Videos for Spanish- Taylor, Julia, Tony, and Deja

In Spanish, we've been learning how to say numbers. In this video, ​Halloween has just passed and Deja has some candy left over. Taylor asks Deja how much candy she has, hoping she'll share. In class, we have been learning months and dates. In this video, we have Deja and Taylor trying to wish Tony a happy birthday, only to find out that there has been a mistake. Since we've been learning about the temperature, and forms of weather in class, we thought that it would be appropriate to do a weather report for this video. A while back, we learned the alphabet in Spanish. In this video, we see Taylor and Julia getting ready for a spelling bee.

Proyecto E1U1 Sashoya, Kwan, Marcin

This video shows our knowledge of the Spanish alphabet. In this video we displayed a fun game of bingo. In the beginning of this quarter we learned the alphabet in Spanish and numbers in Spanish. This video displayed our knowledge of Spanish letters numbers and a bit of common greetings.
This video shows our knowledge of numbers in Spanish that we learned in the beginning of the quarter. In this video a teacher gives a student 18 pencils to give to the principal for the PSATs but he ends up dropping the pencils so he has to count them. This video displays our knowledge of numbers in Spanish.

This video shows our knowledge of common restaurant etiquette  in Spanish.  in this video we have the regular interactions between a waiter and a customer, when the customer leaves the waiter calls the customer cheap through gestures. This video displays our knowledge of the regular behavior in a restaurant, a bit of common gestures from Spain and  common greetings in Spanish that we learned throughout the first quarter.

Our knowledge of Tu vs Ud ( formal vs informal).  In this video we see two friends talking about one of their upcoming interviews then one leaves and goes to their interview. This video displays common greetings in Spanish and the way to speak to someone formally or with respect in Spanish.

Who is Tylier Driscoll online?

During the classroom activity I watched a video of a cartoon monster kid getting bullied I realized that this video brings to light what someones life can be like without a friend and also what some people can go through with too much exposure to the internet. I found very small amounts of myself when searching for myself, the only thing that i found was my old private Facebook page, email, and twitter account. Then, I went to the second page and I found my middle school graduation page. Based on this they may see me exactly how I am today, a teenager in the 9th grade with a lot of private accounts. I believe the goal of internet trolls is to be funny and annoying. This is because they think that it's okay to say rude things on the internet while thinking that they're funny. The positives of anonymity is that your identity remains secret and that nobody can track your movements throughout the web.
Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.43.44 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.43.44 PM

Cinco Amigos

As the school year went on, we learned the Spanish alphabet. In this video, Raymond is struggling with his Spanish homework. He asks his friend, Matthew, for help on spelling a word, but still gets confused. It takes the whole group for him to understand.

One of the things we have learned so far has been proper restaurant terms to use. In the video, Matthew, Zaire, and Myah are sitting at a table in a restaurant after being at a Halloween party. After some laughter and confusion, everybody is able to order and have their food.
An important lesson that we have learned so far has been learning when to use proper respect with adults. When speaking to a friend or equal, you use tu. However, you should use usted to be respectful with adults and other authority figures. A few friends learn how to do this when they get busted at a party by two police officers. The kids run off and are chased by an officer, but one stays behind to find something interesting.
Weather and seasons is another lesson we have learned. In this video, Emily is confused about the weather. Her friends decide to explain it ti her by showing some of the weather in the seasons.

Proyecto E1 U1: Imani Williams, Kiah Johnson, Jakob Klemash-Kresge, Hamidou Doumbia

Imani, Jakob, and Hamidou order their food from the waitress, Kiah. However, Kiah is a little clumsy today. She apologizes, and brings them fresh food.
Hamidou, the weather man, gives the forecast to SLA students for today and tomorrow.
Jakob calls his friend Kiah and his dad, Hamidou. He changes the way he speaks to Kiah and Hamidou.
The teacher, Imani, greets her students and asks for the date. One of the students, Kiah, gets it wrong but Jakob helps her.

Spanish BM Part 2 Scripts By: Miguel Rivera, Ameer Johnson, and Waverly Oneal

Miguel and Maya are very close friends. They are planning a trip to New York city. Miguel just found out the weather.

Roberto was visiting Mexico and got sick from drinking the water from the street. So, he want in to a near by doctor to make an appointment.
Paco and Juan are meeting for the first time at school.
Alejandra and Alberto are in a spelling bee. The theme of this spelling bee was Spanish words. Alejandra won last year, but  her brother wants to beat him this year. They are the last two people.

Proyecto E1 U1 (Cynthia To, Julia Hood, Messele Asfaw, James Adam)

Saludos Despedidos:
Messele and Jackie are walking in the hallway. Cynthia sees Jackie and greet her. Then, they all greet each other. Lastly, they continue doing their things.

Restaurante (Courtesy Phrases):
Messele and Jackie are on a date at a fancy restaurant. During their date, Minnie Mouse, Cynthia pops out of nowhere and interrupts their romantic date. After that, they enjoy their meal together.

