were still able to learn the same values and morals. To me that was fascinating and I wanted to know more about it. 

The process of making this podcast was very long and frustrating. As I mentioned in my previous podcast, it took a while for me to get the footage for my podcast. After I got my footage, I had to cut it down to ten minutes. Initially it seemed like it would be hard to do but as I got through the logging process I realized that a lot of the conversation wasn't relevant or usable. In the end I was had less than 8 minutes of usable footage. The last step was adding in music which was the easiest part. In the end I'm glad we did this project, although I wish I had more time, I like the podcast making part. 

Final Podcast

My Artwork

I use my artwork to channel my inner imagination. It is not too often in school when you can express how you feel, and art is one of the few times. I am proud of my pieces and think that you will appreciate them also.

My "Blend of Music" piece is my personal favorite. It is a blend of covers from some of the songs  I listen too. I like it because it is simple, colorful, and means something special to me. The covers are placed in strategic positions that caught my eyes and I felt like it would help catch others also.

My next piece is "Il tessuto cade". Thats means the falling fabric in Italian. This piece was cool because I added a little extra to the assigned task. I wanted the make the fabric flow even more so I decided to use the fan to give it the flow look. 

My third piece is Kaleidoscope dreams. It shows a young girl through the eye of a kaleidoscope. Of all the filters, this was my favorite. It reminds my of looking through a toy kaleidoscope as a kid. 

My final piece was my quote from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It shows a camel in a place with feathers and the one feather on his back is broken. The quote did not literally mean this but it is what came to mind when I heard it.

Art 2: Quarter 2 Artist's Statement and Art Slideshow

Art 2, the second class of art offered at Science Leadership Academy is all about the deeper exploration of the different types of visual arts. This quarter, we started off the by getting an overview of all the pieces we were doing and all the options we had for each piece. For each piece there were three options for the workload that you wanted. They were Passive, for the student who was in the class just because, Middle for students who are interested in art but not sure if they want to pursue futures in art, and the Future Art Student which is pretty self explanatory.

Our first assignment of quarter was another Art History assignment. We were to research art from any country that we wanted on the list of the website we were assigned to. I chose France and a dress by Yves Saint Laurent. The dress is his timeless Mondrian dress.

The second assignment is the one I am most proud of this quarter. It is an artistic collage inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, as you can see the resemblance from the hands reaching out towards the diamond ring. I gave it a modern twist by adding the diamond and model cutouts form a Cosmopolitan issue. Dubbed “Girls love diamonds.” this piece is definitely the work that cherish most out of my compilation this quarter.

The third was a challenging one. Our job was to draw fabric. I chose to do something differently and draw draped robes on a made-up/fantasy character I created myself as well. I thought this was challenging because of the fact that I had to pay close attention to where the fabric was hanging and going on the model. Although it was difficult, I was still able to create good looking fabric and do it in a more creative way than just drawing the fabric alone.

The next assignment took us away from the pencil and paper and made us go digital. We were tasked with shooting a photo and professionally editing it. I did this plenty of times before and still do it even now so this was right up my alley. I shot a symmetrical photo of a mailbox which was shot using the rule of thirds. The mailbox was centered with beautiful flowers behind it which gave it the bright colors. While editing, I made sure to boost the vibrancy of the colors in order to make them pop.

The last assignment was an illustration of a children’s book, poem, novel. Being the person that I am, I chose to do an illustration of lyrics from rap songs. The songs were by Travis Scott and Kanye West, which explain my drawings which show Travis Scott and Kanye West performing actions that they speak about in their songs.

Overall I can say that I have learned a lot this quarter when it comes to different techniques and ways to go about creating pieces of art and I believe that this will truly benefit me in my future. For that I would like to thank my art teacher, Ms. Hull for just being there to help us on the journeys we go on every quarter in her class.