¿Que tiempo hace?:
Julia ask her friends, Cynthia and James what’s the weather outside. Her two friends looked at each other and lied to her about the weather. They started to giggle a little. She goes outside and comes back inside in total shock. Cynthia and James started to laugh at her.

Tu vs. Ud.:
Julia talks to her friend, Cynthia in a informal way. Julia's really nervous because she has a meeting with the teachers, Messele and James. She speaks to the Teachers in a formal way.

E1U1 Proyecto (By: Meymey S., Autumn L., and Kimberly G.)

I'm Big, You're Small! 
(By: Meymey S., Kimberly G., and Autumn L.)

A brother named Romeo (played by Meymey), and a sister named Vanessa (played by Kimberly), are asking one another about when their birthdays are. Vanessa forgot Romeo’s birthday but it’s okay because he was correct about being older!

Homework Help Gone Wrong!
(By: Kimberly G., Meymey S., and Autumn L.)

A clueless student named Julia (played by Meymey), keeps asking another student named Aubrey (played by Kimberly), how to spell words and pronounce letters in Spanish. Aubrey’s pace is too quick for Julia to grasp! She later realizes this and slows down, allowing Aubrey to understand.
Y tu vs. Y Usted Under Disguise 
(By: Autumn L., Meymey S., and Kimberly G.)

An old man named Charles (played by Meymey), claims that he is eighty-one years old but he is actually fourteen. When Sarah (played by Kimberly) bumps into Charles at a grocery market, she asks him for his age, in a non-formal way. Charles says that he is eighty-one so Sarah corrects her question, making it formal. Charles then reveals a huge secret!
​Food in the Kingdom of Salsa!
(By: Kimberly G., Autumn L., and Meymey S.)

Melanie (played by Autumn) goes to a restaurant in Cuba. Christie the waitress (played by Kimberly) serves her. While Melanie waits for the food, she and Christie dances to Celia Cruz's famous song called Guatemala.

Espanol Benchmark pt2- Autumn Jerman, Caroline Pitone, and Matt

​This video is of a guy who offends a potential boss at an interview. Will he get the job? How will he offend her?
Matt learns the abc's in spanish.
Long time friends meet, watch how they use the culture and greetings
Students attend math class. But someone gets the answer wrong); What will happen? Will anyone know the right answer? 

Doniesha Hinson; Naima DeBrest; Kaitlyn Petroski-Rimmer; Sean Johnson

In the beginning of the school year, we learned how to describe various weathers and temperatures. In this video, Sean describes the opposite of what the current weather is to Naima and Kaitlyn. When the girls go outside and see that the weather is nice, they break out into dance.

In this video we demonstrate how to use the numbers. Naima, Doniesha and Kaityln are enjoying a party. During the party, Kaitlyn asks for Naima's telephone number.
In this video, we demonstrate the use of tu and Ud. Doniesha and Naima are at a parent teacher conference when Doniesha spots her friend Kaitlyn. Afterwards, they go into the meeting and have an silly OMG! moment.
In the beginning of the year, we learned how to greet someone. In this video, the teacher introduces a new student and the students kick it off from there. Asking questions like "What is your name?" and "Where are you from?" Towards the end, Sean embarrasses himself, leading to an awkward ending.

Proyecto E1 U1-Maciej Pokora, Israt Jahan, Leila Lorenze, Jowon Dorbor

Leila goes out with her friends Jowon and Israt. They order their food in Spanish after finding out the waiter doesn't speak English. A problem rise but is quickly resolved. 
Jowon didn't know how to make friends so she act they way people expected her to act to do so. She changed her act after having a connection with Leila.
​Jowon is cold in class, but Maciej totally disagrees. When Israt was cold too Maciej is the odd one out and looks at them like their crazy.
​Senorita Leila gaves her students Israt, Maciej, and Jowon a pop quiz that surprises all of them. Maciej and Israt earn good grades while unprepared Jowon gets a F!

Proyecto E1 U1 David, Turbo, Leah, Ayala

Situation #1 - Lunch
In Spanish, we learned how to order food and ask for checks. In this video, Leah and Ayala go out for lunch. David is their waiter. 
Situation #2 - The Weather
In Spanish, we learned how to say what the weather is like. In this scene, David is the weather reporter. He describes the weather for the upcoming week. 
​Situation #3 - Spelling Bee
In Spanish, we learned how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet. In this scene, Leah and David go head to head in spelling bee. Find out who wins!

Situation #4 - Birthday Invitation
In Spanish, we learned how to say months, dates, and birthdays. In this scene, Ayala asks Turbo and David to come to her party. She when each of their birthdays are!

Proyecto E1 U1: Lauren Nicolella, Afi Koffi, Olivia Musselman, Eli Zimmerman

In class we learned how to say the alphabet, this came in handy when Eli and Afi crossed paths with a troll that was not satisfied until one of them recited it back correctly, to then be able to successfully go over to the other side.

We were taught how to ask and describe multiple types of weather. This is necessary when Lauren desperately needs to know the state of weather for the day, or else she’ll melt by the extremes she will be exposed to.

We learned how to properly use tu and usted. This skill is utilized when Lauren and Olivia intend on discussing something with their teacher and Lauren uses the incorrect term while speaking to Afi but is then corrected.

Learning the days of the week proved to be an important skill when the date of a quiz is unknown. We demonstrated the concept of the days of the week in a classroom environment so the students were aware of the event coming up, and also being able to correctly state the day of the week.

proyecto E1 U1 Ariana, Dayanna, Jack, and Aden

Situation #1- 
In this video, Dayanna and Jack decide to have a casual lunch. They engage in normal conversation with their waitress Ariana, and use known hand gestures to ask for things like their check.
​Situation #2- HACE CALOR
In video we explain the weather with an "ordinary" forecast. With Ariana as our weather woman, we explore the weather in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. 
Situation #3 -​ "La Ruleta de la Fortuna!" 
In this video, Ariana and Dayanna as the contestants for the game show "Wheel of Fortune." They explore the use of the alphabet in a unique setting. See who takes home the prize!
 Situation #4- "Ay dios mio!"
Jack can't open his locker and he doesn't want to be late for class. Watch as Dayanna uses her knowledge of "Numeros" to help her friend out. 

My internship

What I do so far in Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office is basically anything I am told to do there. For example, the last time I was there I was told to make a list on some sort of google chart listing a lot of historical places in the 2nd district of Philadelphia. Then, I walked over with Peter Elliot who happens to work at this Councilman's office, to go to a zoning hearing to get an experience of it. It was pretty cool I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to go out of the office and explore meetings, hearings, and events that goes on involving Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.

proyecto E1 U1 Ahmed, Christina, and Shamus

Situation #1: Qué Tiempo Hace?

Ahmed is wearing a coat because to him the weather is very cold. While on the other hand Christina thinks the weather is very hot. So they start yelling at each other because of their opinions of the weather and Shamus comes and tells Ahmed and Christina to stop yelling at each other because everyone has a different opinion on the weather.

Situation #2: Tu v. Ud. & Dias de la semana

Christina is the teacher who will be giving Shamus a test where she will be reading off the Dias de la semana, and he will be writing them. They end the conversation, using the preguntas basicas.

Situation #3: Alfabeto/ Pronunciation

The student (Christina) walks into the classroom. Her tutor,(Ahmed) welcomes her, and asks her what she has been having trouble with, to which she replies, “the alphabet.”Ahmed goes over the alphabet, and Christina says she understands now.

Situation #4: Preguntas Basicas

Shamus and Christina run into each other in the hallway. They then being to have a basic conversation in Spanish.


For my ILP, I go to Mighty Writers in West Philly. I do a writing mini course along with SLA Beeber kids and everything is going great. I am looking forward to learning more about writing, writing structures, and poetry (that's one of the main things we do there). Something that stands out to me is how comfortable and open the setting is at Mighty Writers; its an atmosphere where you can be yourself and bring your ideas to the table to be shared. I think its important to be open to others' ideas and opinions and try your best to compromise when there are disagreements. What went well for me was getting to meet new people and develop a good relationship with the people I'm working with and my boss.  

Network Diagram Brendan Hall

Network diagram (3)
Most of our technology was connected to our router. This technology includes our laptops, phones, and Playstation which are connected to our router. Our PC and printer which are not wireless PC and printer are connected to my ethernet. I learned how t the electronics I use connect online from the ethernet and from the router. earned that most of my technology is connected to the router. I would tell people that they need to know how wireless and wire connected devices that connect to the internet work so that you would know how to fix it if something got disconnected. 

Theater ILP Post #2

This month my for my Ilp we are going to go see a play called disgraced. Before we get there, my Ilp instructor had us read a scene from the play which was very interesting . It makes me excited to actually see the play. We also have been  focusing on the skill of making our own bodies into props. We are getting the feel for  the space on stage . ILp has been very interesting and fun.  I am looking foward to see our skills that we learn in full effect.

Proyecto E1U1 Sarah, Andrew, Sharron, Brendan

In Spanish we learned about the weather. In our video, we will show you different types of weather and the Spanish word to describe them. This situation is represented with our weatherman Andrew on the Weather Channel.
We also learned about what to say in a restaurant setting. This video shows a typical situation and the phrases used in it while ordering food in Spanish. Sarah is our waitress, and Sharron and Andrew are her customers.
Earlier this year, we learned about the seemingly small, but very drastic difference between Tú and Usted. In this video, we will display the correct situations to use each word. We use tú when greeting our teacher, Brendan, and usted when we greet our friends, Sarah and Andrew.
In Spanish, we learned how to ask/respond to a person for what day they were born on. In this video you will get an example of what we learned and how to apply it to your life. Sharron is inviting her friends Brendan and Sarah to her birthday party.