Black Boy White School

Eric E Stewart Francis Bacon
The goal of my podcast was to learn more about my brothers experience as a young black boy at a private school. Through this,I wanted to silently guide him to talking about how that shaped his identity and what he ended up being exposed to as a result of his unique experience. A lot of my podcast was us making fun of each other, so I had to work really hard to make the transitions as smooth as possible between ideas, however you'll still hear the unnatural break or jump in my podcast.

What went well was the interview, as I knew it would. He was open, jovial, and projected his voice in a way that didn't require any editing. My only struggle was trying to export the recording as i'd done it on Garageband and the file would convert for whatever reason. However, through trial and error, I figured out I was pressing the wrong button and just edited and exported on Garageband, much easier than Soundtrap. I learned to look into the apps I use for recording to avoid situations like this again

Logan Art Slide Show

​I wanted to make my collage based off of something that reflects my childhood. So I choose to combine all of the classic Disney movies, characters, or slogans that show what Disney really is. Before making making my collage I had to decide which movies I wanted to include, since there are so many movies. From there I had to decided where they would fit and how those pictures would look next to each other.
The next art project was to create a fabric. For this project I knew I wanted to make a dress but I was unsure if I could do it. So I made a practice image which is just a regular piece of fabric.  Then I started working on the dress that I wanted to make, yet I still was unsure of how to do small details of the dress to really make it look like flowing fabric. With the help of Mrs. Hull I was able to adjust my dress and turn it into something that I am proud off.
For the photo editing project I knew I wanted to use picture that I couldn't draw, but I also new that  I wanted to reflect myself a little bit. In the first blur of the girl with the cracked glasses shows that life is tough. In the Superwoman picture I wanted to show how I will run whenever my friends or family is in trouble. And the last picture of the elephant walking alone shows that how I have taken a different path than many others, it also shows that sometimes I walk alone. 
In my illustrations I knew that I wanted to improve on how I drew faces and eyes. So I choose a song that would help me do that called Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition. I was also inspired by another son called Key to My Heart this song explains how the a girl doesn't want to tell the boy how she feel but he still has the key to her heart. 
I feel like I am improving in my art. I want to continue trying new things and making progress.

Art Blog 2

For my collage I wanted to use different clippings from magazines to create a gown. I was going to have the body just be drawn on, but then I came across an old magazine about bones and I used cut outs from it to create a skeleton for the body. 
I really enjoyed learning how to draw fabrics, I didn't make one main drawing, I drew many different styles originally as practice, but I didn't want to make one main drawing because I didn't feel confident enough to make something that large when I was still learning
For the photo I took a picture of a bush I came across while walking home from a class, I thought that the snow on the leaves, and the depth would have a strong effect. 
For my illustration I decided to do a book cover for the book I'm reading now. Pride and Prejudice. The girl in the picture is the main character: Elizabeth Bennet. I wanted to capture her facial expression; in the book Elizabeth is very prejudice (hense the title) and I wanted her face to look as if it was judging the person looking back. 

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road Page 119

The Passage below is what I imagined to be the moments that the man took prior to getting to the house and getting Koolaid and other treats calmly. ​

The taste of sulfur still lingering in the air, the man coughed. Felt the debris cut pieces from his throat and coughed up more blood onto the frozen ground. He looked up into the gray and the dark of the sky and shouted to god;

Have you no mercy!?... Have you no shame!?

His breath riding on the wind, the cold air making silhouettes of the shadows of what full trees once looked like. It reminded him of how hope took false forms, how it was a bargaining chip from god to the damned, and all he could do was sit. Trying to extract the pieces of the mirage from his mind.

What do you want from me!? What do you want from us!? Why am I still here!!!

The ringing silence that bounced off the wind taunted him, the apples fallen and rotting at his feet.

He thought of the rain, he thought of the simmering ground how it was always cold and thawing but never completely unfrozen. What an irony in a world of fire, He thought of floods, and noah, and world's end, he thought of water, and the life that is given with a boat. How long would it sit frozen? The rust eating away at the pipes. You cannot clean the world of soot, or ash, or singed leaves that have long fallen and been dead. Hell was right here.

Isn’t it?

In the rotting of dead men, with teeth like splinters, everything, burned.

The reason I chose this section on page 119 right before the man goes into the house and chews the hay seeds, is because I honestly felt as though something was missing. That we missed something between those two moments That break in a paragraph has the ability to further create a dialog of what it means to be forsaken. Especially in a world like this. It raises the question of; Can truly even be a good guy? Apples are always a significant tool used in literature. Authors make choices when they write, and McCarthy being the poetic writer that he is I believe chose apples rotten apples and a burned apple orchard or I interpreted it at least, as addressing the idea of the world's end and being forsaken, because prior to this scene in the apple orchard we hear talk of serpents and other biblical references. Therefore I tied back that piece of genesis with Adam and Eve to the end of the world, how she had forsaken mankind and now the time has now ended completely. That hell is the very world you live in. I chose this theme in particular because the Man’s conversations with god many times turn to arguments, vast exchanges of silence and anger and shouting between the man and the sky, and then there is this other piece of god that the man has which is through the boy, and what it means to have faith. It is as if the boy is his god, because the boy is what he believes in. The boy in many ways which are more innocent is this all knowing being, who often times brings the hope back to the man, and keeps the man going. The boy is the man’s god because the man has unwavering faith in the boy, as one does in god, the boy has to live, the boy has to keep moving, the boy drives the man’s will to live, the mans faith in his entirety. The only way the man still feels anguish in a world this doused in pain is because of his love and obligation to protect the boy whom he has deemed sacrosanct.

Quarter 2 Artwork

This quarter I explored different types of art and I learned more about myself as an artist. The work this quarter was challenging but also a lot of fun to do. I enjoyed learning more about photography and photo editing and I also really enjoyed making a collage for the first time in many years.

For my collage I wanted to convey a sense of calmness and serenity so I chose to do a collage of the sun setting over the ocean. When flipping through magazines to cut out some useful pieces for my collage I saw a picture of a sunset and it inspired me to do a collage of a sunset. My collage reminds me of all the times I’ve stayed at my grandmother’s house at the beach and seen the sun setting over the ocean. I really enjoyed creating the collage and it was my favorite assignment of the quarter.

The fabric drawing was very difficult for me because I’d never drawn fabric before. It was hard to capture all the wrinkles and folds in the fabric accurately and even harder to draw the shadows and lights. The fabric I was drawing wasn’t very visually appealing so it was hard to feel inspired.

I took a photo of one of the horses on the seesaw at the playground close to SLA. As a child I went to Greene Towne school, the preschool across the street from SLA, so I used to play in that playground a lot and I remember that the horses were my favorite part of the playground. I chose to use a filter that distorted the image to symbolize how childhood memories are often lost and become hazy.

The illustration was my second favorite project. I chose to illustrate “Stopping Through Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. I chose to illustrate that poem because I knew that there was going to be a blizzard the weekend after the illustration was due and I wanted to draw something snowy and wintry. I enjoyed drawing everything, especially the trees and the horse. I wanted my illustration to convey the beauty of nature and also convey a sense of wonder.

McCarthy Unabridged: The Road, Page 23

I use to drink those all the time when I was your age.

How long ago was that?

I don't remember.

The man and the boy look around to see if there was anything else that was useful that could be added to their cart. The man curiously walked near a flight of stairs that seemed to start near the entrance.

What is it?

Wait here.

Let me go with you, I’m scared.

No, I’ll be back. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

But Papa.

Don’t follow me.

The man slowly approached the staircase, he tip toed up the stairs keeping a tight grip on his gun. Before he reached the top of the stairs he looked to see if there was anyone in the room. Once he reached the top of the stairs he was overwhelmed to see what his eyes had not seen in years.

Get up here, I have something to show you.

What is it?

Come up and I’ll show you.

I don’t know, is it safe?

Just come up here, you’ll like it I promise.

The boy took a large amount of time to get up the stairs, the man didn’t mind as he was mesmerized by what he had seen.

What is it?

It’s a radio.

What’s a radio?

It’s like a box that plays any kind of music you put into it.

Does it work?

I don’t know, I’ll try to turn it on.

The man picked up the radio and observed it for a couple of minutes, he tested all of the buttons and was finally able to turn it on.

I don’t hear anything.

You have to put in the CD so it can play.

Where can we find one?

Help me look around, there should be some around.

The man opened the cabinet below from where the radio was, he grabbed the first one he saw and handed it to the boy.

Is this it?


What does it say?

Greatest Hits of The Century. Put it in, and press the button that says play.

It took a couple of seconds for the first track on the CD to play. The first song was by Dion, The Twist. The moment the song began the man moved his hips and feet and sang the words of the song as loud as he could. The boy did not understand what he was doing and seemed to be bewildered as he stared at him.

Papa, what are you doing?

Dancing, come on it’s easy.

I don’t know, you’re acting really strange.

It’s not strange, just try it.

But I don’t know how.

Just do the twist.

I don’t even know what that means.

It means stop being scared and dance.

After three songs had passed the boy smiled and joined the man in the middle of the floor. The boy didn’t know any of the songs so he sang whatever seemed right. The man looked down at the boy and began to laugh. Once the last track ended they grabbed all their stuff and set out back onto the road, for the rest of the journey the man and the boy hummed each song they had danced to and disappeared into the cold dark night.

Rationale of The Creative Scene

I chose to write the creative scene after the man and the boy were in the supermarket and the man wanted him to try the coca cola because I wanted to add more nostalgic elements to the story. The scene where the man gives the boy the coca cola gives the reader a taste of what was a custom of the world before the events that have left it in the way it is now. Creating the scene where the man finds the radio and identifies what is playing and as well as his actions gives the reader more background information about the man and what the boy is familiar with pertaining to what he knows about the world the man grew up in, which would be the motif of my creative scene. I also wanted to introduced a different side of the man, a side to which even the boy wasn’t familiar with. It shows how much humanity the man still has inside of him, and how little the boy has experienced throughout his time in the world they know now to be a wasteland. The theme of my creative scene is similar to the scene where the man gives the boy the coca-cola, except it is more nostalgic and playful. When I wrote the scene I included how the man wanted the boy to join him, I made it clear that the opportunity for the boy to actually be a kid and experience something that the man had once experienced himself was probably the only one he would get. 

My essential question was “What is the relationship between the man and the boy? Throughout the novel we are given examples to when the man shows how he protects the boy, but we also see how the boy controls him and his level of authority. I wanted my creative scene to show a playful father and son bonding moment, something that the reader rarely sees in the novel. My creative scene shows a reflection of an important moment that had just passed, that important moment would be when the man tells the boy to taste the coca-cola. Suggesting that the boy should join the man when he was dancing and singing shows the same elements. For my vocabulary word I chose the twist to describe what the man was doing and what the man was singing. The Twist was a popular song and dance in the 1960's by Dion.

Jake's Podcast: Family and Identity

My goal for this podcast was to find the relationship between a family's upbringing and identity. I interviewed my mother Angela Allen on what she remembers about her family. I had already known that my mother had a rough relationship with her father and mother on different opinions. I also interviewed my mother on what her life was like when she was, briefly, shunned by her family when she came out as gay.
My experience with this project was, overall, good one. The interviewing went well, but I think in the next podcast project I have I will use a program other than Soundtrap for editing. From this project I learned that I need to improve on my interviewing skills, not in responding to questions but in sounding more engaged and asking more thought provoking questions. I also learned that it is not uncommon for people to create their own identity.